/pol humor thread

/pol humor thread

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>>427466765INB4 this thread is filled with various racist and transphobic images veiled as "humor." I want to extend a warning to any susceptible young viewers who haven't fallen down the alt-right pipeline yet.Please leave this website they are trying to radicalize you be pretending their hatred is just silly memes and jokes.But this hated has real life effects on vulnerable communities (i.e. BIPOC and LGBTQ2SIA+ folx), so please seek help to deradicalize and learn to stop the hate.Together we can prevent another Buffalo

>>427466994Thank you for your service leaf

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>>427466994Please be Anglo

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>>427466765Nb4 this becomes a china webm spamfest.

Lmao you pathetic racists never fail to make me laugh with your “pol humor” threads. Face it, most poc will be infinitely more successful than any of you sad virgins will ever be. You are on the wrong side of history, get over it losers


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>>427466930burnt jew should be thinking to himself>goyim owes me for that

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>>427467306Please be Anglo

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>>427467267it's humour thread, we want funny webms so we can laugh

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Once, when my sister was dating some surfer dude I was at her door jerking off watching him fuck her but I made a noise and she instantly knew I was there.Before I could pull my pants up she opened the door and told me to get inside then pushed me on the bed next to the guy. I still had my dick out and she smacked it and laughed and told me how small and pathetic it was compared to his, and I have to admit his cock was pretty big like 8 inches or more even semi hard. Then she grabbed me by the head and pushed my mouth onto his cock and I didn't struggle because I kind of wanted to suck his dick but she pushed on the back of my head anyways and forced it deep down my throat until he came in my mouth then she held me by the nose and mouth and forced me to swallow his cum.

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Who has the webm?>i hereby sentence you to be a stay at home wifewith the cute aryan girl saying no but then saying yes

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>ok googledoesnt respond>hey googledoesnt respond>oy veyy googleit pops up>mfw

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>>427466994>1 post>All youth must listen to me>You must go back to the jew mainstream mediaUm cunt this site is for over 18s only faggotCock fucker you are no better than a pedo GroomerGet in the oven kike

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>>427467607I don't like this one.

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>>427470215What movie is this ?

>>427467814The monkeypox vpn jew faggot larps again

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>>427470215where is this from / what's the context?

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>>427471651>adrian alaberg.


>>427472203It might be from Jojo Rabbit? Context is scared Jews. Reverse searching only reveals one obnoxious heeb named Levin that has edited it so it looks like a real black and white ww2 pic for propaganda pic.

>>427471651I wonder why VICE declared bankruptcy?

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>>427472581thanks for the effort.I'll also try to do some own research

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>>427467607Why is the jumping chinese the indicator of the highest disaster level?

>>427471415Bruh, it's real

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>>427472203I don't remember. Its some movie. Bad billy or something weird like that.

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>>427467607That’s not funny you sick fuck

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>>427466765wow in that case i think we would say the CCP controls our government

>>427474772The bljatskrieg was pretty funny though

>>427467607…is it true they eat the remains of their young?

>>427471678>>427472203From a TikTok campaign showing what it'd be like if historical events were recorded via social media and cell phones like they are now.

>>427475504thanks user

>>427466994Oh this is a new pasta!

>>427472087>Trump: Renegade Angel

>>427467306Ah here's the one I know, thanks.

>>427467607the reason dead chinese people videos are usually funny is they did something stupid to get killed. what went wrong there was the baby stroller wasnt locked in place correctly, rolled down the sidewalk, and spilled into a busy street. what the woman did wrong was not engage the locking mechanism when leaving the stroller on an incline. but usually in dead chinese people videos there is more reckless disregard for any notion of safety than leaving a stroller to roll down the sidewalk into the street

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>>427466765send that image any milquetoast normie republican you know, see what the response is

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Can anons make sure I have the full collection of these? Whoever makes them, by all means please continue.

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>>427476734Kek. We’re surrounded by NPC zombie people


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>>427469222How do you get 6 gorillion unique IDs from 5 digits? Asking for fren

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>>427476937Last one I have. Are there more than 3 of these?

