Two cops shot in the face during gun grab

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>>427466764Why are there always so many bootlickers in the comments of these videos?

I want criminals to fear for their lives when they choose to commit crimes. I feel similarly about cops trying to take that away.

>>427466815>t. nigger lover

>>427466764>during gun grabis that what was happening

>>427467294No but it's okay when Holla Forums blatantly lies

>>427466764>how bout i fuck you in the ass*casually shoots sheriffs deputy*extremely based

>>427467294The neighbors were shooting each other

>>427467472Reminded me of Mr. Plinkett

>>427466764wtf the guy didn't do anything and the cops are already heavily armed yelling at him over some karen's phone call. Imagine getting into a fire fight over this shit.>>427466815They think the zogbogs will protect them if they suck them off.

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>>427466764>during gun grabIt wasn't a gun grab retard nigger. the drunk/drugged out boomer was shooting at his neighbors.


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some /k fag explain, it was birdshot, no? Is the problem of common birdshot not only the small pellet size but also a low powder charge? What would happen if he reloaded himself, birdshot +p+

>>427467493this is normal American

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>>427466764Actually watch the video. Retarded psycho is pumping off his shotgun in the middle of a neighborhood. Sherif politely ask him to come on out and stop. At the end guy is obviously a loon.

>niggers upset that suspect didn't die because he's whiteThat's because white people know how to duck and cover rather then chimps with guns dancing out in the open shooting them sideways

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>>427466764> Sign in to confirm your age How about you quit being a jew

>>427467493That’s our right as Americans

>>427468026You can bypass age checks by putting the url into a youtube vid downloader site

>>427467493>>427467624nah he was shooting birdshot into the air (probably at birds) and the lady who called police just assumed it was some kind of shootout

>>427467936Buckshot would have killed them. Turkey loaded birdshot shells are the powerful ones and have lots of powder

>>427466764This guy is a confirmed based schizo

It sucks how the bad guys always win irl.

>>427468294>he was shooting birdshot into the air (probably at birds)Where did you read that? Or is it your own lore?

>>427466764>KISS MY DICKAbsolute king. Fuck zogbots

>>427468357Retard.Turkey loads for some reason are often comprised of tungsten. Powder has nothing to do with it.t. /k/ommando.

>>427468357Also, turkey loads usually use slightly bigger shot than bird shot. There is a large variance is shotgun pellet size

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>>427466764Look at all these boot lockers in the comments

>>427467384what was happening then?

>>427466815One neighbor shot at the other neighbor. Calling it a gun grab is a fucking lie and dipshit discord faggots like yourself will never be a real woman

>>427466764>peaceful valley

>>427468749>>427468774yes yes but what if he reloaded and made a loudenboomer tier birdshot load.

>>427467384Since you were clearly there to witness it than you can enlighten us on the real story

>>427467936Yes, it was birdshot. Officer's head was extremely bloody because head is vascularized and multiple tiny pellets just injured his face. See: UFC fights and eyebrow cuts. The officer "losing sight of his left eye" can either be because a birdshot pellet penetrated his iris or because blood is clotting while flowing on his sight. This all started because of a neighbour complaint and could have been solved if there was trust. Because there isn't, americans call the cops on anyone for anything, and I know this because its the same down in the USSA (United States of South America), AKA Brazil.

>>427467493Sounds like the problem would have sorted itself out without interference from agents of the state.

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>>427468972Birdshot has trouble penetrating beyond layers of fat in people. It is excellent in penetrating birds, which are 80% feather, 10% muscle and fat, 10% air.

>>427468749>Turkey loads for some reason are often comprised of tungsten.Federal non-toxic shot regulations are the main reason, although tungsten is denser than lead, so some improvement in terminal performance.t. retired gunsmith, long time competitive shooter.

>>427467493Isn’t that how americans greet eachother?

>>427468026>I don’t know how to use the internetStop posting for a year new faggot

>>427468020>Dude listen... ACK!

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>>427469155i am talking about the powder charge

>>427468911Maybe don’t be such a faggot bootlicker and your neighbors won’t shoot at you


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>>427468242>youtube vid downloader siteimagine using that shit instead of yt-dlp

>>427468456Pretty easy to figure out guy, if he was using buckshot, the cops wouldn’t have survived.

