So my girl has become a wage cuck

My girlfriend of 7 years has got some wage cuck job after her parents were saying she has wasted 5 years of her life with me.I showed her the matrix bros, she told me that without me she would be miserable, I've taken her to Europe twice, walked through the devils kingdom with her and shown her my mind.But no her wage cuck parents wanted her to have a job so she can earn meme coins and be a career wamyn and buy things like a house, which she cannot own in the state of nature and is only an idea that people uphold, when in reality no one owns the property.Its a fantasy a delusion that everyone keeps trying to tell me is real and we must do it.Now, she is having to attend affirmative action workshops and learn about trans rights apparently in a genetics labs this stuff matters.What exactly do you own when you buy a house?They can add a tax to it, you are allowed to stay indefinitely until men with guns take it from you, either because you've failed to pay the imaginary meme coins back to mr Shekelstein or niggers with guns take it from you and you sit there like a dumb fucking nigger cattle telling me that this piece of paper matters at all.Do you faggots not remember COVID? none of what they did was constitutional or legal but they did it anyway because men with guns, or men with bombs sit above the theatre that is democracy and tell them what they will legislate and you all play pretend because you're cowards and the source of my suffering.I trapped in a world with retarded nigger cattle that force me to be in this fucking shit hole nanny state because you ensnare the minds of the people I care about with poison.Vid related:

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>>427473508>They can add a tax to it, you are allowed to stay indefinitely until men with guns take it from youYou either live in a repressed, communist shithole or have a very loose grip on your sanity. Nobody is going to take your house at ginpoint for not paying your taxes. If you own the house, the worst they can do is put a lein on it, to be settled (with interest) once ownership changes through sale or death. You would have to be an idiot to believe otherwise.

>>427473508>My girlfriend of 7 years>saying she has wasted 5 years of her life with mecontinuity issue there.Also, don't you live on a literal continent, outside of 3-4 cities it's just complete desert / wilderness?You realize you're better positioned to break away & go off grid that most people?Your country so big & population so small, anyone with half a brain could figure out how to carve out territory the size of Ireland for themselves without the state being able to interfere in anyway.

>doesn't work and still getting pussyi dont understand when a man is in this position.You are really getting pussy and doing nothing.thats the best way to be but anybody else that tries to do this becomes an incel


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>>427475114> continuity issue there.We got together at university, she graduated and for 5 years we just enjoyed life and each other spending every day together not spending one day apart.Apparently spending 3 months in Ireland was wasting her life, 3 months in Berlin exploring eastern.Taking acid and going scuba diving on the GBR to see all the colourful fish and turtles was wasting her life.There is so much more, but they her parents fill in forms at a desk and complain constantly about it and yet they want to replicate this misery in her why???!?!> You've got to own some land and property and pay land taxes and shit so we can continue to squeeze the life force out of you.You parasites have your hooks so far into their minds that they love their own slavery.> You realize you're better positioned to break away & go off grid that most people?You can only own what you can defend user, you cannot own anything and organise in a world with cowards that capitulated to the vaccine mandates.90% of the population was convinced of a fake pandemic and took 3 vaccines because they would lose their job if they didn'tWhat are you not understanding?Movement is the only way out, when they make a new rule that you do not like, you just bounce you will never get them to see and reason, its all about what the TV people tell them.

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>>427476065>You parasites'xcuse me?>Movement is the only waypretty sure there's a movement out your way, some based skinhead with brains who's name I can't think off top my head started organizing.Why don't you link in with his lads?

>>427473508But the title and deed to land does matter. You need only buy it before war ravages the land and have your deed officially buried on the property so that you can return after the men with guns have sold it off to some other fool and claim your original title and then get same men with guns to evict the person they gave the land to in your absence. The quintessential jewish time capsule that does indeed guarantee the land in times of peace after the dust kicked up from a war has settled.

>>427473508Impregnate immediately, or lose her

>>427476514>Why don't you link in with his lads?Well I could explain it but this man has a full video on

>girlfriend of 7 years>not married>parents realize her cuck bf is not going to marry her, so she best be able to not die when he tosses her outParents actually care, OP is a nigger.

