South Africa’s Grid Going Down

No electricity, phones, banking, refrigeration. Total chaos and genocide incoming. >Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema has warned that the country will be plunged into darkness in the next two weeks because there will a total grid collapse.Malema addressed media on Monday, 15 May from the party’s head offices in the Johannesburg CBD, where he claimed the ANC and Eskom heads don’t want to admit to citizens that the grid is collapsing.> “A grid collapse is a reality that South Africans must know. We are heading to darkness and ANC politicians are continuing business as usual, as if we are not in a crisis.We are in a deep, deep, deep crisis. Cellphone networks will not work, water even if we have it we won’t receive it, because it needs electricity to be pumped to homes and businesses.Nothing is going to function. We are heading for a disaster, worse than what Covid-19 was.”

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They're doing the griddy over there

>>427484991>niggers destroying their own cities, communities, countries, etc. to spite whitey example #13273474829

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>>427484991Germany will follow suit.

The white boer communities are already self reliant so they'll be fine.

yt peepoo fault

>>427484991Two weeks you say?

So what's with this two more weeks meme? I mean it's EVERYWHERE now. It's like airline food, awful, right?

fuck ukraine... the states should arm white south africans

>>427484991>a disaster, worse than what Covid-19 wasi could claim that about a stubbed toe kek

>>427484991Nature is healing. Africa is returning to its natural state before the evil colonizisers showed up

>>427485762Kek I missed that part

imagine living in a country where the sun shines so hard it gives niggers sunburns and still not embracing solar power

>>427486486There were no niggers there

>>427484991this is America 50 years from now

>>427484991thank god one less anti christian poster on this board, I hope he gets raped by a pack of niggers in the dark

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>>427484991Top kek. White built their cities and infrastructure, then jumped ship when the niggers got too uppity over it and drove them away. Now after years of neglect and/or minimal amounts of maintenance, all that shit is catching up to them in one go. They'll be begging for whites to come fix their shit and the cycle repeats itself

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>>427487101>this is america 2027Fify

>>427484991lol niggers dont care about that shit.they have no concept of this happening in two weeks.

>>427484991mud huts and firewood gathering don't need a grid. Checkmate racists, nignogs win again. Side note, white people could and do have offgrid solutions for generating electricity. They use a secret method called planning for the future.

>>427487101>>this is America 50 years from nowbro....try more like 2030

>>427485555Quads of truth.I have a wellsolara wood firea stock of emergency foodYou should get prepared.

>>427485623you mean one small town is self reliant.This is our futureThe africans would rather have everything collapse than let whitey be in charge so they can fix things.

Once the power goes out the blacks will eat each other and attack whites and the whites will defend themselves. When all is said and done SA will be 99% white.

>>427484991You get what you deserve

>>427484991I remember when they were a nuclear power with the world's strongest currency. Whatever could have happened?

>>427487101>50 years from now I appreciate your optimism swissbro

>>427484991good. whites invented electricity. Now we will take it away from these dirty un evolved monkeys.

>>427484991South Africa and Rhodesia showed us that Africa can be a paradise for whites.They also showed what inevitably happens when niggers are in control - every single time.

>>427488082Remember when Rhodesia was the breadbasket of Africa?

imagine being in the top tier of black intelligence. what a cursed fucking life

>>427484991Then maybe they shouldn't have started chimping out on the boers. Now the Boers are sitting in their enclosed communities with the lights on because they aren't fucking retarded and the nigger will do what they do best without a white man to look after them. Starve to death. God damn anyone who sends these niggers any help.

>>427485623They will come for you

>>427484991So America is upset that South Africa is friends with Russia. Regime change incoming. Democracy is a lie.

>>427484991>Julius MalemaWtf user. Get a better source than this white hating nigger.

>>427489119The faggot ass soviets are the ones who fed and armed the niggers. Therefore, i'm glad they are getting their ass handed to them in Jewcraine.

