Has anyone actually seen a nuke?

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yes, many people. are you dumb?

>>427463105Back in my time in Iraq, they showed a ICBM ballistic missile by our military. That's the most surprising yet most wonderful weapon I've ever seen.

>>427463105they b;ew up tnt and gave fake data

>>427463105My penis hardens. Release the nukes!

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>>427463105My uncle works at Nintendo and he saw 2.

>>427463105my grandfather did in the navy. it gave him facial skin and brain cancer that eventually killed him. kys zoomer

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>>427463873that's me btw

>>427464562seems like you spend to much time here^^

>>427464730I lied

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>>427463328You saw it explode, or just .... A metal tube collecting dust is what you saw?If you didn't see it get used, then why bring this bullshit fake story up in the first place

>>427463512does that say Dale Earnhardt?

>>427464840i'm shocked and appalled

>>427463105You will on the 23rd of May.

Nukes don’t exist

>>427463105>Tasr Bomb>USSRMmmm

>>427464840still more realistic than "nuke" footage where the camera is unaffected.

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>>427463105Of course not, because they'd be blinded by the flash if they did lmao.

>>427463512Yes same as my uncle it wiped him out by 1892, and his kids have all been very ill too.. but I think they just used a dirty bomb not a nuclear warhead.?.?

>>427465175There camera was in a lead brick building facing away from blast.


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>>427463105/may/ - Preparing for the 23rd of May General>>427465515>/may/ - Preparing for the 23rd of May General>>427465515/may/ - Preparing for the 23rd of May General>>427465515>/may/ - Preparing for the 23rd of May General>>427465515/may/ - Preparing for the 23rd of May General>>427465515>/may/ - Preparing for the 23rd of May General>>427465515

>>427463105>Tsar Bomba>The heat from the explosion could have caused third-degree burns 100 km (62 mi) away from ground zero.That's crazy mang

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>>427463105youtube.com/watch?v=43M1IkCu_YcIf you look closely you can see that all that black smoke is actually the ship that was vaporized.

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>>427463105The fact that no non-state actor has ever detonated a nuke is a real tell that nukes are fake and gay

>>427463105People from Las Vegas used to go watch the Nevada tests.pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperience/features/atomic-tourism-nevada/https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2014-08-08/atomic-tests-were-a-tourist-draw-in-1950s-las-vegas?in_source=embedded-checkout-banner

>>427463105NUKES. ARE. FAKE.

>>427463328I mean how could they fake the films ?

>>427463105Not one go off, but I've seen and touched a real nuke. Work in private nuclear materials cleanup firm. (I get paid well to basically be a nuclear materials janitor). Worked with airforce on cleanup project.

>>427463362They used TNT for structure tests, not for nuclear detonation data.

>>427468509clean it up, jannie

>>427463105Where is all this magic radiation from thousends of those bombas? youtu.be/LLCF7vPanrY

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>>427468509if this isn't a larp, stop my dude before you find yourself on both newsmax and cnn

>>427465175It's not like they built bunkers and also used the largest zoom lenses available at the time.

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>>427466433kek, that movie is pure jewish propaganda

>>427463105America is the country that has suffered more nuclear explosions than Japan.youtu.be/mhAqVLqoJTA

>>427468509He's so cute in his character.Vidya is official (((nuke))) footage, Fake, Jewish and Enola Gay.

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>>427468717>zomg radiationkek. the trilateral commission did a number over on people

>>427468249They are really hard to make and use without necessary tech and production, and those that exist are well protected, more than anything else in the military. You can asseble your own private army and become a king of some country in africa and it still would be easier and cheaper than build a working nuke

>>427463105Try asking on a Japanese board

>>427469004Sure Chang

>>427468789This is public info... so far. Wasn't an accident or anything. Part of standard maintenance contracted out99% of the time, we are cleaning up old x-ray machines that pop up in trash dumps. (Fun).

>>427468999You don't say.

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>>427468946Not watchin that 0.5 FPS video

>>427468249The fact that no freemason ever fucked a small child in full public view is a real tell that freemasons would never fuck a small child.

