Kraut/pol/ – based pro refugee politicians edition


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>OLDis not existant, POGROM and shiet nigguhs

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>Himmelfahrt>everything is closed due to cristaids>körst hungering>döner 9€it's over

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>>427430400so is olaf scholzes nose a jewish nose with fetal alcohol syndrome?also: moin!


what do we do with the resurrect Walter Lubcke?President of LfV.nds, or vice president for their meme accounts?

wake up, frens, coffee is ready (and good for (you))

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>>427430400if the quality of the döner is the same as a 2€ döner thats way too expensive.

>>427431562Oyy goym yes drink the watery jew it's good for you (^:

>>427431806>luring in TDGi see what you did there

Where’s my pasta? I was about to check out the one-percent podcast. Körst, why can’t you do anything right for fuck’s sake.

>>427432984not your Dienstleistungsagentur, please delete yourself, dago.

>>427431997Does the BKA give you additional pay when you work on a public holiday?

>still not posting the pasta

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halp I'm retardedDo NRWchads have a holiday today or not? I'm supposed to have lectures today in uni, but it seems like today is a public holiday so I don't know if I have to go.

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>>427434665my uni (NRW) is closed, too

>>427434745Thanks bro I didn't do my Runge-Kutta method homework anyway being the retard I am.

Pull it.

Mion xDD

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>>427434776>Runge-Kuttacumbersome, but that is how numerical math isAMTHOR SPOTTED IN BREMEN; IS HE PLOTTING AGAINST KÖRST AS WELL?

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>>427431103Merch designer

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>>427435014Gluten Moin

>>427435134didn’t ask

>>427435178they actually have a bretty good ig representation, don't you think?

Nobody cares about your blogs. Just know your place and stfu while the adults are talking, alright.

>leave for a few days >DagoLARPing in overdrive to rile up “the körst” and other peaceful anons Be nice

>>427435513so you are her other brother?

Oy vey I’ve been found out. Shut it down!

nah it's dago again, being too obvious.what an annoyance

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>>427436223you’re seething at phantom dagos really shows my superiority over you We call that living rent free or something in internet slang

This fucking guy, I swear. He thinks he sees through it all. When in actuality he’s the most clueless fool on the /kraut/.

>>427430400Were you supposed to be able to afford a Döner every day like 10 years ago?>t. scheinbar größere Armschwuchtel als ich dachte

>>427436343You know you’ve done him when he’s taking screenshots Anyways, I’m fucking off again. Don’t give m’lady such a hard time with Dagolarps. She’s too sweet for that nonsense

>>427431997>not a girlWell good luck luring me with that ... ^^

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>>427434337Why though? Why are you refusing to post the pasta? You surely have a reason right?

>>427435632For a government run account it looks rather professional but they only got 3k followers which is a joke.

>>427437339makes bernd fuck off and post less if you deprive pasta

>>427437339>>427437669Körst is afraid to get charged for posting nasty links.

>>427437339>>427437741zisand also not going to post glowie traps.

Is the Swabian around

>>427438051If you are afraid of getting charged, you better get off of 4chan, change your IP, nuke your Harddrive and pray they aren't already on to you.

>>427437252well, i guess my snek plushy identifies as female now... ^-^

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>>427439870Perfect. I like me some tiddies on my sneks. Not too large but noticable. :3

Attached: snekspear.jpg (474x632, 45.28K)>Deutschland zahlte Putin wohl noch 2022 Millionen für Nord-Stream-Röhren

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>>427440207Hi doc, I recently started thinking about Polynesians and the Maori. I find it strange that despite their great geographical distance they have many features that resemble Northern Europeans and they appear nothing like other equatorial groups. Why do you think this is?>Seized Russian Superyacht Racking Up $112,000 In Bills A Month While Skeleton Crew Plays Playstationare these headlines ragebait or simply kekery?

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>>427439401don't say these things...

