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kill all fatfucks kill their family members too, for not doing it for us

>>427491337i fill sorry for the airplane most of all.

Attached: cargo-compartment-strategic-tactical-airlifter-boeing-c-globemaster-iii-berlin-germany-april-cargo-compartment-116245395.jpg (800x533, 86.25K)

>>427491337Imagine the fucking smell.

>>427491337Name? Look like Boberry

>>427491337A reverse vagina? Also how isn't that a safety risk, imagine burning or drowning in an emergency, because Jabba the Hutt can't fit down the isle

Attached: 1684325895560599.gif (500x550, 1003.78K)

Imagine the plane hits a little bit of turbulence and this is the last thing you see flying toward you at 500 mph

>>427491337Who the fuck cares?

>>427491337Unfortunately the Antonov was destroyed, honey

>>427491337Honestly they need to just add a disclaimer when buying tickets that gives airlines the right to refuse customers (without refund) who are above a certain weight. They already weigh the luggage.

Why is every fat fuck female now>A plus sized modelThere must be more models than uber drivers at this point

Attached: 1684044057425522.png (820x643, 372.6K)

>>427491644>Scarlett OHaraShe was the most beautiful woman of all time bros

>>427491715whoever had to sit next to her, for one.

>>427491337imagine evacuating that plane on fire after an emergency landingfat and unfit people are a menace to society

Plus size is chubby, this is not plus size this is obese and disgusting. Only possible in America. I Europe we would laugh at this and point fingers. I. Germany It is literally seen as a good character trait in current year, to mog and laugh about the disgusting ugly creature we know here as Ricarda Lang. A disgusting blibtard body positive politician with a low IQ and born with a silver spoon otherwise she would not even work at McDonalds. American can only heal by returning to shame fat people.

When I sit next to fat people on an airplane, I think to myself "If this airplane crashes, I am going to fry in this person's grease."

>>427491514came here to say this

I refuse to believe this whale is a model. Just because you wear skimpy shit and show your ample ass on OF doesn’t make you a model.

>>427491337>too fat to walk down the aisle of an airplane>do I need to lose weight?>no. it's the airlines who are wrong

>>427491337why didn't they check her in with the rest of the luggage?

>>427491337Does anyone have a picture of her sitting down in the seats? Also who sat next to her hahahaha

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>>427491825Joan Fontaine

Attached: 7pTQ.gif (426x320, 521.56K)

>>427491337stupid fat bitch doesnt know her 300kg fat ass could tip the plane outta the sky because luggage weight ratio is only done once before take off

If you build it bigger they will comeand still not fit

Its no longer plus size when you become a fire hazard

>>427491337Imagine how bad that plane smelled, you'd have to breathe in her stink the entire flight in the recirculated air

>>427491537it's fine, the poo and sweat particles can't escape her gravitational field

We live in capitalism. If she thinks it's fat phobia she is free to develope airplanes for fat people, if people agree with her or if her airplanes are more efficient then she can make a shit ton of money with her idea.

Attached: 1667648853935923.jpg (720x695, 111.98K)

>>427491337FUCK BIGGERS

>hey user I guess you'll be sitting next to me for this Transatlantic flightWwyd do?

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Attached: IMG_5625.jpg (1280x720, 139.31K)

>>427491832Probably the entire fucking plane was worried about liftoff, having enough fuel and what the landing would feel like.

>>427491337How do you get that fat? I'm pretty fat cause I'm lazy, but I'm like a third of that bitches size.

>>427492592She can share my tray table since her 2 can't be put down.

>>427492077how dare you question her modelling career

Attached: fatfat.png (1429x1018, 1.82M)

>>427492592is that a router strapped to her side?

>>427491337>Fat cunt isn't wrong that airplanes are unreasonably cramped>She is wrong about expecting the world to cater to her extreme outlier obesity which is 100% her fault>tfw 6'4 lanklet who always gets his knees crushed whenever he flies

Attached: 1684388513709720.gif (498x373, 3.5M)

>>427491337last time I took a flight the stuartist was a sheboon almost that fat. every time she walked by her fat nigger ass bumped my arm

>>427492592Take all my mid flight thc gummies and become someone else's problem

>>427492925Breathing apparatus, she has tubes in her nose

>>427492816She make smore money than a doctor and her only talent is eating.


Attached: casserole.png (420x294, 53.79K)


>>427491337It's discrimination against skinny people that they are allowed the same cargo allowance for someone who weighs more than another person including their cargo.Skinny lives matter.

>>427492789>How do you get that fat?They eat nonstop. Three meals, two in between meals, and nonstop snacking.

