8 years

Giving comfort to the enemy has consequences chuds. Let that be a lesson to western ziggers.

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>>427485772Make more characters faggot

Surprised he didn't get scooped sooner to be honest

>>427485772kek tongue my shitty asshole as I sit on a toiletgonzalo lira you fat fuckface faggotmy toilet lools better than your futureand your toilet too, since ypu never cleanyou disgusting fat manchild HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAwhere's the dres that you've been after?all you get is laughter?evil or false?true or ignorant?lemme just go to the next slide lmao

>>427485772Imagine calling yourself “Coach Red Pill” holy fucking cringe kek, just another loss for rightoids

Plz source. It's probably bullshit, but I want to believe

>>427485772Stupid nigger with IQ 85 got what he deserved. NEET for 8 years.

>>427485772yet this faggot walks the earth?

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>>427487348uk.news.yahoo.com/red-pill-dating-coach-gonzalo-192259132.htmlNot bullshit apparently, just old news, he got arrested 2 weeks ago

A political prisoner, what a surprise

He was taken and vanished/silenced

>>427488224I know he got arrested, I don't think he's been sentenced though. Think russia might make a trade for him? Lol of course not

>>427485772>no freedom of speech badI fucking hate your kind, I hope one of your family members get lifetime for having the wrong opinion over the current thing.

Wagner.You must save himZ

>>427485772If his grooming was better he wouldn’t be a CHUD.

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>be a spy>get jailednot my problem

Ukraine won't exist for eight more years. What's important to him is whether they execute him or not when the regime falls.

>>427490483>Ukraine won't exist for eight more years>eightMore like four.

>>427489761ok groomer

>>427485772Is he still in jail? kek

>>427485772drug him up, put him on the frontlines in a uniform, tape a gun to his hand and watch the fun

>>427485772Gonzalo bangs ukrainian females and shit talks the government all day and there is nothing they can do to stop him, after they release him again he will just go back to doing the same thing

>>427485772Ukranian President Prigozhin will free political prisoners

>>427485772>PUAroach getting throw in prisonthere is some justice in the world

>>427488169>walks the earthThe earth rotates under her steps. She doesn’t do anything, she if excellent awesomeness and perfection. A feminine face lice that has always been a queen

coach gulag pill

>>427489095>Monkey has no concept of wartimeKys

>>427485772I don't have an enemy, retard. Just because some pedophile blackmail mafia is making money off of a US backed nazi coup dictatorship is not reason to think I have an enemy.

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>>427494250>muh wartime>muh pandemic>muh energy crisis>muh times changedNo, fuck you, you fucking bootlicker, they always have a reason to take away your rights.

>>427488224>be in the most corrupt nation on earth>predicting that Ukraine would flourish under Russia’s controlWhat an idiot..

>>427488169>actually fighting and getting wounded >Gonzo hides in a closet and spouts bsHmmm.

>>427485772I miss coach posting

I miss him bros. Had good content and was interesting. I love seeing the kikes seethe at him.

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>>427494250Just remember not to bitch about warcrimes, you wouldn't want to come off as a hypocrite.

Do these cops feel a little embarrassed putting their larp kit on to arrest a fat retard while their countrymen are dying by the hundread in real warfare in their own countries borders? Seems a little silly desu senpai

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>>427485772>implying HOHOLLAND will exist in 8 months, let alone 8 years.

>>427485772I didnt follow his steps since like 6 months or something. I thought he was in russia.What happened here? QRD plox

>>427488224>uk.news.yahoo.com/red-pill-dating-coach-gonzalo-192259132.html>Lira also charted his efforts to follow American reporters covering the conflict in Ukraine, describing them as “system pig journalists” and revealing their whereabouts in specific hotels.Is this a neo-Mansonite buzzword?The guy is fucking retarded.

>>427488169Imagine the Russkis are at your front, misdirected artillery fire and officers at your back, and this guy is next to you going "Don't worry, I've done this before."I don't shit on Ukrainians anymore because they got hoovered up into the meme war. I just hope one side, any side, gets a victory that begins peace talks.

>>427485772Looks like a jew rat

We chose to live in a foreign nation because his stupid ass thought he could do whatever he wanted and the local government wouldn't give a shit. Just like that retard Tate, he acted arrogantly and childishly, and now he's paying the price. Karma's a bitch.

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>>427496145>I thought he was in russia.Because that makes sense, right? Or better yet, any neighbouring country that isn't either Russia or Ukraine, mmmm?

>>427496060If I were in their shoes I probably would have done some extrajudicial justice. Imagine fighting in a gay Jewish war, having your friends die and some foreigner McDissident faggot next to you shilling for Jewtin and projecting what they wish the West was onto Russia, regardless if this is credible or not.

>>427485772How fucking stupid can a person be? What the fuck did he expect?

>>427486650They were building a case against him so while he was attention whoring on his YouTube channel they just waited for him to bury himself. This is the eventual downfall of all narcissists.

>>427485772King retard.Has American citizenship.Could have flown to America and said whatever he wanted but he had to stay in Ukraine to get a little cred and talk shit about them during a war.I hope he never gets back.It's dumb enough here without him.

>>427485772No one but Ukraine has declared war on Russia.

Russia isn't my enemy

>>427485772Hohols couldn't contain their inner backwater slavshit commie. What's the faggot cope with this? We're supposed to be free

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>>427496627And yet Russia still insists that it's fighting "the bulk" of NATO's power in Ukraine. Funny.

>>427485772Free gonzalo lira!youtu.be/pp_4Cf2a1Io

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I feel like his Russian contacts told him Kharkiv would be taken in a week or two

>>427485772Where is the sauce???

>>427496713They have nukes aimed at your family and yourself Literally an enemy that would like to see you die in a nuclear explosion or the resulting famine if the chips were down

>>427496492I've heard some people saying he wasn't allowed to leave after the last arrest but who knows.

I still don't believe that he's actually in Ukraine

>>427496863Whoever led him down that garden path is a legend. Bear in mind Gonzalo’s retarded ass was in Kiev when this whole thing started. He got baited hard lol.

>>427488919>Think russia might make a trade for him?why would they?hes not russian, and despite hohol psychotic claims that he works for russia hes just speaking the truthhohols are always 2 weeks from winning and retaking crimea for a year now, just 2 more finatial aids and 2 more weeks

Andy Warski is 4 things

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>>427497073I believe that you're mentally ill enough to think that. Ukraine is and was sexpat heaven, of course he was there.

>>427497041That was after the first time they arrested himIf he was sane he would have left as soon as it was evident this war wouldn't be over in a few weeks like everyone thought and before the Ukrainian feds came after him. Everyone knows Ukraine is a corrupt country and there's an actual war going on, why the fuck would he stay there instead of leaving for Russia

>>427497073I still don't believe Ukraine is an actual real place. Why are all the war videos clearly filmed on a Hollywood set? The whole thing is a big lie to get us to accept rapefugees and "renewable energy" to control/monitor us, also to allow big corporations to hike up prices to rob us blind. Russia said many times they would never invade any country and they never have before.

>>427497422maybe he wanted to actually report on the war instead of running away?