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>>427488311what's the reason for this chimpout?

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>>427488540>implying nigs need a reason to chimpout

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>>427488553WTF is she holding?

>>427488311What a beautiful african culture

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>>427488540the double repeating maoa allele

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Truly a culture of kings!

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>>427488693>reasonit's genetic

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>>427488941The Smell: Imagine It™

>>427488540It was a rabid tire attack


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>>427489007they stop the fight when the fat white guy gets the advantage

>>427489645I’ll give props to the lil man, at least he tried, just needs to put on some weight and he’s good

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>>427488826at the end looks like he is taking a bite out of his shoulder wound niggers are animals

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>>427489199>it's geneticit's niggenetic

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>>427488947Shitty cheap lamp

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>>427489007The negro attempted murder by feet stomp on head.

>>>/wsg/5098608they want you and your kids deadthey think it's funny

>>427489969Get killed by niggers for not even 5K worth of worthless paper

>>427489070What is the story here? Why was he shot? To protect the boy? From what?

>>427490919No till would ever have 5k in it Probably 200 max, and this clearly is some third world shithole so probably less

>>427490955double repeating allele of the maoa gene

>>427488311the opposite of anglo hyperaccountability is celebrating this type of postconsidering 4chan demographics, and your f*ag, it fits perfectly here.

>>427490771stay gripped, you should be thinking attempted murder as soon as you see them puff their lips out and flare their nostrils at you. you lose sight of the pinks of their palms you ought to be diving and shooting

>>427489969These negros killed an Asian shopkeeper for robbery. We need need AI facial recognition systems to detect the faces of criminals and close the doors automatically before they can rob stores.

>>427489941should have levaraged his lower centre of gravity and shivved it in the neck with a pencil

>>427488764Good lion

>>427488980>What a beautiful african cultureonly 4 possibilities with them

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>>427491203A Finnish DNA study agrees that Murder gene in violent criminals.

Cant even start a fire …

>>427488764Do you think he tasted like shit or fried chicken?

>>427489134See all the white people in the old photographs

>>427489941That was a teacher beating his ass.


>>427491502Ai can't detect niggers. It thinks they're apes

>>427488540Black swarm intelligence has communicated to us that the reason for this collective tactical maneuver was 1381-A, subsection 3. Operation was successfully commenced at 1431 hours. Stand by.


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>>427488826Hmmm maybe importing niggers by the millions is not a good idea

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>>427488311They look tired

>>427490955Nigger killed the shop owner in front of his son, I think to remember they had a dispute over money

>>427490204is this an uruk-hai?

>>427488947it is better if you don't find out

>>427489589I love how the coalburner yells "WHAT THE FUUCK!?" at the end like it wasn't her nigger pulling out the gun first


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>>427494677I think it's the violence beyond comprehension that rottens the whole deal

>>427488947>WTF is she holding?Your dilator

>>427490403He probably had Jordans in the bag.Didn't want anyone to steal them

>>427489389All that for a jaywalking ticket.. go figure.

>>427488311they shouldnt have said the n word

>>427489941>just needs to put on some weight and he’s goodYou think he won't?He almost stood his ground with half the weight and 2/3 of the range. I bet that nig digged his own grave.99.99% of humans act humane not because of laws or police or anything like that, but because they know being an animal gets you fucked in the long run by the people around you.

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>>427490955What do you mean "what's the story?" What possible context and information could you need?A nigger is robbing the store and he kills a father in front of his own child. There's no explanation or convoluted reasoning or extensive plot to explain this scenario. A nigger killed an innocent person for the sake of doing it.

why make these threads? why so much hate?


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>>427488764What a good kitty

>>427496794they look happy, still doesn't answer my question on why so much ugliness?

>>427488540Popeyes ran out of fried chicken.

>>427495598Lovely India


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>>427497095looks beautiful, church is very good

>>427497038A nigger calling anyone ugly. Ironic.

>>427497264I mean ugly on the inside, not outside

>>427496421>What possible context and information could you need?hold on now, lets not be hasty maybe the guy said the N word

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>>427488311>>427488380>>427488553>>427488553>>427488693>>427488764>>427488826>>427488941>>427489007I just don't get it, why is gore and shit ok in the board, but not nudes or porn.Why are anglos like this?

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>>427490403AYO HE LEAKIN

>>427492674Fried shit

>>427488380How he holds the rifle by the barrel, dragging the butt on the ground, pointed right at himself.

>>427491440>a japanese man advocating using a gun in self defenseMOTHER OF ALL BASED


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>>427497251It's just a webm thread.

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>>427497344Did I stutter, coon?


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>>427490351I mean, we have a happy ending but why that nigger was naked?

>>427488540the reasondocumentingreality.com/forum/f166/mob-haiti-burns-13-suspected-gangsters-death-243373/

>>427497726based heaven enjoyer

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