Would you choose to live in a Sharia state and pay Jizya (non-muslim tax) if the Muslim government killed jews, fags...

Would you choose to live in a Sharia state and pay Jizya (non-muslim tax) if the Muslim government killed jews, fags, and trannies?I would rather pay Jizya than live in a kiked globohomo state.

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>>427478504I wish they targeted faggots

>>427478504Depends on the race of the muslims, if we're talking retarded degenerate pakis and the like then no, it wouldn't be much of an improvement over being ruled by white shitlibs and jews.


Ether way we will face persecution for our love of christ

>>427478960Muslims revere Christ as a messenger of God and believe in the immaculate conception, they just don't believe is he God himself. Christians do not go to hell according to Islam, and in Sharia law they are considered "people of the book" and are allowed to practice Christianity as long as they pay their taxes.

>>427479302he is God himself*

>>427478504Look into the chai boys. I forget the name of it in other places, but literally every Muslim majority region has them.Also, getting sex reassignment surgery is considered Halal to some Muslims because when you bang the guy you're technically not gay. This, along with all the other loopholes and bullshit in their religious law are a good chunk of the reason why every Islamic majority nation is an absolute shithole. And all of this, of course, ignores their treatment of non-Muslims, the fact that their prophet had sex with a 9 year old, the fact that beastiality, pedophilia in general, and rape are all condoned or encouraged, their IQs and percentage of the population that is severely inbred, etc...They would not fix the degeneracy. They'd just give it a new flavor.Think before you post next time, user.

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>>427478504>Would you choose to live in a Sharia state No, I don't want to live under sharia (noahide) laws. Islam is a jewish application kekolding religion for good goys.

>>427478504Islam is literally the solution to all worldly problems and the only people who disagree with that fact are degenerates.

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>>427479486>Islam is jewish b-because I said so!Kill yourself retard, we're the only ones who oppose kikes unlike you.

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>>427479302Islam is a perversion of Christs teachings. Look up the youtube channel "give light" Lots of good research to be done. I see muslims as pagen savages, nothing more.

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>>427479302You should know better. Look up Muruna, Kitman, Taquiyya and Tawriyya. Muslims are liars, plain and simple, by their faith. They will bullshit you with whatever they think is necessary to Butter you up to them. They are a menace almost on par with the kikes themselves.They believe all unbelievers are subhuman, the same way the Jews call us goyim. Muslims are to "Dash off (an unbeliever's) fingers," to "cut off their heads wherever you find them" and to "make (sex) slaves of their wives and children." Along with the four doctrines of deception, look into the Sirat and the Reliance of The Traveler, which are considered holy texts nearly on par with the Quaran

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>>427478504Would we also not have to pay (((interest))) on loans?

>>427478504They first have to kill all niggers and sandniggers.

>>427480019Interest is extremely prohibited in Islam."O believers, take not doubled and redoubled interest, and fear God so that you may prosper".

>>427479729>we're the only ones who oppose kikes unlike you.Only in your own countries, the second you come to the west you become jew golem and support the very things you claim to hate to extract resources and subvert the west for your benefit. Not that I blame you mind, it's a sound strategy, but the idea that muslim diaspora are hostile to jews is at complete odds with reality.

>>427480016>don't trust anything Muslims say>here's an anonymous post by a green nigger

I don't like fags but I do not think they should be killed. There is a very fine line with the perverted shit that is tolerated in today's society though. Freedom of expression has been bastardized and I don't think the founding fathers intended for it to include walking around sucking dildos in a thong with a megaphone screaming about getting fucked in the ass. Im certain the idea was so far removed from reality they had no need to clarify against it.

>>427478613>minorities should do the majority's deed>inb4 arab cuntsmutts would go into FREEDOM 'tm' mode if arabs started electing their own leaders

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>>427479785im just going by what op way saying.if this was the reality under islam i wouldn't gaf

>>427480399>that videoGod I miss 2015 and their shenanigans

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>>427480344If you want to be a 1776 LARPer, Thomas Jefferson proposed a bill yo castrate faggots.


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>>427480474>im just going by what op way sayingOP literally didn't mention anything about christians???

>>427480016>"For if the truth of God hath more abounded through my lie unto his glory; why yet am I also judged as a sinner?" (Rom. 3.7)All of that is Shia, and most Sunnis have never heard of it. Have some Paul the Liar>"I made myself servant unto all, that I might gain the more. And unto the Jews I became as a Jew, that I might gain the Jews; to them that are under the law, as under the law, that I might gain them that are under the law; To them that are without law, as without law, that I might gain them that are without law. ... I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some. And this I do for the gospel's sake" (1 Cor. 9.19-23).

>>427480669> pay Jizya (non-muslim tax)this clearly includes christians


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>>427480541I'm not but it always seems to get brought up how they have a right to express like that because it's in the law of the land. Running around with a boner and looking at children with lust in your eyes isn't protected expression. All of that degenerate shit, every single bit of it, needs to be kept to yourself. We don't need a monthly parade that exists to brag about having a shit covered dick and monkey pox

>>427478613>I wish they targeted faggotsYou were crying about this not long ago.>>427480016What is it with judeo-christkikes and always projecting this hard?>Reliance of The Traveler>considered holy texts nearly on par with the Quaran>QuaranKYS subhuman.