>>427492925She's so fat her lungs cant concentrate enough oxygen into her blood.Obesity hypoventilation syndrome (OHS)

>>427491467i feel sorry for your failure to spell correctly.

>>427492937>stuartistReally?>>427493229Kek, imagine the meltdowns if they made people get on the scale with their luggage. Glorious.

>>427491337She should travelling only by floating.

>>427492937>Stuartist Lol did she look like this?

Attached: ladysclothing1634.jpg (179x363, 21.21K)

>>427491825......do you mean Vivien Leigh?

>>427491715Ambulance chasers, and knowing today's clown world she would win too.


Attached: gettyimages-1197728324.jpg (2621x3930, 1.22M)

>>427493420>imagine the meltdowns if they made people get on the scale with their luggageChatGPT can be the smart ass that makes scathing remarks to the overweight.

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>>427493315this. They did a CT scan of a fat and a normal person and the super obese one was full of food and shit. The whole system is filled up all the time. They do that every day, not just on like a nice weekend. Every day they eat cheap calories. the body is fully slowed down.

>>427491337So it's everyone else's problem that you stuff your ass until you are unable to function as a human being. Then they turn around and ask why the world hates fat people. Very 2020+ USA this.

>>427491337>#FatPhobiaThe fear of fat people. Yes I'm Fat Phobic because I'm afraid they will eat me.

>>427492925Yes she provide free wifi wherever she goes

>>427493770it must be rough being a classically trained clown in modernity

>>427491337>build wider aislesReminds me of a dumb bitch who claimed a man must have designed a building because there was a pillar in front of the shelf she wanted to access. The fucking idiot thought the pillar was the part that had been put in front of the shelf, not the shelf installed behind the pillar. It was also a woman who redid the store plan that resulted in that lol.

>>427491337>the cargo is ready for deployment

Attached: Fat_man.jpg (717x476, 165.5K)

>>427491337>BigIt's called "fat". In fact, she's so fat that she bends spacetime around herself. The reason La Blimpa couldn't move through the isle was because it warped due to the gravity she produced.

I’m beginning to think John Doe from se7en might just have had a point

>>427491337Would love to see her attempt to enter the plane bathroom.

>>427491337Why do leftist retards claim everything is some sort of phobia? That means an irrational fear of "X". And what do you call it when it's not an irrational fear but a well thought out hatred? Like with kikes, they don't say you have Schlomophobia, they say you are anti-semitic. And that makes sense

>>427491337Fat people are destroying the environment and perpetuating poverty by over consumption and the use of excess resources to maintain their lifestyle. You cannot be pro-environment and Body Positive.

>>427494086thats a man

>>427494137Imagine the smell

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>>427491337discriminating literally means "to make a difference"so it seems to me it's the hamgalaxy discriminating "itself", and blaming the company for not discriminating "itself" as wellwell, in clown world, discriminating is illegal, thoughtough luck for the grease blob, then

>>427491337So thanks are plus sized cars, right?

>>427492926I'm only 6ft and im fucking cramped on planes especially since those seats in front of you lean all the way down into your lap, can't even imagine how miserable it is for you to fly.

>>427491467a dirty chink airplane wouldn't have survived the event

Attached: 1680967940590115.webm (720x1280, 2.99M)

>>427491537Nobody can imagine that. If that walking pile of lard ever visits India, even the shit in the street begins to scream and tries to get away because of the stench.

>>427494407It means identifying a difference.

>>427494381Not hard to be self-centered when you generate a gravitational force.

>>427494381When you literally too far to even breathe right, and you still act entitled. Mentally fucked

>>427494381does this bitch has her own oxygen tank?!

>>427493961ok I like her now

>>427491337>1337I want to bury my face so far deep into that ass

Attached: 1654066047536224.webm (1280x720, 1.01M)

>>427491337>Enola Gay begins preparations for take off. August 1945 colorized

>>427491337>plus sized modelHow can she be a model if shes fat...Isnt that just larping like women firemen and police officers?

>>427491822Stop orbiting this fuck swarthy mutt freak. Her being ugly and shit brown doesn’t make her any more attainable to you.

>>427494453We have pickup trucks for that. Last time I got in a 1990s truck and a 2022 truck, the seats got much wider for the new one. I'm pretty sure auto manufacturers are designing for 600 lbs these days. Used trucks also have tears in the seat bolsters because fatasses slide into the chair until the leather stretches and tears.

>>427492592I would brutally verbally roast her the entire flight.

>>427494535no, it absolutely doesn'tcomes from "discriminare", which means "separate"ie, again, making a difference

>>427494381>things fatso's hatefirst thing in the list should be themselves

>>427494607Yeah, but she doesn't know where she left it. It disappeared one day when she sat down.

