Why haven't you taken the CDL pill yet?

Getting a class A CDL is the fastest way to an above average income. Not only can you make great shekels, but you can beat the rent jew by living out of the truck/terminal. This will allow you to save shekels for innawoods property.Shills will say:>good luck destroying your body and being a fat fuck.You're responsible for what you put in your mouf. Nobody is forcing you to eat fast food for every meal. Trucks with sleeper cabs can easily fit fridges, microwaves, air fryers, hot plates, etc. tons of drivers cook over the road and eat healthy. You can also bring weights for exercise if you desire.>you'll never find a waman and lose all your relationshipsYou don't have to go over the road (OTR). There are tons of high paying local jobs like fuel hauling (usually around $35-$40 hr), LTL pick up and delivery OR linehaul. XPO's top pay is currently $35.89 hr. Their night linehaul guys make around $120k a year. Other LTL companies include Saia, Old Dominion, Estes, Fedex freight, T-force, R&L, ABF, UPS, Penninsula Truck lines. Some of these are union which means you'll get a pension.You can also do regional work where you go out for 5 days or so then go home for 2-3 days. Walmart is a regional gig and they start their new drivers at around $110k a year. All drop and hook, you don't have to touch freight at all.>muh self driving cars/trucksThis is obvious to anyone following that industry. it's a joke. unironically just 2 more years!You can also use trucking just to generate some capital for other uses like education or starting a business. You can easily defeat the student loan jew by doing this.I'm here to answer your questions.>t. experience in LTL and regional work.

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indeed.com/viewjob?jk=f5fcc513fcf5d0e6&q=cdl driver&l=Mt​. Vernon, WA&tk=1h0o2rudtin7p802&from=ja&alid=63ef0625138d7025c53fc71c&rgtk=1h0o2rudtin7p802>>427489546>>427489546not
work4estes.com/search-jobs/Auburn, WA/35301/4/6252001-5815135-5799783-5785965/47x30732/-122x22845/50/2
indeed.com/viewjob?jk=780493efc3ce0b18&q=class a cdl driver&l=Post Falls&tk=1h0mfbejtunjp802&from=ja&advn=6622729201746205&adid=412698237&ad=-6NYlbfkN0BSiyOjEJJLLc8HW6uGxsyMF89MFkTxRgUqYxBFsl3TinYwu3MN2WjHeokgzhnkMP9Bi1hEBl7_IbiOOa8Tc1GxX-1YdWUxY1lSIGp9Q9cuOwuy5J3KUOcRWdAaiHaYNVTHjdLUtMFx983RjAdbNfGo1s_MaJr8No1KcEkN342JoHzu-wVmPeMXImKLCCuq8MIg5JVyHVQO0pWLXTnNHGRpSVuBemcM5C6oI9uXRB9fryAXQG81XQflfg2wHHNvKOIMIdmUrs2VNwX8VgfB0WQP2OoTbbIH1DjBa-r7IsQ5YT0gh5gZZSePKTb9irBS6Pb7-PUXOBKjMrgpiF32JurQWa6Zr6OjGhX0jKQyRNarwFDNmWAKrypwQL3hEVc6ZW0u9iZgjDi9bkQ-1N3-cRJmn4JncoDqciD7tbXkDcXwhQ1zkxJ5Qr5ZiQ_GhAUQU4ZoyYiHMJMaRdhCQM-M-ueuCwggr0GKMnKGI6-ykuT_Ww==&alid=645026936c57ab0ab0c577f0&pub=0cace3277f6b99df&xkcb=SoCr-_M3PWpDsAApCr0KbzkdCdPPCDL
indeed.com/viewjob?jk=a53db0bf13dc4be5&q=class a cdl driver&l=Post Falls, ID&tk=1h0mfbejtunjp802&from=ja&alid=645026936c57ab0ab0c577f0&rgtk=1h0mfbejtunjp802Class
indeed.com/viewjob?jk=714743113c994bf4&q=class A cdl&l=Washington State&tk=1h0mb805a34up000&from=ja&alid=5f287b4e9b1d5e65bbe1b06e&rgtk=1h0mb805a34up000Truck
indeed.com/viewjob?jk=a7893b2db86d8ff5&q=class A cdl&l=Washington State&tk=1h0mb805a34up000&from=ja&alid=5f287b4e9b1d5e65bbe1b06e&rgtk=1h0mb805a34up000Transport

>>427484814How soon is the entire industry going to be overtaken by pajeets and muhammeds who will suffer any abuse by their employers and drive out American-born workers?

