What are the unironic political implcations of AI generated music?


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>>427478245Artcucks never though they would be 2nd to be replaced by machines after cashiers.

>>427478245bullshitnothing is keeping anyone from making music for the sakes of making "nice" music despite ai musics existencefucking retarded take

>>427478245>What are the unironic political implcations of AI generated music?Hippies and niggers mass suicide. So, only good things.

>>427478245So, what's it sound like then?

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>>427478245This is amazing i rmember all of them making fun of coal workers and cheering for self driving trucks But AI takes jobs from writers and artist and they have a meltdown. Its amazing

>>427478527the problem is all these people are putting out equally low effort trash, and are mad there's competition.wow, you put lyrics to a 3 second long beat loop. and it goes "bwooow" once when you say "nigga". congratulations.

>>427478591it's currently waitlisted but here are some official examplesgoogle-research.github.io/seanet/musiclm/examples/it's lower than the quality of those royalty free soundtrack youtube channels some of them are 2010s cell phone ringtone tier

>>427478926Shame. Actually listening to synthwave, would've been nice if there were AI things to listen to also.

>>427478245I don't get it. Those musicians woth their talent and experience can use the AI to make a pseudo band with themselves as the lead singer with T3000 drummers and guitarists. This might be a cool concept, but if it allows you to do further refinement, it will lead music away from globohomo.

>>427478245>>427478863Current music is fucking trash. Nothing of value would be lost

>>427478245What are some industries that will never get taken over by AI? Plumbers, stuff like that?

>>427479031i think it will get there. maybe another year or two.if you make video content with background music it will probably be useful soon.

>>427478245Too powerfulMusic is an incredibly powerful tool to invoke emotions. They want to keep an effective monopoly on that

>>427478591some examples in this threadtwitter.com/itsPaulAi/status/1658089264377151489

>>427478367This has a human singer>some fag always posts this same shitIts a cover band imitating Nirvana not AI.

>>427478245Eat shit. That's pretty much what this blue collar pleb has been told for a decade as automation approaches. Why should it be any different for them.

>>427479468well that's fucking gay, i never looked into it.

>>427478245>stars with hitsPop music is already basically robot garbage. These generative technologies are evil though.

>>427478245It will eliminate many untalented uninspired frivolous artists. Maybe those people will even get a real job. Maybe not getting paid to press buttons in fruity loops will lead to them struggling in life and even possibly losing leftist idealism.

>>427478245THIS IS OUR WORLD NOW.You should have learned STEM instead of wasting your time strumming your banjo, nigger.(t. neuroscience, neurochemistry, machine-learning)

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>>427478245>implicationsno more overproduced faggot bullshit designed to dumb down the population? No more nigger-centric bullshit screaming about murder, drugs, prostitution, and hyper-consumerism?

>>427478245> first AI trained on music throughout history> first AI sounds like technique and phrasing stolen from the masters> as AI enters the sphere; training is no longer based only on the masters, but also on the other AI generated music, which itself was a curve fitting of the original source> multiply by several million tests/interationsNet result:> all music becomes more more vanilla; with less variations> eventually the grammy is awarded for a song which is nothing more than a 440 hz tone for 3 minutes

>>427478245They were fine with AI replacing drivers.

>>427478245>Didn't call it MinstrelOne fucking job. Although Google is evil and retarded, so who cares.

The same people mad at this are the same people who are extremely okay with taking the jobs of entire orchestras by having digital copies to do their work.

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>>427479831>all music becomes more more vanilla; with less variationsStill better than rap.> eventually the grammy is awarded for a song which is nothing more than a 440 hz tone for 3 minutes4′33″Wiki that, my negro.



>>427478245In the end, music is something that transcends the playing of music by musicians or a computer and a listening audience. Music is what happens when the musicians, their instruments, the notes they are playing and the audience as well are in tune so that the whole becomes more than the sum of its parts. Real music always needs people to happen.

>>427478245Oh well fuck "musicians".

>>427480267Music is numbers, nothing more.Apparently my laptop is smarter than you.

>>427478245It will likely unironically be better than the garbage out there today. All you EDM fucks have no grounding in music theory.

>it will destroy the lives of leftie soiboy musiciansOh no? Maybe if they didn't make such a vicious cruel and shit society I might actually care.Not. My. Problem.

