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>>427476750We should all go to Sacramento and give these speaches

>>427476940why not do it in your own town?

>>427476750>"He does this every week!"

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>>427476750every week man !

>>427476750KILL JEWS

>>427477002Why not both?Strength in numbers.They can kick on guy out, they can't kick everyone out

>>427476912There's a version where he's just giving kike speech, it's hilarious

>call out the semite and he screams out in painLMAO, notice who yelled the loudest up there? the "white" man in the middle

>at the end the city councilman screams>"SIDDOWN! SIDDOWN! GIT OUTTA HERE OY VEY SIDDOWN!">lady in the audience screams>"E-EVERY WEEK HE DOES THIS"based as fuck honestly. i hope he really does do that every week.

>>427477254well for one thing the purpose of council meetings like this is usually to give _residents_ a voice. if you abuse it for something else and you dont even live there, they will point that out and come up with a way to shut it all down, and make it look like you are attacking democracy.

>>427477413Listen to that whyyyte guys accent.Unmistakably Jewish.

>>427476750>they cry out in pain as they strike youfucking arete

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>>427477415>i hope he really does do that every week.he did say>I'll be back.>kike mayor : WE DONT WANTCHA BACK!Based chads usually keep their word.

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Bump. Related message. Spread the word!

>>427477492What are they gonna do? I'd check everyone? Isn't that raycis and that's why we can't I'd check voters?

Sacramento Council thinks they can fix anything with other people's money.

>>427476750who is this beautiful human being


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>>427477415>"E-EVERY WEEK HE DOES THIS"I just keep thinking of them as crying wojaks and him a smug pepe who revels in their butthurt.

>>427477862Every single time

>>427477590james lindsay needs to grow some balls and say 'jewish' instead of 'woke'. all this half-assed pussyfooting around with 'woke this' 'woke that' stuff is getting really tired and lame>>427477625i dont know but never underestimate jewish ingenuity in shutting stuff down when it gets dangerous and controlling the narrative around it. anyway my point was more that it would be a great development if this guy could inspire people to act similarly in many places, but as you say, if you can do both thats great too

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>>427477494just about everyone from New York sounds jewish, especially the women

Goy noticing intensifies"Oy Vey Shut it down!"Get rekt kikes!The holocaust never happened, and it should, and it will.

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>>427477968Why would anyone want to talk to a Jew? If I keep asking a hunk of dogshit to stop stinking, will it do so?

>>427477997I support your position, but I am not wise enough to know if that is actually a great move for his ability to get his messaging out. You dont really need to know who is attacking you if you know how they are attacking you. Maybe when the time is right the people will be brave enough to really name, names.

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>>427477862>>427477862BUMMMMMMMMMMMMMPing a based thread

>>427478062DOTR soon

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>>427478258>predator eyes pretending to smile>predator teeth pretending to smile >mouth wide enough to expose back molarsYep, that's a jew.

Anti-SemiteSomeone hated by Jews.White-SupremacistA white person who does not hate his own race.NaziSomeone the Left disagree with.BigotSomeone who has moral values.-phobicSomeone who does not agree with a lifestyle.see also "Bigot"DiversityThe genetic and cultural genocide of the white race.ImmigrationThe act of entering a country through violation of it's own sovereign laws.GlobalismCentralize control of the world's economies by Jewish bankers.

>>427478062god its fucking hilarious how Holla Forums stereotypes get proven right every fucking time.

creates nigger politics but lives far away from all niggers

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>>427476750Based AF. Huge respect.


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>>427478702Home prices start at 1/2 million dollars.

>>427477590>>427477997>>427478345woke is a copt out for the word jew. Say the word JEW and they will LOSE

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>>427478561is there a meme/info graphic of this?

>>427479079>Say the word JEW and they will LOSEThat's exactly why they're trying to replace "jew" with "kike" on Holla Forums. Pay attention and you will notice the "kike" spammers.

>>427476750Hey cool, a folk hero.

