The glowie FEARS the offline computer

I'm in the stages of setting up an offline PC. It has no wireless, and an ethernet will NEVER rape it.

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>>427467109how do you use the internet

>>427467109Will it stream Netflix and hold my credit card numbers so I don’t have to type them in every time I find a new onlyfans though?

>>427467109The phrase you are looking for boomer is "air gapped network" sure to use Linux or BSD too just to be safe. You might also find this helpful.

install Temple OS

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>>427467206You don't. Presumably OP will get files from another PC and move them to the offline one using hard drives. Pretty good idea if he wants to archive stuff.

>>427467206I'll have another laptop that'll be connected to the internet.But this computer, where I will spend most of my digital time, will be totally isolated.They'll have no idea what I'm watching, reading, writing, nothing.>"B-b-but they'll know from what you access on your laptop."Do you know what an impenetrable soup of conflicting information my history is?

>>427467330It's actually going to be Win7.

Imagine thinking glowies have enough time to stalk an autistic pleb online. Yes they do stalk people, only high risk targets. Why would they bother watching over a website that historically doesn’t do shit and is all talk? You only have to worry about getting stalked if you have a platform to speak on or an important job

>>427467109based and redpilled


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>>427467460is it even possible to do this? would you have to physically everything that would make it possible because couldnt that pegasus 2 thing just use your phones wifi to access it

>>427467614These people are afraid of their child porn being found.

>>427467630The point isn't that they wont know what I download, but that for hours and hours at a time they wont know what I'm doing.

>>427467830>if you have anything offline y-y-y-you're a pedoNice try, glowie.

>>427467109Good, one less brit on Holla Forums

>>427467890you can have the same impact by just going for a walk into a forest

>>427467109If you want the ultimate in security, don’t install an operating system.Take the NoOS Pill.

so what would you install on that pc? VLC, media codecs, and presumably gpu drivers for occasional vidya?

>>427467109why not just save yourself the time and just get some pen and paper?

Take the parchment & quill pill.

>>427468055I have this but reversed.On the laptop I have VLC, Winamp, music and movies but its main purpose is running the Haltech software.Oh and it has SAS Planet with all the zoom levels I want for specific areas that I DL'd from this comp.Also Win 7.

>>427467109providing input to the computer can be seen as a form of "internet" because the input is sourced from a world where internet exists

>enters your home without a warrant while you're at work>copies your data off your machine and installs spyware before leavingNothing personnel, kiddoOh we missed something? Here, let our agency "find" some stuff on your computer that we totally didn't put there, like the fact that you once attended a traditional catholic mass in latin after using the word "based" in a sentence, which proves you're a RMDVE (thanks to a tip from the SPLC) and then give you the high tech approach of either plead guilty to trumped up charges and cooperate or be buried in prison forever and good luck ever having fair treatment in court. No, your air gapped machine won't protect you. Today, a judge would probably allow prosecutors to use that against you as if not being plugged into darpanet all the time means you're some kind of schizo terrorist. A jury of your lessers would probably be convinced that such measures for privacy, although technically sound, would imply you had something to hide, despite glow spying being 100% a violation of protections against unreasonable search and seizure.

>>427467109your CPU wirelessly connects to the nearest node, there is no offline

>>427468656>means you're some kind of schizo terroristBut I am.

>>427467109heh.. pretty sure i had this computer

Plenty of people use offline computers.Any sort of programmer of computer enthusiast can also build their own networks, separate from the internet and ISPs. I would personally link each device remotely in order to verify and get each user, people you already know ideally.This allows for communication as well as serving up local websites and downloads for things like movies, tv shows, and games to share between machines. Like torrenting but you just share between local machines on an independent network.

>>427467109>he doesn’t know about the satelliteconnected deep os built into his hardware

>>427468666You could always physically destroy your transceivers (modem, wifi, bt, all ports) or just, you know, bury your computer in a few feet of concrete or a faraday bag. Satan.

>>427468666Piss off glowie

>>427467109Israeli penatration testers have already published papers showing that they can access files on computers using just the power cables.

>>427467109Based. I playeed yesterday prince of persia. I need to remember controls again, i got dead fast. There was even a sword over there

>>427467109What do you do with an offline computer?

>>427469109fug so you need to connect it directly an offline solar or petrol generator or they can get in?

>>427469109how the fuck is that possible? a power socket on a PC doesn't have the ability to detect tiny fluctuations in the power supply let alone interpret them as data and hand instructions over to the other parts of the machine

>>427469677>how the fuck is that possible?it's real in Israeli minds

>>427469677Anon they have mind reading tech, infliration through powercords were revolutionary two decades ago

>>427467109>>427467206You could use it to communicate over the internet by setting up a wired connexion going through a low end arduino board using serial and home made protocol, nothing could hack through a serial ascii terminal.

