Another mayo babbler btfo. You mayo babblers have babbled your last babble

Another mayo babbler btfo. You mayo babblers have babbled your last

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British people have no right calling other people babblers

>>427487304Bikes were frequently used to chase down bucks for breaking in the Antebellum South. This chalk chimp trying to take on was a clear and present danger to the Kings.

>>427487304Behead all niggers

>>427487304Fucking dumbass mayo

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>>427487304But, the niggers were trying to take her bike.

Holy shit, at this point they are the stereotype.

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>>427487304based mayo babble appreciater

>>427490243always were

>>427487304>>427488542Still a nigger

>>427487304roundhouse kick a nigga into the sun

>>>/wsg/5098608anti-whites are pedophiles who want you and your kids deadpass it on

>>427487304Bitch is preggo and was accosted by bonobos trying to steal the e bike she paid for...her lawyer said he has her receipts. Just more broken buck porch monkey entitled fuckery.

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>>427488542At least i'm not cursed.

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>>427487304Don't worry she has already been fired, doxxed, a reporter went to her house and informed all her neighbors she is a racist, fascist white supremacist terrorist. Did I mention she's 6 months pregnant? Also she has already been admitted to the hospital and may have lost her baby after a black man rightfully forcefully pushed her in her womb. I hope she gets more of what she deserves for trying to steal 5 upstanding black men's bike.

>>427490713Reciepts showing she earned moniez from reperations or something. Dis prego is a slave holder or sumtin yo. She didn’t gib her e-bike = she racist and black community calls for an abortion for her obviously racist yt supremacy.

>>427490243Lmao it’s the funniest shit to me that when niggers demonstrate stereotypes and then get mad when they are stereotyped.

>>427490895Ya…. Hell ya… now she tastes oppression. Just cause you paid for a bike doesn’t make it yours bitch. Give it to 5 black men to ride away. The e-bike obviously belonged to those 5 black kangz

Americans.Are you ever going to put niggers in their place? They literally attack/rob you, and even when it’s on camera they claim it was actually you attacking them.Are you ever going to do anything? Like at all?

Wypipo pregnant womanz deserve this. 400 years bitch 4 hundy years bitch. Gibe me dat damn bike 4 reperations

>>427487304turns out she has the receipts and it's just another nigger stealing a bike

>>427491545Niggers are in their place, as true kangs of America! They take what they want, fuck who they want, kill who they want and we must lesser races must kneel before their greatness.

The funniest thing about America is how all the fake-tough citizens (blacks, liberal whites, Asians, etc) pretend that society will always remain passive and weak.On all that is holy, minorities have no idea the pain and suffering they’re going to face in this lifetime. They’re all gonna get mopped up by right wing death squads.


>>427487304What even the fuck are you talking about you semi sentient excrement?


>>427491545No. We shall develop shrines for the niggers lost and idols for the ultra niggers for worship. Statue of a nigger eating a Big Mac with a mcchicken stuffed into it will become the new baal/moloch. You will pass your children through the fire to make the scholars happy

>>427491811So far, over 4 decades and still no death squads. Hell most DA won't even charge a black man for a crime and no jury nigger will convict them even if they were charged.

>>427491811> right wing death squads.Reported to the fbi.

>>427491330>cant invent wheel >steals bike

>>427487304>Mayo BabblingSay what you will about this niggerfaggot Tariq, he's quite the wordsmith.

>>427489691Yes. She paid for it, has a receipt, and is suing someone. I hope whoever shared the video gets fucking buried (in a mass grave).

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>>427492066Life’s been very good for most Americans. Even today at this very moment, there isn’t a single American starving on the street. Even our homeless have food and cell phones.As the standard of living continues to get lower and accelerates more rapidly, you’re going to see plenty of white men really start pointing fingers.As usual the minorities and women will put the blame on whoever the kike media tells them to — so probably white men.Which is perfect. Let’s go to war.

>>427487304Turns out she rented the bike.The story about it is out already.Whichever of you jumped to the conclusion that the niggers tried stealing it. Lucky guess.

>>427491811>Two more weeks!

>>427488542>so buck broke over the term nigger babble they have to steal itstay mad, coon troon.

>>427492513>Niggers stealing a bike is a lucky guessHearty kek

>>427492303Niggers eternally BTFO

>>427487304They dindu nuffin.

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>>427492752I know I knew it

>>427487304She called her child a fetus, she got what she deserved

>>427492513>Lucky guess.Stereotypes exist for a reason, user.

>>427487304Niggers are offended she’s using their shtick against them lol. This is the way it has to be. I literally take out my phone and start recording people whenever I get into these altercations now. It’s obnoxious I know but we live in a jewish world.

>>427493076Niggerlover detected

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>>427493542She wasn’t using a tactic, she paid for the bike. And I suggest being careful with getting your phone out to record, you may need that hand to defend yourself.