>>427494381If only there was an easy, simple cost effective way for that poor woman not to suffer such hardships. Oh well.

Attached: Screenshot_20230517-221734-361.png (1080x1075, 1.16M)

how are fat fucks not banned from flying? imagine needing to use the emergency exit and some fat fuck gets wedged in..

>>427493961>she is my waifi

Attached: carlosvulcano.png (512x512, 467.64K)

>>427494918Welp looks like everyone is dying. No hard feelings, just hard impacts.

>>427492479you're forgetting relativistic jets, caused by such gynormous black holes accelerating particles close to the speed of light

>>427494381All these problems would be resolved if she wasn't fat.

>>427491337Wider aisles? NASA couldn't build a rocket to lift that refrigerator. Put the fork down.


Attached: POL_CAP1.png (450x99, 4.77K)

>>427494918Fat fucks should be banned from any motorized vehicle and in fact should be set out on a shoal/cut for a month with only water dropped from a plane until they're fit for polite society again.

>>427494713on the other hand it outs the zoomers extremely efficiently

>>427491337It is logistically impossible for her to wipe her ass well. Just. Ew.

>>427494381why the fuck does "it" need a seatbelt extender for?even the plane crashing wouldn't dislodge "it" from "its" place

>>427491337imagine the face expression of the chink kid when he was ordered to make leggings for this bitch. Id imagine its pants for an oil barons hippo

>>427492077>ampleA-user, I...

Attached: 1369928573608.png (400x305, 200.64K)

>>427495351To be fair the attendants will bitch at you to fasten yourself and will check.

>>427493146that's already more talent than most "doctors" (in soft "science", lol)

People that fat should be euthanized.

>>427492816Niggers unironically love this shit.

>>427491337try losing weight you unhealthy morbidly obese bitch.

>>427492272I would guess her fat ass and legs were occupying the adjacent seats if that's what you mean by sitting next to her.

Fatso like this motivated me to get healthy. Down 25 pounds 2 months in.

this will sound made up but unfortunately its true... i sat down for a flight from atlanta to san fran and some 400+ pound whale waddled in to sit down on the 2 seats to my right, her arms buldged out to the sides and i got my shoulder literally wedged beneath her arm pit (she was wearing some sleeveless thing). the entire flight i could feel my shoulder getting wetter and wetter, and sometimes id feel drops of sweat drop on my arm- i couldn't move at all being next to the window. when we finally landed the entire right side of my shirt was soaked- the staff pulled me over to apologize afterwards and gave me a voucher to use in the airport to buy a new shirt. i threw the old one away because the stench was unreal.

>>427491337>plus size modelwhat the fuck is this bitch modeling bed sheet blouses??

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>>427491825Vivien Leigh also played Cleopatra. The best adaptation as well.

Attached: 437f125dcccf41ddb247cedf2d659fff.jpeg.jpg (333x560, 64.12K)

>>427495506and how would they check on that grease giant?a belt would forever disappear somewhere in its atmosphere, anyway

>>427491337she has a point though. i mean i get its potentially unhealthy to be that big, but why cant they design wider isles? i'm not that big and yet i still have to walk sideways and side step my way through the aisle. they could easily make the planes wider or design seat rows in a staggered zig zag fashion.these companies have more than enough money and should accommodate all body shapes and sizes

Attached: 16949348215412.jpg (439x439, 45.13K)

>>427492592>Talk to the crew>Ask for another seat>If they refuse, show them the beast>They would most likely accomodate you or strap you down with the crew for take off/landing and ask you to do whatever in-betweenIf the plane crew is unwilling to take your side, which is very unlikely, take picture and complain later. In the meantime, do>>427494783this.


Attached: 1490287700787.gif (480x238, 414.51K)

>>427495856>and how would they check on that grease giant?Get a nig flight attendant, he'll find it.

Attached: main-qimg-6bdf1c67915330a193a15d8a4ac77335-lq.jpg (455x512, 57.37K)

>>427492592What do you do if you got the middle seat next to this monstrosity and the plane is full in the mutt world?No way im trying to fit next to it and pretend to smile. Do I at least get the next flight or?

>>427491337Carpenters aren't oppressing me because I can't reach the top of a bookshelf.>t. manlet

>>427491337i'm fat and i'm scared

>>427495287Nah, if it’s on here, it’s more than likely some millennial faggot loser. But if it’s on twitter or insta, then it’s probably one of us but brown.

>>427491337How does someone get that fucking fat?I'm fat fuck myself and I eat like a pig, but I don't think people can get to that kind of size just by eating normal food.