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>>427480751I don't think you'd be paying as much as what we're both paying here in this shithole of a country

>>427478504I will be happy to Jizya, op. Bend over and open up that brown eye booty, so I can Jizya. That's the most you Muslime, Islime faggots will get from me, with all your covert proselytism. Get fukd.

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>>427478504fuck the ethno-state, autismo-state is where the real shit at.

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>>427480016>Look up Muruna, Kitman, Taquiyya and Tawriyya.wtf is all this shit?I only know taqiyya and that's a Shia thing meant to promote peace only be Shias and Sunnis.>They believe all unbelievers are subhumanif converting is enough to make you "non subhuman" than you were never subhuman to begin with

>>427478504Only if I can buy a wife.

>>427480182it's haram to emigrate to Kaffir countries.Simple as.If he was moving to the west...well, it's just like this picrel here>>427480867

>>427481345explain this, kikeit better not be child marriage or some shit like that because it wont be to your advantage here as youd think

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>>427480928Covert proselytism?How can you be covert proselytising something as big as Islam?

>>427478504>Muh based goatfucker sandniggers.

>>427479785Kek Nice PIC sisters

>>427481345is it autism? literally?who cares?


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>>427480867I did?

>>427480182lies they hate consevetards for anti-Migration shit, subversive maybe but not for fags

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>>427481718>it's haram to emigrate to Kaffir countries.>Simple as.You're making shit up. Simple as>O My servants who have believed, indeed My earth is spacious, so worship only Me. 29:56>And the earth He has put for the creatures. 55:10>And of the people is he who disputes about Allah without knowledge and follows every rebellious devil. 22:3You and that other dumbass Bengal like to appoint yourselves mullahs, don't you?

>>427478504>you have to be muslim to kill jews, fags and trannies??

>>427481874das rite, malaun

>>427482169its much more likely

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>>427480309That image wasn't meant to be a magic bullet, it's just a taste of what they do. I unfortunately have lost it somewhere in my archive but I have some extensive overviews of Islam, its philosophy and their more fucked up practices written by an "apostate.">>427480706>>427481606>You proved that we can lie according to our religion>But we would never do that, it's the other guysUh huh.Also, too bad you tend to behead the ones who tell you to fuck off. Ruins a bit of credibility. >>427480867What do you know, the liar lies and calls for my death. Rather telling, methinks.

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>>427481796must be an american perversion.

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>>427482320>christcuckerysame trick different jew

>>427478504nopebecause i already live in a 99.98 white people none faggot kiked trannied place

>>427482359Did you miss the bible verses by Paul the Liar that encourage lying and pretending to be whatever you need to be? Lying Paulcuck faggot

>>427482153other Bengal?I'm the only one.islamqa.info/amp/en/answers/13363In fact, Al Albani says even Palestinians should leave.>29:56lul, irrelevant verse that neither proves your point nor disproves mine>55:10again, same as above>22:3oooh look at this coping faggot.You like talking about how spacious God made earth?>They reply: “We were weak and oppressed on the earth.” They (angels) say: “Was not the earth of Allaah S-P-A-C-I-O-U-S enough for you to emigrate therein?” Such men will find their abode in Hell — what an evil destination!”[al-Nisa’ 4:97]

>>427482460Don't forget that crosskikes are all followers of paul directly or indirectly

>>427482435libs statsi dont believe it, its not 'natural'

>>427482359where'd you prove we can lie according to our religion?The only time lying may be excused is if our life was in danger.And even then it's still a sin and you have to repent for it

>>427482600Lol, from the faggot that doesn't speak Arabic, coming to give Muslims advice that they are somehow inferior to curry niggersAnd yes, there's another one. You seem like such a lying piece of shit, I'm ashamed to be considered on your side. Fucking curry nigger that couldn't make it in Canada

>>427478755>>427478613So in other words all Jews.

>>427482772You and him aren't too different from each other. Debate class faggots>>427482600>S-P-A-C-I-O-U-SWhy did you do this with the word spacious? To tell me that it means Muslim countries? Fucking dumb shit. Apparently the Earth only consists of the countries East Pakis deem legitimate

>>427482788you the alboroach?Instead of refuting anything I said, you just shat out your seethe. Lmao.>they are somehow inferior to curryniggerswho inferior to what now?Only people I hate are kikes.And American Niggers. Sometimes.

>>427478504Isa ibn Maryam would abolish the jizya if he returned, also hadj he would abolish possibly since it has become muslim disneyland

>>427483009what countries do east pakis consider illegitimate?I am VERY curious to hear this

>>427483111how has hajj become Muslim Disneyland?

>>427483009>“I disown every Muslim who settles among the mushrikeen.” Narrated by Abu Dawood, 2645; classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh Abi Dawood

>>427482657it was mostly the nobility whom married at childhood/adolescence, and they had loads of fucked up things going on with them. if you consider the age of marriage as critical factor, you should absolutely look into it further.

>>427478504Polygamy is allowed in Islam Which means basically all the problems you see with single males in the west are magnified several times.

