Zelenskys temper tantrum demands to blow up pipelines to Hungary has unintended consequences...

Zelenskys temper tantrum demands to blow up pipelines to Hungary has unintended consequences, according to Peter Szijjártó foreign minister of Hungary they will now veto all sanctions and all EU aid to Hungary>"It is fair to say that we have had enough," said Szijjarto.news.yahoo.com/hungary-block-further-eu-aid-180500767.html?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=

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I would like to point out that selling Russia weapons is more profitable and doesn't result in blown up pipelines. How do I get my country's jews to understand this?


>>427472661I'm afraid these are not logical people, unhinged lunatics like Nuland and Blinken demand Russian and Ukrainian blood

>>427472422Hungarian girls have big tits and child bearing bellies

>>427472760Countermeasures to ukrainian threats have already begun 3 days ago, based Hungary wont let themselves be threatened>Hungary has blocked the allocation of the eighth tranche of funds from the European Peace Fund, which were to be used to procure weapons and ammunition for Ukraine, Italian news agency ANSA reported on May 15.

>>427472422Many are saying they should kick Hungary out of the EU and worse

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Awww man, Glowies are having quite a week.

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According to Szijjarto, Hungary’s obstructionist stance is dictated by Ukraine’s “increasingly belligerent” behavior.Ukrainian NATO membership possible only with Russia’s agreement, says Hungary’s deputy speaker"It is fair to say that we have had enough," said Szijjarto.The minister gave the following reasons for the decision:The inclusion of OTP Bank, Hungary's largest financial institution, in Ukraine's list of international sponsors of war;Alleged restrictions on the rights of ethnic Hungarians to receive education in their native language in Ukraine;The recent Washington Post article about President Volodymyr Zelenskyy reportedly floating the idea of blowing up the Druzhba oil pipeline, which Hungary uses to receive Russian oil.Read also: Hungary blocks funding for Ukraine's defense purchasesAccording to Bloomberg, Szijjarto's statement led to a 1% drop of the Hungarian forint against the U.S. dollar and the euro.

I can already hear the muffled oinking coming from beneath the rubble of the collapsed khrushchyovka.

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>>427473287Hopefully not, Hungary is easily the most based EU country

>>427472422Damn uhg niggers arent going to be happy about this one. Get ready for every uhg faggot to get really aggressive to hungarians and seethe about them 24/7


>>427472422Hungarians are based crypto germans

>>427473946For some reason they believe that we should fund Ukraines war efforts for free even though there are no defence treaties and Ukraine is not in EU or NATO

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>>427472422Tbank God for Hungary. The only voice of sanity on that entire continent.

Why is Hungary the only country from that region that isn't part of the pathetic butthurt belt?

>>427472422>EU will just end up sidestepping Hungary for the umpteenth time like alwaysThis is newsworthy?

>>427474337I have no idea but its good to have them, Hungolian govt is the only voice of reason and only govt thats resistant to full cuckoldry in Europe, all others would be completely ok with Zelenskys threats

>>427474630They already blocked 500 million that was going to Ukraine, its not as simple as you claim>Hungary has blocked the allocation of the eighth tranche of funds from the European Peace Fund, which were to be used to procure weapons and ammunition for Ukraine, Italian news agency ANSA reported on May 15.english.nv.ua/nation/hungary-blocks-funding-for-ukraine-s-defense-purchases-news-50324703.html

>>427475000Where did I say it was simple? The EU will do some complex gymnastic routine and Ukraine will get their money eventually while the Hungarians will bitch like the previous times they got railroaded.

>>427473665fuck, if they leave we might get forced into joining NATO.don't do it Hungary bro, you're our only hope

>>427475201Then they have to fully centralize power and make EU a country

>>427472422not money for oinkraine

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>>427473287low tier globohomo memezero reasoning only the typical zogbot pointskys nigger

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>>427475457>you have to fund foreign wars for free

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>>427475863nah, it is you whom doing it,thanks for sanna

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>>427472422Why don't you support free healthcare, free college education and free war like the rest of the educated Europeens?

>>427472422Based Hungarians

*ahem*Russians are not humans. Russians lie as easily as they breathe. The best example of this is the Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances. In it russia promises to;1. Respect Ukraines independence and sovereignty in the existing borders (1994)2. Refrain from the threat or the use of force against the signatory.3. Seek immediate Security Council action to provide assistance to the signatory if they "should become a victim of an act of aggression or an object of a threat of aggression"4. Refrain from the use of nuclear arms against the signatory.Of course, as we all know, russians are not humans. So they lied, and the second the last nuclear weapon left Ukraine the russians invaded.Russians are not humans, they can not be trusted. They should all be gassed.

people are really posting fucking yahoo news here now? lmfao

>>427472422So the coke-kike just overplayed his hand and got too cocky and fucked up hereby?Funny, if true.

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>>427476090This hag suggested sending fighter planes to Ukraine and sent tanks there too, ofcourse truckloads of money too for free, we get nothing in return, glad she is no longer PM and resigned as head of her shit tier party

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>>427476842still,her legacy will haunt you for decades


>>427476707They copied it from the new voice of Ukraine, are you suggesting they are lying then?

>>427476707>>427477004Bakhmut, now

>>427477029why are you reading yahoo news

>cuckraine getting cucked by hungarians>poolack comes to defend cuckraineEvery fucking time

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>>427473418>hungary only has access to russian oil>getting western oil would cost so much nobody would be able to afford it>still provide for ukraine>ukraine chimpout and want to blow up their pipeline from russia>hungary don't like that and cut fund to ukrainei guess the "want hungarians to receive education in their native language in ukraine" line is just some balkan drama that always existed, but the pipeline threat is a serious concern, ukraine should be put on a leash for the duration of the conflict so they can focus on destroying russian instead of fucking up the whole neighborhood and creating an other balkan war

Nuland's father was raped in prison by the Russians and his head paraded in the streets of Voronezh. I don't think she's stopping short of Putin's decapitation or hanging.

