Neder Holla Forumsder general: the ASCENSION DAY of the Netherlands

>Another day, another escalation- Agriculture agreement postponed again- Rome ships 900 tons of trash to Amsterdam in sus deal involving the CCP- Government wants to make the pandemic law PERMANENT- Government 'promises' to remove less kids from their homes- Diversity is to much to handle in classrooms according to MBO teachers- The government is making use of an emergency measure to spend tax money without permission- Police wants to spy on you more peasant, accept this right-wing extremist!- Significant shrink in economy as consumers are more carefull with spending- The DNB (Dutch central bank) thinks it is a good idea to disown homeowners with taxes- Reserve seats to (not) see WEF stooge Sigrid Kaag LIVE!- Anheuser-Busch InBev gets sued because one of their drivers switched beer for tapwater at events- A new swarm of negroide primates attack a guy walking his dog with hammer- /ourguy/ in parlement: 'A big swarm of negroide primates, stomping..' (gets cut off)- Parallel economy: crowdfunding companies is becoming popular, undercutting banks - WEF Minister of Finance Kaag, not complying with WOB verzoeken (FOIA requests) questioning the WEF breaking the law- AIVD warned about supporters of conspiracy theories who want to create a parallel society, with its own currency and its own legal system- Government wants to disown homeowners and car owners by taxing to death- Government has destroyed the fishing industry with ‘regulations’ and ‘taxes’>Required reading/watching- Architect admits that ugly buildings are to demoralise, in line with communist CBDC are about control head of the ECB Christine Lagarde KEEP FIGHTING FARMERS GO ON THE OFFENSIVE, ELECTIONS MEAN NOTHING. THIS IS A COMMUNIST GENOCIDE

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>Last fishermen in Volendam fights to the bitter endThe Volendam tradition of fishermen who set sail before dawn is faded glory. In the village, world famous for its fishing, traditional costume and eel, 258 ships once provided the main source of income. Now only one cutter, the VD64, sails out of the harbor to catch eels on the what the government has done to its people in the sake of 'muh environment'. His family has been fishing here since 1480

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>Previous threads:>>427319618>>427232564>>427206697>>427098491 Don't forget to share your minecraft tutorials>Known AIVD tactics for shilling:- Pretend that any idea of use of violence is 'you being a glowie' by definition- Attack Farmers as bad for the environment- Ignore the WEF involvement or dismiss it as conspiracy theory- demoralize and tell us we won't do shit- pretend anyone that is adding value to the bread, like /ourguy/ Generaal, is a useless idiot- adding nothing to the bread themselves except whining and complaining- Act as schizo as possible to derail discussion and deter newcomers from lurking>QRD why this can go dark in the Netherlands, quickly:- Government is unwilling to compromise on anything- Farmers, fishermen and entire cultural minorities like Frisians and Reformists are with their backs to the walls- Low and middle incomes will not be able to make ends meet- Small business going bankrupt as they can't pay their energy billsDO NOT RESPOND TO SHILLS OR DISRUPTING TROLLSNo, they don't actually care about the subject matter, they just bring it up to derail discussion

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>Create parallel economies, forge your own legal systems. Grow your own food and buy and support your local farmers, make clear to them you are willing to us labour, barter, cash, silver, gold or crypto (e.g. BTC, ETH & XMR). Avoid the banking cartel as much as possible, be your own bank and use crowdfunding. Use open source software for internet and computer operating systems too. Here are some links to start:>Buy directly from>Projects that support local>Open scource projects for businesses and>Start/infiltrate an ecovillage use the soja (SDG) against "Het Levende Dorp">Dutch silver and gold>Take ownership of your own

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>>427441992Why don't you just kill your politicians if they're such massive twats? It's how your ancestors handled this type of stuff, no?>inb4 fed

>>427444266I think we are pretty close


>>427445532Man, I hope this thing ends soon. Good luck in your endeavors.

Bump met eindelijk en vork in de mond.

>>427441992Farmers have all that fertilizer and haven’t blown one government building or politicians house up. They don’t want it bad enough.

>>427447225Thanks fren I am afraid it will get worse before it will get better

>>427447919>They don’t want it bad enough.You sort of got a point there

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>>427451477ik mis de Generaal :( gore lul heeft waarschijnlijk vrije dag.

>>427452671>IK OOKWaar is Jan DOOS Harrie trouwens :(

>>427452862ontslagen wegens onderpresteren.

>>427452671generaal was toch een commie.