>>427483191i guess he mean saudi (((toor)))ism and how much easy it is to travel now

>>427478504I would probably convert. i'll do away with beer and bacon. it's a reasonable trade.

>>427483339yes sure they were sooooo much busy with school and (((college)))

Kill all Jews and faggots

>>427483339even if the stats were correct which i bet they aren't, what about before 1700s?why was it acceptable for 99% of the human timeline?

>>427483191i guess its probably because muds love posting about how they went to the mecca and kissed the black rock for social media points

>>427483360Every man still has a right to marriage.If you can't get married at all, lots of your duties to community, jihad etc get waived off.Fucking midwit, women ALWAYS outnumber men, even in peacetime, and in Muslim societies with war, even more so.In fact, globalisation is the anomaly of history, before then war was always round the corner.Polygamy is for the non virgins, used goods, divorcees with kids in tow etc

>>427483361oh .Well, Makkah and Madina still not touched.>>427483408beer is fucking disgusting.I don't get the appeal, if you drink alcohol as whiskey or vodka I actually get the appeal, even as something haram.

>>427483679that doesn't make it Disneyland.What makes something Disneyland?

>>427483905enjoyment i guess which modernity made hajj hardship non-existent

>>427481345>>427482435>>427483339Kys kike you are the demon in this world!

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>>427482435Your Talmud specifies that the jewish age of consent is 3, and, in the Shulchan Aruch, it's explained that the "seducer" of a girl less than free will see no repercussions, so long as he convinces his victims father to approve of their marriage.

>>427479486what about Sharia do you find wrong?And why do you compare Sharia with Noahide laws?Sharia is infinitely more comprehensive, noahide laws only take up a page .In fact I'm now curious what about noahide laws do you disagree with?

>>427484084huh, you have a point

>>427482460Being disingenuous about a Bible verse, imagine my fucking shock.Romans 3:5-9 (ESV)>But if our unrighteousness serves to show the righteousness of God, what shall we say? That God is unrighteous to inflict wrath on us? (I speak in a human way.) By no means! For then how could God judge the world? But if through my lie God's truth abounds to his glory, why am I still being condemned as a sinner? And why not do evil that good may come?--- as some people slanderous charge us with saying. Their condemnation is just.To simplify: some people have been charging Paul with lying to spread God's word and asking the hypothetical question of why we can't sin to do God's work. They are stupid.The other verse is about assimilating to another culture and living among them to spread the gospel. Nothing deceitful there, unless you would consider nationalization of an immigrant to be a "lie.">>427482772The four doctrines of deception are proof the Muslims can lie to others outside of their faith.Again, I'm not going to trust someone whose religion openly states he may lie to me to deceive, convert, or harm me.

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>>427484895Can you prove me wrong, homo?

>>427485082>Can you prove me wrong, homo?

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>>427484768other than taqiya, I've never fucking heard of the other 3 so called doctrines.Post their definitions or something.

>Can you prove me wrong, homo?

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>>427484768>why we can't sin to do God's workaren't you accusing us of this?

>>427478504>if the Muslim government killed jewsProblem there is that while the west is zogged the muzzies aren't going to be able to do that, and if the west Is dezogged what the fuck do we need the muzzies for.

>>427485225>>Can you prove me wrong, homo?

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>>427485138Nice non-answer memeflaggot.I think you'd be better suited over at Reddit.

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>>Can you prove me wrong, homo?

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>>427483624also take into consideration child and infant mortality, it might take years for a woman to give birth to a healthy child that will survive to adulthood. child mortality isn't a thing today and every preemie makes it which also affects the general health of the population.

>>427485453load of pilpulask your rabbis

>>Can you prove me wrong, homo?youtu.be/8Z9bU5ExPQE

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>>427485615lmao man I know what you are trying to get at, you can go to the philippines and marry that prime 9 years old cunny, just use precautions till she turns 23, shouldn't be any problem.

>>427480474>>427478960You're forgetting that Hamas is ash'ari, not wahabi.Their idea of sharia law is very different from what you think of when you hear that word.

>>427485875you used as an attack even though you believe in itaka pilpul jewish ticks

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>>427485249Yes, and the point that Paul made was that Christians aren't allowed to do that.>>427485198Having trouble finding my old info graphic on it. Essentially though, they each cover different "forms" of lying. One is lying to cover up the fact that you are Muslim, one is to blend in with non believers (by eating pork, drinking alcohol, etc...), one is lying by omission (not telling nonbelievers about certain parts of Islam) and the other I believe (though I could be misremembering) blanketly covered "white lies" that were in service of Allah or Muhammad, piss be upon him.

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>>427478504Nigger, you won't have any right then. You'll become dhimmi, which literally means safe custody or (escrow, I'll deliver you to Allah safe and sound). If I decide to rape your daughter, you can't even sue me. I'll just marry her.

>>427481798Dictionary. Please. Retard.

>>427486426>Nigger, you won't have any right then. You'll become dhimmi, which literally means safe custody or (escrow, I'll deliver you to Allah safe and sound). If I decide to rape your daughter, you can't even sue me. I'll just marry her.

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>>427486512Are you that self hating roach, roachbro?