>>427476136war isn't freeit's incredibly expensive and detrimental to europe and america is affected too, by the way.of course it is absolutely catastrophic for ukraine and at least 60k ziggercattle led to the slaughter by Valdimir "Shelomova" Puting is an issue too if you view them as humanHealthcare in Europe is not free.It's is "universal" meaning everyone pays and everyone gets treatment.I pay for it every month and so do rich people.They can get private insurance to get even more, but it's good that a base level of adequate treatment is often guaranteed by "universal healthcare".Pay up for your insulin.Education isn't free either.It is paid for through taxes and tariffs are set on wages for the Professors.They make good money.There are no multi-millionair C-suite execs around each college administration (save for those that actually contributed something very valuable to society and managed to have a slight profit with each time it's used or licensed).Education in Europe is alright I guess, though of course educational achievement and political insight/information aren't very much related.There is a lot of blind faith from Hungarians, especially the slightly... naive boomers.The government of Hungary can be considered hostile actors with the track record of Orban and fidesz:youtube.com/watch?v=gCPBz_8NnzQAnd in the face of the facts regarding Ukraine:youtube.com/watch?v=obMTYs30E9AYou can be a contrarian to "own da libs" but at the end of the day it's just not based on reality, irresponsible and detrimental to society in general.I won't call you stupid, but don't get offended when others with less patience do.

>>427476799Checked, definetly didn't make it easier for his regime, turns out that not everyone responds to threats like cucks

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>>427477263nobody is defending anyone

>>427477118Why not? They copy news from many different sites. I also read Ukrainska Pravda when it comes to this war

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>>427475686youtube.com/watch?v=ievsQKT-0H8even a benevolent dictator, which orban is not, will die or leave power eventually.

>>427477359politics of europe at the moment are quite insane. you have the caliphate in the west (e.g. muslims in france and germany) that want to destroy poland, lithuania, czechia, etc. so they make alliances with many leftist/russian organisations (e.g. antifa, russian diaspora, islamists in germany, greens, etc). hungary is quite complex politically, you have them on one hand helping us fight off some faggotry from EU parliament, on other hand, hungary has been number 1 entry point of so called "migrants" for last 10 years (e.g. orban was quite open with transportation to germany during those times).>>427477550because nobody reads yahoo news and im rather suspect of some "finn" who is reading it (e.g. its widely known as a left-wing journalist group). ive encountered only 1 finn who is rather pro-russia and he was in a hobbyist forum for tamiya models and was openly marxist

Looks like Hungary must be Special Military Operationed, to protect the ukrainian minority living there that gets bullied by Orban neo-nazi regime

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>>427473524Someone needs a 1956 refresher, huh

>>427477359Thats a funny Kvartal 95 sketch, you should watch the rest of the episode where they make fun of gayness of eurovision

>>427477297Hungary gets 85% of their oil from this pipeline so yep the threat is a pretty serious one, would fuck up Hungarys economy in the short term also Ukraine itself buys russian oil from Bulgaria so who the hell are they to tell anyone that you cant buy it, hypocritical jewish junta of Ukraine doesn't care

>>427477755Everybody remembers the Ukrainian guards tank brigades led by Ukrainian generals sent by the Ukrainian general secretary.

>>427473287Damn. What a group of based men.

>>427477872Will gladly do it again, kek

Crimea "referendum"=BSmilitary retaking is justified>Illegal, violates Ukrainian Constitution§10/Art.138 concerns only local level issuesArt.73 actually concerns territorial changes...decided exclusively in nationwide referendum>Media propagandized, dictated and suppressedlarge No. of pro-Russian media (domestic or foreign, financed by Russia)other media was suppressed, criminals/gangs used to intimidate/beat people documentingPropaganda: "Ukr. Nazis (planning on) hanging people"/"Ru-speakers will be shot"/"NATO troops will seize apartments" etc.Reality: fake, outrageous and dumb horror stories enough believed>Voting not free and anonymousRu military occupied key parts of Crimea"Voting" with Russian soldiers watchingIn addition to Ru Soldiers also Russian gangs. "Cossacks"/"Chechens" and also retirees brought to Ukrproxy to preserve "good image" of Ru military and suppress/dispersed/beat/intimidate Ukr. protests/journos>Sham was prepared on short notice20 days, no time for public discussionballots (printed@plain A4 paper) only three options; Crimea as part of Ru, Ukr or ""independent"" stateSomebelieved it'd be a fair vote, wanting to stay part of Ukraine....point didn't even existNo. of open polling stations much smaller than regular electionsEg.: many closed polling stations in Crimea (always worked during actual elections before)Propaganda: long queues, suggesting in Russian channels "look how many people are at the polls"Reality: those that did vote simply had no choice and went to available stations, creating queuesMany such cases.>No independent third party international observersConsequence of 1st point: illegality from start to finish.No country sent observers, because referendum took place within armed aggressionAs of 2014-03-16 Russian army was in Crimea - it's now an armed conflictAccordingly, sending observes is a moot point, the referendum is neither legal nor legitimate.

>>427477783you have link? ive seen that posted 100 times already and never saw context. businessinsider.com/hungarian-mep-resigns-breaking-covid-rules-gay-orgy-brussels-2020-12?IR=Tbtw there was major political figure in Fidez (orbans movement) named Jozsef Szajer who was caught in 25 man homosexual orgy in brussels, so i find it hard to believe sometimes when i hear orban talk about his views on lgbt

>>427473287I wish. They have no value to EU or NATO and only hinder everything. They should just get bullied until they either kneel or leave

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>>427472422>Ukrainians consoders their options.>Hungarians finds out about one of the options and spergs out instantly.Now I hope Ukraine will just do it.

>>427477334Why don't you expel hostile actors in Hungary from the EU then, instead of paying Orbán welfare checks to enrich his friends?

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>>427477872You are so obsessed and enamored with Orbans obstructionist and self-servingly contrarian mindset you fail to see the actual problems, threats, potentials and pitfalls of the observable situation in and around Europe.

