Why do Americans refuse to pass gun control laws?

Why do Americans refuse to pass gun control laws?

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>>427492064Of course the pick Kalashnikov USA to be the evil bad gun company even after we already banned firearms and ammo imports from Russia (and of course China).

>>427492064Because only faggots niggers and retards want to disarm themselves.Fuck faggots niggers and retards. Shall not>how many have to die?All of em. Still dont care

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>>427492064Because it's unconstitutional.You have to change the constitution first before you can introduce gun control laws.

>>427492064Because gun control is for faggots and soccer moms.

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>>427492064Just don’t buy a gun. Simple as.

>>427492327Didn't stop the first assault weapons ban. It held until it sunsetted. Lord knows if they pass another one they'll be smart enough not to include such a provision.



>>427492064Because you can lick maple syrup off my dirty balls.

>>427492151I want off this ride, Hanz. It's not fun anymore.

>>427492588It should have stopped the first one.That's how it works in civilized countries.

>>427492064>Why do Americans refuse to pass gun control laws?Same reason Switzerland refuses to open their borders.


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>>427492064>ZOGBY>his facekek

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>>427492064Just ban guns in cities.Checkmate, atheists.

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>>427492588The "assault weapons ban" didn't do shit. All it did was ban inconsequential things like flash suppressors, folding stocks, and silencer threads. There was not a time where you couldn't buy an AR-15 with a giant mag.

>>427492064>Why do Americans refuse to pass gun control laws?Guns are like really cool don't ban them - George Washington

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>>427492064>pass gun control>get shotbecause we have guns and the government does not have the power to remove them.

>>427492064Ugh… 1pbtid… going, freedoomz.. gay. Gay as fuck and shit.

>>427492064because an unarmed population is a slave class

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>>427493212This was the tradeoff in the 1800s. There was almost no open or concealed carry in most cities until the 1900s.

>>427492064>james zogby>zogby>zog-by

>>427492064>Multiple gun control laws and background checks.>OP still a faggot and a retard.

>>42749335430 round mags were banned from sale. But there are literally millions of them already in circulation so it is impossible to enforce.

>>427492064Murder is already illegal?

>>427492064Shall not infringeSimple as

>>427493212Half of the states now allow carrying a concealed firearm with no permit. Gun laws are becoming more gun friendly at the state and local levels.

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>>427492064Come and get them, Chaim.


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>>427492064It's not an issue. The issue are bad state actors pretending to be American that keep attacking the country via soft means. No group of armed men in plain clothes ever caused a war. It was always uniformed men working for the government that did that shit. So no, we ain't giving up the guns because the jews don't deserve to have a third world war because they're upset like a bunch of retarded babies. May all who seek to reduce another man's rights find a wicked and horrible death in this life and fade into oblivion as their soul shatters when it drops out of their walking corpse.

>>427492064Because then the hammer comes down. They'll go 100% totalitarian the second we give them up. Furthermore, since America sets a precedent, they'll do the same or more so to every European country, Canada, Australia, etc. The only reason they're not already in chains is because we here in America set a standard which admittedly isn't going well but at least we're not full zogged. We are the second we give up our guns. So in fact from our point of view we are protecting the children. From the dystopian future we get if we give up our guns.

>>427493494she does not look jewish to me

>>427492064American obsession with guns is something other nations should implement at home.

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We have the blood of the founding fathers in us.

If you seriously can't stop being mad at the posts you see online yids, kys. You got something wrong with you because nobody is still attacking you but you all attack everybody. Jews are the only race on Earth that literally extends the wrongs of individuals to entire groups by association regardless if it's race, country, religion, etc.

>>427492064Because we have too many as is.


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>>427494044This soil is soaked with the blood of tyrants. Their power is only in their minds and in the minds of week men.

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>>427493943>ScarWhat happened to ye ol Kalash?

>>427492151lmfaoI hate them so much. They need to kill themselves.


Because Merica has hundreds of laws already. And as long as dindus peaceful protest, get reparations from my wife & kids, and fuck around, the good people need pewpews to help dindus find out.

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Also, gun control doesn't work. All it does is punish innocent people for daring to be brave against the criminally minded. The gun-free school zones act of 1990 didn't prevent Columbine, Sandy Hook, or any of the other school shootings since its passage and it never will. All it has done and will continue doing until the law is reversed. All that gun control law has done is prevent able bodied adults on school grounds from carrying a gun on them, due to the repercussions of doing so, and will continue to do so enabling school shooters to continually get a higher score against unarmed and helpless victims.Make no mistake, such gun control laws are an attack on the country and was created in mind with the intent to create victims, not prevent them. For it's been over 20 years since guns on school grounds were illegal and the shootings have not stopped. Trying to control the criminally minded at the expense of law abiders is how you strangulate and suffocate a population over time. Even if there is a guard with a firearm on the campus, that doesn't justify the gun free school zones act of 1990.