>>427486693>Are you that self hating roach, roachbro?how the fuck do you even get to that conclusion?are we all living in your roach matrix that most of the npcs are all erdog voters and youre the only one awake?!

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>>427486208you should totally do that just to spite jews off, phlippinpenis better hide the cunnies.

>>427486310Is this why so many troons are Iranians and other forms of Muslims and Islams?Because they are endorsed to lie by their culture?' I am not a Muslim 'And troons are also endorsed to lie about what they are, in their culture?' I am a real woman '

>>427486892>t. manny epstien the thaimerchant

>>427486310>that picits to applicable to all minorities, tard

>>427486859>how the fuck do you even get to that conclusion?Very easily.

>>4274872101) That doesn't disprove my point. At all. Retard.2) Most minority groups don't have the same level of organization or ideological adherence as Muslims do, making Islam a larger and more immediate threat.We're you dropped on your head, honestly? Because I can't tell if you're actually just a fucking retard or if you're a troll.

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>>427486859Was I right though? Or are you an Israeli shill?

>>427487580>2) Most minority groups don't have the same level of organization or ideological adherence as Muslims do, making Islam a larger and more immediate threat.la raza 70s vs now

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Muslim countries are oppressiveIf you aren't in the right families or obviously have money they treat you like dirt. They're very superficial.


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>>427479302>considered "people of the book"So too are the Jews

>>427485897No they are democrat ikhwani, asharis and atharis dont differ on shariah but aqeeda you fucking retard paki

>>427487580>>427487580Literally no one lies more that kikes and christkikes. You even lie about who does the lying.Deception is part of your evil nature.

>>427478504I would just be trading subtle oppression for obvious oppression. Although even during the caliphate they tolerated Jews & sodomites so long as they paid the tax.

>>427487790>26 posts by this idI'm sorry was I wrong to think that you're a kike faggot who's trying to psy-op and muddy this thread?

>>427478504Based, when jihad

>mutts will have more spic presidents than nigger ones and he still think only muslims are the problematic ones in numbers

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>>427488075Shari'a is part of aqeeda, filthy rapefugee.

>>427488272>t. voootes for a kurd

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>>427482600yeah we shouldn't be here if we can live in a muslim country, but palestinians are defending their homes so its not the same thing>>427482153no he is right you paki those verses are about leaving the pagan quraysh lands and make hijra to medina the islamic state in that time, so its opposite of your point, im sure you could live safely in pakistan or something, unless you are based and wanted by the glowniggers then i would say you have some excuse >>427488511shariah is FIQH you stupid paki, they dont disagree on that, an athari can be shafii or maliki or anything else, same for ashari, they just dont believe the same aqeedah on asma wa sifat, you got confused by the kike controlled ashari azhar that claims christians are equal to muslims which goes against asharis in the first place

>>427478720Very few get this. Arabs, Turkish, uyighur Muslims are relatively better. Worst are the ones from paki, india and Bangladesh. And God help us all when it comes to African Muslims. Nigger and Muslims is the worst combination you could ask for. Biological traits and acquired traits-worst of both worlds.

>>427489066African muslims are pretty nice actually, they aren't like african americans at all. They have roots and a conservative culture.

>>427479302They don't revere the true Christ. They revere a fake Jesus who agreed with Muhammad on everything.

>>427488862>i know about ash'aris more than ash'aris doKill yourself retard. Al-Azhar is a better source of information than your Lebanese ass

>inb4 they target you because you're an infidel

>>427479481>chai boysthats literally a paki thing not a muslim thing>>427489372yes, most ashari faggots just blind follow kiked leaders, the proof is azhar is completely controlled by sisi and israel yet you obey them lole

>>427489355>believing in Scientology tier trinity is better than believing christ was a mortal prophet ?!

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>>427488627Defintely a self hating roach or maybe a roach rape baby. No way Israelis are employing this dumb employees.

>>427489642Keep spamming and see how that ends up for you kike, I think it's time to le go back

>>427479481You talkin bout bacha bazi? It's not muslim tradition, it's afghan tradition which the taliban fought vehemently. And guess who supported it other than the kuffar afghans? Your government.seattletimes.com/nation-world/soldier-punished-for-interfering-in-child-assault-by-afghan/> getting sex reassignment surgeronly to shia dogs.

>>427489355youtu.be/jhAKDFHvVqI?t=124some people dont know yet that quran is asmr on steroids for spirituality and it will conquer white teens eventually when it becomes hot on tiktokhey at least you'll all get virgin trad wifes, better than the shit deal youre getting now

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>>427489705im just trying to mess with your roach schizo brains, desu, bud.

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>>427478504I would pay triple jizya just for the Jews alone

>>427486310>one is to blend in with non believers (by eating pork, drinking alcohol, etc...), what the actual fuck?You're not even supposed to move to Kaffir countries for this to happen.If you do, you absolutely aren't supposed to blend in with non believers.If you could do that, then there never would've been a Muslim problem in Europe now would there?All immigrants would just eat pork and alcohol.>lying by omissionDishonesty is plain haram, simple as.You can choose to lie by omission and pretend you're not sinning as a way to soothe your own guilty concious.>white liesfucking lol Islam goes to considerable length to specify even white lie is bad and sin.But I don't even get it, why would it bother you if white lies are NOT a sin?