>>427466815because most americans dont know real hardships so they are scared so they buy shitload of guns but are still scared to use them so they cheer for police being scary for them and treat any failure of police as their own as they invested enough already into this symbiosis so their very own safety is questioned

>>427466764>No age restriction

>>427469324its slows down to non leathal after about 30 yards regardless. not enough mass to maintain momentum

>>427469262A fine kill

>>427467936> What would happen if he reloaded himself, birdshot +p+Then you get extended range birdshot. You can get shot shells in sizes from 2.25” to 3.5”. The longer shells allow more powder and shot. You can make hot loads. You can load up BBs form larger birds like geese or Buckshot (.30”) for deer and slugs for large game. I’ve been hit with bird shot while out duck hunting and it just bounced off my jacket. It can still be deadly at close range though.

So let me get this straight.>guy fires his own shotgun in the air>on his own property>"shall not be infringed">karen calls cops because is afraid>cops trespass on property>cops get shot at>guy is somehow at faultLand of the free my ass...

>>427468932>>peaceful valley

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>>427469737He could sue the police for trespassing and maintain that he shot them as a "stand your ground" doctrine, and even maintain that he believed they were armed robbers if the lawyer is good enough. But police departments are joined to the hip to prosecutors and judges, so it would never work>>427469324Each birdshot pellet weights on average 0.05 grams, or 1 grain. A .22 LR bullet weights on average 30 grains, or 2 grams. .22 LR is considered only a step-up from top-notch airguns.

>>427470161>so it would never workI repeat: Land of the free my ass...

>>427470161.22lr claims plenty of lives every year, it's not something you'd volunteer to get shot with.

>>427470161I believe they said they had probable cause to actually enter his property line when he made ‘felony harassment’

>>427468294>was shooting birdshot into the air (probably at birds)It's that normal in your country?

>>427470161... what if he reloaded himself.+P+ 12g birdshot. I asked this a few times now. I doubt common birdshot has the same powder charge as slugs

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>>427470577Go back to /uhg/ or discord where you belong.

>>427466764Picrel is what happens when your country goes full Mao and you don't have guns.This is the only reason they want to grab your guns.

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>>427469073It's in the description of the video you fucking mongoloid. Two neighbors exchanging gunfire one of whom is drunk as fuck, drunk one tells the cops to kiss his dick and lights them up. It wasn't a gun grabbing operation.

>>427469484Your country is a lapdog for NATO. You're basically ZOGmerica's lil slut.Sit down.

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>>427470611i thought you people were good at this stuff

>>427468972It’s impossible to know for sure, but I’d imagine he fired either normal birdshot or turkey shells at them based on the low amount of damage it did.

>>427467384it's not, see how it was called out immediately?we call out all bullshit here

>>427467592He was shooting at his neighbors for no reason. Hence the call to the police.

>>427468904guy was shooting a gun in city limits without a good reason. he wasn't defending himself. the neighbors called to report his dangerous activity. You can't shoot guns where ever you want. He broke a law. They came to investigate and got shot.


>>427467942Completely biased version of what happened Mr history channel.

>>427471442The Karen on the phone first says>he's shooting at the neighborsand then after she gets asked again says>he's shooting in the air but we live in a very crowded neighborhoodit is in the first 10 seconds of the video you moron.

>>427467942Sherif “asks” him to stop shooting birdshot on his own property while threatening the man with an AR-15 and several service pistols. The cops shouldn’t have been there in the first place. We’ve got a neighbor who likes to shoot every type of gun imaginable, including what sounds like a cannon. He does it on Saturdays during the day, so no one is sleeping or working during that time. No one in the neighborhood complains. The guy in the video was shooting mid day. The dispatcher should have told the caller the man was well within his rights and neither of those officers would have been shot. I live in the same state as the guy btw.

>>427470611It does not matter just how speedy you make a 0.05 grams pellet. It is still a 0.05 grams pellet.

>>427471843What goes up must come down

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>>427466764>Peaceful Valley, WAThe simulation has a sense of humor at least

>>427466764based pig remover

>>427472145Oh god please tell me you didn't just say that. Wow, just wow.

