With all the noise about consent nowadays, how do you know for sure when a woman is giving consent?

With all the noise about consent nowadays, how do you know for sure when a woman is giving consent?

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Haven't heard any noise about it lately. How old are you, high-school to college? Because that shit dies once you stop being babysat by professional babysitters that are "teachers"

>>427473605only rapists and pedos worry about consent.

Earth is Hell. I mean, when I see an attractive woman now I feel sadness because she is ALWAYS angry, sad, crazy, or hostile, or a combination of said ills. Then they wear outfits that say:>PLEASE FUCK ME NOW! PLEASE!!!but if you say "Hi." they get pissy.

>we want the whores to feel safe being whores>please dont shatter the illusions people bring into conventions with reality

dressing like a whore should be automatic consent to be rapedt. chad

>>427473605wonder what she looks like now>inb4 "she"

>>427473605The only reason anyone should ever want to touch a cosplayer is to savagely beat them.

>>427473605>how do you know for sure when a woman is giving consent?you don't until afterwards


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Women are property, consent is irrelevant as possession is 9/10th the law.This quite literally works in court.>t. rapist who got off twice using this legal argument.

>>427474710>but if you say "Hi." they get pissy.do you think they get pissy when jason mamoa says Hi to them?

>>427473605consent can be revoked at any time and it is your responsibility to make sure that sex is still consentual

Consent is only used to keep weirdos away, she would have no problem taking pictures with chad.

>>427473605their pussy is soaked, thats how you know.

>>427475370No because he's rich and molest kids, and women love molesting kids more than anyone and love money too.What your point? That I'm ugly? ehh not really, no, but am poor, so women hate me just as if I was a gutter bum, so who cares?

>>427473605When you rape her

>>427473605Are you Chad? You have consent. It's that simple. Tall, dark, and handsome can walk up behind this girl and put his arms around her waste and she'd squeal and giggle. Actually asking for consent is a huge turn-off. It's a good way to ensure you don't get laid. You should know if a girl is out of your league or not without having to ask.

>>427475553my point is you can be a literal felon on parole but if you're jason mamoa they won't get pissy. you don't even have to say hi, they'll approach you. money/fame is just icing on that cake

>posting the edited version Here is the correct sign.

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>>427473605it's like if I went out with only my underwear & acted appalled if a woman grabbed my junk. femoids will literally do anything for attention.

>>427475753You live on another planet, women do not approach men in my state, ever. Never, ever.I accept my fate to be alone because God obviously hates me, that's why he gave me parents that were idiots.

>>427473605This pic is so old that girl is now post-wall and likely had to get that ugly tattoo lasered off because it made her large pit mommy dog aggressive towards her during coitus.Getting older is weird, man.

>>427473605That’s a man and this is a demoralization attempt. >all fields

>>427473605Reminder this stupid bitch has nudes everywhere online. What a masterstorke of a attention-whoring modern women have pulled off, being obnoxious sluts while simultaneously being sanctimonious.

>>427475924>Getting older is weird, man.this

>>427475983Holy Whores.


>>427475919you're a grown ass adult, your parents are irrelevant now user. but that's my point, women approach me, it's not a location thing, they'll do it anywhere. anyways, God bless, we are to be in this world not of it.

>>427473605Would touch

>>427473605It would be safer to teach men that buying a woman gifts, doing her chores, buying her food and drink, etc. does not entitle them to sex. Do you know why you do see those sings everywhere? MEN WON'T DO ANYTHING FOR WOMEN ONCE THEY KNOW THEY WILL GET NOTHING OTHER THAN HER STUPID VAPID COVERSATION IN RETURN. Women want to have an army of simps who work for nothing but her smuggest gloat. Then she gets to pick the best on to sleep with and the rest are so low on the totem pole they just need to disappear until she is ready to be served again. If the average man knew this and that women often vote for Leftist parties, he would start wondering why he gets nothing when he does all the miserable work.

>>427475919Women only approach elite men, not average ones. Historically, it was men who approached women and most of them still want us to approach them. So just show some confidence and fucking do it. Stop being a pussy. I'm tired of watching my mates being afraid to approach women, I mean, I'm like do you want me to introduce you to her? Or when it's two of them, I tell them let's go, you take the one, I take the other. They still refuse to do so. Seriously, fuck modern "men". It's fucking embarrassing.

>>427473605what is she supposed to be cosplaying as?

>>427476071>your parents are irrelevant now user.lol right. It makes no difference, right Jew?Like Trump, he didn't have a rich dad who gave him billions, no Trump worked at McDonald's 187,000 hours a day, right faggot?

