Prepper fags you were right.

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el nino yearop is a faggotno sourcessage in all fieldsjannies i am ready for my next 3 day ban. probably the 6th this month

>>427476929it snowed all day here yesterday

>>427476929its been a cool spring

isnt this supposed to be lethal for everyone

>>427476929sure, whatever

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sunspots increase. sunspots decrease.

>>427476929oh no that's gonna be tough on the barbaric shithole the western world is gonna be in 2100.

>>427478582no fucking way this is their excuse

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>>427478582"This is the reason there's no evidence supporting our wild claims, it's really extreme but we can't see it because the ground is bouncy"Lmao.

>>427479186are you aware, sir, that this is current year?

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>>427479459my apologies, what was I thinking

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>>427478582I thought we all learned in high school that when ice melts, the water level stays the same...did they finally accept that most people don't care about their chicken little doomer shit, so now it's "actually guys the ocean is sinking at the same time" can't wait to hear more about this new cope

>>427476929>be summer>85 degrees one day>90 degrees the next day>holy shit it's global warming

>>427476929omg no not the sunscreen and the flip flops NOOOOOO

>>427476929I thought since the temperature wasn't actually going up, the new word we were told to use was climate change.

>>427476929Hope we’re past the point of no return so we can all get back to driving huge CE cars and trucks like god intended

>>427476929what happened to earth tilt, shouldn't the equator be angled or something? these guys need to work on their CGI.

>>427478582Whoever takes these cunts seriously anymore needs to be shot.

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>>427481872but they're experts and they're sayin'!

Its definitely global warming and not el nino

>>427482136use their expert guts as hanging rope, see if they keep sayin

Not gonna lie Bros but here in India I'm noticing temperature decrease year on yearMay is supposed to be scorching heatBut it's chillar than 2021

>>427477213Epic and relevant observation

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>>427476929If we don't act immediately to curb global warming, it'll be too late. > this is our real last chance to turn it around> this is our real real last chance to turn it around> this is our seriously real real last chance to turn it around> this is our "we're not playing" last chance to turn it around> this is our for real, we're not joking last chance to turn it around> this is our seriously real actual final, we mean it last chance to turn it around> this is our absolutely crucial, point of no return last chance to turn it around(You are here)> this is our seriously real, absolutely hands down last chance to turn it around> this is our no questions asked, time is of the essence last chance to turn it around> this is our "holy fuck we have no more last chances" last chance to turn it around> this is our "for the love of god believe us when we say it's the last chance" last chance to turn it around> this is our "for fuck's sake there will be no more last chance" last chance to turn it around

>>427478582lol. This has been happening since the laurentide ice sheet melted. the atlantic has been sinking under the isostatic depression of all that extraweight for 10k+ years. The canadian shield towards chesapeake bay has been rising every year since.

>>427478582>Weight of the glaciersBecause before they were anti-gravity glaciers obviously?


>>427476929>summer coming>ERFF GON GET HOTTER!!Where are you fucking global warming faggots during this winter in Southern California when we froze our balls off for three months.

>>427476929>It gets hot in the summer>"CLIMATE CHANGE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"Every year we go through this.

>>427476929First time? The earth never warmed up 1.5 degrees before?


>>427478582Amateurish of them to make this claim when it can be easily examined with comparisons of Sonar maps from now and 40 years ago. I guess they're hoping since the vast majority of the seafloor is unmapped, they can say "oh the sinking sea floor is happening in places we haven't mapped yet."

>>427476929They had to turn on HAARP so that Europe doesn’t freeze to death

You know, Climate Change is a lot like Niggers. You start out young and idealistic, and think like the news tells you.>They're just like us, just different skin color>It's socioeconomic conditions that account for their lower IQ's and Incidence of Higher Crime>If we made things more equal, black people wouldn't be so bad.Eventually exposure to niggers, over, and over, and over, watching conditions change, and niggers just staying the same or getting worse. Even being an adult, and seeing teenage niggers who grew up richer than you, being more ignorant and borderline retarded than the niggers you grew up with who were poorer. Eventually it all gets to you, and you realize you were lied to the whole time.Climate Change has the same effect, ever since I learned about it in my teens over 20 years ago, and I saw an Inconvenient Truth. I've watched prediction after prediction, model after model, all come crashing down, and I've turned into a complete "Denialist." I think they are literally lying about the whole thing, and the entire fields of atmospheric science, hydrology, and oceanography, have been completely corrupted, like they work in some communist politburo. You can't get a degree without giving a blood oath to climate change, and anyone daring to research outside of the box becomes depersoned, and exiled. You just have to live long enough to see the climate change people fall flat on their face over and over again to realize it's bullshit.

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Must be true then.

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>>427476929The storms and clouds have been undulating and vibrating, centered around the southwest United States.The birds and beast flee in all directions. Small earthquakes give warning along the ring of fire.California is a modern day Gomorrah. Sodom fransicso, a city built on sand.A million abortions offered up to Moloch, but a dead God cannot give favors.The rulers turn America to Babylon, and noble Liberty out to be a whore.Sometimes you have to SHAKE things up.Crises from heaven (Or the earth) reveal the failures of the state and the displeasure of God.


