Why are boomers so out of touch?

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>>427464573Lol @ travel. Sounds like something for people who don't already live in the best place on Earth

>>427464573lead poisoning and thinking being fat alcoholics makes them big boys

literally true and basedalso biz

just don't eat, ever

>>427464771why can't you just buy the 3.29 value meal at mcshits, why must you spend 10 bucks like a retard to eat

It’s pretty true, I spend too much at fast food places

>>427464841the other night after driving for uber I bought a 2 for 2.29 sausage biscuits that was 920 calories, 2.50 after taxwas it necessary for me to pay 10 dollars for breakfast like a moron, no

>>427464573they’re right tho. there’s nothing stopping anyone in america who bitches about this shithole from leaving, if only for a while. nothing at all. maybe cletus should stop getting his passport solely to go to cancun or DR.

>>427464573Who the fuck spends $10 on a sandwich for lunch every single day? The overpriced sandwiches in my workplace are $6 CAD at most.

>>427464573This is true, though. I make only $16 an hour and yet I have half enough for a 20% down payment on a 200k house already because I live frugally. I only eat out once a week, and aside from that I cook at home everyday. I don't have any meds to take because I'm not on an anti-depressant cocktail. I don't have any student loans because I dropped out of college after they tried to indoctrinate me into leftism. My biggest moneysink is my car and my $500/month rent. I pay for internet and maybe a video game or two every year on the Switch my parents bought me as a birthday present. That's about all I have in the way of expenses, and I'm doing fine.

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>>427465088I spend at least $15 a day 5 days a week.I work hard I eat hard.

>>427465088drive a night for uber eats when the lobbies close, when you pull into the mcdonalds in my area you can see the screen that people are orderingyea let's just spend 40 bucks at mcshits, people just have no concept of money I swear

>>427464573why do leftists think that men can get pregant and girls have dicks?why do so many meme flag faggots post utterly stupid shit?

>>427465088That's bullshit. A soup and sandwich here is at least $14 for standard white bread goyloaf.There hasn't been any food cheaper than $10 since minimum wage was raised to $15/hr

>>427464854>why can't you just buy the 3.29 value meal at mcshitsNot everyone has a time machine.

>>427464573>Round trip Plane tickets are 600 per person>Airline insurance plus extra bag 50 per person >Hotel 100 per night>Rental car 50 per day>Eating out 12 dollars per person per mealSo a family of 4 is going to pay about 3000 dollars for a couple days vacation

>>427464573>dont eat and you can save money

>>427464854I don't chow down on mcgoyslop you fat fucking embarrassment.

>>427464573le travel meme

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Who the fuck is complaining that they can't afford to travel, people are complaining because they can't afford a house half the size of the ones their boomer parents bought aged 21,

>>427464573Where am I supposed to go for $900?

Eating off the Taco Bell value menu is literally cheaper than making sandwiches.

>>427465642>Who the fuck is complaining that they can't afford to travel, people are complaining because they can't afford a house half the size of the ones their boomer parents bought aged 21,Exactly. Bootstrappin' Boomers are out of touch.

>>427465545Don't eat out*You save a bunch of money if you make it yourself. A loaf of sliced bread is $3. Mayonnaise, butter, and mustard are similarly inexpensive, and you've got a load of variety between just those three. Then you just need your choice of meat, which can range anywhere from $6/lb to $15/lb depending on how fancy you want to get. For an entire week, then, you can feed yourself for $2/day instead of $10/day

>>427464573>Mom makes me tendies for free>I can travel the world via the worldwideweb>My GF doubles as a pillowWhy are Zoom-Zooms like this?

>>427465709Go to Mt. Rushmore or Harper's Ferry or the Grand Canyon if you live in the United States. If you aren't an American, I couldn't tell you. Surely there must be something worth visiting in your country.

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why even care? why even try?why not do the bare minimum to survive? like what are you gonna do with the extra money you’re earning? you gonna buy a house? yeah didn’t think so.if you’re not born rich then realize there are somethings you will never be able to get by wageslaving, thus making it pointless to put in the extra work. just be contempt with what you have bros, ambition is good, starting your own business good, but to be serene with what you have and what you will never have is better, if you’re not happy now you won’t be happy with a house. this shitty system is doomed to fail anyway, possibly in our lifetimes, maybe we will just live long enough to see it decline into the mud. rich people have everything to envy from me, for their money cannot and never will be able to buy what I have.

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>>427464573>$10 on lunch>I don't have enough money but I'm too good to plan ahead

>>427465501a mcdouble with a small fry is 3.29 and 640 calories according to their menuI basically try to get the highest amount of calories for the least money, burgerking has 7 dollars 2 quarter pounders I believe and it's 1800 calories

>>427465605then grow your own food faggot

>>427465844ahhhhhhh i'm a millenilol i need my avocado toast AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I MUST BUY IT

>>427465642That is the big issue, yes, but it's because the government decoupled housing prices from inflation in the 1990s so they wouldn't have to pay boomers as much when they retired. Real inflation has been between 4 and 6% since the 90s, and between 10 and 15% since the 2020s. This means that companies haven't been paying their employees enough to keep up with inflation, since the real government figure are half of what is the truth. What IS the fault of the boomers, though, is the massive flood of illegal immigrants because the boomers can't be assed to pay a proper wage to young people to pick crops. Houses would be half of what they are now if not for immigration. The native populations of the West are declining. The only reason housing continues to get even more expensive is because of immigration.

