VAXXED babies dying of myocarditis


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>>427479413It's normal for babies to have heart attacks. Same for athletes and kids, teenagers and healthy young adults. This is the new normal.

it is truly a mystery. Off to get my 5th booster frens.

>>427479413>dead vaxfaggotsI laugh

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>>427479413Thank God they didn't have Covid though.

>>427480339Very appropriate. Sadly.

>>427480339Kicking down the stairs would make me chuckle, but I need a real good laugh! Let’s shoot them out of cannons into a realistic painting of a brick wall 50 ft in front of an actual brick wall.

>>427479413I am eternally grateful to Pfizer & Moderna for not only murdering the entire political left, but killing their kids too, so we will finally be rid of them once and for all.

>>427479413This is a good thing. Their parents didn't meet the requirements for reproduction in the Information Age. Critical thinkers only.It's best the next generation of vaxxies die young before they either 1) use any of our scarce resources 2) reproduce with their sabotaged genes.

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>>427479413Wales and England. Pretending it's some cluster infection.It's the god damn vax you retard.

>>427479920>It's normal for babies to have heart attacks. Same for athletes and kids, teenagers and healthy young adults. This is the new normal.just keep boosting mRna's

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>>427479413Newborns having heart disease is perfectly normal, bigot

So do we have ANY answer on whether the vaxx effects chill out and stop or at least slow down after acertain amount of time? Are vaxxies generally fine after say 2 years? Or does noone know? What boggles the FUCK out of me is how we have literally trillions of dollars in scientific research in the west EVERY FUCKING YEAR and we cant get answers to basic questions like this

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>>427479413>>427481793I was wondering how fast heart attacks and strokes among toddlers will be normalized.Answer is: immediately

>>427481793Covid was the best thing to ever happen to the medical industry

>>427482285>I was wondering how fast heart attacks and strokes among toddlers will be normalized.>Answer is: immediatelythese idiots even had a poster boy vaccinated kid, got the vaxx, then died lol

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>>427481941The first 2 weeks are the most dangerous. But the damage is with you for the rest of your life

>>427479413Who is spreading enterovirus?

>>427481941Noone knows. How could they, it's new technology being tried out on a global scale for the first time.Any number of long term effects might pop up any time in the next 50 years. There could be multigenerational effects even.Biology is complex beyond the human capacity to understand.Personally I think there may be a surge in prion diseases over the next few decades, caused by "junk" mRNA which is included in every shot (it can't be helped, the manufacturing process isn't perfect).

I did a procedure on myself at home in the bath rather than go to NHS.All NHS do is malpractice and coverups and threatening to get police on people whom complain about malpractice.

>>427482891Only time in my life I needed a doctor was to set a broken bone. He didn't do it right and it's been a problem ever since.

>>427483122>>427482891I havent been able to walk right for over a year because none of the doctors can properly diagnose whats wrong with my foot. Ill probably never be back to normal and im mid 20s. Its fucking depressing

>>427479413Every single mom was vaxxed but it’s best they just never even consider that and leave it at experts baffled

>>427479413They were all unvaxxed

>>427479413Sure im onboard but... that is not that many. Time will tell. This one probably just boils down to the UK cannot even handle taking care of newborns.

>>427483492Try asking ChatGPT about it.

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>>427481941Nobody knows, thats why you usually have like a 10 year long trial period. Now they just skippped that and went with a massive global beta test and normie gobbled in up like it was the next triple A game. Lmao

>>427484209Longer answers are not necessarily better

>>427480594I'm pretty sure their coved test would be positive, considering omicron and the test gives back a false positive like 50% of the time.>false negatives are just 10% hurray!