>dude just pilot gigantic century-old technology down rotting infrastructurepass

>>427484814Commercial drivers will be replaced by robots within decades, and there will be great rejoicing across the land. It's the worst way a person could spend their time.Shit thread OP.


>>427485179>Commercial drivers will be replaced by robots within decadesHahaha I've been hearing this for years but AI came and took writers and artists jobs soo bad they are striking in worry lmfao Fuck you "creative" wastes

>>427485179>nooo goyim don't escape our matrix of debt and low wages! definitely don't create your own capital and buy land without a huge loan! OY VEYI can see your nose from space

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>>427485052the jeets don't last very long if they aren't competent. the poos have more of an effect on the owner ops b/c they will stuff 3 of them in a truck and live like the 3rd world slaves they are. Take a look at any wal mart truck or fuel truck you see on the highway. they're almost always driven by white men. The poos can't get the good jobs.

>>427484814I have a friend who got his CDL and drives a cement truck. Got in thru connections with his in-laws and it doesn't seem to me like he's making that much money. It's the type of job where you show up early in the morning and you don't even know for sure if you're going to have work that day (if you don't get a gig for the day you don't get paid anything) but if you take too many days off you're in the doghouse. Almost exactly like being a golf caddy. Sure you can make a nice chunk of change in a short amount of time but it doesn't always work out like that.I am not saying don't pursue trucking. Just that particular segment of the industry is not very appealing to me. Actually I am somewhat interested in buying a rig and running a simple truck for hire business.Any advice on that OP? Say I have 100k to invest, I can drive stick and perform basic maintenance but otherwise definitely not a car guy.

>>427484814Away from home all the time and stressfulBoring and unrewardingWhen you arrive at receiving after traveling across country, unfamiliar with the layout in your giant truck. You just get yelled at by meth heads and Mexicans in the warehouse. No one's ever happy to see you or telling you good job. It's a very thankless job.Trucking is big part of major construction firms, they hire workers and drivers but the skilled journeymen do much better than the truckers. Work for a major contractor and trucking will be your fallback if you can't hack it. There are almost zero young fit happy truckers. They're almost exclusively older, fat, uncouth angry rednecks. It makes them that way

>>427484814Because I fucking hate everyone on the road.

>>427485868cement guys in the northwest get like $42/hr and union benefits. I don't know much about owner op except now is not a good time to buy a truck (verge of recession). >>427486094LTL and fuel hauling are local and home every night. You don't have to go Over The Road. But you already knew that didn't you mr. kikelstein?

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>>427484814Don’t do this. Skip the retardation and take the boatpill, and leave this shithole country for good.

>>427486323maritime industry is a good bet too. however you will be gone for long periods of time. If you become captain, you'll basically have to babysit an entire ship full of 3rd world shitskins (deck hands, kitchen, etc.).

>>427486317I've worked for major construction firms and dealt with a lot of truckers. Where everyone has to have a CDL just to get hired even if you never drive. Truckers are basically the bottom of the totem pole. It's where the apprentices who are reliable but unskilled get stuck.If you get a CDL you should go work for like an oil or electrical construction company. A rigger or lineman is a better career and you still have the fallback of trucking within your company.

>>427486317Good point, thank you

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>>427485318same here. even if it does happen a decade from now thats plenty of time to make your money, get good, and be on the list of drivers they want for something other than straight line runs in summer. i was hearing the same doom story 8 years ago when taking the airbrake course lol

>>427486094>Away from home all the time and stressfulcan be, but you work it out with your wife. treat it like a challenge to get where you want to go, thats what we did. 2.5 years full on to save for a house. >Boring and unrewardingnah. just driving a big truck is completely different to driving anything else. driving a car is maybe a 2 or 3 out of ten. big truck is double that and goes all the way up depending on conditions. try going through WY in a blizzard or through the mountains of BC when you're the only one out there because they shut the road down behind you lol>When you arrive at receiving after traveling across country, unfamiliar with the layout in your giant truck.its a challenge for sure, but its not nothing to arrive in a strange town, find your way through all the shit, nail the back in and leave again.

