Germans still have Nazi ideology

>Turk 28 years old>Live in Stuttgart>Drive Mercedes>Work in warehouse>Have good apartment>Have German girlfriend because she prefers Turks , because we are manlier>Life is good>Grandfather REBUILT Germany after WW2Yet Germans(especially Boomers) look at me weird or look angry at me. Sometimes they even say go back to Turkey or you will never be German.Also when Im with girlfriend I get maked fun of some people. Some even say Dreckskanake or coalburner to my girlfriend and meGermans should be happy that we live here and make it stronger and stronger.Yet Germans are ungrateful.Why are Germs so braindamaged and racist?

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>>427470222her hafta bu tiradı açmaktan sıkılmadın mı

>>427470222You will never be a real germanoid

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>>427470222INB4 this thread is filled with various racist and transphobic images veiled as "humor." I want to extend a warning to any susceptible young viewers who haven't fallen down the alt-right pipeline yet.Please leave this website they are trying to radicalize you be pretending their hatred is just silly memes and jokes.But this hated has real life effects on vulnerable communities (i.e. BIPOC and LGBTQ2SIA+ folx), so please seek help to deradicalize and learn to stop the hate.Together we can prevent another Buffalo

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>>427470222Your a troll

>>427470222>still making the same cope thread>still lying about yourself>still not interacting with the repsonses people are giving you.I'm sorry your life turned out this way, Mehmet.

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>bait>if only it were true>you're a jew

>>427470222Fuck off with your spam threads, you

>>427470222Please post a pic of your nose

>>427470307İlk kez


>>427470222So why can't you do that in Istanbul or Ankara or whatever?

For any newfrens this is a constant slide thread written by someone who has likely never set foot in Germany. In the options field you can write 'sage' or 'nonokosage'. The second one has a really neat effect.

>>427470307He is just talking shit, you know?

>>427470222the only turk living in germany that i've met and claimed to have a german gf, had a second generation migrant with brown eyes and black hair xd

>>427470434I got born in Germany so I am German too>>427470582Memeflag

Trying this ssage out

>>427470222>Turk 28 years oldstopped reading, sage

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>>427470582Report the spam thread

>>427470222go back to your shithole, turkroach

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>>427470978Report the spam thread see: >>427470424>>427470387

>>427470387>>427470424/Thread and saged

>>427470978check this retard>>427470692

All fields.

>>427471124Thanks. And report the thread

>>427471251I hope Erdogan nuke Israel

>>427470692Kek you are as German as I am king of Britain.

>>427470692a mouse born in a horse stable will never be a horse. Go the fuck back, roach

>>427471910Where are you responding to a troll thread, you dumb idiot?

>>427470692you're the notorius horsehamster

>>427470222>all the german flags ITT are turksIs that the official /kraut/pol thread kek

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>>427470222As an iraqi, I'm really proud of germans who are brave enough to say they're proud of their country. Also turks are mongols, kill yourself

the opposition niggers are starting to SEETHE hard

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Ab nach Istanbul MehmetHau ab

>>427472972what does it say, eggsblain

>>427470222>get maked fun of some people

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>>427473162basically "fix your shit up"this guy is oppositionhe supported kemal kilicdaroglu without criticizing him a single time the last few daysbasically the mentality in the turkish opposition is that you should not criticize the opposition

>>427470387>>427470424jesus christif I was this mentally ill I'd just end itWhat compels people to just post this same shit over and over again?

>>427473278is this about the elections from last weak, also who won

>>427470222Männlicher.... ihr spasties rennt immer als erstes weg , ihr kämpft wie körperclowns ,ihr habt nichts aufgebaut, ihr kammt JAHRE später .Ihr könnt schreien , das wars aber auch schon.