>>427480039It's all fun and games until you receive a phone call informing you about the tragic death of your loved ones in a series of freak accidents caused by vaxmax'd vaxtarded stroking, suddenly-dying or encephalopathy-ridden feral vaxlepers.If you acknowledge that the mystery goo injection can inflict griveous harm and sudden death, but refuse to acknowledge the tremendous risk you and your loved ones have been exposed to ever since its rollout, you are no better than one of the NPCs who lined up for it.>"Hahaha, we made them line up for euthana-ACK!">>*dies in a car crash caused by a vaxmax'd stroking vaxleper*>"Hahaha, we made a fortune injecting this stuff into po-ACK!">>*dies in a gas explosion because a vaxleper fell into a stupor*>"Hahaha, I can't believe they allowed the merchants to pois-ACK!">>*gets crushed by a collapsing crane operated by some vaxtarded vaxleper*>"Hahaha, I can't believe these chuds refused this v-ACK!>>*dies in a "sudden and unepexted" cardiac arrest*>"What the fuck is wrong with this world? I just want to gr-ACK!">>*gets maimed by a horde of encephalopathy-ridden feral vaxlepers*Who's winning?

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>>427486226>dies in a gas explosion because a vaxleper fell into a stupor*Fucking shit i live in the commieblock

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>Empathy scoring doctor's responsesNot related to me actually getting treated.

>>427486226Mein Penis gewinnt.I am done helping andwarning people.I am jacking off and need more lube.Maybe we can have females again, sourced from cloning and breeding facilities that make unvaxxed females and reduce their rights to those of animals or create a new category for them:Breeding and pleasure pets.

>>427479920Kids these days are so advanced for their ages, they're having strokes and heart attacks before they're even teenagers. It took boomers 60 years to have heart attacks, fucking idiots.

>>427481793>whose paying for thisI would say your son is currently paying for your desire to be validated, with his life. Any parent who let their child get this shot deserves what's coming to them.

>>427481225Based kitty.

>>427479413Proof they were even vaccinated??

>>427484954Depends on what they were.If you go to a doctor and complain about chest pain and he says>bad heartthat's not as good as asking ChatGPT and it says>As a large language AI model, I cannot give medical advice. However based on your description of the symptoms, you may have arterial plaque congestion due to poor diet and lack of exercise. We must all remember that everyone is equal and it is wrong to discriminate. If I were a doctor I might recommend getting more exercise, respecting Black lives, avoiding falling into the trap of antisemitism, and eating healthier foods like fresh vegetables and unprocessed meat and dairy.

Lots of kids are getting sent to the ICU with Covid. 90% were unvaccinated.

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>>427488419their mothers were, take that into account

>>427479413>60 million young people "dropped out" of the workforceIt means its WORKING

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>>427489036Good for the unvaxxed.I mean it.But we still need to clone and mass produce women that are unvaxxed for repopulation.Might as well go for the ones that are 6/10-10/10

>>427486226the problem with your assertion is that I've been terrified of the awesome power of stupid people since I got my driver's license 18 years ago.I followed a guy for 10 mins after he drove on the sidewalk near my house, praying he'd pull into a driveway or parking lot Looked like he was just being an impatient fuck during rush hour, like a retard. He didn't, drove out of town. I was pissed.

>>427481941If it's drug allergies then none would show up after a month or so

>>427488843i wonder what the number of 5-11 year olds require ICU care for COVID itself.>Among 397 children hospitalized during the Omicron-predominant period, 87% were unvaccinated, 30% had no underlying medical conditions, and 19% were admitted to an intensive care unit (ICU).>The cumulative hospitalization rate during the Omicron-predominant period was 2.1 times as high among unvaccinated children (19.1 per 100,000 population) as among vaccinated¶ children (9.2).the numbers clearly show the vaccines reduced hospitalization of kids by ~50%

>>427489812You are going to burn in hell.

>>427479413 The funny thing is even though covid finished years ago, lots of companies have kept a vaccine mandate. This to ensure that retards like op stay in their bedrooms where they can't do any damage.

>>427480039normally I would but babies dont deserve this its not like they had a choice

>>427489812>unvaccinated you mean they havent had their fifth booster

>>427480158>>427479413>baffledI'm sure the "experts" have an idea but would rather keep their jobs than question something that'll just end up with them being silenced and berated anyways.There is no point even nooticing

>>427489812So you're going to inject tens of millions of kids with an experimental new technology with untested and completely unknown long term side effects, just to keep 397 kids out of the hospital?That's retarded.