>>427476924>why lay an artificial lawn when could just grow a real onedude, if everyone is a FED / astroturfed, then why don't you start the real organic grassroots movement

>>427474944that's a long way of saying if you fail to vacate for failure to pay taxes, armed police will in fact force you tonice pilpul mr. shekelburg

>>427473508>none of what they did was constitutional or legalThen sue you stupid fucking retard.Unless of course, you know the law better than your judges and constitutional judges.

>>427477215Oh and if they want you out they just raise interest rates on your mortgages and have a bunch of vulture funds waiting for the people to default so they can buy up all the property and rent it back to you and the police, thugs with guns will uphold the theft kek and call it justice.Just doing my job faggots

>>427476943>Parents actually care, OP is a nigger.No hymen no diamondAlso song

And don't forget to pay your taxes nigger faggots

>>427477385It wont matter in this country we have these things called Queens council... or now Kings council and they are an aristocratic legal team that have super secret hidden legal knowledge that allows them to overrule the judges and other lawyers and the whole act of court becomes a joke.the rule of law is a tool of oppression, its simply a game to scam and perpetuate injustice, like putting a bum into a fight with heavy weight professional boxer.It is theatre to give the people the illusion of justice which pacifies the people to the actual state of the world.Rather than just taking your property which would cause discontent among the people and stoke the flames of revolution, they create fake legal proceedings, but it is more of a mockery of the individual going through it and a way to tax his wealth.It all needs to be destroyed.

>>427476687I don't want kids in the west, I not bringing another soul into this life to live under the foreign occupation of parasites.Its just not something that really feels like a good action.Are you wanting your kids to become BLACKED, trans and have forced vaccines and pedophile politicians controlling their education?Having kids in the west is slavery, raising the next generation of slaves to be fed into the meat grinder of war or some sort of institutionalise system where all the colour, happiness and joy is stripped from their life and placed into the hand of parasites that feed on the suffering.Do you really want to perpetuate the cycle in this Zionist occupier slave state?Do you cunts know of anywhere in this world that isn't completely pozzed?I've not tried rural Asia or Russia.

>>427479417This. Why would I want to bring children into this world only to suffer worse than I had to?

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>>427475300Anon I am telling you women aren't after money, they just want love.A Job is what the Jew tells you that women want, the social media is engineered by the jew who pretends to be a woman saying that she doesn't respect a man who hasn't got a job etc. but its a lie, the jew is making all these threads.Women just want love bro, they literally don't care about anything else in my experience.Conversation and dinners, organisms yes.The Jews tell you she is materialistic and its true some women are, but let me ask you something if you work and land that high paid job and attract a woman that values these things, she will bounce to the next guy who has more than you.So why would you care because these so called (((high value))) women are really in the end nothing but


>>427473777Miss my girlfriend who would do this type of thing to me. Thanks jew.

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>>427480451i got rejected for not having a job before, and i had a "friend" that was a girl, and all she talked about it what man makes what kind of money

>>427479750The NPC doesn't compute this user, they just do what they are told by the TV.The TV and engineered social media tell them to have kids, get a mortgage, get a nice new car and be a winner, a "success" and they tell them they are happy when they have these things.Because you've gotta be someone in this inorganic pyramid structure apparently where you're value in this life is determined by other feminised men.Oh god why does it have to be so gay and cringe all at the same time.I would have kids with her in a world that isn't like this and I am hopeful there are places in this world that haven't been completely pozzed, but I think anywhere (((western civilisation))) has touched is marked for death.

>>427479750>>427479417If there is no future than all is truly lost. We have been conquered before and come out the other side stronger, only the weak would let this moment underfoot let them stop their bloodline

Go getta job u broke bum faggot!

>>427481127> i got rejected for not having a job before, and i had a "friend" that was a girl, and all she talked about it what man makes what kind of moneyIt has never been my experience, but you know there are things people say to justify breaking up with you or rejecting you, but its not the real

>>427473508You have a girlfriend? Do you put your peepee in her veevee? What's that like?

