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Socialism is better than capitalism

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>>427482950Only National Socialism.

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that's what I call a new

sappo ginge la

hello, you were all nerds in school

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Fuck you. Fuck your feelings.Dictatorship all the way.

>>427482950Brits = inbred subhuman

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>>427483099>South Korea2nd best Korea tbhwy


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>>427483099at least he had a bird, unlike you

>>427483099even this lad could get a gf and ginge can't

>>427483338you envy me or something

>>427483240This Hitler fella sounds a bit based.

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>>427483075ffs looks like ginge

Think I prefer the other britpol threads if this is the bullshit made in its place.

>>427483099가서 엿먹어라.


>>427483338Yeah but now that guys bird is dead and hes getting the blame. Women always find ways to fuck you over.

>>427483099Norfman smash!

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>>427483099You have to be over 5ft to be in this thread sorry mate, when you grow up into a Man's height then I'll listen to you.

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absolutely seething lads

>Otto English

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Attached: fatty_spastic_retard.png (842x1000, 742.17K)>Hey guys, guys! >Didn't you know, that about 0.3% of the population was Roman soldiers, 2,000 years ago?>That's means you're all Italians, actually. Hah ha your culture doesn't exist! No such thing as English, is there?>We're all just Mongrels, aren't we guys?

I'm considering making a Linked in account in the hopes I'd have higher chances of getting an office administrator job. Despite having done the exact job I'm hunting at the DWP I've had no luck with Reed or indeed (I'd suggest none of you bother with indeed its seriously bad)would I be wasting my time if I made an account Linked in or should I just kms myself?

>>427484164Why lad?

>>427484321sending her that kek

>>427484419>uk was 99% white in 1955. Genetic make up largely unchanged for over 1000 years>"muh romans and beaker people tho">guess importing tens of millions of africans, poos, and pakis just makes sense!

>>427484578you should neck yourself instead

>>427484321i used to have a crush on the prettiest girl at school, tall with big ass, curly ginger hair. surprisingly she was on friendly terms with me. i tried to get with her even though i had no chance. but then a video circulated around school of her and her friend sucking dick in a car

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>>>Throughout, English calls him “Khan”, clearly under the impression that this was his surname. But Khan was his imperial title, not his name. It’s as if a Mongolian Twitter personality wrote a book about German history under the misapprehension that Wilhelm II’s surname was “Kaiser”.

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>>427484777I would if I couldcos I'm so FIT


>>427484518Someones been at me rich teas

me and pube opening a blacked amphitheater in manchester this october

>>427484419Does he even realise this is literally the old-fashioned view of British history, i.e. a timeline of cultural influences from its rulers

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>>427483099Even this guy has a gf. What's wrong with me, lads?

>>427484780>a video circulated around schoolmad that this is just normal now

>>427485183eat the rich

ffs i just ordered a large chicken shish kebab to my hmocan't be arsed making tartiflette tonighti even went to an alcoholics anonymous meeting and it was a bit wank but i'm glad i got some stuff off my chest around a group of randosyou can say what you want about your past and it won't affect you because it's anonymous and everyone there is fuckedlike this guy assaulted his wife blackout anyhow should have gone to fat bastards anonymous as i've been a month sober nowcor state of the light in my council flat looks like grandma's ceiling god rest her soul

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>>427484495linkedin in worse than indeed from my humble experiencei've been unemployed for five months now

>>427484419>grits teeth...

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>>427485441they're all selling nudes on twitter to nonces from 12+

>>427485929You're a fucking mess.

>>427485227>Roman, Saxon, Scandinavian, Norman, Dutch, HanoverianIn other words, whitesWell yes I agree

Saw a guy die of the suddenly the other day.It can't be helped, there's a lot of it about.

>>427486099i know :')but at least i'm not drinking or drugging

What's that nig Lammy doing at Bilderberg?

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>>427486308also i went to the gym and am ravenous and this is my fridge

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So are you debating labour winning the next election now

whatever happened to the guy who had the druggy mate with the messy roomis the drugie still alive i liked him

>>427486428haircut user is that you

>>427486421Being groomed for leadership

>>427486472the guy who used to post his crackpipe?might be deed user...

>>427486428Fucking hell its eddie 2.0

When you die. What's your list of achievements going to be.Normally they are:1. Married to his nagging wife for x years2. Had x little shits who just want his money3. Being a good wagie for x years4. Maybe went to church once a year

>>427486308Better to be a skinny druggie than a sober fatty.