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>>427464573>>427464854I get a ten buck sandwich and split it between breakfast and lunch, and then make dinner at home.

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1969 average annual income 9,340.00$Average home price 25,000.00$2021 average us annual income 69,000.00$Average us home 436,800.00$Almond activation: free

>>427464573I buy a $1.99 pack of two hardboiled eggs for lunch from the gas station every day

>>427464711I didn't expect to find my FPBP already here. Thank you.

>>427464854>buy goyslopDie.

>>427466645boil your own eggs niggawhat is wrong with you

>>427466308That was a limited time promotion in some areas.>I basically try to get the highest amount of calories for the least moneyThen you should be going to the grocery store and buying bags of sugar.

>>427466760paying 10 dollars for "good lunch" is still goy behavior if you spend 10 dollars on lunch you have no reason to complain about shit because like other anons said you can make a sandwich for 2 dollars

>>427466874I did used to buy flour and bake my own bread sporadicallybut generally when people say I spend 10 dollars for lunch, they're not at their house and eating out so my solution is obviously geared at thatone day I'll have a farm and a homestead with my own chickens and everything, will be cool, food independence will be important in the coming years

I recommend everyone itt to grow their own herbs and tomatoes. You can get a decent planter box for $80, and you'll save a load of time and money in the long run.

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>>427465163You'll make it. When my first son was on the way I cut every corner possible to save for a house. Peanut butter and honey sandwiches go a long way. Breaking down nutritional needs and being as frugal as possible makes a huge difference. Protein, vegetable, starch. Buy what ever meat is on sale that week, what ever vegetable is on sale that week, and starches are usually fairly cheap to begin with and it is entirely possible to sufficiently feed a grown man working in manual labor for $25 per week. And that's without going hyper austerity and eating shit like spam. You know what you are doing, don't like the blackpilled mongrels here change your mind.

>>427465462Making your own food never crossed your mind?

>>427464573Are you going to spend 0$ in launch?Are you going to starve?

>>427466841>>427466645$2 for 2 precooked eggs isn't even that bad. eggs cost $6 a dozen where i am which is 50 cents per egg and he's paying $1 per egg but it's already cooked. not super farfetched in current year when you consider the reality. i myself eat 4 eggs a day so i'm also spending $2 on eggs per day.

>>427464573They aren’t. You are. Fucking commie.

>>427467050>it is entirely possible to sufficiently feed a grown man working in manual labor for $25 per week.kys boomer holy shit. serioulsy shut the fuck up and stop degrading society at large by telling people that this shit is nrmal and we should just cope. go fucking put a gun in your mouth and eat 10 cents of lead you fucking kike.

>>427464573Bread, cheese, tomato, lettuce, mayo and sriracha sauce costs more than 10 bucks in total. How are boomers this retarded? Cheaper to buy a sandwich than making it

>>427464854I bring my food. It's close to 10 dollars a day. T. Big strong labor wagie

>>427466581My wife and I make around 77k, and we have 700+ and 800+ credit scores, we qualified for a 299k loan. Which of course will get us nothing within a 70 mile radius of our jobs except for mobile homes. We'd ask our parents for assistance covering the down payment, but that would only get us into nigger infested neighborhoods, so I think we need to leave the state.

>>427464711fpbpTravel is a meme.

>>427467025Except 90% of people won't save anything and will end up losing money

>>427465844Not eating 1lb of meat a day? Ngmi no gainz liftlet

>>427464573>1pbtid>muh boomersstupid faggots

>>427467025Also you cannot get that for 80 bucks unless you make it yourself and need about a few hundred in soil and goods to make it work.The only person to suggest something like this would be a liberal urbanite with not experience and twisted view of the world they talk about but don't live in

>>427467909I suggested it for the liberal urbanites because they don't have any soil in their backyards. Mainly because they don't have backyards. Planters aren't actually that expensive, and if you make ample use of seasonings, you'll save a lot of money in the long run. Especially because you can easily make your own compost. Banana peels, egg shells, etc. It's a self-sustaining cycle that saves you money in the long run.

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>>427467264The difference is the "value added" to the price. If you need food that price for 2 eggs isn't bad. But, essentially it is $1 wasted per day. It takes like 15 minutes to boil eggs and you can do something else while doing it. Surely the inconvenience of placing a dozen eggs in a pot on sunday and having to get up when the timer dings is worth reducing $5 of spending out of the work week. Basic personal financial wisdom states that anything less than 60% of one's income being disposable makes things too difficult. When your money situation isn't right this seem unachievable, but with the right mindset it is. Figure out what 2% of your income is. That's the most you should be spending per day. Really, you should aim for 1%. And, for most people, 1% of their income is a pretty humbling number. But, it's doable. What would make it not doable would be an unwillingness to go without certain things. But if the desire is there it can be done and if it is done then fairly shortly a person's financial situation will become more sound and they will notice an inexplicable change... my net worth has quadrupled since I made those changes.