>>427484814truckers don''t make any money, truck driving is just for working meth heads


I got my cdl at the start of this month and started applying later that afternoon. I was receiving requests for interviews by noon the next day. I signed with a company at the end of that week and start at the end of this month.I live in an area that is notoriously bad for getting a job as a truck driver (florida) and even then it was that easy.

>>427484814>Walmart is a regional gig and they start their new drivers at around $110k a year. All drop and hook, you don't have to touch freight at all.>>muh self driving cars/trucksYou're exaggerating dude, I'm an OTR driver and walmart is all night shift. Also you need 2.5 years experience. If you're new you're not going to make 35 an hour, truck driving is like anything else, you have to put in the work and be a professional driver, experience and time is what counts. Coca-cola starts you off at 18 an hour, I asked. Might be higher now. But OTR is great I love it. No boss around your shoulder, they leave me alone. I'm doing 11-western right now headed to Boise.

>>427484814>. There are tons of high paying local jobs like fuel hauling (usually around $35-$40 hr), LTL pick up and delivery OR linehaul.theres so much competiton for those positions its not even funny.

If it's such good money, why doesn't everyone do it?

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>>427488346I would stick with them at least 2 years and don't quit before getting another job. First 2 years is important, and you want to have the accidents with your first company, not the better companies.

>>427488734If all you have to do to lose weight is eat less Why isnt everyone skinny?

>>427488346congrats user. what kind of trucking are you doing?>>427488358usatoday.com/story/money/retail/2022/04/07/walmart-truck-driver-salary-pay-raise/9497112002/wal mart is regional and you work during the day. >>427488454A simple search on indeed using those company names will show otherwise. everyone is looking for drivers. >>427488734it aint easy shill.

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>>427488887>>427489144Very limp answers. If someone tells you there's easy and fantastic money somewhere, they're selling something. So which are you lying about?

>>427488801yeah that was a big consideration with the company I ended up choosing. They have a great reputation and great graduated pay scale as I gain experience. Truly blessed that this company was willing to extend a hand to me as a fresh graduate from cdl school.

>>427488887>If all you have to do to lose weight is eat less Why isnt everyone skinny?I can't believe the 'eat less' thing hasn't died yet. That's all that fat people ever do. It's all about clearing your gut, they'll never tell you this. And you'll never be able to do that with low carb diets. Spicy chilli, raw garlic and onion, lots of carbs, salads, pasta with olive oil, fruits especially citrus, butter, eggs, full fat dairy, strictly no alcohol, fasting on water sometimes, that's the only clues I'll give. But none of it will work if you have no spirituality like the Buddhist 8-fold path as an example, or Christianity and devotion to God. There's no such thing as a healthy version of you that's atheist.

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>>427489144going to be a flatbedder!

>>427489233>So which are you lying about?hes not lying. trucking is good for a young man, and the pays not bad. Eventually you'll want to start a family and have to find a local job which is hard

>>427489455noice. good shekels in that industry.

>>427489546>local is hardindeed.com/viewjob?jk=f5fcc513fcf5d0e6&q=cdl driver&l=Mt​. Vernon, WA&tk=1h0o2rudtin7p802&from=ja&alid=63ef0625138d7025c53fc71c&rgtk=1h0o2rudtin7p802>>427489546>>427489546not hard at all.

What's trucker culture like? Do you 'feel' like a trucker? Any strange sexual encounters or propositions?

it's easy jus quit your job for a few months for train lolfucking yeah rightand then if you make a mistake you have to drive backwards on the freeway for 2 hours, if there is a jam you spend two hours in traffic

>>427489945we all create convoys then touch each others butts. afaik there isn't much of a "culture". Anyone I've asked for help has been friendly and helpful.

>>427489144>>>427488358 (You)>usatoday.com/story/money/retail/2022/04/07/walmart-truck-driver-salary-pay-raise/9497112002/You missed the point all-together. They require 2.5 years experience and it's night shift. Maybe there is day shift too not sure. But you're making it sound like you just get your CDL and magic happens. No you're not a truck driver until 2-3 years after you've made the mistakes. And you will probably get exploited like I did when you're new. Try to find a larger carrier with around 500-1000 trucks, I started with May Trucking Co. out of Salem, OR. They have a 3-strikes policy for accidents. They have good runs. Schneider is very safety-oriented they seem to care, maybe Werner. Stay away from Swift and J.B. Hunt but results vary. Do 48-states. If you can do OTR properly then you can do anything. Remember that 80% of drivers don't make it in the first year, so be that 20%. Pick up the manual and read it, nobody reads it that's why they can't drive worth a damn.