>>427453026Hoe kom je daar nou bij >>427452924:,(

>>427441992how much does MDMA tab cost in netherlands now, going in couple days

>>427454246for me its 40cents, usual price between 3 and 7 euros depending where you buy. don't buy off the street and under no circumstance buy from Moroccans on the street.

> A new swarm of negroide primates attack a guy walking his dog with hammerUntrue. Hammer was never used. I dont condone shit like what happened but neither do i like fake news to be spread. The hammer was in the hand of the filmer.

>>427454444Never buy shit on the street. Cocaine = paracetamol.

>>427454444cool thanks

>>427454819No problem, what region are you visiting?

i can only imagine how dutch males are fucking scared shitless every day in their own country

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>>427455799utrecht, festival is Soenda. they have testing inside afaik. will price change inside event do you think? last time I got some was in guilders

>>427456080also don't buy inside venues price wil go up around 150%. if you have friends that go to the same party, ask them to buy for you in advance.

>>427456080>last time I got some was in guilders2002 or before? Damb.


>>427456998>>427456747>>427456487>>427456080are you shitskins or actual germanics?cant believe you are talking about drugs like literal degenerate retards while niggers and shitskins are raping your countries and replacing you

>>4274567471998? think price was 25 guilders per inside event, some Terrordome style thing, Den Haag

>>427457056for the record it wasnt my idea, was my spouses. she booked it all without my knowledge

>>427457056Cause i said it was 2002 when the euro replaced the dutch guilder? Thats over 2 decades ago so I dont know if he has a notion of how things are now.

>>427457156Alright. Thats a long time and xtc is much cheaper now. So is cocaine but dont buy that. As I said, you mostly get paracetamol or heavily cut cocaine.

>>427457056i buy from serbian degenerates like you, altough they don't mention or simp for Eva.

>>427457311>I dont know if he has a notion of how things are nowno I don't, appreciate your help, all you guys. I really dont think its a good idea but she insists she wants to do it before we die

>>427457608if you can get you hands on some pure mdma, around 20 euros per gram, get some of that. powder it and julst lick your finger put it in the baggie then lick the finger again. it's much better than pills.

>>427456080>last time I got some was in guildersGEEB TRUK

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>>427457608There is a trick I know, just get some stroopwafels and carefully heat it up so that the 2 halves seperate ten put your pills inside of the stroopwafels, heat it up again and viola

>>427457608>>427457779Order that on telegram. Get it tested prior. Hide it inside your dick. We all know dicks be unzipped by now, so they cant ever find it.

>>427457994good idea but no idea where to get it outside the festival

>>427457994Your pills are fucking mush by then. Not a great idea. Unzip your dick, insert, zip it up again.


>>427458075*can be

>>427458211put it in a separate bag nigger, like the ones you store weed

>>427457854I miss the good old days

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>>427458378But viola, how you heat it up? Best not to heat it up. Just pull that thing apart. Much better idea. You cant heat it up anywhere anyway on a festival ground, let alone at a venue where theres a thunderdome party.

>>427457994> viola

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>>427458754Shes on other dope. Namely botox.

>>427458754who the fuck is Viola and why should I care


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>>427459094Lol at not knowing. 18? Heh I remember when I was just like you. Braindead. Lemme give you a tip so you can make it in this cyber sanctuary. never make jokes like that. You got no reputation here, you got no name, you got jackshit here. It's survival of the fittest and you ain't gonna survive long on 4chan by saying stupid jokes that your little hugbox cuntsucking reddit friends would upboat. None of that here. You don't upboat. You don't downboat. This ain't reddit, kid. This is 4chan. We have REAL intellectual discussion, something I don't think you're all that familiar with. You don't like it, you can hit the bricks on over to imgur, you daily show watching son of a bitch. I hope you don't tho. I hope you stay here and learn our ways. Things are different here, unlike any other place that the light of internet pop culture reaches. You can be anything here. Me? heh, I'm a judge.. This place.... This place has a lot to offer... Heh you'll see, kid that is if you can handle it...

>>427459558tl;dr gay larp

>>427459706Not even knowing this legendary copypaste...

>>427459792and should I care? No

>>427459706>nieuwflikker de paal

>>427460041>meerde ID's de paal

>>427460041You dont know both: Viola and the most famous copy paste next to the McChicken one.

>>427441992>That's about all. Peace out.

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my manager is pressuring me to work more and is asking me to estimate how many days each task will takesatanic micromanaging

>>427460608I've been on 4chan for 15 years you spastic>>427460214Schizo de paal

>>427462744>my manager is pressuring me to work more and is asking me to estimate how many days each task will takesatanic micromanagingIs that is why you are here?