>>427470222Why are you posting this every month user? Literally don't care what your roach labour did in Germany

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>>427474313Every month? He posts these every few days: >>427473238

>>427472708how many germ women have you enriched already? Go tell

>>427474313its a seething turkoid who has been rejected by german women one too many times

>>427470387>>427470424>>427473238Holy shit what a deranged mental freak

>>427470222Work in a warehouse. If you weren't subhuman you would have realised that we outsourced our production to china so we could use our brains on something higher. You'd fit in a lot better in china I think roach

>>427470692I was born in Arizona. Does that make me part of La Raza? Aztlan motherfucker.

>>427470222Go back to your shit hole, Dreckskanake

>>427473603run off last round is on the 28th

>>427470222>because we are manlierzez

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>>427470222Ask historian on China and

>>427474690Also see:>>427465732

>>427475474what is this

>>427470222>>427470307>28 yo turkroach>stuttgartFuck off ,die

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>>427474690You ain't seen shit yet. He has other spams too designed to demoralize Holla Forums (or at least that's what he thinks in his mind). variations (there's like 10 different ones but you get the point) to the schizophrenic depths of the average anti-white shitskin's brain.

>>427470222>Turk 28 years old>Has raped over 100 German white teenagers>Drives 1980s Mercedes>Work in kebab shop >Has no girlfriend, rapes white women instead because hideously ugly, smelly, hairy. >Life is bad, but pretends it's great>Grandfather is a cockroach.Fixed it for you.

>>427470222you are subhuman trash and the best germans died in ww2.


>>427470222>Germans still have Nazi ideologyThen come back to Turkey, diaspoo-rat roach.

>>427475955I gotta apologize to my pol brethren on behalf of thankless faggots like him. When germany awakens the trains, you can send him here. Stamp him so we can try him on the counts of blackening Turkey's image on Holla Forums laws.

>because we are manlier.You mean shorter ?

>>427470222>Grandfather REBUILT Germanylol You fucking pest niggers never work and just collect gibs you insect

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>>427470339There are more than 1.2 Billion useless black meat eaters threatening all the wild animals with extinction in Africa. Why should anyone on Earth care at all if a few million useless black meateaters in America are aborted in the Nth trimester??? The Buffalo abortionist was just a few years ahead of his time.

>>427477220I don't know what manlier means but they are stronger. Germans are typically lanky. Neither is athletic as the Arab. Or the Black man.

>>427470222True, we have millions of Nazis in our country

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total t*rk death

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The only good thing I can say about Turks is they're not as bad as Afghans or Albanians, must be the half Greek genes.

>>427477439Most of the countries have conservation programs that provide good jobs and links to tourism. They're sort of like Indians that way. Where are your wild cats in Europe you fucking piece of shit. I say this as one of your heritage.

>>427470222>Germans still have Nazi ideologyEven if there were something like remnants of a Nazi ideology among some Germans, the Turks would be the last ones who could hold it against the Germans and maybe even suggest to be historical victims of this ideology. Those who may are, for example, Poles, Jews, Gypsies, disabled, homosexuals and other groups who were victims of the Nazi. Turks, on the other hand, are anything but innocent, they have their own genocides and persecutions of minorities that they are not even willing to come to terms with. Moreover, they gladly collaborated with the Nazis. Turks are just as entitled to call themselves victims and benefactors as Russians.

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>>427470222Maybe you should go back to Turkey where you'll fit in and won't have to worry about evil Germans.

>>427471324Why would Erdogan nuke Glorious Turkic Kahzaristan? He’s happy the land belongs to Turks and not Arabs

>>427470222Like I cared.Turks >>>>>>> Germshits

>>427479852What have we done now?