>>427472099I bet a large amount of tiny pellets at fast speeds into your face will make a difference compared to somewhat slower speeds.Some /k/autisit make some overcharged bird shot for the funs

>>427471899You can't shoot firearms in city limits you dumb fucking zoomer


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>>427466764No tears for dead pigs, but OP is a bigger faggot than any cop will ever be.

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>>427468911Based take

>>427472634>everywhere is a citydumb suburbanite

>>427472689Kek. Can a penny dropped from the empire state building kill someone as well?

>>427466815with the recent release of AI do you seriously believe they don't use bots?

>>427472740clearly a neighborhoodshould have bought property out in the country if he wanted to fuck around

>>427469262this is so fucking stupidescalate the situation then execute unwell person when they respond erratically

>>427466764>Gun grab>2 neighbors pot shotting eachotherI mean, pick one dude.Fuck cops, but this is the kind of scenario you want them to go intervene in.

>>427472099Kinetic energy = 1/2 mass * velocity ^2Velocity gives much more to the kinetic energy than mass does. That being said, those bullets look ridiculous.

>>427470381>>427470161.22 is the preferred calibre of assassins. I believe there is an old phrase about contract killers who were disproportionately Jewish "every jew a .22" though I think more recently this has taken to mean every jew should always be armed because they have "so many enemies"

>>427473361eagersplitten was just to see how fast you can make the bullet go, they started to disintegrate right out of the barrel at about 4600 fps iircit was just a guy from guns and ammo fucking around trying to get something to fly out at 5,000 fps

>>427469262makes sense >armed guy with melee weapons, cops close distance and kill him>guy armed with shotgun, cops cant close distance as he shoots them, he comes out of house later unhurt

>>427472871The thing is you'd have to fire at a 90 degree angle to straight up for a bullet to lose its inertia before safely falling back to earth. Most people do not, nobody does. So instead of a bullet reaching a high point and falling back the much slower maximum velocity of gravity, you have a projectile that merely arked across the sky losing a little inertia and still very much fatal. There was a 5 year old that died in my county a few years back on fourth of July from celebratory gun fire and the shooter was really far away

>>427467936Birdshot is lightweight so has little momentum and is small diameter and in a shotgun spreads out quickly so injuries were minimal at that distance, if shot was heavier or they were closer then they'd be dead. powder charge amount wouldn't really matter because all shotguns fire the shot out of the barrel around 1200 feet per second anyway, even if published velocity is higher the round shot isn't aerodynamic so slows down almost instantly anyway to no more than 1200 fps within a few feet

>>427473695Your proof is anecdotes and a guardian article. My proof is basic physics, oh and the mere fact that hunters shooting birds do not kill people in nearby villages.The fact that the cop is still alive also shows that DIRECT HITS from the ammo the guy is usin are not fatal, you fucking moron.Done with you now. You should go be retarded in discord.

>>427473695You're talking about gravity's rainbow and it's impossible to fire a bullet straight up

>>427469262Cant even chop some wood in your own yard without mindless bootlickers coming to kill you.

>>427470611HOLY SHITI want to see this work. What would the OD of the breach have to be to contain that charge through a .17?

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>>427470577Birds do fly through the air so yeah

>>427466764The dude was just expressing his first and second ammendment rights.Firing a gun is self expression, which is speech, and 2a protects your right to have any kind of guns.

You won't do shii... aack!Looks dangerous. I hope all you officers stay safe out there.

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>>427472871no because a penny will only reach terminal velocity, its not chemically propelled at high speedsif a bullet is fired perfectly straight into the air then it may be harmless but retards often shoot at angles.bullets will travel at angled trajectories and descend with the same velocity they had when originally fired which is much greater than terminal velocitya kid was killed a few years ago near where i live because someone was shooting their gun into the air

>>427468294typical karen calling police moment, many such cases

>>427473156Why should they intervene? It's mutual combat. I see no reason for agents of the state to be involved

>>427467730>TAKE A RIDE ON THE WILD SIDEtrue american dealing with sheriffs in a traditional american way :D

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>>427467200Your boyfriend would be upset if he knew you were using that word.

>>427474033hunters use bird shot. its small shotgun pellets. they couldn't kill a person if they shot them right in the face a point blank>>427473695>here was a 5 year old that died in my county a few years back on fourth of July from celebratory gun fire and the shooter was really far away>>427474535>a kid was killed a few years ago near where i live because someone was shooting their gun into the airare we talking about the same kid in brandermill?