>>427479079yes exactly. if we have one task in the world right now it is to make everyone whos currently saying 'woke', say 'jewish' instead>>427478345>Maybe when the time is right the people will be brave enough to really name, names.i think right now or at least very soon would be a great time. the woke critics phase in history feels at its end

>>427479183anon... look at the history of the word kike. it means circle in yiddish. when jews came to US. when told to put an 'x' for their names they insisted on putting a circle because the 'x' resembles the christian cross.kike isn't a bad word. its circle in yiddish

>>427478062KekID that bitch that left right at the start. When she got up you can clearly see a jew nose.

>>427476750>every week I will remind thempretty based

>>427478258Geia sou re syggeni!

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>>427479439>yes exactly. if we have one task in the world right now it is to make everyone whos currently saying 'woke', say 'jewish' instead100% picrel. my mind was blown figuring out masonry is jewish through b'nai brith as well

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Just a question to americans, who was this guy that initially starts chimping "seeya later pal...It seems that it's literally a government guy that's trying to silence the speaker outside the law, and who see himself forced to accept it.Since he is in a government position, violating his right to speech, wasn't that something illegal? Can't he be punished for getting out of line and trying to censor the guy?Also I hear the banshees shouting "he does this every time" so some anons really need to step up and start showing up to support your boy. Those banshees can't be the only ones out there making noise.


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>>427476750holy shit lol

>>427477017bless this man, every week? I'm inspired to read Steve King to the council next week now.

>>427478101Jews sound like the original ethnic White goy New Yorkers, not the other way around. Yids didn't show up in large numbers until the 1880s on and copied what they heard.

based. turn it up and keep pushing!

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>>427479887What the issue with calling them elites, really? Expose elites, even if somehow jews are majority it has nothing to do with ethnicity anyway. But yall keep crying about dem jooos literally disarming and discrediting yourselves in the process. So long as you accentuate on ethnicity and race apparatus will have you by the balls and general populace won't be supporting you.

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Help me id the last man, is he some kind of assisstant?

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notice how he talks about blacks, whites, taxes, the federal government and you can hear a fucking pin drop.the second he mentions jews- "GET OUT, GET THE FUCK OUT, GET OUT GET OUT"Lmao, these dumb fucking kikes don't even have the brains to just let him finish and brush him away, instead they validate EVERYTHING he fucking says by rising up to it.

>>427476750Talking to jews does not work. Just ban the FED, the NGO’s, and storm the MEDIA, then proclaim sovereignty, issue a new USD based on US notes at 0% interest, and deem the jewish debt illegitimate.

>>427476750ohhh this was getting good, he was just getting started.

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>>427480687Based German autism.Look at all those kikes, chinks, niggers and spics.

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>>427480494>even if somehow jews are majority it has nothing to do with ethnicity anywaycut one tentacle and get strangled by the other. I am so beyond normie, I cannot convince others because I'm so far deep and don't have the patience... but for those of you who are learning maybe you can word it differently.this is not difficult to understand. overcoming the fear is the difficult part>not sure if you're actually russian but if you are, you should know better

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>>427478062I never would have guessed

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>>427476750>they cry out in pain as they strike youalright, I tapped out there. the cringe was too much

>>427476750>they cry out in pain as they strike you HOLY FUCK THIS GUY IS A LEGEND

>>427476750>points out that there are basically no white people on the city council, which debunks muh white supremacy>hysterical laughter ensuesThe First Amendment doesn't protect their right to laugh at this. They need to die.

>>427481066really? i thought tranny (((rachel levine))) being health ministry was more cringe

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Gas the

>>427477017best part of the video

>>427480916Down with elites is down with elites, if somehow in the process some ethnicity is going to be wiped out, then so be it, im not a petty person and won't discriminate.