>>427469004That's the most retarded answer. Shit can easily get stollen. Russia sells the materials and ICBMs

>>427463105Many people have. Many are still alive. The aspects of a Nuclear weapon cannot be replicated with just TNT alone. Heat, Radiation, The flash of light cannot be replicated with normal explosives on a scale that millions of people have seen from 1945 thru 1962. You need to consider that many of the nuclear tests were also viewed by the general public. The high altitude tests could not have been TNT.

>>427468946this whole video is a fraction of a seconds made in something like 1000000fps with many many cameras that shoot shots in turn like a minigun

>>427469227Why would you. You're a salesman.

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>>427463362>they b;ew up tnt and gave fake dataYou make the claim first, Prove it.

>>427465096>DoubtThis is why they called Putin's bluff, they know no one has nukes


>>427464562Based>>427464840Is this real?>>427465038Checked

>>427469312>Russia sells the materials and ICBMsInteresting claim. Prove it.


>>427465175lol, that's a miniature. Movie magic

>>427463105A saw a few videos of them...

>>427469338They'll say those high altitude tests never existed because reasons

>>427469168>MinneapolisAn improvement

>>427463105Fake and gay

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>>427463105My grandpa said he used to be able to see them when they used to test them in Nevada from his house in Las Vegas

>>427463105the documentary "Trinity and Beyond" show severalyoutube.com/watch?v=hOQ3EQjIo5I

>>427464967>everything I haven't seen isn't realYou fucking retard, are you 12? I hope you get anally raped this week.

>>427463273prove they aren't crisis actors

>>427463105why do retarded kikes shills slide this thread 1000xi don't see an end goal in the promotion of this dogshit thread>urbed

>>427471263crisis actor in which detonation specifically? and no, "all of them" isn't an answer. there have been tons of detonations. name some specific detonations.

>>427463105Yeah, plenty of japanese people and military personel have witnessed nukes explodingyoutube.com/watch?v=aHKieI3fPnwhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLOmxg4249wI dunno what's so hard to believe about nuclear bombs, what a retarded conspiracy theory, it's even worse than flat earth.Also it's a good thing there's nukes, means Israel is a couple dozen nukes away from being vaporized.

>>427463105>another Holla Forums thread where brainlets waste their time on utter nonsenseMany such cases. Why is Holla Forums like this?

There's literally hundreds of clips of footage of the damned things exploding. All of this faked? For whom? Why bother? You can find a bunch of footage from the russians as well, it's all out there.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvGO_dWo8VfcmG166wKRy5z-GlJ_OQND5

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>>427463105My grandpa did back in the 50's. You used to be able to go to Las Vegas then take a tour bus to a "safe" observing location and watch them test nukes.

I did. And I dont want to see it for the second time. Its fucking terrifying

>>427463105They're definitely fake. Look how hard this thread is getting slid.

>OPHas anybody actually seen a nuke?>Gullible RetardsUm yes sweetie I have *seen* one, just look at this video which proves I have *seen* oneStrange logic from nukoids ITT

>>427463105yes there are russians sitting in 5 story tall nuclear powered submarines in the icy depths carrying replicas in the enormous weapons 18 weapons tubes

>>427471263have you looked at any of the responses in this thread? have you actually done research? have you gone to meet anyone who saw anything ever? there are tons of people alive today that have seen nuke detonations. have you bothered to contact them? no, you haven't. you haven't done any work at all. see>>427474235


Slide thread to get someone to sperg out government or corporate secrets on nuclear capability and strength of their nation. Like with that bragging airman. But more than likey aimed at the usa. No not many have seen nukes cause of le-deaths, le-radiation and le-human rights.

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>>427477493wrong, you're not that special trust me.

>>427465175The smoke moves right back after hitting the house, weird. I suspect it was made in some hangar.

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>>427471263>HURRR DURRR IS "X" REALLY TRUE??????>well yes actually, here is why>ERMMMM UHHHH HOW ABOUT GOAL-POST MOVING?lmao

>>427464840BRO WHAT THE FUCK?????? Is that cat real???

>>427463105Ukraine and Germany deserve a nuke on them.

>>427479722least blood thirsty Parisian

>>427465175American education

>>427469394Prove that you're human first.