>>427473695Lol you dont know anything about ballistics, air resistance slows the pellets, by the time they hit the ground again theyre carried all by gravity

>>427472689There was a study done after WW2 by the army and it was concluded that once bullets go up and come down in free fall (free fall is the only way they come down once shot up), the damage was very minor, never at the threat of killing anyone

>>427474535No bullet will retain the same velocity after being fired. It may still be lethal but it will not be traveling at muzzle velocity

>>427470611>>427467936>>427467936Birdshot is lightweight so has little momentum and is small diameter and in a shotgun spreads out quickly so injuries were minimal at that distance, if shot was heavier or they were closer then they'd be dead. powder charge amount wouldn't really matter because all shotguns fire the shot out of the barrel around 1200 feet per second anyway, even if published velocity is higher the round shot isn't aerodynamic so slows down almost instantly anyway to no more than 1200 fps within a few feet

>>427474776semantics. im agreeing with you


>>427466764I think it's hilarious as fuck that people actually think cops are good guys. They literally wear the star of moloch on their chest because their organization comes from jew slavers hiring mercs to track down runaway slaves. They gave them these "badges" so people will know who they work for. After the civil war, the jews made white americans slaves as well after thinning the population so we couldn't pose a threat anymore.

>>427469079>elbow cutsOddly enough I've gotten two of those.One on the left and right under the eyes.Barely bled at all.It's kinda funny going into the ER and getting it closed up when it looks like you've obviously been in a match.

>somebody based enough to shoot at zogbots>he is stupid enough to use birdshotwhy

>>427470880>wetback>calling anyone a mongoloid Oiamlaughin.jpg

basedthe fire rises

>>427466764>100+ replies>no webmFUCK EVERYONE IN THIS THREAD

>>427473010>buy new property to exercise basic freedomsKill yourself wigger zoomzoom

>>427473517.22 is a lethal round when applied to targets that cannot move nor fight back, agreed..380 is barely adequate for self-defense in comparison, however.

>>427474707Wrong, point blank the pellets don't spread and act like slug turning your head to mush.

>>427474707>they couldn't kill a person if they shot them right in the face a point blankDamn nigga u dumb af

>>427473695>projectiles follow even parabolic arcs through airShut up moron

>communicates potential criminal: felony harassmentso they were on his property and the crime was created on the spot because he wasn't polite about it? haha chink zogbots got what they got. good americans are out there boys. kiss my dick.

>>427475075How do you go about explaining that to normies?

>>427474707That would be the same kid I do believe


>>427476567if a hillbilly says we shooting boys to you, leave his property. now you know

>>427473517>jewish hitmen wouldn't the most likely reason be the cheapness and abundance of .22? these are jews we're talking about here after all. what do the non jewish hitmen use?

>>427470947At least his country is still majority white

>>427466764Dead cops are celebrated wish I coulda been there to laugh in their faces

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>>427466764based af. but wow he shot two cops in the head and they actually arrested him instead of executed him. I am le surprised.

>>427470577it should be

>>427476671>polish>whiteI say this as an american polack myself

>>427474239I feel like it would just obliterate the bullet before it left the barrel so it would just spit tiny shrapnel.

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>>427473361you have that backwards. mass is worth more in the calculation than mass is. source: gunsmith here

>>427474033Bird shot is not a bullet you mong

"Kiss ma dick!"lol:king

>>427469573>On March 4, 2023, the two deputies, filed a suit against Joel Young for assault and battery of officer(s) Thompson and Rathbun in the line of duty. Holy shit, they sued the guy?

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>>427472099you fail at physics. speed is even more important than mass when you're talking about the energy being carried by a projectile

>>427469180No, we place our hands over our hearts and pledge our lives and those of our children for israel

>>427466764Dead cops is only justice. Anti gun laws are against basic universal rights.

>>427467294No. Guy was drunk as shit shooting his shotgun in the air.First cops on the screen got a mouth full of birdshot

>>427476156shooting was never legal at that property due to being within city limits

>>427477209>be american>get shot>sue person who shot you

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>>427470446Gunshots are always probable cause. There's no exceptions.