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>>427477077Symmetric Check ems! OP BTFO

>>427478582Did Hank Johnson write this?

>>427484064If they haven't been mapped yet then they wouldn't know if the floor is sinking or not. There is no logic foundation to their claim and there never will be.

jews belong in ovens

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>>427476929This is just an El Nino forming. It's a strong one compared to the average, probably because it's a bit overdue. Typically, we have El Ninos every 7 to 8 years on average but I believe this one is about 10 years off from the last or more. It is a normal and cyclical part of our climate, though it's not on the dot precise on its timing either. It tends to bring warm and wet weather to much of the West coast of North and South America, and the (((media))) is already priming this perfectly predictable climate phenomenon as some sort of global warming catastrophe.

>too hot!IM CLIMATE CHAAAAANGING!>too cold!HELP ME CLIMATE CHAAAAAANGE11!>experts say...anyone whose life utterly depends on government stooge soapbox rant appeal to emotion bullshit should be hanged on live TV

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>>427485087Sesame Street in globohomo art style.... impressive.


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>>427478582I learned something interesting about the ocean not long ago.>sea level varies regionally and the variation has nothing to do with tides

>>427477213Where is here? Sounds kinda comfy.

>>427486193And this sort of thing is the exact problem you get when journalism meets science. These writers can't properly verify anything or word information properly, because they no longer hire experts who happen to be good writers, they're hiring "expert journalists" with degrees in nothing but writing. That's the best case scenarios when it's genuine ignorance with a pepper of political activism. You also get very purposeful narratives driven by the same Bergs and Steins in major publishers over and over. True science vs. "Science" in itself is already pozzed by academia, but these publishers make it 20x worse easily.It's actually a good idea to pay attention to these Bergs and Steins, click on their bio links and look at their articles all in a row, and do that across a few sites if applicable. Once you do, you can map out their shilling and get a good idea of how the elites are going to fuck us in the next 1 to 3 months with very predictable accuracy.

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>>427486891>These writers can't properly verify anything or word information properly,You assume that's something they'd want to do

>>427476929Not my problem.


>>427476929So they took a close-up picture of someone' herpes-diseased mouth and photoshopped it a little bit? Great investment of FIAT shekels.

>>427486986Kek true. Certainly not anymore. In some cases they actually do -- wouldn't have my current career otherwise. But it's usually private companies that don't want bad information in their name pertaining to their fields; the major media publishers are a whole other story. Though occasionally these intermingle to talk about AI or something stupid.

>>427476929Climate Gods are angry!

>>427478582Whoever came up with this garbage deserves to be tossed into even deeper pits of hell than rapists, merchants, murderers.

>>427476929We are sooo effed. This is not survivable. Humans have been on this earth for 10,000 years. We had a good run, but this experiment is coming to an end. All because of republicans not switching to 100% wind and solar quick enough

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>>427487589Map of the US within a decade all because of man made global warming

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>>427476929>1.5Cwow it's fucking NOTHING, call me up when it's 15C

>>427487589>134°f in 1913>1913The earth is cooling

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>>427487658Cope. Seethe. Dilate.

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Coming out of an ice age means warming.C02 is needed for life. Anyone saying otherwise should be drowned.

>>427476929This was always going to happen. 1.5 was a hastily decided arbitrary number close to 2 used to scare zoomers. We are going to get to at least 2.5 on this scale that we're using. More likely 4.Back in the 80s where there were 4-5 bn people, this wasn't so much an issue. Now...

>>427476929anyone who thinks a warm climate loving species is in trouble because more arable land is going to become available is retarded; Greenland is going to be avg. 74 F./23c in 100 years.That's awesome.

>>427476929>global warming


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>>427478582How did this work on a globe? Were there any cavities inside? Or were the layers pressed together more? Is the inside made of diamond now? Or will the earth soon break apart because of the pressure?

>>427487894you mean a glaciation, we are currently in an ice age, the warm period of it which is called an interglacial, so it's expected for everything to freeze off once again sometime soon

>>427476929Based on daily recorded temperatures that were recorded starting in the mid 1800s when the world was recovering from the LIA.

>>427476929>>427477213So how many more million refugees do northern countries need to take to counter the climate heatening?

>>427488110Earth is hollow, fren. Whatever drowned the pyramids came from out of the Earth, not above it.We are periodically flooded to wipe out annoying Swiss.

>>427478582>>427476929>>427486654Earth is flat and stationary with a dome. Global warning is a complete meme.

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>>427488328welp glowniggers have arrived

>>427476929>preppers were worried about global warming and not roving feral niggersKek. Nice try faggot.

>>427476929I literally don't careFewer people die due to natural disasters now than ever

>>427488270I see what you did there. Asshole.

oh no no no no is it finally happening?!

