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>>427488608#6 on the bottom row is like a dream

>>427488608>implying any of them are women

>>427488608nothing changed retard they just found out they can pay 800% less to non-model dykes

>>427488608They all probably smell of shit, menstrual blood, and perfume.

>those faceswhat the fuck, are those ALL men???

>>427488608I would fuck every single one of them, both bottom and top row

>>427488608Beauty standards intentionally being eroded by the kikes. You just NOOOOOOOTICING this now, ya gay retard? Victoria's Secret models, Sports Illustrated swim suit edition, F1 grid girls, movie and TV show protagonists, and so on. Everyone is now brown, fat, and ugly.


>"plus sized model">"beautiful at any size">still covers her fat wrinkled gunt in shame

>>427488912> Models and strippers generally smell of perfume tobacco and a trace of girl sweatIts a wonderful smell, the stripper model/smell is what I smell before and during when I get laid pajeet


This is why conservatives sound retarded when they say society is getting too sexual. If anything we have the opposite problem. Genuine sexiness has actually become taboo.

>>427488608>Magermilchkrüppel vs. Happy Sized LadiesYoure a fag.

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>>4274886082 & 6 are great, wdym

>>427488608Incels should be thankful. They're showing you the women in your league, not the ones unreachable. I'd even say that half of these ladies are above the average dysgenic incel league.

I want to go further backWe had sears catalog bra photos and kids nowadays have a PornHub app but I'd still go back to dial-up

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>>4274886084th from the left top row is a former FLOTUS.

>>427488608>wanting a twig who spends all day tanning herself to land a doctor instead of a workhorseI'm not into horrifically obese women, but I'll take a fat girl over a twig any day.


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>>427489733>8oh thank god

>>427489855OH WAIT NO NO NO NO

>>427488608What year is top pic from

>>427489855>>427489733Two dub rolls and you still don't know how rolling works you stupid pollack.

>>427488912Yes, pajeet u r Right So stay away from them

3,4,6 are the only ones I'd think twice about.

>>427488608I just want normal woman, that is ones that don't want to walk around naked

>>427488608none of those women are real humans, they dont have souls. they are puppets being controlled by the demiurge. he uses sex to torture humans.

>>427489049I’d do all, except for the fat ones

>>4274886081 and 3 on the bottom for me

>>427488608Thicc Asians are my weakness

she a baddie she know she a ten

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Look at all those whales ashamed and trying to cover their bellies whereas the ladies on the top are carefree

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>>427490175posts like this are totally normal male behavior. you look like you have 10 IQ but i understand. sex is for chads and rich guys, not for you.

>>427488731Despite the pixels I can see the cellulite and smell the diabetes.Imagine that whale in 10 years fused to the couch eating churros

>>427490105Prostitutes are more likely to have souls than normal women. Normal women believe what ever the system tells them. Prostitutes en masse hate the government, hate niggers and refused the vax...

>>427488731>#6 on the bottom row is like a dreamThicc breeding hips

>>427490448women aren't real people bro. the demiurge has shown me he can just control them to do whatever he wants.

>>427488731I used to have dreams like that. That's why I quit sniffing glue and drinking after-shave. Now it's just adderall and cocaine.

>>427490095I dated a girl who looked like Winona Ryder, one who looked like Tina fey, and one who looked like Veronica Mars. They all dumped me Good luck, nigger. I’m pretty much crippled now, so it’s hope less now. If u r white, then good luck Kkkkkk

>>427489529The flying nun is acting like Charles

>>427490517You misspelled jews. Even clever men can control their irrational, emotion driven minds. There's a reason real men love tomboys, or likeminded women.

>>427488608>the degeneracy of my time is better than the modern degeneracyfuck off to facebook boomer

>>427488608when september ends

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>>427490217The sunwill come out, tomorrow Sheboon ugly af, tomorrow They’ll be sunI wanted Aileen Quinn, btw. Crushed on her heavy

>>427488608also whos the second and third from the right

>>427490817no the demiurge is like a hivemind entity who is controlling all the women. he can speak for himself though, go ask your mom.

>>427488608All degenerate

>>427488608Is #3 a dude?

>>427491036No, the demiurge is a fictional entity created by a cult that pretends to be a branchoff of Abrahamic religions despite it sounds like someone did a lot of drugs then a lot of editing on their rambling.

>>427488608>No, I won't. Cheers!