>>427469435>He doesn't run his risc-v ME free raspberry-pi libre boot schizOS with no ports or monitor off a solar power generator with redundancy and a UPS at a secure underground compound with ring cameras and rottweilers for defenseLike are you even trying? Don't you wanna be "incognito"?

>>427467460>Do you know what an impenetrable soup of conflicting information my history is?Sounds like utter cope.

>>427469921>>427469677unless there's separate hardware or a data connexion between the motherboard and the power supply I don't see how it could be done, anyway in doubt just install a 12 or 24V DC transformer plugged into the 110V and then invert it back to 110V to plug the computer.

>>427468806Anon! We're not supposed to say that part out loud it's super secret!>>427469109>>427469677Link to paper? I remember reading about the NSA was able to figure out what is being displayed on a monitor from analyzing the emissions from the cable and used it in Russia in like the 70's/80's. Look into Temptest controls if you want a fun tin foil project. Did you know the US Presidents crew basically a mobile SCIF tent around? Pretty cool

>>427469435No. They control the solar flares so you're basically fucked. >return white man to smoke signals

>>427467460>will be totally isolated.kek you are dreaming.because /g/tards said it's MUH TOTALLY ISOLATED means it is 100% not totally isolated.think about it logically there is no way to ensure any machine is totally safe especially if it's plugged into muh totally isolated pc.

>>427470289>>427469109>>427469677Guri's hack for extracting data through your best power supply is called, quite simply, POWER-SUPPLaY, and works in an equally simple manner. Malware present on the target PC reads out system data, and then alters the CPU's workload to cause changes in the system's load on the power supply. Although you can't hear the power supply, changing loads on it does alter the ultrasonic frequencies they produce, which the attacker then reads out using a mobile phone capable of recording the frequencies at a maximum distance of 5m (16.4 feet). The attack doesn't require any special hardware privileges to

Nobody cares about your pony futa porn anyways Nigel, stop being retarded you cant escape the alphabet of Satan, once you become a target is ogre

>>427470289The crew carries a mobile SCIF*

Fucking retard, whats the point of that? Why not just setup a VM if you are that paranoid that cia niggers are gonna come down and install shit on your pc? I mean, Windows 7 is a internet OS. If you are this much or a sperg how about you install windows 3.0 you fucking faggot

>>427470421It is possible, all you need to do is use a laptop in an underground faraday cage.

give it a GPU with a ton of VRAMthen you can ruin a local model of an AI that blows chat GPT out of the waterkeep up the good work OP, an offline computer that holds a snapshot of the entire internet in its databanks has been a dream of mine

>>427470494>a VMkek

>>427470546what is your goal though?proof of concept?I didn't read all this thread for reasons stated earlier you got me thinking though as for file transfer maybe infrared is what you want.

>>427469098>>427468967parrallel IO, you could try multiple personality bots having their own life on your computer (like 1000)

>>427470494you need to look into bios hacking and bios backdoors

>>427470622>snapshot of the entire internet in its databanks has been a dream of mine>In 2020, the amount of data on the internet hit 64 zetabytes. A zetabyte is about a trillion gigabytes. One way to estimate the size of the Internet is to look at the amount of information created, captured, copied, and consumed on the web.

>>427467654>couldnt that pegasus 2 thing just use your phones wifi to access itLots of PC motherboards do not have built in wifi or Bluetooth. If you use one of those it isn't even capable of wireless connections unless you add an expansion slot card with wireless abilities. My PC is like this. Motherboard has no wifi capability and I use a PCI expansion slot slot for wifi card. If I remove that card my PC is isolated.

>>427471146>If I remove that card my PC is isolated.huh, no

>>427467109I want glowies to stalk me so hopefully they become redpilled after going through my shit.

>>427471225Ok Einstein explain how it can connect to the outside world with no Ethernet, wifi, or Bluetooth?I am a remote control car and drone nerd. I have radio frequency scan tools to see all radio frequencies in my location. I used to use them back in the day to see what remote control channels were the most clean so I could fly my planes/drones further away with less interference. I can scan a broad range of radio and could detect any hidden frequencies being emitted by my PC. You can get used professional grade radio scan tools for cheap on eBay.

>>427467109Pull your internal speaker out, don’t want any advanced anti air-gap techniques.

>>427471603they can do it from the keyboard

>>427471650Don't use a wireless keyboard or any Bluetooth. You zoomers do know wired keyboards and mouse is a thing, right?

