NO PUSSYNO LANDNO WORKNO TAXESNO MILITARY SERVICESIMPLE AS60 million prime working age white men in the US have dropped out of societyThis number as undecupled in 10 years and shows absolutely no sign of slowing downMen only want three things in life; young virgin fertile fresh pussy, children, and lots of landUnder the current form of the social contract no matter how much you work, how much you sacrifice. The bottom 95% of men will never obtain all 3, the bottom 80% will never obtain 2/3, and the bottom 60% will never obtain even oneThe smart ones realized 10 - 15 years agoNow the dumber ones are starting to become aware of their own situationsCivilization is just going to have to continue without young menThe construction jobs, the oil drilling jobs, the roofing jobs, the HVAC jobs, all of the jobs that traditionally only young men did are now just gonna have to be done by womenGood luck running civilization without young menThe social contract has been destroyed beyond repair.

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>>427464316How the fuck do you survive? I have no family that would support me, I have to work full time to survive on my own

>>427464316i once had a dream where an enormous number of men one day suddenly got up and left everything behind, a massive army of nature-dwelling diogenes, living off scraps and having such an absolute soul-deep disdain for anything material such as the luddites could never have dreamed of


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>>427464964that but without the protest part, not as a show of power but as a permanent and immovable fuck you to the stuff-worshipers

>>427464626Learn to live with less, and start a business with no overhead and little capital. There are akways ways, it is just your comfort that stifles you.

>>427464316>NO PUSSY>young virgin fertile fresh pussyi m glad you clarified this because some idiots think that ANY pussy can do the job. Emm no sweetie, only the finest top tier prime teen virgin pussy cuts it. Simple A-S>>427464741this, we should go on the streets and demand what we rightfully deserve

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>>427464316His dreams denied.

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>>427465321Hey zoomer, what does "wyd" mean? Is that nigger speak?


>>427464316All they had to do was pay a bit more.

>>427464316companies "struggling to fill jobs" has always been code for hiring immigrants at the fraction of the cost of someone from the country and to screech for government gibs.

Feels good knowing womens rights wont last another century. Every religion, philosopher, and great thinker in history tried to warn us but nooo we had to go all in on liberalism thanks to christcucks and their equality and materialism fetishes. Now the west has to commit suicide before tradcucks and normies will finally accept that women can't be equal to men. Something that's been obvious for thousands of years to anyone with a brain.

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They all signed the papers, we can draft them. Vaccinations are coincidentally required for service. You already said yes.

>>427464316Naw just you fags crying and jerking it to child porn all day

>>427464316They just import more niggers.

>>427465173its uncomfortable as hell and you vill be called a loser for doing it right

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>>427464741>>427464964sadly this no longer works in an age of globalization where the "elites" can import 100 poojeet street-shitters and 100 nigspics for every white man that checks out of their homolonghouse.Immigration should be any true "right wing" party's main component, but I fear it's too late for America with 60 odd years of Hart Celler mutting pot policies

doesnt really matter, they have opened borders for illegal immigrants, youre getting replaced for people who are willing to be second class citizens


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>>427465321women don't need to be interesting

>>427465724>doesn't know basic internet shorthandYou fucking zoomers make me sick

>Destroying your life for pussyReminder that this is a psyop to further push men out of the workforce and replace them with obedient foids who won't make demands from their employers.

>>427466235>willing to be 2nd class citizensthere is only rich and poor

>>427466151my nigga

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>>427465190I'm already living with bare necessities user, roof under head entails rent, if only I had my own place I could boycott society

>>427464316Women have been given the whole world in exchange for their sole existence and they also only need to exist in order to breed.Men have been given nothing and millions of them are tragically dying childless.Governments could help men through non-agressive measures like guaranteed access to subsidized surrogacy, giving them stable jobs.... Yet, they cater exclusively to females.So... why should men who have no families work? Why should they pay taxes, follow the law, defend their feminist countries...? If humanity is about women owning everything and men being only slaves who have no other purpose in life but being insulted, discriminated, dehumanized and ultimately genocided through drafting for the sake of females... why should humanity keep existing at all?And this scenario is also highly volatile. Neither women or minorities are going to move a finger for their countries in case of war.

>>427466358Who cares? You need six figures now to get a home unless it's in a dilapidated rust belt town where your only employment options are remote work(Which has now all been taken by pajeets because boomers and gen X are religiously dead set against paying their own people enough to even afford rent in a 1 pod 1 bath apartment). There is no psyop, it's just greedy old fucks with a 'fuck you, I got mine' mentality about society that empowered women and opened the borders to suppress wages and hike rents through the roof to pad their own retirements.Society is no longer our problem because society gives us no skin in the game any longer. No man with a brain works any more than is necessary to survive and enjoy his hobbies. Tradcucks, Women dependant on the survival of the welfare state, Boomers and Gen X having their businesses run into the ground by pajeets, and the government cucked out of their tax income by the largely untrackable gig economy can all go seethe.

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>>427466186but the beauty of the plan is that those men will no longer care, they give up their homes and all their crap, let the hordes use and abuse it. you can't rule someone who doesn't want anything

>>427467457this is why women advocate for immigrationthey know exactly what they're doing > subverting their country's menbig step in the feminist agenda

>>427468013>you can't rule someone who doesn't want anythinglet me know when you don't want food and shelter

>>427469306>smartass reddit postngmi

>>427465190Looks like you’ve been watching a lot of motivational tiktoks. That is not reality you fucking faggot. Even if you start a business, which is difficult and takes a long time, 90% of the time they fail or don’t make much money. You have to do SOMETHING to keep an income coming in and even then living with just the bare necessities is more expensive than ever. I’d be willing to bet my life savings that you live with your parents.

>>427469306>decontextualizes the statement to prove it sounds stupid out of contextInteresting, tell me more about how high your karma is.

>>427464316News as fake as the job listings are. Fuck you OP, K word.

>>427464316>be a loser>do nothing>haha I'm not alone!Is this a new cope? Sound like a crab bucket.

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>>427468013Isn't it a lot easier to just proverbially slit throats?