>>427481636i would have everything for them other then money.. and when i would make money thats when i was getting girls

>>427473508>girlfriend of 7 years>parents were saying she has wasted 5 years of her life with me.they have a point. why haven't you wifed the poor girl yet? is she not worth it?

>>427481777> thats when i was getting girlsprostitutes

>>427479417Just die if that's gonna be your attitude. Her parents are right that you are just wasting her life, no family, no home you are just dragging another person into the blackpill.

>>427481904i dont look at it as prostitutes becuse i almost dated one, but everything she did was snakish and i told her to get out on the first day

>>427473508eat her after you make the soup

>>427473508Why you didn't have kids by now? Maybe if she had a baby to take care off she wouldn't go out and to look working cocks.She got the job because she wants to find a better man, soon she will break up.

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>>427481860I don't want to get married, it is inviting the state into your relationship.The point of marriage was to legitimise children, feminists made all children legitimate, then the tradition of marriage was extended to homosexuals, now we have de facto relationships.What the fuck is the point of marriage, here is no tradition, there is no reason its just I promise to give you half of my wealth and I get what, a woman that now stops trying and uses the state as a tool against me, I wasn't born yesterday roastie.

>>427473508I can’t believe you took the time to type this all out. An hero is your best bet.

>>427474944>is going to take your house at ginpoint for not paying your taxes.This should be enough for a ban or being underage. Like, how the fuck are we supposed to weed out children if you're not gonna do your job, mods? This is clearly a child.


>>427481958That is the reality of living in the west bro.Its a slave pen and a black pill when you see it but it doesn't have to affect your happiness or mood.You can literally do anything you want, freedom and colour can return to the world if you realise that thing standing in front of you that everyone is playing is not the real world, it is but a trick, the demiurge and the real world stands behind it.You can have fun and freedom, but when you have children the system pushes on you and demands you send them to these institutionalised brainwashing centre, that our racial enemies control.All so our children are brainwashed to repeat the cycle of slavery.I refuse to do it in the west, I want to find a place in this world that is free.

>>427473508>What exactly do you own when you buy a house?They can add a tax to it, you are allowed to stay indefinitely until men with guns take it from you, either because you've failed to pay the imaginary meme coins back to mr Shekelstein or niggers with guns take it from you and you sit there like a dumb fucking nigger cattle telling me that this piece of paper matters at all.Mother fuckers they can do the same shit to you if you are renting. Taxes go up? Land lord puts it on you. Owning a home has been a lot more conventional and personable then renting and the same shit can happen.You have taken too much lsd no one wants to live homeless with you.

>>427480408Women don't want love you fucking ignoramus

>>427482103Nah, I don't think you understand we spent 5 years together every day of every hour.Do you know the sort of openness you can have with a person like that.To see all sides of another person, to be completely at ease with another soul to see them and love them and feel their moods like telepathically.Its not a concern of mine user.

>>427479417The greatest triumph in life is to have sons and daughters that will resist the slave system

>>427482913forgot the

>>427482568Living a happy ignorant life as a slave or being free but miserable is a false dichotomy. There is a third way, find a community of like minded people and live your life and raise your family the way you want to. At least here in the US you can live in a compound and homeschool your kids if you want to.

>>427473508Man you guys cannot handle memes responsibly and take specific stuff and just generalize the shit out of 'em. During covid many of us became anti working because most places req the clot shot to work there. Now it's not like that anymore and they pushed so hard with that stuff that now very few are taking seriously what fauci or gates or any of them have to say. Even in school you have to do shit you don't want to or that's retarded like busy work. Give them what they want to get through it, and then move on. If she's working in a genetics lab she probably or certainly has college done and has put effort into doing that. You're being retarded if you expect her to just throw that all away for you. You gotta live in this world while not being like it. Do you honestly think you can just be a NEET forever? At some point they're gonna make you have to meet req for that too. You're always gonna have to navigate the system faggot OP. You gotta be flexible or you won't bend, you'll just break.