>>427471263Bot or genuine mental illness

>>427467897whats the big deal? a little bigger than the beirut explosion. thats just a shitload of tnt. >>427468044doesnt prove nukes are real>>427468142great quality, thank you

>>427479441*Explosions are real

>>427479409The explosion first blasts away all the air. After the pressure from the explosion recedes, air rushes back to fill the vacuum.

>>427471263Your mom's a crisis actor. I went in and out of her like the kids walking through the sandy hook school over and over.

>>4274683042000 nuclear explosions say otherwise. Lots of them in the atmosphere. Some ions are still flying around. Some still give people skin cancer (you know, they have to blame some skin cancers on the sun and not on that for a reason).

Go to a cemetery in Hiroshima with a Ouija.

>>427469312No it doesn't .... errr, there's a claim that Israel was stealing nukes for its Dimona plant from US... but yeah.. .who really knows the truth.

Saw a couple of nukes 22 years ago.

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>>427480968bullshit, you would be blind

>>427463105I saw a nuke. I felt it explode in my asshole, and I had an image of it burning out of my mouth as it went off. It was the biggest orgasm I'd ever had.

>>427469312You are the retard. Nukes are very expensive and demand too much resources. A non-state actor wouldn't be able to produce it without making it evident, and when it happens, the CIA, MI6 and many government would prevent it at all costs. And stealing a nuke is impossible, they're more guarded than the president itself.

>>427468304NUKES. ARE. NOT. FAKE.see, anyone can state anything without evidence. but there is so much evidence of nukes. where is your evidence that there aren't nukes because you crying and screaming?

>>427481134have you ever looked at an eclipse with special glasses? same thing. you're a real fucking idiot

>>427463105yes, in my dreams and my dreams come true so its the same thing really

Omg, nuke flash made shadows permanent!

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>>427463105Yes. Seen the explosion, no.

If this man says so, it must be true.

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>>427481909jews say water is real so water must not be real

>>427472795Almost as many nuclear survivors as the Holocaust.

>>427469243>freemasons would never fuck a small child.I'm quite sure that is all they doit's like 80% dungeons and dragons shit and 20% raping murdering and eating peopleand 110% gayness

nuke are real2t nuke was exploded in ukraine

>>427469372space is fake and gay

>>427463105>Has anyone actually seen a nuke?My father saw one when he was in the RAF in the 1950s.What's your point, little potato?

Manhatten project.

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>>427465096Actually it won't be until the 1st of June

>>427482553Yes, very. Black holes in the mind.

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>>427463105Back in the day when we still did nuclear tests they would give out tickets for spectators to go watch the tests .

Boomer Air Force brat here. I watched one from where I lived in North Las Vegas in 1956. They would tell you the day and you would get up before dawn and look to the north. There would be a very bright flash and 15 minutes or so later you would see what was left of the mushroom cloud drift towards Utah. We used to buy milk from the dairies in Mesquite along the path of the fallout. Sixty years later my thyroid gland was toast.

>>427465455My nephew was in the navy is 1534. He also saw a nuke one time. He is become very sick still? .??..?

>>427463105>nuclear reactors are fake>chernobyl, fake>xrays, fakek keep me posted

>>427471161>everything I haven't seen is realNot exactly. You mistake skepticism with foolishness because you are naive. Everything I haven't seen is potentially not true. Hasn't let me down yet. It's good to approach life with skepticism. Did you know that governments are known to lie? Do you believe the 9/11 narrative too? Same government making the claims

>>427482701The show must go on.

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>>427482946>these prove nuclear bombs are real and they workGood luck with that

>>427463105Lol 200,000ft is basivcally touching the moon

>>427463105the fuck do you think the sun is? they launch a nuke every day to fake the sun so retards won't realise the earth is flat.

>>427465175this shit is so funnycan't believe there are anons here who believe this shit. truly demoralised

>>427463105My grandfather watched one blow up over his ship.

>>427463362They blew up tnt and dispersed radioactive dust.It's basically just a big dirty bomb psy op

>>427463105yeah, when i fucked your mom

Precision nukes. This building but not that one.

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>>427480968that you did, sir.


>>427463105Not me

>>427482555My dad saw a dinosaur once, it's true believe me!

>>427484830You do know the majority of buildings were wood right? Notice how it's concrete ones still standing. Are you retarded?