>>427464316>The smart ones realized 10 - 15 years agoWelcome to the club boys. The water's nice over here. Once you get used to true freedom, you can never go back.

>>427469416You can buy a pressure washer and offer services to your neighbors in just a couple hours. If you want to start the next Tesla sure but if you're looking to do something simple to provide for yourself, literally half of latin americans do it so idk where you're getting this 90% fail rate from there's not even a source for it. It's just meme

>>427469306The hard truth is that in the present day, all you needbfor food and zhelter is a 100k deposit/bond that nets you 5% interest rate .you dont have to do anything for food and shelter.

>>427464316>Demonise the shit out of men>Belittle them>Shame them for being born>Force them to apologise for their birth>They suddenly opt out of the workforce>NO WAIT! COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So now, what are these fucking idiots going to do?Are they 1. drop all of this retarded man-hating stinking lesbian vitriol?2. like the fucking idiots they are and select the option of the lazy and stupid and quadruple down in the beatings until morale improves?

>>427467012Im bunking the rebunk and fact checking

>>427464316all fucking lies to justify shitskin immigrations

>>427470415Ooh, buttsecks in Botswana. I'mma have to go with option number three, G.>3. get more turd worlders to flood the countries to replace the icky men who won't work for half a sandwich a day (it's okay, these men don't speak the native language, or english, so they won't even know what the roasties are saying about them)

>>427464316Really, nigger? I've put in over 30 applications for jobs in the last month or so and had all of 3 interviews, none of which hired me. Half of the jobs applied to didn't even respond. Fuck this gay economy, fuck the Jewnited States, and fuck you.

>>427464316Release the vax, pay the tax.

>>427464316this dude posts this every day but how much you wanna bet this dude works retail is invisible to women always miserable and lives month to month

>>427464316>The construction jobs, the oil drilling jobs, the roofing jobs, the HVAC jobs, all of the jobs that traditionally only young men did are now just gonna have to be done by women99% of women will never do shit jobs.

>>427464316>national identitynow hold on just a fucking minute. I thought the heart of our identity was trans.

This is a natural response to a society that no longer serves us or guarantees the basics to live meaningfully.

>>427464316>taxes keep going up sky high>meanwhile payment barely moves>pay your workforce in peanuts>demant more from them>there's a finger permanently hovering the big red "FIRE" button just waiting for the moment someone does something slightly less than acceptable>your workforce gets fed up with the bullshit>they stop workingwho could've seen this coming?

>>427464741that is happening right now globally but they replace you with a stupid npc poojeet that lives with 20 family members in a single household

>>427464316It can't possibly have anything to do with companies having woke discriminatory recruitment policies? ie. only hiring minorities and women.

>>427465724what you do [for work]

>>427471179Then they can all fight over who has to do it. Glorious times ahead, boys.

>>427471446they aren't replacing shit, everything will break down when there are no more western men to lead and maintain things

bill gates owns 50% of all land.

>>427464316I've dropped out. I'm collecting cavalry disability for fake mental illness & living abroad frugally. I refuse to participate in PROJECT CANADA

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>>427464316>simple as simple does is how simple is as simple does.

>>427471305Wave after wave of immigration to the jewnited states is how they kept it afloat, and will continue to keep it afloat. It will never exist for the masses. It will always serve the few at the top. The natives hated the irish. The irish hated the italians. The italians hated the negro. Whites hated the mexicans. The asians were in there somewhere, too. It is so obvious that the rich, cigar-smoking elites have always used immigration to keep their grift going ever forward. Well, one day, the world is going to run out of places to pull from. That was the REAL reason for the 1965 immigration stuff that expanded immigration to non-European nations. It wasn't a scheme to replace. It was a scheme to KEEP PEOPLE COMING. The whole GIVE US YOUR TIRED AND POOR. Keep the bodies flowing in on promise of freedom and prosperity. Then LOL in their face when they never acheive the greatness you did. Parade around two or three who somehow made it, and call that experience typical. Meanwhile most died after working themselves to death. It's a big club. And you ain't in it. The aren't replacing you because race. They are replacing you because they need labor and blood.

>>427470199Rich families understand this and utilize this approach

>>427472488>they need labor and bloodIntroducing, AI!

>>427472405I'm collecting Canadian disability***

>>427472605Yeah, once that is in place, we are all expendable. Everyone. They will suddenly turn on the third world they pretend to love. They already prioritize the planet and themselves over our comfort. What makes anyone think they will hesitate to just rid themselves of the pesky goy once we are unecessary.I hope their AI turns on them and devours them.

>>427464316>60 million prime working age white men in the US have dropped out of societyThat's 60 million potential white supremacist terrorists in the eyes of the (((government))).

Not even joking I literally quit my job due to NPNW. I haven't felt this good in a long time. I dont care about p*ssy anymore I spend my time reading bible verses and meditations. I finally am able to build and sustain my mana and vital energies and not waste it them on Mr Bergstein's profits. I will never let a f*male (the n*gger of gender) touch me or drain my energies , nor will I let some greasy J*w steal my energy and tax money to support Chad and his Harem of single mothers and bastard children No p*ssy no work. And I will refuse all non virgin p*ssy

>>427475756>I literally quit my job due to NPNWNPNWbro....i fucking kneel

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I went for a walk today, I put some food in a blessings boxI didn't apply anywhere

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>>427464626>How the fuck do you survive?He works for The Man and posts this LARP here every week to pretend his life doesn't suck as bad as it does.>But... But... 60 million men dropped out of society!No pussy for you!

>>427470199You get that advice from Charlie munger?

Most guys don't realize how absolutely starved for male friendship guys are in the 40 and up age range.I've worked as a welder, electrician, auto mechanic, carpenter, all sorts of absolutely back breaking work and barely scraped by with enough to live and maybe a few extra toys.But guess what? You start making friends with the right people, and they'll pay you a small fortune to build something custom for them.Fuck employers, goto the bar, have a couple beers and cigs with the bros, talk shop, see who has money and sell them on what your good at.

We gotta get these boys out in the workforce, immediately. Playtime is over. Time to get to work, bud.

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>>427470037Can't compete with spics. What ends out at the end of the day is the almighty dollar and how much one can save.