>>427477872its highly likely you are pro marxist. orders for destruction of hungarian patriotic people in 1956 came directly from moscow. its strange that you decide to ignore that fact. we have expression in my city..."yesterdays brothers, todays enemies"dont think for a moment hard border with russia will be anything but more tank brigades in budapest

>>427477925That's old by now, you know?

>>427478002>Why don't you expel hostile actors in Hungary from the EU then,There is no clause for this.Also: Poland and Hungary backed each other.This veto-mechanism was intended to prevent big members of the EU from unrightfully blurting over and disregarding small members.However it has been used to veto anti-corruption and transparency laws.Both PIS of Poland and Fidesz, especially Orban of Hungary are on record for this.Make of that what you will.>Stop paying welfare to magyar cigany orbanThat's actually in the works and funds are now more tied to the member state actually abiding by constitutional rights and freedoms as per the declaration that is jointly accepted.

>>427478002They'll put Americans on Polish territory because they're cucks with an inferiority complex, and know they'll never be a regional power. They want Hungary out because Orban isn't pozzed and won't flood his country with faggots and niggers at the behest of some pedos on a different continent.

>>427477334Congrats on being retarded

>>427478263>However it has been used to veto anti-corruption and transparency laws.we both know its bullshit what youre saying. merkel tried to force at gun point genocidal policies that have led to the genocide of the german people. whats funny is that orban actually supported merkel rather openly in this move, as did putin. or you think its some accident wagner appeared in areas all those "migrants" got boats from?

>>427472422>"It is fair to say that we have had enough"yes, Hungary's had enough gibs. time to cut the dirty beggars loose.

>>427478043Are you mad we haven't forgotten the Ukrainian killers? You've certainly forgotten the Ukrainian fronts' trains run on your women.

>>427478002Similar "problem" with NATO.But there's this, quick summary of cutting gibs of wannabe tinpot dictator:youtube.com/watch?v=4sjf16nhNcE

>>427478278hungary is the number 1 route of "migrants" int owestern europe user. some of the highest amount per month go through hungary. even despite so called "border wall", number has been on the rise yet again.

>>427472422Get the fuck in and sign secure.winred.com/marjorie-greene-for-congress/impeachment-team-cosponsor-ws

>>427472422KINOTOTAL EU DISINTEGRATION Long live a free and European Europe!

>>427477872>Ukrainian general secretaryKruschev was a Russian migrant in DonbasHe was as Ukrainian as Abdullah al-Stockholmi is Swedish

>>427475457No cum in the pipeline then

>>427472422the world has had enough of that jewish leech, not just hungary

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>>427477957That kind of strategy isn't sustainable.The problem is much rather education and information.While russian channels are banned in hungary orban media literally repeats the same claims (ukrop nationalists, europe freezing, etc.).If this could be broken then the orban system will break.Also: these kinds of people and strategies fail eventually.Just remember how the EU was reaffirmed when the more foolish among us saw that brexit really did fuck up Britain more than the collective EU (but overall harmed both and helped none but london finance that wants to dodge anti-laundering laws and continue the Londongrad grift).This is one of the victories putin's russia actually had.

>>427478578>Kruschev was a Russian migrant in Donbaslol really?

>>427472964That's a long winded way of saying built for BBC

>>427477707True, all european governments are against native europeans atm, its insane indeed but westerm extremist leftists like the greens for example are war hawks against Russia, Annelina Berbock openly said that we are at war with Russia meaning us the EU>hungary is quite complex politicallyTrue they have made some pro jewish cringe statements many times but its the most non cucked country in Europe right now>because nobody reads yahoo news and im rather suspect of some "finn"what should I read then, I dont understand whats so suspicious about that, all news is pretty much extremist leftist media in the west and fanatically pro Ukraine and like I said they copied it from a ukrainian news site

>>427477707>because nobody reads yahoo newslol that's true, no one read iti've still decided to take a look at the allegation in that and yes they are true but for the funds block is for multiple reasons.first, there was indead a plan for ukraine to blow up that pipeline and that was in the pentagon leak posted in the Thug shaker discord ( there was more than just battle in there but also tons of other shit and written reports )seconds and finally last, the official reason for hungary to bloack that deal is because the 500 millions € come from the EU defense budget, which is given to all EU members for their army and instead here is being send only to ukraine, Hungary prime minister is blocking it demanding the EU parlament to "remember that this money is for the entirety of EU and not just ukraine" so now we are waiting on the EU response.for me Hungary did the right choice here, not only ukraine should remember that it's not because major NATO members are giving them tanks, ammo and money that mean they can do whatever they want but also the EU also need to remember the deal they made and the contracts they have signed with every EU members, now if some members decided that they don't need that supplementary budget and can be instead sendt to ukraine then let them be, but those that want that budget to upgrade their current army should receive it, poland for exemple is currently doing a major upgrade in their equipments and most eastern euro countries can barely achieve the required 3% GDP spending that NATO demand

>>427478447> hungary is the number 1 route of "migrants" int owestern europe user.The Magyars are supposed to just let them stay in Hungary? When there are EU nations officially inviting migrants? You blame the Magyars for this circumstance, and not the EU which doesn’t allow member states to enforce border controls??

>>427478221Can you try that again without the UPA dicks in your mouth?

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>>427478708The migrants don't stay in Hungary because it's a poor shithole that migrants pass along the way to first world countries.

>>427478640Yup, his father migrated to work in coal mines there

>>427477755Yea when we asked for help and the entire world didn't do fuck all and left us in the deepest of shits.Fuck you and fuck your non-country I hope you lose and you personally die in some ditch, you slavic animal.