>>427463105>Has anyone actually seen a nuke?Yes there are people who survived Negoksai and Hiroshima and worked at other nuke tests.

>>427463512>>427465455My aunt also have seen one. That's why I'm shut in autist

>>427463105Why got so many hollywooder cancer after working near test areas in Utah? Including based John Wayne.

>>427486672Just like these, right?

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>>427463105>test pilot for Tsar Bomb - Durnotsevlmaoonly slavs will understand

>>427474774This thread is the slide thread dumbass. Let me guess they are also sliding the flat earth threads too?

>>427463512My grandpa was on a skeleton crew that brought ships used in testing back to port. He said they disembarked in San Francisco in regular uniforms as they were passed by researchers in protective gear boarding. He died of cancer.

>>427473312Bunch of chemicals to generate a lot of smoke for the goyim. Or maybe it's all just small mock-up models. Get vaxxed and pay to pharma, get amused and pay Nasa, you are good little goy now.

>>427465175>what is C4 Rotating Mirror High Speed CameraYou fucking noscience gash retard.


>>427463873on russia (probably their own). Russia has no way of carrying a nuke to western countries since patriots can shoot down all their rockets lol. They are literally retarded for fireing it instead of keeping it a secret and even more retarded KEEPING fireing it so west can gather even more data. Total vatnigger death

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>>427474235My grandpa was CEO of Nintendo and he confirmed to me nukes are in fact real.

>>427463105I wouldn't be surprised if we see some nuke testing after russia bailed out of New Start.This board will be doing backflips saying>of course we knew nukes were real, you fell for the memeor>that was cgi!!Nothing ever changes.

>>427489770Ok and if there was never another nuke test for the rest of humanity you would still claim they're real.

We'll have a Jewlywood propaganda film coming up for the normies to make it extra real. Cold war 2.0 coming up.

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>>427490009There's far easier ways to destroy the earth or prevent conventional warfare than suggesting it was all made up. To say nothing of testimonies of people who have worked with nuclear technologies like Galen Winsor.I find it hard to believe it's a bluff and I'm a pretty big skeptic.

In fact, it's obvious that the effects of modern nuclear weapons is overstated. Their effectiveness would hypothetically be contigent on sheer numbers in most cases.The only possible thing that makes me consider whether nukes exist, barring everything else, is why an Islamic state hasn't acquired one. You could suggest that all nuclear powers are just in cahoots with eachother in a big lie; But I doubt an Islamic state would hesitate to glass Israel. The fact that it hasn't happened given all the broken arrow incidents over the years is remarkable.

If nukes are real, maybe sandniggers are retarded, or very unlucky.

>>427463105A nuke just flew over my house

>>427491475I was right! Nukes do exist. Take that well-poisoners.

>>427463105>>427465175>>427465394>>427466433>>427468249>>427468304>>427469094>>427469312>>427469432>>427469685>>427470129>>427471263>>427474774>>427479409>>427465109ETC ETCCRIIIINGEI bet the Earth is flat too right?

>>427463105>Has anyone actually seen a nuke?What is >Tongayoutube.com/watch?v=AcFropu7uWw&ab_channel=iGadgetProWhat is >Beirut youtube.com/shorts/wqKn_3iJOP4

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>>427463105i've never seen you, you don't exist

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>>427481827Lol its all a jewish Hollywood script

>>427484830Notice the wood buildings burned to the ground but not stone or concrete. It was firebombed.

>>427495242>>427481827>Lol its all a jewish Hollywood scriptliterally

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>>427495884>>427495242>>427481827wrong pic

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>>427479722>t. kike visiting france


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>>427463105The last official American atmospheric test took place in 1962, and undergroynd testing ended their detonations in the early 90's. The last claimed nuclear detonation was the underground testing performed by the Nork's in 2017, but nothing they've claimed about it's yield has ever been confirmed by outside sources. This shit is all easily searchable if any of you morons cared to learn anything about nukes outside of some schizo's shitposting.


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>>427463105Nukes aren't real. It's all CGI and hand puppets...

>>427492123>Magma cap popping is a nuke>Very easily identifiably Ammonium Nitrate explosion is a nukeYou dipshits don't even know how conventional explosions work. It's really no wonder you're too dumb to understand nukes.