Why has no one called for a ceasefire?

Why has no one called for a ceasefire?

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What part of "to the last Ukrainian" don't you understand?

>>427490845Russians did basically immediately after the start of the conflict. They were shut down. Did you already forget about "Russia needs to be deafened on the battle field"?

I did

>>427490845Russia, China, Brazil and India have called for a ceasefire, the US and Zelensky blockedIf you really have to ask that question then you have no idea whats actually going on

>>427490845you attemp and fail multiple color revolutions in the last decades but in one you was successful propaganda worked so well that the tool willing to do the killing is going as far to annihilate their genetic pool just to hurt your enemy a bit.when the fuck do you score so good again?slava ukraine! to the last ukranian! I guess

>>427490845because the US doesn't want a ceasefire.

we will stop shooting when all the russian trash fucks off back to their side of the borderor dies

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>>427490845Because not enough young men have died for ZOG

>>427490845depopulation measure

>>427490845If Russians go back to their country then the war would be over tomorrow

>>427491425When can we see you get blown up by artillery or raped as a POW? Or will you continue being a shut-in so the brave heroes of Ukraine won't grab you by the arms and drag you into a van?

>>427491614As usual it's the p*le with uninformed 60 IQ takes.

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>>427491614The Russians annexed the part of Ukraine they are in.

>>427491947what is wrong with this statement? There is no reason for Ukraine to invade Russia back If Russian soldiers leave the other country then the war will end >>427492199And if they stop annexing their neighbour's shit and fuck off to their country, the war will stop

>>427490845Because agreed upon number of deaths has not been reached yet.They still hungry, gangsterface.

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>>427490845If orcs go back fire ceases

>>427490845US and Ukrainian nationalist pressure on Zelensky. Putin’s pride and mostly justified fear that the West is out to destroy Russia. At this point there has be a decisive winner or it will turn into a frozen conflict for the next few decades.

>>427492299But they are in Russia now that they annexed it.

>>427492341If weapons are continually dropped within looting range of orcs, orcs never go back.

>>427492299I guess it is the p*le's forte to ignore history and the underlying reasons why things happen.

>>427490845did you not hear what biden said?he said the U.S. will NOT stop funding war until russia is defeated npr.org/2023/02/20/1141689717/ukraine-russia-biden-funding

>>427490845Russia called for ceasefire then immediately broke it lmao. No treaty is possible when trust is gone

>>427492431No one recognizes those borders, USA doesn't, China doesn't, and neutral countries like India and Brazil don't >>427492554I don't care about history, I care about people being forced to slaughter each other right behind my borders but i guess a subhuman shitskin like you will never value a human life

The military industrial complex is making billions off of weapons and plans for future weapon development which will use the war in Ukraine as a primary justification

I guess if I insisted your backyard was mine, started moving my stuff onto it and using yours, you'd be the drama-queen for taking issue with it, I'd be the victim in all of this for simply trying to protect the part I've already built a fence around, and the police who show up would be the voice of reason for insisting you should just let me have a quarter of your property for the sake of the neighborhood peace and because maybe then I'll stop trying to take the rest of your property as well.

>>427492597The conflict has proven that Russia can match the West's military production output or at the very least stall is heavily for a long time.Ukraine has been bleeding both civilian and military population at sonic speed, and they never had the numbers to match Russians in the first place.So how exactly is this supposed to work out? Are p*les the next on the meatgrinder line?>>427492781>I don't care about historyThat's why p*land continues to repeat its history of getting spitroasted and partitioned.

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Because greater israel needs to happen, GOY

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>>427490845Russia had the twerking jew at the negotiating table ready to capitulate within a week of the invasion but NATO intervened and kept the ukies from surrendering so here we are. Literally everyone, including NATO, would be better off if the ukies gave up last year. This is why NATO must be killed

>>427492974nobody cares brownie, shitskins like you dwell in the past and that's why your kind will never amount to do anything and while i understand that you hate white people with passion, you should never cheer on the slaughter of innocent people, you are sickening

>>427493193>shitskins like you dwell in the past and that's why your kind will never amount to do anythingThat's ironic coming from a p*le.

>>427490845landgrabbers get the Javelin until they fuck off back to where they came from>simples

>>427493256is your brown brain even working? I just told you that i don't care about the past, it was the problem of people who lived in those times, now, i just want Russians to go back to their country so the slaughter of innocent white people can stop

>>427493193No one who chooses to die for a twerking jew is white. No one who chooses to die for NATO is white

A cease fire cannot happen as long as both parties think they can win.

