An Anarcho-Capitalist is going to be elected President

The world is about to change

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>>427489209how do people who look like this get anywhere in life

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>>427489386Rich parents

>>427489209I believe in him

>>427489209So this nigga just don't have any ears right?

>>427489570Yes, he evolved in order to hear the market more accurately

based autistfirst autist president

>>427489209This guy is obsessed with Israel. Literally said that Israel is going to be the first country he visits as president and even said that he will convert to Judaism

>>427490292He is an autistic obsessed semite-phileHe tries so hard, yet every single kike hates him because of his stance against central banking

>>427490292all the right-wing politicians do that. Bolsonaro was the same.same with our FPÖIt is a shield to avoid being called a nazi by demented leftists

>>427489209>>427489386Why doesn't he condition his hair? It looks so dry and filled with split ends

>>427489386Doesn't your president have a blackface fetish?

>>427490412>It is a shield to avoid being called a nazi by demented leftistsWhen your shield becomes the sword that kills you

>>427489209>>427489386i can't take him serious with that lord of the rings haircut

>>427489209>The world is about to changeNothing ever changes unless is to buttfuck you along the way

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>>427489209What glorious hair. I would follow him into battle

>>427490527Why?There is no negative consequence for him to say that he loves does not have any implications in a country 10000 miles away

>>427490292>This guy is obsessed with Israel.A corpse should be left well alone. Oh I know very well, how the secrets beckon so sweetly. Only an honest death will cure you now. Liberate you, from your wild curiosity.

>>427489386Working for a rich armenian oligarch and sucking up to the jews.

>>427490571His hair looks bad

>>427490749>There is no negative consequence for him to say that he loves Israel.They don't just say they love Israel, they become beholden to them.

>>427490412His hair looks badMisogynisticNaziAnti abortion CrazyJew

>>427490412>It is a shield to avoid being called a nazi by demented leftistsMust be a shite shield then because it doesn't work.

>>427490809You should write a book. Fantasy, preferably.

>>427490906what part of his platform says that?>>427490916100 % current inflation. if he is crazy what were the peronists before him?also he is of hungarian stock. Hungarians are based

>>427490571Trump, Boris Johnson, this guy... maybe wacky hair is the way to go

He even sues people that call him a Nazi, under the pretext of "Holocaust banalization"He tries so hard to be assimilated

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>>427490412>It is a shield to avoid being called a nazi by demented leftistsNo it is not. They are shabbos goyim puppet leaders.Israel backs these ‘based’ leaders and politicians and in turn gets full access to their countries and constituencies. Florida is basically an Israeli colony these days.

>>427490944it works with normies.our FPÖ is leading the polls right now.

>>427489209he is anti abortion,pro gun and not a commie so thats enough for me,afterall democracy is just about voting the lesser evil

>>427489679>Yes, he evolved in order to hear the market more accuratelyIs he related in anyway way with Trump, or they just buy wigs from the same producer?What are the REAL chance that this "Libertarian" gets elected, 5%?He wants to dollarize Argentina like Equator, what's the fuck is wrong with you sucia Sudacas?A Fascist is a Libertarian mugged by reality.Good luck getting the Fucking Islands back (AKA Falkland Islands, Malvinas) from the Pakis:>>427489209>The world is about to change

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>>427491744>He wants to dollarize Argentina like Equator, what's the fuck is wrong with you sucia Sudacas?What was Italy before the Euro? kill yourself you nasty socialist

>>427491654Why would any Israeli want to live in a 100 % yearly inflation country?Some of you guys miss the forest for the trees.>>427491719exactly. Some people here don't get how bad it is

>>427491744Panama has dolarized since 1903 and is quite comfyThe only real problem is that the syndicates of the left are going to riot for months because the government will finally shrink

>>427489209>Photoshopped picture in dating apps>>427489386>You IRLHe looks like a chud

>>427492280that is an old picture, he used to be girl on his right is his vice president candidate

>>427489209>The descendants of Nazi higher ups who went into hiding in Argentina refusing the call to go into politics leaving the stage to guys like this

>>427489209Sounds gay. Wake me up when the nukes fry everyones dna. Ancap reign comes after nuke holocoaster. Everyone knows this.

>>427492049>Why would any Israeli want to live in a 100 % yearly inflation country?user, it is almost a century since you guys REALLY got into inflation.(((Elites))) uses the stonks market and fiscal/tax havens to avoid the inflation. Then every pay day get the employee getting mad to run spend all their money before it devalue until evening, while the employers do business as

>>427493204Living OFF a shithole doesnt imply living in it

>>427493339You know very well that there are profiteers living a good life in your country. From both kosher political orientations.

>>427489386Branding. Its better to be remembered than not. Boris did that thing. Especially in politics. Most people vote for someone cause he seems like a cool guy to have a beer with.

>>427493534They are low end kikesbottom of the jewish food chain

>>427490412Reddit...But youre not wrong. Id do the same until I had enough power.Id get a Jew to run with me if I needed it to win. Then fuck him off when I need to.

>>427493555Definitely true, good hair can get you very far in politics

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>>427492643>The descendants of Nazi higher upsThose guys live in their own world, and this is one of the reasons they lasted do long in here down south.

>>427493713Milei is even allying with people that are widely known peronist kikes, he will need to purge his own party once he takes power

>>427493584>They are low end kikes>bottom of the jewish food chainAgree. But they DO exist.

>>427489209Motherfucker looks like some Regency era dandy.

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>>427493555Czech'd>>427493713>>427493941The problem is that all tge politicians that aligned to the Jews were slower than the tribe and get thrown under the bus first.

