What in the actual fuck? Jesus is cut out with scissors

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in islam it is forbidden to portray an image of any prophet of god, including Abraham, Noah, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad

>>427490073>Revika himself claims on his Facebook page that “this is a work about the loss of Ukrainian children in the aggressive war unleashed by Russia against Ukraine. Glory to Ukraine!"...wut

>>427490420But Zelensky is a jew.

not my problem christkike

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>>427490073so why would he do this?give us a link retard

>>427490073Pretty based >>427490420Muhammad kisses devil's dick each day after tonguing his asshole.

>>427490521It's forbidden in every abrahamic faith but apart from autistic iconoclasts (and a few other non worthy of mentioning autism support groups) in Byzantium nobody cares

>>427490528>>427490073Daily reminder that this is american war propaganda and americans choose the antichristian side.

>>427490521>missing the joke

>>427490073>Jesus is in Hell goyim. Satan is my god.

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>>427490073>no linkI'll just assume this is fake and even Zelensky isn't this brain dead.

Religion is a mental illness.

>>427490073The jews worship a matriarchy and hate Christ.Mystery Babylon….don’t worship anything feminine.

>>427490936christianity is a nigger religion, your flag proves that

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>>427490073He is a jew, for people like him, the pope or any other influential person it's just a game. They have to save their face to the public but will tell their opinion through symbolism.

>>427490936the jewish genital mutation cult is evil, but jew worshipers may actually be worse

>>427491226>>427491249See? "americans" are satanists.

>>427490073Pope's a cuck for not throwing that little smarmy Jew down the stairs. Instead he smiles, pretends to enjoy his gifts.

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>>427490073it's symbolismthe entire point is that Jesus was taken from Mary's hands by the roman pagans who crucified him

>>427491431satan is a fictional character from your jew book

>>427490073Russians love their mother than the Father>rusky othro

>>427490521he married a shiksa and his two children are baptized

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>>42749143199.9% of every Normie I know don't even know what Holla Forums is or have ever heard of 4chan (gen-z)So its more like "American pol members are Satanists"


>>427491624>that noseno

>>427490073>>427491453>>427491521Antichrist, the same "person" believing themselves to be unique. How sad.

>>427490528lmao you gotta be joking

>>427490887But the Word became flesh, to compare it with idolatry is low iq.

>>427491439Jeez Francis should watch the gluttony

>>427491521>greek>jew>>427491704Nice try, every time a dude see this post he will notice the truth, just one dude is enough for me.

>>427490073Zelensky is a kabbalistic jew, like most high ranking jews. They all worship the "Shekinah", which is a blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, the only sin the Bible clearly says it cannot be forgiven. That picture there is a depiction of the Shekinah, not of Mary.

>>427490995jews hate Christ proven time and time again

>>427491945not gonna worship your mutilated rabbi

>>427492075>the truth, just one dude is enough for me.Ah, I see, it's not memes and you're for real.My response is: Matthew 7And you should go to an orthodox church.

>>427490073>BTW send me missiles>I'm the Pope, I don't have any missiles>How about some money then

>>427491959I never joke about christkikery

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>>427490073A good spiritual symbol that jews will cut themselves out of life. I can't wait until they start killing themselves, though they kind of are already.

From a president of a country too no less. Maybe a couple of more decades and the jewish problem will have solved itself considering they literally can't remember ever being proven wrong the day before.

They say that when hohol was born, the jew wept, and that where hohol has been through, jew will have nothing left for him. However, imagine if you combine jew and hohol. This is the ultimate creatura that you will get.Opinion on Christianity is irrelevant here, mine is likely lower than yours, however over the war Pope objectively provided quite a lot of diplomatic assistance, including shit like negotiations for release of Ukrainian POWs, despite it being none of his fucking business. And what does Pope get for that? Insults attacking not even his person or something, but his religion, as if he didn't do any of those things but called for a crusade against Ukraine. This is an absolute eclipse of entitlement and chutzpah. Jew can't do that. Even normal hohol probably can't. To achieve something like this, you need the fabled judeohohol.

>>427490073Ukraine and Russia are on the same side because they both work for the English Crown and their purpose is to ensnare the EU and the USA into more wars while subverting them through back channeled alliances and economic systems with the BRICS nations; which are also the nations they enslaved over time. Go figure. Fuck you, Charles.Time for the USA to pull out of Ukraine and get to the Texas border.

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>>427492945>He knowsPlease move away from cities and military sites, just in case

>>427490073He should’ve sent the newest Yeezy line for jesusiskangistans

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>>427492427Jesus isn't a Jew retard

>>427493250you are a retard>>427492423

>>427493250Peter, Paul, Mary, Joseph, John, etc were jewish BUT Jesus was notmkay atheists???

>>427490936I agree with this user. satan is winning while larpagans and chicken-swingers are cheering

>>427493889so blame yahweh for that, dummy

>>427491090denying the human need for metaphysical faith is a mental illness on the individual level and psychopathic when you try to apply it to others

>>427494073>yahweha red flag that indicates you'll refuse to argue in good faith

>>427494475I don't argue with jew worshipers. they're incapable of telling the truth

>>427493250twitter.com/patriottakes/status/1556694153114836992John 4:22The entire OT.youtube.com/watch?v=TlTOxCWs_ggIt's so jewish that christ cucks divide themselves from their families to do charity work out in israel because they believe in jesus so much.There are other videos out there of others with higher credential than you even admitting to the fact that jesus was a jew and it's easily googleable information. It's why Trump pardoned a Chabad while sending a FARMER, that farmed in Germany during ww2, out f the country to be persecuted in courts.

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>>427491453>>427491624>>427493659Look at this meme flag worm vessel kike. Point and laugh at it.

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>>427490073Zelenksy is a jewish faggot, Putin is also a jewish faggot.

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>>427490073In Poland and the Ukraine there's a tradition of depicting Jesus and/or the virgin Mary as niggers. Nigger cuckoldry is as old a christkikeism itself lol.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Madonna

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>>427495540only in the clown world can a politician keep on trucking with this kind of shit in their past

>>427492362>Vatican promises to deliver 30 Swiss halberds to Ukraine

>>427490420The leader of Ukraine is a satanic homosexual kike, so there’s that too… probably should of considered that first given the circumstances, but hey.

>>427490420The artist is Oleksii Revika. His Instagram and Facebook have some weird art.

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>>427490073You guys are so conspiratorial.The deal was that Papa Francesco had to pay to "unlock" Jesus.

>>427491453A painting of Mary and Jesus is not the appropriate medium for your stupid fucking metaphor, you fucking Jew rat.

>>427496946More art from Oleksii Revika.

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>>427495540a self-admitted one too

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>>427497371Andy Warhold was Ukrianian and was a pornographer. Not shocking pornography is considered art by Hohols.

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>>427497600Oleksii Revika's art has been used at protests against the Ukrianian Orthodox Church and have been used to vandalize UOC parishes.

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>>427496946>>427497371people talk shit about AI art, and yeah, it deserves some of the hate it gets. but when this is the competition? I eagerly await my machine overlords

>>427490073jews hate jeebus and the crossthey replace the + sign in math with ﬩if they can't read, they'll also sign with a circle (which they call a kikel, hence why they're called kikes) instead of a crosseven when they're working for the red cross (which they do a lot, since the red cross is in charge of covering the tracks of doctors without borders' organ trafficking), they won't wear a cross (pic related)

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