>>427487304>>427488542>"invented" rap>missed "mayo mumblin"So obvious with that miss.

>>427493690Nigger the moment an ape looks at me funny I’m falling to the ground and cryi kg for help while recoding. When I show up in court I’m coming in with a neck brace. This is the way it is now.

>>427493542It was the niggers recording it and posted the video.

it says right on the tweet its fake news and niggers still keep trashing her.

>>427493953Sadly New York isn't a 2 party consent state or all the niggers would already have committed another felony.

>>427487304>Year is 2016+whatever the fuck>Niggers still trying to steal my bike

>>427488542I love attempts to racially slur whites its always hilarious

>>427487304What the fuck is mayo babbling, lmao.

>>427487304>>427489691>>427490713>>427491718>>427492303I’m so sick of them. A curse on humanity

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>>427487304she paid for the bike, her lawyer has the receipt.

>>427487304Why is wipeepo always be cryin' n shit when da schooler need a bike to get to da school n shit, finna b a docta n save lives when yt Karen be runinin da grind 100 100 he ain't got money cuz yt don't gib da reparations ta pay fo shit frfr

>>427487304Tariq is paid by the English Crown which is why it's always faggot brits posting that dating game reject.

>>427494937She still stole from those 5 blackmen, she should at least give them bike as it was stolen from them cause slavery!

>>427492786Rental bike theft is a common scam in nigger cities. Sometimes they strong arm people like this video, but usually they just switch the QR codes. When one is scanned and paid for, a different bike unlocks and the niggers waiting nearby just ride off with it while whoever paid is wondering why theirs is still locked.

>>427487506OK dog pedo

Don't you know the nog is always right and innocent in this country? How dare this woman have a receipt to cast doubt of this angelic negroid.She should be ashamed of herself making this honest shitskin look like a liar...

>>427491811it's a cycle nobody can break. the reason whites have never been a world majority is they lack the desire to kill all non-whites. whites are still beta humans, the Human 1.0 won't have any problems killing useless humans no matter their color. you're either an asset to mankind or you're dead.

>>427492303lmao niggers btfo

>>427495132you had the chance to be mad like a man or cheeky like a faggot and you chose faggot. lame.

>>427495416Chinks are tluely supiliol lace

I believe the white of course


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>>427492388With a whimper.

>>427487304yt woman tryna steal a nigga bike? oh lawdy yt b outchea gettin dem reperashuns n sheeeiiit

>>427487304I gotta side with the niggers on this one.The bitch was obviously an entitled jew who thought she could take her golem's bike.

>>427495416I guess you could call me human 1.0

>>427495890white woman had the receipt for it, turns out the niggers were lyingand your dumb ass fell for it loldoesn't that make you dumber than a pack of niggers, LITERALLY? to me it does, you dumbass

>>427495907ur a 0.5 nigga. you aint as smart us us mayoknights

>>427495670What are you doing in Japan? Faggot.

it's crazy how most of the twitter comments are against herbunch of niggers justifying robbery and victim shaming the woman lolThe nypost article already shows she has proof she rented the bike herself, had a receipt and the niggers tried to jack herI mean, what other scenario would make sense?A nurse who works at the hospital is robbing black kids? lol.

>>427495416>whites are still beta humans, the Human 1.0 won't have any problems killing useless humans no matter their color. you're either an asset to mankind or you're dead.I must be a Human 1.0 in Minecraft

>>427487727This but unironically.

>>427496087>white woman had the receipt for it Don't care. She's a kike. She got the diversity she wanted.And stop calling jews white. They're not.

>>427492303lol New York PostBasically Storm Front daily.

>>427487304>5 niggers come up and surround a white woman>woman starts getting irrational and yelling out of a merited fear of getting killed>everyone in the comments section call her Karen and praise the black kanga for gaslighting her.America in 2023.

>>427496139over half of all twitter posts are by bots. you guys still don't seem to register that mentally when seeing this stuff. a LOT of those replies aren't human beings, there is no human thought behind it and the point is to divide and conquer. jews are great at dividing but they haven't conquered shit even once, they are starters, not finishers

>>427487304You know they just released the pay info for the bike and it turns out she paid for it not the niggerian.

>>427487304Those are enemy insurgence. Not people.

>>427487304just another day in the best country in the worldI'll take my backwards shithole, thank you

whites were right again, if you aint white, you aint right I guess, this just proves it

>>427496139Good, you just know she will still vote blue no matter who.

>>427496554Are they bots? I google a bunch of their names and find instagrams and linkedins.Someone must have gone to a lot of trouble to create millions of fake profiles with pretend family members and jobs.

>>427496139Niggers are retarded enough to believe that some pregnant white nurse is going to go around trying to rob black kids. They don't like in the real world like usual.

Is mayo babbler your best cause that was garbage, you should be called mayo gargler for how many white nuts have ended up in your slack jawed 3 toothed face cunt