What is Ron Desantis endgame?

What is Ron Desantis endgame?

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>>427489293>Ron Desantis' endgameWhat do you mean? Disney is the one that cancelled it.

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>>427489293Florida is being flooded with people right now.

>>427489293you mean a republican actually prioritized a culture issue over an economic issue for once? good. now deport all the illegals. except cubans bc they hate commie scum

>>427489293Yea, it's DeSantis's fault that Disney decided to not spend a billion dollars building an office right now.Not the years of out of control inflation, and unprecedented devaluation of the usd. Not the massive expenditures building new rides and shit that haven't nearly made that money back yet.It's because DeSantis was mean to them in retaliation for them trying to destroy him for protecting children.

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>>427489293oh no, doing anything besides short term profit, how could he. doesnt he know how much money nafta is going to bring in?

>>427489293Disney is a nigger loving, kid-touching company that deserves to fail miserable. Besides, those 2000 jobs would probably only be for non-binary and tranny faggots.

>>427489648Pls stop :(Im in the inner swamps, we saw our first black family just last month. I thought we were safe in the swamps

>>427489293Disney is facing down complete destruction over the Reedy Creek bond issuing fraud stuff.

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>>427489293Oh no, now all the pedophiles from CA will need to get disemboweled in a different state :(

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>>427489293>have to make 5.6 billion in cuts because Disney+ is hemmoraging>cut a project and blame it on DeSantis for political points>now California workers are not being sent to Florida in the new office complex>Disney still has to pay taxesFeels like a win, dunno what it's trying to imply

its a bit convenient to "plan" a project that will bring thousands of jobs during disneys spat with desantis, then cancel said plan before you've even invested anything

>>427489293To suck Jewish cock.

>>427489293His endgame is to cuck Trump.

>>427489293DeSantis got terrible fucking advice that told him being a pretty well liked by both sides governor wasn't good enough and that he needed to go all in on culture war shit and alienate everyone around him.>>427489724>you mean a republican actually prioritized a culture issue over an economic issue for once?They prioritize culture war issues all the time. It doesn't win them elections anymore and they're getting more and more BTFO the deeper they go into it.

Consider the following: 1. market condition2. interest rate

>>427489293Bet the average salary is mostly a few jews at the top

>>427489293>Zion Ron’s endgameTo bolster the state of Israel at the expense of everyone else

2 more weekshonk honkop is a faggotTrump 2024get fucked

>>427489293>average salary 120k>5 guys make millions>the rest make 40k

>>427489293Not one mention about how their fucking stock is sinking like a rock and they are going broke. Hell they can’t even get a buyer for the woke ESPN. Glow harder Jew.

Oh no! AnywayWe don't want more fucking Cali troon faggots in Florida. We're fucking full!

Disney broke nothing to do with santos

>>427489293We literally don't need Disney here. And those 2000 jobs were office dwellers who more than likely would have came down here from jew York or California. Disney is an over priced over hyped tourist trap that is trying to brain wash kids into being trannys, remember ALL of this started because Disney had a problem with teachers not being able to talk to other people's kids ages 4-9 about sexual topics.

I think Holla Forums is going to be genuinely surprised when the Supreme Court sides with Disney in their lawsuit. Most faggots hate it, but private companies do have a right to freedom of speech without government reproach, and DeSantis has made it clear the reason he's targeting them is over the don't say gay bill, or whatever it's actually called I don't even remember the real name of the law anymore. The Supreme Court will always side with big business, and Disney will use shit like this to push for damages.

>>427489293L for Ligma Balls Disneyhuge winfuck the mouse

>>427489293Deport browns.6 million new jobs.

>>427489293Anyone who believes that Disney did that because of Desantis politics if a pure Retard.And that story of the 120k salary as average is Morons not understanding statistics. In relaity if would have been five to ten totally overpaid manager and the rest would be the white collar worker with around 60k or far less.

>>4274901281 Jew making 100 million and 1,999 peons making 10k is an average salary of 120k.

