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Ladies and gentlemen, they got him.

>>427488068MIGA is a cult

moshi moshi magamaestro, want some milk?

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>Ukraine holds 0.3% of Bakhmuti thought the russians were being pushed back?another lie then?

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>>427488482imagine posting old maps because you are running away from realitycope shitskin russia is losing lol

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>>427488298yes I am in the make israel glass again cult

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>>427488127ULTRA MAGA

Attached: 56+1 CVES anon awoo.png (3828x1017, 3.09M)

>>427488482>another lie then?nooooooo, they couldn't have!

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>>427488598tranny cope

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>>427488068>they>they>theyThis tranny shit makes it so fucking difficult to read, "they" makes you think it's referring to more than one person since it's usually used as a plural pronoun.

>>427488782russia has spent nine months trying to take bakhmutukraine is reclaiming territory in days lol, how fucking pathetic

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Hoodie Frankenstein "spoke" before the senate today..

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>>427488970>Giving Ukraine over 300 billion dollars over the course of a year>Still can't winLOLLMAOFAKE AND GAY WAR ON BOTH SIDES

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>>427488970>ukraine is reclaiming territory in days loltwo more weeks?

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>>427489133200k dead russians is actually a pretty big victory

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>>427489215Two more weeks to flatten the army!

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>>427489287fake and gay numbers

Attached: fake war 2.webm (720x900, 2.82M)

>>427488634This you?

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>>427488068love me some MAGA>TRUMP WON>BIDEN CHEATED

>>427489215no actually today, ukraine took back even more land god russian shitskins are such fucking losers

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>>427488068>someone gets lucky and gets a cushy six figure government job>decides to be literally insane and a tranny faggot >going to jail nowWhy is this country so gay and insane?

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>>427489287>estimates by the ukraine armed forceslol

Might as well Trump.

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>>427489480You're also getting BLACKED

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>>427488482Ukrumbia physically lacks the manpower to keep up with Russia and Russia doesn't need to conquer the whole country to get what they want, they will keep lying because it is in their interest to lie.

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Of course my id had to change now. Wonderful really. >>427488634Yes actually.

>>427489505uh yes those are the people killing russians lol who else would you ask?

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I am new here and have just poured myself a steaming pot of Joe (yes I'm a lefty) I hope I will be accepted here among you Trumpsters

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>>427489480this you?

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>>427489750imagine dying to a fucking tranny lmfao how fucking incomptent is russiacan't even kill one tranny, the butcher of syria is really scary

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>>427489721>200 ukraine casualties a DAYlmao

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>>427489822sorry i can't hear you over ukraine taking even more land back from russiabtw what happened to kherson? any idea?

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>>427489902>sucking off a tranny>nato flagthe eternal boomer strikes again lol

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[blur intensifies](this is from the Kari Lake trial)twitter.com/Rach_IC/status/1659288732296675330

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>>427490079>oh fuck oh fuck i'm losing what do i do>i know i'll go back to june 2022 that's when russia was winning the warfucking pathetic vatnik retard

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Hey ptg...

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>>427490202>using kiev independent as a sourcelolhey wasn't putin supposedly dying of cancer and he had two months to live?

>>427490171so it`s going well?

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>>427490170no i'm not sucking off a tranny, that's your government lol

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At least Psakiboy can help the thread not move at a snail's pace. >>427490171I see promise.

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>>427490400yeah he's dying of cancer but god is kind and is keeping putin alive until he sees russia losingagain

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>>427490606two more weeks then?

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Will anyone else be attending this year's Bilderberg meeting? I bought a new BDSM puppy costume for it!

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>they keep replying to Psakiboy's memeflag anticsImagine being dumber than the blackest of niggers.

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>>427490826no the plan is to take back bakhmut lol, which is working quite wellbtw what happened, i thought you guys destroyed 5/6 patriots? why are they all standing?

Attached: bakhmut2.png (1062x918, 876.55K)

>>427490460Yes, very well. The judge is halfway in the tank for the Democrats and even he can't believe this shit.

>>427490171kotland must be ga before we can maga

Fugitive from justice for six months? How hard would it be to find that ridiculous looking faggot in a crowd???

