33 days until climate change wipes out humanity

33 days until climate change wipes out humanity.

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>>427493431Can we push it back a few months, I got some stuff to do?

>>427493431Again? This is like the 8th time the world would be wiped out

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>>427493431can you translate this into weeks?


>>427493431Greta should put on a bra. Nobody wants to see those mosquito bites.

>>427493431is she an andriod with forever 12 year old tiddies?

>>427493431I think that a training bra is in order for the potato.


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>>427493431NooooOOOooo I haven't had sex yet!

>>4274934312 more weeks until total vaxxie death

>>427493431can't wait

>>427493431Imagine the taste of her little soi nipples

>>427493431muh hole in the ozone layer is going to give us all cancer!!!! double down on the zinc infused sunscreen!

>>427493431That PUSSY is going to wipe out all my SEMEN

We don't even have that long left. We have 10 more business days.

>>427493431God I hope so.

Check out extinctionclock(.)org to see how the climate alarmists are doing so far

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>>427493817>unvaxxed>unmasked>untested>unlockdowned>unsexedwe fucking did it

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>>427493431>33 days until climate change wipes out humanity.in which timezone lmao

We'll have to sacrifice a chicken in about a half a month's time

>>427493431This was her peak, now she looks like a fat tranny.

>>427494373We'll go with the international date line

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>>427493701I do.

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>>427493431They used to call it global warming

>>427493431Greta looked disgusting -- nipples protruding -- in her black dress before the Climate Catastrophe. Very very disrespectful.

>>427493431Man i want to taste her.

>>427494971Show flag

>>427494883Get with the program Ausbro. It's been climate change for quite a while now

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>>427495095the yids had a nigger on that boat she took so she could get aids. I would caution doing that to a fucking coal burner.

>>427494883>They used to call it global warmingIt's for complete retards who didn't finish elementary school. Plants love carbon dioxide and breath it in. They grow faster, more abundantly, and bigger in a high carbon dioxide environment. The planet has plants all over it. That will curb any excess carbon dioxide. If you want to save the rain forest flood it with CO2. So IF the planet were to become CO2 heavy and incur a greenhouse effect, the plants will love that, they will grow vast and tall much faster, and will put out oxygen in it's place. The planet can handle it. Governments just want to tax you for something made up and they have no solution for this. That's okay, nature has all those solutions.

>>427495289Thanks bro. I'm cured.

>>427493431>>427493598>33>8OK God I get it, you're trying to tell me something but I humbly request you make it clearer. I've been seeing your 33s everywhere and I know you were messint with my clocks the other day.

>>427494883No they didnt you sound like the people who said you were forced to take the vaccine. Next you'll tell me how bad the "lockdowns" affected your social life stop being delusional

>>427494883Global warming was too confusing for the retarded brainlets. See: tards like you and the rest of Holla ForumsI'm sure a bunch of underage permavirgins on 4chan and facebook boomers know more about climate science than actual climate scientists though.

>>427495755Anyone who seethes over the lockdown was a friendless loser just looking to complain. I literally went out to my friend's place every weekend and was never stopped once. And even if I was, all I would have to say was "I'm getting gas/smokes for work tomorrow".

Lmao this ugly retard is literally a globalist plant and her parents are involved in the intelligence agencies.EVERYONE YOU SPEND YOUR TIME HATING (AND ENJOYING) ARE PLANTS. YOU DONT GET CORPORATE SCREENTIME WITHOUT BEING AN OWNED PUPPET.YOU STUPID FUCKS.


>>427493431lol fuck Gretta

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>>427495750Oh no, the environment! We need mandatory dwarfism now! Dwarfs produce 50% less greenhouse gas and take 50% less resources than FOODGUZZLER FULL-SIZE MEATBGS

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>>427493431>climate change>trust the science

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>>427496783>calls people wastefulthis bitch buys Amazon Prime with Diabetes

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Retard here. Context?

>>427496831I want my snow days

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>>427496831Trans-doctor here. Can confirm. You can trust me, because I'm a real doctor.

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>>427496959niggaz upset ITT because God gave them the Mad Catz controller

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>>427496959The context is whoever shills this slut really wants people to fuck deformed mentally retarded children

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>>427493707By the way, when do they go on sale?

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>>427493431Who is she and why does it look like she is built for ANAL?


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>>427493431Well….at least she has nipples. Glass half full


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>>427496258Hnnnng prime Greta

>>4274934312 weeeeks.YOU WONT DO SHIT

>>427493431Don't threaten me with a good time.

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