Battle for Bahmut is over

50k Wanger won with ww2 weapons against 300k nato backed army

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>>427493279I don't think wagners used ww2 weaponry, but good for them


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>>427493279Weren't we told they were retreating? Would they lie to us bros?

>>427493279okay, so what now?

>>42749327910 months for a city with 70k population, I wonder how long kiev will take.

>>427493631how many people live in Verdun in ww1?

>>427493831That's not really a win for you, especially if you proclaim your goal is liberating the people of eastern ukraine.

>>427493279kek, when I opened the news today they were proclaiming that he Ukrainian pushback is going well and will conquer Bakhmut any moment now

>>427494003What other arguments can you think of?

>>427494003Kek, owned

>>427494193It was 6 million NATO mercs bro. Why do you lie?

>>427493279They were just using shovels against the ghosts of kiev.

>>427493831>>427494193he's drunk and confused

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I believe you still havend conquered the remaining 1% of the western partAnd if we keep building houses westward the battle can last for eternity and you will never 100% capture it

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>>427494193Noooooo CBC says you guys are evil nazis and you have to loseJk stomp on zelensky

The latest cope is that they’re fighting against all of NATO while not even using their real army. I wonder if they believe it themselves

>>427493279>professional mercenaries who have seen constant action in the Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Europe over the span of nearly a decade bolstered by hardened, violent criminal auxiliary troopsvs>18 to 60-year-old farmers, bricklayers, and plumbers who have never fired a gun in their entire life, were forbidden by their government from leaving, given a rifle and some Cold War NATO surplus gear, and were told to shoot in the general direction of the bad guy, pull the trigger, and try not to die and bolstered by globohomo volunteer activist auxiliaries who mainly serve as non-combatantsWhat were you expecting to happen?

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>>427494456pajeet coming in to offer>full sapport saar

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>>427494414This is actually zelensky's strategy.

>>427494573>I wonder if they believe it themselvesthat's not how vranyo works

>>427494573Wagner is a PMC, I don't know how saying "not using the real army" is wrong.

>>427493279Congratulations. At this rate 2nd army of the world will take all of Ukraine by the year 3000.

>>427493631A front is a front.

So you captured a bag of mud. Now what?

>>427494414>havendGo back to elementary school.

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>>427493573>Why is (((natrannies))) lying to meCome on now



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>>427494414>And if we keep building housesLike the only bridge in Kiev, which could not be built for 30 years after the collapse of the USSR and left it half-built?Interesting to look at the statistics of new housing in Ukraine in the post-Soviet era.

>>427494414this would make for a good post-logical apocalyptic sci fi novel


>>427493279>all the nafo coping in this thread Delicious! But fret not nafosisters, the great spring counter-offensyiv will take it all back, in two weeks.

>>427494642>What were you expecting to happen?Desertion?Capitulation?Revolution?

>>427494968To be honest, I think defending bag mud is just a delay tactic for Ukraine. Because they need more time to get the stuff they need to counter attack. Especially munition.

>>427493573Prigozhin is insane at baiting social media. Every time he makes an obviously false statement he gets 20k+ updoodley doots on reddit and infinite comments on twitter and MSM. It's insane how hard this motherfucker can troll on a global scale. If any of you Russian troll farmers read this thread get him to post to chug/uhg with proof you'll destroy Holla Forums for at least a year.

>>427495271Because we all have seen what happens with the Russian tanks once they tried to take Kiev. The same could happen with the Ukrainian army if they tried to retake the east without sufficient preparation.

>>427495085didn't know prigozhin was a nato asset

>>427494003The amount of cope.

>>427494642Its really sad what Zelenskike is doing, Also putin is at fault for not ending the war quickly.

>>427495271Taking Black Mutt was a time delay for the Russians to bankrupt the American MIC with costly investments.

>>427493279It's amazing what you can achieve using shovels alone.

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>you're fucking me too slowlyAs predicted all the way back. Thanks to the military genius which is the eternal lampas Russia has had few achievements that come anywhere close lately and the cope is quite intense. Almost makes me want to pay the twin generals a visit and palate it some more. Almost.Anyway tetris and the sovkhoz that lies opposite of it wrt the airplane are still occupied afaik. Need to clear those out first.

>>427495271At this pace they'll never start the offensive. They stepped up and Russians started using guided munitions at their forward points/ammo depots.


>>427493279Excited for the great goycattle slaughter of 2023.

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>>427494300>>427494409I didnt even have to do or prove anything, and these idiots started sarcasm and posting batte stereotypical pictures.Westerners are really low iq animals.

>>427493575>>427494838Following this victory, Putin will strategically ask for Wagner and the Russian armed forces to withdraw from Zaporizhzhya, Donetsk, Luhansk and Kherson so they can focus on taking the village of Udi as our nose allies believe there are more opportunities for white bodies to be attritioned and denazified there.

>>427495704Kindly point towards the part you need me to elaborate on.

>>427493279The cope is real>you dont win fast enough!>its just a 70k town lol!>it was a meatgrinder for Russians!>it wasnt important!>one town for 2nd military in the world vs corrupt shithole!Funny enough none of this cope material is tru

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How are the flanks looking?

>>427494642>farmers and old men>because all the retired us officers and us special forces died in azovastol and snake islandhere comes the cope

>>427493279>with ww2 weaponsno with a shovel

>>427494946U mad

>>427493279Oh look. Bachmut fell again.


>>427494414Now this is cope

>>427495307Lmao this, it should be possible right?

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>>427493279>iTs Of nO StrATeGiC VaLuE

>>427493279>I know we've been telling this every day for the last 200 days, but this time it's true, trust me, here's a map with blue and red on it

>>427495875Why won't anyone answer this?