>>427490888Yeah I'll see you there. I'll be the gay silver wolf with a blue collar and yellow eyes. Just walk up to me and "potato pants" and we can hook up afterwards.

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>>427490888I was going to say something but I don't want to jinx it.

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>>427490460Realistically it probably just means that even if the judge saw evidence that it was rigged, the judge would rule against it "for the good of our country". But it would be cool to see a court have to admit that the election was fraudulent.



>>427491038is that why shills are /ugh/ posting.

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>>427490171Let me know when it happens.


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>>427488623How sophisticated

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>>427491263yeah man you sure showed mebtw how many more russians are going to die to ukranians tonight? 300? 500?

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>>427491134We don't know. Maybe the detectives were black.

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>>427489362>>427489383>>427489480>>427489480>>427489383>>427489480>>427489487>>427489505>>427489560>>427489564>>427490171>>427490202>>427490387>>427490460>>427490976>>427491160>>427491180>>427491210>>427491358>>427491376>>427491384>>427491392America needs a big cup of Joe(me as a lefty in the crucible of ptg strumpsters)

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>>427491269It's literally the Pskai fanboy having a laugh. You guys are apparently too blind to notice.

>>427491210>mistakes were made,we`ll do better next time.i am so sick of that line.really hope it`s not believed this time.

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Strumpets are going to post in ptg

>>427491160I am so glad I won't be the only doggy there! I hope more MAGA thingers are there for both of us to enjoy!>>427491180Thank you for not jinxing.>>427491392I have saved this.

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Supposedly the pedophile trafficking war commie elites are going to be having a secret meeting this weekend. Any guess as to what glow niggering occurrences may happen? I mean it's to be expected.

>>427491823what is the name of the event?

The chuddening

>>427491823giving money towards democracy probably

Attached: norway.png (1048x851, 111.93K)

>>427492394Stump 2024 that's whatr they sound like. Steady Joe will prove himself before the debates Strump will be blown away like so much detritus in the wind along with his Stumpsters supporters

>canadian wildfires darkening the skies>hangover cures flowing through my veins>little bit of beer can chicken roasting on the grill>and the radio uuuuup

Attached: 1647385411800.jpg (808x1024, 41.44K)

El Rato is sponsoring a bill with Ed Markey (D-Masshole) to require manufacturers to keep AM radio in cars. Cruz wants it to protect conservative talk radio. Markey wants it because one of Massachusetts's largest media assets is a big fucking 50kW AM radio station WBZ that reaches all the way to Chicago after sunset if weather conditions are right.

We call him Reliable Joe in my corners because he is never wrong!

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>>427492593Bilderberg on a Thursday nightFixed a storm door up just rightAnd county won't pick up my traaaa-aaash

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>>427492593But it's only Thursday...


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kissinger getting it right as always

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>>427492772>Stumpsters think I'm joking because I'm a lefty who is critical of Israel

>>427492791Friday Eve

>>427492776redpill me on the bilderbergs. why do they do secret meetings?

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anymore on schifty?

Attached: schifty_piss.gif (500x231, 57.22K)

>>427493143The motion to remove him hasn't reached the floor yet so it's up to Speaker McCarthy.

TRUMP 2024

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Purge all who voted for either NDAA or Beijing Biden in 2021!To find a RINO, check SPLC/ADL connections.If anyone of a dynasty is corrupt, they're all corrupt.Remember that our Trump movement's roots are in the Tea Party. Any Republican old enough to run for office will hold beliefs indicative of a Tea Party past. Get involved! Initiate referenda! Write bills!Become a pollwatcher, candidate, or staffer!Tell your Senators: NO BEIJING-BIDEN APPOINTEES! Vote in every election--federal, state, and local!Anything you can do to make America great again, do it! Esec updates: pst.klgrth.io/paste/a2ubpExplanations: hatebin.com/jcdlzikuooEndorsements: Aug: OH: YES Nov:CO: NOME: NONY: NOTX: YES Ban your enemies.