>>427477925>the colour revolution was real, graasroots and valid

>>427477783No more making fun of gays for you bud

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>>427478759if you look at migrants movement map, they never stay in eastern europe because not a single one is handing them free shit, only western EU countries and (((NGO))) are doing it

>>427478339last I checked you were the one making erroneous assertions without corroboratingDon't expect to be taken seriously with an attitude like that, brown boy.>>427478394based protector of Europe:youtube.com/watch?v=gCPBz_8NnzQAlso:I am glad merkel is gone and I hate the CDU and SPD.Just know however, that this isn't just an EU thing.The video above shows that infighting and overall incompetence on national levels is more to blame than the principle existence of EU or merkel alone.In addition Russia was significantly involved too.You remember them bussing niggers to your border, don't you?Oh well, if you close your eyes no amount of showing can make you see.Russia = terror enabler that USSR was during cold warRight down to Islamism wherever it's expedient then and now>Russian bombs and backing Assad troops killed more civilians than ISISarchive is/ms9K5>Russia backing Assad atrocities worse than CIA (even allegedly) perpetrated before:youtube.com/watch?v=P2X84JZINcI>Russian organized crime significantly involved, trafficking from Libya/Africa/Afghanistan/Syria>Russian government uses migrants as a hybrid warfare weapon against EU and Europe>Traffickers, many among them Russian bussed migrants into turkey where they made their way to the EU>Russia significantly exacerbated the 2015 migrant crisis involved in smuggling:>to Polish, Finnish, Turkish border>into Kaliningrad then Europe>to shores @ Greece, Italyarchive is/ekp8T

>>427478221>"yesterdays brothers, todays enemies"So that logic applies to hohols but not to Russia, because in your mind they're still the soviet union?>>427477712> ukrainian minority living thereOh don't worry about that, they're well taken care of.

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>>427478937>Yea when we asked for help and the entire world didn't do fuck allBecause you are an irrelevant barbaric shithole no one cares abou lol. Get lost

>>427478977Don't make fun of the ruling party of Hungary.

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>>427478759Oh such a shame, we get to stay homogenous and white.

>>427479151He was expelled from the party one day after, imagine what happened in the west if someone was removed from his office for being a fag.

>>427478759>it’s a poor shithole I’ve been to Budapest and visited nigger. It’s a very nice place. They want to keep it that way by not letting millions of non Hungarians come and ruin it.It doesn’t have a damn thing to do with how nice it is. Much of Germany is a dangerous shithole compared to all of Hungary. But the shitskins go where the gibs and official invitations are. Not where it’s “nice”. You people have such a childish worldview.

>>427478962>the CIA is so powerful they can make hundreds of thousands of people rise against their government on a whimokay retardLast I checked euromaidan ukies were armed with barrels and painters masks while russian terrorists and ex-fsb glowniggers were armed with a BUK anti-air launcher previously stationed at Kursk with the 53rd armored anti-air brigade which they used to retardedly shoot down MH17 killing 298 passengers, many from the netherlands.

>>427479165>homogenous all gypsy, yes>and whiterather swarthy user

>>427479115you think you are any better ? if it wasn't for the grains and the gaz in your sea you would be left to die you retard, the same reason why germany wanted your land during both WWI and WWII

>>427479165>we get to stay homogenous and whitehaha good one

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>>427479115> irrelevantThat's true, you have more natural resources and land to offer for foreign investors, there's no denying that.

>>427474273>for some reasonYeah, it's not like countless tens of millions across NATO already hated Russians for one reason or another. They and the politicians alike were just handed an excuse to fuck them up on a silver platter.

>>427475201>implying the EU is craving to shove more money in that hell pit

>>427472422Hold on USA will make the actor apologize.

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>>427479353>photoshopped brown eyesEvery NATO shill is a pathological liar

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>>427479319>you are not important except for the thing you are important forIQ 190 take

>>427479087because russia hasnt fuckign changed at all

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>>427478595>hohols will activate NATO article 5 against themselvesLOL.


>>427479151I remember this case, atleast he understood that he has to quit now, in western countries this is usually seen as a badge of honor

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>>427477633>dictatorsure mate, it is definitely the imbecile opposition's fault

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>>427472422By the way, the cuckrainian army is running on diesel fuel refined in Hungary from russian oil.Yes, hohols are REALLY this stupid. They would literally destroy their own fuel supply in a chimpout.

>>427479280> the CIA is so powerful they can make hundreds of thousands of people rise against their government on a whimWhy do you think Political Scientists say things like “Democracies tend to not go to war with other Democracies”? Do you think it is because nations do not have strategic and cultural differences that play out in competition purely because of the government?Or do you think it’s because when a given country is a Democracy, if you wish to influence its next government, all you have to do is use your power to support your preferred side? Some of us like forks of government where foreign influence operations don’t take place openly within our societies, and we value at least having a government that will tell foreign, bad influencers to fuck off?

>>427479646i dont care what faggot s0i faggot you quote

>>427479558>russian pipeline>article 5smartest gypsy in bozgoria

>>427473202>European Peace Fund,>which were to be used to procure weapons and ammunition for UkraineI can't be the only one seeing the irony in this

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>>427479237Yeah there are a lot of Turks in Germany.The Magyars are already a Turkic people so they fit right in in Hungary. Orbán Viktor perhaps will form a Turkic union and submit to daddy Sultan Erdogan if he is forced out of the EU, lord knows his daddy Tsar Putin can't save him anymore.

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Tel-Aviv seems desperate now that the gypslovak is b&.

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>>427479353>In Hungary even gypsies are pro-whiteKek

>>427477957give us a list of the so called(((EU))) values

>>427479705So you're familiar with him. Very interesting.

>>427479715Hey, you should stop using Romanian slang. That's not only cultural appropriation but it's besmirching your prized, unique language.

>>427479844i can look at the pic. im wondering why you lurk this social media cancer in first place. per usual, anti-poland puished by leftist faggots

>>427479443How does this benefit european tax payer tho? It should be voluntary to send money to foreign wars, I dont feel like I should be obligated to pay for that

>>427479443> Yeah, it's not like countless tens of millions across NATO already hated Russians for one reason or another.Countless millions DONT, user. That’s the point, people like you (assuming you’re real and not a shill) represent a vanishingly small portion of real voters and residents in western countries. The majority of your “narrative” exists only online by AIs and paid shills. The only real people who support globohomo are the globohomo globalists, and the trannies who depend on the globohomos.