>>427482913>Do you know the sort of openness you can haveNope, I'm gay and I'm virgin.>Its not a concern of mine anonWell, if you don't have kids then you don't make progress in your life. She wasted 5 years on a defective man who couldn't breed her properly, her parents suggested her to find a job in order to get rid of you.Her finding a job means that her social circle will get larger and this is what her parents want.They are tired of the infertile shizo and they want a proper breeding partner that will secure her a good future

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>>427473508Collecting unemployment is objectively more patrician than working sone slave job because your family wants you to be "productive".After taxes and rent from getting a "real job" you even get less out of it. Only retards work.

>>427476943>>427481860Why would you marry a woman? You get nothing in return only negatives and being enslaved. Pathetic cucks

>>427483017> The greatest triumph in life is to have sons and daughters that will resist the slave system> By creating more slaves for the slave system.Look at it like this user, if you move to a place in this world that has like minded people that want to just be men and live in a state of nature you're going to have a mutual understanding rather than fighting in a world of slaves that enforce the will of the despotic parasitic ruling class.Its like working on a code base, you're the lead engineer, you know what needs to be done, your bros know what needs to be done, but you're sitting in workshops learning about transexual rights and gender pay gaps.You could struggle though the system and call it a victory to pass that transexual class, or you could have just done the job and left the company demanding such humiliation rituals.You cannot negotiate with these people because they only understand violence as such you either kill them all or leave there is only two options anything else is cope relegation to a life of struggle.Nothing is lost, happiness in this life is a choice, but fighting in the slave pen in a entirely fraudulent game is not a victory is acting.

>>427473508I get you user, in a very similar position except i'm saving enough to buy a house and i'm ready to do battle with those who would come to take it

>>427473508If you cannot walk through the rain without getting wet then you have not overcome it. Standing under a canopy cursing it will only make you look weak.

>>427483670Move to Scotland dumbfuck, you don't have to pay because they cannot legally take it away. Plus there are basically no leaseholders.

>>427483670>im ready to pay for a mortgage for 25 years just to see my property value go down and interest rates go up, so now im broke - but at least i have a piece of paper that says i "own" this 3 bedroom semi-detached suburban clone house an estate built 10 years ago for 20 grand.

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>>427483397> They are tired of the infertile shizo and they want a proper breeding partner that will secure her a good futureYou sound like an Indian.You're the shizo, describing a relationship as a breeding partner.I don't want to have children in the west user, maybe somewhere else, but not in the west.

>>427484223And now Pakistanis are being shipped in who have open up child sex brothel who are eying off your kids as they walk to school.

>>427484515It doesn't matter where you raise them, it matters how you raise them.Mental illnesses are born if the kid didn't have a proper father figure. It all depends on how you raise him during his development age. Imagine killing your bloodline because of dumb 4chan memes, you were psyoped you retard and you lost your gf because of it, you just don't know it yet.

>>427474944>Nobody is going to take your house at ginpoint for not paying your taxes.The current members of tent cities on the US and people living under bridges used to believe that.

>>427484679And you get put in jail for hate speech if you bring it upYou notice blacks are loitering your caldersac at night now - the police no longer show upYou try to just sleep and ignore it but are distracted by jamaican mutterings and the distinct stench of cheap weed fluttering through your windowYou look outside and they're fiddling with your car door (youre now paying 7k in car insurance and it costs 400 to fill up your tank) - you think to stop them but youre no longer allowed to legally defend yourself - except they can - they have machetes hidden underneath their t-shirts incase any white boys get the wrong idea.You sink back into bed, crying.

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>>427473508That is an obvious photoshop

>>427475300Nah, my last relationship lasted 15 years and on this while I did whatever I wanted, juóbs only for a couple of months.


>>427479417>I don't want kids in the west, I not bringing another soul into this life to live under the foreign occupation of parasites.And this user is doing ecxacly what they want.They don't want you to rerproduce. Having offspring today as a white person is an actual act of defiance.Your kids will fare better btw.