>>427484991that's what happen, when you keep pretending that black monkeys are just as capable, as white humans.

>>427484991>No electricity, phones, banking, refrigeration. Total chaos and genocide incoming.w Niggers, there are only 4 choices:

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>>427488082Soviet jews and other jews

>>427484991How is BRICS supposed to be taken seriously when this hot mess is a primary member?

>>427484991>permanent darkness that awaits because Eskomofo

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>>427484991Nah. We still got about another year before everything becomes irreparable


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>inb4>Kill the boerLol

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>>427484991Fuck niggers.

>>427488574Before my time, but I've heard the legend

>>427487101lol see you in the CA heatwave threads in two months. I’ll be shitposting without power.

What I hope will happen is that all the niggers will flee to the West. Slowly but surely, we will move to lush, warm Africa and re-establish our societies. They get stuck in the cold winters and get the choice to either manage to finally sustain a society or drive it into the ground and in the process, freeze to death. As it stands, the monkeys and chinks all live in the most amazing climates with nice temperatures, beautiful beaches and soil full of minerals that go to waste. Somalia has the longest stretches of prime beaches in the world, the country is beautiful but is filled with AIPS. There is nothing I want more than to live there with my white brothers. I would gladly trade them our society and nations in exchange for living there and never having to interact with them ever again.

>>427487846I think China will send in 'peacekeepers' and occupy the country for a while. It will do this to prevent the usa from sending its military to this strategically important country.

>>427484991>How would you feel if you had no electricity or running water?>But I have electricity and running water

>>427484991Is this a good chance to get Rhodesia?

>>427491913>would trade Norway for SomaliaWut, user

>>427484991Fuck, we wont have kino webms

>>427488838The Boer are armed to the teeth at least.

Is it just me, or does it seem like Malema has gone soft on the whites? Everything he says now is anti-ANC and he outright talks about how the Nats did this or that better.Even when he talks shit about whites or the DA these days, he seems to be just going through the motions and his heart isn't in it.

>>427492581I go to ZA around once per year. Unfortunately many of the boers have lost their teeth and are self-pitying alcoholics

>>427492454Yup. Norway isn't a very hospitable climate, I love it, but for 0 nigger per capita, a restart of our society, nice climate and beaches it is a hell of a trade.

>>427484991>in the next two weeksFuck off no it won't.Christ, these motherfuckers sure do have a sense of humour.

>>427487019Well starvation and diseases will take care of that. Nature has many tools in its arsenal

>>427484991You can exclude Orania away from it. I can almost even hear their laughing to here.

>>427492581anc has artillery

>>427484991Maybe the boers finally break away and treat the bantus like how jews treat palestinians?

>>427492967Pretty sure Orania is still on the grid. I'm sure the factories or whatever there do have generators though.

>>427485241South africa is a white country

>>427487503They already do, but whites learn and think ahead, so they wont come back.Just wait until even this is white peoples fault, like haiti

>>427486486I don't blame her.Africa was made for Africans.Europe was made for Europeans.America was made for Americans.It is inevitable that the natural vibes of the continent force all inhabitants to return to the continent's natural ways.Not in terms of civilisation necessarily, but certainly in terms of ethnicity.What's happening with the whites of Africa will happen with the negro invaders in Europe and America.As for whites in America, it is tough to say.The continent doesn't really have genuine natives. All the injuns migrated from Asia, including mesoamericans, and white nativity obviously needn't pointing out that it's native to Europe, not to America.America could be very interesting.

Godspeed to all the Boers. I wish I could help you guys and gals. You’re not alone. We advocate for you here in the states.

>>427484991According to Van Rensberg whites will rule South Africa again.So sit tight, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the show

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>>427493095>South Africa was a white country. FTFY

>>427493502>trust the plan

>>427493142>just wait until even this is white's faultHehe>"Mr. Mugabe, speaking yesterday after the killing of a second white farmer, again ratcheted up his troubled nation's political temperature, telling his country he has no intention of bringing an end to three months of armed assaults on white-owned farmers. Instead, he blamed whites for the latest violence." calamity befalling the negro, is muled onto whites.