>>427476795I've been told I am like a donkey or a pig, 50/50.I ain't no horse.

>>427477351Why would you want to be a Donkey? J admit I haven't handed out the long running and world famous Holla Forums Donkey of the Day award.

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>>427476795Nice reflection.

>>427475756Get a load of this silver spoon looney.

>>427477508It's not me. I'm a lot larger than that individual who submitted the pic.

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>>427464316Modern Depressed Man:>"I wouldn't be depressed all the time if I was allowed to shoot people who make me miserable."

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>>42746431640 year old NEET here. I’m just not doing that work bullshit anymore. It got me nothing. Been at home two years. Feels good.

>>427464316>The west has fallen>Millions must die

>>427464626you spend 400 on food for a weeki spend 20 bucks for a whole month

>>427477910I tried it but Ramen isn't my cup of noodles.

>>427466186If this was true the economy wouldn't be spiraling down the drain, it would just be moving along happily without all of these people. The theory was that these young men and their labor were fungible, that they were all interchangeable economic units who could be replaced on a whim. The reality is now setting in that this is simply not the case.

>>427464316Why would people care about a society that alienated them so Target could sell Swim Suits with Penis Tuck holes? I’m trying to find a reason why it’s anyone’s problem?

>>427477611YES! How is Man born and denied this right, wtf?

jab injuries and deaths

>>427464741In the stone and Bronze Age this was how most of the world was. The result is that the average human has 17 time more female than male ancestors. The ultimate blackpill is that you actually are redundant.

>>427464316>The construction jobs, the oil drilling jobs, the roofing jobs, the HVAC jobs, all of the jobs that traditionally only young men did are now just gonna have to be done by womenGood luck running civilization without young men. You think this is a threat? Tens of millions of Indians and Latinos are willing to do the work at a fraction of the wages that the natives come to expect. They come from nothing and will be happy living in the pod and having nothing, as long as it gets them to America. You are expendable and are in the process of being replaced due to your obstinacy. Good luck, the future isn’t looking pretty for you and your ilk.

>wagecucked in factories for 3 years now>wake up at 4:45 a.m. to go to work >sleep 5 to 6 hours a night>hate wagecucking so much>feel numb to reality>mild tinnitus from 2 years of 70 dB hissing air>the only action I've ever gotten was a limp blowjob from a 42 year old heavy smoker>29 year old kissless virgin >probably have erectile dysfunction from jerking off>sick of my wagecuck job>live with my parents and have 40k saved>considering dropping out of society>feels like I barely have time for anything anymore>no woman will take me seriously with 49k salary >that said I do have a date tonight and I don't even want to go because I'll have to come home from it and go straight to bed>girl I actually want to be with is 1000 miles away and I haven't spoken to her in a year >still think about her>still think about playing that video game she bought for me with her again>know it's a bad idea>for her, I would happily wage the rest of my life>dont even care she isn't a virgin or whatever >instead I will probably give up and move in with my friends who make 1k a month and work part-time and live without a car and povertymaxx and just do my dumb hobby shit too I blow my brains out at 35 because I'll never own a home.

>>427472488>they aren’t replacing you because of race, goy>Never mind the fact that this targeted immigration campaign from the 3rd world ONLY targets white countries.Yeah ok bro

>>427478435>trades>majority white anyoneThey can have men, they just won't be white men.

>>427470199Never trust flag related. With a 5% return you'd need 4M to live off the interest.

>>427464316>Men only want three things in life; young virgin fertile fresh pussy, children, and lots of landSpeak for yourself.

>>427465932>blaming ChristiansShalom, Rabbi


>>427464626They mooch off their stupid boomer or GenX parents, of course.

>export jobs to foreign countries for decades>import foreigners that ultimately end up being a tax burden>constantly criticize men and masculine traits>prop up women and trannies into positions of power>continue to spit on menUGH WHY WONT MEN JUST WORK??? IT SHOULD BE UR IDENTITY!!! UR PRONOUNS SHOULD BE WAGE/KEK

They're letting millions of migrants flood in to replace you. - Stage 1) housing, medical, and food on your taxpayer dollar- Stage 2) accelerated training programs state-funded for "needed professions" (trades, healthcare, good-paying jobs for working whites)- Stage 3) you're replaced at a much cheaper rate by people happy to live with roommates. Forget home ownership, or even your own apartment.

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>>427464626Dude, I don't know anyone that has dropped out of the workforce.I am about ready to help one of my kids finish up college. Wife and I are going to subsidize him for a year or so he can just go full time and complete his mechanical engineering degree. I'm cool helping a fellah out with a degree like that. Told him to get that degree, learn spanish and split to South America. That is where the big building projects of the near future are happening.

>>427478512The ride never ends

>>427467457Most men don't want children, you idiot

>>427466273That nigga has been on my mind. No cap, I been thinking about that time when I barebacked him raw in a Boca Raton Air BnB. That shit had to be the tightest, blackest, wettest boy pussy I've ever laid pipe into. I swear to God, the most heavenly high is gargling that wonderboy's nuts while going fist deep into his shitter. I had Spotemgottem screaming in the sheets with head too ridiculous to ignore. That nigga frotted my cock until he busted on my mouth, I had to return the favor. That nigga Spotemgottem and I been fucking non-stop ever since, but keep that shit on the DL. He does that shit for free. If you're gonna ask me how to "long" Spotemgottem, I'll be deadass. All you gotta do is ask, be straight up, and get physical real quick. Touch his nuts, get on ya knees, talk your shit. He doesn't play around with no pansy-ass niggas either. He likes his men manly, and his dick thick. Dark skin, 6'5 is the minimum and I ain't talking about height boy.That nigga Spotemgottem stole my heart and drank my seed.

>>427464316Why should I work for a society that hates me?>straight white male>women nowadays are fucking awful. The good ones were married off awhile ago. Pussy inflation and dating apps have ruined dating>impossible for average white men to get a good job. Women and minorities always preferred.>media and government hates you. get demonized for being white. get demonized for being man>Everything is so fucking expensive now. Can't afford college to improve my position, can't get a good car, can't afford to live on my own anywhere except the hood>won't join the military and die for a country that is doing everything it can to push me outI'll keep scrolling on 4chan, playing vidya, and working my shit job. Nothing gets better, only worse.