>>427489293> average of $120,000 bullshit. the average wage in Orlando for tech before the layoffs and AI threat was $85,000. What roles were going to pay $120,000?


cnbc.com/2023/05/11/disney-shares-q2-streaming-subscriber-losses.html>record losses in streaming>cancel shitty vanity project>wow clearly DeSantis did this

>>427490340Sorry cletus, florida is the containment state for room temperature IQs. Expect more

>>427490362Absolutely they have a right to free speech, you know what they DON'T have a right to?? Tax breaks from our state, and the right to govern themselves on on state property which is what they had been getting. Don't Bite the hand that feeds you mother fucker, people come to Disney because it's IN Florida, go ahead and build that shit in new York and see how well it pans out come January lmao

>>427490591There's a reason they went with average and not median lol. Just the usual bullshit obscuring statistics

>>427489848If you don't live in a wealthy, gated community they will arrive eventually.

>>427489293It's weird Diseny turned on DeSantis considering how much they love faggots

This is how you know whether you're talking to a true Floridian or not.Floridians HATE Disney. Nothing would make us happier than for Disney World to GTFO to Georgia, and take all the beaners and fags(Osceola County) with them.Gatorland > Fun Spot >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Disney World

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>>427490666>Tax breaks from our state, and the right to govern themselves on on state property which is what they had been gettingExcept the Reedy Creek shit WAS a legal contract, so yes they had those rights specifically granted to them, hence why it stood for decades. The only reason things changed is because Disney took a political stance opposing DeSantis, which is why they're suing. They had a contract in place, and did everything within the confines of that contract, and DeSantis ignored it. It's going to be a fairly simple contract lawsuit. I get it, you oppose it on a moral basis because corporations shouldn't be given that kind of power, and I agree. But they were given that power, in writing, and there isn't a clause that nullifies the agreement if Disney takes on an unpopular political opinion.

>>4274905911 CEO for 99999999 millions1999 slaves for 15 an hour

>>427489293>muh service jobsNothing of value was lost.

>>427489293making florida a further perfect haven for jewish people

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>>427489293oh no because of your governor trying to us to bypass laws and push politics we will stop our 100 billions investment in every city!.Maybe vote for another governor next time!

>>427490591its fake, disney may have had plans, but given the recent stupidity of the economy this is just to crush news of layoffs.plus most of disney's IT work force is HCL, i doubt any of the CA jobs paid more than 60K with all the fucking mexicans HCL hires in CA.

>>427489848You know what you gotta do>the swamp calls fren

>>427489293>Let globohomo fuck you in the ass and don't you dare stand up for yourself everWell that's one approach.

>>4274892932000 jobs for about a year until construction was finished

>>427490109>DeSantis got terrible fucking advice that told him being a pretty well liked by both sides governor wasn't good enough and that he needed to go all in on culture war shit and alienate everyone around him.He does. Death to you groomer fucks.

>>427489293lol? 2000 jobs in the third most populous state in the union? 120k? like that's good? this only pisses off the double digit iq weekly paycheck workers who think owning a corvette and making 120k makes a person rich. this is practically inconsequential.

>>427489848swamp niggers usually aren't that bad, country niggers in general are nothing like city niggers because in small numbers, they act more human than in cities where they can spend a year on the same street with the same 100 niggers and never leave that bubble

>>427490652Fuck offWe're full

>>427489948that's the first thing i thought of, it's not gonna be new people, it will be current disney people in cushier jobs. that's why they mad


>>427489848>>427491513>FEED ME NIGGERS

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Also the 120k a year figure is fucking made up. Especially in Orlando where the wages are dog shit.

>>427489293an office complex built by cheap hispanic illegals to hold cheap h1b indiansoh no that sucks

>>427491052Florida state law can cancel developer agreements, everything DeSantis did was by the book. They don't NEED a reason but Disney sure as fuck gave them one. Why do you think they're hail Mary is "he's retaliating against us!!!"?? Yeha no shit he is lol and it ain't gonna stop, he's the fuckin governor with damn near the full support of our entire state, push comes to shove we'll build a fuckin moat around Disney and everything they own lol

>>427489293>lay off 12,000 workers because hemorrhaging money>cancel $1 Billion office complex for 2000 workers>uh, yeah, the republicans did this...Faggots.

>>427489293BasedFuck disney, they make shitty kids cartoon now

>>427489293Fuck Disney!