>>427479873Ok, I'll stick to цигaн

>>427472661you can't bribe Nuland.

>>427479760Its the opposite world again

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>>427479925>lurk this social media cancerWhere else can I find quotes directly from elite policy makers?

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>>427473418>The recent Washington Post article about President Volodymyr ZelenskyyThe best part of that is when he said elections would have to be suspended to "defend democracy".

>>427478221>>427478578holy fuck you poolacks are densethis guy >>427477872 was rubbingthis guy's >>427477755 piggy nose in the fact that ukr was russian clay at the time

>>427479806>Magyars are a Turkic people Then why do they speak a fucking Uralic language? Shut the fuck up, they’re not shitskin turks, they’re Europeans. Your kike “bbbut they’re not White, see gotcha” pilpul has no effect on me.

>>427479835Hungary is pro-Russian (anti-White).Whiteness is Russophobia.

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>>427479669They also buy hundreds of millions worth of russian oil from Bulgaria but chimp out if anyone else wants russian oil

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>>427480197we were all rusisan clay under ussr. now we arent so cope

>>427479280>the public display is the full display

You shills are easier than my local town bike.

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>>427480303All of your arguments are gay and your shits all retarded. Literally the opposite of reality.

>>427472661Don’t worry they’re already giving loans and selling arms to both sides

>>427479873they have no culture and generally low intelligence leveldon't expect them to have coherent thinking or understand facts>>427480303accusations accusationspicrel

Attached: pepe-glownigger.jpg (2048x1155, 213.51K)

>>427480245Why don't you ask Orbán Viktor why he participates in the Turkic Council then you fucking retard

>>427472422Ukraine is truly filled with retards. They buying gas from Hungary, that we buy from Russia using the pipeline that goes through Ukraine, because they don't want to buy gas from Russia. They also get diesel from us made from the oil they want to block from us. They are truly the niggers of all Slavs.

>>427472422Orb*n and his bootlicking shills are an absolute disgrace to the real Hungarian people.

Attached: tzd.gif (529x283, 3.37M)

>>427479760literally 1984

>>427479760They really did use 1984 as a playbook.

>>427480303"Whiteness" is an american meme to give a name to a remix of white scum who fled Europe. American president is technically "white," but inside he is a dead kike nigger who hates USA

>>427480179If we suspend democracy democracy cant end, genius

Attached: singularity.jpg (1027x576, 83.5K)

>>427480303>Russian like black but wrong color

>>427480303>only behind Germany1. That is not true2. We are #1!

Attached: wojakdusk.jpg (474x377, 22.56K)

>>427480303yep thats true. russia is openly anti White

Attached: 340958903453453.jpg (620x691, 92.28K)

>>427473418>Ukrainian NATO membership possible only with Russia’s agreement, says Hungary’s deputy speakerDoes this Putin asslicker not understand Russia has no say in the matter.The real problem is fast-tracking Ukraine into the EU even though it's been one of the most corrupt countries in the world and no way fulfills EU requirements.>>427476090The image is nonsensical. Fodder for absolute brainlets.

>>427479806We are on better terms with China than anyone else in our region too. India too. South America, especially Brazil too. Africa even. Somehow we are on good terms with everyone, except globohomo faggots trying to settle millions of migrants in and force pedophiles and trannies on kids, what a coincidence.>>427479835They got tamed , when Orbán abolished all the welfare, replaced it with workfare and forced them into factories. and their kids to attend school properly. Its not a proper final solution, but the best that can be done in this situation,NAFOtrannies are just desperate and trying to push a "le based heckin nazis like us support le based huwhite nato, right?" and larp as Holla Forums to D&C. Case in point, look at this feeble attempt >>427480590>>427480330They are buying crude oil too from us, but the refined fuel got even more important after their refineries got it. What hohols are doing is just fucking insanity, why on earth would you purposefully antagonize your fuel dealer, your lifeline? I bet we could do without Russian oil easier than they would do without fuel in a war.

>>427479715You know why the nordstream was a big deal?If it was really Russia, ot would have activated article 5 against them.And actually anyone else, but the Germans aren't willing to pursue or even to do a real investigation and aftrr a year it's too late.But a non-cucked nation could do it.We said it multiple times, an attack against Hungarian energystability is an attack on Hungary.Even if we can't push an article 5 against you we still can block any NATO and EU help (the member states of course can decide to help by themselves, but the organizational help will be vetoed) and we can still attack you in the back when you bled out all your soldiers.

>>427473287This would only further prove that the EU is run by a few countries at most because let's face it, we know where the call will be coming from to give them the boot.If you are in any EU country, write to your leaders. Especially all you wonderful people in the south who have been shit on for years by the north. Germany and smaller Germany have been shitting all over the EU for way too long now.

>>427480623Nice cope for why Muscowy has always been an impoverished failed state shithole of mindless serfs, like all shitskin countries.

Attached: nip races of the world summary.jpg (1024x795, 74.17K)

>>427480590>we must fund foreign wars for free

Attached: lib455768.gif (125x125, 2.46M)

>>427480910>You know why the nordstream was a big deal?It wasn't

>>427472422You're not you when you're Hungary. Someone get this man a Snickers bar.

>>427480947>always been an impoverished failed state shitholeThat means you cant beat a shithole for 80 years?

>>427472422>born to be trolling

Attached: 1684234193171680.png (1249x1777, 1.82M)

>>427480863>Does this Putin asslicker not understand Russia has no say in the matter.Clearly they do have a say since they stopped Ukraine from joining NATO by declaring war or whatever special operation cucktin calls it

>>427477332proofs, prajeet?