>>427480339no joke they are GMO humans. hybrids. not orignal from the creator or their moms/dads dna. they injected worms, rna bullshit, spike proteins, and aborted fetal cells into their bodies for a fake flu strain and are proud of it. let them all be rounded up and shot. The only girl i ever loved got it and i think shes gonna die fo a heart attack any day now. i love her so much but sadly shes a stupid bitch. many such cases.

>>427490071Then be glad, because they would become like their parents or worse.Maybe they have been prevented to be children of such abominable people.

>>427479920its those damn video games.

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>>427490328>Then be glad, because they would become like their parents or worse.look at nostradumbass over here who can see into the future.

>>427483492Go to a good osteopath

i don't want to click but does it actually say they were vaxxed?

>>427479413>vaxxed babies dying of vaxtarditis>experts baffled

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>>427490298As long as it keeps america white then yes, it's illegal. If the purpose was to brown America then it would be legal. All legal efforts are to exterminate white people and European culture. If you realize that then what you see all the time around you will make sense. Without that you'll bang your head on the wall screaming the question WHAT THE HELL IS THIS LAW ABOUT? Just take the black pill and realize good whites are in a war with bad whites, one sect is good, one is bad. The bad are controlling the world right now. They are the spawn of satan meant to test the good sect to see if the good whites are worthy to sit at God's table. They'll throw everything at you to make you fail. That's their sole purpose of existence and it's likely they don't even know it. So all laws, judicial precedents, cultural movements, etc. are meant to make white people stumble, both individually and as a group. The only true humans on this planet are white. Everything and everyone else is meant to make white people stumble. It's basically a game to God, though it's not meant to be fun. It's a bloodsport and you're directly in the middle of it. And it's you as a white man against everyone else. But everyone else is controlled by kikes. So consider your life as basically a decent person living in Rhodesia that formed civilization where there was none and the entire world is against you, save for other whites that recognize what's happening.

>>427489036This. All the ((No one wants to work)) bullshit was exactly this from the beginning. A genocide. These people are not working, as they are dead.

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>>427479413And the dumb fucking donkeys want to make excuses that COVID and long COVID is what did it. Fuck em all

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Everyone who vaccinated a toddler or child I hate for life. It doesn't matter what they do. Sub fucking human.

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>>427479413Where does it say they were vaccinated?

People are to blame for this. Vaccinated piles of shit.

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>>427489326Hello.>>427489514>I've been terrified of the awesome power of stupid people since I got my driver's license 18 years ago.You've been terrified of regular stupid, you'll become terrified of mystery goo-amplfied stupid.

>>427479413Just go full clown and categorize them as SIDS.

>>427488615Ahahaha. It really is almost that bad.

She complained and legally won her kid back almost immediately.

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All the toddlers and kids in my extended family are vaxxed except 1 5 yer old.The 2 and 3 year olds are all max VaXXed on their toddler vax cycle. The parents are murderers. I'm literally waiting for the phone call any day of the sudden death.Toddlers only started Tibet vaxxed 10 months ago. No one knows how those little hearts and brains will take it months and years later.

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>>427490481Children that were born with undiagnosed heart rythms problems, lile wpw etc. You ileterate nigger

>>427493352>previously undiagnosed medical conditionsTotally, definitely, absolutely not the vaxx.

>>427486226I grieved.Then I moved on.That their bodies haven't isn't my problem.Their passing is naught but the closing of a karmic circle they opened themselves.I laugh in celebration that another slice of the suffering cake has been threshed and burned.

>>427493630It does happen, thought not common. Heart defects are the most common defects a person can be born with.

>>427493630It does happen thought its not common. Heart defects are the most common defexts a person can be born with

>>427494109>>427494200The malfunctioning bots here is peak fucking kino lately

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>>427486226>If you acknowledge that the mystery goo injection can inflict griveous harm and sudden death, but refuse to acknowledge the tremendous risk you and your loved ones have been exposed toYou have no idea what my "loved ones" put me through, because I didn't take the vax. They still cope. It's over.I shall feel no sorrow, if one of your retarded Final Destination accidents happen, I have grieved enough for them. But I shall feel great hate and lust for revenge once(not if) my family succumbs to the poison.Most of your countries have Pfizer local HQs, fucking faggots.