>>427491939>Florida state law can cancel developer agreementsBut not because of political opinion, which DeSantis specifically said was the reason he was cancelling the contract, after trying to take over the board forcibly and then ignoring previous decisions made in a legal setting. I'm pretty sure the whole thing is a setup considering that Disney went through the trouble of documenting everything they did. But eh, I can see you don't think so and we basically agree otherwise so this is a dumb argument. We'll see who's right in a year or two, and I hope it's you but the whole thing just smells like a setup. Disney will continue winding down operations while blaming it all on government retaliation hurting their business, with an army of lawyers in their pockets documenting the entire thing. Personally I think DeSantis should have just canceled Reedy Creek without trying to make a whole show about it. Instead I think he just gave them a good way to win a contract lawsuit. I wouldn't even call it a hail mary, it's clear this is exactly what they planned for with the way they went about that last board vote before the DeSantis picked board stepped in. Maybe I'm jaded though

>>427489724>you mean a republican actually prioritized a culture issue over an economic issue for once?He prioritized his Israeli constituents.They are tired of their vacation colony state getting flooded with goyim.

>>427489293Commercial space, both retail and office, is getting fucked hard right now. You’d have to be insane to be building more when so many property managers are so desperately trying to cash out before they lose everything.

>>427489293Commercial real estate is dropping like a rock. How does this have anything to do with desantis?

>>427489293>NOOOOOOOO THE JOBSSo what? Most of that money would just get sucked out of Florida and put into a bank account in Panama.


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>>427492392holy shit it's like you don't realize things 100% HAVE TO GET WORSE AND THEY WILL and that's the ONLY way to the other side. the other side is great, i'll be too old for it but someone will be around to enjoy it, and the ONLY way there requires hell on earth firstyou still hold out hope you won't have to fight for your life. that's literally not going to be an option. you fight or your flesh feeds a hungry person, you decide

he's literally AOC vs Amazon now!

>>427489293Having many friends who worked or work for Disney, I can tell you that there was no chance that 99% of the proposed jobs in this thing would make close to $120K. Probably not even $50K. Disney is notorious for not paying its workers shit and believing the allure of working for them is enough.They undercut on wages because they can and there’s a reason most of their theme park and cruise ship staff are foreign. They tout it as “muh diversity” but the truth is pajeets and spics will work for nothing to say they work for Disney. It’s literally a cult where you’re supposed to feel good about making $30K to slave away in the hot Florida sun while your Jewish masters sit in an air conditioned office counting their shekels.

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>>427489293enslave the goyim to fuel the judeomasonic grindery

>>427493184Kek they even bring in Europeans to be bartenders. I guess the spics and pajeets arent really fit for directly interacting with people.

>>427492949I guess moralizing is easier than arguing over the subject of the OP for faggots like you. You're not fighting for your life, you're arguing online while you sit on your ass indoors. I wasn't the one who made it so that corporations have first amendment protections, that was the neoliberals, both Democrats and Republicans, who did that. I wasn't the one who gave Disney Reedy Creek, the Florida government did that. Fucks sake man, this isn't a discussion about the survival of our decedents, it's a conversation about the lawsuit and Disney using shit like in the OP to add to damages. At this point you aren't even really talking to me, you're just talking past me like some faggot in an action movie to somebody that doesn't exist lol. "you still hold out hope you won't have to fight for your life" lmao grow up, you haven't fought once in your life in any way that upsets the status quo and you know it. It's easy to pretend to be some freedom fighter anonymously online, but I don't buy it. Feel free to reply again, but if you do it'll just be to satisfy your own emotional soap opera

>>427493184It's gets betterThey have company towns- I mean apartments- for college students and the pay is shit.

>Yeah, we should be reliant on a single corpLmao.

>>427489293De soros

>>427489293>disney pulls out>disney cancels 1 billlion contract deal>DISNEY screwed over 2,000 jobs at 120k cap>"RON DESANTIS DID THIS!!"

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>>427489293(((Disney)))! Jews are seething!

>>427489293Yeah they're cancelling the new building because of desantis. Nothing to do with how the company is doing as a whole

Isn't all of disneys shit flopping like crazy?

>>427490109the only bad advice he gets is from Israelis

>>427489293Desantis will never be president not after betraying Trump

zog desantis

>>427490359>We literally don't need Disney here.You're retarded. The Orlando metro would die without Disney or the parks.

>>427489293The employees never wanted to move. This has been stonewalled for three years. Why are any of you believing Disney and the media and a fucking Twitter fucking screencap?