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>>427440612Moin. Yes, Maori are very different to the Melanesian darklings, which came earlier to many of these islands (but not the most remote, they likely did lack the navigational skills the later settlers did possess, did only short range island hopping). Maori come from a later sea migration and could say they are derived from an early "cousin branch" of our own. Likely did even reach the Western shores of South America, might even be the founders of some of the civilizations there but I have never looked much into the topic I admit.

>>427441102I find them so peculiar in that regard. If I was any more schizo I'd theorize that they must be ancient viking explorers.There is also something I've wanted to pick your brain about, how long do think the chaos from the death of Faustianism will last? Between the Greco-Roman culture's death and the birth of Faustianism there was a 700 year gap.Also, I still think the caustic acid of critical theory might be useful in some select applications. I've noticed there are many "spooks" that are holding people back from the primordial truth.

>>427441741>If I was any more schizo I'd theorize that they must be ancient viking explorers.Well, would say their ancestors were driven by a shared impulse here. Perhaps has degraded by now but this sure was what carried them beyond back in the days.>how long do think the chaos from the death of Faustianism will last? Heh, a complicated question. Because I do not see it ever die. It'll merely shed the now dead and calcified deviant civilizational elements that have grown around it. I do actually dare to see its kernel as stronger than ever ... a potentiality that however is as of yet kept back by being buried in the calcified dead tissue. Gotta help it along where we can and cut away that rotten mess where possible.>Between the Greco-Roman culture's death and the birth of Faustianism there was a 700 year gap.Yeah see, there wasn't really that much of a "gap" actually, merely a long phase of decline for the older one which sure did smother the emergence of the newer one. Still, there was always some form of continuity, even where not apparent to the more ignorant eyes.>Also, I still think the caustic acid of critical theory might be useful in some select applications. I've noticed there are many "spooks" that are holding people back from the primordial truth.Heh, jup. This bullshit does now trigger a severe adverse reaction in many. No amount of gatekeeping could prevent the only logical outcome here. These little fleshies think they can go against what has always been? Well well well ... the snek is always hungry. :}~

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>>427442345You don't think there was a gap between the Greco-Romans and the Faustians, i.e. you think the Greco-Romans were a corruption of earlier IE thinking? Perhaps the lush mediterranean sea did end up limiting their perspectives :DIt's true though that the colonization of the pacific islands is absolutely wild. I don't think most people today would have the guts to take a rowboat on a thousand kilometer journey.Also, the way I see it the enlightenment was one of the high points of the Hyperborean spirit which had been lying largely dormant for centuries. I wonder if today there would be a way to kickstart it again and create sort of a "second enlightenment".

>>427441102>>427441741>we wuz maori an sheetwhen you go full circle with the "everything of importance was created by my race" line of thinking and dilute the definition of your race to be "homosapiens."

>>427442785>i.e. you think the Greco-Romans were a corruption of earlier IE thinking? Perhaps the lush mediterranean sea did end up limiting their perspectives :DTechnically, yes. At its later end stage ofc. We gotta appreciate the "nature" of the IE here, that certain "invasive" behaviour. They crash a place, often with a preexisting either "foreign" or "prior degraded" culture, impose their own element on it (creating a hybrid to one or another degree) and keep that in an orderly fashion for as long as the initial impulse does carry on. The Greco-Roman organism did sure die in the end, yes, but think how its ideas (and especially those based on the original IE impulse) do still carry on to this day. The Faustian did to a large degree build on these, only that it is culturally again a hybrid, in this case by absorbing Christianity to itself. Say this had two opposite effects ... for once it did create artificial restrictions on the IE impulse, but at the same time it also created an even stronger longing to overstep these boundaries (sometimes in a misguided way ofc). You cannot think Dr. Faust without that, really.>I don't think most people today would have the guts to take a rowboat on a thousand kilometer journey.Sadly. But then, see pic related ... :)>Also, the way I see it the enlightenment was one of the high points of the Hyperborean spirit which had been lying largely dormant for centuries. I wonder if today there would be a way to kickstart it again and create sort of a "second enlightenment".Was, though I see it as only fragmentary. In true Faustian fashion it didn't really know where to go with itself, not entirely at least. Might refer to what I said before about "stronger than ever" here, the more the kernel is restricted the more it'll try and break through. That's what the Zauberlehrlinge do not understand about the nature of things.