>>427462744show him pictures of Eva


Plan for up to 260,000 new homes by splitting up existing ones, building extra floorsMinister Hugo de Jonge of Housing thinks he can create between 80,000 and 260,000 extra homes by splitting up existing homes, building additional floors on existing buildings, transforming vacant offices and factories, and making it easier to build tiny or micro-homes in the backyard. He also wants to look at making house sharing less complicated, NOS reports.“Especially now that new construction is having a more difficult time, we must make the best possible use of the existing housing stock in order to create as much living space as possible,” De Jonge wrote to parliament.The Housing Minister still wants to add 900,000 homes to the housing stock by 2031, but achieving that target has proven even more challenging than expected. Due to the nitrogen problem, construction has to slow down. Rising interest rates make investors hesitant, and rising construction costs make newly built homes increasingly unaffordable. The Minister also has a harder time than expected finding places to put prefabricated temporary homes.The practice of making better use of the existing housing stock is also proving complicated, De Jonge said in his letter. Building extra floors, often called top-ups, is a good way to add homes to a building. But municipalities and locals often fight the process.

>>427466864Top-ups can also mean building additional homes on the same lot. De Jonge is mainly thinking of the latter variant. He believes 100,000 homes can be achieved in this way, especially at corporation homes built after 1965. He will talk to municipalities and housing corporations about more flexible rules.De Jonge also wants to make it easier to divide existing homes, especially in the big cities. He thinks he can create 80,000 to 160,000 new homes in this way. And outside the Randstad, he is looking into making it easier to build tiny homes in the backyard. According to the Minister, many people want to provide accommodation for their parents or children in this way, but existing regulations make municipalities reluctant to approve such proposals.

>>427466864>>427466908>100k houseswell, that's enough for 1 year of immigrants!the parliament doesnt want to solve the housing problem. they want to keep the goyim enslaved and dependent

>>427466864>260,000 new homes by splitting up existing ones, building extra floorslmao

>het is illegaal wat we doen dus we maken gewoon een wet om het legaal te

>>427466864LIVE IN THE POD GOY

>>427469272Joepie politiestaat!

>>427470360>Doelwit zijn antivaxers, dieren- en milieuactivisten en mensen die politiek of religieus actief zijnI'm just not gonna take the vaccine I know..... UGH I know.... I'm sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's just that I'm not gonna take it is allHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAHAAHAAH

>>427471262Fuck it they want to play it like that why won't do the same these 'civil servants' they homes, they have families, they have friends all can be found all can be taken away>alsoIt's just that I'm not gonna take it is allHAHAHHAHHH:A

>>427471989>they want to play it like thatIt was

>>427472371It basically already happening anyway, remember the pig that got haybales dumped at his house? Or the one that actually got bombed because he pissed off someoneYeah, cowabunga it is

wat is echt volgens jullie de grote probleem much of this is stupidity and how much is malice?

>>427473104Men heeft god vergeten

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>>427473182>why not both?

>>427441992what you guys upto? hummmm

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Nederlandsche SS vrijwilligers leggen de eed af aan den Germaanschen Führer Adolf Hitler.

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>>427474964WHERE MEGHAN AT?capcha: S0Y82

>>427454246>>427454819Kill yourself fucking degenerate. Day X will come

>>427443150you should know, where can i buy fresh cream without supporting the jumbo, aldi, and albert heijn jews?considering i live in gelderland

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>>427477088First Google Search gives these results, you can check yourself first if they have ice cream IJsseloordStreekwinkel de LingegaerdtBoerderijwinkel de GeerBoerderijwinkel Peek en Fokker



>>427476430|Dude, just take your Meds.

>>427480058How is this post even remotely related to >>427476430, fucking bot

>>427442177This is not for 'muh environment' they hate you, your traditions and want you gone. Volendam is catholic, has strong families ties and bonds and have a high trust communities, these demons can allow that to exist. I disagree about the statement 'we should emigrate', the globohomo won't leave you alone as a successful thriving homogeneous culture is a direct proof that their ideology is wrong and against the truth. Same as they wanted to take away the control group by vaccinating EVERYONE >>427471262

>>427480523Beep Boop

>>427464586I did...

>>427481665hahahaha based, and?

>>427481755said she has big feet

>>427481965what else did he say about her feet?

>>427449177Checked. The thing is, it's always darkest before the dawn, but if you keep running west you'll never see daybreak. Stand and face the horizon.

>>427481965challenge him to a duel

>>427473858>Men heeft god vergetengod's busy, all you have is me


>>427482616WTF!!!!!!!!!!! i go to church 2 times on sunday!