>>427480993Can you read?>the Germans aren't willing to pursue or even to do a real investigation and aftrr a year it's too late.The Germans cucked out.That's why it was nothing.

>>427472891I find it serendipitous that both men that started civil wars are named Abe lincoln/ A. Blinken.

Attached: 1684276826175259.png (275x314, 42.21K)

>>427481164Name one time rossia was openly at war with the US

>>427472661This is jewish revenge against the Russians and we’re paying for it.jews hold a grudge with everyone and everything forever.

>>427472422orban wants his gibs me dats

Attached: hungary.romania.jpg (1513x1080, 231.2K)

>>427480883Difference is that we the EU/US would then give the oil for Ukraine for free like we pay their soldiers salaries for example but for Hungary there would be no such aid so I'm not so sure about that

>>427481164Despite what Putin told you blaming the White man for your poverty, we had you beat more than a century ago, you were never competition lmao.it's not the West's fault that nonwhites in Africa/Asia/Russia are impoverished shithole countries (despite being blessed with abundance of natural resources...)

Attached: We wuz czars.png (1082x1055, 928.86K)

>>427477925>>Illegal, violates Ukrainian ConstitutionThat's funny. There are interantional norms and regulations.If you want to be in EU, you have to abide by EU rules and regulations. You don't chose and pick which ones. And EU says that regions have the right to vote and decide.The rest is usual meme drivel . Should not have had color revolution of 2014 which led to everything.

>>427476614One thing that never changes is the reality that Russia always lies. Anyone who cares about truth in Russia will always be persecuted whether it's under a tsar, Communists, or Putin. >>427481207For a Hungarian politician to take such a stance means in his worldview Hungary is Russia's vassal state. It's not the stance of a politician of a sovereign state that also respects the right of other sovereign states to make their own decisions.

>>427481568>(((world wealth)))>means literally printing world currencyYou kikes are ridiculous.

>>427476842No refunds.

>>427481568If you say so, and now give your taxes on our Slavic wars

Attached: 2.jpg (769x588, 166.29K)

>>427479760the EU won the peace nobel prize after all just like drone-king nigger

>>427481601>Should not have had color revolution of 2014 which led to everything.They just couldn’t resist the cookies..,

Attached: 8CDA6E44-61EE-45EA-B586-BC3E37CE37E8.jpg (300x320, 18.45K)

>>427480303Nigger.Hungary is pro-Russian and pro White.I should send retards like you to wikipedia to read. Russia is where 2 largest white Y DNA haplogroups, R1a and R1b originated.I know retards like you don't read, but give it a try.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haplogroup_R1ahttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haplogroup_R1b

>>427481716Hungary has officially condemned the invasion, those were just my two cents not ukrainian politicians

>>427481915We successful Westerners have always been a generous people helping you with charity in your many times of need (due to your own evil/incompetent autocratic leaders, whom you nevertheless worship), Although Russia has never done anything for us; in fact you always return the favor by backstabbing us with subversion But seems now Putin overplayed his hand and it's all crumbling down; the West has finally had enough of trying to play nice with Moscow...

Attached: American Relief Aid to Russian children 1921 famine ARA Herbert Hoover ДАР АМЕРИКАНСКОГО НАРОДА.jpg (1488x1145, 1.94M)

>>427479443>Yeah, it's not like countless tens of millions across NATO already hated Russians for one reason or another.actually, its not like that.the people in our governments hate russia, sure. but they hate us too.any normie/npc that is seething over russia is just following their programming. you could just as easily tell them its actually the other way around now and they will take their new programming.case in point:youtube.com/watch?v=RCVBEE1SfXI

>>427481412> Name one time rossia was openly at war with the USen.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Expeditionary_Force,_Siberia

>>427482574Actually, it is like that. People hate Russia more than governments do.To know Russia is to hate Russia.

Attached: 1681748264818654.png (1517x993, 419.24K)

>>427472661To keep war and thus business going you sell to both sides. It's merchant 101 and true neutral position

>>427482477>Westerners have always been a generous peopleNo they weren't>(due to your own evil/incompetent autocratic leaders,You are confused. Explain to me how a massive total surveilance state, 24x7 brainwashing and a Director of the CIA (Bush Sr) who became VP, then president , then installed his son as pres - how do you call this again? Nice people? Not an evil incompetent authocratic leadership of the same oligarch family? >helping you with charityUS promised literally Billions to Gorbachev to end the Soviet Union. SU countries literally got nothing and were basically pillaged in return. Who are backstabbing here?

>>427472661>profitable>still thinks it's about moneythey just print money. they want (white) blood

>>427482477Checked, increasing amount of people in the US are saying that its a disaster>the conflict will be ‘our undoing’ if we don’t ‘dedicate ourselves to forging a diplomatic settlement that stops the killingresponsiblestatecraft.org/2023/05/17/national-security-experts-war-in-ukraine-is-an-unmitigated-disaster/

>>427482736>touting polls as real numberslol. lmao even.and democrats dont cheat in elections either!

Attached: 1684085580001749.gif (255x235, 497.94K)

>>427477976>find out your neighbor is considering cutting the gas line to your house>tell him in the strongest possible terms to go fuck himselfdoesn't really seem out of proportion to me desu

>>427482477In reality there are no "westerners", there are 1% American degenerates and their army of zogbots who occupy countries of Europe and USA too

>>427482736so the median is 1/3 bad views by you allies?on a poll

Attached: come on now.jpg (356x321, 27.21K)

hungarians and ukrainians shooting at each other, fucking love this thread lol

>>427479646Personally attacked

>>427479115Well, at least this shithole is still ours and hasn't been sold to the US/Israel.

>>427473287Good. Get off that sinking ship before it gets worse. Fuck the EU and fuck the American government

>>427473287No more EU gibs for your nukhazaria project, Jew.>>427472422At this point, we should kick ukran refugees out and just close the border.