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>>427441102>>427441741>>427443409B-but my ChaimanMaosArsch Warriorgene?

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>>427443409Wrong. Everything is a branch yet there's only one tree. The rest, just the soil it grows in. Fertilizer. :)

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>>427443689>literal magic soil

>>427441741>I've noticed there are many "spooks" that are holding people back from the primordial truth.Well well well Finngolian user, the king of the summerfags Did you read Guenon?He talks about this specifically This is the counter initiation.

>>427443837Most simply return to it without ever even realizing this. ^^>>427443855Czeched and this btw. Gotta really thank you for your book recommendations btw. :)

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>>427443409>desirable qualities show up in unexpected placesWho would have thought!>>427443584I mean the Greeks for example oriented their thinking in a very non-Faustian way, as in everything was walled off and limited. Take for example the way the Greeks understood the Polis (lit. "the wall") versus how these days we understand the nation.The enlightenment was interesting in that it really flexed it's bounds in many ways, but in others it remained oddly stagnant. I almost wish to blame the Anglos for their meddling. I get the feeling that Analytic philosophers didn't really feel like examining ethics so they "ignored" it, which in reality meant that they just left the old shackles in place.

>>427443855Oh, my VPN camoflage was that easy to see though?Unfortunately my job has kept me too busy from Guenon-sama.

>>427444029Ofc>>427444138You are assuming that there is a follow up culture to the Faustian cycle thoIt’s actually the end of an even greater cycle, a manvantara

>427436874>05/18/23(Thu)10:51:00>Anyways, I’m fucking off again.>427444597>05/18/23(Thu)13:04:09>Faustian cycle tho

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>>427445240Y seethe?I gotta stick around to stupirate shows ip

>>427444138>I mean the Greeks for example oriented their thinking in a very non-Faustian way, as in everything was walled off and limited.Might explain this with a certain tendency, yes. After all they were a hybrid with a much "darker" substratum, that need to delimitate might have been kind of a "overcompensation" which later became calcified. My thinking would be more fluid in comparison. Also with a practical streak, see little point in walling off the higher principles against what is down here.>but in others it remained oddly stagnantPerhaps the opposite of the Greek mentality here. There was no restriction or much point of reference to that impulse, so it simply spun off and drifted away.>I get the feeling that Analytic philosophers didn't really feel like examining ethics so they "ignored" it, which in reality meant that they just left the old shackles in place.Hmm, could be, yesss. It was in a way somehow "sterile", dry, did lack in underlying life perhaps. So instead of confronting the old frame of reference too it simply kept it around without much questioning.>>427444597^^


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>>427435178I buy it and hand it to refugees so they get shived in the shower.

He’s obsessed with me

>>427448651is he in the room with you right now?

least negrophilic murican>>427430792>>427431067>>427431806>>427435282moin

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>>427450295Chck emailThink about it over a smoke

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>>427450295> He must be gayKek that is standard passive-aggressive behavior if they get rejected.Generally speaking the nice women usually are always worried (and usually have the least reason) while these fat skanks are showing this brutish behavior. Its the same with everything those who should worry don't, those who should not or at least less do. Unironically, this probably is behavior the real reason for witch hunting People with that phenotype should have been thrown off the bridge long ago anyway. Had we did that we would only have 7/10s running around now. Women without chin are utterly worthless. Dysgenic women are worse than men because those simply don't procreate as much anymore. Unless a woman is psychologically challenged as well on top of it they usually still find some retard on their journey to ensue human demise.

>>427450295TFW americans consider coalburning and olympic sport.

Ideally would be something like a cult who sacrifices the uggos. That could get rid off them while also playing a religious angle. Something something rain or good harvest.

>>427451065kek based human sacrificing cata.