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>>427478030Not everyone is a loser in a dead end job

>>427464316>working for Jewish and Anglo Boomer corporations is our national identity. Not anymore!

>>427479266They don't want to marry the modern smartphone slut with tattoos, leggings, and a bottle of Valtrex, only to have Tyrone come back into her life when your kid is 5.

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>>427471484There's a lot of this going on now. Self-licking ice cream cone. Long term I imagine this will change as these business tend to run themselves into the ground once they embrace the racist anti-white woke shit.

>>427478435If working isn't going to give you your own biological children... what's the point of working? Call me when men are given guaranteed access to subsidized surrogacy.And good luck making the ultra privileged women and the minorities defend your country, I'm quite sure the first ones aren't going to flee in case of war and the second ones aren't going to join forces with the invaders, as immigrants did in Rome.The governments are the obstinate ones, because men don't have that many needs, and as long as you allow them to have families (subsidized surrogacy) they'll happily follow you. But if you give them FUCKING NOTHING while women are given E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G, you can be sure your country will follow the steps of Rome sooner or later, unless there is a revolution before that.

>>427478033I hope you're right

>>427464626>How the fuck do you survive? fraudulently claimed neetbux and gambling

>>427475756doing gods work

>>427479565I know! They're losers with no job!

Millions is still a low number relative to your total population. Most western countries have a higher unemployment rate. China has 20% youth unemployment.data.oecd.org/unemp/youth-unemployment-rate.htm

>>427464316i was one of them.My parents started bitching and moaning about it so i took the university admission tests and i got into the best law school in the country, now im a slave to my education, i drank the retard Kool aid and made my own life worse WTFat least iv gotten some zoomer pussy.

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>>427466186Yes but then new york becomes no ew new dehli

>>427465932>Feels good knowing womens rights wont last another centuryYepEither women return to white supremacy and bow down to the BWC, or they continue to import millions of violent brown people who inevitably kills us off and then promptly enslave them. Either way their slut "empowerment" party is coming to an end.

>>427472488A lot of truth here and blessed digits. You're right, the wealthy don't care where the labor comes from but corporations, municipalities, you name it are specifically discriminating against straight white people, currently.

>>427477517Shut up fag, I thought you were going to retire this "character" 8 months ago. Go away.

>>427478030Everybody knows you aren't the original Walmart user. Give it up.

>>427480794I was until I was asked by the committee here to host the 2022 Holla Forums Awards Show on December 28th, 2022. I did such a spectacular job that not only was I asked to host the 20th anniversary celebration on October 1st, but I was an inaugural 4chan Hall of Fame inductee. It's the year of the Breakroom, and you are gonna enjoy it!

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>>427480930>Everybody knows you aren't the original Walmart user.What happened then? This trip is around eight years old.

>>427464316thank god we just let in a massive amount of illegals

>>427480930Pretty sure he's some kind of fed on a shared account, he posts in any thread about the topic of labor, regardless of what time of day it is. If it's not a shared account then he literally browses this board like 20 hours a day every day. Not sure how that would be possible since he claims to have a job.

>>427464316Dropped out of a dead end job and industry. I was such an efficient worker the boss didn't want to fire me for talking about jews, niggs, pedos, fags ruining the country, so he got me fired for being late. Been on unemployment but I don't give a fuck because I can make quick bucks to get by.Feeling happier than ever, honestly, lots of opportunities now, more time for projects and family, not working for any fuck telling me what to do, or doing a job that has no fulfillment. Taking courses again to get in the game, get the money, and getting the fuck out. I help out my people around me.Let's get 60 more million to stop so we can dry off these fucking lazy jewish ticks sucking off our taxes and the 'federal reserve.' Let everything crash and burn so we can end the corrupt once and for all. God wills it.

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>>427465724What [are] you doing?

>>427466285I don't think that was the point of the pic.

>>427481203>Pretty sure he's some kind of fed on a shared account, he posts in any thread about the topic of labor, regardless of what time of day it is.I'm in any thread that tickels the intellectual (or the lack thereof) pickle. >If it's not a shared account then he literally browses this board like 20 hours a day every day. Not sure how that would be possible since he claims to have a job.Look at the incel flummoxed that someone is able to walk and chew bubblegum simultaneously. Wonderful.

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>>427476795Omg break room user! How are you fren?

>>427464316>GIBS PUSSYHow about you get it yourself? Faggots like you think life is an anime where you can pull a 6 or 7 despite looking and acting like a 3, then complain about how you "can't find" marriageable women. They're out there, but the decent ones don't want to settle for a 5'6" incel who can't get a salaried job. Quit society if you want, frankly the gene pool will be better off without your kind anyways, but at least don't cry like a nigger about gibs.

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>>427479259It does when I finally have the balls to put a gun in my mouth (which will be never).

>>427464626I’m alone as well and have been for over 12 years now. I used to wage slave but after what was left of my domicile was completely eroded and dissipated out of existence I decided to debtmax (did it before it was a thing). Took out a bunch of loans and basically bought a van and applied to welfare. Been living this way ever since.

>>427482100>They're out therePics or it didn't happen.

>>427482100>”you just have to work hard!”>literally insults his height, a characteristic that can’t be changed with hard workDo roasties really…

>>427481990Pretty good. Back from a 2 week ban from some aussie asshole mad I revealed Chris Chan's group home address. If there's anyone who knows his name, his address, his number, things like that, that would be great as I'm suing him.

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>>427481792Post a picture of "your" breakroom again (I guess we're just not supposed to notice that the layout changes every time)

>>427464626I've got 3 flats on inheritance. Skill issue

>>427482289I post submissions from fans as the breakroom character reflects anyone in the retail world.

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>>427482100>Faggots like you think life is an anime where you can pull a 6 or 7 despite looking and acting like a 3You sound like a woman. I get the reasoning, but judging the quality of a man by his height or ability to pull 6s is nigger shit.

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>>427482328>inheritanceNiggas born on third base thinking they hit a triple. Such is the case.