>>427471650You mean as in USB keyboard having additional hardware or noise pickup from keystrokes? Or something else?

>>427471769Old ps/2 keyboard with a usb adapter maybe the best shot.

>>427467109What are you storing on that?

>>427471769>>427471804noise from the keystrokes, i have seen so many proof of concept with airgapped systems, i forget how many ways there are. its fascinating and intimidating at the same time


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>>427467109That's why they hate HolyC and Temple OS. Almost no connectivity almost no backdoors.

>>427472001Ok in that respect we’ll need an old Sinclair Zx80 keyboard, spray paint it silver to avoid any laser pickup.Which reminds me, these 4chan captcha are IP specific, (e.g. get a captcha, change your IP and it will fail) why’s that if they already have your IP?

>>427472001>noise from the keystrokesAre you taking about a microphone bug inside the room picking up keystroke noise? If the feds have an agent inside your place planting bugs then your are already totally fucked.And a radio scan tool would let you find the big because it would still be transmitting data out via some frequency. It would also have a very short life unless connected to an AC power supply. Most bugs have a short lifespan until the internal battery (which is usually tiny) dies. Transmitting radio requires energy. Yes Bluetooth devices last a long time on a battery but that is super low energy. That is why Bluetooth has such shit range and can't go more than like 100 feet with a clear line of sight.

>>427472270Still have Intel ME hardware, and AMD alternatives on all modern motherboards.

>>427467206You don't need to, you can use 2nd pc or a phone for internet usage. You can transfer files using external HDD or pendrive to offline pc with no issues.

>>427468656VERY based reply, you get it. even the most sophisticated setup ever is just tiptoeing around the lack of digital agency consumers have nowadays. the digital wildwest is over. like with anything else, just have good opsec so that computers arent the point of weakness. most of the anons on here dont see the bigger picture and are just hyperfocused on beefing up their personal computer and coming up with increasingly ridiculous ways to "beat the system". honestly i sympathize with them, it sucks that digital rights are completely stomped on over total bullshit pretenses.

>>427468666>your CPU wirelessly connects to the nearest node, there is no offlineThe CPU is radio shielded and stuck under a big aluminum heatsink which further acts as radio shielding. You have no idea WTF you are talking about.


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>Could use a pencil and paper>NO I MUST USE MY COMPUTER

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>>427467460Your not using any modern components, No AMD CPU’s or Nividia GPU’s right.. user?

Didn't think that me playing Riven on an old PC in the corner of my living room would cause so much anger, but here we are.

>>427467109> in the stages ofJust plug it in.Op is a faggot as usual

>>427472520kek, this particular thing, based on my particular knowledge doesn't allow it

>>427472380They don’t have to bug your house, just shine a laser on your window, the small variations in sound vibrations can pick up what’s going on inside even to a whisper. There’s also AI system that can do the same but using video and the minuscule movements of objects within your house (would need a view through your window) to recreate the sound vibrations.

>>427468656He's right, make sure you rig your entire house to explode if anyone breaks in. Otherwise your data isn't secure. They might be able to break into your house but they'll be picking the agents teeth out of a wall 3 houses away.

>>427472746WTF are you even trying to say. Can't tell if you are a poorly programmed bot or just a fucking retard who doesn't even know what radio is or how it works.

>>427472778>Put a vibrating dildo against the widow>CheckmateWe all know you have several

>>427472299the captchas go away after you post enough, if you are not using a residential vpn then yes, they have your IP? they block all known proxies and VPNs here as well as Tor traffic.. (by blocked i mean posting) >>427472380hang on, i will show you demonstrations of airgapped intrusions through block walls

>>427472842OP may not have to do this, if he gets a quantum entangled SSD, he can rig it to blow his house if the data is read external to his machine, this would avoid complications of exploding houses should his gay lovers lover turns up while OP is out.

>>427472945We’ll need a vibrating dildo for each window, OP add it to the shopping list.

>>427473040I have seen examples where they hack a device like a printer and get it to emit data via radio so it isn't the PC itself but a peripheral device leaking data. But again that requires them having the ability to compromise the peripheral device in the first place. If it was always air gapped how could it get compromised?

>>427473298What we have so farIntel ME with onboard Bluetooth or Wi-FiExternal device (keyboard / printer / etc) with hidden communication hardware.External surveillance via sound / video or Wi-Fi.

The irony is that hiding in plain sight is the best way to stay off their radar and the act of you setting up an offline computer is exactly what gets you watchedIm just an oblivious retard on the internet, why would anyone look at me?