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>>427479887that pic desperately needs one of them changed to 'woke' or 'woke libs'.whats so funny to me about this is how the right has unhappily had to adopt a negro neologism as a catch-all phrase for jewish ideology, they couldnt even acknowledge in their own mind that there is a simple, thematic connection between what appears under the 'woke' term as a random collection of subversion and anti-white agitation>>427480494>But yall keep crying about dem jooos literally disarming and discrediting yourselves in the processthere is nothing disarming about telling the truth. to the contrary, telling anything but the truth, be it for strategic reasons or other, is disarming.any movement that simply rallies against 'the elite' will simply be deflected and channeled by jews into targeting exclusively white gentile elites (see what happened to OWS). and that is ignoring the fact that all elites are not the problem. the problem lies primarily with those who use their ethnic cliques stranglehold on powerful institutions to act with racially motivated animus toward white gentiles.

>>427480988>>427481392Henry Ford was a hero.

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>>427476750Bump. Only good thread on Holla Forums right now


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>>427480888Checked nice digits fren

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>>427481532Henry Ford was a 33rd degree mason, registered in the Jerusalem lodge of israel. He provides trucks for free to Hitler to attack Russia. Just like the homosexual west is doing today with Zelensky.

>>427480533Checked. You know who controls you when you know who you can’t criticize.

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>>427476750>, that center jew got triggered! how is that not an ethics violation is beyond me. I hope he will be removed from the bench

>>427481492>use their ethnic cliques stranglehold Thats any clan in power, literally. Family accumulates power, becomes dynasty, blood is thicker than water. Yall natsoc larpers should understand better than any other people.I don't care if it's Moisha, John, Ivan, Hans, Qing or Mugambe, Hyperrich families should be destroyed.

>>427481066Well the dude in in charge called him a racist and antisemitic because he said that if you disagree with their policies the will call you racist and antisemitic.I don't see how calling it how it is could ever be characterised as cringe however you do you.

>>427481532>>427481392this one is still my favoritethese have been scrubbed from (((Google search))) BTWeven Bing and yandex are going the same way now too

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>>427476750>your votes mean nothing>your speeches mean nothingThe only way to remove these people from power is through force.


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>>427476750>screeching woman and kikesyup. it's America.

>>427476750jeez what a hero. he maintained himself so well while that human trash chimped out. leftists love to posture like theyre so level headed and logical yet everytime a scenario like this happen the leftists are reduced to ape-like hollers. literal subhumans.

>>427479492what was that saying; you can call a jew any name in the book and they won't be phased at all but try and dare to call him a jew and watch him squirm and shift because jew knows it's been unmasked

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>>427479127No, I just shat it out this morning

>>427477017Holy based, this man is worth giving money if he does this every week.

>>427481912yes good work lads, we just need to push them a little more and they will all snap and reveal their true nature to the veil is slipping and they finna be chimpin out Fr Fr no capthey can not escape their negroid ad mixture, just push them a little more and we will win!This (((mayor))) is already close to the breaking point

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>>427476750use yt-dl user or mpv+webm script to just get the parts you want.

>>427478062>(((Steinberg)))EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

>>427478580After living on this earth for a while, you become pretty good at judging books by their cover.

>>427477590James Lindsay is coward faggot who plays into jewish elite interests by never calling out the jews He's no different from every other conservative grifter like Charlie Kirk, Trump, or DeSantis. >>427478345>You dont really need to know who is attacking you if you know how they are attacking you.That's fucking retarded and cucked.You call out the people who are attacking you as the group they are. It's JEWS. Jews collectivize as jews and use their jewish connections to exert jewish power on the country. Lindsay is not "based" and every time you use a euphemism and avoid saying "jew," you're helping the jewish elite. kys

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>>427482597>I'm saying you wont need to check "early life".Kek


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>>427480495>KaplanUsually a jewish name

>>427481066>heh I called your resistance "cringe" now you have to stop fighting back and noticing things

>>427476750death to all followers of the synagogue of satan

>>427482641This guy was having a grand old time listening to the speech

>>427476750> EVERY WEEK HE DOES THISlmao what a fucking legend


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>>427481982>Yall natsoc larpers should understand better than any other not larping as shit. i am not a national socialist. i dont agree with nazis on anything except (partially) the JQ, which they didnt invent nor hold a patent on. and i dont care about any hypothetical clan, i care about the clan which is ruling the entire west and has effectively genocidal intent towards my people. that is not the case of any other elite, nor has it ever been, nor is there any reason to assume that this ever will be the case. so what are we even talking about. do you know how many russians were killed in the jewishly controlled soviet union? those conditions are not possible in a simple power struggle between clans. you need to absolutely hate the people of your country to create an ideology so inhumane that it can reach those numbers

>>427481066is making an accurate observation actually cringe or are you just jewish?

