Who were they? Why were similar skulls found everywhere?

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>>427482276they were retarded

>>427482276Sneed and Chuck

>>427482353This.Also, imagine the shape of a vagina producing such elongated skulls

>>427482276Humans that bound their skulls for religious reasons probably because their ancestors started a cargo cult when the ayys stopped by one day to get gas

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>>427482276Were they white?

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A babies skull can be shaped because it isn’t quite as bone as yours and mine when they’re born. Babies are more of a gelatinous blob. Much like foot binding. ie: Stewie Griffon

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>>427482276They walk among us.

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>>427482595that picture goes hard, can i screenshoot it?

>>427483260>274you can't

>>427483260Please do not as I stole it and do not have permission to post itWouldn't want you to get in trouble with any over zealous sheriffs user

>>427482276Sorry dude, forgot to pick them up. My bad

>>427482276Jews.Pictured Jacob Rothschild with his lackey Charles, who was humiliated in birth by another jew, Jacob Snowman.

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>>427482276What's with the crater on the left

>>427483731That guy is 87, Soros is 92.Unless they have acces to special medical care, they will soon leave this earth because of old age.Will their children simply take over?

>>427483731What did Jacob Snowman do to him?

>>427482276Nephilim, and according to Brian Foerster their Y-Chromosome haplogroup is unknown.

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>>427482952>>427483094>>427483731These are accurate, "pre-adamites", read the law of one

>>427485894do elaborate

>>427485894Clif High frequently comments on this, something about an extra bit of dna on the Y chromosome. Supposedly a modification performed by the Elohim on man thousands of years ago. Anyone with the changed dna is part of an ancient ruling cast. Not sure if this is the same thing as the RH- blood factor but I suspect it is. The guys has some pretty interesting ideas and he spends enough time deriding khazarian jews that I feel like he's at least worth listening to.

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>>427482276The plan with the clot shot is to wipe out the rest of humanity and sell the planet to the Anunnaki. We have less than 8 years to undo 30000 years of mistakes. There is no technology that can fix this problem. The only solution is very specific and very intense prayer to remove the alien influence. Even if we avert that disaster it will still take at least another 80 years to repair the damage done to humanity.This is a free will universe and if you don't specifically request by name assistance from God directly you will get no help, since to help without a request is a free will violation.You can skip over a lot of suffering just by learning to make requests that follow free will rules. You can learn how to pray even more effectively. There is a technique to do it right with very specific requestsyoutube.com/watch?v=D5WPfZrKiFM&list=PL-8ppf30fZw8Mhe8WEiPzwfH2cjYSB4Ke (How To Pray)getwisdom.com/download/8270/https://rumble.com/v164wkr-demon-spills-beans-about-vax-during-exorcism-better-version.html

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>>427482276they have more brain capacity which allows them to become the rulers of all people. Meanwhile Poos have lowest brain capacity

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>>427483583See ya in Florida user

>>427486864>rumble.com/v164wkr-demon-spills-beans-about-vax-during-exorcism-better-version.htmli get scared easily so i won't watch thatcan o get a qrd?

>>427486864>This is a free will universedoubt. only the will of God is eventually manifest.


>>427487443A subspecies for sure but neanderthals, no.

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>>427482276They were one of previous reptillian creations for their loosh farm. They were a bit too smart so they had to be wiped out. We are the 7th series of their creation for their loosh farm. Before them there were giants, they were smart and strong, and they rebelled against reptiles, so they had to be wiped out also.

>>427482528they were hatched frenchbro

>>427488088Well they didn't do a very good job since there were giants in central and south america just a few hundred years ago.

>>427483222they do though somewhat diminished. he cuts his hair to hide it

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>>427483260we don't as user we take

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>>427482276it's a primitive ritual where they intentionally deform the skulls as the child growsnot aliens or atlanteans or any sort of shit like that

There is zero reason NOT to bind your child's skull.

>he bought?

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>>427482595this is a bulshit excuse because these skulls dont have the same skull sutures as a normal human... AKA the front is not sutured it is all one piece

>>427489320hello shlomo


>>427489933they have a greater volume than typical skulls toothere ARE cultures that bind their children’s skulls but that’s probably in imitation of the real ol’ nephilim heads

>>427482595Wow he's really going bananas for smoking, huh?

>>427482276what makes the most sense to me is that they were the original humans who managed to genocide each other to depopulate so they could produce us inferior humans for cheap labour to sustain their now reduced numbers so they don't have to workkinda like how global elites are genociding mostly whites now through vaccines and miscegenation which will introduce the mixed race and vaccine dna altered homo kalergius as the new cheap labour force, too stupid to notice their bondage i guess whenever people start to notice, the population gets wiped out and a new lesser species is engineered that maybe won't notice and will work for free, such are the cycles of "civilisation" on this planet

>>427487730Neanderthal might be related or an evolutionary mix

>>427482276I’m pretty sure that big filled in “hole” on the left skull is a giant trepanation wound. Trepanation is an interesting rabbit hole.probably the only true crystal-free medicine

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>>427482276>Peruvians practice skull elongation (bind the heads of babies so that the bones of the skull grow in a certain way) resulting in alien looking skulls>Totally human though>Find some very old skull with non-standard shape in some random part of the world>OMG evolution! This must be the missing link between us and apes! That's the only possible explanation!How do I know archeologists, paleontologists, geologists are full of shit?I think rocks form a lot faster than we think... Just like concrete cures in a matter of a few days and sandstone can erode in months

>>427482774kek, you can see it climbing the string as it goes

>>427489828>dump it


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>>427483260Screenshot it, it's all yours my friend :)

>>427482276My ancestor :)

>>427491868a 2 dimensional spinning object (on ground) will start to precess around itself.This flip is what happens when that precession doesn't have to push against the ground at the spinning point.you are an idiot.

>>427490407so it seems. so it seems.

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>>427482276Tolkien was right.Simple as.

>>427495379If my blood type is negative and I have the Neanderthal features, does that make me a kike? If the average person is a retarded and I hate them, do I share your opinion on goyum?

>>427485894You're a cop and a tranny bot

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>>427482276Niggas who wrapped a rope around their heads to the skull grows.