>>427476156You here shitposting or do you really think you have the right to fire guns with neighbors homes less than 30 yards away?

>>427478112How many cops who get shot in the line of duty sue the shooter? I've never heard of such a thing

>>427470758Call him a "faggot bitch", Heinrichsky from berlin oblast.

>>427478456It's bizarre, especially since the reverse is usually verboten because of qualified immunity.

>>427477209I'd sue if some dickhead blasted me with birdshotI'm more amazed they didn't kill him.

>>427466815No one said anything and you start with that, you bot

>>427469484Pretty much this however there is stockholm syndrome component, where mentally defficient boomers arent aware that the police are protecting them in the same way mafia protection schemes was done Its actually worse than the mafia, because most cops are too low iq to realize they are only protecting criminals from the militia

>>427470947Someone's butthurrt about russia losing in hours what it took months to gain.

>>427476405Small world

>>427478975To put this more plainly, the police are an occupying army that alienates the inalienable rights of the militiaThey are able to do this only because the militia consents. When a video comes out of consent being revoked and the inaliable rights being demonstrated, it shocks the public (militia)

>>427478689>rules for thee, not for me, slave

reminder only niggers, criminals, and underage anarchofags hate law enforcement >t. 32 years old and have never once had a bad experience with the policemaybe its because I don't behave like a nigger criminal

>>427466764That brings me joy!

>>427479477>t. 32 years old and have never once had a bad experience with the policeAnd you believe that this will prevent cops from taking your firearms when ordered to, railroading you for some crime they need to "solve" or the like?

>>427479477Maybe its because you are a coward afraid of manlets with tin stars of david

>>427478932The comments of the video you massive fucking retard

>>427477978I know. I am explaining to you that “the jewish rules say…” isn’t necessarily the argument you think it is. Are you a woman?

>>427474707>they couldn't kill a person if they shot them right in the face a point blank

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>>427466887uh based

>>427478241Well I know I have the right, whether jewed out lawyers, judges and zogbot enforcers agree is another matter

>>427467936The cop got shot in the face at short range and the projectile only caused him minor inconvenience so it was 9mm.

>>427479477>>t. 32 years old and have never once had a bad experience with the policei have never had a bad interaction with the crips, the bloods, or MS13. does that mean i shouldnt dislike those gangs also? >you are the true definition of an ignorant nigger.

>>427479638I'm not afraidwhy would I need to be afraid when I never even have to deal with them because I'm not a nigger criminal like you? lol

>>427479477> * licks the boots *No one cares the back the blue meme is old, 1,500 police show up for a random cop in a small town and no one in the real world cared. You realize you have to pay for coverage and outrage dead cops are funny

>>427479477>if I don't see thing how real?32 years old and you haven't developed object permanence yet

>>427470843>woman hangs herself>still wears the mask

>>427466815Ayo ya wut be up wid dat muh nigguh?

>>427480032>The cop got shot in the face at short range and the projectile only caused him minor inconvenience so it was 9mm.

>>427479911what gives you the right to shoot a gun anywhere at anytime?

>>427480862the constitution.and god, dont forget god.

>>427466764>entire sheriffs department can’t handle a single suicidal schizo with a shotgun without getting their faces blown off. >”we’re totally gonna go door to door and take your guns though.”>>427466887Spbp

>>427480969that's not what the second amendment says

>>427480548I donno cuz, prolly be on account cuz dey be trippen to be take dem gats. nowwatimsayen

>>427467472>YAHOO! *BANG*

>>427469180No, we let niggers fuck our wives as a greeting of goodwill

>>427468242>You can bypass age checks by putting the url into a youtube vid downloader site>>427469461yt-dlp -f 18[youtube] Extracting URL:[youtube] fkG9p6P6UNo: Downloading webpage[youtube] fkG9p6P6UNo: Downloading android player API JSON[youtube] fkG9p6P6UNo: Downloading tv embedded player API JSON[youtube] fkG9p6P6UNo: Downloading web embedded client config[youtube] fkG9p6P6UNo: Downloading player 90a441fd[youtube] fkG9p6P6UNo: Downloading web embedded player API JSON[info] fkG9p6P6UNo: Downloading 1 format(s): 18[download] Destination: 2 Deputies Get Shot in The Head by Suspect While Responding To Neighborhood Dispute [fkG9p6P6UNo].mp4[download] 100% of 43.52MiB in 00:00:04