>>427470151I agree with this khazar

>>427467460Post internet history soup now

>>427467109>stages of setting up an offline PC.All PCs used to be like this, you know. How difficult can it be to set it up, my swarthy pal. I have an old computer I could just boot right now and it would be an offline PC. Probably would want to install a better OS on it than Windows 98 though.

Yall should wat The Conversation it's sequel Enemy of the

>>427467206You need to call Richard Stallman and ask him to download webpages for you via emacs

Maybe worth OP investing in a Commodore 64 or Amiga

>>427472639Pencil and Paper is physical copies you can only destroy them through fire, Digital, wipe system and corrupt it beyond repair.

>>427473298i cannot even find the video i am looking for. i stopped caring or paying attention to it all. its depressing. nothing is sacred or private anymore. i am blackpilled as fuck when it comes to sec now..still looking for it

>>427473963How do you know they won’t read OPs mind after he’s destroyed any evidence, can’t beat them man.

>>427467109Not helpful. Anything you put onto it will have come from the internet.Also, how are you putting data onto the machine? Some kind of transferable media you say?You'd be better off with a secure OS and a very restrictive firewall. Perhaps a VPN (That you build) to Russia or China. here is one, there are a ton. still cannot find the one i am looking for

>>427467460Glowniggers can read your computer by changes in the power flow.If you REALLY want to be secure, get a trickle-charge battery to power your computer, so there's no way to monitor the moment-by-moment changes to your computer's power usage.

Under $100 on Amazon. Every skitzo should own one.

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>>427467109if you are using the internet they will still know your location

>>427474484Lol good luck I am behind 7 proxies

>>427474555lmao you are retarded. Also that would slow your output big time. If any government wants to find you they can. The internet is not wild or chaotic it's a man made network.

>>427467370>using an 80s computer as an external HDD

>>427474398very nice

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>>427472859Memeflag so a bot, newer CPU’s are intentionally designed with backdoors, it allows them to access the machine remotely and view contents inside, Regardless of being disconnected from internet, it has information embedded into the circuitry of the chip, satellite communication is not out the question, easiest way is to be hunkered underground; lead padded basement. The best defense for security is never being targeted in the first place, hide in the noise.

Hey glowies, I just planted some crops in Stardew Valley. I bet you REALLY want to know what those crops are, huh?


>>427474083Fair play being mind raped beyond repair seems a bit discouraging.

>>427474829it's weed, isn't it?it's weed.

>>427474671Newfag detected. Lurk more.

>>427474810>satellite communication is not out the question,Yes it is. You need big antennas to broadcast up to a satellite.INB4 what about GPS?GPS is passive. The device is listening to the signal broadcast by the GPS satellites. It isn't sending anything up to satellites. GPS is a one way communication.

>>427471539Power, even sound by quartz crystals.

>>427468666Ok Satan

what do you guys think of pic attached? have not had one in person yet to mess with. anyone here played with it?

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>>427474829Not a glowie but I guess: corn>>427474990You're thinking of Rimworld

>>427472406how dare you mention the youknowwhat


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>>427475280Even if they could send signals out through the AC power this would be easy to stop. Run PC on>Off grid power like wind and solar>Run AC power through a DC power supply, back through an inverter back up to 120V, and then plug in your PC power supply to that. Yes it would be inefficient but it would scrub any signals from the power line.

>>427475603I just purchased one but have not had any time to really mess with it yet. Still lurking the forums figuring out basic functions. I got the external wifi board as well.

>>427470458so it has nothing to do with the cable or the wall power, and it has to do with changing the frequency emitted by the power supply. you have to be both digitally and physically owned for this to work, relax just a touch you tards.

>>427475930very cool. i want to play with it myself.. report back your findings when you have a chance please

>>427473149Doesn't this just make the house a giant Schrodinger contraption? It's safe because it hasn't blown up, if it were unsafe, it would have blown up already.

>>427476169I mostly bought it because people want to ban it. If government wants to ban something then it is probably something patriots should own.

>>427475222lmao yeah, stopped reading his post there. There are a lot of people in this thread pretending to know a lot of shit they have no fucking clue about. if you use a modern cpu you are backdoored, yes. however, they can only leverage whatever hardware you have access to, they cant make an antenna tuned for use with 2.4-5ghz talk to fucking satellites.

>>427474829Im more concerned with the fact that you only have 12 pumpkins growing yet you just purchased 50 bags of fertilizer


>>427474398What does it do

>>427476341haha i too follow that philosophy..i have so much shit i have not even messed with yet.. also have to be careful, i test on my own sandboxed shit. going to prison for the comp0uter fraud and abuse act is not something i am fucking around with these days.

