Pea Dog Reaches £4

In Britain today even the humble and much beloved Pea Dog is an expensive luxury out of the reach of the working glass who once treasured it.We can't even get a nice pease sandwich nowadays without spending three pound.America is overflowing with food. How can you watch us starve? Please, please help us USA.

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Just want the Pea Dog back to reasonable prices again. The combination of silky smooth and delicious peas enriched with butter, mint, salt and pepper atop a lightly toasted bun is heaven.

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With pea dogs now unaffordable to the average man I just don't see how we can continue.

I hate peas so much. My mom used to threaten me with peas to make me behave. Your pic makes me want to cry.

british "people" cannot help themselves from sloppifying every single meal of the fucking peas with a condiment ya fucken cunts

Think about it logistically. Seriously, think about it logistically.Also, we are generally fucked economically speaking, but UK worst thanks due to crap leadership and Tories not doing anything (somehow Labour is becoming the reasonable centrist party trying to purge it's far left shit) and Brexit making it worst. We are the worst G7 economy, the only economy to have shrunk iirc

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>>427481753English brekkie is good though.

>>427481542>beloved Pea Dogcould've just surrendered in 1940 and eaten delicious wursts for 1000 years, but no.

>>427481542Haha, I knew this meme would pay off one day.

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>>427481826>English brekkie is goodit is, everything coming together on one plate, even down to the beans is amazing. except the pudding, that shit is genuinely gross, both in flavor and texture

>>427481837Würste, my fren.

>>427482076The pudding is the best and healthiest part of it.

>>427482081How do you do the happy u?

>>427481542Love me peasLove me carbsLove me lagerSimple as

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>>427482171We have german tastaturs for it. Also chinese people of lenovo are german respecters and slav respecters. Proof: šâãæ

The last pea farmers actually just closed down in Denmark. They've farmed peas in this country for like a hundred years.But due to the factory becoming old, all the machinery needs to be replaced and the owners decided that it is no longer economically viable. So they are closing down the last pea farms. All future peas will come from another country.I don't personally care, as long as I get my peas of mind. But I am worried about the future.

>>427482146it prob is, i just cant eat iti use all natural shit in my brekkie, no nitrate sausage, homemade beans... my wife even bakes all our bread

>>427481542The what!?

Why can't I find a good peadog in the US?

>>427482081there is no umlaut on NA keyboards

>>427482480Based. I add tomato sauce to the beans, tastes way better than the original from Heinz.

>>427482733Ok. øõœó weird I dont need all those os.


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>>427481542That’s some top notch scran right there

>>427481542Good news is that pig milk is back on the clubcard offer in Tesco!

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>>427482029Based and peapilled

>>427481542What the fuck bongs it is bad enough that you call anything on a hamburger roll a burger even if there is zero burgers involved like a chicken sandwich. But now I find out that you call mooshed peas splattered on a hotdog roll a pea dog? This is beyond previously known levels of mental retardation.

>>427481648roflmao this food is so bizarre to me but i bet it does tastes good buen provecho amigo

>>427483047>tomato>not even sure what those black round things areBongs what is wrong with you?

>>427483851those are fried oreos

>>427481542>pea dogsI've seen some bong food abominations in my day, but this one tops them all.

>>427481542Would make a fun Monty Python skit.

>>427483885Kek. Since hes merican he will believe it.>>427483851Its blood.

>>427481542Is there any spice in the peas or is it just peas and salt?

>>427484191Indian hand bacteria flavour.

>>427484255No one asked you faggot nigger.When aryans are talking, stay quiet

>>427484315Lmao. We liberated your ass, not Gandhi. Show some respect, poo.

That twitter account has done irreparable damage to Britain's public image

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>>427483851ikr fr fr. Prefer a healthy american brekkie myself. picrel. bussin'.

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>>427484191Perhaps not a spice, but the always have mint.And the peas are marrowfat peas pickled in salt/sugar water before mushing.

>>427484699Id say ok for like 2£ but 12£?


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>>427481542I remember when my family gave me shit for mashed potato sandwiches. This is just silly.

Do Brits really eat this?

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>>427484699Why do so many places put a pathetic puck of meat on a massive roll like that?

>>427481542For me it’s a proper Chinese.

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>>427481648>silky smooth and delicious peas enriched with butter, mint, salt and pepper atop a lightly toasted bun is heaven.I'm growing peas and mint this year so I guess I will be falling for this psyop when harvest season rolls around.hs04j

>>427485154What's wrong with that?>>427485320That is a munch box. Not a Chinese just because is comes from a Chinese chippy.