>>427483286> Do you honestly think you can just be a NEET forever? At some point they're gonna make you have to meet req for that too. You're always gonna have to navigate the system faggot OP. You gotta be flexible or you won't bend, you'll just break.I will need forever, we both graduated with double majors, I gave it all up.You don't need to bend to what isn't real, NEETing is using the system to navigate my way through.Look at it like this, I got a speeding fine the other day.I just don't care because welfare pays it off over time, I am using the system to pay off the fine it gave me for going over the speed limit by 10 km.Its Satori user, you're playing a game its not real realise that right?

>>427480408Yes this is true, all a DECENT woman wants is love. You treat her well. Be selevtive user, but don't worry about money because when two get together it will come.


>>427473777Not hot; the man is taller.

>>427477385>oy vey sue goy>I am sure you have enough money for that

>>427484515It's not about you, you daft cunt. It's about the larger scale biological scope where your relationship is not producing children after the window of tolerance has passed. The village moves to remove you from the womb you have claimed ownership over so that it can be used to spawn another human. You are clearly an autist because everything revolves around rules and ownership to you. Have you considered at all natural biological behavioral patterns as why you face adversity towards your sperging ass?

>>427483429I actually agree with the cuckmmunist on this one. Neet power is great nowadays and soon women will be joining.

>>427485712You don't get the point. Why do so many of you here suck so badly at grasping imagery and take stuff so literally? You can sit through shit that doesn't matter to you, to make the system happy, and then check the boxes with a convincing smile so they leave you alone, and then never have to deal with it again. You don't bend to it like bowing down to it. You bend with it like a flexible tree in the breeze.Man she's gonna end up leaving you probably because you're tunnel vision and stubbornness.I mean ffs, your own point at the end of your post, you don't get. Yea, it's a game, so if the shit doesn't matter, but it benefits you, fulfill the req so long as they don't leave any lasting effect on you, and move on to the next level nigger.

>>427473508dick her mom down

>>427473508is this Lenin?

>>427486148No sectarianism here friend

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>>427486394Yes its john lenin hours before he was sadly shot in times square

>>427484946> It doesn't matter where you raise them, it matters how you raise them.Your entitlement is insufferable.>Imagine killing your bloodline because of dumb 4chan memes, you were psyoped you retard and you lost your gf because of it, you just don't know it yet.You guys are playing a game, you see all this wealth and materialism that you hoard that continue to the next generation is don't actually own anything its just a game your so lost in.Both our parents have property and they struggled for owning a bit of paper that says mrs X owns this home, kek.They spent their life playing another mans game to get a bit of paper just like I did with my degree from university.You worry that people wont have children because it is a reflection of your worry, imagine all that struggle all the evils you commit to maintain wealth and then no one to pass it onto, it goes poof worthless, you leave this life with nothing and no one to pass it on to.That is the reality that you vampires are terrified of.Its a game and you leave this life with nothing and with no children there is no one to pass it onto.You care about your blood lines, I just don't identify with such things.I haven't lost my GF, never will.Did you know I put my college degree on a fire.Fuck the system!

>>427485712>You're always gonna have to navigate the systemKek we all do. The difference is that I can do this from home comfortably while I do whatever I want and you have to cuck to some bastard on an environment most are not happy at all with. What I have also noticed is that it is usually the most intelligent who are tired of having the mediocre putting them down who become neets. All neets I met were former achieve3r and had good grades, but we all tell the same story: Teachers gave us lesser grades, promoted other students while telling us about it ecause of their political affiliations, were denied jobs for being "too white", and similar stories so finally as intelligent beings, discovered a vein of continuous providence and took it.

>>427473508Give her some kids you immature faggot

>>427485234lmao and it gets worse because the new carbon emissions tax has branded your car an environmental hazard so your premiums have gone up, but you cannot afford it so you take another loan out to buy a new car to increase your green status in society and pay about the same after repayments.Oh looks like gobbernment mandates 4th vaccine, better take it co you will lose everything if you do not coomply.The wage cuck cries and the parasites laugh and feed on the suffering while telling you, that having kids will help.

>>427486532Yes fuck the system, and fuck the system because they broke the social contract - we can't even own a house or car, we have to pay for it yearly! Fuck the system because we already own nothing. So we quit.

