Why do liberals exist?

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>>427477509She needs BBC.

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>>427477509To genocide their own people(muh wyte race in this case) but I don't really care.

>>427477769>but I don't really care.shut up, you pajeets main flaw is that you care too much

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>>427477748>This is considered la GoblinaWhy are UraGuAY?

>>427477509Good times create weak men

>>427477509jewish clay to form and ply

>>427477748The good ole days before she blimped up

>>427477509to test us.

>>427477912It's funny to use that word :3

>>427477748Fake tits look better in the blouse than her bikini, and I'm sure they look even worse nude.Good for her, I guess, tho. She knew her only chance at earning money was to get fake tits and abuse losers.

>>427477509We stopped burning witches and hanging niggers and defenestrating faggots and oven roasting kikes

>>427477509life on easy mode

>>427477509Inculcated immorality.

>>427477509Because it is the current political theology imposed by the (((elites))). The masses are not logical, and are programmed through two channels. The first is repeated messaging (ex. propaganda through media), and the second is through the exercise of authority (i.e. the enforcement of law justifies the law itself).

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>>427477509they got brain aid s

>>427477509Because of spoiled people who've never had to actually do anything in their lives except sit in a fake concrete hive habitat and consoom

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>>427477509Is that tattoo on her right arm from the evangelion remake?

>>427478681I hope the masses are culled to the last. They deserve it.

>>427477509so pretty

>>427477509cause i'm out of magazines

>>427479516She is fat old and ugly now. Fuck off.

>>427477509Weakness, greed, low confidence, fear, gullibility, conformity.Mostly greed though. A shitlib politicians stands up and tells you he/she is going to give you someone else's resources for free and all you have to do is vote for them, well if you aren't informed on what leftism actually does to a nation that sounds like a good deal.

To break up the traditional fabric that keeps society together.

>>427480371You lying bitch. Fuck off

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>>427480454 Looks like a tranny ngl

>>427480454Why does she wear sure ugly make-up?

>>427477509Someone has to make the world better


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neeko is such a hottie

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>>427477748She got any nudes?

>>427477509>why do liberals existLiberalism manifests when life is easy

>>427477509So Jews can point to someone as they usurp our societies


>>427477509For the same reason the modern white "woman" exists - because white men are inherently weak and easy to subvert. White men get the leftist psychos and the childless, evil white whore women that they deserve. Weakness isn't a virtue.


>>427477748Show her without the whoreflage.

Social Media upvotes.

>>427477509>Fat Latina. Aging at the speed of milk.

>>427477632latinas like white cock

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>>427477509The makeup on that face is an inch thick what the fuck.

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>>427477509They're a controlled movement to prevent any real uprising from the population and ensure maximum compliance to our governmental and corporate overlords by giving them fake things to have fake rebellions over.

>>427485380anon.. thats all girls

>>427486396True, furthermore, pitting the left and right against each other by pushing the right into christian fundamentalism and the left into radical individualism results in so much hatred that neither side realizes that they both want to destroy the government.

>>427486959The Left is NOT into radical individualism. It's into radical collectivism and tribal adherence to authority.

>>427477509They exist as a teaching tool for the young, when you see a loud freak promoting degeneracy in your community the community as a while is supposed to band together to punish the outcast and drive them out. If you choose to let the freak stay in your town the young and impressionable among you will be subject to the freak's degeneracy and will likely become a degenerate themselves, teach your children to treat the mentally/morally ill as a physical manifestation of a societal sickness that can only be cured with open shaming, targeted acts of violence, ostracization and forcible removal from the community if necessary.

lol you can see those mestizo genes wanting to explode right out of those layers of makeup

>>427477509dependency of employees and civil servants

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>>427477509love this dumb bitchid eat her ass like a cupcake

>>427477509>tattoosWhat a wasted

>>427489698Stop spamming, asspie

>>427477509It's a mind disease, like cancer it needs to spread. Each infected person inherits the need to convert others - children are the easiest prey. It's really no different than Christian missionaries with their compulsion to spread the Word goddamn everywhere - again targeting children mostly. Two sides of the same coin; just different gods. Equally repulsive.

>>427477858People will shit on her for this, but she's actually right. In a large city, $2 million for an apartment is upper middle class range, but not rich. The rich people she's talking about are billionaires.

>>427477509So we can observe error and lies and not fall to their level. The same reason that the jews exist, so we don't act like them because it is obvious they are wrong.

>>427477509They used to exist to challenge christian orthodoxy, now they unwittyingly impose globalist hegemony

>>4274909322 million in wealth is top 1%.

>>427491680American reading comprehension.

>>427491978Uh no one cares dude. 2 million house is rich not upper middle class.

>>427477509cause as children they're convinced to make dumb life choices, then with 200k student debt and a sociology degree, they can; A) admit that they fucked up, take accountability, and do their best with what they have B) decide that it's capitalism's fault and do their best to undermine western society.Option B is a lot easier, and if they have any children, they teach them option B too, until society is so broken that Caesar is elected and keeps things going until the civilization degrades completely.

>>427492171Look at this dumb memeflag not understanding how real estate works. Nobody (besides the ultra-rich, the 0.1%) buys a house outright. They get a mortgage and assume the value of the house will appreciate by the time the mortgage is paid off. Meanwhile the actual rich people have dozens of houses around the world, each of which is 10x more expensive, plus a private jet and yacht. Stop thinking "class warfare" is the middle class fighting against the upper middle class.

>>427477509Someone has to make all the money that keeps the Red states afloat.

>>427482781Googled Niko and got this

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>>427477509Because Eve had to listen to that sly serpent.

>>427489698I bump every time you post this out of spite. Bump

>>427486959But you are right about the constant pushing and shoving between false sides.

>>427491978Yes, you do have poor reading comprehension. Saying 2 million isn't rich when it's the absolute top tier of wealth and prior to her rise to fame she would've agreed that it is rich. Champagne socialists keep moving the bar of 'rich' higher so it never includes themselves.

>>427477509Classical liberalism is a good ideology. Social fascism masquerading as liberalism has obscured the original meaning of the word

>>4274775090/10 no tail.

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