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>>427488390I want the environment to be preserved to some extent because i don't want the world to turn into a concrete jungle where humans are reduced to yeastCouldn't care less about muh climate being 1c hotter

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>>427488328daily reminder only kikes spam flat earth in places they cant censor where people talk about their crimes so their media can call anyone talking about their crimes flat earther

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its happening ahhhhh

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>>427488517It actually looks lower in 2021

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>>427476929Bro fuck it i live in 30C° all year long it can't get worse

>>427478582Frantic back pedalling.


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I wonder what happens next. Spain is a drought wasteland desert already, by the way. Global warming might not be real or man-made, but pollution and nature destruction is very real. I mean, you have 6 billion non-human apes running around with electircal tools destroying every nice living thing for a few pennies.

>>427479794glaciers from Greenland and Antarctica melt and fall off in the ocean. But they are still full of shit with their sinking crap

>>427476929So tiring.

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>>427485585and niggers too

>>427488532>polack think media kike fights fairKek. They need no pysops as legitimacy for their lies. Sheeps believe everything.

Ice is less dense than water retards.

>>427478582wasn't the claim that the majority of sea level increase will be the result of water expanding as it gets warmer? does their version of water preserve its density in the process?

>>427476929fuck that shit, it's almost june and it's still 12 celsius here!

>>427488865That is the real redpill, why the focus on (((climate change))) but not on the immediate destruction of the environment by basically anyone who is not white? That can only mean that it's not an issue for the people in power, meaning they probably expect a huge drop in the population to clear this problem

>>427484934Yeah I stopped caring about the climate change shit long ago. I remember hearing my first grave warnings of the environment falling apart and everyone dying within 10 years in 91. Those 10 years came and went. Climate change posting is just ‘Two more weeks!’ But at a decade scale.

Try putting an equal weight medicine ball and steel ball on your foot and see which one hurts more.

>>427489482apnews.com/article/bd45c372caf118ec99964ea547880cd0kek they removed the date b/c too many goys were noticing. article originally from 1989.

>and that's why we need to import 10 billion niggers into white countries

>summer is coming>Oh no it's gonna get hotI better panic.

>>427489085too bad he is documented to be jewishpic rel same exact jew in another thread

>>427489085>>427490275fug pic rel

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>>427489085and thread he made seething about being called out all the time

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>>427476929Last summer we had a few days in London of 40 degrees, it was awful

>>427478582If sea levels are rising why do Jewish bankers loan money to commercial developers on beach front property?>checkmate faggots

>>427476929climate change isn't realdon't worrythose 5,000,000,000 poor immigrants aren't leaving the 50C daily highs, they're smart and hard workers! accept them!

>>427488110Aggregates do not form solids.

>>427476929Things are heating up for sure.

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>>427490522why did the obamas buy a mansion on the ocean in the hamptons?


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>>427485851>There is no logic foundation to their claim and there never will be.That's why you're not allowed to question it. You have to LISTEN AND BELIEVE. Just TRUST THE SCIENCE (that hasn't even been done).

>>427490750How are Spanish bros coping, you had an early heat wave?

>>427478582Jesus, science has become the equivalent of cartoons but for adults.

>>427491032We are prepared.

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>>427488110on a small scale it does work. the northern part of eurasia and america is still rebounding from the weight of ice caps. on a global scale it could work by lifting the continents, but at this point I'm almost sure it's not happening at all.

>>427491223Say no more


>>427491032Are you brother?youtu.be/6MwNkUOuCJU

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>>427491361Well timed, keep up the good work

>>427476929If we don't go extinct within a month I hold you personally responsible.

>>427491593Be careful what you wish for brother.Remember that the soul is immortal and have faith in our Lord.Christ is King.Trump is Antichrist.

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"EL NINO" WAS A TERM COINED BY THE tAVISTOCK INSTITUTE FOR ANOTHER ONE OF THEIR PSYOPS THAT, OF COURSE, Americorns bought hook line and sinker just like all theyre other fabian horseshit.You deserve what yer gonna get.

>>427492107Physicists Tom cambell is the chosen one

>>427492211>ID>digits>88th posterChecked.

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>>427492253Come again?youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_HfUtxJ5ARhgdv4FfGaMC26jZ5JtrSV7

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>>427476929Oh wow look at the globe with all the red warning colors painted on it. I’m scared now. Let’s do what ever the politicians asks.Anyone who believes this bullshit deserves their fate being decided by politicians and the elites. They have a simple mind and deserve to be culled by the very people pretending to care about them

>>427487658You realize how many social problems that would cureI’m praying that you’re actually right

>>427487658And the Missouri River dries up? Everything else but the longest river in the United States?Besides the coastal cleaning this maps is gay

2 more degrees

>>427476929literally not my problem

>1.5C limitThis means nothing. What arbitrary temperature or rate of temperature change are we comparing too?

>>427477213Dude, are you in Yukon?

What we need is a kind of reverse-bolshevik revolution where everyone connected to the green movement is exterminated

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>>427476929i only feel bad for the animals.they use this shit as an excuse to migrate shitstains to better countries.

who gives a fuck, this planet deserves to burn

>>427478582It's a religion

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