>>427483127>I am VERY curious to hear thisThat's because you're a dumb faggot that likes to hear whatever shit gets along with his curry niggers desires. Just because you failed at being in the West doesn't mean being in the West makes people failures. And your blogs don't mean shit, retardIf migration to the West was prohibited, is it a major sin or a minor sin? Retard

>>427486310oh and lying about being Muslim is allowed only if your life is in danger, even then it's still a sin.If you're not in mortal danger, it's a straight out rule that you should wear stuff such that people recognise you as a Muslim by sight.If someone merely assumes you're something other than a Muslim at first sight, it's counted as a sin on you>that big ass flow chart.That's how racial politics works.It's not limited to Islam.You have a nigger/shitskin problem with kikes in charge. Not an Islam problem

>>427489920dude these pakis still do it, its in their paki tradition, they dont read arabic so they might not think its haram idk

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>>427479302>they just don't believe is he God himselfSo there is god in the sky that reincarnated himself into human form "Jesus" then died on the cross and went back into the sky?

>>427490468blending in is during middle ages when you could get your head cut off for being muslim now you dont need to larp as a kafir whites wont do shit

>>427478613>I wish they targeted faggotsThat is antisemitism.

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>>427486426>If I decide to rape your daughter, you can't even sue me.this is bullshit.Woman can't be married without father's consent.You filthy roaches pretended to be Muslim, but that shit isn't allowed on dhimmis>>427486510how will I "covertly" convince you to give up alcohol and bacon, pray five times a day, no porn, nohijab= whore, heaven and hell, fasting for an entire month, beard, circumcision etc.I can only be fucking upfront about all that

>>427490468Your entire post is a lie. Point proved.

>>427483271>>“I disown every Muslim who settles among the mushrikeen.” I guess the prophet disowns Lot, according to your Hadith. This is why people put down the Hadith, know it all niggers like to think a Hadith for a specific case means they can tell people what to do and not to do

>>427490602>major sin or a minor sindepends on your intention if you are there just for money, or education or medical reasons or dawah or to escape a tyrant ruler, but most are just munafiqs who only care about the duniya, your kids will become kufar eventually in a few generations and your bloodline become niggers in 100 years

>>427487622>Israeli shillAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAAHHAAHWhy would Israelis hate turks?Even as Muslims you were the most judeophilic regime only second to PLC

>>427483021>Instead of refuting anything I saidInstead of making me think I'm wrong HURR DURRYou argue like a Paulcuck, you can barely be considered Muslim. Do you speak Arabic? If you don't, you're inferior to Muslims that speak Arabic

>>427490742Hmm, using work arounds, using technicalities, attempting to fool God. Who does that sound like? Your spiritual brothers, perhaps? Yes, the other side to your coin.

>>427487580>Most minority groups don't have the same level of organization or ideological adherence as Muslims do,this is simply because the west made people gay and Americaphile, while the host country is very open to foreigners and has shallow culture of its own.If I was a non Muslim minority in USA what would I even have to subvert?

>>427486426no you cant harm a dhimmi as breaking a contract is a huge sin, but a non dhimmi kaffir pig, can be your property

>>427491130>your kids will become kufar eventuallyWrong. That may be your kids, but mine are none of your business, dumbass

>>427487880true, still, Christians are higher than Jews.Quran says a Christian rejects Islam out of ignorance, the Jew does because of malice

>>427478504Goyim, burn the oil."...Muslim fag.

>>427485897>hurr durr muh heckin evil wahabironos!fucking kill yourself

>>427491111are you a quranist dog? can you read arabic paki? read this sir إِنَّ ٱلَّذِینَ ءَامَنُوا۟ وَهَاجَرُوا۟ وَجَـٰهَدُوا۟ بِأَمۡوَٰلِهِمۡ وَأَنفُسِهِمۡ فِی سَبِیلِ ٱللَّهِ وَٱلَّذِینَ ءَاوَوا۟ وَّنَصَرُوۤا۟ أُو۟لَـٰۤىِٕكَ بَعۡضُهُمۡ أَوۡلِیَاۤءُ بَعۡضࣲۚ وَٱلَّذِینَ ءَامَنُوا۟ وَلَمۡ یُهَاجِرُوا۟ مَا لَكُم مِّن وَلَـٰیَتِهِم مِّن شَیۡءٍ حَتَّىٰ یُهَاجِرُوا۟ۚ وَإِنِ ٱسۡتَنصَرُوكُمۡ فِی ٱلدِّینِ فَعَلَیۡكُمُ ٱلنَّصۡرُ إِلَّا عَلَىٰ قَوۡمِۭ بَیۡنَكُمۡ وَبَیۡنَهُم مِّیثَـٰقࣱۗ وَٱللَّهُ بِمَا تَعۡمَلُونَ بَصِیرࣱ

>>427491130>depends on your intentionJust like everything else in life, by the wayIt's like saying college is Haram, because you dropped out

>>427491434Semantics, nice Moshe. All day, every day

>>427491415How the hell are you gonna prevent what happens? Literally no muslim survived more than 2 generations in the west. Not a single one.