>>427466764based look at how scared they get

>>427470381Knew a dude who had 2 kangz kick in his door as he just so happened to be cleaning his high standard .22 handgun on the coffee table. He was oiling it up after cleaning when the door started getting kicked he put in the mag and shot the first scholar twice when he came in.He called the cops and told them what happened but they didn’t seem to care or believe. 2 days later the fine jogger showed up at the hospital with 2 .22 shots in chest and gut. After a day or so the guy died, then cops come and pick up the guy who completely legally defended himself, charge him with murder and throw him in jail for 9/10 months before the case got totally dropped.Back the blue.

>>427466764kiss my dick... kek


>>427470880Maybe they should have kissed it. It’s just a kiss, definitely better than getting shot in the face.

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>>427469079>This all started because of a neighbour complaint and could have been solved if there was trust.Good way to put it, my neighbors shoot all the time and no one gives a shit because we all know each other in some way. the same goes for me although I usually like to be a good boy and give people a heads up first before I go out back

>>427469737I don’t know if you realize this but it’s generally unsafe to just let bullets fly in the middle of a residential area>but it was just birdshotHow the fuck is anyone else supposed to know that?

>>427471279Nah, you mostly don't. We did pre-2014, but post-exodus nu/pol/ is just farming fake outrage at social media screencaps, most of them fake or misleading.

>>427469324L2physics dummkopfTry throwing a glass pearl vs paperball. Hell, why do you think they used spit to shoot spitballs in your hair, hmmmmm?

>>427481118Is this where you try and convince me its muskets in a uniformed militia only?Fuck off kike.Shall not be infringed.

>>427479999It was never a right to fire guns in any city's limits at any point in the United States you fucking retard.

All you in here should be getting ready for this shit. contact your friends, set plans if you are surrounded so they can get them by surprise, they are coming for your guns now they are failing with the legalese and they won't stop until enough of them are dealt with just like Soljenitsyn described, kids. Hoepe this does not happen of course, just get ready, because they are going to get one one of you it seems.

>>427468911Based noticer.

>>427482920See Castle doctrine.

>>427468242>You can bypass age checks by using an addonYes

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They are going after each one of you gun owners, and it is a global effort. However if each one of you stand your ground in self defense they won't be enough regardless the positions they occupy in the hierarchy.

>>427482920The cities are forbidden from passing such laws as they're unconstitutional.babies with AKsMcNukesBrandishing constantly everywhere forever.All legal.Only kikes claim otherwise.

>>427480070What is it you think the police protect you from? Actual criminals dont care they exist. You dont even know what a criminal is. The criminally insane do not have the same morals as you, and are not detrred by police. If you have never realized this, and are ignorant of the malevolence of other humans--then why even advovate for the police?

>>427466815ai generated scripts to fake leo support, or sportsball consoomers. both programmed equally.

>>427468026Use Odysee

>>427481118Its a fucking piece of paper. A piece of paper cant stop me from blasting a cop in the face for any reason. Stop believing in magic

>>427467200>t. zogbot worshipping faggot

>>427473064The guy was fucking clearing the woods with the hatchet in that case.

>>427482583drive 20 minutes and shoot all you want on public land, you're not infringed >>427483629how about a piece of paper called a death warrant for being a psycho menace

>>427483439>What is it you think the police protect you from? >uh uh uh i saw watching fictional television that they are the good guys and they protect us from gangs and serial killers.>t the american vooterlol

>>427483410Literal fucking bonglanders are arguing in defense of the us constitution against burgersIts fucking over

>>427474585Calling the cops in response to hearing gunshots in your neighborhood is a pretty fucking normal thing to do.

>>427483801Last time i checked every caliber of bulltet is able to penetrate paper Most people use kevlar ceramics or steel , as the amount of pieces of paper to effectively provide protection would be too cumbersome

>>427472145If it's birdshot, who gives a damn?

>>427466764why didnt get the neighbor protecting the deputies and performing first aid didnt get a medal

>>427467200>t. just got banned from reddit for finally being brave enough to type "blue lives matter" like he's wanted since 2015

Guy is clearly nuts. Dumb fuck drank all his braincells away.