>>427473605Look to see if she has crazy eyes.

>>427475939>>427476033I want to go back

>>427476359While I agree with the overall point of your post, I have to say that I'm a fat loser and have had women come onto me first or make the first move.

>>427476515>lol right. It makes no difference, right Jew?it doesn't matter, you are in control of your destiny now. the past is the past, you can choose to wallow in it or do something about it. The former is going to provide you of no benefit besides victimhood and stagnation

>>427476663>it doesn't matterYou're a Jew confirmed. It does matter, it;s the only thing that matters on Satan's planet.

>>427473605> cosplay is not consent> unless you are a tranny

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>>427476509A whore

>>427473605This is why we need to take women's rights away where then the only consent that matters is that of her male relatives for marriage.

>>427476759how's that working for you? you seem bitter and defensive for no real reason. blaming mommy/daddy for life's woes is the mentality of a roastie

>>427476901You're either a Jew or a protestant whore.

>>427477033>fixing your life and not blaming others for your problems as an adult>makes you a jewneat

>>427475351How? What part of the law still says women are property?

>>427473605>how do you know for sure when a woman is giving consent?women are children, they cannot give consent

>>427476901>blaming mommy/daddy for life's woes is the mentality of a roastieI bet that's what you tell your daughter while your anally penetrating her with your microphallus...

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>>427477141>completing ignoring that whites are not given a fair chance at lifeEat Shit n' Die.

>>427473605>With all the noise about consent nowadays, how do you know for sure when a woman is giving consent?When you've married her, it's your wedding night and you're attempting to breed her.

>>427476656Good. Probably mean, that you have some nice features despite being fat. So, work on yourself and you'll get more of them. You know, eat healthy, work out and stuff. Plus, the way you dress makes a huge difference. It's crazy how women's attitudes towards me changed once I lost weight, started hitting the gym at least 4 times a week and had my ex pick new clothes and glasses for me (she truly had some great sense of style). Women are checking me out, they are not rushing out conversations during casual encounters and make jokes, ask questions. It's great.

>>427475384a good rule of thumb is that you need consent to stick it in, if it comes out by accident you need to gain consent again before the tip goes in.

>>427477276nice strawman, is mommy and daddy in the room with us right now? show me on this sex doll where they molestered you so badly user >>427477379being white inherently makes me greater than every non white race. I sleep great at night, am happy to look in the mirror. My physique is great with massive vascularity. I don't know what is so wrong about being white but you seem to hate white people

>>427475875There's a funnier version with words words words belowSomething like "every cosplayer here is a paid prostitute, use them as you like"

>>427477384>it's your wedding night and you're attempting to breed her.he doesn't know

>>427477482he did it in the shower and now I beat my vagina to feel love. at least your microphallus won't stretch out your daughter's butthole before I can tear that ass up.

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>>427476790he looking scary as fuck

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>>427477701dont google woolzacks its a trap

>>427473605How do you know she won't withdraw consent in the future?

>>427478094>woolzacksI'm too busy eating blue waffles at a lemon party to goatse much about that.

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>>427473605>With all the noise about consent nowadaysWith all the noise about consent nowadays, why isn't the right appealing to consent to shut down forced inclusion?

>>427478227eat what you want just dont google

>>427478407>eat what you want just dont googleno problem

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>>427476310This is genuinely a good plan.

>>427478227but do you meat your spin?

>>427476310>If the average man knew this and that women often vote for Leftist parties, he would start wondering why he gets nothing when he does all the miserable work.And he would still do nothing.NUMBER ONE LESSON OF MODERN SOCIETY:YOU.WONT.DO.SHIT.

>>427473605Consent was (((bullshit))) from the beginning.

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>>427473605The truth is, you can never know and women love it, they love this expression of control and power they have, you can avoid them all you like, it'll still be her word over yours and a tyrannical fembot system full of commie retards.

>>427473605women give consent and years or decades later change their mind to claim they were raped and abused and the legal system allows for suits against men for that. I am curious why men are not making the same claims and suing for damages years after one night stands or short term relationships against women with money. Its the promise of future money, or the threat of taking money/life style away from the man that makes it rape

>>427474653Out of touch faggot. False sexual assault claims are very common these days and it will happen to you.

>>427478588>but do you meat your spin?no but I do pay to spin my meat...