>>427490123>and it's night shift.it is not nightshift retard. your shilling won't work here kike. anyone can look at the highway and see walmart trucks driving up and down all day long.

I did it in bong.I mean, its okay because bongland is about 16 inches long, but the hours are stupid, the deliveries you have to do are excessive and our roads are fucking tiny.quit after a year.


>>427484814It's not a bad option to raise money to buy a house. To generalise, the hours are worse compared to other jobs. Less predictable and less socialable. But every job is different, some drivers do the same thing every day and know moreorless, what time they will finish, and can plan the rest of their day / week accordingly.

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>>427490391>anyone can look at the highway and see walmart trucks driving up and down all day long.And did you ask them when they started? Because it might be 2am driving into the day time.

no fucking way it's 100k without some catchmust be 10 hour days 5 days a weekor 9 hour days and a half day 6 days in a week

>>427490123>They require 2.5 years experience and it's night shift. Maybe there is day shift too not sure. But you're making it sound like you just get your CDL and magic happens. No you're not a truck driver until 2-3 years after you've made the mistakes.It shouldn't be a problem to go straight from passing your test, to doing something like night linehaul for a company like Amazon or Fedex, so long as you pass an assessment and can reverse a trailer within a reasonable period of time. Lots of companies will take on new drivers, if you show a good attitude and seem reliable.

>>427484814cdl you will get raped from every direction. one guy on a podcast even had the trainer steal his wallet. dude was told to buy tarps and straps he never got reimbursed. Stole his entire paycheck. Trailer had bad tires and no brakes. DOT told him to go to a scale and abandon the truck, lol. Try to own your own truck. $15k tow bills. $25k to fix DEF system. $900 per blowout. $500 oil change. You are screwed because you get $1.50 per mile.

>>427490541>quit after a year.That's not how anything works, you have no seniority at 1 year with any job. You'll never end up getting a more comfy position like that. The new guys get the hardest work typically.

Neet in a truck

>>427491218Yes this is true, but I would avoid line-haul you're not learning anything and as soon as you're thrown into an OTR truck you get into an accident. Do OTR first in my opinion.

>>427491119I've spoken to wal mart drivers at shippers. they work days tard.

>>427491525>they work days tard.Oh do they? Do they also work nights?

I unironically know an intensivist (ICU doctor) who is thinking of just switching to trucking. Tell me the downsides. There's no way Walmart doesn't fuck you over in some way.

>>427491483line haul is nights for new people but will earn good shekels. Estes has a "OTR regional" gig where you use day cabs to essentially do line runs between terminals then they put you in a hotel at night. I'm thinking about going that route soon.

>>427484814a job so good only ex prisoners do it?

>>427491650WM is a regional gig meaning you're "gone" for 4 nights. you are paid to sleep in the truck though. You generally work a 5/2 5/3 schedule. 5 days on, 2 off, 5 days on, 3 off. When you get some seniority, you can bid for different schedules including 5 on 5 off.

>>427485052That uh.. already happened except it's South Asians with a few pajeets sprinkled in. They all drive for swift, mostly. It's still a lucrative career if you are an owner-op or find a good smaller company to haul reefer in.>t. dad drives truck

>>427491774You better ask if the hostler lines up the trailers for you before taking the job or you're screwed. And you're not going to be making 35 dollars an hour that's for sure.

>>427484814You better have no speeding tickets like in the past 3 years or the only company that will hire you is that shitty TransAm one that pays you less than a Walmart clerk. I'm held up from starting my job because I got a complete BS ticket, it will get dismissed but I have to delay starting my job for three months.

>>427491650I think the guy who made this thread is completely new. It's like reading trucking propaganda.


>>427489144Is picrel along the Columbia River, south of Vantage?

