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>>427467613Fed does fed things, more at 11

>>427467709Cope and seethe

>>427467613>Doesn't post proofKys

haha nice stretched ear lobes.

>>427467613Redcoat spammers belittled the memory of Terry A. Davis in an earlier thread.They are a shill team trying to make support for their group appear 'organic'. They do not want you in their group, they only want to entrap you.Stay safe. Season the options.


>>427467709He looks too good not obese like me that means he’s a fed, guys!

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>>427470212>not obese like me that means he’s a fedit also means he's extremelyyoutube.com/watch?v=2eoy8gj0L8wand so are you

>>427470262>the fed lashes out in pain as you call him out for what he truly is, a fed and also veryyoutube.com/watch?v=2eoy8gj0L8w

These gay little movements are the irl equivelant of containment threads. They don't "do something". "Doing something" would mean anonymously fucking something or someone up and then not even taking credit for it. Patriotism and nationalism are not a fucking brand.

>>427467613Newfag here, who is this?

>>427467613>getting a federal pension for thisI would smile like that, too.

>>427470378>>427470487You’re a raging homosexualdon’t talk to me, filth

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>>427470811you are america's tax dollars at workwhich makes you extremely youtube.com/watch?v=2eoy8gj0L8w

>>427470212>>427470262>>427470303>>427470811No amount of spamming low effort "memes" will ever help. You can not recover from this. Any modicum of credibility you thought you had has evaporated.RIP Terry the Terrible

>>427467613"white" nationalist fighting with another "white" nationalist?gee what else is newalso, hide shit thread

>>427467613He likes Gypsy but he just says he isn't white (which is true). Also, who do you think red pilled Gypsy? There wouldn't exist Gypsy without Hammer.

>>427467613Who and who?

>>427470085>Belittled Terry DavisPost link please, need for verification

I don't know who he is beyond that he allegedly runs a meth business, and people, or one guy who is IP hopping says he's gay, and is in a similar circle of the internet as handsome truth. Qrd?

>>427470674Newest replacement of "far right"(fbi affiliated organization) leadershipLatest one was that conservacuck that stained himself with Ukraine support

They are both clowns or feds.Neither of them are serious.Young man, get serious.If you are serious:- No masks- Full auto rifles- Normal clothes- No photo ops or online theatrics- Physical training, firearms training, from trained people- Recruit veterans, law enforcement, military, armed citizensDrop the cringe online neo nazi garbage, keep it traditional and Christian.Like an everyday person you know, like it could be anyone.Then you have at least a foundation to challenge the zionist occupation in armed insurrection.

>>427467613he's correct honestly

I bet the glowies will give up making threads about this schizo in about two weeks.

>>427467613HECKIN BASEDERINOHOW DO I GIVE HIM MY MONEY>>427469298>haha nice stretched ear lobes.judging by his prison ink, that's not all that's stretched

>>427467613>tfw Hammertime is now FedtimeCool cool

>>427467613Shills are calling him a fed because they are scared he might inspire us to organize.

>>427471874>If you are serious>keep it traditional and Christianlmao

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>>427471559At first they belitted terry then they claimed he was a CIA bitch. Fuckin worthless feds

>>427471559archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/427405856/#q427409939Rest in PeaceThe Patron Saint of PolMadladThe TerribleTerry A. Davis1969-2018

>>427471935>>427472085Shills.We will not join your group. We will not support you. The redcoats are enemies of America, always was.

I don't know about him being a fed, but he is a faggot. I won't follow some tatted up, stretched earlobe, white trash queer. The male version of roastie-to-tradwife

>>427467709nah that is anti fed, they moved into the idiotcategory in my book now

>>427467613>neck tattoosFuck this faggot. Literally der untermensch

>>427470303>>427470262>>427470212kek, someone get a load of this fed trying to consensus crack.>>427467613>>427467818This is the same poster as this>>427470303>>427470262>>427470212kekkkkkkkkkk fuck off fedboi

>>427467613This dude reeks of gay, I should know. I live surrounded by them. Only a homo would be this hairless.

>>427471874How do you know the rifles they carry are sans-giggle switch faggot

>>427472636plus meat curtain earlobes

>>427467613They’re not really competing but you’re losing either wayyoutu.be/W09OneMiihQhttps://youtu.be/mSDwgb8ZIyk

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>>427473443I'm not sure which is worse. But it's a great litmus test because you can automatically filter these people out of your life and disregard anything they have to say.

>>427471874>Drop the cringe online neo nazi garbage, keep it traditional and Christian.read: be a nigger lover and accept anybody who shares your theism.The eternal christcuck shows his true colors again

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>>427467613well... he is.