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>>427476310Men already know this. The reason the>Teach men not to rape despite it one of the most heavily punished crimes everywhere on earth and for all of historytalking point exists is to exploit overcorrection. Overcorrection is when you have two people, let's say a nigger and an autist, and you subject both to the conditioning needed to make the nigger act civilised. The autist, needs much less conditioning to act civilised, is now receiving more conditioning than necessary. This additional conditioning overshoots the target, leading to a completely different set of behavioural issues. Now scale this up to a society with hundreds of millions of people, and you can exploit this overcorrection effect to turn huge swathes of people into tepid cucks who won't stand up for themselves when the system fucks them in the ass. Overcorrection is a huge part of why multicultural societies are dysfunctional societies. The only two options in a multicultural society are different laws for different groups => caste system, or universal rules with massive overcorrection for everyone but the lowest common denominator. Homogeneous societies allow for universal rules without overcorrection because in a homologous society the difference between the average and the lowest common denominator is minimised.

in most places it's allowed to take public photos without anyone's consent.

>>427479178Because men are not as selfish as women. Men evolved to care about their society, because when their society is conquered, he dies with it. Women did not evolve to care about their society because when their society is conquered, the women are absorbed into the conqueror's society. Failure to defend your society has a massive evolutionary cost for men (death without reproduction), but a minimal cost for women (reproduction with someone you didn't choose), and thus men and women evolved very different attitudes towards society. Men only behave selfishly because doing so is necessary to reproduce in a sexually liberal society. Women's demand for the ultimate alphachad is what forces men to behave selfishly, but this isn't what men want, hence the rates of male depression in sexually liberal societies. The greatest lie ever told is that females are the cooperative and socially-oriented sex. Girls *appear* more socially competent than boys in school because their social instincts are less developed. It's like the Dunning-Krueger effect. The girls are oblivious to all the power dynamics men evolved to be aware of, so they don't get bogged down in analysis paralysis etc, so they don't appear autistic. The boys appear socially retarded because they are trying to make sense of something the girls don't even care about, they are trying to protect themselves from dangers the girls aren't even aware exist. This is why those awkward autistic boys eventually become late bloomers in their 30s, while most 30 year old women are just children in the bodies of adults.

sex is only for chad, not for us

>>427473605>how do you know for sure when a woman is giving consent?You don't. Women love to mind fuck and then screw you over. Just before we divorced, we did the "marriage counseling" scamWife bitches that I didn't initiate sex enough. I said if she says no, that's that. No sex. Go home, initiate sex. she say no. Okay... do it anyway.Next session: Wife claims I raped her. Okay, you crazy bitch. Get the hell out of my house.

>>427476790she's got great vagina bones

>>427475701>leagueNo such thing. Every girl operates on the same software with the same standards. Going for a 3/10 is no different than going for a 10/10, both have their dms blown 24/7 with desperate suitors. If anything, the 10/10s have less mileage, because they intimidate more suitors, and they will also reject you cleanly and politely, because they're not insecure about a man they deem ugly approaching them like average and ugly girls who thinks it lowers their value. Men aren't made to ask for consent or be beautiful, we're meant to persist til we get through, that's how women are built.

>>4274736053D women trying to imitate superior 2D women via cosplay is the same energy as trannies trying to imitate women. Western women learning that they could get unlimited attention from nerd hobbies was a disaster.

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>>427473605>how do you knowWho gives a shit. Dress like a whore, get treated like a whore.

>>427473605I don’t want her to consent

>>427473605They don't have a right to say no to you taking pictures in a public place especially if they're dressing up to get attention. Don't go in public if you don't want your picture taken. Even more so if you're dressed as "slutty alien" or whatever most of these cosplay women are going as.

>>427473605Women can act like mentally broken whores.Being treated like society's cumdumpster, and not evolving beyond that mindset, can do that to ya!A woman can kiss ya, then say "but muh feelings" and walk off and fuck another stranger. The whole consent idea was parroted by Virgins, to be honest. Sign on the line this consent form for sexual intercourse. Get your government approved documents at your local City Hall. Because they didn't figure out their savage side yet still wanted to believe in civility. That's their problem. They knew sex can be savage, their parents were, and niggers and foreigners just took it to Hell and back. It's the same cognitive dissonace you hear in the American Populace. Cannot be infringed, my free speech, cannot be infringed.Hey, that guy is saying an opinion my group disagrees it. Better show him some respect, AKA, show him our second amendment. Hence, why the Common Political Cancer theme is. "Freedom of Speeeech. Not Freedom of Conseeequences." Think about what that means. They're legalizing threats of violence over speech. They literally sign on the line that they believe in legalized violence.And look around you? That's what we got~

>>427473605You don't. They can say yes and then decide later that they meant "no" and lie and say you pressured them into it and there's nothing you can do about it.