>>427492055lolwut? hooking up doubles is fucking easy. sjobs.brassring.com/TGnewUI/Search/home/HomeWithPreLoad?PageType=JobDetails&partnerid=26183&siteid=6835&jobid=1164819#jobDetails=1164819_6835>Solo - $0.7100 - $0.8050 / mile>t. did night linehaul for 6 months

>>427492279it's the columbia, don't remember where. somewhere in eastern wa clearly

>>427492220>trucking propagandaIt seems like decent advice. Or you can go for the welding meme.

>Walmart paychecks from a driver youtube.com/watch?v=bd8z3kPji5c

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>>427484814I can't afford the mandated truck driving school that pete bootyfaggot made nor can i afford the retarded insurance prices. So i just run illegal, fuck the government.

>>427492688based outlaw trucker

>>427492688white volvo? based russian mobster trucker

>>427485052I think you mean mexicans but ya

>>427492395You're not even on the right website lol. Wtf is brassring.com? I pulled up some stuff off the main estes page but somehow I think they are baiting. 31-35 an hour if you've been with them a long time. Also it's probably night shift so say goodbye to your life. >Night shift>Seattle (everything is expensive)>Heavy Seattle traffic>How many miles for the route?>How long does it take? Do you use up your 14 hour clock?Thinks to consider. work4estes.com/search-jobs/Auburn, WA/35301/4/6252001-5815135-5799783-5785965/47x30732/-122x22845/50/2

>>427493782Notice this demoralization heeb everyone?

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>>427485107sounds pretty based

indeed.com/viewjob?jk=780493efc3ce0b18&q=class a cdl driver&l=Post Falls&tk=1h0mfbejtunjp802&from=ja&advn=6622729201746205&adid=412698237&ad=-6NYlbfkN0BSiyOjEJJLLc8HW6uGxsyMF89MFkTxRgUqYxBFsl3TinYwu3MN2WjHeokgzhnkMP9Bi1hEBl7_IbiOOa8Tc1GxX-1YdWUxY1lSIGp9Q9cuOwuy5J3KUOcRWdAaiHaYNVTHjdLUtMFx983RjAdbNfGo1s_MaJr8No1KcEkN342JoHzu-wVmPeMXImKLCCuq8MIg5JVyHVQO0pWLXTnNHGRpSVuBemcM5C6oI9uXRB9fryAXQG81XQflfg2wHHNvKOIMIdmUrs2VNwX8VgfB0WQP2OoTbbIH1DjBa-r7IsQ5YT0gh5gZZSePKTb9irBS6Pb7-PUXOBKjMrgpiF32JurQWa6Zr6OjGhX0jKQyRNarwFDNmWAKrypwQL3hEVc6ZW0u9iZgjDi9bkQ-1N3-cRJmn4JncoDqciD7tbXkDcXwhQ1zkxJ5Qr5ZiQ_GhAUQU4ZoyYiHMJMaRdhCQM-M-ueuCwggr0GKMnKGI6-ykuT_Ww==&alid=645026936c57ab0ab0c577f0&pub=0cace3277f6b99df&xkcb=SoCr-_M3PWpDsAApCr0KbzkdCdPPCDL A P&D Truck DriverCentral TransportPost Falls, ID 83854$29.50 - $33.50 an hour - Full-timeindeed.com/viewjob?jk=a53db0bf13dc4be5&q=class a cdl driver&l=Post Falls, ID&tk=1h0mfbejtunjp802&from=ja&alid=645026936c57ab0ab0c577f0&rgtk=1h0mfbejtunjp802Class A CDL Fuel Transport DriverJacksons Food Stores, Inc.Spokane, WA$70,000 - $120,000 a year - Full-time

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>>427494052I'm pretty confident you have absolutely no experiencing in trucking and you're a larping fedora.

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>>427494542>t. won't reverse image search the pics ive posted. get lost kikel.

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>>427494527Now go to the real website and find the pay.centraltransport.com/company/career-opportunities

>>427494714Now post time stamp. Don't even know what you're trying to prove because those jobs you posted don't pay 30+ dollars an hour, they'll start you off at like 18-25 if you're new.

>>427484814Can I as a beanerbro get hired with no experience?if so, how would I go about it?

>>427484814As a budding o/o myself the industry is hirting right now. Spot rates are barely paying for the runs. Money hungry states are trying to write expensive tickets for minor violations robbing you of what profit you could make. Fuel is eating all the profits, and truck parts / service cost is leaving the atmosphere.