>>427491337I think people who weigh as much as her should be institutionalized and forced to lose weight.

>>427495344>thats gods fault for not making arms longer, or placing the anus in such an inconvenient spot, why is god so fatphobic?

>>427492926I stopped flying altogether. The last international flight I took was inhumane. Maybe the little Squatemalans invading my town could fly comfortably but I was fucking miserable. The rows were jammed so close together you had to crabwalk sideways while leaning backwards onto the people you were passing if you needed to go to the toilet. These fat fucks complain about how tiny the seats are but there’s no fucking way a creature in OP’s pick could have fit between the rows to even try to sit down. Fuck Delta, btw.

>>427496067They keep taking our best women.

>>427491337> some nigger fucks it

Attached: 1.gif (236x260, 22.26K)

>>427496067>Get a nig flight attendantthat'd be a problem in itself to start with

Attached: 1656491305368708.webm (718x404, 2.15M)

how can you live with yourself this fat?i don't keep tabs on my weight at all, and still never went above 220lbs, which looks ok for my frame and heightright now i'm probably at 200 and could fit 2.5 of me in that spacehow much does she even weight holy shit

>>427491337that's not plus sized, she's going exponential

>>427493081Ahh good i hear thats one of the last things they get before soon after the 6 ft

>>427491789When buying anything or going anywhere thanks to jews that are destroying the very fabric of civilization.

>>427496156I worked with a gigantic bitch, union job can't be fired no matter how worthless you are in case you're wondering why she remains employed, she ate nonstop. Like family meals every couple of hours, go out to eat at a restaurant then stop at a fast food place on the way home and get more food.The irony is that this bitch in particular had a fast metabolism which enabled her to digest the food fast so she could just keep piling on weight. Idk if they're all like that though, I literally couldn't eat enough to get to that weight if I tried so just assume they all have fast digestion.

>>427491337>just re-engineer an entire aircraft to accommodate me, 0.00002% of society Fat cunt should have rolled into the ocean and floated to her destination with the other sea life instead

>>427491337Fat people literally can't stop stuffing goyslop into their mouths. I don't trust any of you fat fucks

Attached: covid jews2 Thank You.jpg (1275x1650, 292.57K)

>>427491337Still does not top that old boomer fat fuck that made the asian flight attendant wipe his ass. Try again queens!

>>427495900Lose some wait fat retard. And no, they can't make it wider, not unless they make the plane bigger or take away seats. Either way you're paying for it

>>427491337Another fine post here on /twitter/

Her gravity well is fucking discriminatory to smaller bodies.

>>427491337built for bbc

>>427496300We'll grab our harpoons and reclaim what's rightfully ours. >>427496323>that'd be a problem in itself to start withThat's a small problem compared to what we're doing now.

Attached: images (28).jpg (273x185, 10.25K)

>>427491825That character was such a manipulative gaslighting cunt. Insufferable.

>>427495900Great idea. Spend Hundreds of Millions on a whole new fleet of planes (while also on the verge of bankruptcy) just so a handful of land whales can waddle down the isles and squeeze into a seat.You're not a business owner, are you?

>>427491337Yo bitch, I'm 6'6" and hit my head on those luggage racks all the time, once a hang down tv. I'm suing you short mother fuckers for making everything for short people

>>427491337She should have booked her trip on a cargo plane then.

>>427497052you don't have any problem anymore, when you commit sudoku

Attached: 1676701599487585.gif (552x304, 2.81M)

>>427496081I would assume she paid for 2 seats

>>427495900>be canadian>have ZOG in ID>"this disgusting fat ass has a point"

Attached: a fucking leaf.png (385x363, 66.62K)

>>427495900look at the fat fuk doing aero engineeringwahahah

>>427497170lmao didn't know giraffes had internet access in the zoo. Do you want a carrot?


Attached: 1548861696187.jpg (645x773, 47.54K)

>>427496609A fast metabolism would be the opposite. They can eat heavily and not really gain weight. She's just a run of the mill fat fuck.

>>427497189In a roundabout way we're committing slow motion sudoku one darwin award at a time, or in this example, on plane full of darwin awards at a time.NGL I'm gonna laugh when planes start routinely falling out of the sky while everyone unironically asks 'why did flight become so dangerous?!' fun times ahead.

>>427497202I hope you don’t actually think these fat fucks do that

>>427494528You only need 50% of fasteners to hold any panel.

>>427497620>A fast metabolism would be the oppositeI have a slow metabolism so I eat a regular sized meal and I'm full for the whole day, meanwhile that bitch burns through enough food in a day that'd last me a week.

>>427497077kys faggot