>>427432984The game of /kraut/ is like a sword fightYou must think first before you postToad style is immensely strong and immune to nearly any weaponWhen it's properly used it's almost invincible

>>427451441I am serious follow the pattern. Ugly people are clarly one source of evil just like simps. It is not their *fault* but usually they embrace horrible ideas and commit poor actions. Look what this coal burner looks like. Not saying everyone has to be a 10 but the people who are absolutely unfuckable are potentially dangerous.

Tank Battle of Körsk!>>427451065Kek, that's a very original idea. >>427452297Predators do it like this. They stalk their prey for lengthy periods of time, and then attack when the prey has already forgotten them.

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>>427453514It's the sad truth. I don't like this but I have seen ugly women with horrible ideas doing fucked up shit too often. Post civil society must think of something to remedy this. I presented my solution to the council of Albanian affairs.

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>>427454071And what will happen to fat Baltoid laborers like me then...?


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>>427454547Hitler thought highly of us Baltoids tho.

>>427454161You will have to become fit or you get the rope.

Skipping-rope or neck rope. The choice is yours.

>>427454644>>427454854Only if your sister helps motivate me!

>>427435978Hey dago, do I go back to fasting for 23hrs per day?

>>427455206Catanon wants to get rid of us fatties! We need to defend ourselves!

>>427455351Aww dw sweetie. Aztec genes are forced into everyone like the plague. He won't be able to hurt you.

>>427455904>Aztec genesSpicata vs fat Baltoid - who will win?

>>427456017The Jews

>>427456096Don't say such things, man.

>>427456017I've already fought crazed latinx women before, guess who wins.

>Spicata>Retardago>Süttard>BfVerndiot*in>Stupirate>Körstard>BKAndreAss>>427456175The one and only Mutthilda of course!So this is why Spicata fears you!

>>427456405They are all fatties rolling on top over each other. American Hispanics are gross, mutts are gross. They deserve each other.

>>427456746>They are all fatties rolling on top over each otherBasically a requirement to joint the BREMBVLLS, or do you really think that Commieposter the TVöDmaxxer has a healthy weight?!

>a public holiday and not even 100 posts in 6 hoursKraut/pol/ is really dead.

>>427456405They have a flaw where they highly underestimate Germanic Baltoids. We are a peaceful people, practice the 100 Ways. Spiritually, we are a people on top of a mountain practicing self defense with a stick, even the Chinese would be impressed. A Spicata is the opposite, it craves and demands attention, waving its arms, look at me look at me, then when it has your attention bombards you with leftism. It's the opposite of a soulful person, it's the anti-soul.

>>427456898I have just invented the term Spicata! That's even better than d'ACKo!

I rummaged through some old people trash on the flohmarkt today.

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>>427457230You could be visiting the most beautiful places of Europe right now like Spicata and instead you're doing this. Well done, Süttard!

>>427456910Holy fuck. You have just irrevocably REFUTED Spicata for all eternity.


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>>427457318no interest in traveling to spasticata.

>>427458036You're young and fit. You should be travelling, and enjoying life.

>>427430350>>WALTER LÜBCKE IST WIEDER AUFERSTANDEN UND GEHT JETZT ALS 4CHAN JANNIE GEGEN DIE RECHTEN VORJA WAAASS LOS DU KORRUPTE CDU SAU?IST DIE LUFT RAUS?WIND AUS DEN SEGELN?JAAAA?ROTIERT NUR NOCH DAS GRAB UND NICHT DAS WINDRAD?ICH SPUCKE AUF DEIN GRAB UND AUF DEINE PERFORMATIVE TOLERANZ, DU KLEINE FETTE ZECKENICHT WEGEN DEINEM VERSAGEN, DICH MASKENARTIG AUFZUFÜHREN WIE JEDER ANDERE POLITIKER AUCH UND STUR PHRASEN ZU DRESCHENNEIN, WEGEN DEINER KORRUPTIONit's pretty hilarious to think about, a cdu politician could crash into a tree with his car and there's a good chance it'll have killed a corrupt official, statistically speakingthough of course it's a systematic issue that isn't addressed by executions or violence but proper transparency and anti-corruption lawsa shame though, that CDU, SPD and FDP have blocked these kinds of attempts as a matter of record.oh well, "wer nicht hören will muss fühlen" seems applicable in macroscopic societal systems too

>>427458036You will regret your lifestyle when you are on your deathbed. You will feel as if you failed, or were cheated.