>>427480533checkedYou can't win by playing by (((their))) rules.

>>427477017Started laughing when I heard this

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>>4274814922 seconds

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>>427476750>The council has turned their backs on youIs this supposed to be an own? Do they think he is supposed to be disheartened or BTFO because a bunch of kikes and nonwhites turned around in their chairs?

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>>427483434Wouldn't staring at a blank wall make it harder to ignore what hes saying anyway? It's like they really wanted to focus on his reasonable argument. kek

>>427481799So why did he write a book exposing kikes

>>427483690Lol, true. If you're staring at the wall all you can do is listen.I think they honestly believe what they're doing is powerful and meaningful.

>>427481799Wheres your proof, kike

>>427481244>>427481989>>427482908>>427483215>they cope and seethe while they strike you

>>427483434I believe this act disqualifies their authority.Does a city council even actually have authority? It sounds like a meme


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>>427477710That's my izod nigga.

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>>427483922Nobody cares about your appeal to social proof. What we're talking about is a matter of fact and objective reality.

>>427477017fucking lmao

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>>427484204it's more about the fact that those people are completely bought out and maliciously hostile to white menpreaching your da jooz nonsense to them is cringe. it really is, when they deserve bullets instead. white men talk when they should actbut this is where you say PFF THANK U VRY MUCH FEDDERINO BUT IM HAPPY GOING EXTINCT PEACEFULLY XD

>>427483795A freemason can write all the theories he wants, he is still a freemason, and be part of the greater zionist plan. Meaning he was misled. His actions talk louder than his mere words. Even Standard Oil, which is Rockfeller owned sent free oil to Hitler, and financed Hitler’s party. Bush grand father had a role as well. It’s all jews with goyim under them fulfilling jewish goals. I dont trust antisemites that are freemasons, and consider those controlled opposition. He was truly an antisemite you would see his company shattered in pieces, but after the war it flourished. Nazism is strongly connected to judaism, do not think otherwise or else you will be misled.

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>>4274782044 LoLs hacker.Not to be confused with for lulz hackers.


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>>427484366>da jooz>domestic terrorism based, everything else cringeglowtranny spotted, PLEASE try harder its getting really pathetic

>>427483918Relax meme flag rabbi, here are your proofs: like today with Zelensky and neo-nazism, semites are always running the show.

>>427476750He played it cool, but not smart. What he SHOULD have done, was harp like nonstop on how the jews have treated black people. He should have tried to drop it all, "jews owned the slave ships", "over 90% of the slave industry in america was run by jews", "malcolm x once said, that its jews that caused the terrible living conditions that black people suffer under", "malcolm x was also a civil rights leader, where's his holiday?"

>>427476750Hahaha in the very end you can hear a harpie cry "eVeRy wEeK hE dOeS tHiS!!11!!"FUCKING BASED HAT GUY.

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>>427484366Nobody is moved by your arbitrary standards for what is acceptable or not. Calling things "cringe" is a weak zoomer method of policing what people talk about. Yeah no shit antiwhites, zionists, and kikes have decreed speaking truth to power as "socially unacceptable," no shit. >da joozYou can be as dismissive as you want, it doesn't change the fact that jews run our country. 1/3 of the White House staff is run by 2% of the population that has the backing of literally thousands of advocacy groups as well as international finance capitalism, which is run by the same 2% - jews. I find being oppressed by a criminal demonic minority to be a bit more "cringe" than calling them out for it. >but this is where you say PFF THANK U VRY MUCH FEDDERINOUh no, you are persenting a false dichotomy. The only two options are not 1) Do nihlistic lone wolf acts of terrorism and 2) Do nothing and go extinct.Join a white nationalist group like Patriot Front or the National Justice Party. Organize with other whites as a self-conscious racial collective and exert power on the system. Ironically, this method of a mass movement as described and successfully accomplished by the NSDAP, is castigated as "fed" by people like you more than anything else.