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>1>8iykyksage and hide

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>>427489326That kraut is right.Darkhats, whitehats...Both are part of Operation Lock-Step.Lock-Step is the plan.Chaos and calamity are required to establish a new world order, but people resisted the satanic version with a social credit system and CBDCs and all those related things.The Rockefellers anticipated this and developed the Lock-Step strategy.They established a team of overtly evil people who you just know fuck kids just by looking at them in day to day life.Then they established a team of overtly good people who oppose the evil team quietly, behind the scenes, under the cover of night because "the evil team is dangerous and can stop us at any time".The overtly good people point out the evil people exposing themselves exactly on schedule every single time.Between exposures, the good team presents an alternative to the evil scheme.No social credit system, but a quantum financial system.You won't get punished for bad deeds. You get rewarded for good deeds.It's not an AI that monitors your every move. It's a quantum intelligence.It's not a 5G cellular grid that will monitor you. It's a 5G satellite grid way up in space.For every single evil plot device, there's a good plot device which is exactly identical in function and method, yet presented as 100% the opposite in intentions.But the goals are the same.The powers that used to be want to tell you how to live your life.To mommy you around, because they don't really have any soul children themselves.It's not without reason that the evil tribe is a cult of Ishtar.She's the divine feminine personified, in the negative aspect.The cult castrates boys and rapes them in her honour, because she despises masculinity, for Gilgamesh rejected her.There's more, but the bottom line is this.Both sides are run by the same people.The faction you're looking for help for is completely, utterly, and entirely unknown, save for one name: Jesus Christ.He's not with the whitehats. Guess why.

>>427481793Is the boomer in the pic being rhetorical? Does he not know that his taxdollars through the NIH paid both for the 'vaccine' and for the development of the virus itself through NIH grants funneled into the Wuhan lab's gain of function work? Jesus. Normies have become so clueless that they are slaughtering their own offspring and dont even know why.

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>>427494667> quantumYea no. 2 Kelvin is hot qubit. Try to understand what it means.

>>427481941Asbestos can take 20 to 30 years to start even showing its effects on your lungs. You can be exposed to asbestos when you are 25 and die of asbestosis when you are 60.Who knows how long that shit is going to be sloshing around in your body and when it finally causes a clot to burst your heart. All we know is that everyone is walking around with a ticking time bomb in them now.

>>427482668The last pandemic 'Simulation' done by Gates and go was about an enterovirus.Fuck.. what was it called? Pandemic something.Any other anons know? It was a scenario about an enterovirus plague in 2025.

>>427481793LMFAO- dumbfuck get's his son injected with an EXPIREMENTAL injection, agrees to be a fucking lab rat since there is supposedly not stats other than the actual 8 or so real rats they tested it on. All for an illness with a 99.5% plus survival rate.

>>427493053>She complained and legally won her kid back almost immediately.I don't care if she got the kid back immediately, that judge deserves to hang. IRL, not in minecraft.

>>427494798Quantum financial system is just a name.They call it quantum because that sounds technologically advanced.Most people don't understand what it means, let alone that it implies a complete and total dependency on technology, a tech which people don't comprehend.That QFS is presented as the ultimate answer to man's quarrels, but becoming a slave to a new system without knowing what it really is or does? We've seen that before.

>>427479413Never trust a Jesuit doctor

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>>427488843>Dec 19 2021

>>427494323>The malfunctioning bots here is peak fucking kino latelyNot a bot, just someone who doesn't speak English as a primary. Misspelled a word and used clumsy syntax. Also new to the internet, posted and didn't see the comment, didn't refresh or it was slow. Assumed it didn't go through and reposted the same comment. No need to conjure up wild fantasies of bots to explain it.

>>427493814ThisMy grief phase was while everyone was getting the shotsI havent cared in like a year and a half. It is what it is.My own personal feelings aside, the world is going to be a better place without these people, as harsh as that sounds

>>427494876SPARS comes to mind but it's

>>427495194New to the internet? Are you 6 or something?