>>427486525nah don't know who haircut user ispretty vague identifier if to be frank

>>427486126>46>natural causes>no further details>no need for an inquestnothing to see here

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>>427486661i'm not fat yet i have plenty of kebabs to go till i'm fatthat being said you're still wrong a little bit of fat won't kill you as fast as crack or heroin will

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>>427486746Yes people died from natural causes before covid. You didn't pay attention because you were not pushing your political views about it.

>>427486527>Lammy grew up in Tottenham, and was educated at Downhills Primary School there,[9] followed by the awarding of an Inner London Education Authority choral scholarship, at the age of 10, to sing at Peterborough Cathedral and attend The King's School, Peterborough.[10] He studied at the School of Law, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, graduating with a 2:1.Who has been promoting him? He's lowborn and should be running a chain supermarket branch somewhere with that background. Supposedly he's the CIAs guy in the labour party, but what they see in him I don't know

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>>427486639surviving past 27

>>427486639uhhh...I once doxxed a nonce on twitter?that's about it desu

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>>427486746Well a heart attack IS natural, I suppose

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>>427486070>muh mongrel raceSame is true for almost every other people worldwideI think some of them genuinely don't know or even understand this

>>427486639I play offline so I don't get cheevos.

>>427486988>hould be running a chain supermarket branch somewherePeople running chain supermarkets make a lot of money and ensure you get your food, what's your problem?

>>427486639Enjoyed my life a lot and played devils advocate in a den of misanthropes.

>>427486901What about covid? Are you suggesting he died from covid?

>>427485326yeah but she probably looks like Quasimodo as well though

>>427487179hope you're not talking about me user

>>427487185You are an antivaxx nutter and were insinuating he died from the vaccines, which you've done with every single death for the past 2 years.

>>427487105Nothing. I deserve a better class of oppressor, and this guy aint it

>>427486988I'd rather people who can run supermarkets and power station to run the country rather than international bankers.It's pretty much common knowledge that Starmer is a CIA asset

>>427482950Didn't you say your job was off the books?

>>427487245That makes me feel a bit better. An ugly gf isn't worth having.

>>427487302Oh, it's you. I always find out too late. Anyway, ignorned until the next thread when I notice you again

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South = anglos and jewsNorth = saxons and celtsSouth = intelligent, reservedNorth = dumb, crassSouth = skinny and middle classNorth = fat and poorThen theres niggers and pakis everywhere scattered about.

>>427486681haircut user has sad eyes :(

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>>427487488Those eyes have seen things.

>>427486988>Who has been promoting him?>As for his law school entry, Harvard had told him: "'You're going to be the first black Brit to come, we really want you to come, but it's going to cost you $40,000.' I didn't have the money and I'm very grateful to a group of Jewish lawyers who got together and got the money for me to go.His wife is also Jewish

>>427487045We're british so thats just friendly fire

>>427487302Take your meds

>>427487488that's not me and poor lad he looks very down

>>4274866391. Got married to a nagging wife2. Had 3 little shits who just want money3. Been a good sparky for 20 years already4. Used to be an alter boy actually5. Joining a gun club this year and getting a FAC6. When I feel my body is going away from me I'm going to go Taxi Driver and shoot every junkie, drug dealer, prostitute and politician I can get my hands on.7. Prison isn't much different to a care home and it won't cost the family anything. They'll visit about as often anyway.

>>427487456>>427487640Take meds, antivaxxie nutterEveryone is over covid, go outside, you're the only one still going on about it.

>>427487787>Everyone is over covid, go outside, you're the only one still going on about it.You're the one who brought it up?

>>427487479Essex is in the south mate. Have you seen the fucking state.

>>427486525No I only have a mini fridge now. Small enough for a carton of milk and a bit of cooked meat.>>427487488Old room. New attic room now>>427487488>>427487565welp

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>>427487586Lammy is what we call an "Afro Saxon"

>>427487904Yeah, sure, whatever you say.

>>427487758I hope he is ok too he looks so sad

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>>427487586he's a literal golem

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>>427488019dammit a microwave on the floor that's grim mateguess you at least have a microwave

>>427486988> He's lowbornMakes no difference. The Rhodes scholarship/young leaders programs etc are there to filter for the most effective puppets wherever they come from.

>>427488078Okay, I'm glad you agree

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>>427488171check out the snout on that thing

>>427488019Please tell me that is AI generated. It's so grim.