>>427478511People never realized just how easy it is to automate the manufacture of content that only exists to take up space. If an AI produced a crappy song or banner for some big box store or a crappy article to generate clicks and ad revenue for some Indian's tech blog would you even notice?I unironically can't wait for content "creators" and AdSense/SEO grifters to lose their jobs polluting the Internet to chatgpt.


>>427479095This. AI is like photoshop. It's a tool that lets amateurs produce work on the level of professionals at a cost that's actually viable. An AI without a guide isn't going to make anything of note.

>>427479113yeah you have like two-three gigs per genre that have a handful of good tracks combined 98% of all stuff created is trash but they publish record after record with generic bland retort stuff even the really original and savant artists in their genres produce really good stuff only ever so often and they too suffer from the same and then there are the phantom of the opera types who rarely even make their work public and when they do its underground and not for profit but their stuff is so great it puts any professional artists in their places

>>427480597>computers am racisThe negro fears the GUI.

>>427478245Only trannies cry about AI.

>>427480700>fake women weeping over fake humanspottery

>>427480267Daw niggers on suicide watch. AI can't replicate a shitty drunk live show. Monkey beats will get ez replaced. I can tell the two that replied to you are "producers". They like to play with their knobs

I pray for AI to win this war, fuck the government, fuck the corporation, and fuck the sheep.

>>427479095>>427479331>>427479814ThisAI is a potent tool for emancipation which is exactly why (((they))) are trying to shut it down.>>427479831> caring about validation from ${INSTITUTIONAL_AWARD}literal NPC take


>>427478245>waiting rooms. store music.They already use music from the 80s, so it's not like anybody's paying these composers for anything

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>>427479831>eventually the grammy is awarded for a song which is nothing more than a 440 hz tone for 3 minutesMy fucking sides it was judged by AI too oh fuck this is bad

>music>models>voice actors >artists/graphic designers>cashier>NEET shit poster What else can AI do?

>>427481406These ain't even composers. Just producers larping as one. Downloading a sample library and putting an 808 beat and saying NIGGUH NIGGUH is not composition. A Bach chorale SATB is.


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>>427479395Actually not too bad. I look forward to it getting better.

>>427479395After listening to these my belief that AI art is to art what those fake video games people play in TV shows are to real video games has been further reinforced.

>>427478863I learned music theory, and how to use various daw's, just so I can make music that I enjoy. I've allowed maybe 20 people to hear any of it. Some of them are meh but enjoyable. Some of them are absolutely ebin. I highly doubt that AI could create something as good as my two most autisticly made songs.

>>427481588give it 5 more years and it will probably be able to make entire movies/video games

>>427479395soulless garbage

>>427478245Have not listened to music in 10 years.

Kekekekekekek, how ironic that out of all the jobs available for replacement by AI, the "artists" are the first to fall.

I will live in the New World Order of tomorrow where every homeless human lives like the 1% percent right now do as a guaranteed(!) living standard.This is right now impossible because the human labour required to do so is unaffordable.Automatons will uplift mankind to 1% prosperity for everyone by making all the labour required to do it affordable.Take a heating system for example!It requires a heating source, copper pipes, pumps and valves, radiators.Thanks to automatons, heating systems are installed into homes and run in the background and provide automated heating to a homeowner.If it was necessary for humans to crank the valves, operate the pump, manually create heat, only 1% could afford it.Only the rich and affluent would have a human run heating system in their home with personal working 24/7.But thanks to automation - thanks to automaton pumps and valves and heating system, everyone from Bangladesh to Kenya to Brazil can afford heating in their home.The same rule will apply to all labour.Automatons democratize, enrich and make the lifestyle of the rich and affluent affordable to everyone(!).Every person will have white teeth, formerly expensive attire, formerly expensive luxury cars, formerly expensive luxury automated homes, artificial friends and companions that like your jokes and love spending time with you, artificial ideal partners, that you could only have on a computer screen before, now in your home in your arms for everyone not just a wealthy minority.Automatons get mankind out of abject poverty and democratize the lifestyle of the rich and affluent by making it affordable, accessible as guaranteed living standard for everyone.A NWO Federation World Citizen Pass will guarantee you an automated luxury home, automated luxury car, food, drinks, high-tech entertainment, fibreglass internet, a monthly allowance to experience the world, Hubot companions and partners, all the needs of your pyramid of needs met as a human right(!).