Attached: RWworks.jpg (1179x948, 101.23K)

>>427493143Shifty defeated Strump why else are you still talking about him else?~

>>427493064According to Richard Nixon, the greatest president of the 20th century, it's because it is "the faggiest god damned thing he'd ever seen.". Also because jews and reptilians and eating ze bugs and living in ze pods, etcCaptcha: J0YJ88

Attached: __souryuu_asuka_langley_neon_genesis_evangelion_drawn_by_aosora2823__aec85c19c989a49d8159221c060ee4c7.jpg (1191x1684, 1.53M)

>>427493270because schiff pushed a fraudulant criminal investigation onto trump. which is probably some kind of felony, treason, sedition, etc.

>>427492922despite being a nazi Kissinger is often right

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>>427493209any timeline for it?

Attached: schifty_eyes2.png (500x231, 88.58K)

>>427493501always right*

Attached: 1654048659101.gif (550x550, 1.96M)

>>427493321i see. welp time to go drive the bobcat around the yard and rebuild my sweet jumps for my dirtbike track

Attached: 1616956151771.jpg (1024x683, 85.56K)

>>427493557Not yet. I think they're trying to deal with the debt ceiling stuff first.

Attached: __aqua_kono_subarashii_sekai_ni_shukufuku_wo_drawn_by_723_nanahumi__b3ad5a3ef8651a07f81c437c3bea5d8b.jpg (900x1510, 978.67K)


Attached: 1620432753468.png (900x900, 207.19K)

>>427493683awww.so want to see him marched out.

Attached: 1554084788035.jpg (653x523, 124.29K)

>>427493658Fun! I'm working on upper body today, just finished them shoulder presses and one-armed rows and now tiem for incline bench, I ate lots of bad food today and I am so powerful and I hate myself

Attached: __souryuu_asuka_langley_neon_genesis_evangelion_and_2_more_drawn_by_sasasa_r_23__354bdbc0216d236327687e617a255bd4.jpg (1530x1493, 1009.92K)


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Attached: TPT.png (1190x618, 154.47K)

>>427493727Literally me today.

Attached: __souryuu_asuka_langley_neon_genesis_evangelion_and_2_more_drawn_by_sasasa_r_23__014134f1d337d78b4dc7cd0a2d1daee7.jpg (2339x2331, 2.05M)

>>427490976I'm not black, you are!

Attached: 1629648620876.gif (300x203, 1.07M)

>>427494379But you don't deny being dumber than the blackest nigger.

Attached: file.png (3734x2800, 3.05M)

>>427494379>it may be true but you shouldn't say itoh troon

>>427494379>scientifically accurate

Attached: Trump-laugh3.gif (480x270, 1.23M)

>>427494575Whoops meant for >>427494477

Imagine the smell

Attached: ImTS.png (1584x1094, 839.33K)

>>427493412Schiff prevented WW3 which Strump would have caused regarding Ukraine

>>427494853He could have the police kill them all and it would all be over.

>>427493951Are you /fit/ or just pretending?

>>427493727Lol, AI didn't know what to do with the fat awoo so it just gave her another mouth.

Attached: 1684444106594.jpg (640x640, 38.39K)


Attached: 1684312157968290.jpg (1157x1600, 771.99K)

>>427488598take your estrogenand your iodine

Attached: 1684117936522215.jpg (491x276, 33.95K)

Attached: STime.png (744x1016, 1.26M)

>>427493658My neighbor has a skid-steer, and I have pic related.... I need to get on his good side so I can enjoy jumps as well.

Attached: 20210918_145541.jpg (2456x2775, 3.07M)

>>427494853i hear theres a lot of buildings free because people have left.why not use those?

Attached: 1681724305674437.png (598x556, 430K)

>>427494984I am fitter than the Akariposter and also not bald which is all that matters.

Attached: __souryuu_asuka_langley_neon_genesis_evangelion_and_2_more_drawn_by_sasasa_r_23__6e0196899fc43950fbad5957070ff5ce.jpg (1856x2899, 1.97M)

>>427494853But I thought migrants are vibrant and their diversity helps the economy? That's our strength, after all.

So apparently the best way to get (You)'s and to get the thread moving on pre-rally days is to wear a memeflag and to make pro-Ukraine posts. Fascinating. Truly Holla Forums isn't just a hive of faggots.