>>427486310>Yes, and the point that Paul made was that Christians aren't allowed to do that>For then how could God judge the world? But if through my lie God's truth abounds to his glory, why am I still being condemned as a sinner? And why not do evil that good may come?Nothing you've posted makes that point

>>427491538كلمني بالعربي ورد عليا بيه يا كس امك

>>427491551you seem like a libtard duniya loverdo you vote for democrats

>>427491538Nigger, that's the onset of parkinson's straight from Allah.

>>427491635>How the hell are you gonna prevent what happens?That's none of your business, "Muslim"

>>427488862Palestinians are debated.But my point is, if even the Palestinian cause is debated, diasporas have nothing to stand on

>>427479756They worship the same jew god yhwh as you.

>>427491696You seem like a curry nigger Why are you in the West, you hypocrite faggot? Why are you still talking to me in English not Arabic?

>>427489705again, why would an Israeli ever, shill against roaches.?

>>427491721give me advice so i can apply it takfiri dog>>427491665yabnl kalb masri

>>427490602why is major sin minor sin debated?Sin is sin.Rasulullah flat out disowned you.

>>427491738Dead bodies make great empty lawns, user. Men were here on Earth before the females sold you video games."

>>427491045what in my post is a lie?

>>427491738the palerat cause is NOT debated, except by some retarded albanian nigger who worked for al saud kikes>>427491799cope paki

>>427478504I will resist all forms of Semitic tyranny. Christendom, the Caliphates, and the Israeli Tribes are all enemy civilizations.

>>427491871>yabnl kalb masriAna mosh masri ya m3arras. Ana Muslim, lakin ba3amel el 7emeer zay el 7emeerGod looks into the heart, not the passport. And the heart that agrees with disbelievers when they say Muslims in the West aren't real Muslims, is in itself not a fully believing heart

>>427491307>attempting to fool Godfool people who want to kill you while still being a full muslim to godseriously how dumb are you, man?

The seven habits of the highly infected calf ". ..


Attached: artworks-wTvsgP9aEWkcdgXh-eIU8aQ-t500x500.jpg (500x500, 64.41K)

>>427492125A fool says no to God.".

>>427491111How tf does the hadith disown Lot?Lot literally left his hometown.Only people who truly believed in God were said to have gone with him.Lot left Sodom because God asked him too.You just proved our point retard.


Attached: soytea.jpg (1099x1024, 308.52K)

>>427491894>why is major sin minor sin debated?Retarded question, and shows you're speaking out your ass because you failed in CanadaYou'd debate it forever if you thought you had a chance of giving glory to whatever the hell you're trying toProphet didn't disown me, don't bring him into this you shithead

>>427491307how am I trying to fool God?Stop throwing shitty emotion-fueled buzzwords you geriatric niggerfaggot, and elaborate on your points

>>427492020>paleratAre you the guy we told before not to use that term, and you admitted you only do it because Palestinians piss you off?

>>427492262>Lot literally left his hometown.On the final night of their existence, you smartass Jew curry nigger

>>427492364You can't fool God, user. A joke flew over your house.

>>427478504No because it's just yet another system made by man to control man. It's basically just as gay as globohomo, or potentially even more, depending how you look at it. Kek'd at pic tho

Attached: 278.jpg (395x395, 19.22K)

>>427478504Live in a semi modern islamic nation like Qatar or SaudiNot in a shithole like ISIS or afghanistan

>>427492555It's all a shithole you nigger


>>427492534show me one culture, just one where you get a virgin wifecheckmate ath!est

Attached: ath.jpg (509x552, 48.15K)

At that point you might as well just convert. They will end up making your life hell anyway. >See: ISIS "jizya" tactics

>>427492707>inb4 >20k members.

Just wants to play a guitar but is surrounded by niggers ". I hope that's 3d printed on my ash

>>427492287You saw the hadith I posted.It's saheeh.It's not a major sin, the list of major sins are definite and unanimously agreed on by all the scholars, like lying, murder etc.But you flat out denying it's a sin at all, when it clearly is, is not only pathetic but bordering into kufr.You're not even debating me or posting counter arguments.

>>427492754tell me about Isis jizya tactics?They never used them in conbat

>>427492895Noone here's sees anything, user

>>427492707>hurr durr virgin wifeYou wouldn't even know what to do with her ayy lmao, you're an obvious incel

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>>427492992Do you think firearms are a destroying deity or Liberty, user? This is the SAT by the way.

>>427478504I'd rather kill jihadi muzzies first. Then handle the other issues next.

>>427492895>It's not a major sin,Then shut the fuck up about itIt's not a sin at all, by the way. And I'll remind your dumbass every time I see your drivel, with God's permission

>>427493208I said too much as I tried to build an 18 in the Grand Canyon

>>427493208what the fuck is a destroying deity?I think liberty is moot without personal ownership of firearms

>>427479302I don't give a fuck what Muslims believe. They should have no role in my country.