>>427464316this is such horseshit. i put in a ton of applications these niggas trying to get people with 10 years of experience and college degrees fuck em.

>>427482591They're wish lists.

>>427482237Don't recall saying anything about working for it, just gotta know what your limit is. If God gave you shit genetics you gotta roll with it and settle for what's attainable, not bitch about never getting the real life waifu of your dreams. Misaki isn't coming to save you bro.

>>427472488I remember the first time I watched gangs of New York This is the take of a 12 year old Why does every first world need an unending stream of migrants? Why don’t we just help countries become self sustaining?

First off they're lying. Second they're paying less than half what they should be relative to the cost of living. The rich have never been richer. It would be a better idea for civilization to fast and collapse and let the parasites die then rebuild than contribute to these tapeworms growing any larger.The level of parasitism is so far beyond what you know. The biggest welfare niggers on the planet are the richest people on the planet.

The US government, media, and corporations have spent the last few decades screaming about diversity, women's rights, mass immigration, and LGBTQI+ rights. What did you think was going to happen? Men are no longer going to want to be part of society

>>427464316Make population smarter. Population realizes working so Jews can suck child blood isn't really benefiting anyone but Jews and decide not to participate. Who coulda seen this coming. I work just enough to get by, doing odds and ends without ever really having a boss for long. I get more in government gibs then I spend because why not, nigs doing the same but they don't even bother working and just shit out more kids. Might as well get a piece of the pie before it all collapses.

Maybe I should lay off this NPNW idea.Go get a job. Work long hours for pay that is progressively worth less and less. Still can't buy a home so I have to rent. Shack up with random bar or tinder whores and get seven incurable stds and vax aids. Eventually get one knocked up and have my wages from the job I didn't want to do in the first place garnished on child support so she can shop for handbags. Get zero respect for all of my efforts. Still pay taxes.Or don't. NPNW seems like the right choice here.


Attached: 1682847205291783.jpg (290x390, 38.1K)

>>427482174Why not use that gun on a carefully chosen target, someone who is actually responsible our predicament?

>>427464316>have you offered to pay them more?>THIS INTERVIEW IS OVER!>calm down man I didn't say enough to buy pay rent, buy a house or a car or have a family!

>>427482484>You sound like a woman. I get the reasoning, but judging the quality of a man by his height or ability to pull 6s is nigger shit.Nah, I just actually talk to women. It's not fair, but life wasn't fair to begin with anyways. Women and men both want certain things, you gotta work with what you got and know what's attainable and what's out of reach. Call it settling if you want, you'll be happier in life regardless. Or quit society, that's cool too. But quit bitching like an actual nigger about how you "deserve" pussy or else you won't work. That kind of mentality won't help you at all, especially since AI will kill most office jobs anyways.

>>427482241Do you have any hobbies breakroom user?

>>427482953>quit bitchingNope. The bitching will continue. It's what makes people the angriest.

>>427482881If you're aren't a generational poster and an inaugural 4chan Hall of Fame inductee lower your tone when talking to me.

Attached: Screenshot_20230317_221601.jpg (1079x1434, 1.38M)

>>427482521the self made man is a literal fairy tale. starting with Horatio Alger it is all a con game but now more than ever before thank to the fed bank and fed govt.

>>427483082I would if I wasn't worrying all the time.

Attached: Screenshot_20230406_062647.jpg (1079x1434, 960.13K)

>>427482100>frankly the gene pool will be better off without your kind anywaysThis is all I needed to hear, keep on paying my welfare, sissy

>>427464316Good>no work no pussy Don't care either way about the incel movement, but I welcome whatever hurts globohomo.

Attached: 1684382705074976.jpg (591x739, 156.95K)

>>427483351>keep on paying my welfareThing is I was on that too right out of college and I know for a fact you can't live comfortably on it. The fact you guys have to keep using that like it's some secret technique to beat society shows even you know it's not effective, otherwise you wouldn't tell everyone else about it out of fear people will put work requirements and other roadblocks on it.

>>427483205whatever bucko

>>427482693Because as Gore Vidal once said, "It's not enough to succeed: Others must fail."The world is run by narcissistic psychopaths. Think O'Brien from 1984. Or this guy:youtube.com/watch?v=7wQXnycq1lMThree thousand people slaughtered, but kek kek kek with a little string-pulling he finally got his shekels. Gloat gloat gloat. Larry probably has very tight personal security, but do his children and grandchildren? I hope so, because it would be absolutely evil if some maniac hurt them.

>>427482948"Consultants" for decades have sent reports to kiked up management telling them what they want to hear. That higher pay doesn't increase retainment or employee productivity. It's a lie of course, they hire these consultants to tell them that so they have an excuse to be kikes and buy a bigger boat.

>>427483205Why are those not strapped to the pallets?

>>427483846Ask the geniuses at the walmart distribution center.

>>427483947Call them and report it to management. That's dangerous and likely violates several actual regulations. Before I was a logistics manager I worked the dock, shipping receiving as part of the sales job I have. Heavy shit like that absolutely has to be strapped. down.


>>427464316That's about how many illegals they've imported over the past 30-40 years.

>>427464626Literally family. It's apparently an issue with Americans, mainly white people who struggle with this concept. Immigrants will 90% of the time be supportive to their family and their racial group.

>>427464316Wow, long covid has really taken a toll

>>427465321When they act like this I just skip straight to the point and ask them out. They deserve to be made feel uncomfortable for creating an awkward situation.

>>427483692>The fact you guys have to keep using that like it's some secret technique to beat societyTURN OFF YOUR EGO FOR A SECOND, I don't give a shit what society thinks or says. I want to live a comfortable life and have all my needs met:-nice food>internet>laptop>small apartmentI don't need anything else, stop projecting your normie way of thinking. I am a socially defeated ugly man, I won't lift a finger anymore to contribute to chads, normie and women.


>>427464316Construction jobs for a carpenter with 10 years of experience start at $20/hr in Omaha lol. Inflation aka unlimited money printing is destroying our economy and society

>>42748512720 an hour for carpenter?Fuck that. I want to know what that paid in the 50s and 60s.