>>427482950>Socialism is better than capitalismthis is what you have, do you like it ?

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>>427488171I don't get those comments.

>>427488184Yeah mostly used for heating water for tea or coffee. Hot plate and toaster suits all my needs.>>427488288Fuck. I needed to fix myself a little cooking area in my room and I thought I did well.You people in your ivory towers. Come live with us real people.

i feel sad nowjust want all my brit/pol/ frens to be happy

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>>427488657Just cook in your kitchen.

>>427488659I just got back from warhammer and I'm fairly happy.

>>427488659I was born with happiness.

>>427488659I'm modding doom and I'm happy rn

r lad Wazabakana still hasn't been laid to rest>A teenager who was fatally stabbed in Barking and Dagenham this month won't be buried in the borough due to "threats" being made to his family by gang members, his uncle has revealed. Wazabakana Elenda Jordan Kukabu, 18, known as Jordan, was stabbed to death near Dagenham Heathway Tube station on Friday, May 5.>Jordan's uncle, Michel Pongo, is a Barking and Dagenham councillor and paid tribute to his nephew the following day on Twitter, warning anyone involved in gangs to "drop your knife" and quit "before it is too late". At a council meeting last night (May 17), Cllr Pongo told the chamber his family is unable to bury Jordan in Barking and Dagenham due to threats that have been made to his cousin.>Cllr Pongo of Chadwell Heath Ward, said: "Do we know how many gangs there are in the London borough of Barking and Dagenham My nephew will not be buried [here] because my cousin has received threats from a lot of people, so there are gangs out there that are running this borough."

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I'm the one who posted those topless Kronenbourg drinking pics. Today I got asked for ID in Morrisons. 40 years old. Tell me your ID stories.

Still time to vote, Norn Iron bros

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>>427489251>get asked for ID>show it>everything is fine

>>427489251i get so pissed off when the bitter old dyke at my local coop id's me for energy drinks. i'm almost thirty ffsthe bitch hag does it just to wind me up and it works

>>427482950Still butthurt over Brexit, faggot?

>>427488659we're all going to make it lad

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cor was a nice kebab but my chest feels funny nowcan you have a heart attack in your twenties?is that even possiblemy bmi is just within the 'normal' rangegetting close to 'overweight' now admittedly

>>427482950So what's the difference dave?

>>427490240Send me your bank details

>>427488901Nothing wrong with church.More of you should go

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>>427488659ive got pancakes

>>427490240dying of a heart attack in your 20's is perfectly natural.

>>427490240Probably just heartburn ladChew on a Rennie

I have a girlfriend. If I went into the full story some of you might think I'm retarded, but I have a girlfriend. This is my first girlfriend as an adult. It's weird, I don't really know how to behave differently but she isn't behaving that differently to before we started dating so I guess I'm not doing badly. It's her birthday next month though so I'm a bit annoyed because that'll mean money spent again. Today we went to this national trust place but we fell out because I was rushing her but we made up eventually. It's fucking expensive having a girlfriend, it really depresses me. Whenever we get coffee out (which is all the time) I just buy one for her now and don't bother eating or drinking myself.

>>427490624that doesn’t sound like fun

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>>427490624You both should book a day out with the variety club, their van will even pick you up.

>>427490796She is beautiful, we talk about personal things to each other, we kiss, hug and hold hands, we keep smiling at each other at random times. The money thing is a big downside though ffs.

>>427490981Plan a bank heist

>>427490444Church is for slavesCathedrals are cool thoughAmazing pieces of art, which are made into gift shops that sell souvenirs

Do you shop at Asda anons?

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what is Edinburgh like? I've just spent a day there for work and it seemed nice

>>427486065Fugg mangbest of luck with the job hunt

>>427491435kek>noooo my 60p an hour!I fucking hate wagies lol

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>>427491435Nope, waitrose

>>427490240It's the grease. Probably have a nasty shit later.

>>427490370why? no>>427490510i'm double vaxxed and all>>427490524yeh it's gone now i think i just ate too fast

>>427491443It's full of scotch people, such a shame.>The content of last week's Year 6 Sats reading paper has been published early, after some teachers and parents said it was so tough it left children in tears.>One question asked 10 and 11-year-olds to find a similar word to "eat" in a passage that contained both "consume" and "feeding". Even staff "had to really think" about the answers, the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) said.>According to the mark scheme, both answers were acceptable.