>>427467613>LMAO HE CALLED GYPSY CRUSADER A SHITSKINwow hes really making a difference for america. im surprised he finds the time to shitpost online in between setting up rallies at the ohio county fair and planning his ethnostate utopia

>>427470212Patriot Front only serves to get white nationalists arrested and their names on file. Unless you fags have a mandatory fitness program, address the claim or be branded feds forever.

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>>427467613he is though

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while stealing his sunglasses

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>>427472283>The redcoats are enemies of AmericaActually this is a very valid point.Sucks to be a mountie, I guess.


>>427467613What is this faggot's birth name?

Bald prison tatted pierced ear gay fashion icon faggot is an embarrassment.Seriously, this clown is the best glowniggers could come up? It's like a leftoids paint by numbers version of a spooky Marvel villain White terrorist.

>>427475128Pretty sure it's gay.

>>427467613It's funny. Hammer is a good guy. I remember when he was a civ nat and then watched the greatest story never told. After that, it was a quick redpill adventure for him to where he is now. Dude has good takes though. As for the rest of his crew. No idea. Possible feds but he isn't doing anything illegal but he needs to understand that in the jewnited states, you don't need ot do anything illegal to be thrown in a hole. They'll just bag you and the media will say you had child porn on your computer and nobody will bat an eye to help you.

>>427467709White nationalist offends shitskins on pol more than jews

>>427467613why does this dude have baphomet tattoed on his neck?

>>427467613>GYPSY CRUSADER A SHITSKINHe's not exactly wrong

>>427475825It's a ram head you fucking mong. Thor's chariot is pulled by rams and it's a sign of resilience. Baphomet is a tranny with a goat head that has a fire crown and a pentagram on it's forehead.

>>427471400Hammer has been around for a while. Used to be a civ nat good-ole-boy from texas.

>>427475681its like they use a gladio playbook written in 1975 called: guide to creating an authentic right wing skinhead group.

>>427471874>- No masks>- Full auto rifles>- Recruit veterans, law enforcement, military>Drop the cringe online neo nazi garbage Now this is what you call a very lazy fed

>>427476172like that means anything.>dont worry fellas, this donnie brasko aint no fed, hes a real honest jewel thief.

>>427471159Notice that not one of them replied to youI’m also sick of this shit/pol/ is a board of peace and I’ll be damned if they “red flag” this site as being associated with X or Y without a proper meme war

>>427467613Update your iOS you degenerate faggot

>>427474309I mean they do have a mandatory fitness requirement and exercise regularly.You do realize your ignorance on the matter doesn't conform reality to it.Also there's no way feds would ever recognize or even go to East Palestine odysee.com/@PatriotFront:a/EPalestineOHWaterDrive:3

>>427467613youtu.be/TzayllwJ5_kThis is how you call them out without the nazi larp

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>>427467613>THERE WILL BE

>>427476848This is a giant cope there's nothing wrong with being "antisemitic" "Right wing" non-Whites get just as upset when Whites start exercising pattern recognition as leftists do.

>>427467613>walks into meeting>whole room nazi salutes before taking seat>*takes off glasses salutes and slowly sits down>*shuffles papers around >*flicks through before placing back on the table>*clicks a button and a 110inch projection screen slides out of the ceiling>*projector raise up out of the floor>*clears throat>NIGGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIIIIIIGGGGGGER FUCKING NIGGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIIIIGGGGER>*Clicks button>*projector goes back into the ceiling>meeting adjourned.

>>427467613That guy has sucked more then a glass dick if you know what Im saying, if you hear what I'm putting down, if you catch my driftwood

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>>427467613Tell you what, get him on camera and make him denounce Biden. Watch the glownigger squirm like Spencer.

>>427467613Literally who?

>>427467613Turning this agent into a forced meme.This is definitely a psyop

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>>427467613It doesn't matter if he is a fed or not. Groups like this one and patriot front are extremely counterproductive and do more harm than good.All they accomplish is giving "proof" to the Regime's claims that muh White supremacy is the real reason everything is going to shit.Literally the only people who would participate in groups like this are the most extreme retards, losers, fuckups, socially isolated loners, edgelords, and failures at life. Exactly the kind of people you wouldn't want to be part of any group. No one who has any actual power or influence or importance or intelligence would ever want to associate with these retards.If you want to do something, don't fucking join or support these fucking LARP groups. Form small, independent, autonomous, anonymous cells with people you have known for many years and trust with your life. No uniforms, no webpage, no organized command structure, no leadership, no recruiting.Network and create connections with people in your community. Figure out who might be valuable in the future. Gather as much intel and information as you can while giving away as little information about yourself as possible.