>>427486132>talks about "the village" like a nigger talks about "the man">thinks other people are the spergs herelmao

>>427486330A game with absolutely nothing to offer.

>>427484515Its not better anywhere else. Russia? Birthrate is worse than in the West. And anywhere else? Well you arent black enough. Also being a third world nigger cattle is a worse fate than a childless NEET chud.

>>427486687I don't have to cuck to shit. I'm in a job field where the usual stuff doesn't apply. I navigated the system and found a niche I fit in. See, I can see what's coming down the pipeline and it's gonna sound real nice like UBI or something, which will replace what you fags are currently on, but it's going to come with some kind of caveat, a hook with it. And that hook is likely going to involve a medical/physical check up that includes being up to date with government req vaccines. And they'll say "oh you don't have to get it, user, but if you don't, then you won't get your UBI." You see what you're doing as a king of autonomy, but it's not going to last. I've been neeting in my own way for over a decade but I can see where things are headed in this fallen cursed world, and I want to maintain my autonomy and so that req financial security. So doing things that don't really matter to do that, temporarily, really don't matter. cucking to things is about mindset and focus, and most of all your openness to being programmed. I'm not, so it's easy for me. If you know who you are with absolute certainty, no one can shake you of that.

>>427473508Well, as long as she loves you that's what matters.

>>427487548So what? Become a thief then.

>>427486972You can't actually own anything, our name isn't on the collection of atoms that make up a house or a car.Its just an idea in the minds of people, an idea that people can just not entertain as serious.Look at it like this, a King sits in his castle, that castle isn't his, he has just convinced everyone around him that it is his, but anyone can just walk right up to it and change the ideas of the men around him and take it.It just requires more might, which is why their media constantly gas lights us with the 24/7 gay ops to create a human shield.In the state of nature no one owns anything its not real, today everyone is playing a game to own things, believing that they are gonna make it by playing an entirely fraudulent game just because a bunch of other people agree that its how its done.They just go along sit in these humiliation rituals claiming that they need to bend, when you can see that cooperation with the game that is rewarded is a being complicit to a world that is like the one we have to day.

>>427487467Not taking your word for it

>>427486925Your kid will become either a tranny, a niggerlover, a wageslave or probably all 3.Your grandkids WILL be mixed. Your bloodline purity WILL be poisoned.Your entire generational spawn WILL be blacked.That is the future of the white race.

>>427488337So you think living in a shitbox with your ten siblings and working for one dollar a day is based because well at least you have "family"? Nah, dont think so.

>>427488374LMAO and then they will live in a world where being black is superior because of the overwhelming mass immigration from Africa.They will be discriminated for being mixed and have a tax placed on them by the new Black Jamaican Kangs who are demanding reparations.

>>427488523Why would I work for a dollar when I can grow my own food?Youre just not a serious person are you.

>>427488374Not the worst fate. Most of you guys are just too chuddy to produce high quality mulatto offsprings.

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>>427488662Implying any monarch would let you play yeoman on your 200m2 property.

Taxation is what makes a country and its people fail

>>427488783> MonarchThere you go with these made up words again that aren't real.Stop pushing the matrix into this thread.

>>427489017I love how you parasites change the name of things, its not theft its called taxation.Its not an invasion its called intervention.You're all nothing but a confidence game.

>>427489041If its not real then give me all your shekels right now.

>>427476065Why didn't you marry her? Then you could just tell her parents to fuck off because you're in charge now.

>>427489273Here you go$10,000,000

>>427489175He called it bad you autist.

>>427488709Racial purity preserves the root races of mankindWhen you mix, you dilute them, which leads to planetsry destruction since the aryan no longer exists as a guiding hand to the ape massesRead blavatsky and hitler

>>427489365>modern marriage>men in chargeWho gives a fuck what boomers think? The boomer parents of my gf think I should look out of a job.

>>427473508If you don't know you don't know. It's important for society to have some people like you in it Bruce. Thanks.

>>427489473I received nothing. Post banking account number and PIN.

>>427489017Remember when jewmerica had a revolution because of tarriffs? LOLgood ole days..

>>427489507its theft, stop calling it tax.Its just theft.