>>427480590I will put an arrow in your head you fucking faggot

Attached: TiYW6EGnG2l6.jpg (604x483, 171.34K)

>>427484189No way, the ukrainian females have to stay, its not safe for them to go back

Attached: Bulju.jpg (1467x843, 112.94K)

>>427482992>427482992> of people in the US are saying>forging a diplomatic settlement that stops the killing

Attached: хрюкни.jpg (170x170, 11.8K)

>>427480245Magyars are Slavs who were culturally assimilated by a Turkic people who spoke a Uralic language

>>427472422>Our patience has its limits!OY VEY!

>>427478642STFU nigger

>>427484727You cant continue the war without our support, you should write to me more respectfully

Attached: ukraine.jpg (541x533, 50.29K)

>>427485038>oinkrainian>showing respectyou can pick one

Attached: ukraine-manletsky-beg.jpg (1170x883, 595.42K)

>>427483964What are you implying

>>427481488Except they cant, unless oil can somehow magically teleport into ukraine.You know, logistics existing and everything? Coping will not make things real.>>427481849Kikes are kvetching super hard, because first since WW2, they are afraid again. The BRICS are aiming to dismantle their globohomo empire, and they are trying to coopt good goys into fighting for them, by "allowing" them to be le based huwhite larpers.

>>427477712With what Ukran? Your army is quite busy getting obliterated.

>>427482736Literally no one gives a shit about russia, the only people talking about russia is the news media and no one watches that shit. People have bills to pay lmao the only complaining I hear these days at the pub.

>>427472422do you really believe that hungary is doing this without consent of big eu daddies?they are just playing the bad cop

>>427485186Your pic related is probably the most succesful beggar in history after Stalin>>427485264The polish will bring the oil one barrel at a time if they have to

>>427485504I still remember when Afghanistan was the Cause, the noble crusade of freedom and democracy that the normie had to pretend to give a fuck about. People will think about ukraine like that within a few years.>>427485583Of course, there are many in the EU, including german and french interests who are not completely brainwashed, but in the end they are still too spineless to actually resist.

>>427485758he is a simple criminalwill enjoy watching his downfall

Attached: ukraine-zelensky-working-from-home.jpg (1097x1041, 88.83K)

>>427485504This, put a referendum up to ask if people want to pay more taxes to fund the war in Ukraine, absolutely nobody is going to do it voluntarily

>>427485758Great, except that is not enough to run armored divisions on and polish are facing an oil shortage themselves.Would be fucking hilarious if the zogbots lost against russia for the same exact logistical reasons as in WW2


Attached: Screenshot 2023-05-18 at 7.31.36 PM.png (1450x308, 293.55K)

Not to mention Hungary just annexed Slovakia and nobody is talking about it

Attached: slovakia.jpg (1200x800, 68K)

>>427481420the war is barely hurting russiarussia will come out stronger while europe is gonna dieeurope is the real target of this war and who it is actually hurting

>>427479115>Because you are an irrelevant barbaric shithole no one cares abou lolIronic coming from your shithole

Attached: 50% off.jpg (991x1158, 205.1K)

>>427486057fake countries have a tendency to just snap out of existenceall of Poland's neighbors in 1991 are historywhich is funny

>>427479576he had to quit because he's from conservative party kek

>>427473383>betty grable...nice gams!!

>>427484856Nope, you are on the horse backwards.We are celtic and weee here since the beginning.Some of the Hungarians ventured out, but they came back.It was not conquering, but homecoming, that's why the genealogy of the area did not change.(And if the conquerors were so few in number, than how would they change the culture and language of the people here?)

>>427472422>Hungary they will now veto all sanctions and all EU aid to Hungarylol wut?

>>427486057Slovak is one of these meme Slavic ethnicities like Kashubian or Sorb, why would you have an own country

>>427485934That's not the MO anymore, they just use dodgy polls instead. "80% of fins want to join nato according to our internal polls"

>>427486315We wuz Irish and shit. Top o the morning to ye!

Attached: Gfyix4dFNjnh.jpg (1500x1500, 575.42K)

>>427477872What a beautiful event. All these diverse flags, from one likely land, gathering to shill jew-like madness, in the very same dialect. >>427473524though your flag is likely as fake as the others, your bait's edge is razor sharp. If it wasn't so harmful to everyone living a reasonably okay life, it would be very interesting how 3rd parties dress up as 1st and 2nd parties to compete with eachother for the hearts and minds of people who really just want female titties, straight beer, and to not be the carcass that is continuously picked over by you fucking vultures.

Attached: Baitzkrieg.jpg (1000x584, 57.92K)

Why does Zelensky hate Hungary?if your answer is because >they refuse to support Ukraineyou are wrongthe problem goes a lot deeper than thatsee pic related

Attached: hunary-ukraine.png (938x329, 246.21K)

>>427484097Lol, this is what they tell you. In reality you are just as deep in US and EU pocket as any other EU country.

>>427486320>>Hungary they will now veto all sanctions and all EU aid to Hungary>lol wut?needs unanimous vote

>>427479115>blackhole calling the kettle blackAnd yet you managed to be waaay more poor than us.

>>427486640>246 KB> Why does Zelensky hate Hungary?> if your answer is becausewonderful pocone problemvolodmur is russian

>>427473383I miss star trek.

Attached: 1654661636257816.jpg (1280x720, 71.71K)

>>427487020Holodomor Zelenskiiii is a Khazar kike

>>427481601One of the EU requirements to join is literally to have language laws that protect minority languages like Russian and Hungarian in Ukraine. Laws they actually had implemented in Ukraine but then decided to remove so they could go after the Russians.

>>427479646Kek I have two Polish employees who are absolutely fucking heroic in taking on tasks, but lacking foresight to foresee problems that will come a week from now as a result of their heroism.But thankfully, being heroes, they just fucking get to work and cross the bridge when it comes.Absolutely based fucking Dabrowskis, i cannot stress enough that I would hire exclusively Polish if I could.