>>427493829Maybe I should enter politics. Girls used to call me the hair. Ive been well known over the year for my hair. Im 32 with no balding so far. Hopefully Im safe. Its usually sun bleached from scuba/surfing so might work.

>>427489209post identity so we can make fun of you when the world doesnt change.

Ancaps and lolberts are not right wing. They are an enlightenment derived liberal movement.

>>427494246OP pic looks like someone you'd see on British TV in the 70's to me.I'd believe someone if they told me this was a screenshot of "Are you being served" or something.

>>427494864Do you even know what came first? You stupid american nigger

>>427494864You literally can't get more right-wing than ancap, it's pure darwinism

>>427495138but didn't humanity start as an cap essentially in its purest form? and what did that lead to?

>>427491921>What was Italy before the Euro?The 6th most industrialized country in the world? (G7) now we are lucky if we stay in the G20, the Euro benefited Industrialized nations and impoverished all others = Germany won, Greece lost. Italy is half and half, half Kraut (oversimplification) Industrialized and half Greek = Agricultural, as you can imagine Northern Italy has become even richer and the South has become even poorer, as a Venetian this should be good for me, but instead property prices are going through the roof because all Siculo-Neapolitans and other Africans are emigrating here, and for Italy as a whole it was very bad. Beside with the Euro we get the benefits of Seigniorage, and you would be like Kosovo that accepts the Euros but doesn't get the "benefits of printing it">kill yourself you nasty socialistLike I said:>A Fascist is a Libertarian mugged by reality.I am a recovering Libertarian myself...>>427492159>Panama has dolarized since 1903 and is quite comfyEcuador dollarized since 2000 like us with the Euro but once again, they don't get the right of Seigniorage, unlike us, and it fucked us could be good for a small country, stability is difficult for small countries, but it is like advising a drug addict to become and alcoholic instead, do you get my point?Check out the chart on the left and prove me wrong, plz.P.S. Even Peter Thiel agrees that Libertarianism can't work in a democracy ruled by women and minorities.

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>>427495480ancap != anarcho primitivismTechnological progress alters human culture (and genome, through selective pressure)

>>427495138It's pure materialism, you idiot. It's a wholly jewed ideology where people, culture, race, spirituality, absolutely nothing matters but Jewish material greed. This is why every single book you get your retarded Jewish ideology from is written by a jew.

>>427489209He looks like he listens to the British Invasion and wears a bowler hat while getting into fisticuffs with Mods and Rockers while reminiscing lovingly of when he was a wee lad in the boarding school getting paddled by the sadomasochistic headmaster

>>427495637>Even Peter Thiel agrees that Libertarianism can't work in a democracy ruled by women and minorities.but its not ruled by women and minorities, it's ruled by his bilderberg group. >>427495698>ancap != anarcho primitivism>Technological progress alters human culture (and genome, through selective pressure)but ancap is impossible due to human nature. there's always going to be bigger, stronger violent gangs who want to rule over others.

>>427495731The West would not be collapsing if it was materialistic.The problem with the West is its moralism. Literally all everyone here knew #refugeeswelcome was not going to work, and it would be wasted tax money (Germany is spending 32 billion in "integration"), but they insisted it was our "christian moral duty" to do it.A materalistic society would not embrace nonsensical moralistic policies which bring no economic benefits whatsoeverA materalistic society would be a sane society

>>427496121> ancap is impossible due to human nature.which is why Milei is minarchist. Ancaps know it's impossible to abolish the state, so the best other thing to do is to dimish its role.The smaller the better

>>427496367well, that i agree with. however, i'm still skeptical because you'll need a population that's fairly educated and armed more heavily than the state is.

>>427495731funfact, the biggest promoters of #refugeeswelcome were christian churches.They even cited the numerous parts of the Bible which require their followers to welcome foreigners and love their enemies even if they wish to hurt you (Overcoming Evil With Good (Romans 12:14-21)


>>427495731Merkel herself was the leader of the CHRISTIAN democrat party.To blame materialism on this situation is just stupid

>>427489209>The world is about to changeI love this little nigga in X-Men. He's going to be a great President.

>>427496495Argentina is being educated by reality itself, the harshest of all teachers

>>427489386you already know

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>>427496167Materialistic society is the exact reason they're accepting refugees, idiot. You think the demonic warlords that rule us give a shit about refugees? That's just the nice sheen they put on it. The reason they want refugees and immigrants is because it pads their GDP numbers, and more importantly, it's more economically efficient to import population than to spend the resources to raise it yourself. Governments and companies get cheaper people when they import people that they didn't have to spend the rearing costs of. This is exactly why so many governments are dead set on replacing their population, because it's the economically efficient thing to do. Economic efficiency is the death of humanity, the death of soul and the death of any spark of the divine. This is why every single book that lolbert demonic idiots love is written by a jew.

>>427497044>Argentina is being educated by reality itselfmaybe i should have said intelligent population, because you can't educate stupid. if argentina disappeared tomorrow we wouldn't be affected in any way.

>>427497262> You think the demonic warlords that rule us give a shit about refugees?You are a schizo.> The Church’s mission to show love and be at the side of refugees and migrants worldwide has no limits.> This was highlighted during the press conference presenting Pope Francis’ Message for the 108th World Day of Migrants and Refugees, held in the Holy See Press Office on Thursday.> The World Day will be observed on Sunday, 25 September 2022, on the theme “Building the Future with Migrants and Refugees.”> is from official Vatican media> The reason they want refugees and immigrants is because it pads their GDP numbersIt doesn't. 80 % of them are unemployed, that means no numbers for the GDP

>>427497262I mean really, what exactly do you think Saint Paul was talking about in Romans 12?Build Fortress Europa now?

>>427490590Is this... real?