>>427485239More than enough to have 3 cars, a 5 bedroom house, a big yard, a housewife and atleast 3 children and a yearly vacation to Florida

>>427485239That's ~250 USD at current prices

>>427484638>I want to live a comfortable life and have all my needs metThen why are you in psuedo MGTOW thread bitching about lack of pussy? No idea if you've done it ITT but that's 75% of what goes on here. If you enjoy living the way you do, cool. If you're just gonna keep complaining online about how you can't get pussy then I'm gonna keep laughing at you and calling you out because 1.) it amuses me and 2.) bullying sometimes helps people improve themselves, which would be an even better outcome for both of us.


>>427485565>>427485525Fuck recession. Fuck depression. This is an economic dead horse.

>>427476795tf? Horses? It‘s actually hustlers. free young thug, mozart of our times.

>>427485645You were the one that said shit about us not being a part of the genepool, so I just said keep paying my welfare. >psuedo MGTOW15% of men over 50 years old are childless, 35% of first marriages end in divorce, 10-15% of white men have children with nonwhite women, these numbers will only continue to grow. The "get no pussy" crew is going to grow and you'll reach Japan levels of loneliness. Except you won't have the 99% homogeneous country. >If you're just gonna keep complaining online about how you can't get pussyWhere did I complain?>bullying sometimes helps people improve themselvesProven false again and again, bullying is mostly aimed and ugly/short/autistic men who have absolutely no way of changing their situation. They're serving a lifetime sentence in the genetic prison. As I said, keep on paying taxes so I as a genetic dead end can continue to cruise through life with a brown pussy hooker from time to time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

>>427464316This thread again? Not that I disagree with the premise, but you wouldn't happen to be some glowie who is trying to get young men to do something they'll regret, are you?>>427483205This is probably the most retail picture I've seen from you, I hope you thank the DC for such an opportunity.

>>427485645calling him out?You are a retard who doesn't understand NPNW of MGTOW. Its evident from your posts which is why you're not getting anywhere. You are literally blind as to why you're so unconvincing.Go and suck a nigger dick you spastic.

>>427464316You will serve your country to get 3 meals a day when the food chain collapses

>>427486407His just too delusional, the problem with normies(men who aren't friendless incels) is their inability to understand social defeat and the constant projection of their ego.

>>427486156Have it your way, I'm just gonna keep laughing about how you could literally change your life today if you lowered your standards and put a modicum of effort into self improvement. I can tell you're genuinely thrilled about your current life situation, given the fact you need to keep defending it on 4chan of all places. You're not destined to be miserable, but you can choose to be so, and I can and will choose to keep laughing at you in these types of threads.

>>427486471>when the food chain collapsesLmao, this is the boogeyman since the 80s. Nothing will ever happen anytime soon.

>>427464316This is considered a problem for who? It doesn't seem like a problem that anyone wants to solve for young white men.

>>427464316But the future is female so who cares. This is what they wanted and preached how things should be?I personally think men should be banned from military service because of how their toxic masculinity causes violence and sexual assault.

Attached: 1684437695422832.png (693x296, 159.7K)


Attached: 1634304937744.png (733x564, 712.03K)

>>427486407>Its evident from your posts which is why you're not getting anywhere.Not really trying very hard honestly. Most of you are past redemption, because you keep choosing to be miserable throughout your lives and are unlikely to get better. It is fun pointing that out and watching retards like you get so defensive though. I'm also frankly flattered to be called a normie, because I don't think many would call me that. Knowing fags like you think so makes me feel a little better about myself though.

Holla Forums should rebake the /raider/ bro general's, that shit was so cozy, raider life is best life.

>>427486630Again you just don't understand, you simply can't even imagine what it's like to be me, a hideously ugly man born in a morally decaying society. It's not about having it "my" way, it's about choosing the most sane option as a sub 3 man. >you could literally change your life today if you lowered your standardsProjection the post. Lower what standards? If you brought a handicapped morbidly obese woman I'd be more than happy to be her boyfriend, but with you normies it's always the standards boogeyman.>I can tell you're genuinely thrilled about your current life situation, given the fact you need to keep defending it on 4chan of all placesI'm not thrilled at all, it is what it is. And I've been on this site for more yhan10 years now, it's cunts like you who absolutely refuse to understand our situation. >keep laughing at you in these types of threadsI'm laughing too, I thought my life was a tragedy but realised it was a comedy. How absurd it is, a few mm of bone have made me live hell.

>>427487066You do you bro. Genuinely hope your lot improves, but know you gotta work for it, despite how "normie" that may sound.

>>427464316>60 millionThis number keeps going up with every post.

>>427487247Yeah bro, I'm sure normies had to selfimproooooooooooove to make friends and get a girlfriend. ROFLMAO

>>427464316>60 million prime working age>"Dropped ouT"you mean dropped like flies and iT is noT being reporTed

Attached: 1679501910376721.jpg (677x499, 38.13K)

>>427464316>Simple asStop talking like a fucking nigger

>>427486922Is it defensiveness to be shocked at how fucking stupid you can be?I'm not neet or single btw, I'm just capable of thought.


>>427464316>Heh, if we are stronger, we will definitely win!Too bad for them, they had never heard about non-compliance before.I don't need to beat them in a fight, I can simply refuse to do anything at all and it will also kill their system long term.

what are you gonna do? beat me like a nigger till I stop acting depressed around you?

>>427464316Men should have left a long time ago.

Attached: image_2023-05-18_215843056.png (800x1126, 1.17M)

>>427469306>food and shelterbasically free outside of niggertown if you aren't an idiot

>>427477910I can live on 2 euro a day for food in Germany.

>>427484452when they act like that, I just stop talking to them.why bother and reward her with a date where you provide her with entertainment for an afternoon?

>>427487967>I'm not neet or single btwWhy'd you have to say that unless you're getting defensive? Literally why would I give a fuck about that?

>>427476899yes you can if you're not an idiot.guy in my town started a painting business from scratch. calls himself The British Painter so everyone knows he's white. he's booking 3 months out. meanwhile spics begging for work outside home depot.you can't outbid a spic in a 1:1 pre-set scenario - in the real world, where they're literally too dumb to write a craigslist post, it's easy as fuck.you can literally go from homeless to hiring spics to work for you in 2 weeks if you are white.