>>427476553Detects radio frequencies in your vacinity. Can use it to sniff out any bugs or rouge radio signals being sent from your PC. There are much more capable versions that cost more. But this cheap one on Amazon is quite capable for the price. Never used it, just going off the claimed specs.

>>427467109Its a 1990s DOOM n COOM cumpuddar

win7 straight out of the box does its own 'spying' if you'd call it that. Several data collecting scans like power efficiency in the "Task Scheduler" as soon as it ever sees internet, it uploads to microsoft (unless you disable it).

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>>427467109edgelord is edgy. if you use the wrong cpu or mobo they wont need an ethernet, wireless is built inand in the uk they are allowed to break the law to get physical access, if you are edgy enough.there's even an 'information war' version of the sas, believe it or not

>>427477024CPU itself doesn't have radio abilities. The CPU itself is shielded under the metal heat spreader. And then a huge heatsink is clamped over that further blocking radio. And then the motherboard is inside a metal case which further radio shields the entire system. Even if the CPU could emit signals directly they would be al.ost entirely blocked by all the metal surrounding it.

>>427477024Faraday cage, rock-wool, cardboard sound mufflers or stacks of bookshelves. But the real time waster for feddies is to set up computers that autobrowse. I have one that I strictly call the coomputer. Its only job is to browse porn. No one will know what is real and what is coomputer.

>>427474398I'm buying one and several audio bugs so I can do scavenger hunts with the kids while also teaching them counter intelligence. Great idea!

>>427477387the cpu has access to the wireless card if present, i have read articles about using traces as antenna. I'd say you're probably safe in an airgapped system with proper precaution

>>427475811and quartz? it can be used to locate your pc with 5g.

>>427477586sorry that came out kinda jumbled because of a prepost edit. My point is while I have read articles about leveraging things like present wires and traces as antenna, but I'm dubious of its feasibility. If you properly airgap a system, or even a small lan, and ensure that that specific or each system has proper hardware (ie no wireless) you are likely safe for now.

>>427470622help seed libgen

>>427472380>microphone buglike your phone? (mobile or landline, or both)

>>427477399Adnauseam is a browser plugin that clicks every blocked add in the background. It keeps feds and advertisers from being able to build a profile on you because it looks like you click on every single fucking add you ever see.>As online advertising becomes ever more ubiquitous and unsanctioned, AdNauseam works to complete the cycle by automating ad clicks universally and blindly on behalf of its users. Built atop uBlock Origin, AdNauseam quietly clicks on every blocked ad, registering a visit on ad networks' databases. As the collected data gathered shows an omnivorous click-stream, user tracking, targeting and surveillance become futile. Read more about AdNauseam in this use it on my PC. We have a smart TV and the wife and I watch YouTube on it. Since the TV doesn't have adblocker software we get all the targeted YouTube advertising on the TV.It's fucking hilarious what advertising pops up. Half of it is in other languages and for the weirdest shit. The Google algorithm is totally fucked by adnauseam and they have no idea what I am really into.

>>427477598Explain. Sounds like skitzo shit to me.

>>427478057>Keep phone in other room>CheckmateDamn that was so hard to think of.

>>427473683that faggot would be calling you to download stuff for him. he's the one who suggested you don't need stuff like gps because you can borrow somebody else's device to use it as though that's a workable solution because if nobody has it who the fuck are you going to borrow from

>>427478059>, i will give it a shot. i took the wifi card out of my TV, then when i want to i just plug in the ethernet, then unplug when i am done.

>>427472380>Transmitting radio requires energythey pull energy from wifi and other emissions

>>427467206Microsoft Encarta. All you need to know, at the tip of your fingers - offline. Zoomers literally won't understand.


My high end gaming pc is strictly offline.I have a decent spec beater pc for online bullshit that always has a current backup image,any bullshit happens and I just restore it from the backup.

>>427478296The way I think of it adnauseam is like shining a spotlight at a surveillance camera to totally blind it instead of trying to hide from the camera. Instead of trying to hide your internet behavior you just spam them with so much irrelevant online behavior it blurs out your actual behavior.

>>427467109>run long wires to connect with your friends Yes the glowniggers hate closed networks.

>>427467109I can almost feel the smell leaving the line-holes, it smells like heat and something familiar


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>>427478405Based Encarta enjoyer, that shit was the bomb. Just buy a new CD-ROM every couple of years, it's not like shit changes that fast

>>427467109Hey basically I'm just not gonna plug it in (the ethernet).

>>427478405I had an entire encyclopedia plus full motion 120x180 mpeg video on a single 750MB CD-ROM.It wasn't constantly updated by leftists, trannies, and jews either.