>>427493355Mm hm user, you go boiMaking pancakes And shitDaughter left riding the four wheeler, shit

>>427493293you'll remind me huh?Why do you disagree with islamqa?What cope are you gonna use?Muh wahapi?Muh extremist?muh Sunni?Sistani has the exact same fatwa btw.>“I disown every Muslim who settles among the mushrikeen.” Narrated by Abu Dawood, 2645; classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh Abi Dawood

>>427493196>You wouldn't even know what to do with her ayy lmao, you're an obvious incelso sad so obviousalso im talking about how much degeneracy is adjacent to nihilism but you only took it in your ath!estic individualistic way

Attached: proje.png (491x334, 317.96K)

>>427493520are you a malfunctioning bot?>>427493366what if you had a community of white converts?

>>427492120Every scholar says its haram for muslims to establish themselves permanently in the kafir majority lands where there is no muslim SULTA, but you are probably a butthurt ikhwangi kalb escaping sisawis from masr and voting for democrats thinking they will sanction egypt or something despite them being the supporters of sisi.>>427492413yeah and there is nothing you can do about it but seethe i will kick the ass of every single commie palerat faggot i see supporting iran or hezbokilab

>>427492895>but bordering into kufr.>You're not even debating me or posting counter arguments.Lel, no. Just typing random words on a screen, so a Bengal monkey could read itPersonally, I'm enjoying my life in the West. I love Islam, and I hate retarded niggers and Satan that whispers

>>427478504There is no scenario in which Arabs would dominate the world. Like none.

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>>427493720famous last words

Attached: khalch.jpg (1086x610, 160.04K)

>>427493654he can't be an ikhwani.Azhar doesn't disagree either.No MB scholar disagrees.Sure, most of MB stays quiet on the issue because Sisi curbstomped them and they have no real home anymore because they hate both Iran and KSA, so it's understandable, but they haven't changed any islamic laws.Theyve not issued fatwas making haram halal, or some exceptions.

>>427480016>Christians are liars, plain and simple, by their faith. They will bullshit you with whatever they think is necessary to Butter you up to them. They are a menace more so than the kikes themselves.>They believe all unbelievers are subhuman, the same way the Jews call us goyim.Christianity has done more damage to European nations than Islamists or Jews ever have or will

>>427493528>Why do you disagree with islamqa?Why do you disagree with my blog, bro? It's what I use to issue my bullshit religious judgements (I don't even speak Arabic, only Urdu and curry English)>>Are you one of the factions I hate???

>>427493711Do you also enjoy your sister wife and daughters getting BBC you dayouth cu-ckold fou2 ya ibnl kalb>>427493876mb says you can go to escape tyrants or make money or vote in your own guys like ilhan omar

>>427493720ok, and?Arabs haven't been relevant since the 13the century.Only Saudis and Emiratis got a tiny bet relevant recently with oil


>>427478504>pay a tax to have fags thrown off buildings, whores stoned to death, and jews beheaded I can think of worse ways to spend my money KEK

Attached: 1683208458402055.jpg (640x640, 44.55K)

>>427493929Islamqa isn't "some blog".na3m ana kalam Arabi, wa antu?

>>427493654>Every scholar says its haram for muslims to establish themselves permanently in the kafir majority lands where there is no muslim SULTAStopped reading there. Thanks, leaf. (You)'re a kaffir, by your own logic. Thanks for playing

>>427493980>fou2 ya ibnl kalbOmak fil 3esh walla taret?

>>427493895Christians are so insidious because they either believe their own lies, or they believe the ends justify the means.

>>427478504i would convert and join in the fun

>>427494151>na3m ana kalam Arabi,>ana kalam Lel

>>427478504no i hate both muslims and faggots. Dont make me choose one side. Impossible

>>427493853I don't see AMERICA anywhere on that map. Care to revise your statement, Al-faggit?

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Kill all Jews and faggots

>>427494197where did i say living there takes you out of the millah you fucking sperg

>>427494422>I don't see AMERICA anywhere on that map. Care to revise your statement, Al-faggit?true, you do have a different tougher boss

Attached: trumjewjew.jpg (1024x874, 130.33K)

>>427494520and christians

>>427494377>there is no racism i am not egyption sar>mocks someone trying to learn

>>427494422All the world belongs to Sunni IslamWe will conquer the white house, this is literally a hadith.(عُصَيْبَةٌ مِنَ الْمُسْلِمِينَ يَفْتَتِحُونَ الْبَيْتَ الأَبْيَضَ)

>>4274943773esh mushkilla?Ana 3aref Arabi, ana maaloom arabi.

>>427494197listen to this guy he's based and redpilledyoutube.com/watch?v=pjBfbSk4buQ

>>427494770ana nushaat fil mulk Al Saudia.

>>427494770>>mocks someone trying to learnYou speak Arabic, you turd. Did he seem like he's trying to learn? Or did he say "I speak Arabic, do you?" And still couldn't poseIf that's the manner of someone that's learning, I'm glad I'm not in that retard's class, or yours

>>427495175انت لا تتحدث العربية يا كذوب يا جباناعترف انك غلطان يا هندي، مش هاتموت

You already pay "jizya" to kikes through tax and inflation. Actually it's much worse. They use the money to push lgbt and feminsim and genocide you.