>>427482616i'm a socialistalso what's satanic on just keeping the thread alive ?

>>427482890Ave Satanas!

>>427482886>>427482890why do the managers (who literally dont do anything) push for micromanaging like literal slaveowners so they can satisfy their capitalist bosson 1 on 1 my manager says "yeah that will take 2 weeks to finish" and then publicly on our team chat he asks me to define how many days precisely each little subtask will takefucking snakelet me just do my job and shut the fuck up I WILL TELL YOU WHEN ITS DONE

HOW DO I GET A HOME IN THIS COUNTRY? JUST WAIT FOR THE LOTTERY TICKET?>>427466864>Splitting up existing homes>Tiny or micro-homes>House sharingAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Dutch hospital report hundreds of infections with flesh eating bacteria over the last months.The Flesh eating bacteria is basically a common staphillococcus which most people carry but due to weakened immune systems they can start to fuck you up badlyinfections range from lesions, to inflamation of lungs, brain, joints, heart and septic shock to shutting down of organs No refunds

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>>427483199probably because they have nothing better to dowe currently have a lot of redundant people

>>427483380picrel example of "mask and vax" staph outbreak.

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>>427483199Because retard, your manager gave you a timeline of when he expects a task done. He then asked you in your team meeting (I assume a while after said task and timeline were issued) how long each of those items should take you so he could delegate out additional resources ie. teammates to assist you with that task so it was done on time.

>>427483380Been known for years. Staph will rape your heart valves if it goes untreated. You can try to treat it yourself but ..kek.. dumb!

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>>427483878>Been known for yearsYeah but there is now an "unexpected" massive increase in cases. Meaning immune systems are starting to fail.

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>>427484480We do we keep getting things right...

>>427483747its not like that you capitalist golem

DId anyone else notice that minister van der Wal (picrel) has the exact same manner of speech as Hugo de Jonge. It's literally Hugo with cunny . Did they train this ? or does she have some rare talent for chameleon style mimicking. she literally copied everything down to the phrasing of words hand gestures and facial expressions.

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>>427483224rijke papa en mama

>>427483380i work in a hospital and can confirm this, its absolute chaos with bodies pilling up, guess they should've listened to ourguy /baudet/

>>427481469>has strong families tiesMaybe a bit too strong...

>>427486077Inbreeding is a problem yes, but it is not that bad and even with the community is still strong. In fact that is the only argument I have heard against Volendam repeated ad nauseum

>>427485789Ik denk dat ik maar kluizenaar moet gaan worden net als Forest user. Misschien in Spanje ofzo, want daar wordt het nooit zo koud. Dan moet ik mij wel heel goed verstoppen voor de lokale overheid

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>>427486696wat dacht je van gewoon bij je ouders wonen lol


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>>427486778mijn ouders gaan in spanje wonen waar er geen werk te vinden is wat ervoor zorgt dat ik dan NEET zal zijn totdat ze sterven en dan moet ik het zelf uit gaan zoeken. Dan kan ik beter tot die tijd al zelf uit gaan zoeken hoe ik voor altijd /out/ blijven kanno pussyno landno workno taxes

>>427487008wajong + sociale huursucces gabber

>>427487008>can't find a job CREATE ONE

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>>427486778Bij je ouders, geld dat je niet verspild opsparen/beleggen voor een huis en intergenerationele rijkdom creëren dat doen hechte gemeenschappen namelijk ook

>>427487205Hoe moet dat helpen? Als ik Wajong krijg, krijg ik dan ook gelijk een sociale huurwoning? En hoe krijg ik Wajong dan? Gewoon doen alsof ik een schizo ben?

>>427485484Please give examples. Do realize that politicians and civil servants get trained in communicating, it would surprise if they have been trained by the same company or following a standardized method.

>Dutch government wants every 100 euro payment in cash money by civilians monitored>Dutch government lost trace of 5 billion euro in government spending.5 billion euro lost ? That's 5000 times a million euro. by the same people that want to put you in jail for spending 100 euro in cash.

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>>427487008we hebben je al tips gegeven, ga mee met je ouders en:1. werk online van huis als data analist2. werk als een elektricien in Spanje en wordt rijk, je kan zelfs met Nederlanders daar opdrachten nemen en je kan de opdrachten onder te tafel betaald doen als je begrijpt wat ik bedoel 3. doe een combinatie van beide

>>427478184>ice creami asked for slagroom, whats wrong with you

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>>427487812>feed me.Just look at any recent interview or debate in parliament

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>>427441992Wtf is happening to the world, broskies? X( How to pushback?