>>427490845Putin asks in a trembling voice: "Z-Zelensky, please recognize Crimea and Donbass at least formally, and simply declare that you will carry out denazification, and we will withdraw the troops!"Western partners are begging on their knees: "Sign a peace treaty, soon gasoline and gas will cost as much as Bitcoin. Have you forgotten how we helped you?"Ukrainian oligarchs demand: "80% of our business is already fucked up, are you crazy? Sign a peace treaty"But Russian nationalist Zelensky is adamant, in his posture and countenance are the boundless fields of Malorussia, and in his voice there is the Malorussian calmness, he answers:"Only. Liquidation. Of. Ukrainian. Statehood."

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>>427490845we will cease fire when every russian soldier is dead

>>427493388>i just want Russians to go back to their country so the slaughter of innocent white people can stopNo one who chooses to die for a twerking jew is white. Putin is actively making the former ukraine whiter with every ZOGbot he sends to hell

>>427491033>attack Ukraine>don't take Kiev in 3 days>w-w-we were just kidding bro, please ceasefire.Lmfao

>>427491425How is your heart when blacked-out vans are nearby?

>>427491614poles are the leafs of europe

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>>427490845That would get in the way of ethnically cleansing Ukraine.

>>427490845Both sides are convinced they're winning.

>>427490845because the demand of premium huWhite cunny is not slaked. nothing have increased supply of fresh european girl-flesh like this judeomasonic theatrical presentation

>>427490845Where is the money in that?

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>>427493399Zelensky is not a dictator, it's like saying that Americans in WW2 died for Roosevelt, presidents don't own countries just because Putin owns RussiaNo NATO soldier also died in this war, only Russians and Ukrainians are dying >>427493583Ukrainians are white, Russians are mostly white + Asians

>>427490845>Why has no one called for a ceasefire?Neither side wants one. NATO's plan for Ukraine is to turn it into a moneypot for western investment firms and banks. Russia's plan for Ukraine is to extract fuel resources.

>>427493871>Zelensky is not a dictatorreuters.com/world/europe/ukraines-zelenskiy-strips-citizenship-several-former-politicians-2023-02-04/https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/ukraine-orders-probe-into-russian-linked-church-says-zelenskiy-2022-12-01/Yes he is.

>Russia invades a country>it's somehow everybody else's fault, the EU, the USA, the invaded country itself, but not Russia, Russia is the victim in all of this, they want peace

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>>427490845ukraine keeps rejecting all ceasfire agreements, even those that say russia will completely love the country so ukraine would go back to pre-invasion borders

>>427494130>ignoring almost a decade of events which led to the invasion>they just randomly invaded bro lmao

>>427494196They invaded in 2014, genius.

>>427494130It is literally everyone's fault. NATO, Ukraine, Russia, all parties involved.

>>427490845Cause everyone on earth wants all slaves to be composted. The world hates Slavs.

>>427490845>Ukraine gets richer every day>Russia is grinding their unwanted and excess men up so they don't become a threatIt's a win win. Why fuck it up?

>>427494235The treaty Russia signed with Ukraine died in 2014 thanks to the pro-western coup. This was inevitable.

>>427494072He's a president, purely representational function. Unlike Russians who have been living under Mongol boots for 400 years, Ukrainians used to live in Poland and Austria so they understand that there are different forms of governing than licking one's dictator's ass

>>427493871The president is an irrelevant figurehead in both the former ukraine and the USAUkies are dying so the twerking jew can keep being their figurehead>No NATO soldier also died in this war, only Russians and Ukrainians are dyingThe twerking jew regime cannot exist without NATO propping it up. If you cannot exist without NATO then you are a de facto part of NATO. Since the former ukraine would have surrendered over a year ago without NATO they are therefore a NATO proxy and count as NATO losses. Also plenty of NATO jihadists have died for globohomo in the former ukraine, including poolish jihadists>Ukrainians are whiteNo one who chooses to die for a twerking jew is white. No one who chooses to die for NATO is white. It would be like dying for Biden if China invaded. Utter nigger brain thinking

Turn Ukraine into green glass. I collect green gems and the hope of owning a shard of nuclear green glass makes me furiously beat my cock.

>>427493871>Zelensky is not a dictator>Banned the free press>Banned opposition parties>Bans the Catholic Church>Evacuates Jewish population prior to male lockdown and conscriptionYou're right, he's an Ethnosupremist Dictator.

>>427494130>>Russia invades a countryThe former ukraine has not been a sovereign nation since the 2014 NATO coup so there is no country there for Russia to invade

>>427494235Just keep spinning the zog narrative till it becomes real in your mind.Hohols dindu nuffin dey be good boys trying to join the EU.

>>427490845More money in killing people than making peace. Why doesn't Jewlinsky make any effort in negotiating a settlement, he's got plenty of time to go around and demand money.

>>427490942The sooner Globohomo complies, the sooner we can all go back to normality.