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>>427477406>> What is the difference between a country and a cityAnd you guys are on a politics imageboard.You could not make this shit up.

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>>427466994>No mention of beaner & nigger mass shootersWhy is that? Your antiwhite agenda showing?


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>>427477878>french guy is a faggotWe didn't make that up, pierre. Or should I say Mr. Goldstein.

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>>427471514>>427478052lurk moar

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>>427467377What did he mean by that?

>>427466994I prefer the original but appreciate the thought and effort, thanks, Leaf


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>>427466994This better be some god tier larping, if not I'd be damned HAHA>Stop hate>LeafieKys fren!

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>>427466765/threadEverybody cool it with antisemitism!!

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>>427478967Fuck off with those cohencidences

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>>427467607You have a hole where your goodness should be. You will live the rest of your life like that, an empty, hateful thing devoid of virtue.


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>>427478875russian grain output was the lowest in the last 80 years after the capitalists took over

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>>427478479id pay a subscription fee to watch unfiltered meme tv all day.

>>427471088the movie doesn't show her husband or family. just mentions them. you expect women to pay attention?ask a woman what rose did inbetween titanic sinking and her being an old lady

>>427479521>russian grain output was the lowest in the last 80 years after the capitalists took over

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>>427467458Waow!!!! Is this real???

>>427479942No, but this is.

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>>427479351Cry harder you moralfagging little bitch. It's just a chink. They'll make more.

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>>427476806it will always be funny how extra mad asian women were about this

>>427479764go hire more illegals for your landscaping business, boomer

>>427476806Does this app still exist outside of palystore?

>>427477878you're on a political image board and can't comprehend how societies progress over the centuries. Kill yourself retard


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>>427480676>you’re a boomer if you think commies are illiterate faggotsLol.Lmao.

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>>427479312>pro Palestine>anti Israel JewsMaybe the creator of this meme should have used another piccAPTCHA: Y J 2 YA

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>>427481696you will NEVER be rich

>>427481734glad someone else noticed this.

>>427466994Always the same fucking leaf faggot typing this shit in here

>>427480109You spew vile things yet you harm only yourself. Good is it's own reward and wrong is it's own punishment.

>>427467607they should get a cup from the coffee stand to scoop up those brains so they don't get wasted

>>427470215Is this AI generated? I can see some outlines that look like rendering glitches


>>427466765The sad thing is that if I showed this most boomers I know they would think it was a real image and unironically agree

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>>427467607I see what you are trying to do but this one really fell flat


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>>427472087my mom and all her old women boomer friends voted for (((Trump))) tho

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>>427480698It's on the apple app store for sure

>>427470215Shake the camera more please.

>>427474772I know sauna humpers and vatniks dont get along but nato is in the wrong in this case and i hope everyone at the bilderberg meeting gets mcnuked.

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>>427476382I like to imagine this was intentional

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>>427467607This one isn't funny

>>427482573trustafarian go back

>>427478787Fuck dem keeds?

>>427471088Because they are not meant for us.There is a planet several galaxies away where the men are the lowest form of savage, essential a nigger planet, but the women there are kind, loyal, decent and loving, and they suffer miserably at the hands of the male of their species who are barely human.Those women are meant to be ours. Our dirty worthless whores are meant to be there.It’s a cosmic accident.

>>427473001Love it when animals commit to the bit.

>>427476806Make-up adds at least 3 points to every woman on earth. That 10 you know? She’s a 7 maximum.Meanwhile we all walk around barefaced and get told we’re not good enough by stuck up little cunts who look like fat little boys.

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>>427467607Kill yourself Albanian subhuman

>>427479521Globalist jews from the US strip mined the entire economy after the end of the Soviet Union. They would have done significantly better if they hadn’t been financially kneecapped by the tribe, again.


>>427471350Top lel

>>427467397with interest no doubt, likely a 6.66% rate too

>>427476333well, someone did something stupid here as well, only it wasn't the person who died...

>>427468051kek, imagine if this took off as a trend and we started letting it out on twatter and leddit that Ghadaffi is out there everywhere, imagine people started doing it looking like everyone the kikes hate or hated...