>>427467018>but generally when people say I spend 10 dollars for lunchPeople don't say that, retarded boomers tell other people they spend $10 for lunch.

>>427467482Lol. You suck. Sucks to suck I guess. Right or wrong has nothing to do with any of this. What makes you think you deserve more if you can't even be a good steward of what little you have?

>>427464711Not everyone can afford to live in California

>>427465163so you don't have to pay $200-300 for utilities and rent is $500? that is literally cheaper than a shitty trailer in rural alabama. that's not something the average person will ever be able to do

>>427465163no point, they won't finance you a house if you only make $16 an hour. no matter what your down payment is.you have to save the whole 200k and by then a house will be minimum 1 mil

>>427467018>chickensThe amount of chickens you'd need to keep to live off them will be expensive to feed. Their ratio of food intake to meat grown is the worst, it is better to look at them as a source of eggs that can sometimes provide meat. Something like turkey or goose is much a much more utilitarian source of poultry. (Maybe quail too, I haven't kept them so can't say). Also big protip: only stock your land at 20% capacity or a drought will bend you over. I had to give away most of my animals during the drought 2 years ago.

>>427464573Get these trash boomer slide threads the fuck off the boards and OP please kill yourself because shills are nonhuman animals

>>427468833I split rent with a roommate. I probably could splurge a little and spend $600/month to live on my own, though.

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>>427469099>Their ratio of food intake to meat grown is the worstHoly shit you are fucking retarded. Meat mutants have the single best feed conversion ratio of any livestock.

>>427469099Thanks for the drought tip.

>>4274686681970 called, they said “woah dude, sure there’s a couple of Mexicans and noggers, but the beach is ours”

>>427464573If you are 15 than you would feel great about having 900 to travel. I have a family. 900 wouldn't even get me to look at plane tickets

>>427468912The way the interest rate is rn normally you'd be correct. He'd need to be making closer to 20/hr. But, they've been giving out mortgages at debt to income ratios above .40. So in theory he could. It would be at the absolute ceiling of his ability to afford though and would be rough. That doesn't make it impossible. I could barely afford my first house.


>>427464573Where do I steal food to make $0 sandwiches?

>>427469399Those things aren't sufficient at all. Can't range, have to be fed, have poor health and can't be bred. And if you really want to argue that, you are still wrong broad breastfed turkeys are much better than the mutant chickens and actually taste good.

>>427464988Tell that to the niggers

>>427464573I don’t know. I don’t spend money on much. I have a farm, we grow all our food (from fruit trees to vegetables to livestock) we also grow flax for linen so my wife can sew our family clothes, we own our house, we own our land, and I’m exempt from paying property taxes. I maybe spend $600 a month on bills and every six months ~900 for car insurance. We share a smart phone don’t use streaming services, don’t have monthly subscriptions. Life is comfy.

>>427469767Still the best place if you aren’t poor. That’s the beauty of California, if you’re rich you can just insulate yourself from the problems you and your richfag friends voted for

>>427464982You could have maximizing your calories and drank cooking oil, but you would rather eat fast food than be able to buy a house with the savings.

>>427469099In Europe, people used to raise chickens for eggs and rabbits for meat. A goat would be a decent source of milk, that you can turn into cheese and other products.Homemade cheese is the best.

>>427464573Motherfucker, I can barely afford £10 a week for my food.

>>427470203I'm pretty sure that's considered a hate crime in the US or Europe kek

>>427464573Why the fuck would I want to travel?

>>427468238This is pure bullshit and I do have soil, and huge raised beds, and a large setup of simple outdoor hydro SIP bucket planters. I also NEVER grow anything I can get dirt cheap already from the store like zucchini or broccoli. Composting a few kitchen scraps is a meme. You aren't going to get enough compost to do anything with using eggshells and banana peels. At best this home farming thing has become an inexpensive time-wasting hobby that provides interesting produce that isn't available to purchase. It's only become inexpensive after ten years of labor and learning. Fuck off with the plastic bin mosquito farm rodent attractor compost bins. If you produce enough compost to make a difference in a garden big enough to sustain yourself year round, much less a family then that's nearly a full time job that requires a lot of manual labor, time and/or expensive machinery. An urbanite would do better to concentrate on indoor or low tech outdoor hydro systems rather than getting a few handfuls of usable compost.

Boomers think that four figures of nickel and dime savings on expenses that young people may or may not even actually have can close the gap on a six-figure, order-of-magnitude price hike on the cost of a middle class education and home.I think it has something to do with the fact that they're all retarded and can't do math. They're in their own process of getting debt-trapped into dying without a penny to their names. They are suckers for that even as adults for the same reason they can't understand the problems on the youth - they simply do not have the ability to process the figures involved.