>>427495307I actually have a lot more respect for russian social manipulation now. They are way better at it than the west. Ukraine's propaganda is so fucking blunt and stupid, while Russia is way more subtle and actually plays into Ukraine's desire to pretend to be winning at all times.

>>427494414kek good post user, now please return to the front

>>427493279Booking my hotel and trip now for the house warming party! I will spent euros on hookers and vodka!

Attached: Screenshot 2023-05-18 at 23.17.42.png (1546x1166, 1.11M) off the press, there's a huge final stand going on in the tetris district.Projected to take days.

>>427496332Kek I have a feeling it doesn't look like that anymore

>>427493573They send in a wave to claim a field, Russia will fall back because it isn't worth it. NAFTO will have their cope meal of the day and then ignore when it's taken back later.

>>427493279For next three days I will read here on /pol how Russian victory in Bakhmut is actually shameful defeat. War is peace, freedom is slavery, victory is defeat.

>>427496248coz the question is super dumbthe city is lost and no one can be trapped anymore


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I hope russian convicts had lots of fun with hohols they catch there

>>427493573A feigned retreat is a military tactic, a type of feint, whereby a military force pretends to withdraw or to have been routed, in order to lure an enemy into a position of vulnerability.

>>427496475NAFO will say it was just a small town, haha Russia wasted all their men on it, blah blah, it's all so tiresome

>>427493433I was told they were brainlessly charging with nothing but sticks and just dying like hogs in massive numbers pointlessly.

>>427496475For next couple of months I will read here how glorious Russian army finally took Bakhmut and this time for real

>>427496569death to russia.

Very nice, good going, Russia! I bet the war is basically over now. I'm sure Wagner enjoys a fully equipped elite contingent of highly motivated personnel - Chasiv Yar will be a total breeze.

pov ukranian soldier getting shoveled in bakhmut

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>>427496668Ukraine lost to convicts with shovels

>>427493279Im sorry im not really into sport what team is winning?From my pure uninformed guess russians will win the war

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>>427493631two more weeks!

oh no no no

Wagner desperately want to abandon Bakhmut before it and they are ironically encircled and slaughtered in a "killbox" (similar to what they hyped up for so long but never achieved) but they are being forced to remain by the Russian military.Sorry Z sisters

>>427496541I think you're retarded user. Flanks collapsing is not a good thing.

>>427496475They just lured you in for the counteroffensive

>>427496884Russia gets gold, but Ukraine gets silver. Overall both teams played hard and deserve their respective medals in the ongoing proxy war to take some trash land in eastern Europe that no one cared about 3 years ago.

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>>427493433According to western intelligence Wagner was using shovels after they ran out of ammo for their WWII era weapons last December.

>>427495271Too bad it doesn't stop Russia from simply bombing the ammunition storehouses.

So since "spring counter offensive" turned into "summer counter offensive real soon trust us" looks like pointless occupation of Artemovsk ended all plans for any counter offensive whatsoever. Zelenskiy is a great tactician indeed

>>427493631just use chemical weapons on kiev

>>427493279Why didn't the Russians turn kharkiv and kerson into another bakhmut or mariupol? We konw they can win because They won the two biggest battles of the war killing tens of thousands of Ukrainians, doing that in a big city will destroy their moral whipe a good chunk of their army

>>427495209At one point a typical Ukrainian soldier had a chance of survival that was less than that of a Warhammer 40k Imperial Guardsman engaging in close combat against the force of a full-blown Ork WAAAGH.There was even a novel called “15 Hours”, which was about a conscripted Guardsman in that scenario. He survived for 15 hours compared to the Ukrainian life expectancy of 4, and that novel was considered of if the the most grimdark of all Guardsman tales in one of the most grimdark of all sci-fi fantasy settings because the life expectancy of a Guardsman in that conflict was less than a day.At least it’s better than the Xeelee Sequence setting where an estimated 10 billion child soldiers died every year in a literally non-stop war that spanned millennia against a hyper-advanced alien race, where the human soldier life expectancy in any given enemy engagement was measured in mere minutes, and anyone who was lucky enough to see the age of 11 was considered to be an absolutely unstoppable badass.

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>>427496620Like when Wagner lured those ukrainians into the open barren fields near Artemovsk?

>>427497067wagners are luring ukraine into open fields to deal even more casualties how do you think ukrainians will fight if they need to assault and not to defendsitting in the field will make them targer for artillery and dronesthere were not a single ukrainian city assault during whole warthey do not value own soldiers so they do not drop positions in open field and move to next city fortress

>>427496448So you’re saying it will be cheaper, or even free?

>>427494676>India dispatches elite Indian special forces to Ukraine>They instantly deploy to the outskirts of Bahkmut>Pajeets fan out, round up local stray dogs>efficiently and ruthlessly rape dogs, no quarter given>mission accomplished, they return to India with few causalities and are praised as heroes

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>>427497310hey jew, how long has this war been going on? over a year, for what putin said would be a week tops?

>>427493433>I don't think wagners used ww2 weaponry, but good for themyep, they use shovels.. impressive feat, must give them that

>>427494414I kek'd

>>427497216>According to western intelligence

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>>427497466>hey jew

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>>427493631Cope, hohol.Fear not, nobody wants your gayest city

>>427495270The first one is already happening.

>>427497364Because Russia sucks and can't

>>427494414You are funny goy, I hope they draft you last.


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>>427493279They say it ain't over til it's jover. Have we reached jover levels of over yet?

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>>427497693Here comes the cope

>>427493279Jews are winning! Again! Many dead Slavs!

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>>427497390warhammer 40k is a very good comparison to what is going on lolbut with a bit different roles >>427497399yes,you see commieblock fortress with infantry ahead of youyou can stand and get hit by artillery, bomb, droneor you can assault ruins (which you did not do before) and where you already lost defending