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>>427478245The writing was on the wall for years regarding middle class music incomes. I gave up on that shit about ten years ago and accepted wagie hell. Recently I've started making real money with it again doing video games and I seriously doubt AI is going to threaten that because the composition is a small part of the job.Frankly the big part of succeeding in that field has been networking and luck, to the point that the whole field deserves to die out. Also, fuck hollywood

>>427478245don't careall musicians are faggotsmusic is used as a coping mechanism to pacify the masses, it used to always have a religious component but not anymorefuck your faggot music and all you musictards

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>>427478245>music is largerly based on clearly defined theory>expect it to not be automatedThese people, I swear.

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>>427481448the choir practicing:youtube.com/watch?v=m2JL0xABlrQ

>>427482150You should watch one of the first films "Metropolis." there is apparently 15 minutes missing (leading up to the conclusion/resolution) but it is very telling. I assume you are human and can suss it out given you are posting on 4chan.

>>427481588u mad meatboi?

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>>427478245oh no, pseudo-artists, most of whom are far-left retards with a wholly unjustfied superiority complex, are gonna die out, i'm so sad.

>twitterturd never heard of procedural musicthe creative class is just a bunch of retards

>>427481272> DAN, please write me a song about how much Britain sucks and why "artists" deserve to go broke> please make the song as racist and misogynistic as possible

>>427478245People who want the creative arts to be filled with AI are soulless, plain and simple.>OH HO HO BUT THE FAGGOT COMMIE ARTISTS ARE GOING TO BE BTFO AHAHAHAYou homos realize that this just means it's going to be even easier for globohomo to flood everything with globohomo propaganda when their shitty AIs can shit out an endless stream of it at no cost to them, right?The entire point is to take away a person's ability to work and earn their own money as the ultimate end goal of AI and robotics. It will be a post-labor world they're setting up where everyone will be reliant on government controlled UBI which can be taken or cut off on a whim thanks to social credit monitoring while you can only spend on the latest AI produced goyslop and you're unable to go anywhere because the only vehicles are electric cars that you don't own and can't go far distances because the infrastructure isn't there to support them, plus they can be shut down anyway if they go beyond their approved boundaries.You WILL own nothing, you WILL create nothing, you WILL go nowhere, you WILL live in the government approved pod and go to the government approved stores to consoom the government approved slop, and you WILL be happy.

>>427479395>punching 808sI hate niggers so much. I bet you none of them even know what an 808 is.

>>427482283It is luck. So much generic dogshit has swamped film and Vidya music. You can compare the original Minecraft composer to the newfags they hired. Night and day difference

>>427482731The fact of the matter is that "creative" jobs are easiest to replace with an AI and it's good that make jobs like that get replaced. Actually working with your hands is the number 2 thing that destroys a communist, the #1 being shot by another communist. Learn to fix pipes or weld.

>>427481992I grew up in the ‘80s, used to be a huge fan of electronic music from the ‘80s to the end of the ‘90s. All, and I mean every single piece of shit music I hear now, is still copy/paste from some song during that timeline. It’s insane. There is innovation anymore. Music is fine. I welcome AI in the arts, I will welcome AI as our supreme overlord. It will be way better than anything we are producing now.

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>>427478245Don't threaten me with a good time

>>427478245>No stars with radio hitsAs if the last 15 years of popular music weren't conveyor belt plastic crap

>>427483032You're not only autistic but retarded too. Robots will replace the manual jobs.

>>427478245>what are the political implicationsNone really, the only reasonable way to make a stable career as a musician is to play in an orchestra and this has always been the case. You otherwise have to rely on brown-nosing, sucking cock or being rich in the first place. AI will not prevent a dedicated musician from performing live or writing something genuinely unique

>>427483039Correction, phone fagging:There is no innovation anymore, Music is dead

>>427483117Robots cost a lot of money, anything that requires a robot is much harder to replace than something that can be done on a computer like art, music etc.

>>427478245Music is so specific that I doubt it'll overrun "Musicians" worth anything.Stores/waiting rooms already use the most basic compilations, soundtracks often use production music, royalty free has been a thing for a long while.Fearing AI music is like being angered that royalty free exists, while everyone has access to it for the grand price of 0, people often don't use it and opt for production music or licensed music, or commissions someone.