>>427476452Yes. Everyone spamming these threads and astroturfing the comments pretending to support the group are not regular users of this board. They are a shill team.

>>427477825>Turning this agent into a forced meme.that was very apparent when VICE wrote an article about this absolute nobody, wanting to set up an ethnostate in Maine.

>>427467613Astroturfed constantly on Holla Forums. Glowies are getting sloppy, you need new tricks.

>>427471874>armed insurrection.No. We aren't even remotely close to the point where that is anything but suicidal.As hard as it is to believe, the Regime still has too much support and legitimacy in the eyes of the majority of the population, and the military and law enforcement.Ask all of those guys sitting in jail after January 6 if you don't believe me.We don't need an armed insurrection to overthrow the Regime, they are doing a good job of causing the System to collapse on their own. We don't need to fight that battle, The entire System is irreparably corrupt. That's why we can't fix anything through voting. You will never elect a new Hitler President. And even if you did, he wouldn't be able to achieve anything.We need to create new systems of governance, security, economy, education, communication, etc. The System has already failed, but we are in the hypernormalization phase where everyone continues to pretend that everything is fine because there is no real alternative.Create a functional, viable alternative that will keep people safe, secure, comfortable, and happy and the people will abandon the old System and join you ASAP.

The amount of spamming screams Fed

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>>427480425It really is interesting how you guys seethe more than actual jews over this shit. If you believe it's all lost and doing anything is fed shit then what do you have to lose from supporting this over the top neonazi

>>427480425And please actually read and respond to my points prove you aren't a controlled cuckservative or a literal retard

>>427480622>what do you have to lose from supporting thisself respect?

>>427480622Not a NeoNazi. I’m just a spic that wants to live I safe country with white ideals. They did bring us savages civilization and I feel for people like me that want to destroy this. This is why we immigrate to white countries. To advance as a race, not go backwards and act like niggers

>>427480855Yes because being fat and sitting behind your computer complaining about shitskins while fighting your own side when they decide to do literally anything is such a dignified existence

>>427467613>the shades>the jacketIf that guy is WN i'll eat my hat. I bet hes a faggot.

>>427480900>Spics immigrate to not act like niggersMove over George lopez

>>427471874Forms cellsMake headlinesDon’t bragDeal with traitors and big mouthsDon’t attract them to begin with

>>427467613Notice how he didn't have anything negative to say about HT?

>>427481005>if you dont support the nazi gang, youre a fat dumb loser complaining about muslimswhat a great argument

>>427467613>throat tattooImagine that's your dad.

>>427472283You won't do shit in the first place because you're a larping pussy. Like 90% of the people who browse here. Shut the fuck up lol.

>>427467613I also love how his name hasn't been mentioned once

>>427481274It has been multiple times. It was Richard or something

>>427478364>let the ZOG control you by setting the boundaries, goyim

>>427481196A guy in a suite with job could do the same thing and youd still call him a fed. The reality is spic, whenever you see a white person assert themselves you immediately kvetch harder than a kike and will do everything in your power to shut them down. Spread lies about them being a federal agent, dig up stuff in the past to mischaracterize them. Jews have nothing on shitskin nationalists when it comes to being assmad about white people


I've listened to what he says, he is right about some things, but he lacks intellect. He is the typical american cringe 'jock'.He should stick to mainly being a soldier, not an ideologue.

>>427467613Gypsy is the only based non fed who's trolling the kikes and niggers. Hammer is gay faggot kike hapa or some shit. Dysgenic motherfucker and an absolute beta faggot. Tunnel eared homo who's grifting for the feds and honey potting retards into joining his gay faggot tribe.

>>427473291>sans-giggle switch

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>>427481474It's an extreme form of cognitive dissonance that seems distinct to them. They want to espouse white virtues, but the second they see actual whites doing the same, their brains malfunction because they can't handle the reality that it will not include them. They are not white, but they want to be, and seeing actual whites behave as such triggers the shit out of them.

>>427474309>be branded fedswhere do you think you are?

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>>427481474blah blah blah. same old shit since 1979

>>427481873>Spic can't readKvetch more back in whatever favela you fled from brown kike

Oh wow, an eceleb insulted another eceleb.These attention whores are the worst

>>427467613>wake up>last Blood Front thread has locked so I can't reply to anyone in it>so sad, there will be nowhere to make fun of the Platelet Potentate>Disconsolately go to the catalog>My heart rises! I was not expecting a new Blood Front thread!First of all, if you haven't been on Holla Forums in the last week you might be wondering who the iphoneposter is and what his group is. See pic.