>>427479183>That's exactly why they're trying to replace "jew" with "kike" on Holla Forums.I prefer "noseberg"

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They hated him for his message

>>427484455What's the source on Hitler's Rothschild lineage? Because it's stupid as fuck.

>>427483118i like where your head's at

>>427484877He'll be back next week.

>>427485553His grandfather was a jew, from Austria. He was all about attacking Russia while enslaving Europe to Rothschild’s banking system. Auschwitz was a summer camp btw, the holohoax never happened as we all know.

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>>427476750Notice it’s always women shouting and being reactionary. I guess they’re in tune with the devil.


>Cries out in pain as they strike you

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>>427485808steinberg sending out the 'shut it down' alert

>>427485622Well here's hoping he turns black people against mr. steinburg lmao

>>427485974I believe those were jewessesNotice the kike xy screaming like a woman too. Actually he(?) Started it then the Jewesses perceived permission to have outbursts

>>427476750>EVERY WEEK HE DOES THISWe need to follow this guy. I want to hear more

>>427478702send immigrant busses


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>>427486556>We need to follow this guy. I want to hear moreI would also enjoy seeing more of his awareness campaign.

>>427477017>screeching foid: every week he does this!

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notify the ADL

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>>427476750Extremely based.

>>427486971breitbart has them on speed dial

>>427477017When did they say this I thought it was "something something hate speech"

>>427476750He's hiding his bald head under that ridiculous hat.

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>>427487291That one bitch screams it near the end. Kek

>>427486971>>427487129>Notify the ADL>>427487291the very end

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>>427485017>eVeRy wEeK hE dOeS tHiS!!11!!Fuck off back to plebbit.

>>427476750Holy fuck. Which one of you did this?

>>427476750What a mess and you are calling that civilization? I don't think so, I think these peoples who were shouting are wild.

>>427479079>The jew is immunized against all dangers: One may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a jew and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: "I’ve been found out"

>>427476750>White dude calls out Jews>Mob tried to laugh and when that didn't silence the truth they ree.Modern Americans are such a joke.

>>427477415>honey, it's been seven days. time for your weekly banker hatred speech

>>427488046based goebbels quote

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>>427477415Its meaningless without murdering these commies



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>>427477415That's the mayor a seething kike.

>>427478258The guy is a total jerk !

>>427483434Is this obnoxious potty mouth asshole, the Mayor?

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>>427489282(((steinburg))) yep. see>>427478062

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>>427476750Naming the Jew always has the same reaction. (1) Nothing changes (2) Everyone condemns you.

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>>'s been doing this a while

>>427488736>every retired white dude in south florida

>>427489620yeah because that has been working out so incredibly well for you. just name the root cause and be done with it. you will be condemned either way. might as well be for the truth.

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>>427489620ah right. we should pussyfoot around and name other things like the globalist, elite, free masons, 'woke', communist, jesuits, lizardmenI'm not a glownigger. but if you think you're going to vote them out of power you are delusional. 109 countries.

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>>427490232How indeed?

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Is it REALLY the Jews though? Or is it A jew?

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>>427490157Naming the Radical Left has the support of millions of Americans and politicians get elected to office to fight them.

>>427476750He looks kinda jewish though?

>>427490232Naming the Jew has a 100% failure rate. No one naming the jew gets taken seriously. We need to do something that works. Success is a process not a "1 and done" switch you flip. This is chess not checkers.

>>427490232Naming the jew is a high IQ pattern recognition move that most people don't have the mind for. The jew wants you to name them, in the same way blacks want you to call them nigger in public. Because they understand soon as you do, you have lost. Few will come to your side because of the social quicksand you now find yourself in. The jew wants us to wave the nazi flag for the same reason, it's a dead end. Normal middle class people with normal IQ's will not get on board. To name the jew and wave the nazi flag is a great relief for kikes, because they know this is the easiest position to defeat and have been doing so for decades. Name the Jew online and with friends who are high IQ pattern recognition types, but otherwise avoid it.