>>427492064Why.How does it benefit ME to prevent democrats from murdering each other with them?Why should Cletus and Jim-bob give up their gun rights just because democrats in blue cities and states never should've been bestowed the right?

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>>4274920641pbti, zogbi, don't reply

>>427492064because the blacks, their system of law, and the police are out to destroy america.

>>427494349No kalash for me mate

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>>427492064Because it's the first step on the path to being completely defanged as a populace.When the politicians have no fear of their people, they usually tend to ride roughshod over their people's freedoms.

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>>427492064Why are corporations or business that have the benefit of Government Protection allowed to turn a profit?All 1st Amendment and 2nd Amendment Rights should be chartered as not-for-profit. Then we'll see just how big a business it is.

>>427492064actually, burgerland's nigger obsession is a cultural disease

>>427493354The problem comes when they make another 1-3 bills, changing weapons classification, names, wording, attachments, etc... no one sees the harm, and it passes. then, in 4d chess move suddenly, out of nowhere basic firearms are now under the classification of banned weapons.

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>>427492064completely useless and would be readily available to the evil elements of society. It wouldn't stop school shootings, it wouldn't stop murders, it wouldn't even lessen the amount of murders.

>>427492261Should have built one yourself like I did

>>427492064>ZOGbyBe more subtle next time.

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probably has something to do with the constitution. you should know.

>>427493784Shit states like CA and NY are still basically "may issue" despite the Bruen decision. It will take additional litigation to bring them to heel. Lawmakers who knowingly violate SCOTUS authority should be shot.

>>427492064Why is it always kikes trying to take guns? Pussy ass kikes.

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>>427492064>Why do Americans refuse to pass gun control laws?Because fuck you and your whore mother is why

>>427492064>Why do Americans refuse to pass gun control laws?This is a stupid shill thread, but I've got nothing better to do, so here goes.I'm a law-abiding gun owner. I've carried one just about every day for the last 25 years. In all that time:Number of times I've shot someone: 0Number of times I've drawn my weapon in readiness to protect myself or someone else: 2So in short, I've done nothing wrong with my gun ownership. Since I've used my right to keep and bear arms responsibly...WHY should I be punished for what someone else may or may not do? I am not responsible for what crimes the ghetto thugs in Chicago do with their stolen handguns, I am not responsible for some cholo shooting up someone who looke at his girl in El Paso, and I'm damn sure not responsible for the actions of some at-risk kid radicalized by my own government (Hello, FBI!) into committing murder.Punishing the innocent for the crimes of the guilty is very bad juju.

Our gun obsession is a cultural disease but niggers obsession with centering every piece of their culture around murdering each other is not

>>427492064You should be asking why DC is shaped like a transmutation circle

Americans do not pass gun control laws to ban assault rifles because that is the only way we have to protect ourselves from the FBI and Police. While it may appear coincidental that only schools are targeted by shooters, it is very unlikely a corporation or police station or fbi station or courthouse is targeted. So many opportunities for a shooter to change the world and make history, but never happens. Ever wonder why? The police state will always push to increase oppression. It is one thing to tell someone dress like a girl, it is another to have a state sanctioned shooting and blame the very cause fhat protects you from the state. If you are from outside the usa, are you happy and trusting of your government? Thats wonderful. They never tell you to unwittingly sacrifice your self interest for their goals towards more money and power?Guns are the only reason the usa is the most powerful nation in the world. Because we cannot have a police state under a different name.

>>427496580It's not a coincidence that schools keep getting targeted. The shooters KNOW that they're gun free zones and it's why they keep choosing them over other places like say a gun range, military base, or police station. The mere presences of guns on an adult deters them.


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>go into the forest for an extended period of time>wear tick repellent to avoid lyme disease>go into the city for an extended period of time>wear nigger repellent to avoid being dead diseaseIt just makes sense.

>>427492064Because only an idiot relies on the State for their personal and property security. The State is not interested in protecting you. It does not exist to secure your family or your property. The State does not protect you and is under no obligation to tell you the truth of work for the common good.Anyone with more than room temp IQ understands that ultimately their own safety and security is their responsibility and no one else's. They understand that the State is not some ultimate force for good but just another corruptible institution. This Nation was literally founded by Men who had to fight off the yoke of an oppressive foreign government. They did it not by voting or protesting or writing letters. They fucking shot their enemies until they got the message. Being anti 2nd amendment is being un-American, full stop. Trusting that the Government will provide for you is un-American.

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>>427496580>>427496832And that is if school shootings are even real and not orchestrated or just allowed to happen.

>>427492064We have too many gun control laws. We should be working on repealing them.

>>427497444>Because only an idiot relies on the State for their personal and property security. The State is not interested in protecting you. It does not exist to secure your family or your property. The State does not protect you and is under no obligation to tell you the truth of work for the common good.I'm really not a fan of this attitude.Why even allow the existence of such a state?

>>427492064>cultural disease>guns>cultural disease>gunsjej

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>1pbtid>muh gun controlid sage this shit, but newfags gonna newfag