>>427483814You are the one positing that the police protect you , not me. You dont even know your positon anymore mr gpt

>>427467200It's possible to praise cops when they do good, and criticize them when they do bad, which is most of the time. The Police Activity comments are mostly dick riding cops.>Pray for these heroes>It must be so hard to do this job>thank you for your service

>>427483976Birdshot can still seriously injure someone. Have you ever actually fired a gun?

>>427483801lol the government is the psycho menace. or wait it’s normal to run up totally unpayable debt and ignore boarders and selectively enforce laws based on political expediency. than again the psychopaths in government are weeks away from defaulting on the national debt that cannot be repaid and if the government fails to issue more debt the entire economy and nation collapses. lol

>>427483925Depends entirely the fuck on context and local laws regarding what constitutes an acceptable shooting range.

>>427484121It would be exceedingly difficult to injure someone with birdshot after it has lost all of its momentum from being shot into the air, it weighs fuck all. If this was anything but birdshot, you might have a point.

>>427466764>6 heavily armed cops vs one drunk boomer

>>427466887This guy knows

>>427484073im agreeing with you and make fun of the supporters of police. the only support police have is from tv watching boomers and sportsfans who are too afraid to face the communities they built or live in funny enough.


>>427469079>americans call the cops on anyone for anything, and I know this because its the same down in the USSA (United States of South America), AKA Brazil.But in usa the cops answer the call, in brazil they rarely answer the call and when it happens, they show up 2h later.

>>427484286>and the boomer would have smoked the 2 of them he hit, if he'd loaded basically anything else into his shotgun

>>427466764I don't like nigs or pigs so when they fight each other, everybody wins

>>427466887Based beyond belief. Fuck criminals, fuck niggers, fuck cops that do nothing but but make most crimes a minor setback instead of a death sentence.

>>427467294No, but this post will get to 280 bot-replies before anyone even bothers to watch the entire video

>>427466764is the hero (the man who shot these traitors in the face) OK?

>>427466887sameI hate all criminals, and that's precisely why I wish all cops the very worst

>>427467592is that neal and bob in the lower half of pic, or is that just what they do?

Attached: OH!.jpg (650x980, 138.99K)

>>427479477>imagine if a cop->"i ain't seen no bad cop">right, but imagine if you did>i don understan i ain't seen no bad cop"

>>427466764It almost sounds like two neighbors having fun shooting at each other. I guess it depends on the city law.

>>427479477I'm 42 and present wellI have never, ever seen a cop fulfill his duty (nor do I expect ever to), but I've seen many do the complete opposite

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>>427483801Fuck off kike!There are no freedom zones, there is only freedom. The constitution is incredibly fucking clear. Crystal clear.Keep and bear arms. Shall not be infringed.What part of shall not be infringed are you fucking up? Maybe the part where you think people need loicences? Gun loicensez infringe the natural right to be armed, they are unconstitutional.Die kike.

>>427483925Not in a country with GUN RIGHTS you fucking kike.

>>427466764i ride with this guy

Attached: take a walk on the wild side.jpg (1070x601, 113.31K)

>>427481241Noone want's to die

>>427466764Wasn’t a gun grab you gas lighting retard. The guy was drunk and discharging a firearm in a residential neighborhood.

>>427484007Nobody likes bootlickers, also fuck cops.

>>427469378Grow up retard.

>>427466815Wtf are you talking about? There were two neighbors shooting at each other. Cops get called and one guy shoots the cops. There is no gun grab retard.

>>427481067You didnt even read the story did you?

>>427467294basically yes>drunk guy shooting into air>Karens call cops>cops confront drunk man>cops get shot>drunk man gets sober>man surrenders>cops take gun

>>427466764If white people fighting back against government became a widespread thing, that truly would be terrifying.You can push around white people a lot, but when they decide to fight back, they fight back hard.I am proud of that.It might seem pathetic how we have kept losing these past decades. However, we have never started fighting, yet.

>>427470843They want to take my guns soI wont hang myself?