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>>427467050>>427468515no wonder your kid is retarded. you fed your pregnant wife honey sandwiches and convinced her it's nutrition

On average my total daily cost for food is around $6.23 CAD. So yeah I get the argument.

>>427464573groceries are so fucked now in canada it costs $10 a day to make your own sandwichesrussia please liberate us, or nuke us. Same thing

>>427468500if they do they aren't complaining about itthe faggot liberal is though

>>427464573I don't know who to hate more, the retarded bootstraps boomers, or the faggy crybaby helpless zoomers.

>>427469099no I meant egg birdslike 10 of them maybe

>>427471789yesterday's in-store prices memes from Yukon petrol stations are tomorrow's "Low low prices"

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>>427469319wv is the best state in the union

>>427469975food stamps, california

>>427472040booms and zooms deserve each other

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>>427470164a sausage biscuit has good macros, you're just being retarded now

>>427464573Sandwiches still cost money dingus. Sure not as much as going out but avoiding processed garbage isn't your cheapest option either.

The malicious stupidity of boomers is only making me angrier at the world

>>427472322consider consuming only unsliced loaves of bread and whey protein>LEAFmaxx

>>427470055>Those things aren't sufficient at all.Which has nothing to do with your claim. Even still, the FCR on heritage breeds is still better than anything other than rabbit, and if you have a decent amount of land you don't need to provide any of that feed.>And if you really want to argue that, you are still wrong broad breastfed turkeys are much better than the mutant chickensMeat mutants are 1.6, turkeys start at 2. They are objectively worse.>and actually taste good.No modern poultry tastes good, it is bland shit.

>loaf of bread>ham slices>cheese slices>$8Results: 1 sandwich a day for a week consisting of 200 calories and 12 grams of protein. Yeah NO. Can't survive off of that, grandma. Might as well just buy a bag of sugar and live off teaspoon of it.

>>427464573I don't eat lunch or breakfast.

>>427472472slightly better than chugging canola oil but meat and bread is better, I know I'm being controversial here

>>427464573$900 gets you a plane ticket one way

>>427466308>I basically try to get the highest amount of calories for the least money,You are basically retarded.Eat sugar then, and white flour , white bread, and drink garbage sugar drink like some soda or whatnot. You will be sick soon and won't make it after some time, as those are empty calories without vitamins, minerals and no nutritional value.

>>427467025>I recommend everyone itt to grow their own herbs and tomatoes.Good idea, or a house with something in the back.>>427467759>90% of people won't save anything and will end up losing moneyIt's not a matter of making or losing money. It's a matter of food security. You can grow your own greens in winter without pesticides. 90% of people don't have access to food grown without pesticides .

All I subsist on is a can of pepsi and a small bag of doriots at work.

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>>427464573I'm out of touch~You're out of time! But I'm out of my head when you're not around~

>>427464573>got new job, slowly healing my NEET ways>spent around 15 leafbux on goyslop fastfood daily cause lunch break and nearby fast food restaurants >realized Im wasting so much money>Now I rarely eat lunch besides a protein bar and some waterGoddamn Im glad this didn't go on for too long


>>427473878Basierter extreme Hall-und-Oates-Superfan.

Lunch hasn’t been $10 since 2014 at the latest

>427473598No one cares namefag

>>427464573If i spent my weed allowance on coffee i would be considered a role model of the corporate church. Instead it made me a pariah of egypt. Burning bush brings you out of babylon because egypt and sodom are the only outros you get to choose in this cosmos.

>>427474504You cared enough to respond, cucky charms. >namefagSorry. I'm a generational poster and an inaugural 4chan Hall of Fame inductee.

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>>427464573I spend about $0.25 on lunch everyday and still don’t travel if I can help it

>>427474340Bogo deals happen all the time. I cam get two footlongs for under $10 at the moment. 4 meals for $2.50

>>427473428ok I didn't realize everyone was going to be this retardedif it has reasonable macros, and isn't pure fucking sugar, obviouslywhat kind of retard would believe that drinking or eating 2000 calories of pure sugar is healthy or will allow you to work and remain focusedholy fuck

>>427474112I used to bring coffee, oatmeal, onigiri, sandwiches, etc. I've gotten lazy and the security to enter and exit the building has become onerous, so I only bring my phone, wallet, keys, and eat like crap. They started hiring dumb niggers who kept stealing and now anyone who's not salaried gets hassled. I'm going to quit sometime during Autumn.

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>>427474599>Wamlart quote of the day:>"Horses don't stop. They keep going" >"until they die"

>>427473310Not over this side of the pond

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>>427470915A little bit of compost goes a long way because it’s more of a “mother” that leeches beneficial bacteria into the soil very quickly and improves the condition of the soul you already have. No one is growing plants in pure compost. Also you can buy those stock yard troughs at Tractor Supply Co. plus some organic raised bed soil at Home Depot for $10 a bag. Even if your back yard is a concrete wasteland you can have a full garden, that rodents can’t reach, up and running in a day

>>427464573If i make the sandwiches myself they will be free? Also 900 isnt enough to keep me away from nigger areas

>>427474750HorseshitPost proofs or you’re a lying boomer

>>427474797I don't see that written anywhere


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If lunch costs $10 a day then the economy is in such a state that $900 isn't going to allow for traveling, stupid fucking boomers.