>>427472488but but muh bootstraps and i can be rich too

>>427464626NEET BUX and Bitscam

>>427464316Oh nooooo a general strike just flew over my houseonce the money stops flowing the rats will have to weave their scams elsewhere and tax dollars will no longer be used against the people.Lightpost decorations.The only good fed is a dead fed.

>>427488581because im pointing out that you don't have to follow this philosophy personally to empathise with those that do.You subnormal excuse for a human being.

>>427488593I don't have a van (or a vehicle) or a garage for said equipment. Sucks. No. I'm not carrying that shit up for floors.

>>427469416And part of that is because the SAME GROUP OF PSYCHOPATH PEOPLE CONTROL THE FLOW OF INFORMATION ACROSS 5 COMPANIES AND ASSET MANAGEMENT FIRMS. You will sell day in and day out and all of your deals will pull out magically at the 11th hour and ghost you.These motherfuckers are literally a fucking cancer that needs to be purged.

>>427489245So you got your job and gf by bitching in a glowie thread on 4chan about how globohomo keeps you from getting pussy? Wow, you're genuinely the first I know of to do that.

>>427464316and 600 million billion gorillion illegal aliens pour in every hour of every day dropping out only hurts you >simple asyou sound like a fucking nigger

>>427471022> send application for a highly specific role with a highly specific set of skills and knowledge required> quite literally 1 minute later> we've thoroughly review your resume and regret to inform you blah blah blahI've had resume reviewers, career coaches, even tested ATS systems through my own company. A literal decade+ of experience in a field that they claim is in high demand. Not even a phone screen. Meanwhile I have a few buddies constantly being promoted that quite literally don't know shit (and they're honest about not knowing shit). It's all fucked.

>>427472488>>427472488This is why people need to apply pressure and radicalize those in Europe, Asia and Africa. Get each and every one of those countries on the brink of a civil war so that glownigger resources are taken away from young white males who just want to work and put on potential fires all across the globe.

>>427489513I got my job by being smarter than fuckups like you.I don't deny black pill realities. I just live around them.Goodnight you worthless fuckstick.

>>427476795I shit in the Walmart bathroom and never, ever flush. Clean it up wagie

>>427490141lol goodnight sperging autist

>>427480983fat loser


>>427490199Sorry I'm not a maintenance associate. They make the big bucks to handle such matters. Thanks for not acting white. >>427490569Nigger shut up you don't even know me. The weight figure i give is a combination of my shoot weight compounded with the grief and anger y'all cause me on a daily basis.

Attached: Screenshot_20230318_075751.jpg (1079x1429, 1.31M)

>>427467457>It's dey womyn!! Retard. One single look at the world's post powerful people will tell you that society is ruled by Jews and Chinks, all male. Females are simple pawns that have done nothing but showcase how embarassingly passive white men have become. Tyrone is punching Shaniqua in the neck for not having an abortion, but Tommy lowers his head and looks away when Stacy makes fun of him at work. Half of the population can easily dominate the other half, yet we just let the demoralization continue. But keep blaming 5'2'' tall females for all your problems if it helps you to sleep at night.

Attached: 1682425959769492.jpg (399x398, 27.3K)

>>427490868Fat bitch enjoy smelling my ass next shift. I shidd and fard in Walmarts

>>427491039Try finishing high school first.

>>427490898Retards on here will continue to defend women, what a fucking cesspool this board has become

>>427478693Whites have become too nice, and politicians are basically free to keep making decisions that go against their interests. January 6th happened and not a single relevant authority figure was killed or even injured. When a powerful kike in Germany or the UK finally gets Shinzo Abe'd, then MAYBE the West will begin to heal.


>>427491558Why not? Women are wonderful.

>>427491860Nope. It will be even worse, this year it's gonna be a lot of fun. Specially for Europeans. EU is already planning to tax older buildings because of carbon hoax, and if you don't use required materials to innovate you will be taxed even more or in 5-10 years you can lose that building completely. Yep it's going to be fun... EU is going full nazi.

>>42746431660 million unenslaved goyims!This is a dollarcost of the Jews!

>>427491558Keep crying, memeflaggot. Holes are pawns. They're not the scheming supervillains you want them to be. They're means to an end much like niggers and immigrants. Klaus Schwab himself could announce a plan to import convicted Somali rapists into Sweden right now and zoomers in this board would start screeching how based he is for dunkin on le whyte wymin. You're a tool like the females, a tool ashamed of his own national identity.

>>427464316Very organic bread.

>>427492716How can I be ashamed of a national identity I'm not even a part of? Lmao buddyboyo I can't breed, I'm not a part of the game. Dnrd the rest of your cope

>>427488417how? what do you eat? got any recipes or anything also?

>>427464316Amazing that nobody wants to work for $15/hour when you need to be making like 100k year to live comfortably on your own

>>427464316>no pussyif you cant get pussy you dont deserve it. its literally so easy in 2023

>>427493454If you can't defend yourself you deserve to die, if you can't prosper in today's economy you deserve to be a wageslave, it's that simple

The only thing working did was take up all my time for money that did not make me any happier

>>427464316its a national emergency when white men stop working

>>427490898Give men guaranteed access to subsidized surrogacy and I'll gladly praise my female overlords. As if I gave a shit at this point...

>>427464316This is what happens when you pay women

>>427464316something about that number seems wrong

>>427493454if you cant get your own house you dont deserve it. its literally so easy in 2023


Attached: 1683939053902335.webm (500x1080, 1.59M)

>>427494053Sorry pussy don't cost a milly plus property tax, incel.

>>427494529Mhmmm, not my problem, sweetheart. Continue to pay taxes so NEETS, single mothers and nogs can lay all day and do nothing.

>>427479488Move to El Salvador

Attached: 2021-11-21T054912Z_522979261_RC2LYQ9H2QR9_RTRMADP_3_EL-SALVADOR-BITCOIN.jpg (1800x1800, 705.85K)

>>427464626currently neeting off my poor mom but I will be a man and join the service for a few years to get her some money in return

>>427494739The charity can't last forever.