>>427470222this is a reminder that Muslims that preached wrong on the trinity are cursed by God according to Galatians 1:8-9 and they can never get to heaven and they can never be saved from hell fire. this is because the deity of Christ is part of the gospel truth and preaching wrong on the trinity counts as preaching a false gospel.pic to go to

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>>427470222How many times do you want to open up this thread? Also, yeah, compared to what mutts on here say and others believe most germans are still somewhat racist. Even our women. It's not really surprising that german women are one of the least to have interracial relationships. It's actually german guys that are mostly in those. Of all the girls and guys that i am friends with or went to school with, i do not know a single girl that is in a relationship with a non german. If they are, then it is a non german White european guy. I do know a blonde haired blue eyed 6´4 guy that has 2 kids with a black girl, another blonde blue eyed guy that has a kid with an Indian girl, another blonde blue eyed guy that is with an asian girl and 2 other guys that are with arab girls though. Pretty much all of them are also decent to good looking dudes.

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>>427470222Whatever happened to ikebey or whatever his name was?

>>427482093strange, of the people i went to school with 1/2 of girls chose nonwhites at some point in their life

>>427483455Yeah but you also aren't german. I was specifically talking about german girls.

>>427470222LARP post.This exact same bullshit gets posted here every now and then.

>>427470222>Dude the Month is not over stop posting every Week/Month the same Shit Markus we know you live in Nürnberg.

>>427470222Nobody cares turkroach, go back to your third world shithole and take your paki brothers with you

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>>427470222They will rebuild you in a surgery if you say that shit irl. Also, your gf is not entirely racially pure.

>>427470222>Have German girlfriend because she prefers Turks , because we are manlierCope, only trash tier women date roaches.

Germany aka England aka Britain aka United Kingdom

>>427470222you and that doomer also from stuttgart should link up

you didnt build shit, you came in 1970s dumb roach.

>>427475134lol WTF


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>>427474553Not sure what you mean but im a virgin

>>427470222>Germans still have Nazi ideologythere's still hope

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>>427470222>Germany should be happy it has arrogant foreign parasites. Kill yourself.


>>427470333>picrelNothing lifting and exercises cannot solve

>>427484531Yes i am,and talking german girls

>>427493223Noone asked you, you stupid nigger

>>427493596the other german asked me ,although unintentionally you whiteknight cuck

>>427494298No he didnt, you pissbrained nigger

>>427494403well he assumed i wasn't germ or white but not as passive-aggressive as you cuck do

Fuck off. No German is racist.No German is ever impolite.No German is ever a coalburner.No Germany ever relied on Turks to rebuild after a war.You have been imagining things. You are delusional. You need to get institutionalized for your own safety

>>427494768Do you realize we will kill you, you nigger?


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>>427470222You grandfather didn't rebuild Germany he was a truck driver in the 1960s it makes sense you feel envy since in every way the west is superior to your site hole

>>427495699>greenoid threatens to killi always knew what you greenoids sois were ,a disgrace

>>427470222-"have German girlfriend, were just manlier"No you don't user. And your not manlier your just uglier. There not there same thing stop the cope

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>>427470339Anon. When I say the Holocaust was a good thing I am joking. Since it never happened

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>>427471251For once I Stand with the Jews. Please kike bro. Light those Turkish mother fuckers up

>>427474570Very likely

>>427494298I did not ask you.

>>427470387>>>427470424>>427473238so all these threads are larps? i dont get it, OP is demoralisation shill?

>>427470222Turks still have a Turk ideology>German 28 years old>Live in Istanbul>Drive Mercedes>Work in warehouse>Have good apartment>Have Turkish girlfriend because she prefers Germans, because we are manlier>Life is good>Grandfather REBUILT Turkish bridges after WW2Yet Turks(espcially Boomers) look at me weird or angry at me. Sometimes they even say go back to Germany or you will never be Turkish.Also when I'm with girlfriend I get makes fun of some people. Some even say hıyarağası or bleacher to my gilrfriend.Turks should be happy that we live here and make it stronger and stronger.Yet Turks are ungrateful.Why are Turks so braindamaged and racist?

>>427496909Correct. Also possibly CIA or some other foreign intelligence service who employs demoalization tactics.I made this thread today listing even more of his threads:>>427465732


>>427497205why would the cia care about some retard writing that hes a turk who cucks germans in his own country on pol lol