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>>427494278Yeah, I somehow think the invading country is more to blame that the country that is getting invaded.

>>427494572>Russia didn't invade Ukraine in 2014

>>427494597>Why doesn't Jewlinsky make any effort in negotiating a settlementHe's a proxy president, for the proxy war.Ukraine is under Globohomo coup. Not unlike USA.

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>>427494450No NATO soldier died in Ukraine, I fully understand that you foster incredible hatred for white people but if you try to fight us then we won't go without fighting so your fantasies about Niggers and Chinks ruling the world unfortunately won't come to fruition >>427494549No one of those is true and even if it were it's still not even a 1% of what is banned in Russia

>>427490845The ukraine would rather die entirely because US ordered them to and Russia didn't really care that much because its not losing any significant amount of troops. That fact what mathematically this cuck "gentleman" from our side war will end exactly in one way seems to elude the cockholes. Two years of fame for an eternity of oblivion of already fake to begin with dead nation.

>>427494606>I somehow think the invading country is more to blame that the country that is getting invaded.Ask yourself why so many people from Donbas are willing to suit up in camo and get shot to death fighting their former countrymen.

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>>427490845Perpetual warfare is the plan, it moved from Mideast to the Eastern Front.

>>427494933>so many people from Donbas are willingIt's called mobilization. Nobody asks them.

>>427494806>No NATO soldierUkies and the NATO "volunteers" in the former ukraine cannot fight without NATO support so they are de facto NATO troops since NATO is literally the only thing keeping them in the fight. And since they choose to die for NATO they are not only not white, they are actively anti white and Putin is helping the white race by exterminating hundreds of thousands of anti white ZOGbots.

>>427491425>>427490942The burden is on Russia to stop and go home

>>427495190>just let your people die

>>427495117>2023>putin is the savior of the white raceJesus Christ.

>>427495064>It's called mobilization. Nobody asks them.Yet they didn't flee west between 2014 and 2022. They didn't surrender to Ukrainian forces. Why?

>>427495251>just surrender your country to the invaders to avoid casualties

>>427495315>Yet they didn't flee west between 2014 and 2022.How do you know how many people stayed in the occupied regions?

>>427493605twas merely a jest brother

>>427495117No NATO soldier died in Ukraine, it won't change no matter how much you wish it's true And no matter how much you try to bend reality, Russia (75% white country full of mutts) Is slaughtering the civilian population of Ukraine (98% white) At least stop trying to pretend to be white, i would respect you as my enemy if you weren't so Jewishly treacherous and double-faced

>>427495324Have you missed the part where hohols routinely shell THEIR OWN FUCKING CIVILIANS up to today?

>>427490845Because money good for both sides

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>>427490845Because a ceasefire is to russias advantage

>>427495277He's not a savior but he is doing whites a favor. >>427495433There is more to being white then your skin color, otherwise Ashkenazi jews would be "white". Being white is a high standard that is an active choice. NATO slaves like ukies and poos fail to meet that standard. They actively aid the destruction of the white race by dying for NATO and have therefore willingly renounced their birthright. More dead ZOGbots makes the former ukraine and pooland whiter

>>427495433You don't get it, bro. Putin sending Muslims and Mongols to kill white Christians is BASED and REDPILLED!

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>>427490845because this is WEST SIDE WORLD WIDE Nigga

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>>427490845>Why has no one called for a ceasefire?God doesnt do deals with SatanOP is a faggot

>>427495395Do a quick google search about it. Just pulling from wikipedia: 1.6 million people fled west, 1 million fled to Russia. There's a Washington Post article I'm perusing right now about opinions regarding the subject among its residents. I haven't finished reading it but you might want to have a look.washingtonpost.com/politics/2022/04/15/russia-ukraine-donbas-donetsk-luhansk-public-opinion/Over the last eight or so years anti-Russian sentiment has fomented and that applies to both the language and the ethnic Russians. There's Donbas natives that are willing to fight and die to break away. That alone should demonstrate this conflict is more complicated than it appears at first glance.I have to admit that I've been a bit polarized against Pro-Ukie sentiment by the general attitude of RUSSIA BAD NO MATTER WHAT, but I still try to keep a fairly neutral outlook. Russia's got a list of reasons they invaded, many of which are bullshit, but some are valid.

>>427496000No white Christian would choose to abandon their family to die for a twerking jew. I do pity the ukies who were forced to "volunteer" to die for the twerking jew at gunpoint

>>427495868>There is more to being white then your skin colorThank you that's all i wanted to know Also your english isn't bad but you still make some mistakes, keep up the studies to shill more effectively >>427496000Well he's most likely one of those chinkbots so that's a thing to be proud for him

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>>427490845It's impossible, the Sevastopol port is of extreme importance to the ruskies and Putin's entire legacy is the takeover of Crimea, he will never give it up voluntarily.At the same time, Ukries will always have the threat of invasion looming over them as long as Crimea isn't back in their ownership along with the rest of the occupied territory.