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>>427491628>asda unionI see 60 year old women working thereIts pathetic

>>427491713Based>>427491628Hope they unionise and fucking over the muzzy owners

>>427491866My brother is a zoomer and literally watches tiktok and plays fifa all dayHe has innate intelligence because he's white, but its a sign of the times

>>427491824What's wrong with scotsGirls looked cute and lonely, I saw very few men desu


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>>427491957They will be replaced by self checkout in a second lol>muh precious till workers

>>427492097Don't your parents give a shit?

>>427492169its Asda, their customers aren't going to scan shit

>>427492179They have softened with age and spoil himTechnology has made society extremely decadent.

>>427490444Religion is a lie, in my view.

>>427492137I thought it was mostly the Egyptians that were pissed off?

>An IT worker sued her boss for sexual harassment after believing his use of "xx", "yy", and "????" in an email asking for more information was a coded way of asking for sexual relations.>Karina Gasparova also claimed that when Alexander Goulandris renamed a work file with his initials 'ajg' it was an abbreviation of "A Jumbo Genital".>The employment tribunal at London Central court said Ms Gasparova's perception of events was "skewed". Her claims were rejected.

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>>427492264Its already startingOnly boomers cant figure out how to self scanAnd they cling to cash like its some dignified relic of the old days so cant just tap their contactless card onto the device

>>427492109Is anons vision impaired?

>>427492330Yeah they didn't take kindly to being told they were niggers

>>427492097My zoomer at least got bored of trying to make the cat dance dance for tiktok videos. I think it bit her.

>>427492330>egyptians pissed off at hollywood virtue signalling rather than complete islamic takeover of their ancient kingdom

>>427492469Its not that they don't know how to scan, its that they don't give a fuck to and just bag stuff

>>427490240Stresss? I drink a lot and eat paki shop pasties for dinner every night. I got these weird fluttering feelings in my chest. Hated them. I went away to Newcastle to meet The One. I spent the entire time drinking. Beer in the day, wine at night in the hotel room. Eat McDonalds breakfasts, liquid lunches and fried chicken dinners. You know what, I never had any problems with my chest. So all I could figure was it was stress giving me grief.

>>427492473I'm just lonely too UP

>>427492445More likely he used xx as a generic ending to everyone to hide his affair with the 19 year old PA. This hag thinks some hotshot would be wasting his time lusting after her?

>>427492445Mixed workplaces were a mistake.

>>427492734nah it was possibly just heart burni used to get major stress induced chest painwhen i was working my chest was hurting like a motherfuckeri don't drink anymore and that helps too

>>427491866These are sample questions from the us military asvab exam. /k/ reckons you have to study hard.

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Fellow Pakistanis please raise your voice for the legendary Imran Khan.He fights ZOG to keep Pakistanis in Pakistan

>>427492977From the article I read earlier it wasn't even an ending, he was saying that she needed to provide more information in her report, as in give xx qauntity of this and give yy quantity of that.

>>427492137Fucking racist professional critics. Imagine your shows so shit you get sued by an actual country.

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Why does increasing my mortgage help reduce inflation?

anyone still enjoy a bit of the old classic doom? the shooter from the 90s?

>>427493870Was quake 3 arena for me


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>>427493870Fuck yes, I even play the bad versions from time to time. Even 32x doom is better than 99% of the drivel that comes out today

>>427493518Second one is nitrogen right? Which is like 70% I think. Then oxygen is like 21% or something. Then the rest are smaller. And CO2 is like 0.03% or something.

>>427491628Funny how they always cut from the bottom, from where they will save the least money.

>>427493967corrrrstill love that meI've just finished my doom mod packbeen tweaking loads of stuff for a few months

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Was I a retard when I was a kid.Or I got smarter as an adult.But these reading questions seem rather easy? These are questions for 5 years olds. Not 12 year olds?

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>>427494015oh boy have I got something for >>427494190I'll upload the finished version tomorrowjust take a look at that unfinished version as an intro or something

>>427494031Yes. Theres a specialist section on electronics. I dont get how anyone with a modicum of general knowledge wouldnt be getting 100% and enlisting as a general of the space forces.

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>>42749414560p/hr saving from 7,000 FTE workers is a saving of £8m annually.

>>427494201I bet your parents taught you to read before you went to school? Apparently that doesnt happen much anymore.