Attached: 1648846164093.jpg (720x720, 68.34K)

>>427480863> Ukrainian NATO membership possible only with Russia’s agreement> Russia has no say in the matter.You confuse the formal right to object the NATO membership with the factual might to prevent it. Read the NATO statutes and conclude: Ukraine can't join as long as it is involved in a war and as long as it has territorial disputes with Russia.


>>427480910>If it was really Russia, ot would have activated article 5 against them.>And actually anyone else, but the Germans aren't willing to pursue or even to do a real investigation and aftrr a year it's too late.Don't get too comfy... I've been around long enough to recognize this as packet-building. It was blown up in the media when it was fresh, then quieted down once people were like "Why the fuck would Russia do what its opponents wanted most?" but then it will be bundled up with the rest of the drummed up charges that result in some "overwhelming" something something "WWIII is justified and necessary"... though it will certainly be called something far softer than that at first, as they dick is eased into our assholes.

Attached: 1661813442318197.jpg (640x426, 150.67K)

>>427474165We were once called 'Huns' for a reason.

>>427488177>>427474165Can I get a quick rundown on Austro-Hungarians?


>>427480883>>427480960>>427484290cope seethe and dilate zisters

>>427488349Hungarian king died with no successors so the Habsburg monarchy took over the throne Hungarians then chimped out several times (a lot of it was fuelled by Hungarian Protestants who fought against Habsburgs who were Catholic) and tried to overthrow the monarchy , so Austria begged Russia to come to their rescue and put down the rebellion Later Austrian empire reformed and Austria Hungary was created

>>427473287lel just another needed Russian ally I guess

Attached: (((YOU))).jpg (640x640, 59.87K)

>>427488821>>427488923This is too complicated. They should have just had a civil war over black people.

>>427472422Okay that’s not funny anymore.Can’t some ruszki rocket hit him already so we can move towards a real solution.

>>427472891They are working for a shadow world government and not the USA. Look how they set up Trump, a sitting US president. That shit just doesnt happen without globalist entities drawing up the plans.

>>427472661Germany did that until 2018. Fag.


>>427477920Kill yourselves some more via your corrupt government sending you to the meatgrinder while stealing all your money first.

>>427490118no use with hohols. they keep getting their shit pushed in and never learn. it's just their fate i suppose.

>>427476614> Russians lie as easily as they breatheLike all humans do, without exception. The West promised not to extend NATO to the east, they started foul play and they still played foul when they pretended ambitions for peace in the Minsk Protocol just to gain time for war preparations - admitted by several western leaders by now (Poroshenko, Hollande, Merkel, Johnson, Bennet).> Budapest MemorandumImplicated that Ukraine itself does not become hostile to Russia, does not threaten the russian minority, does not give up 'independence and sovereignty' to EU/NATO.> Russians are not humansSo what? picrel.

Attached: human_cruelty.jpg (500x333, 39.02K)

>>427476842>truckloads of money too for free,Perhaps you don't understand basic math, nor rudimentary economics, but a truck full of money generally has a cost associated with it, and a well-reasoned argument will tend to account for that.

Attached: 1670056030844954.jpg (582x866, 119.51K)

>>427478263Okay, we will close your Audi, Mercedes, BMW and Rheinmetall factories when we leave the EU. Or you know, we could just make the corporate tax 30% and fuck your industrues that way. Your greedy ass wanted a cheep labour in the EU for profit, noe pay your fair share for the Hungarians.

>>427472422basedif nobody does anything to stop that kike in kiev and force peace talks on him this conflict will last for ever

>>427490811Checked, Spenglers head looks like my shaved bollock


>>427491259>my shaved bollockThat's one way to say you have one testicle.

>>427487919No, I'm not confusing anything. Of course it's not possible for Ukraine to join NATO now until the war is over and borders stabilized. This is obvious, though. The statement attributed to the Hungarian politician is pointless to even make if applied to the wartime circumstances of the present moment since everyone knows it's impossible for Ukraine to apply now.

>>427486568Celts were all over Europe:From modern day Ireland, Scotland, England to France, Switzerland, Austria, Czechia, Hungary, some of the Balkans, Noethern Italy and some tribes even went to Anatolia and Egypt.

>>427477755that was based. Hungarians defeated the Communist government and the red army needed to intervene, they reinstated a popular centrist Imre Nagy if they were to calm down, but the Hungarians still decided to massacre all the officers of the ÁVH. in the end the commies were forced to get rid of the secret police and relax the communism unless the country would become completely ungovernable.

>>427478447>hungary is the number 1 route of "migrants" int owestern europe user.you also used to post a map that contradicts this bullshit. why did you stop with it?

>>427478578you ukies are just another flavor of russians anyway.

>>427473287>Many are saying they should kick Hungary out of the EU and worse

Attached: glowie trio.jpg (1024x411, 54.42K)

>>427472422>they will now veto all sanctions and all EU aid to HungaryUkraine?

>>427485899>will enjoy watching his downfallsince this would entail globohomo acknowledging an error, it will not happen. globohomo is way more infallible than all popes combined.

>>427494987he will be a small writedown for them,replacing him will be easy

>>427490807He was a smart dude but cats and chimps torture things for fun regularly and chickens are even worse.

>>427494098>Imre Nagy>popular centrist >centristanglo education...

>>427496351he was a commie but the populace trusted him to not be a commie fundamentalist which is why the soviets wanted to put him back in power

>>427488177You were called Huns because Wilhelm II praised Attila the Hun when he sent soldiers against the Boxer rebellion, clearly referencing the Huns as the old enemies of China. Funny how European Huns and Asian Huns being related was a myth then genetics proved it to be true

>>427480303Nice bait, fag. USA / globohomo are the ones who are anti-white.Russia and Hungary are some of the last pro-white countries.

>>427496667>centralistcommie mean far left dummy

Attached: brainlet_08.jpg (720x706, 63.28K)

>>427472891This and the Soros money. John McCain was involved too.

>>427497483you know exactly what i meant, so STFU or i pill the trigger on every nigger

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