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>>427464573It costs about 3-6$ dollars to make a worthwhile sandwich Containing a good spread on each slice of bread a good meat some good vegies and mavye some olive oil for sautéing the bread on each side oh and don’t forget the cheese

>>427464573it gets so tiresome....>instore prices.jpeg>all fields"you'll enjoy having less. you'll own nothing and be happy.""the economy is doing fine. don't believe your own lying eyes, goyim. here are some (((experts))) who prove that the cost of living isn't so bad, you're just bad with money!"

>>427470915>>427475020Sorry just read the comment you’re replying to. I think there’s a miscommunication between you two. I’m not sure if the first poster really meant that compost is all you need, or if they’re suggesting that, once the garden is set up, nutrient rich media can be added to the garden in a continual process that allows the grower to maintain a garden without continual expenditure on nutes and soil

>>4274650886 dolllar sandwich is litterally an egg smashed over two slices of wonderbread. What the fuck are you talking about.

>>427464711No its for women who want to be dicked with no shame

>>427467819That's just lunch, you retard. You get some eggs with breakfast, a roast beef sandwich at lunch, and chicken with dinner.

I get a 3 dollar big tub of vanilla Greek yogurt and that lasts me two or three lunches

>>427465632Living somewhere nice is where it's at if you can manage it.

>>427474754>if it has reasonable macrosMcRaunchy's fries are not reasonable macros, they are insanely high in polyunsaturated fat. You can't start out retarded and then blame people for thinking you are retarded.

>>427470915Why would you do retarded meme shit if you have soil?>It's only become inexpensive after ten years of labor and learningIt takes a few days to learn everything you need to know. Every illiterate retard in human history grew vegetables without issue, it is not fucking rocket surgery.>If you produce enough compost to make a difference in a garden big enough to sustain yourself year round, much less a family then that's nearly a full time job that requires a lot of manual labor, time and/or expensive machinery.I grow all my own food except sugar, coffee and spices. I spend zero time composting, and it cost like $30 to buy a couple of plastic bins and $5 for some red wigglers. You are a worthless kike trying to scare people away from growing food by pretending it is hard.

Boomers lived in a time of total prosperity where making money and getting a good job was as easy as pie. In 2023 they are ignorant of the fact that anything has changed since they were young so they still think that "muh bootstraps" is enough to be successful. Nevermind the fact everything has become more difficult, more expensive and society has changed.

>>427465844Enjoy dude

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>>427478065Times change though rarely for the better.

>>427478100just eat these for 5000 days and you too can save up for a down payment on a house (which will have doubled in price since now)

>>427464573What is so great about travelling? Most people are not travelers, they are tourists. Which means they go to have about the same experience in every single place, getting served overpriced slop aimed directly at them, in zones cordoned off for them, served by people who are trained to work with them, with next to zero contact with the local culture or customs.

>>427464573hes right thoughpeople are stupid with their moneyall those $5, $7 subscriptions add up

>>427464573how can $10 buy enough for a single meal at even the cheapest fast food restaurant?$30 bear minimum, and we're not even talking about tip or a real drink. $50 if you're headed to an actual restaurant and honestly, if your bill is less than $100 you're just eating tainted cattle fodder fried up in gutter oil by some 3rd worlder fresh off the boat.minimum wage needs to cover the $750 cost of three full meals a day.

>>427478100I tried sandwichmaxxing let me assure you after month two the thought of eating a sandwich will make you want to vomit

>>427480152When I was saving up, I baked a potato for lunch every day and had ramen for dinner. I alternated between cold cuts and potatoes for lunch every week. Made it pretty nice.

I'm a NEET and I have more savings than majority of people living here. It's impressive how much you can save up with minimal earning when you don't pay for rent, food, and don't buy unnecessary shit like monthly clothes and Netflix.

>>427480152I cut the top & bottom off my fresh baked bread and use it as bun, still not bored of sandwiches. I make my own pickles 'n stuff.

>>427464573dude a sandwich costs like fucking $20 to make from the grocery store. have you seen what bread and cheese costs?

>>427464854>3.29Swiss Francs?

>>427464573>$10 on a day on lunchyou can literally eat for a whole week with that money

>>427469864kek, I raffed

>>427477311hamburgers are good for you

>>427464573Nobody works 30 days a month, retard. I guess it's true: you commies know absolutely nothing about work.

>>427465544That's only 10 months of sandwiches tho

>>427481460fuck a duck I'm moving to Mexico if that's true

>>427481460where nigga ? not in europe

>>427483484>>427483549You can buy a kilo of pork meat for like 80 pesos (~$4 USD burger dollars)A kilo of eggs goes for like 50 pesos (~$3 usd)

>>427474216da fuckare you travelling or whatheim ins reich aber dalli

>>427483080Only if self made.Never in an american franchise.