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Attached: 1684443747976775.png (375x286, 106.13K)

>>427495329that meme is too esoteric

>>427494984>Are you /fit/ or just pretending?

Attached: the necromancer.jpg (1734x5164, 2.01M)

>>427495220based JOE

Attached: 1684078742526509.jpg (750x735, 441.76K)


Attached: tranny_dilation.jpg (836x635, 81.27K)

>>427495297Is that the doctor or the immigrant? I honestly can't tell anymore

Attached: 1684444287859711.png (284x379, 150.53K)


Attached: file.png (820x600, 403.44K)

Respect transgenders

>>427494575I deny being a black gorilla nigger, I know how to run DOS BOX

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Attached: 1570927791319-2.jpg (540x540, 140.42K)

>>427495499wait i don't understand the complaint? it's /fit/ meaning more a healthy lifestyle board? so why complain that a younger dude who is barely starting out that he is too skinny?bitter old guys?>>427495711what is that? a paki?

>>427495768Okay you're good.

>>427495208ukraine has crossed at least fifteen red lines and putin has done nothing loldon't worry man surely when crimea is taken back in a few months he'll be super serious and not some cancer ridden warlord who only cares about his legacy

Attached: 1649100381624.png (671x446, 767.55K)


Attached: HBSi.png (1204x1038, 778.15K)

>>427493143he's schiffting in his pantsu

Attached: 1684273551459326.gif (500x298, 993.64K)


Attached: 1684444611533.jpg (640x640, 50.35K)

>>427495499Checked and ayyyyyy lmao

Attached: __souryuu_asuka_langley_neon_genesis_evangelion_and_2_more_drawn_by_sasasa_r_23__de5b89d180fcc94dfdebddcebf1c6dfb.jpg (2076x3145, 1.44M)

>>427495846Hell if I know, I'm from iawoo. We only have spics and niggers here..

Attached: 20230517_181104.jpg (2567x2775, 3.3M)


>>427488068So what prison does a non binary go to?

>>427496065They see me mowinThey hatinEatin Takis and tryna catch me mowin dirty

Attached: 1681407012066161.webm (480x600, 384.18K)

>>427496092>indiapoo genocide when?

>>427494853why is it legal for (((hotels))) to throw out homeless Vest and wedding parties booked a year in advance to give their rooms to goblin invaders who are only going to trash the rooms and spread their bedbugs????

Attached: reimu maga booba beach.png (1200x1600, 703.17K)


>>427495846>wait i don't understand the complaint?They were just having fun.

Attached: sleep.webm (1280x720, 2.74M)


Attached: 1467406564131.gif (636x392, 2.49M)

Dylan is queen of Holla Forums


>>427495876Still not as hot as the HOT summer of 92 for Kevin Nash.

>>427496325We'd have to either get a hot war between india and china going, or drop 300% tariff on their country.

>>427496866Anon, no vaccines work. None. The final redpill is that germ theory is false.


Attached: 1494317446501.png (185x227, 16.04K)

>can't post the extended TND pastaIt's over. 4chan has fallen. Billions must DESU.>>427497002When will someone bring those bulbasaurs to justice?

Attached: Desu.jpg (511x604, 53.44K)

shitshow from dems.....always.>youtu.be/s0boAj-W1EA?t=3354

Anglin's homo crew clocking in, they've sucked all the cream out of the jumbo Tootsie Rolls down on MLK it sees.



>>427497210A lot of normies and commies think 4chan is still this hyper edgy place but you get banned for saying SNEED and pointing out how trannies are ruining everything.

Attached: 1623265922489.jpg (536x453, 123.92K)

>>427495869This is for you. Go annoy some people with it.

Attached: file.png (720x720, 400.28K)

>>427497663The bare minimum needed to improve the site is to increase the character limit and fire the cleaning staff.

Attached: 30067945-F2BD-4AF1-9919-8BE769F9CEDE.png (700x988, 893.29K)

>>427497674>Israel >StrongA parasite can never be strong.

Attached: 1674601564158585.jpg (439x611, 23.93K)