>>427495646You can clearly understand what hes saying, he was raised in saudi arabia and learned some arabic, its not his mother tongue but clearly he's trying his best to learn and knows more than most anyways, are you trying to discourage him from learning? You should actually read the islamqa articles he linked too.

>>427495881this isn't hard to run through Google translate, what was even the point?


Attached: jizyah_pill.jpg (1066x1600, 190.23K)

>>427495175Not perfect but good enough arabic.

>>427495992>are you trying to discourage him from learning? You should actually read the islamqa articles he linked too.I briefly read the articles. If it was prohibited, I'd have heard about it through something other than a lamb herding forum. Also, I'd have heard what the punishment is, it would've been a rulingIslamqa is a fucking blog. Did someone from Azhar say this? Even then they've issued fatwas that have caused issues beforeWhat did people do before Muhammad? Did everybody go to hell if they had an evil neighbor?This only started when an Islamophobe said that Muslims don't even belong in the West, and you guys are agreeing with him

>>427496152>this isn't hard to run through Google translate, what was even the point?That's the point, curry nigger. You can't read Arabic lmaoHindi bezip sagheer

>>427496299>This only started when an Islamophobe said that Muslims don't even belong in the West,They don't belong to the west.Only white people belong to the west.

>>427496181ana mappheee maloom Arabi.Lol, it's been too long since ive said this to a Saudi again

>>427496528Shut up, faggot. You've been jacking off watching us argue the whole time. Now watch us move on with God's permission

>>427496383Zubbi Hindi sageer.holy FUCK you don't speak Arabic either you fucking paki

>>427478504>Pay JizyaSure. You do know that Jizya is 2% income tax right? And that it exempts you from the draft right? You do know that under Sharia law that's the maximum tax rate right? Islam is a fucked up mess of Economic LibRight, Cultural AuthRight, Political AuthLeft, and Social LibLeft. Geniunely baffled that it exists. It's like one of those memes about transcendent ideologies on par with Hyperborean Big Titty Goth Loli Vampire Return to Monkaucracy.

>>427493562>also I'm an only an incel because I'm a loser who had no friends in high school so in yo face!>39 posts by this IDKeep telling me about yourself

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>>427496528what if whites convert?


I fucking hate pakis man.Sa3'eer

>>427496780Islam isn't a white religion. Therefore I don't count the converts as white.>>427496633Semites like you are the creation of the devil

>>427496299>If it was prohibited, I'd have heard about it through something other than a lamb herding forummaybe you are just ignorant or your mosques have sons of bitches as khatibs who hide islam from you and tell you to vote so you become a kafir>Islamqa is a fucking blogwritten by people who studied fiqh and scholars like Muhammad Al-Munajjid who founded it>What did people do before Muhammad? Did everybody go to hell if they had an evil neighbor?are you stupid? things before islam dont count as it was before shariah was revealed, and there was no proper lands controlled by muwahidin>Did someone from Azhar say thisyes, but even then you should know azhar is controlled by israel and kike sisi who puts fake imamsaliftaa.jo/Question.aspx?QuestionId=2570>This only started when an Islamophobe said that Muslims don't even belong in the West, and you guys are agreeing with himnope, these fatwas exist since middle ages

>>427497045and why not?What makes Islam a non white religion and not christianity?Ironically, it seems quite a few Germans had positive things to say about it.Nietzsche, Ebola, Kaiser Wilhelm, that one other chancellor etc

>>427496952>I fucking hate pakis manYou should ask God for help to remove some of that bitterness and stubbornnessYour takeaway is to hate Pakis, when you're an East Paki

>>427478504living in a white natsoc ethnostate would be ideal, but since im already paying taxes to promote societal domination by jews, faggots, and trannies, this jizya thing can only be an improvement

>>427496760>only true incels like myself are allowed to post on the internet>muhh 39 posts>your chad levels are high enough if you only posts twice like me?!?!??! wtf kind of logic is this boomer?

Attached: cringe.png (1427x950, 314.76K)

>>427497198>tell you to vote so you become a kafirYou keep repeating that voting bullshit. Ehda yabni

>>427497198>things before islam dont countWhich scholar said that?

>>427480016>They are a menace almost on par with the kikes themselves.they are only a threat because of jews, you need to be incredibly subverted and demoralized to accept camel piss drinking brown savages

>>427496900inta ma ta3ref fil Arabi lol

>>427497247pakis hate pakis.It's not so strange for an East paki to hate pakis either

>>427497334because i know your types>>427497394all, there was nations between prophets with no shariah like the ahnaf in arabia, they are not counted for whats outside their control, also Ibrahim (AS) did hijra from pagan iraq to sham.

Attached: democracy_shirk_kufr_vote.png (916x1200, 913.7K)

>>427497411he's a boomer.He won't be able to tell you why likes are a threat or even if they are a threat.

>>427478504All Abrahamic religions are beholden to jewish ideology.

>>427497766how come?What of Jewish ideaology is Islam beholden too?Superficial stuff like circumcision and pork isn't ideaological

>>427497676exactly rightprotestants and boomers committed the original sin of the west by sheltering their children from all the mean and nasty shit in the world. "back in my day no one discussed politics around the dinner table" mentality, and it meant neither they, nor their children know why things like niggers and kikes and communism where evil.