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>>427490637>>427490723>Naming the Jew has a 100% failure rate. No one naming the jew gets taken seriouslypicrel.sorry jew, I see (((you)))>They hated jesus because he told them the truth

Attached: naming_the_jew_never_works.jpg (864x393, 65.21K)

>>427477413what's his name?

>>427477997lindsay will never grow balls, he is at best a center left classical liberal who is atheist and thinking the right needs to be more accepting towards homosexuals.

>>427490997thats the mayor goy. see >>427478062

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>>427490884Running around yelling jew isnt getting shit done. Ford tried it, Rockwell tried it, Hitler tried it. It's an impossible mountain to climb over. Or you can go AROUND with a different tactic.Name the radical left, name the commie. Picrel.

Attached: commie jew single.jpg (579x1120, 431.6K)

>>427490997>what's his name?Führer


Attached: 734657834.png (1054x394, 471.91K)

>>427489620>radical left = jewsI thought an American of all people would know both parties are just sides of the same international jewish coin (or shekel, if you will). Just look at your country, do you really think your (((conservacuck))) party would fix everything "muh radical left" is trying to push, or would they simply talk big game while continuing to ship your tax money directly to Israel?

>>427491153>yellingits speaking>>427491153>Name the radical left, name the commieoh ok, guess you're a ben shapiro fan? lmao. stfu kike, have fun 'owning the libs' with your controlled op/kosher republicans

Attached: 1663924672046394.png (333x293, 13.96K)

>>427490451it's a panama hat This guy is amazing.

>>427490539yes, all of them jewish puppets tirelessly working against your interest >>427490723there is one single axiom the acceptance of which must be sufficient and necessary for joining our cause: that white gentiles as a group have legitimate interests, such as living amongst ourselves and ruling ourselves, and not giving away our resources. anything except for that core belief must be optional but allowed. if a pro-white movement conforms to the taboo of jew-criticism it becomes unattractive to everyone who is intellectually prepared and willing to talk about root causes. and without those people you will forever be fighting a rearguard battle against an opponent who seems to strike from a thick fog.all your talk about how normal people will never get on board is ahistorical. normal people will be on board with criticism of jews, as they have been for all of history since jews have been around.

Sometimes I can't tell if you're just being funny and edgy or if you really think it's the Jews.

>>427476750Holy fucking based.

>>427478580Stereotypes are real. That's just the first jew word used to try and lable then other a thought. It proved to be a far too esoteric version of racist.

>>427491611>all your talk about how normal people will never get on board is ahistorical. normal people will be on board with criticism of jews, as they have been for all of history since jews have been around.Yes. 100%look at the black hundreds is tsarist russia. that is inspirational stuff.

Attached: russ.jpg (1024x1024, 151.61K)

>>427491772Sometimes I can't tell if you're actually pretending to be a woman or just a faggot

>>427491556He is hilarious. I'm trying to find more videos.

>>427491407We've been naming the Jew for 100 years. At some point you have to accept that what you're doing isnt working. Or you can just keep doing it pretending you're the smartest kid in the room.You repost other peoples anti-jew content. I make my own, we are not the same.

Attached: john8.jpg (1335x738, 465.59K)

>>427491926I'm a femboy.

>>427492144It's hilarious, but also sad when I think that here in the UK anyone would get arrested and thrown into prison for this.

Bless this thread. Finally a good one.Have a free bump, my OP faggot.

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>>427492275It's amazing how the audience can't just sit down and listen. They lash out like children. They can't wait their turn and calmly present a counterargument.

>>427476750What a legend. That fucking council, holy shit if they could have killed him they would have.

>>427491556>randomly throws in that the mayor's people were thrown out of 109 countrieskek

>>427492178>We've been naming the Jew for 100 yearswrong. its off and on. right now we name the 'woke' before that its 'commies'.>You repost other peoples anti-jew content. I make my own, we are not the ok. you're cool. why don't you actually post your shit?