>>427459340i will die peacefully on a somber sidewalk in the ripe age of 49 after i was stabbed almost as many times as i am old by a brown fellow.

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>>427459282>>427459419Kerstin geh Kirche!

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>>427448234Nah, most of them don't care about BfV, at least not in a negative way.Met quite a few that came from Afghanistan and lost their religion due to the taliban fuckfaces.Bro literally told me he'd punched a dude in the face who was chimping out like some kind of mral police.It was me then, who reacted like some soiboi in replying "well man, not sure if that's actually gonna solve anything"To which he replied "these people aren't to be talked with".Not sure how right he is.Guess he probably has a better understanding of "wehrhafte demokratie" than many others without even living in one before though lmao.

>>427450956witch hunts were often about the expedient theft of propertywant the neighbors corridor of farm land?simply accuse them of being witches

>>427459648da mal so richtig neimiefen uezs das wärs etzalda

>>427457230The what market?

>>427459491>by a brown fellowAy, I won't be me ill tell you that much

>>427459928rotiert das huelkreatin wieder über dem sucuksupsmixer wa?jaaaa miefs dir rein in den bürostuhl du gaskartuschenstuhlsternhomo auf rollen!!kickt die gurkenpidser mit nagelpilzgf verfeinered auch wieder gescheit ins UG/OG des oberstübchens?hab ich mir gedacht du kacknuttenkanake. widerliche schimmelgurkenpidser mit kotresten vom bürostuhl wasserkopp.gewindeschneiderarschfick erwache

>>427460030A market where ppl sell used things. Often old clothes, books, furniture and so on.

kill all muslims

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Thread is now filled with glowies.Abandon ship

yeeesss?yeeeahh, delete your post you piece of cucumbersausagemildewpizza-SHITtake a razor bladeram it into your hand and sitck it on with super glueand then cut up some of that feces-smeared cushion of your office chairand then kill yourselfi'll top op your grave with remnants of your stinky office chairyou little kebappizza bitch

>>427460331i'm going to shove a whole bag filled with glowsticks up your hemhorroids ridden asshole aughghgghghgh

>>427460158Ah that's coolThat's where I find most of my coins

>>427460479So did Süttine!You two should marry!


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>>427460546I am not gay

>>427460810Of course not. He's a femboy after all! That's not gay!

t>>>>427460651yeees plub those sewer linesshove the threaded drainage pipe down your throat and drop a firecracker in thereand then go around screaming "i am a cracker" through the drainage pipebut you can't scream because a firecracker blew your lungs the fuck outaughghghghghghg>>427460810faggotthough redemption for you: shüieettti is a gigaFAGGOTi hope he gets a boxcutter dropped into his head from the blade of a forklift right through his retard fontanellaand without a hardhatFAGGOT

>>427460115i'll be the judge of your brownness and ability to puncture my lungs when i get within fisticuffs reach, you widdle browno, a silber reichsmark today.

>>427461006germany needs a couple tarrants

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>>427461210Was sich liebt das neckt sich.

>>427461364does that mean brenda actually got the hots for me? not that i am superficial or picky, but i cant reciprocate those feelings, i like my women not smelling of garlic and expired meat.

>>427461636>i like my women not smelling of garlicBut then the vampires will get you...!

>>427461210>i'll be the judge of your brownnessHere is the closest pic to my eyeAnd also very cool post pics. I saw some old polish money and I just gotta get it

Attached: literally_my_eyes.jpg (4608x2592, 617.4K)

>>427461239There last one was foiled by a wooden door.


>>427461791i am a brown expert and i say: yep, that's brown.your eye looks kinda fucked on the outside. the outter part looks like bread that hasn't eyes are a blue-ish anthracite.perfect dead rape victim eyes.