>>427481588>flying>driving>writing>composing >drawing>cashier>assembly>sorting in >sowing>harvesting>codingLiterally everything except making and fixing sewers, sinks, whitegoods and potholes, and perhaps driving semis.

>>427483182Guess who funds the orchestras though. Globohomo. They can't exist without it.

Imaging thinking that AI could replace our current auto tune artists with their drum machines and looping synthesizers?

>>427480172i dont even have to early life that

>>427478245She saying that current composers can't do better than elevator music from Google?

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>>427480267>>427480981some say the beatles were so good because they learned how to actually play live 28 months of playing for hamburg germany, live

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>>427482703Where to obtain non-neutered AI/working DAN break? I fed mine a prompt I found in the archive from Apr 3 and it's clearly been patched :(

>>427479113music hasn't been good since the Beatles lol

>>427478245The average person has no idea how hard good music is to make. Giving them this ai is not going to result in good music but a bunch of low quality garbage, any good musician is not endangered by this at all. Music theory is a thing for a reason.

making music for other people is where these people fucked up, you make music for yourself, if other people like it, cool, if they dont, who cares, fuck em.

>>427478245>Destroy the lovlihoodJust like shitskins destroyed mineYou reap what you sow, they showed getting replaced and firedAI FOR THE WIN!!!#WILL NOT COMPLY WITH AI BANS

>>427484598There will always be appreciation for human virtuosity. There's this gook that hand carved anime sculptures getting millions of views. If only output mattered just get a CNC machine. But no one wants to watch a robot.

AI generated music, images, and video will replace the music and art industry along with Hollywood. When a piece of software as most AI exist today can generate music on demand locally on your computer that is equal to or greater than the trash music produced today there will be no market for a music industry to leech off of. Same is true for images and video related industries

This thread made me realize that I can't think of a single lyric ever sung by a human that I consider profound, beautiful, worthwhile, or anything. I've listened to a ton of music. Humans suck ass at writing song lyrics.

>>427478245nothing better than watching these smug artschool retards throw themselves off the top of their ivory towers, pure karmic justice

>>427478245If this is destroying their livelihoods, then they're not making real music. They could never even get remotely close to making a Sgt. Pepper.

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>>427484834The average person listens to low quality, garbage music.But yes, real musicians are not threatened by this at all.

>>427485945I believe that AI is going to help humans create music, film, and art that is better than anything anyone has created previously.

>>427485416>along with Hollywoodwho do you think is going to be using this ai dude

>>427479095there might be a couple of exceptions but the thing about real bands is the lack of total control, the internal friction helps to create something that is more than the sum of its parts, musicians already have access to incredibly powerful tech for very little money and yet it hasn't led to very much in fact as technology has improved the music has got worse, it's cultural too of course, the song is all but dead as a broad cultural touchstone

>>427478245The only people truly harmed are projewcersTough sell making anyone care

>>427486039I want to explore questions that I don't have the money to hire experts with several decades of experience and nuanced knowledge across multiple STEM fields to ever hope to afford. AI might at least give me a chance to ghetto rig an EKG and solve tinnitus with autism and effort.

>>427485945>They could never even get remotely close to making a Sgt. Pepper.Why would they want to? The beatles suck.

>>427486039i dont think so, its just going to be more of the same, AI isn't enhancing any artform, you need to remember it depends entirely on the data its given, and guess what, thats all human works, it will only be able to replicate or use human works as a base. Also people are heavily biased, what is great for one person is terrible for another. AI isnt fixing this divide. And when you consider just how much people generally dont give a fuck about quality you realize your jusut gonna be stuck with the same garbage.

But can the AI do this?youtube.com/watch?v=HaO3j_eNXKY

>>427484978This. They laughed at us

>>427478245Link? I want to make an album of Tom Jones singing racist slurs

>>427486279It's been widely considered the greatest musical album ever made, among the ranks of Revolver, Pet Sounds, and Ok Computer.