>>427473263subtract rhythmic orgasmic vibrations - profit

>>427478405>>427480688>Encarta>buyfucking late millennials, might as well keep on consooming over the internet then.but there's another option - magnet:?xt=urn:btih:1FDA744E4714E33C7B84819853BC73800A5BB54E&dn=Microsoft+Encarta+Premium+Edition+2009+ISO& nothing newer than 2009

>>427478405Encarta is (was, when I got it) available to download now on don't get anything past 2006 because it looks gay.

>>427481235>archive.orgpeers are at 99.8%>looks gaybut there's probably more content in the last one?>>427481166this one has at least a couple at 100%

>>427467514is this turbo moron for real? do you at least know about the back doors in the chips?

>>427467109you do realize air gapping is a thing right? infact i'd say it's infinitely more suspicious to have a computer that has never been connected to the internet as opposed to one that is same thing when people use vpns if glowniggers want something they'll take it and you'll do precisely fuck all about it mate

>>427467206Run a headless web browser like and acess via a legacy protocol

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>>427475222a big antenna like the picrel on sat phones? the motherboard itself is probably a pretty good wifi aerial too

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>>427481715>back doors in the chips>windows 7anon i hate to tell you this... but you're the turbomoron. a hardware level backdoor (as in a chip) has nothing to do with os

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>>427467109We bring a super sekret band of chuck yeagers air combatants into the new whirld. Anyone game?

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>>427477567probably more useful that learning how to suck cock in a state school, probably

>>427467109Congrats, it's a paperweight

>>427467109How do you plan to take your phone and tv offline?

>>427467109based. reject the cloud jew, embrace tradition.

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>>427477586it seems like it needs to be faraday caged 2bh

>>427467109What is it good for besides making wrongthink media? If you don't influence others with your ideology, which you can't do without an internet, they won't really care.

>>427476473THIS user KNOWS HIS SHIT!These people are not masterminds as it's quite clear most of their talk is just bullshit to scare you into compliance and paranoia.They can't do half the shit they claim and it doesn't take a computer need to realize it cause I would hardly qualify as a tech head myself because technology is just a mean for them to controll everything at the palm for theirs hands, so I'm pretty anti tech for human hands and minds.

>>427482351you stupid fuck if the hardware's backdoored then they go in that way and they dont even need to have their own root key certificate, which was the entire reason those 2nd edition updates were so important for win98, they didnt have the hw backdoors then.

>>427476473>they cant make an antenna tuned for use with 2.4-5ghz talk to fucking satellites.why would they talk to a sat when they can have a stinger device in their glowing clown car somewhat nearby

>>427468666Analog firewall

>>427467460Anon... This isn't some video game fantasy land where you can access stuff without leaving a trail. You'll still have to acquire your content via the internet using another machine so it can still be tracked through that machine. The only sure way is to find physical media, pay using cash, and skip a computer entirely.

>>427474671>The internet is not wild or chaotic it's a man made network.BAHAHAHAHAHAAND yet all their plans are slowly being exposed by people simply because it is chaos.WHY DO YOU THINK THIS PLACE IS PLAUGED WITH SHILLS AND BOTS?!Nigger, if we didn't pose some kind of threat to their lies and Intel then this place would be free off all this bulllshit amd spamming

>>427482922The tampons in the boys restroom is an excellent opportunity for him to teach his friends the expansive properties of absorbent material in a tightly confined spaces. For science, of course.

>>427467370the intelligence community can access any integrated circuit through electromagnetic waves, irregardless of whether they're connected to the internet. To be 100% privacy he has to proof his computer/room/house/whatever with a faraday cage in addition to never being online.

>>427483520>Nigger, if we didn't pose some kind of threat to their lies and Intel then this place would be free off all this bulllshit amd spammingmore true than many want to believe


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>>427467370The Iranian nuclear facility begs to differ

>>427467514are you retarded? At least use tails

>>427467109You gettin' floppy with it too OP?

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>>427467460They can still see you through satellite. Going off the grid WILL NOT HELP YOU.

>>427467109always wanted to build one that has no way to connect tot he internet.. definitely no wifi or bluetooth or even an ethernet card. then figure out ways to ensure that even if someone got their hands on the computer itself they won't be able to access the data inside. and not to do anything illegal.. just to have my fucking privacy and to write my book without these parasites and scavangers stealing everything from me like they have for so many years.we need to stop casting our pearls before swine because they're just stealing it and selling it back to use and depriving us of the opportunities of being the ones who get credit for our intellectual property and ideas. why do you think cocksuckers like elon bought twitter? its your $$$data$$$ and its that data that got him where he is in the first place.. he was one of the faggots buying peoples data from other assholes like Zuckerberg. he then used that data to build his wealth.