>>427485868100k is simply not enough. A trailer alone is 30-40k right now. Truck your anywhere from 100k+ for that alone.

>>427495386I suppose if you're allowed to work in the US. You can pay for the CDL yourself or sign with a mega carrier (swift, prime, schneider) who will train you and get you the CDL. However you will be under contract with them for a year. I'd just pay for the school myself. Take a loan, max a credit card, whatever. you'll pay it off very quickly and easily once hired.

>>427495434No you can't say this you're A SHILL!!!

>>427488358Bro where do you find your lanes, rates are absolute ass right now.

>>427484814Why do burger truckers make such obscene money? T They make more then doctors here. Truckers in Germany is minimum wage or slightly above at best. Pretty much no German under 50 does this job.

more jerbs. indeed.com/viewjob?jk=714743113c994bf4&q=class A cdl&l=Washington State&tk=1h0mb805a34up000&from=ja&alid=5f287b4e9b1d5e65bbe1b06e&rgtk=1h0mb805a34up000Truck Driver-HeavyHanford Mission Integration SolutionsRichland, WA$34.49 - $36.31 an hour - Full-timeindeed.com/viewjob?jk=a7893b2db86d8ff5&q=class A cdl&l=Washington State&tk=1h0mb805a34up000&from=ja&alid=5f287b4e9b1d5e65bbe1b06e&rgtk=1h0mb805a34up000Transport Fuel DriverWilcox + FlegelKalama, WA$31 - $36 an hour - Full-time

>>427495954bigger country, more land to cover, more crazy weather to deal with, etc.

>>427484814the trucking industry is dominated foreigners who will work for half price that's why.

governmentjobs.com/careers/kingcounty/jobs/4003477/truck-driver-iiiSalary$33.97 - $41.28 Hourly

>>427495964>IndeedNot a valid source since they tell you a certain pay as bait to get you to sign up. And why haven't you posted a timestamp yet, I thought you were in a truck? >>427495883Freight is low, I'm working for an OTR company. Pretty comfy, it's only .55cpm on a w-2 (instead of 1099) but the routs are good, very few short runs (even those are like 430), mostly I get longer stuff.

>>427496291>governmentjobs.comWhere do you get this shit? Would be shocked if this shit was real lol.

>>427484814did this years ago to get out of shitty dead end jobs. The training company I worked for was miserable but I showed up with like $500 to my name and they gave a motel room and 3 meals a day, on top of training.it's a fairly easy way to go from dead end wage slave work to a viable career. People were talking about self driving trucks 10 years ago. Maybe some day it'll exist but it's not a threat yet.

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>>427496696muh self driving cars/trucks are a total fraud designed to separate gullible investors from their shekels.

>>427492246>bootlegging coors beerThese dudes were ahead of the curve.

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goys can also use a CDL and get into the electrical field as a lineman. Good shekels there. linemancentral.com/post/why-linemen-should-start-by-getting-their-cdl

>rules>rules>rules>rules>2x penalty for any driving infractions>all industry costs passed on to drivers/operators>one of the only existing non-union skilled licensed trades>shit hours, shit pay structure, you're basically disposable>computer shit spying on drivers constantly now, they literally watch your mpgs, your shifts, even track your eyeballs>all problems become your problem, no matter who owns the truck>all mechanical problems cost 5x to 20x more than car repairs, only specialized shops can touch your truck>stuck on roads with retards with regular "if you can breathe you can drive" passenger licenses driving like maniacs with impunity>society hates you, people will actively fuck with you>specialized niche shit pays well, regular shit pays horriblyprobably worst of all,>under federal fucking jurisdiction because muh commerce>cops and feds exist to hunt you, you are easy preybasically it's shit because the people who do it are hyperindividualist "got mine" types who think they're supermen simply because they eventually make decent money and can afford a middle class boomer lifestyle, not realizing that the average coastal liberal asshat makes about twice as much doing literally nothingit is not INHERENTLY bad, it is bad because no one gives a fuck about the drivers, including themselves-t my dad was a class C trucker with all endorsements a while agoI am sure it is worse nowthere are comfy positions out there, you get them by knowing the company owner, always

>>427496511My issue is the brokers I guess. For o/o they offer like 900 per lane from slc to friggin los angeles.