>>427475924the weirdest shit are high school reunions.you go there and look at those women who were hot back when they were 16 and all you can think is>jesus christ, that's grim

>>427473605post the ORIGINAL

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>>427473847You are the reason the Left has total power. You abdicated education to them and now they engineer the future. Teaching is literally the MOST import job. MORE important than a brain surgeon, rocket scientist or even king. Did you know the majority of teachers in Germany before Hitler took power were members of the Nazi party? He never would have been able to if they weren't. t. Unity dev.

>>427473605Whenever a woman brings up rape or consent or whatever just say "OK terf" or "OK swerf" or something. it's that fucking easy. I mean chomsky was literally talking about how porn is bad because its based on the degradation of woman and you go on leftist forums and theyre all calling him an old white swerf. So thank the trannies for giving you this amazing tool.

>>427473605Post her nudes

>>427481240Good post. I never realized that about why boys and girls succeed so differently in that bizarre popularity based power structure in school systems. Explains a lot of things, really.I'll always argue that the beginning of the end for western society was giving women the power to vote. They're hardwired to henpeck their husbands for support and resources and when they got the vote they instead married the government. Which is why everything turned to such gigantic piles of shit in such ways that were incredibly obvious to anybody with half a brain. Half the voting population just can't help themselves because they don't care.

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>>427483709This. Post this max 2015 girl, there was nudes. But no, lets talk about how if hitler was still alive my ass would be good. And fuck the janny trannies

>>427475210Then she says that she didn't like it ,and consent is retroactively erased and you go to court

>>427473605Easy. Do not care.

If I was young, I'd make women sign sexual consent forms, and then beat off and cum on said forms in front of them

>>427474710that’s if you say “hi” try growing 6-9 inches in height and then see how they respond

>>427479838Good post again. I'm going to use these arguments in other threads because they're legit.

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tfw no cosplay gf

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>>427473605I can never remember that dumb whore's name, but she has a ton of nudes out there from her camgirl days.

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>>427485781>mentally ill twitch muttkys chinkleaf

>>427473605>how do you know for sure when a woman is giving consentbecause I paid the whore for her consent. now get on those knees and start sucking

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>>427475919unironically touch grass.

>>427473605What an e-whore.

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>>427487173That was some delicious pussy and fantastic titties to bang when I was 17. THanks for the trip down memory lane user.

>>427473605>cosplay is not consenthow you wanna bet she ignores this when looking at a big dick.

>>427473605Cosplay is Gay.

>>427487350she is a millionaire and will dress in lewd cosplays for you to fuckshe is literally perfect


>>427473605That’s a man

>>427475875Cosplay is Foreplay

>>427490218she could have a trillion in her whore bank account I'd still beat her to mentally ill shit eyed mutt ass to death

>>427474710>but if you say "Hi." they get pissy.I've wondered if that's because they're getting attention, just not from the person they want. I had weird associations in the past where people were looking for friends, but I wasn't a particular friend they used to have, so they just couldn't grasp anything I did with them or said to them. They were in a totally different reality.

>>427490699That's exactly what it is. Did none of you ever have a fucking father? How are half of you so inept at grasping women?

>>427473605Which court cases for assault or unwanted sexual advances underlies that poster? Or is it just asshole women trying to make nerds feel socially awkward at their own fucking events?

>>427483465Yes, we need more of us in teaching positions. We are just handing it all over and it's time to stop.

>>427473605Get that ish on paper because I've heard the lies a woman tells after changing her mind because she got turned down... I don't doubt that a lot of them change their minds later and make up stories putting dudes in prison.

>>427473605here’s a pro tip: don’t have sex with someone you don’t trust

>>427475924chiakifoildottumblrdotcomshe walled, click me

>>427479376not if you never talk to women

what is the point of a worded sign niggers can't read


I wouldn't be caught dead at one of those con things

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>>427473605what specifically is she cosplaying as? a woman who exhibits her breasts to the general public for attention?lets see her walk around like that outside the convention. i bet she immediately covers up

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>>427494747Not requisite any longer. A glance is all it takes nowadays.

>>427490831most of our fathers were boomers or gen x, so of course not.

Consent won't matter to her if he looks like Chad."ANIME? Why yes I watch ughhj .. Cowboy space guy how could you tell?"

You don't. It's institutional gaslighting.Consent just means attraction. Your wife of twenty years decides she can do better? She never consented. All of your marital relations are now rereoactively rape.

>>427473605When she has a tail.

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>>427481766those are called hips

>>427473605my hands are cold. I'm not popular with women.

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>>427473605The more important question is why would you care? My dick is going in whether she likes it or not.

>>427477636This one?

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>>427475106Covered in tattoos, I guarantee it.

>>427474653Lol no I dont