>>427464573Im not a woman

>>427464573I’ve gotta give the W to the boomers on this one. Most of my generation (32) spends way too goddamn much on “convenient” goyslop. Oftentimes $10 just covers half of their purchase.

>>427464573I've never heard anyone complain about not traveling in my life. I have however heard people who are spending $4 a day at most on sustenance complaining they're struggling to buy food and yet are ineligible to receive any assistance because they're white and have a job.

>>427464573Now I use the global warming card to tell travelfags to fuck off, pretty effective

>>427464573Yeah having a sandwich every day for lunch for months on end is depressing fuck that shit.

>>427464573I'm not gonna act like eating out is cheaper because it obviously isn't... but have you faggots seen the price of shit nowadays at the grocery store? 2 years ago the bag of cat food I bought for my cat was 10$, it's fucking $20 now. FUCKING DOUBLED. Over the course of TWO YEARS. If you want to save money make food at home sure... but it's not cheaper by much and when you finally make it home from your 10 hour shift and your 45 minute commute home it's pretty understandable that you might not want to spend an hour cooking and opt for the goy slop instead so you can spend a whopping 3 hours of leisure time instead of 2.>inb4 meal prepStill burning the little leisure time you have to cook your meals either way.

Attached: 3205_depressed_pepe.png (538x502, 242.21K)

>>427464988Still have to pay taxes to Weimerica even if you leave. It costs thousands of dollars to renounce citizenship. Otherwise you owe double taxes, one to ZOG and one to wherever you move to.

>>427475931There's nothing wrong with compost. It's the economy of scale that is the problem. Composting tons of cow shit from a dairy farm makes sense, doing it with table scraps is a net loss hobby. Letting a tree removal service dump their woodchips on your property in huge piles would be effective and I've done that, but it takes years for the chips to break down.

>>427464573All boomers get the liquid diet.

Attached: 94BDA908-4A41-4F6A-A751-B7FF63D04CCD.jpg (1200x800, 105.33K)

>>427483080And vegetable oil is not, like I said. Please be a stupid nigger somewhere else.

>>427464854So closeSo close

>>427465844Oh boy I can save 2000$ a year if I eat cattle feed. That's almost enough to live somewhere for a month.

>>427465709less than that, because non-service-provided food still costs money

>>427464573>boomers: you don’t need to eat! Sheeeet, when I was your age, I was investin n shieeeet. That 25 cents in crackers turned into 1 trillion in coke stock.

Attached: 29F579BD-D112-474B-9EB1-56FD24434C1B.jpg (3840x2560, 438.73K)

>>427464573The boomer is right in this case.Millennials and zoomers are literal niggers with money.

>>427474754They're right, you're the retard who was being reductionist about calories. Go slurp some vegetable oil

>>427487064Groceries have doubled or gone up 1/3 of the price over the past few years tho. Wages are pretty far from adequate to keep up with this, even accouting for the $1/2 raises they keep trying to dangle over people's heads to get them to work

>>427476273They can already be dicked eith no shame. It’s about the fantasy of fucking foreigners, which comes from womens’ rape fetish.

>>427465632It’s actually more about attempting to escape this shithole and getting deported back here

>>427464573>900Wow a 3 night vacation in a shit hotelI hate boomers so fucking much

>>427464573Sage this thread. Ban me also while you're at it. Mods are lazy asses or fagtrannies.

>>427464573This is actually true though. I work with software engineers who spend 12 to 20 bucks on lunch every day because they cannot and will not cook.The point where they diverge from this meme though, they all live in debt because they also do the travelling.Imagine having fewer savings than (your age x 1000)These rootless, hedonistic retards are a bad month away from crawling back to their childhood bedrooms.

Attached: IMG_4701.png (575x496, 18.97K)

>>427486753It's better than $0

>>427464854fun fact, medium fries are $3.49 at McDonald’s now.

>>427487593Yes, and fast food prices have doubled as well, dummy. I made 3 lbs of awesome chili for less than $15, if you don’t get the economics of finding ways to live cheaply in one area to have more money for something else, then you’re gonna be a retard forever.Everything is more expensive, but niggers want convenience and pay double or triple for it and therefore have no right to bitch about their retarded lack of funds.Jesus, my best friend in the 90s was dirt poor in college and lived on one giant meal a day consisting of a box of spaghetti and pasta sauce because that’s all he could afford, and he didn’t die from it. Cost him $2.20 back then, about $4 now, there’s no excuse anymore, cut in one area, have funds for something else

>>427488563You gotta use the app, fren.

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$10? That's 3 kilo worth of smalec with fried onions

Attached: IMG_20220623_222741.jpg (2592x1944, 1.57M)

>>427464573Where the fuck can you even travel to for $900 that isn't some hotel in the city near niggers?

>>427464573I spend that money saved on ammo for things like pic related.