>>427488635ah kankerzooi ik word gewoon herkend in deze dradenhet leven is gewoon kanker moeilijk manik betwijfel of ik het kan ga halen in Spanjehet lijkt mij beter dat in Nederland blijf

>>427463688Sorry. Him. Not you.

>>427489423je probleem is niet de kansen die je krijgt (fucking electrician kanker gast dan wordt je rijk geen miem), je probleem is je mentaliteit en demoralisatie wat op zich begrijpelijk is maar dat is wat die parasieten die wij de 'elite' noemen exact willen. Laat ze niet winnen en vecht terug, dit is een manier om dat te doen, wordt succesvol.Zorg eerst dan je bijvoorbeeld begint als elektricien en begin een beetje goedkoper dan de markt totdat je een naam van jezelf heb gemaakt en de opdrachten voor het kiezen hebt. Vanaf daar kan je lekker die globohomo sloeries te gaan naaien door of het dubbele te vragen of gewoon platweg hun opdrachten te negeren of je kan nog een stap verder gaan en (stiekem) saboteren en andersom doe je natuurlijk met mede Holla Forumsderaars geef je voorkeur en prioriteit en als we dat met ze alle doen kunnen ze niks. Jij ben de rug waar de hele samenleving is opgebouwd en dit is geen miem, besef hoe veel macht je hebt. Zelfde met loodgieters en anoniempjes in de bouw die dit lezen

>>427490268Spanjaarden op Holla Forums vertellen mij het exact tegenovergestelde en zeggen dat ik maar beter hier moet blijven. Evenals andere internetbronnen die hetzelfde vertellen. Spanje is gewoon een kanker land om in te werken en zzp'er te zijn. Volgens mij zijn belastingen daar ook kankerhoog.Vind je ook niet dat levensadvies van 4chan nemen niet slim is? Misschien kan ik wel met een familielid een particuliere huurwoning vinden

>>427491548Dan doe je dat toch lekker hier als je dat zo goed weet

>>427482890Kanker socialist. beter plak je Nationaal voor socialisme.

>>427485831Play stupid games win stupid prices.We warned them all.

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>>427492746>scarcity mentality reduces IQIt's is basically just stress blocking your higher brain functions. which locks you into instinctive/conditioned behaviorReduce fear which will reduce stress and your brain returns to full functionality.

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>>427494363>It's is basically just stress blocking your higher brain functions. which locks you into instinctive/conditioned behavior>Reduce fear which will reduce stress and your brain returns to full functionality.And the 'elites' know this and that is why they are pushing demoralization propaganda through the media for example

>>427494363Lower impulse control also make you the perfect coomsumer

>>427494492>that is why they are pushing demoralization propagandaYes those unending streams of doom scenarios about impending apocalypses so you will blindly support their own retarded efforts to set off armageddon. Fucking Doomsday Cults

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>>427491991>beter plak je Nationaal voor socialisme.What's the difference ?

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Tatta in Suid-Afrika krisis. Gaan weg. Ons is vol

>>427484649>>427484480>>427483878>>427483380HAHAHAHANo refunds!Well with luck that will solve the housing crisis

Dutch government is now starting to demand repayments of the financial aid that they give to businesses that they forcibly closed down during covid lockdown.Knowing that the lockdowns were ineffective, should repayment be declined because governments policies were retarded and unconstitutionally imposed. This will mean that government must accept to bear the costs of their fuckups. Which is ofcourse taxpayer money , So should these costs be relayed to people who voted D66, VVD, CDA, and CU ? and all other members of parties who voted for lockdowns ? and the responsible ministers put on punitive income ( meaning all their income gets confiscated and they only get a bare minimum welfare check instead for the rest of their lives )

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>>427441992>- Rome ships 900 tons of trash to Amsterdam in sus deal involving the CCPThe average Siculo-Neapolitan weights about 75 kg (half a Yank in imperial units) therefore:(900 tonnes) / (75 kilograms) = 12'000 Greasy Terroni immigrants in the Netherlands.That's nothing, we import millions of Real Africans rapefugees. Jokes aside, from Rome to Amsterdam via train is around 2000 km, very ecofriendly already, why the long trip? To burn it, you can't make this up! Because south of the Po river they even lack the technology to burn trash.And Naples export its trash to Germany, for real.GENIUSES: LONG LIVE GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE, SOROS UBER ALLES!

Attached: Rapefugees picked up by NGOs boats off Sicily Soros Goddamn fucking jews.webm (1280x720, 2.33M)