>>427467200>protects niggers>calls other people niggerloversZOG MINDFUCKED

Bootlickers are real, but OP is misrepresenting the situation, dude was firing his shotgun off randomly while drunk in his neighborhood and pointed it at a neighbor across the street.this was not a "Gun Grab" dont get drunk and like a nigger with a shotgun

>>427469573Thank you for a proper link

>>427487366you cant fire your shotgun into the air and point it at a neighbor (which op and you are deliberately omitting)happy he took a bullet from the zogbots this time


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>>427467384"ywnbaw" isn't a lie, xir.

>>427466764>>427466764> don't have a gun problem, we have a minority problem.

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>>427484196The context is that a lady heard gunshots in her neighborhood and called the cops assuming there was a shootout. What was she supposed to do? Go to where the possible shootout to confirm? Ignore it even if it could have actually been a shootout?

>>427485895Having gun rights doesn't mean cops are just going to ignore what may be a shootout. Are you a well poisoner or just retarded?

>>427474714I attached to a unit that needed a medic that would actually go LR. The guy who ran me around that first day was a fucking God when it came to vertical fire. He ran me into a fire fight and showed me how to use the wind and fire vertically hitting rackees in the head because they didn't wear helmets. First time I've been in a gunfight with someone you could smell on the wind. We were laughing sending bullets over a structure and hearing them bitch about magic bullets. It was great fun and I miss being able to learn from people who were eager to teach. You can totally fuck someone up enough if they're not prepared. I have plenty of stories but that one is something that I think of often. He took me to a place where you paid about 10 dollars to fuck a farmers daughter. The dad came to the office bitching about VD his daughter had a smelly pussy and he couldn't make any money on it. She was really eager to fuck but the whole rotation had fucked her and she refused to fuck the black guys but would let them jerk off while their white buddies fucked her. I've seen 15 to twenty white guys standing in line for their turn with a Mia Khalifa looking slut while a group of nogs rolled their shirts up so they weren't looking at the dude next to them. They would put the big goggles on and pretend they're watching TV. ay yo dawg he quick dont waste it change the channel-was jig speak for he wont last long move the shirt over your eyes so you don't waste the money we just spent. It's funny that a legit retarded khalifa wouldn't let a black man inside them and the pimp dad wouldn't let them cum in the house because they smelled like animals the old fucker actually called them beasts. Sweaty beasts with swollen lips.

>>427466815>Why are there always so many bootlickers in the comments of these videos?it cut both ways retardcriminals don't wear boots but they'll shoot youwhat a fucking retard you are, hope you get sexually molested within your lifetime

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>>427466815This is what your boomer parents watch on the youtube

>>427479477They know you're fucking boring and will lick their boots like you did in DARE. Imagine being this guy. What a fucking faggot. You don't need to do anything to have cops fuck with you. They are psychotic juice heads that get kickbacks for first time offenders getting mandatory minimum sentences. When the world crumbles you will be an informant. I hate your type so much. You're such a fucking boring person you think only "bad guys" go to jail and all cops are "good guys" while they beat their wives and will plant evidence because they need to get their numbers up. I fucking hate you about as much as I hate cops and joggers.

>>427466815They think the police are on their side.

>>427492483You should write a book user

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No webm, heuuhhhh!

>>427468294And so naturally he goes full schizo boomer and shoots two cops in the face instead of explaining that?

>>427466764>both survived and went back to serviceyou fucking whatguess buckshot isnt as deadly at a distance, cant penetrate the bone i guess

>>427466887Second Amendment FTW>it was never meant to stop murders>it was only meant to stop SAFE murders

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>>427493688>ChatGPT, write me a Vietnam war story that segues into the lyrics of "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.A BOLD NEW ERA OF SHITPOSTING HAS BEGUN LADS

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>>427466764why do you give us a link to Jewtube which require me to identify myself before i can login? this is 4chan not fucking Reddit you filthy smelly niggerloving newfag

>>427467592We'll be indistinguishable from the UK in a few years where nigger riots get full protective detail but "racist language" gets you raided.

>>427474714It depends on the angle. If it's got a trajectory below a certain degree, it maintains lethality for a very long way.

>>427479477Sometimes, you don't even have to be in the wrong in any way. That's part of the problem.

>>427495536We should sell Holla Forums erotic literature for white women. >50 shades of white

>>427466764I don't like violence but I also find it interesting how some fuckin hick out in the middle of nowhere took out two cops with high capacity mags and all sorts of shit threatening to kill him

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