>>427490845Ceasefire so what? Russia starts the war again?What is there to agree upon? Russian ultimately is that every country that borders it and doesn't have nukes must be subject to it.

>>427496200Feel free to cite a grammatical error, poo. And I see you are giving up on refuting the argument that choosing to be anti white means you are not white no matter what you were born as. Instead you are choosing to deflect by focusing on grammar.

>>427490845stop making threads with rhetorical questions. The answer is ALWAYS the same : JEWS

>>427496000>You don't get it, bro. Putin sending Muslims and Mongols to kill white Christians is BASED and REDPILLED!there is nothing red pilled about killing Christians who are dying for Jews.Its EASY to brainwash humans into doing anything including taking a Suicide VAXXand these poor 'christians' have a gun to their head from zwelenski to die for himyou're a massive faggot

>>427490845Because Raytheon, Northrop Grumman and Siemens need their profits to spike ridiculously high that's why you corn syrup ingesting tiny hat burger cockroach.

>>427490845When one side feels that it is more beneficial to them to negotiate than to continue pursuing the war.

>>427490845Repeatedly for years. West doesn't allow it. Boris Johnson even flew in to stop negotiations at one point in 2017 i think

>>427496195This is something that westerners literally have never dealt with. How the fuck are you supposed to exist in a fallout of an empire where often enclaves and residents took place.I'll give you an example, in caucasus chechens will for ever despise ossetians because Stalin resettled chechens into Siberia, and when they settled back ossetians refused to return some of the lands.Now there will be a permanent conflict there, and the big difference is that unlike west the further east you go people are not relativist, you can't calm them with> I keep X but I will pay out Y or gift you YThey will say no, I will for ever want X because it is part of whatever ancient history and culture we belong toIn Ukraine it gets even worse because it has to do with very shaky ethnogenesis of eastern slavs combined with radical shifts in forms of governance every other century over large territories

>>427496000>Putin sending Muslims and Mongols to kill white Christians is BASED and REDPILLED!Right before Russia invaded there were videos and screenshots of some shit that was going on between the Azov-affiliated militias fighting with the Ruskie-affiliated mercs, many of whom were Chechens. Chechens were doing ISIS-style beheadings of Azov fighters and Azov started crucifying Chechen mercs.The conflict in Donbas preceding the invasion was pretty fucked up and was mostly fought between ultra-nationalist Ukie militias and Russian mercs. It steadily escalated into psycho shit and that served as a way to push the war.

>>427490845Russia might even agree, but it would be weak for the Ukrainians to do that. Its like me coming in your house, fucking your shit up, bullying your mom out of the house and you just coming up to me and say ''hey lets not do this okay?''

>>427494130yes its retarded but remember, in here we are against current thing

>>427497151Chechens whenever they are in war, no matter who it is against, use fear tacticsDuring Caucasus civil wars at one point they demonstrably decapitated two dozen or so civilians on a stadium in a town called Gagra, Putin later even commented on that savagery in 2000s The thing is that chechens now are on side of Russia so Russia will use them exactly as controlled ISIS

>>427497099>This is something that westerners literally have never dealt withDefinitely. It's so far outside our cultural understanding most of us can't even conceive of it. We have a veneration of our ancestors, any real ethnocultural identity, or long-term knowledge of history.

>>427497511>We have*We don't have

>>427497511I don't think this approach is even necessarily positive, but look at Balkans, Slavic lands, caucasus etc.People there are to this day proactively seething about events 300 years ago and if they had the means and power would go to war

>>427491614If Ukranians give into Russian demands the war would be over tomorrow.

>>427497453>During Caucasus civil warsAll Ziggers will hang

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Ceasefire is beyond fucking stupid because you're literally just proving to Putin he can literally invade any of his neighbors, take as much land as he can hold, then sue for peace and be able to keep it. You try to peace out and Russia invades again inside 10 years, guaranteed. Why wouldn't they? They know they'll be able to keep whatever they take. That's what your pussy appeasement strategy leads to.Ukraine knows it, all of Europe knows it, the United States knows it. It hasn't even been 10 years since Russia invaded Crimea and were allowed to keep it. You let them keep Donbas as the other lands they occupy and they'll invade again before 2030 to grab even more. It is not even a slippery slope insinuation, it's literally what has already happened and is currently happening in Ukraine.You have to be an utter retard or a Russia cocksucker to even propose surrender or appeasement to these thugs.

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