>>427467109Consider I build one myself and fill it with offline library.How can I be sure it will last? What storage should I choose?

>>427483210meh, moot point. surveillance doesn't matter if they lack the manpower to enforce their marxist bullshit. i think we are moving into crunchtime for system wide failure of some kind. not sure if it means the webernet goes down, banking deposits get frozen, or just the fake real estate valuations finally match up with incomes. the result will be the same - a massive redistribution away from the parasites at the top. bad news is the process will likely take decades and most of us won't live to see freedom or justice.

>>427467614shut the fuck up you ignorant twat.

>>427473683that guy can't even install gnu/linux by himself. emacs is nice and all but stallman's intelligence and technical influence is vastly overrated.

>>427467830nice projection. do you think about child porn often?

>>427468243i honestly fear even that wont work eventually with the abilities of AI and bio-metrics.. they'll be able to see the movements of your hands remotely or even pick up the sound of your pen or pencil moving across the paper and some how transcribe it. i think things are even worse than that.. they can read your brain activity and pick up on what you're thinking, picturing, imaginging, dreaming. they don't need to hack your computers anymore.. they can hack your fucking bodies. get a firewall on that.. oddly enough its something that insulates or can block the signal like tin foil.. purely just a coincidence though.

>>427467109Based. The internet is for troons and retards.

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>>427467320Linux sucks when you have a system you won't update for long stretches. Either you'll have dependencies out of date or you did update and now your program doesn't work or doesn't work the same. Maybe something focused on appimages and static builds but if enough linux software was distributed as such we wouldn't have this problem to begin with so it'd just be a worse debian/arch without the benefit of the AUR or large repositories when you inevitably can't find your software statically or as an appimage.


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>>427488213well - time for the salamander from "fahrenheit 451", guess.

>>427473963>Imagine not having a thermite pot sitting on top of your drives.Big red switch goes whoosh.

>>427487395Absolutely.People caring is what's kept this shit going on for longer than needed and the less people care to hear or see with their eyes, then the less controll they have.They can set up checkpoints or security guards all they want but people will simply fight or die trying to get what they need when necessities become scarce and that would simply destory any sort of savior facades they have propped up.They think people will see them as saviors and just bow down to them, but ABSOLUTELY NONE of these edomite elite dirt monkeys comes off or appears to be anything close to a savior and thats become more apparent to the general public over the last few years.Edomites think people not saying anything is compliance, but now they cam truly live in fear of someone who will comply with you one week and randomly decide to kill you thr next because zoomers have no moral compass.They created an entire generation of their worse enemies to have and they'll probably try and use gen x or millenials as scapegoats and public faces, but we hate them too for fuxking with our childhoods using these wild ass niggers and spics.They have boxed themselves in and they know it hence the mass information spaming and overloads they have been circulating thr last few years.

>>427489518People comply hard. That's what the last 3 years indicates. Next time they will comply even harder. They'll comply all the way into the cold, cold ground.

>>427484154If you had told me 30 years ago you could fit 128Gig on something smaller then the fingernail in that pic I would have fallen over dead.>pirating Doom meant bringing a box of floppies to your mates house who got tapes from the States.


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>>427487381>What storage should I choose?They all fail eventually. From what I've read it's best to make > 10 copies and hope one is still readable when you need it.

>>427487381The size of the library will be the determining factor.

People are missing the point of the offline PC.It has nothing to do with the avoidance of tracking, but a return to ownership over a device. When you separate it from the network you bring it back in to the domain of total user choice. You can use the OS you want, use the software you want. You don't need to log in to this or that, or worry about whether or not it is "supported" or under attack.It just sits there, being yours.

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>chuckle at thread subject>open thread>see literally over 100 posts of glowniggers fearing offline computerstop kek

>>427467109the power cord literally is a backdoor.

>>427478572sounds like white noise but with data.

>>427470458The bandwidth throughout is pathetic though.

>>427467109So a human you mean? That's what the clot shot was all about btw, connecting you to the grid without the need for external (((technology))), all the side effects and (((stated))) effects are incidental. No mass die of, but no protection either, just connection to the grid.

>>427483835No it has to be in your mind, all (((technology))) is their field of play. If you use (((technology))) you agree to their terms no matter how "clever" you think you are being. The only way to actually win is to internalize, not externalize using (((machines))).

>>427490120I'm so fucking sick of old programs becoming increasingly unstable or ceasing to work at all because the OS needs security updates.