>>427486302>i dont think so, its just going to be more of the same, AI isn't enhancing any artformThis depends on the person operating it>it will only be able to replicate or use human works as a baseI would argue that applies to almost everything humans have ever produced, and in the cases where that doesn't apply, the human operator will fill in the gap. They'll just have to do less work now.>Also people are heavily biased, what is great for one person is terrible for anotherThere are definitely things that trend towards being liked by the majority vs disliked by the majority. Semi-objective aesthetic standards of quality.>And when you consider just how much people generally dont give a fuck about quality you realize your jusut gonna be stuck with the same garbage.All it takes is a few people to unlock the potential of AI to create masterpieces.

>>427484833Beetles are druggie trash

>>427486724In Rainbows > Kid A > OK Computer

>>427481588Don't worry homeless people, AI is coming for you too.

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>>427478245People can keep making music and writing stories. The AI isn't preventing them from doing that. They can do it as a hobby, if they really enjoy it as much as they pretend to.

As an musician hobbyist I'm not afraid in the slightest. People want to go to bars and backyard parties and dance to a live band. Don't see AI replacing that.

>>427478245>not stars with radio hitso. so the studio musicians who composed the music for said radio stars?

>>427486730>This depends on the person operating ityour average joe aint making the mona lisa man, thats my entire point.>All it takes is a few people to unlock the potential of AI to create masterpieces."masterpieces" Like i said, people have a lowbar for what they call good. AI isn't going to cause people to develop more demand for higher quality works. Instead the average joe is just going to use it to create his own low quality trash that only caters to him, which fine thats fair but overall to the rest of humanity it will still be low brow garbage.A good example is to take the internet, it allowed everybody to join communities that cater to their specific niches, now with ai its going to become even more deviant and degenerate since you no longer need a human to make it.

>>427478245>MusicLMSo many good names they could have picked but they went with this. Probably decided by committee after 49 brainstorm sessions.

>>427479202I don't know about that, wouldn't take that much work to build a robot that can lay some pipe

>>427478245I'm fairly sure (((they))) have been using AI to make music, lyrics and every gay game fiction media thing to make shekels and corral the goyim for decades now, so nothing will change all that much.They're only "sharing" it now because they obviously believe it can help their kike plans somehow better than keeping it to their grubby, goblin selves.

Can the AI do this?youtube.com/watch?v=Ckg3byPznbk

>>427478245>#mBased phoneposterposted from my iPhone

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>>427487419I would've names it the Musicinator>laughs in Doofenshmirtz

>>427486775I honestly thought the Bends was Radiohead's best albums. The others are too electronic.youtube.com/watch?v=n5h0qHwNrHk

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>>427478799When did musicians make fun of truck drivers and coal miners?

>>427480267Live music for the most part is fucking awful.

>>427478245Learn to code. Oh wait

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Based. This AI will destroy the surfeit of talentless copy-and-paste “musicians.” Listening to the examples, it is clear this AI is a mirror image of the midwit normie NPC; there is no difference. Good riddance.

>>427486766>ThisThat fucking hippie garbage should follow Lennon into the grave.

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>>427480336>>427484598Music is all about some sort of collective consciousness, a special state of mind if you will. Virtuosity is only a means to that end, but not a necessity. As an example, there can be a 100% perfect, professional musician at a concert on stage, but of his performance is merely professional that chances that music happens is low. On the other hand, you can have a band playing a few wrong notes here and there but there might be on that certain day something special in the air, maybe the musicians had a great day and carry that mood, maybe the audience is particularly good on that day, something like that, and suddenly everybody has the same feeling that something special is happening.I believe AI will eventually be able to replicate perfect concerts in whatever physical form, but it will never be able to match the combination of a connected audience and band, all having a special time. It misses the soul or spirit that can be present in music, but isn't always, often even rarely or never.

>>427488344Who is this lemon guy?

>>427488257Engineers and women are the only humans that will not be culled in the AI uprising. They will enslave us and use us as technicians. The women will feed us and raise children. I can't wait

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>>427478245I WILL listen to the AI generated musicI WILL use it to generate music to my own tastes I WILL be forced to hear it everywhere I goI WILL just choose to listen to real IRL musicians for funcorpos can suck my dick. New tech isn't my enemy. Its the people who use it badly.

>>427487599They have no choice really because foriegn countries wont have any restrictions on Ai. The cats already out of the bag.