Attached: banking2.jpg (408x630, 60.77K)

>>427491556lol the chick in the background losing her shit

Attached: Screenshot_2023-05-18_15-42-22.jpg (816x460, 42.67K)

>>427492478ok buddy keep trying to name the jew and see how much headway you make. Ye tried it, worked great for him. Worked out great for Ford too, and he had an entire newspaper.

>>427490421It's not every single jew, but it's probably a lot more than one. If I had to narrow it down to just one jew bug person that runs the show, I would go with:>Adam Friedland

>>427477415>>427477565The WE DONT WANTCHA was the most revealing part of this. He's the head of this kangaroo court Robespierre triumvirate and he gives not a single fuck for a white man's ability to speak his mind. Civis Wakanda Sum.

>>427476750EverySingle Week


Attached: next-week-next.gif (220x136, 79.51K) gets violently censored in this one. They lash out really hard in this one when he says "Talmudic Jews". Comments are turned off as expected.

>>427492704>Ye tried itlmao. did you think a nigger was going to save you? he literally had a jew handler before he was doing this and then now married one.>FordBased. no complaints. but money men aren't going to save you.

Attached: 13546126.jpg (560x373, 65.22K)

>>427476750>they cry out in pain as they strike youoy

I wonder why they cry so hard when you name them

Attached: 1682803182909992.png (783x780, 570.12K)

>>427491556kek god damnhow is he still alive?


Attached: 376F415D-3D63-40E0-90C1-31B7D617F945.jpg (1125x635, 645.57K)

>>427493516Kek. Very nice user.

>>427491556>Points finger>You Jews, this is your game, this is what you play>Angry black woman>Nah ah, dat ain't okLol. It's like the blacks are the government foot soldiers.

>>427476750Stylish hat

>>427476750Whenever I would wear my hat inside her house, my grandmother would smack me and tell me that we're not jewish.

Imagine being this much of a loser.

>>427493919I don't think about you at all.

>>427493516imagine going this far and then not animating the police officers into janitors

>>427478561>naziSomeone that supports an economic system that doesnt work

>>427480533It's a pretty scary thing to mention. As soon as someone says it, everyone else is looking over their shoulder,>They don't think I'm with him, do they?!?!

>>427491462Fair enough

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>>427476750Based pink mommy adding 30 seconds to the clock

>I've had enough of yo>Points finger>You JEWS, this is your gameLol. Gets funnier every time. You losers are the same as the angry blacks though. Can't present a counterargument against a femboy's free speech.

The best part is seeing the old black man at first in disbelief, then laughing and then getting redpilled as soon as the heckling started.

>>427494242>>427476750Highly recommend checking out the based negro that comes after him and the freakshow walking around on public carpet barefoot following

Attached: NO FUCKING SHOES.png (1062x739, 1.12M)

>>427491556>wears a hat in every vidBald.

Attached: 1658949764025964.jpg (750x739, 37.69K)

>>427494448kek, I saw the thread the other day where you forgot to memeflag and your israeli flag was showing

>>427494695you can already see it in his side hairline

>>427476750And, of course, it's a non-white. Whites don't have the balls.

>>427494752Oops. Forgot your meds again, didn't you Chang.

>>427492496Psycho eyes.You could throw that clip of her creeping up to him into any horror movie and you wouldn't even have to edit any of it for it fit in.

Attached: sanpaku_by_hloytheda_d4tk7wq-fullview.jpg (900x1368, 305.55K)

>>427476750Based.>>427477017Where can I see more? I want history lessons from him.

I had no idea Trotsky's real name was Bronstein. That's hilarious.

>>427477026Based Doomguy

>>427494825Is he gonna blame da joos for that, too?

Attached: 1633645492934.jpg (581x720, 129.72K)

>>427476750Yeah, and you can see how useful his "noticing" was. Why are we still trying to debate and explain a point of view to these people? What a waste of time and energy.

>>427494000Checked. It could also use the roastiejack screaming "he does this every week". Improvements can always be made, art refined...memefarming.