>>427489525Hitler lost. Were not reaching peak nigger, not even 2100.

>>427487770You niggers are so hardheaded and special needs sometimes. You get so set on something and the moment someone says something to you in any way that doesn't fully agree with what you're set on, you get all contrarian and stupid about it.I'm trying to help you widen your perspective and point out things you're not seeing, but you just react like I'm trying to take your favorite toy away or something.

>>427489599You want numbers that cooperate with your game?But i don't use that money

>>427474285Holy shit is that real? I used to think aussies were so fucking cool when I was young wtf happened?

>>427489681I see that the state wants to tie neetbucks to conditions, but how is that an argument. Of course you have to organize and operate under the radar.

>>427489780You do. Somebody pays the shitbox youre currently living in and your faggot internet.

>>427489908its a nanny state shit hole bro.I was put in jail for not wearing a mask outside

>>427473508yep, that's why people like precious metals and btc. they call it stores of value, which really just means tradable for resources. land is maintained by violence. it always has been and always will be, you can trade in memetokens for the permission to occupy land. the fact that everything is stupid doesn't make doing any of these things less worth doing. why don't you learn to do something like day trading?

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>>427473508aussie posters=worst posters, worse than leafs. >Taking acid and going scuba diving on the GBR to see all the colourful fish and turtles was wasting her life.yes, that's a waste; you could do that with jobs you piece of waste.

>>427489975I laid it all out in >>427487548 If you missed the point, it's not through any fault or flaw of my own.

>>427489908they gave up their guns now the gov provides the KY jelly.

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>>427490042yea but the state covers it, i don't need to play its just sorted out for me.Free living without a care in the world.My welfare shouldn't get cut if i go overseas as well, which it currently does and its really unacceptible.

>>427473508Your a schizophrenic fucking faggot. She was smart to detach from you.

>>427490182Youre still in the kike system. A thief and a neet nigger is not in the kike system and he has plenty of time to level his skills. Also prison is part of the mission being a revolutionary.

>>427473508>35+ posts by mentally ill schizophrenic conspiracy theorist OP

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I'm your video during an all-company meeting where the CEO is telling us how much money the company made. Yet, we have not been raised in 3 years. Kino.

>>427490294You sound like a wahman. Boomers destroyed all my relationships and options to have children. My ex gf has five kids but not with me because my parents told me "to wait and doing apprenticeship". Fuck that faggot shit.

>>427474285>hold the red technology that holds the red light when it detects unsafe drivers with a history of running red lightsLol why wouldn’t you just be a chad and always run the red? It’ll hold the red light on the other side anyways. Not my problem

>>427473508she's fucking her coworker.

>>427490343No, I'm not. I already laid it out and you're just insisting that I'm still in the regular rat race just because you have no knowledge of jobs or careers that aren't like that. You have something like "I see myself as the hero syndrome" but you have tunnel vision and don't adapt well and behave contrarianly to any view of even partial disagreement. That's not going to work out well for you. Oh well. Did what I'm supposed to. Let the pieces fall where they do, etc.

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>>427490294ah Guatemala, I don't hear voices though, I also don't have delusions, hallucinations, or disorganised speech, trouble with thinking or any lack of motivation.I think it is all of you who have delusions and have convinced yourselves that your delusions are reality and like niggers start using violence on others when people wont agree with you delusions

>>427490343>Youre still in the kike system. A thief and a neet nigger is not in the kike system and he has plenty of time to level his skills. Also prison is part of the mission being a revolutionary.Yea thats why I am looking for places that aren't in the system.Have any of you guys visited Asia?Like rural parts where there are no real state to enforce "law and order"?

>>427490775I dont see myself a hero, I dont life like a criminal yet but I aspire to while youre just kike rowe in disguise.



>>427491066my meds wont work unless you take yours.

>>427490974Nigger ALL places are inhabited by some idiotic faggot government. The commiefags are right when they say the first world exploits the third world, the further you get from first world the shittier it gets. Do you enjoy being a little slut in Bangcock? Because thats the average prospect and life the average family outside of your shithole has to offer to you as useless NEET.