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>>427489897True as we saw even you Australians had limits, but thay just means theirs still some sliver of comfort for the average man, but that is beginning to fade.I'm simply stating that globohom has this retarded almost idealistic human notion that people will bow down and BEG THEM to do something.90% of the public will go full on everyman for himself mode and break up into their own racial factions and even factions between those same racial groups further taking us back to ancient times like how things were in the past.Globohomo only works in multiracial societies like Latin America, but Latin America was an oxymoron and no one else in thr world is going to sacrifice thr comfort of their own culture especially.Only disadvantage of this would be losing thr convince of tech, but everyone is already tired of tech thanks to globohomo

>>427478059Just standard ad blocking has the same outcome for me. There's an infestation of Indians locally so I'll get recommendations for Indian videos constantly. There's like six gorillion T-Series channels. It's all weird pseudoromance soap operas and bitch bastards bollywood.I want them all dead. I really do.

I'm surprised nobody in this thread has made the suggestion just to cover a entire room with copper sheets to block the signals

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>>427491050Or program versions that are "unsupported" and then auto-updated into cancerous shit.The offline computer doesn't have this problem.

>>427490120this. cloudfags get the rope.zoomers cannot even comprehend that back in the day you could download a few hundred MB iso/executable and then run it offline updates that break functionality, no licenses, no always online bloatware, no fucks given about the company that made it going bankrupt or woke and fucking up the product and actually well optimized and bug-free code.>>427491050virtualbox + windows xp

>>427487381You should make new copies of your library from time to time on other hardware. That's how it will last.

>>427487381buy a second hard drive and set up a "RAID 1".pic relatedif you want more insurance, buy another such setup.

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>>427492993raid is not a backup

>>427467830Hi sherrif

>>427493090yes, that's why you get multiple setups.passive archival of digital data is currently unfeasible since every storage medium degrades over archival is the best way.>raid 1 on main machine>raid 1 on backup machine

>>427493461Just get external USB SSDs.Make multiple copies.Why go fucking around inside the case.Stop doing shit the hard way.

>>427476473Actually they can if there is an amplifier of some sorts in our atmosphere, and who the fuck knows whats in those chemtrails (could be micro aluminum or something else that can be used as an amplifier)

>>427467830I hope that you and your glowie colleagues get nailed to utility poles.

>>427469109I rarely say this, but provide a source or fucking KYS.

>>427471425>I want glowies to stalk meIf I isolate a stalking glowie, it better be prepared to duel.

I'm thinking there'll be a market in the future for selling access to plex servers containing libraries of unpozzed media, or barring that, just selling external HDs.You pay someone $30 or cost of HD plus $30 and get however-many TB of Sesame Street and classic cartoons for your kids to watch.Find a way to store all that offline and cut off the wifi, there's no need to ever pay for electric jew again to entertain children.Same goes for movies and television shows, of course. This writer's strike could honestly go on forever, there's a reasonable amount of digitized entertainment to never ever need anything new. You can stay entertained for 30-40 years as long as you're not demanding 4K quality and nothing made in the 20th century.


>>427495290same for software piracy and "jailbroken" AI models.except you probably won't have to pay for it since jewish tricks are required to get someone to pay for something that is limitless in supply.>pay $30 for a month of internet access, torrent everything, then cut the net and let the children use it.

>>427495290>wifiThere's no need for that shit.Have 1 access point with a cable.Have a physical switch on my box that kills the wifi, once left it on and couldn't figure out for about a week why I couldn't get to sleep.Fucking cancer.

>>427468656If glowies show up to my house, it is on. Valhalla awaits. If I win the battle, I am going hunting, since there will be no going back.

>>427470151Fuck you, trollblooded subhuman.

>>427495290Even without a server, there are more than a few OTA sub-channels with loads of old programming for free with an antenna, and none of the ads are pozzed because it's all targeted towards old people. In the 60s and 70s there were still loads of kikes but they kept it under wraps.

>>427495792Glad I'm not the only one who "suffers" from wifi. It gives me an earache and runny nose. It gives my mother a headache.

bro, your cheevos??? how will you play diablo?!?

>> Search&page=0&orderby=


>>427495614May sound schizo but this is true for HDDs.It probably can't work for a SSD.

>>427467109>>427467460Ignore the glown in the dark cope.comong at you. Keep going annon.

>>427487381get a printer

>>427467320No that's not the phrase he was looking for you insufferable NEET.

>>427469435>>427469677>>427470289>>427470458>>427494815Sorry I don't normally post and forgot to check back. Figured the thread would've been pruned by now.>>

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>he cant even set up an offline computer without telling it to the all internet, asking adviceIts just over for you

>>427467109They also hate it when you remove microphones and cameras from your devices.

>>427496906[This poster is a federal agent]