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>>427493558>Make the plan happen

>>427489432I feel like Chicago should be in there somehow.

>>427493502>whites will rule South Africa again.ain't nothing like that happening when ZOG has domain over half the earth

>>427493558We aren't in any better position.

>>427492277Soon to be>how would it feel to have electricity and running water again>But I don't have electricity or running water

>>427493840It's not like the US is destroying itself.

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>>427492581>>427492808also consider that globohomo would rather annihilate the boers by equipping the nigger hoard than allow the boers to defend themselveslend lease in wwii, ukraine now, the us literally exists to ensure the total and complete destruction of european civilisation

>>427484991>South Africa’s Grid Going DownWypipo did this

>>427484991So what are they doing to fix it?

>>427494195The US is loosing lots of equipment during the Ukraine War. I think at this point if the US invades South Africa to support the bantus the boers will win.

>>427484991> niggers scream for control > niggers get control > niggers scream in darkness

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>>427484991>South Africa’s Grid Going DownBlack ExcellenceAt least their president is a Billionaire

>>427487503the most interesting thing will be how liberals will rationalize it... i genuinely think they are desperate to avoid this reality and will quadruple the propaganda or something but deep down...

>>427490589>2016Are they all dead? What happened?

>>427487576>2023 - SeptemberFtfy

>>427486486Then the millions of extra niggers will starve.

>>427488746i think whites have like a whole town called Orania or something. Bet it is gonna looted and raped to death or something soon.I can't believe this will be Europe's future kek

>>427494440Fix? >naw nigga jus get dem chinese bild it dey rayciss nyway getin good jobs n sheeeiiiit gnome sayin

>>427484991>in the next two weeksNiggers thinking about the future in any way. This really is shocking news.

>>427487503Whites won't come back, it'll be the Chinese who come in and they won't give a fuck about blacks. They'll just take what they want and build only what infrastructure they feel they need

>>427485241who is that girl

>>427484991>No electricity, phones, banking, refrigerationgood, no one should feel entitled to such things, especially niggers who received all those things for free by generous white cuckolds without even lifting their nigger finger

>>427485222so true!

>>427495510>Niggers thinking about the futureDoubt it. He's just repeating what has been told to him. All he can comprehend is "Bad thing happen? Is close".

>>427492981Lol as if complete niggers with no whites will know how to target with artillery. Kys fag

>>427484991Niggers wanted control and everything is turning to shit.Niggers are only good at crime.

>>427484991>the President said South Africans would be the first to know if the grid collapsesWell he's not wrong...

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>>427484991Are the russians bombing their grids too?

>>427484991>come back white man....


>>427496356chinese will help them aim the artillery.don't kid yourself, whites got no chance.

>>427484991>Total chaos and genocide incoming.that's great and all but it's unfortunate that the leaders of better continents will happily take them in to save them. i wish the elites really wanted population control and would let them kill each other.

>>427487721Prepare to be raided by 45 Toyotaniggers once SHTF

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>>427485555Hey, that was last year's line!

>>427484991They don't even have kosher electricity.I swear this is the weirdest thing ever. Electricity in Japan is kosher because ot was generated by goyim.In Israel it is not kosher because Jewish labor was used to make it on Sabbos. It is kosher the rest of the week because it isn't Sabbath.Anyway. Yeah. This pisses me off, and I'm not Israeli or jewish.

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>>427487101Ukraine vs Russia is republicans vs DemocratsThey’re both slav shit different sides of same coin

>>427484991Malema is absolute kaffir.South Africans, stay armed. This guy publicly declares his desire to genocide you.

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>>427497401>right: we don’t support war in Ukraine >alt right: volunteers in Ukraine >left: we don’t support war in Ukraine >alt left: antifa queers volunteering in dpr and Russia