>>427473508Shit sucks. You know if she tells them the truth she'll probably get replaced. Just tell her to tell the truth. She can always find a better and more sane job.>>427474285Looks photoshopped but I would not be surprised. And that video, this is why the cop hate is justified. They're attack people for doing no wrong.

>>427491298I am not going to big city, I am looking rural, less people.

>>427491066shut your glowniggin gasslightin forskin collectin little hat wearin curly hair havin smellin penny pinchin holohaux spreadin kike ass up.

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>>427491003You can type what you want, but the behavior is obvious, and no, I am not. You're behaving like an NPC now and treating differing levels of things within a spectrum as just one extreme or the other due to your inability to grasp context and abstract concepts. That guy is just an actor who fell in too deep in that role. You're not as bright as you believe you are and could do with some humility nigger.

>>427491458Enjoy eating the bugs and foofoo and not being able to afford meat as third world rural fag.

>>427491675>my job is not some bullshit where I have to pay taxes and bow to my faggot bossOk larp as much as you want. Your projection is hilariously narcissist.

>>427490777if she was the mentally screwed up one, then she'll probably come back to you.if you're a lying piece of waste then this thread is just you bitching,women can only wait so long before they divest. 3 years is generous. after that you're only tenuously "together". you didn't get a job or promise her a family; women need to be running a family. you failed. find a job and get her back, otherwise you did fail m8. i am court schizo'd also and mental illness it's not an excuse based in reality, it being jewish, as you fucking well know.

>>427475300Once you have McJob you don't have the time for a woman to actually do things together regularly other than chores.You're basically just their meal, TV and sleeping partner.

>>427491829Well il have a look and see whats doing.I will never know until I check it out.i can feed the bugs to the chickens and eat the eggs.But in the west they are putting hormones, mRNA vaccines and even poison in out food.And if you keep your own hens you need loicences which has a yearly subscription, not to eat the poison.So is no one gonna tell me where a place to check out is?

>>427481388The rules of selection are being set by the superstructures in which no one person has control over and there is no way to predict the outcome until it's been computed.

>>427492146dude i just told her i can't promise her anything and we have been together for 7 years.Its not happening in the west and if she leaves me over it so be it.

peace out its 6am i gotta sleep now, good job i dont have to wake up for mr Shekelstein to make profits#NEETLYFE

>>427492495get the uterus, welfare is messing with your head.

>>427473508When the spinning ball-Earth is finally exposed worldwide for the 400+ year deception it was, Earth's entire population will suddenly be faced with the reality that every government, every space agency, university, secret society, religious organization, mainstream and alternative media outlet have ALL been duplicitous in propping up a monstrous manipulation to fleece and control the masses. The resulting mass mental exodus away from the control system is exactly what humanity needs. Once the flat Earth truth gets out, these lying politicians, spokesmen, reporters and teachers suddenly change from being heralded voices of authority to being ridiculed, shunned and denounced as they deserve. Once the flat Earth truth gets out, these governments, universities, media outlets and other entangled organizations which have long been hard at work weaving this multi-generational ball-Earth myth, suddenly and completely lose all credibility. Once the truth of our flat Earth gets out, so does the truth of these few elite families/societies who have kept this most important and fundamental reality from us for these hundreds of years! Essentially, once the flat Earth truth gets out, so does every other important truth by proxy, because this "mother-of-all-conspiracies" holds under its umbrella literally ALL of the other conspiracies, and exposes them.

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>>427477560>I told my mother that I love herAround us as we danceCan you feel the loveSurround you?Andromeda's>>427493428>mother-of-all-conspiraciesI’m a make it so lightI’m a make you so aliveFate, I’ll decideEvery breath 'til I’m

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>>427473508Girlfriends haven't been invented yet.

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>>427485206Homeless people have nothing to lose and the state knows that, they will simply move to another place. Try to live properly with a job and shit and then they'll come.

>>427473508OP is right.


>>427495918Homeless is a miserable life style

>>427496191Not if you're near the Med.

>>427473508>I trapped in a worldyou're free to check out anytime you want, bro.