Attached: proudliberalshotinface.jpg (831x1024, 113.28K)

>>427464573Did any boomer skip on eating out for lunch in order to afford vacations? Or did they just make enough money to afford both without thinking about it?

>>427467125Making a meal for less than $10 in leafbucks means you're eating nothing but rice and beans.

>>427488269lmao I just eat cheese and crackers and suis vide chicken tenderloins and protein shakes when I'm working (from home). If I actually ate more than one actual meal a day I would be fat.But yeah can confirm most of us software devs are retards.

>>427464711Travel without a purpose is a total meme, and a sexual fetish (often coupled with promiscuity/degeneracy).But for young people who want to see something other than their own asses, it's a good idea. Thing is it can be done nearly for free outside the kiked (((travel industry))).I used to take my backpack around the southern Appalachians and work on tiny farms in the summer. Swap stories from my shipyard town/family with locals. Help them get the farmwork done. They'd put me up, feed me, and in the end I learned all kinds of amazing things, like home distillation (for both hooch and medicinals), woodcrafting, 8-shaft weaving/spinning, field dressing of game, dowsing, and various musical instruments (make and play). >sandwichesThe original meme meal.Eat your bread and meat separately like a man. Using a knife as your implement.

>>427465632I liked traveling when I could do it for a good reason. Like when friends in Wyoming needed help fixing fencing on their newly acquired small farm/ranch. Hard work, bathe in a pristine stream, sleep like a king, and lived on bison meat and garden produce. I took 10 lbs of homemade fudge from a PA Dutch lady I knew, and everybody liked it. Burned off the sugar setting posts and stringing barbwire and electric fence.

>>427465642WTF are you going to do with a house?You can't even keep a penis and a bedroom clean without ecelebs exorting you.Home ownership is literally a second job, and you can't even hack a first one, and whine like a little bitch every time you're asked to do something other than nuzzle mommy's teat.

>>427489587That's a fun way to put it. It's definitely a sexual fetish for me and I'm married and have only had one partner before. Taking my wife to a different place gets me pretty excited ngl.

>>427465763WTF are YOU going to do with a house?You couldn't chuck up a bit in a fucking battery operated drill driver using its own powered torque.

>>427464573travel to where? 900 is 4 days in a midrange hotel.

>>427489587>dowsingtell me more, desu

>>427464573>boomers so out of touchThe world was created before you were born. No ones going to hand you the brass ring.

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>>427466014Great town, been thru there many times on the AT. But the last couple visits saw a fuckton of slants and gooks there. Muh Tourism.

>>427488814>You gotta use the app, fren.No app needed. You can go to BK dot com, set up an account and attach a credit card. A double cheeseburger or 8-piece nuggets are under $3.00, and combined with a free large fries, its more than enough calories for a meal for any human.

>>427466264It's really this.60 years of kikery has convinced 3 generations, including my own, that frugality, planning, and thinking in a big picture are negative traits.Three generations of media-psyop-mindfuck-created niggerbrains. >WHERE'S MUH WIFE AND HOUSEThese faggots can't even maintain their clothing--literally throw out clothes and buy new every season. But they think they can maintain anything adult. >MUH ENTITLEMENTS>>427466461You're a retarded faggot gash.Hart Celler was passed when these "boomers" with whom you are obsessed were children.You stupid bitch. Suck my dick then make me a sammich.

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>>427465844Literally would blow my brains out if my work life consisted of eating that boomer wondergoybread sandwich everyday.If you make dinner you just save a portion for work lunch sometime in the week. I'd rather spend $5 on a pack of stewing beef and a daikon radish and have a cantonese beef stew for dinner and lunch the next day. Most restaurant-tier meals can be made for like 2-3 dollars a full portion.

Attached: MV5BNzdiYzhkY2EtZDAyMy00Y2UzLWEwZmQtOWNjODdlY2NiNTU1XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTA2ODA5MzYw._V1_FMjpg_UX1000_.jpg (1000x563, 60.69K)

>>427464573>tfw you spend $28 a day just eating from work, and all you have is a protein shake for breakfast.

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>>427490220Can't really.It's very hands on. I thought it was goofballery when I heard of it. Then I got to see some of the really old forest guys in the Appalachian foothills do it. I thought they were clowning me, but they were so calm and serious about it. No joking, eye twinkling etc.They say that you either have it in you or not to find water.You can look it up online--use the internet and your own brain ffs.But I can tell you about the first time I tried it, one summer when a massive drought had dried up all watersources in the Stekoah. So fucking hot and dry, no water for like 30 miles of the worst trail (upsy downsy no switchbacks, thousands of feet elevation up and down each HOUR)... So I went bushwacking in the hopes of finding something...and that lil y-shaped stick pointed me right to a tiny fresh trickle way the hell off the trail...and there it was, and I used a dried up rhododendron leaf as a little pipe to direct it into my watersack. Never doubted it again.And used that skill many times later, including to map undocumented water and electric supply lines on my own land.

>>427464573>a sandwich costs $0

>>427490057With a chariot, you can go anywhere.

>>427464573who the fuck spends $10 a day on lunch 30 days a month?