>>427495300Nooooo never do anything in real life, stay on your government monitored internet forums

>>427492931The lady up there was just sitting reasonably. 2 minutes, that's all that like had to sit there for. Must've felt like 6 million.


Attached: jewflag.png (294x399, 12.85K)

>>427495241They are behind putting the chemicals in the water that turn the frogs gay; so you never know user.

>>427494695>Bald.High T. He calls out the Jews and doesn't afraid of anything.

>>427495503Pretty cool guy if you ask me.

I like how you losers are pretending you're not the exact same way about censorship, except in the other direction. It tickles me.

>>427489620I name the jew with no problems. It's all about tact and class. If you're taking to a lefty, frame it as anti-racist. If you're talking to a righty, frame it as economic parasitism. More people hate jews than hate the "radical left"--whatever the fuck that even means.


>>427477017>every weekJesus Christ how can one man be so based?

Attached: 1601015886472.png (681x583, 314.17K)

>>427495639>"radical left"--whatever the fuck that even me the radical left is the FBI

>>427495616Carrying kike water is uncute.

>>427476750>eVeRy WeEk He dOeS tHiSlmao, based. Whichever one of your this is, I applaud you.

Attached: pepe_dont_mind_if_I_do.gif (498x401, 56.16K)


Attached: kook.jpg (594x567, 17.27K)

>>427490165> bitch in the back got some juices flowing and she hates herself for it

>>427495873>UncutePlease don't turn this into a thing. You idiots are annoying enough with your low IQ.

>>427486495and the mayor turning his back the whole time like a child

I live about 1.5 - 2 hours away from sac. Should go to one of these meeting someday. Free entertainment.

>>427491556Notice the shrieking women. Orwell was right

>>427485748I bet you have never read his writing, nor are you familiar with the population of jews in Austria, which were almost 100% in Vienna. I doubt any jew was ever born in Braunau am Inn. Final sentence is mostly true, though it was a munitions manufacturing fun camp.

>>427476750Based Indiana Jones.

>>427479183I think most people understand


>>427482947For all their faults as a whole, I've met some great blacks. I hope he's one of them and isn't just laughing at the situation.

It’s amazing how animated people get. They don’t get like this if you use any other word

>>427482228Kek saved

>>427482228kek, severly underrated post

Attached: goldlaughreaction.jpg (560x547, 25.4K)

>>427493438>this is why you were kicked out of 109 countries btwObliterated.He always leaves room for decent jews too. I wonder how many appreciate it.

They react like that because of the history textbooks they read from elementary school and on.

>>427497326He already mentioned the brainwashing, stop repeating things.

>>427478702Actually he lives fairly close to the niggers. Nigs live in West Sac.t. Roseville Chad

>>427497378I think he was talking about the media. He immediately followed his statement by mentioning controlled media. I'm saying the reaction is embedded in the education system.

>>427492496>>427495976I thought she had hallucinations

>>427495300You are not trying to convince anyone involved in an argument. That's what a conversation is for. In an argument you are trying to convince fence sitters who are listening and not engaging.

>>427486666Eh, a little.

>>427491556>>427476750has he ever called out homosexual anglos that control the jews?

>>427489620jewish claws typed this post.

>>427476750>"every week he does this"fucking based

>>427495418That's not what he said, you stupid bastard. And, yeah, the guy did nothing as you can see from the results. But, by all means, keep trying to argue with people who are actively engaged in White genocide as they crash all of our countries. Really doing something would be punching all of those scumbags in the mouth. When are you dopes going to realize that these people don't give a fuck what we have to say? They don't care!

>>427476750>that hysterical whore in the background yelling no stop to defend the jews Why do they do this? He didn't even say anything that hurtful or any slurs, he's literally telling well known facts. I bet with 100% certainty that bitch wasn't even a jew herself. Probably a white "christian" that thinks jews are their betters and need to be worshipped or something.

Attached: 1666320119113079.jpg (580x369, 48.87K)

>>427476750Uhhhh based

Attached: 1679406096213760.jpg (1080x834, 94.12K)