>>427464316You forgot:NO HOUSE = NO FAMILYThe anchor of a civilized society. Why care for a state and its future if it doesn't allow you one ?They're working hard to make sure only the cheapest and most unqualified make it into the workforce. Additionally stupid shit and slave-like conditions exist while anything that offers something of value for quality or effort is absent.I know they're betting that AI development will soon fix this whole situation and they can just forget and ignore the people, even the cheap and unqualified ones that they've imported before. Won't happen. 2 scenarios:1) no AI and everything needs to be handcrafted and tested for each specific situation, with the chance of fucking up still2) a lobotomized AI that fucks up and fails3) a proper AI that takes over

>>427479153You’ll think I’m bullshitting you but Nigeria will likely be a major player 50-80 years from now, there’s a million questions why, common one is why not South Africa over Nigeria and for that look at their economies and Nigeria is already mopping the floor with them, and if you look into any of metric you think is a predicate for success in 100 years you will see

>>427494986Keep on barking, it'll last for years to come. And even if it fails I still have ways to defend myself and supplies stashed for atleast a year. I've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

>>427495121If anyone said in 1800 the United States would become a super power in 100 years they’d have been mocked Same for anyone making the claim for China in 1900

>>427464316This was the game plan all alongYou are simply doing what you are supposed toMost labor will taken over by automationAny remaining men will be slave laborall women will be breading cattle for a very few elitethinks tens of thousands of whores to a man the elite will live in paradise on the back of your demiseand there is nothing you can do to stop itfight it you will losekill yourself you give them what they wanted anyways the human race species been defeated and subjugated

>>427495399>kill yourself you give them what they wanted anyways the human race species been defeated and subjugatedAnd how is this an incel's problem?

>>427465232Demand what? All pussy is not virgin anymore

>>427495197>And even if it fails I still have ways to defend myself and supplies stashed for atleast a year.Wow someone's in for the long haul.

>>427495642I agree. I blame hairbrush handles.

>>427495399schizo retard

>>427495399>Sex is paradise No user, you understand nothing, those elites understand nothingOne day I shall write the manual for true happiness and enlightenment Trust me user, endless hedonism is not paradise, not at all

Attached: 1683670353545626.png (800x800, 632.2K)

>>427495399>He thinks civilization will last long enough for automated techno-feudalism to fully come into being.No. Nice digits, however.

Attached: dreadlord laugh.jpg (494x490, 63.04K)

>>427495975>One day I shall write the manual for true happiness and enlightenmentThe Georgia Guidestones already exist.

>>427464316based. NEETS will collapse this kike controlled system. ACCELERATE

>>427496076I don't want collapse tho, this is too comfy. Status quo till I die

>>427483205What does generational poster even mean here faggot

>>427496076its not going to collapse its going to move past youits not that the system failed you you are obsolete for the systemwhat is coming is taking out the trash (you)

>>427494529if houses cost a milly plus property tax, get a second and third job and stop complaining like a lazy entitled faggot , no one is entitlted to a house


>>427496076NEETSn. people of little or no motivation and little or no critical thinking capabilities. similar: goyim, sheep, cattle

Attached: IMG_4995.jpg (1152x2048, 417.2K)

>>427496516>if you don't wageslave selflessly for a society where you get no virgin wife, no loyal friends and no children you're lacking critical thinkingWe have a critical thinker here, trannies and gentlemen

>>427476795>horsesSo we should be like domesticated animals used purely for labor?

>>427496076>NEETS will collapse this kike controlled system.No, wasteful government spending and invasion of shithole countries will do that. >>427496237Originally it was "once-in-a-generation poster", but it didn't test well with a focus group outfit I hired. >>427496418>get a second and third jobThere's only 24 hours in a day, kiddo.

Attached: Screenshot_20230314_110936.jpg (1079x806, 575.32K)

>>427496418nobody told me life would be east or fair when I was born. who is lying to all of you?

>>427496516Real talk.>>427496692Never heard of a workhorse?

>>427496763They didn't get the memo

>>427496736>There's only 24 hours in a day, kiddoNot an excuse, keep on grinding, keep on hustling, SHOOT FOR YOUR DREAMS ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE

I'm trying to find a job myself. The fact there's so many places hiring at $13-17/hr when the minimum wage here is $7.25 is sort of concerning. If they can't get people at that amount, which is still poverty after inflation, worries me that things must be pretty bad.

>>427496681i already got quackin. what's your excuse?

Attached: IMG_4874.png (1528x1600, 223.79K)

>>427496736>short stature vestwhy do they have to single out manlets like that? just size it small and put it with the normal ones

>>427496820aw crap not again. god damnit carol

>>427496896Ironic posting Donald Duck, he's the loser/incel of the Disney world.

>>427464316I went to college and graduated at the top of my class. Every prestige job I deserved went to unqualified brown kids via affirmative action. Now I just live off my money. If these faggot corpos want cheap diversity hires so bad then they can live with the consequences.

>>427496782Why would I want to be a workhorse?

>>427497047i'm a navy seal and i graduated top of my class


Attached: IMG_5016.jpg (1280x720, 189.39K)

>>427465321"wanna fuck?">sure/ no"your place or mine"wow so hard

>>427496763Nobody told me I had to participate either, then. Hope you don't mind me staying home.

>>427497331I take it you've never watched anything Disney had back in the day.

>>427477910>i spend 20 bucks for a whole monthwhat do you eat?

>>427464316Wow, it's almost like people are tired of brainlet corporate psychopaths and are done jumping through 99 hoops for a minimum wage job.I literally had an asshole ask me "why do i think id be good at this job". It was a busboy job. I, literally drove a 3000lbs vehicle safely through traffic to the interview and now I have to answer some time-waster question about my ability to wash utensils?I've had assholes tell me "we dont put our hands in our pockets". I've had assholes do some trickeroo interviews about random shit to see how I'd react.It's maddening to see these dicks drive America into the ground.Wanna fix America? Start killing millionaires who got rich without inventing something legitimatey unique and useful. Period.