>>427464573My job doesn't give me enough time off to travel. I find pleasure un eating nice food and going out with friends. I cook regularly, but my bills to eat out are easily $350+ a month with the price of proteins like salmon and steak, but you can not shame me for not living a lifestyle that is unavailable to me.

>>427473106You're not being controversial, just retarded.

>>427491040I've heard of a nothingburger, but this is ridiculous!

>>427472701It's just lunch, dingdong. You're still having dinner and there is nothing wrong with having a small low-calorie lunch, fatass.

>>427464711Imagine paying a lot of money to go visit countries that have even more niggers and spics who actively seek you out to exploit you and take what little possessions you brought with you across the globe.

>>427491806How much should someone spend a in a day? Euro is pretty much dollar right now.I spend 2,10 euros on the bakery for work. Then I eat 4 eggs that's about (90 cents), bread (about 40 cents), meat about 2 euro for 200 gramms if it's on discount, vegetables and mushrooms about 1 euro, plus butter, salt, pepper etc. ca. 20 cents (maybe, not sure)All this is food for after work.all in all I HAVE to spend 6,6 euros just for one DAY. With good food to stay healthy and not become a fucking nightmare. Where can I shave off more? This is the absolute LIMIT of human existance.

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>>427464854That’s funny, for lunch today I had a McDouble for around that price and that’s it. I’ve also traveled enough for this lifetime.

>>427464573the overall point of that image is an intersting one, but the math and ultimate conclusion are that of a retard

>>427491806If you never bring anything from home, $10 a day is pretty cheap.

>>427492622My wife likes noodles so we only go to nice Asian countries like Taiwan, Japan, and Singapore where people don't rob you.We have a nice time eating different food and going to museums and stuff. Saw Singapore's cool history museum and a nice exhibition on loan from the louvre of classical European paintings when I was in Tokyo this year.If I was single I wouldn't travel, the whole point is for us to leave our kids with the grandparents for a while while we go and have fun together all day without much stress.

>>427464573Typically I just have a large meal with a snack. Sometimes I replace a meal with a smoke and coffee.

You can't even afford a flight ticket for $900 anymore

>>427490262>I earned the brass ringSure you did bub. Also quit being such an obvious boomer, nobody used that metaphor anymore.

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>>427466461>because the government decoupled housing prices from inflation in the 1990sHousing is by far the largest portion of CPI, but it's based on rent (which is correlated to RE price, albeit imperfectly)

>>427464854Just make big dinners and bring left overs, or be a gay meal prepper.Sometimes I make some biscuits, cook up a pack of bacon and make little breakfast sandwiches, freeze them and wala nuke for 30 seconds at work. I've worked it out to be about a dollar a sandwich.

>>427493553teach me master, how do these meals work exactly? And will it make you sick in the long run?

>>427493786What, dinner or the sandwiches?

>>427464711>Sounds like something for people who don't already live in the best place on Earth>US FlagIt was...

Attached: 1575038582684.jpg (500x680, 61.13K)

Homemade sandwiches cost maybe 6, 7 dollars to get the same amount of calories as "10 dollar lunch".So that's half a year to save up money for "900 dollars" to travel, which incidentally is only enough to cover modest airfare. All the costs of your stay from accommodation to food to local entertainment will bloat that to 4 or 5 grand. So in reality you are eating sandwiches like a cuck and being laughed at by your niggercattle colleagues every day for three full years so you can take two weeks off to play tourist in some niggered shithole.Cost of some gas, a tent, and basic camping equipment, you can spend an overnight and a day innawoods one or two weekends in the warm months. That's considerably less than 900 kikefiat and you don't ever have to be around a nigger.

>>427464854>3.29 value meal at mcshits>value mealin what year? 2008?

>>427493960what type of leftover dinner is preferable for transportation to work? It has to be a stew or something, I guess I have to learn how to cook.

>>427464573>$10 for lunch.>$300 month.lol. do ppl really go out for lunch every day? maybe on weekdays but weekends, too?however, why use that money to travel when you can just do a staycation and pocket the money?

>>427494199The hard part is planning, and keeping a budget, and keeping a rotation going to set a budget and making sure it's good quality meals to keep you healthy. The cooking part just comes with time. Beat advice I can give is learn to be a clean cook, and get all your ingredients ready to cook. Make sure all your veggies are chopped, meat is prepared, potatoes peeled and ready to go, etc.

>>427493786Use the biscuit recipe from "The Joy of Cooking" and cook eggs fried or scrambled however you like, they make little rings so that you can make them narrow to fit in a sandwich.

>>427464711You can travel in the US you know...

>>427494055You'd have to wait the three years just to build up 2 weeks worth of PTO at most companies.


>>427494199Make a fuck ton of burritos (scrambled egg and cheap breakfast sausage is good), wrap them in aluminum foil, and freeze. Bring them to work frozen, and they will not be bad by lunch. Stick them in the work microwave with the foil still on and you never have to go back to that job.


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>>427464982>amerimutt>consooms seed oilspottery