>>427494201five year olds nowadays can barely read at all

>>427494646Too busy twerking on tiktok ffs

>>427494201>Teacher believed many children would have chosen the wrong answerImagine having a few hard questions on a standardised test.How are you meant to differentiate between good and excellent understanding without having questions that "good" pupils will struggle to get right?Seriously, fuck these commie teachers and their hatred of excellence


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the reshade setup isn't designed for windowed btwbest played on fullscreen

>>427494201I thought it was 'squeeze in' but hesitated and thought it might be 'crept in quietly'.I think I might be a retard, my communications skills have always been shit desu.

>>427494635There was a reddit thread posted here a year or so ago asking UK teachers about their pupils post-lockdown and the state of the youngest generations in general. The "positives" were:>more tolerant>increased awareness of social issues>more open about their sexual and gender identitiesThe negatives were:>barely literate>technologically illiterate with anything other than handheld devices>depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and low confidence>rampant self-harming among girls>poor language skills>poor understanding>primary school pupils not toilet trained

>>427495038Wriggling implies fitting through a narrow space, not being quiet tho. You illitarate baboon.

>>427495250well I'm fucked then.

>and he squeezed into my anus

>>427495097Yeah it's true also of the graduates who were Covid era uni students. >Shit general knowledge>Can't into Excel or Word>Sit on their phones when they are supposed to be working>Scared to talk to people>Physically unable to do a presentation>Call in sick if they're given a deadline or pressure to produce>Go catatonic if given even the slightest criticism

>>427495524Yawning walrus

>>427495097Woke faggot 5 year olds that can't spell their own names but know 47 different neo-pronouns.Thanks Obama.

>>427495097>aye well, they shit themselves a lot and self harm, but theyre happy to admit they might be benders. So swings and roundabouts reallyJesus. Its weird cos there was a paper that got the usual troon pushback that found gender issues in schoolkids largely disappeared when lockdown happened and they removed from the school environment and their peers...

Does anyone else do about an hour of work a day?I work from home now and do a few emails. That's about it.No one has really questioned my work output. Is that all jobs?Or am I just really good at my job?The fuck is going on.

>>427495738nooo it's not a trend and kids aren't easily influenced shitheads with no life experience, it's their authentic selves

>>427495901I used to love my warehouse job working the backdoor. Small company but busy. Got to run my own little department. Only had to deal with drivers. Comfy as fuck.

post from last summer by an user who claimed to be a former school governor

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Am in bed lads

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>>427495901no but I wish I did.I'm getting into IT so hopefully I can get a slow-paced job.

>>427496244most the pakis that come into my work are obviously genetically tainted. Mostly clear low IQ as well as asthma and hearing. Almost all wear glasses too.Many of them also have diabetes. Pakis are really fucked up people as a whole

>>427496244If only you knew how bad things really are.

>>427496454I kinda just automated most of the things.

>>42749655899% of pakis here come from mirpur, which ive been told by pakis i know is a total web toed shithole even by their standards. Like if every UK emigrant to the US was from glasgow.

>>427496808what kind of job is it?

>>427495901I do a job in the public sector where I can do that most of the time. Three or four days a month I have to do a full day to get monthly reporting done etc.The rest of the time I can blast through things in an hour or so and then goof off

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>>427497153Tech bro consultant

got dream house in a dream location for less than asking pricecan't wait to join the freemasons and become a pillar of the goyim community

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>>427497315How much is the mortgage? How many years?

>>427497102Cheeky cunt

>>427484788Based Sandbrook very sound

>>427497315You signed? Theres really nice semi detacheds round my way for a couple of hundred thou.

>>427497375turd in the id goy in the captchawagmi

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I find it funny the parents are better than the kids at IT skills now.But that's no excuse. Why aren't the parents teaching their kids this shit?Whenever I see kids in the supermarket they are all on smart phones watching videos.

>>427497102>According to the British Home Office, as of 2000, more than half the cases of forced marriage investigated involve families of Pakistani origin, followed by Bangladeshis and Indians.[21] The Home Office estimates that 85 per cent of the victims of forced marriages are women aged 15–24, 90 per cent are Muslim, and 90 per cent are of Pakistani or Bangladeshi heritage.[22] 60 per cent of forced marriages by Pakistani families were linked to the small towns of Bhimber and Kotli and the city of MirpurOnly the finest for bongland.

>>427497537Not yet no, but it's off the market

>>427497348Abstraction has done a number on us all