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>>427467613>GYPSY CRUSADER A SHITSKINGypsy is literally a Gypsy... Do you know what the Third Reich did to them?

>>427467613One dresses like the joker. The other dresses like right said Fred.

>>427482126he's been making threads about himself this entire time...youtube.com/watch?v=2eoy8gj0L8w

>>427481122Found the nigger.

>>427481571You're underestimating his intelligence. He doesn't seem like the type that's going to put out longform political philosophy essays, but we already have enough of that, and truthfully, we're in dire need of what he offers: quick wit, a well developed understanding of the problems we face, and, most importantly, the ability to articulate ideas in a simple fashion. The last one is the most important; too much verbosity loses people, and gives the opposition more leeway to manipulate stuff into damaging sound bites. These traits in conjunction with drive to act make a perfect street level leader. He may not be the next Hitler, but that's not what we need right now.

>>427480855Lol gottem

How is a guy dressing up like Arsenio Hall and going to Drag Queen Story hour to shout "look at that gay nigger" helping white people exactly?

>>427482520You? You cry more about this shit than actual niggers about "neo Nazis"

>>427481977run along back to your discord safe space, to whine about gypsy crusader. you guys are really making a difference lol. whats next on the agenda? drinking beer on the porch, listening to screwdriver and complaining about the jews?

>>427472085Shills are calling him a Fed because they've figured out that 4chan is full of contrarians, so they're hoping that if they scream "Fed!!!" long enough they'll get some more idiots willing to pay membership dues in exchange for the privilege of getting to wear ladybug-themed NPC suits.And by "they" I mean "The Ham Whore and two guys from his discord". He actually thinks that if he pretends he stopped posting here years ago we won't figure out who would want to promote his branch of Patriot Front.

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>>427482704Hey look. Another nigger

>>427467709Stfu chink jew

>>427482724You could make a case that alienating his followers from society reduces their chance of breeding, thus improving the quality of the next generation of whites. A noble and forward-thinking sacrifice, making him truly worthy of the title Lymph Lord.

These gay little marches and protests accomplish nothing. Violence is the only thing that works. Look at the Sri Lanka riots last year or Pakistan recently

>>427482917who doesnt wanna join a group that attracts winners like this. how long, i wonder, before we see the inevitable news article that reads something like>blood tribe members arrested for fentanyl distribution

>>427482917>been on pol since 2008LMAO doesn't feel like it. What an absolute retard.

>>427483359No user, the nigger is you.

>>427467613If you weren't here for the initial spam orgy, you also missed the Ham Whore trying to frame one of his enemies for kidnapping. He stopped using that particular meme when an elite squad of professional fedjacketers noticed that the backstory for the 'kidnapping' maymay only made sense if Blood Tribe had access to a single mother *AND* the kid was being abused at home.

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>>427483713So what are you going to do?


>>427481186he said HT hangs around nonwhites

he looks queer af, you sure hes not a gay pornstar

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>>427485229You were spewing this shit yesterday, and I'm not sure if you believe it, but anybody here in the states plainly sees this for what it is. Nobody believes what you are saying. Situations like this are all too common. I tried explaining and gave you the benefit of the doubt due to your high trust society. Shit is different here, and most non-Americans without first hand experience do not understand the scope of fracturing and estrangement within the average American family.

>>427472179Based. its so easy to spottemgottem. Good work user

See anons, They are trying to FRAME and ENTRAP us now, very overtly. We got them malding seething and not coping at all. They use Federal agents right down to local PD all here under orders. They're gertting very sloppy and worried. These demons will fall under the weight of their own crimes and immorality.

>>427472179absolutely vile and sinful. these glowniggers are getting fucking uppity.

>>427481268but, mr. agent, we are doing things. we're discussing these things here. why do you glowniggers think that the discussion and exchange of ideas that they don't want us to discuss and exchange is "nothing"?why are you posting here if it's "nothing"?

>>427485229this is the kind of retarded drama you will caught up in when you join one of these lame groups.


>>427485877Horrible messed up families certainly exist, even here. However, when a young kid is showing up on a neighbour's doorstep requesting shelter *multiple times*, this almost always means the de facto guardian(s) are abusive or neglectful.My personal opinion at present is that the kid was probably a larp meant to get a schizo to take out their enemy without Polhouse having legal responsibility. Note that deliberately posting something which triggers violence against your enemy *can* accrue legal responsibility, but as you can see from their promo pictures the Red Cell Republic are unlikely to be all that clever.