>>427485154Looks good


>>427481542>>427481648what the fuck

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>>427483649Pea purée is some gourmet shit you dumb fucking yank.Pea dogs are fucking delicious

>>427481542>BurscoughBut that's norf.


>>427484191Tarragon or mint.Fry some shallots in there and black pepper too.And a dash of lemon juice.

>>427483851>black round things areThat's black pudding you uncultured swine.

>>427481542Where sosig ?

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>>427484741No...not marrowfat....those are shit peas


>>427483047I love shrooms and beans.

>>427481542>working glasswhat? in UK glass can work? incredible, you should make a thread about this, not about your inflation...

>>427481542>pea dogYou learn something new every day. British people have a fascinating love of putting foods which are side dishes to an actual mean on top of a piece of bread and calling it a meal in and of itself. Beans on toast, this "pea dog", there are others I'm not remembering at the moment.

>>427481542Just when I think I understand my cousins across the pond, I always find something new that perplexes me about the bong culture.

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>>427486606As long as it has a license

>>427485320This looks good>>427485154This looks unappetizing

>>427486642>there are others I'm not remembering at the moment.the toast sandwhich, epitome of the poorfag islander meal

>>427484699That doesn't look have bad for a concession stand burger

>me cockinsboggler greensie beansie sloppingjoggler Guvna! Pass the meatcock gravy and banglers!

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>>427486642It's basically British avocado toast. Settle down.

>>427481542Every day I hate the British more

>>427486897That doesn't make it better, avocado toast is a meal for faggots and retards.

>>427487096Well, Britain was built by faggots and retards so...

>>427487049Because they eat peas smashed on bread?

>>427481542how does the biggest empire mankind has ever known becomes an impoverished totalitarian shithole that can't even afford sausages?

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>>427484699>>427484969Those breads look not fresh

>>427484699Football stadiums have always had scam prices don't act surprised.

cooorrrrrr luv me sum norfslop with a pint and a bit of footie!

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>>427482081The wurste is yet to come germanon

>>427485154Cor that's proper scran


>>427481542Shit like this is why you all deserved the blitz.

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>>427481542>take hotdpg out>put peas in>make funny picture>sit back and watch americans and europeans lose their shit

>>427481542Hernekeittopatonki. :D

At least add some mint sauce, you savages

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>take hotdpg out>put peas in>make funny picture>sit back and watch americans and europeans lose their shit

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>>427481542I need beans

>>427485154We eat that here too, although the peas are supposed to be mushy like in the pea dog. Served with either chips like in the pic or with mash. You burgers don't know what you're missing out on

>>427481826I dare say that the full English is how we conquered the new world, chap. The savages couldn't match our diets.

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If I get 2 peadogs and a bunch of pints in a british stadium I will for sure shit my pants and roll with it


>>427490829the idea's to serve rancid food to the punters so when one does shit themself, everyone can have a chant about how poisonous the food isall part of the experience

>>427484315Based. Remind these subhumans of their place, cousin. Its okay if you strike him next time.

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>>427482076I wanna try black pudding so fucking bad. God I want a good British breakfast

>>427481542>4 Pound>For Mushy peas in a rollFucking hell that's grim - I remember being really impressed at the cost of food and drink in the UK, but this shit would cause riots in oz - just how bad is the inflation over there now?

>>427481542What is this cringe and why would anyone pay for pea paste squished between bread?That must have the most generic and boring taste ever.

>>427481542Wait, so there's no hot dog under the peas? Wtf.It probably wouldn't be bad with a Ballpark in there.

>>427481542Do english people really eat thing like that? hostia puta

>>427481542British people are genetically scared from hundreds of generations worth of eating goyslop.

>>427481542>>427481648I beg your french fucked pardon.Pea dog?A bun with crushed peas?

>>427486671they butter their glasses.

>>427482451Be sure to get some of those peas. They’re perfect for your local climate and you’ll have preserved the strain you already know and love.

>>427483851>>not even sure what those black round things areNigger dropplings. They introduced this cusine after domesicating the zulu empire

>>427484969it looks circumcised


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>>427486457kek, wursthund

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>>427489935>cue the tranny memes

>>427492739Sacred you mean.

>>427493047>they butter their glasseswhat? Why?

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>>427486446That's not pudding.

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>>427492292Gourmet pea purée is fucking delicious, you have no fucking idea

>>427481542the next best thing is the SHITdog and u only have to pay for the bun! Should be a delicacy in bongland especially because the bongpakis and the bongjeets can spice up the SHITdog! A whole new industry will emerge! praise allah!

>>427483535no fucking wayyyy

>>427496734Yeah it is a good deal eh. Grab extra. Yum.