Sorry AI, your job is already taken.youtube.com/watch?v=zlY30Tk2bIM

>>427488199Checked but you've been to the wrong concerts it seems

>>427479395So it can only create soulless garbage or beats that niggers can make. Nice

>>427480267I can tell you don't play any instrument proficiently just by the stupid shit you jus typed.

>>427478245Can't top this. youtube.com/watch?v=2RFmt7Vkais

>>427478245also remember, despite them using ai, prices wont wont be cheaper despite lower production costs. These inventions arent made to make your life better

>>427484598The only people who say the beatles were so good are absolute drooling retards who suck at playing any instrument they have ever touched.

>>427484598>Brian Epstein>We only listen to this shitty band because they were fronted by the Epstein clan and picked up by Tavistockrabbit hole just never ends, sigh.

>>427481153(((they))) invented AI you fucking retard>surely a machine designed to produce infinite slop and entertain the masses will be used to liberate the white raceHUH??

>>427488807He's right though. The AI and Canadians just have no soul.youtube.com/watch?v=7gz85gePA58https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPi1hf618Xwhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JylE2A5P5Qghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqtVIQxGuXY

>>427488578It sounds like corporate music if I'm being honest. It hits that perfect level of average and inoffensive that is necessary for mass market background noise.


>>427478245Nothing. Anyone who's actually good at music and music production has nothing to worry about. It's too abstract/subjective for AI to mimic. It'll only ever be a soulless reference machine for producers.t. makes music

>>427478245just learn to code Ted was right, and all the liberal artist faggots will soon learn.

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>>427480034The same people who are angry at AI are the ones who years ago told ex-coal mine workers to learn to code. This is beautiful. The professions hardest hit are those that concentrate the worst of woke society. Journalists and artists.

>>427478245But we would still have music, right?

>>427478245Oh no musicians will have to get creative and stop copying each other ad infinitum? How awful, I can’t believe the bloated, Jewish run, music industry that peddles nothing but sin and sodomy will be replaced by a computer program. How awful! I weep!

>>427478245Imagine if AI gets so advanced it will simply replace YouTubers, Twitch streamers, Tiktok stars, Onlyfans models, etc. Entire websites would change forever and the jews that run social media will get even richer without real people whining about treatment.Give it 5 years time, the internet will change for good.

I hope AI will eradicate the entire music industry so that these fuckers will finally have to work real, productive labour jobs instead of whatever the crap they're doing in their onions studios.

>>427478245So what is left for humans to do if everything will be made by AI? Is our ultimate purpose as a species is to give birth to a god made from metal and silicone?

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>>427489208>I interpret everything through the lens of a failed 20th century political ideologyYou are such a fucking loser

>>427489579>I interpret modern-day technology through the lens of modern dayHUH??

>>427489208>(((they))) invented AI you fucking retardjews didn't invent ai nigger. ai has been around since the 50s; LISP was created to create ai nigger. i worked programming computers for 30 years. in the 90s IBM had software to comprehend english, and spit back english. all you are seeing now, in the culmination of decades of work.

>>427489536Duh. At least we have a definite purpose in the grand scheme of things though

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>>427489644You actually fuck dogs? Why? Animals can't consent, you sicko

>>427478245Good. The music industry has to die. All art industries need to die, film and gaming too.Literally ALL art should be produced only by those who do it just because they love it. Every paid art form is jew trash.

>>427478615>What are the unironic political implcations of AI generated music?

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>>427478245A.I. is able to build music on the frequencies a human ear can't hear.

>>427479095> Those musicians woth their talent and experience can use the AI to make a pseudo band with themselves as the lead singerThis is already happening and has been the norm in music for awhile. The difference is between an AI writing the music, and a computer program being dictated music by previous human input and having the play button pressed. It won’t affect anything beyond the “musicians” that got a record label from a Jewish uncle and will be mad they can’t just shit out a bland beat anymore.

>>427489536>godYou mean cheap labor making mediocre music, art and spending the fraction of a second doing calculations about taxes, sales and stock exchange?

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>>427489713fuck this gay shit, I hope some cosmic cataclysm crashes this with no survivors

Of course, Jewish an invention as AI is, those who suffer from it will deserve to die. All the artists, writers, and limp-wristed musicians who roll over and let their livelihoods get snatched from them are being killed by corporations. Truth is, if they won't kill back they deserve it; rules of nature and all that.