>>427467818Precisely the kind of dumbass answer I'd expect from you retards.

>>427487033Your arguments don't really matter to people like myself who have seen this first hand. It happens here more than you think, and I'm trying to help you understand because you don't seem like a shill, but rather somebody legitimately naive to the state of the US. We're essentially the vanguards of broke families and runaway children. Look at Washington state, they are in the process of passing a law that allows the state to hide minors from their parents if they run away in search of "gender affirming" care. Their teachers encourage them to leave heir families, the television does, the government does, their mothers do, and so on. Chances are you're talking to a lot of Americans here that were the very confused that ran away multiple times. It's a genuine saddening reality, and one that is rarely acknowledged by the media.

>>427467613What will happen if these guys gain some type of power? Do you really think it will make the country better to have this group take over government and military?

>>427488452This is more like a modern freikorps than anything

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>>427471874>more guns, law enforcement and boot camps will make them glow less????????????

Attached: brighter than the sun.jpg (500x500, 30.51K)

>>427467709Those are the sunglasses of a true leader. Even your hero hitler didn’t make his own sunglasses. That’s how you know the fed is legit

>>427470674Hammer something of the blood tribe or whatever. He is making an ethnostate in Maine and having half the population call him a fed and the other half calls him a nazi.

>>427467613Godspeed Glowniggers!

>>427488452He’s making a Maine ethnostate. Too cold, not comfy. Best thing I can do it sit on 4chin and do nothing. That’s the best I can do.

>>427476398who cares wimp? hammer is based go weep about it some more

>>427487813>We're essentially the vanguards of broke families and runaway children.Yes. And if you look at the stories of broke families where one of the parents killed or raped the kids, or the kids starved to death, or the cops found five kids living in cages who could barely speak, or the kids got raped and murdered by mommy's drug dealer? Time and again you'll find that this got exposed because the kid went to the neighbours for help... or that the kid went to the neighbours for help but DIDN'T manage to get it and wound up dead.I have, in fact, talked to Americans who "ran away" multiple times. They didn't run away because muh media said to, they "ran away" because they weren't allowed to EAT at home or because they were beaten to the point of scarring or because they were thrown out and told never to come back.

Christopher Pohlhaus>Holla Forums houseYou've got to be joking.

>>427468153His gook eyes are proof enough

Attached: 1667478682620.jpg (281x180, 4.49K)

>>427490860Nigger, your information came from reading kike news and talking on the internet. I saw what was happening first hand growing up in an impoverished area. Just shit the fuck up if all you've got is the most sensational news that came from. 300+ million country. You don't know shit about this place or what it's really like. Notice that nobody is jumping in here--it's because nobody wants to talk about reality with a naive outsider. Just shit the fuck up, you aren't going to convince people their own eyes and experiences are lies. I had a friend whose 13 year old sister got raped, murdered, and dumped in the woods after running away repeatedly from a nice home. You gonna tell me she was abused and looking for help?

>>427491562I've got secondhand reports from actual fucking runaways (who, I might add, have grown up by now and don't have anything to gain from larping as victims.). That trumps the MSM.> had a friend whose 13 year old sister got raped, murdered, and dumped in the woods after running away repeatedly from a nice home. You gonna tell me she was abused and looking for help?So what was her motive for running away, if not abuse?I've certainly heard of people who run away because Mommy and Daddy hate their boyfriend, and it later turns out that Mommy and Daddy were 100% right. However, Aaron does not strike me as the sort of person any thirteen year old would consider a *romantic* target, and that doesn't explain the supposed kid's repeated attempts to report abuse prior to running away.

>>427492689Didn't read beyond the first sentence to be honest. You seen heavily invested in this stance for some reason, so best of luck convincing any Americans.

>>427494167>Didn't read beyond the first sentence to be honest.Got it. Don't trust common sense, don't trust the MSM, don't trust people you know irl, don't trust anyone but memeflags on 4chan.

this bald guy looks super homosexual and ugly

>>427491489Gypsys dad is FBI informant.

Attached: (((gypsyFBICIDaddy))).jpg (1263x709, 99.37K)

>>427467613no... couldnt be someone called "GYPSY" could never be a "shit skin"

I wanna find this guys and make him do three things on film.1. Smoke meth2. Denounce the talmud3. Let me cut his hand with my knifeA federal agent or intelligence operative WILL NOT let you do these three things.If you ever wanna find out if someone's a spook, use the above techniques ON FILM. Don't show yourself on film of course.