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>>427479413It's extremely mild myocarditis though

>>427479413It's normal for babies and toddlers to die because of heart failure induced by a common cold, don't be such a conspiracy terrorist.

>>427494876Got this

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>>427495272Found it.. it was called "Catastrophic Contagion'Thanks user. have the video here, mp4 at

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>>427481941no, dont have sex with vaxxies either, you can get spike proteins from a womans vagina blood

>>427479413100% safe and effective. Stop lying Chud.

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>>427479413I don’t think you can give a new born the covid vaccine bro

>>427479413>Sheep may fall over when they are scared as a result of a condition called "cot death" or "sudden death syndrome." This occurs when sheep are frightened, causing a sudden release of stress hormones, such as adrenaline, which can cause their heart rate and blood pressure to increase rapidly. The increased pressure can cause blood vessels to rupture, leading to a sudden loss of blood flow to the brain, causing the sheep to fall over and potentially die.

>>427479413>myocarditis>typical a harmless viruscomplete and utter bullshitit is heart inflammation, it causes lasting damage and it significantly reduces your life span, or it just outright kills you.

>>427479413Are they vaxxing kids in the UK?

>>427495194The guy has managed to find his way to 4chan's Holla Forums board, browse the available threads either via the main page or via the catalogue, enter a thread, refresh it up to the current state, find out how to reply, find out how to quote a post, form a self-confident response to an ongoing discussion as his first ever post on the website, and submit his own reply successfully, and do it all perfectly a second time too... But he's "new to the internet". Got it.

rolling for children of men

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>>427479413Sure they are.Wanna explain why nearly 100% of doctors think you guys are retarded, and why unvaxxed nigger cattle make up 95% of deaths and hospitalizations?No? lmao then keep seething, dipshit

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>>427494888Higher than 99.5% when we take into account 80% of the deaths were directly caused by ventilators and related "treatment" drugs like remdesivir.They purposefully killed millions of people to make the virus seem worse than it was, then injected everyone with vaccines that have now killed more people than the virus + murdering psychotic doctors did.


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>>427480594>Thank God they didn't have Covid though.This is the main takeaway from this!

>"help me, a vaccine I never took is making me clot up like a bitch"HAHAHAHAHAHA

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>>427479413Well if these babies cared about freedom they would do something. Semper fide, babies.

>>427496500Officially it was never offered or administered to children under 5.I have a few friends with children who are/were under 5, they were all harassed about giving their kids the vaccine, none of them did.One of my friends has a recording of a conversation between him and a doctor. The doctor is trying to persuade my friend to have his 3 month old son vaccinated against Covid 19, my friend reminds the doc that the vaccine is not being given to children under 5, he pulls up the government website and has the doc read it, the docs response? "I vaccinate under fives every day".

>German grandpa takes 60 vaccinationsSomehow still alive while antivaxx trannies seem to be dropping like flies all around him lmao

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I should be hired as an expert based on how often I've been accidentally right about this bullshit.

>>427496766Link from Pharmacy Times.then a link from ChatGPT?Fuck's sake faggot, at least shill with decent sources, baka.

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>>427480158More like the experts are terrified to tell the truth because the beast they work for and rely upon for their livelihood and retirement will devour them.

>>427497510>"i was right">t. ACKFlat earthers think they're right too. Why would you think low IQ retards who drink their own piss to cure COVID are right but nearly 100% of doctors are wrong? lmao you virgins are so fuckin brain damaged

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>>427481793We tried to warn them but they knew better because they trusted the (((experts))).No longer my problem.

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>>427497577If you don't trust the mountains of existing evidence, literally nothing will change your mind.It's too late for you. You're stuck with COVID induced AIDS and brain damage for life. Good job taking medical advice from literal piss drinkers and ending up a fuckin crippled mutant LMAO

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>>427497669>Flat earthers think they're right tooThey are.

>>427497763When antivaxx trannies stop making up 95% of deaths and hospitalizations, then you can talk.Until then have fun seething in your retard chambers full of medically illiterate AIDS victims lol

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