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>>427488608I live in a beach town in Florida and most of the girls here look more like the top row than the bottom one.

>>427490448As long as they hate niggers, they’re good

>>427490893Pepe is a badass


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>>427490989If first row, Jasmine Tookes and Lais Ribeiro

>>427489347>>427488608A leads to BYou can't have a degenerate society that keeps standards high, when you embrace the lunacy you get maybe three generations before things go to shit again.

>>427491339Have u smashed

>>427490817>>427490517There is something to what he says in regards to 99% of women... really crazy BPD chicks and surprisingly strippers/prostitutes etc tend to have them. I've met one seemingly normal nice girl with a soul too.

>>427488608half of the bottom row is obese menbrutal


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>>427488731You counting from the right? Because 5 is clearly the only good one.Unless you like your girls short and obese and unable to breathe

>>427491560Which one is Giselle bundchen

>>427488608I'd breed any of the girls in the second picture. Even #3, that linebacker looking girl.Chubby girls will fuck your brains out then thank you for the opportunity to suck you off.

>>427491341Back when backpage was a thing almost all the prostitutes advertised "no african americans" lol...

>>427491648Shoen is pronounced shenDanke shen

>>427489049Brave Soul, for Science!

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>>427488608Call me what you want but I would literally take any girl on the bottom over any girl on the top.

>>427491669regular counting, left to right. just like reading>>427491669for sure

>>427489515Incels and guys who struggle with women should avoid unattractive women as much as possible.Fat/ugly women tend to be the ones who are most obsessed with a guy's looks and also most likely to give a harsh rejection and make a big scene of it. Also they're the ones who tend to make false rape and sexual harassments allegations.Unattractive fat girls are extremely insecure and all of them want to get a stereotypical Chad boyfriend to "prove" that they are attractive. When they get approached by a guy who is actually on their level, it reminds them that they're unattractive and it infuriates them.I've seen fugly girls loudly reject guys who weren't even talking to them, throwing drinks on them and shit like that, just because they wanted to make it seem like lots of guys want them.

>>427491771Thank god

>>427490217Monkey hands typed this comment

>>427491792Ur a chubby chaser

>>427491236look i dont care what anyone else has written about him>>427491622yup, crazy BPD chicks are the demiurge too. they can tell you what minute you were born.

>>427491236Hey now the demiurge could still be real even if known by a desert drug cult.

>>427488608Give me #3 or #6 bottom row over any of the skanks on the top.

>>427491622Met a female marine. Literally batshit insane with no emotional control, but plenty of control over reason and morality. Probably one of the best souls I've ever seen. Also the finest example of why there's no such thing as an ex-marine, and why our command structure is shit.

>>427491874He’s mocking little negress Annie Aileen Quinn should sueMan, did I want her back then

>>427489997>What year is top pic from2018>>427491674She had left VS by 2018, so not in the picture

>>427488608The bottom row has the winners.They snuck in whales with the golden cows, but it's what a man really wants.Nice natural tits and a curvy ass. The toothpicks on the top don't got much to look for, beyond what you can already see.

>>427489197ThisNotice how none of the top row are covering their bellies from self consciousness

>>427488608Ugly bimbos all.

>>427489049This is a man.>>427490147This is a boy.


>>427492590Fat women are gross, u retardKys


>>427492590This is a redditor. Holy shit stop punishing the return key.

>>427488731her face

>>427488608I like this one.

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>>427492938yeah i know it looks like someone ran it over but her height-to-hip ratio is fucking perfect and she just looks warm and softi would just stay inside her and drift into sleep, if you know what i mean

>>427488608Not liking gorditas is a sign of low testoterone.

>>427488912>They all probably smell of shitonly niggers and poos smell like that

Bottom row wins all day. Top row have no tits or ass.

>>427488608>all the fat ones are hiding their flabby stomachs thought this was a positivity movement?


>>427490217ugliest creatura of the decade

>>427488608what’s the lifespan of a slut possible society? before it turns crazy like the bottom pic? was it 70s to 2010 so 40 years max?

>>427488608Am I wrong for not finding any of them actually HOT. like attractive I guess ok. But they all seem so souless.

>>427488608Fucking yummy.

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top row all have ladyboy bodies


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>>427493028Of course it ends up being mega tit milf Ashley Bridges.

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>>427490503fat =/= pelvic bone sizefat chicks are less fertile

>>427488608All 0/10.

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Nothing wrong with a big girl