Is this legit??

is this legit??

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horrreyyy shietttt i knew cheeto was a homo!!!!!

oh ya thats me therehes a great kisser ;3

>>427494567>>427494574fuck off>>427494514qrd??

>>427494396Ron!?...Don?!?>*Unzips cock*

why is he in full suit?


>>427494396is that supposed to be Will Witt?AI is getting out of handcouple questions for you:- who took the picture?- where did you find it?lots of herbs until this is shown not to be a >1pbtid

>>427494662you rlly prepared to tell a first hand source to fuck off?

>>427494833fucking prove it then

>>427494819>couple questions for you:>- who took the picture?>- where did you find it?I found it on discord, I have no idea who took it, that's what I'm trying to ask.

>>427494662he's trolling. this isn't anywhere, and lefty media would be running with it on a 24/7 loop if it were trueplease respond to what i asked here>>427494819enjoy your bump

>>427494915which discord, and when?do you have an invite link, at least?

>>427494942Fact. If it were true, you would see it on the news.

Bump this is good AI destroying the internet or Elon Musk fagging it up

>>427495007I'm not retarded I'm not going to let you dox me

>>427495033Jewish argument

>>427494662hahaha send this to a news outlet

>>427495033lol come on seriously?

I'll post it in as many threads as I canGodspeed user!

>>427494915>I found it on discordDid you check the metadata? This is the second blurry AI generated deep fake I've seen.

>>427495110I'm trying to figure out if it's real or not, are you illiterate? What do you think the point of this thread is???

>>427494878be real with me are you stupid or something? The op pic is of me.

>>427495075i have no interest in doxxing youi want to know what alphabet soup motherfucker is sharing this horseshit

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>>427495216no metadata on the one I downloaded

>>427495231someone already told you its real you spastic hurry up and do the deed you shitstain we don't have all day!

>>427495033>>427495102>>427495166yes. in persuasion, it's called "the dog that isn't barking"

stop getting heated this is clearly a joke

>>427494915>I found it on discordnvm mind i dont allow my likeness to be shared on there

>>427495311Unlike you I'm not a retard and don't believe everything I see because I know AI exists, fuck you are stupid

I often have gay sex in a full suit

>>427495259>>427495392Thanks for contributing to nothing fuckhead

>>427495216it's not just the blur. trump's suit, and this might just be the lower than normal contrast due to suboptimal lighting, appears to be more in focus than the rest of the foreground, and i see aliasing around the edges of his suit

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>>427494396Yes, no photos have ever been faked on the internet.Source - Snopes

>>427495396embarassing, why'd you ask if it was legit if you knew it was AI to begin with hahahaha hurry up and do it retard

>>427495507Is there a way to tell if it's AI generated or not with this info?

>>427495347Ur life is clearly a joke, faggot

>>427494396Yes, this is a valid PNG file. My browser displays it just

>>427495456oh wait fuck hes actually retarded nvm guys now I feel like we should back offits no funny to humor the mentally retarded

>>427495529Goddamn you are a retarded, I'm asking if it's real or not, I know AI exists and can fake things, I can't tell if it's fake or not dipshit

Q1 and adm are fucking retards wthWhat a sneed fellas

>>427495621What's the point of wasting your own time like this? What are you doing here? Fuck off if you're not going to be helpful

>>427495574not really; notineye couldn't find anything even remotely closehow many people are in the discord? if it's a tight-knit chan group, i understand your concern. most aren't, thoughjust want to see who shared it first, and wheni have some very serious questions for them

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>>427495772>What's the point of wasting your own time like this?>What are you doing here? you just answered your own question einstein

>>427495851>how many people are in the discord?only ~50. it's obviously fake then, right?

>>427495621frustration =/= retardation

>>427495874Do you not care about proving things? Figuring out if something is real or not? Do you just float through life like it's a dream??

>>427494396It's AI

>>427494396He is... wonderful

>>427495911i have no evidence that it's fake or real yetjust looks doctored. that's all i can say with any certainty

>>427495924not doubting a meme of trump he found on discord == retarded>>427495966ya sorta

>>427496009I'm not doxxing anyone, sorry. It must be fake then, it's just a joke someone made with AI.

>>427495689>you are a retardedshitskin mad!? NO shit its fake you faggot


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>>427495851tineye doesn't workthe superior Yandex is the white man's search engine

>>427496144No wonder everybody thinks you have a shitty annoying personality

>>427496082i doubt it's a joke, thoughit's really well-donejust ask the guy where he found itthat's all i want to know

>>427494396looks ai generated

>>427496271i miss 2016 so much it's unreal>>427496349as you wishpicrel. what would be your second choice

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>>427494396Trump is a faggot.

>>427496432I will ask. I will make this thread again in the future if I get an actual answer.

>>427494396vids and pics are legit over to be some soource of proof

>>427496769thank you, anonfeel free to shoot it to me @Neon#4863 if he shares it with you

>>427496769you wontalso watch out for scams you seem easily fooled

>>427496894what your doing is cruel he did choose to be disabled


>>427495296Can't be verified then. Ergo, deep fake. If it was legit, whoever took the photo would have ensured the metadata was preserved to remove any suspicion.