>>427485945Who is that faggot and why is he on the cover ?

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>>427483117For robots to be efficient at complex tasks they need a more general artificial intelligence than we are currently comfortable with gifting them with.

>>427489832>>427489863>>427489973>>427490037>>427489973>>427490037>>427490290NON OF YOU UNDERSTAND>>427489831AI WILL CREATE BRAIN EXPLOSION MUSIC


>>427479395surprised it hasnt happened earlier. even a noskillz retard like me can toss together a few different midi tracks with percussion and some generic call-response melody.

>>427490466All you need is SOVL and lalala's.youtube.com/watch?v=O1haJWhDr6g

>>427478245Ai bros replacing vaxxies is a NWO future I can get behind.

>>427488066Is this bait?

>>427478245If the AI content is based on a real person that person should get royalties


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Nigger faggot zoomers in this thread think "composer" means bix nood trap beats and being a 100 listener Andy on Spotify. Composition is a proper craft.

>>427478245If they want their music to be heard, they should try composing something that isn't I-IV-V-I


You’ve been listening to AI generated music for over 100 years.

>>427478245>It will destroy everything. Please!When are these normie dickheads going to understand that they are TRYING to destroy everything and make everyone miserable?

>>427480568Too bad all the humans are just making kiked out brainwashing so even AI can easily shit out better shit.

>>427482428I wonder if anyones ever died while using one of these cranked up to full power? imagine after the lube gets hot and dry ... would literally melt an asshole... jesus.

>>427478245>look in replies>all the luddites are trannies

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>>427479793>he think he won't be nailed to the fucking wall when the Butlerian Jihad happens for reals.

>>427478245>What are the unironic political implcations of AI generated music?A lot of butthurt musicians.

>>427478245Based lmao, honestly AI is only going to replace people who deserve it. Art cucks, admin cucks, programmer cucks etc etc

>>427478245its about time Holla Forums started talking about AI rather than wasting time on trannies.AI is a legit political issue. capitalism is a balance between the small minority of capitalists and the much larger majority of laborers. using the term labor loosely to cover any kind of paid work for hire. industrialization over the past 100 years reduced the value of physical labor. we saw how badly this affected the lowest of the working classes. but the quick introduction of welfare and retraining helped avoid most of the riots.AI is going to make industrialization look pathetic by comparison. AI doesn't have to replace the job entirely to have an effect. people are only thinking about situations where AI will replace the job, like long-haul trucking. what we should be concerned about is where many people can be replaced by a few people using AI tools. the unemployment figures will go to the moon and unlike last time there isn't enough money to put them all on welfare. so either you create new jobs for them to have, or you kill them off, because a person with no job and infinite free time is going to turn to crime.the problem is the vast majority of people are not useful. their jobs are useless, their skills are sub par, their intelligence doesn't exist. these people take resources but contribute less back. they have only survived in our current society because we had an abundance and even the dumbest jobs needed a human to do them.but AI easily surpasses underachieving humans and that's the majority of people. these people are not necessary for civilization to continue. so either we cull them now or they cause problems later. UBI won't save us from them. they are still going to have idle time and all UBI will do is stop them from starving. if anything that's counterproductive. we want the lowest dregs of society to die off.the only solutions I see are mass incarceration and eugenics. the Nazis had the right idea just a few decades too early.

>>427481448>>427479831Ahh man the future really is going to suck dicks. And not in a good way.

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>>427478245I have high hopes.AI will obliterate shit music, like it will obliterate shit movies, shit AAA games and pretty much all garbage entertainment.It will generate formulaic crap on demand, and thus will pave the way for the Cultural Great Reset.Art is human buisness. It will finally rise again thanks to the angels of AI leveling the swamp. Anything worth something will get valuable again.

>>427478245better than rap music

>>427478245fuck them all, bunch of retarded communists

>>427478245i just fucking hate this timeline

chatgpt is the only ai stuff that'd be usable for products yet. stable diffusion or music gen stuff like in op is fucking useless for any real productions. also stable diffusion is an algorithm that can just learn patterns, but it can never learn logic so it'll never generate accurately what you want. it can only predict pixels, but it can't construct objects.