>>427461791Are you a woman ?

shitty thread today

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>>427462264Dude I literally invented the term Spicata.

>>427461791post tits or GTFO

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>>427462200>perfect dead rape victim eyes.Brunch>>427462219That's not my actual eye but that's just my eye color

>>427462429Refer to the bottom of thw post>>427462465

>>427462465i was almost afraid you had some hereditary eye disease.just saying: that outter part looks kinda fucked up.they say eyes are the windows to the soul - perfect analogy for me because i dont have one.

>>427462653Nah dwMy genetics didn't fuck up my eyes. I did that Anyways I present to you reverse heterochromia

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>>427462465>thats not my actual eye.Sure. Post tits trip sissy.

>>427462923>getting the metallic color>not the oxide colorwhat a shame. i also bet that metallic buildup can be rather dangerous or at least unhealthy.

>>427463389It's a common thing with Wilson disease, it's genetic and recessiveIt can cause personality change, seizures and other abdominal pain

>>427463597>can cause personality changeimagine one day you are blue-eyed and the next day you just become a shitskin afficianado and cry about friedrich nietzsche on an anime forum.

>>427462429No you.Post mantits, Körst.

>>427463762Many such casesAlso I did have blue eyes as a baby

>>427463987aren't we all?>pure shitskins excluded from this

>>427464111I mean I think so but I am not sureLumbong said so

>>427464192i heard the phrase many a times that all babies are born blue-eyed, but this is a very archaic phrase and might date back when germany was 100% german and no one knew about niggerbabies and how fast they multiply.


>>427464363Pretty much lol

>>427461791gross, sorry bro

Have a random youtube

>>427466843If Körst ever asks somebody to post tits, ask him to post mantits!

>>427462264imagine not producing your own electricity and having a highly fascist ideology and a monarchy and a robot-monger that just turns your enemies to cinders.

>>427464192>>427464363only caucasians have blue eyed newborns.

>>427467302i guess i am in the clear then.

>>427467185So these are the videos that TVöDmaxxers like to watch...

>>427466762It's fine idrc>>427467302Hol' upSo you be sayin'I iz huwite?


>>427467834according to bernd, spanish people are just nords pretending to be andalusian half-niggerbreeds.kinda like the swiss that are german but just got the french "yew facking jerman hun! hon hon hon!"-attitude.

>>427468008Switzerland is an ugly pimple on Europe's map

fetten TVöD job plus wörking for tate's real world on the side?

>>427468643Und mantits auf onlyfans posten! Du wirst reich, Junge!

>>427468311if it were for me, most germanic nations should be united under germany at least in name, but i respect all cultures that were created throughout the time of seperation.who am i to convert a dutchman to speak german but the bavarian still speaks bavarian german? (literally no one but a bavarian understand bavarian german)?All united under one roof, bound together by blood and common ancestry.bernd defines it differently but in the end a great-germanic empire should be constructed no to oppress its subjects but to strengthen eachother. also: local dialects should be taught with higher fervor, however german should be taught and become local official language, but children should speak to their mom's and pop's, aunts and uncles and friends in their local dialect.

>>427467834>So you be sayin'>I iz huwite?see >>427468008 according to tdg and burnd, yeh

I'd just like to inform you that I have a huge Pferndian horsecock too now.

>>427468973never saw tdg espouse such bullshit, but then again TDG is a bit of a yes-man.he will entertain anyone's bullshit take.this is why i always ask him and other people vague and open-ended questions. i don't want to be told what i want to hear, i want the truth.

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>>427469232You would make a good manager.


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>>427469343>see flagthat's a donkey kek.>>427469368based>>427468311btw just bought a £1500 gpu

>>427469368So Kraut/pol/ has a new rivalry now...Will this be the end of the BremBVLL gang?

>>427469555 (checked)Kek, you're right. I forgot that the donkey is the animal of the Democrats, not the horse. Yikes. What an embarassment.

>>427469555>>427469688>donkey don't have large

>>427469232I am looking for decent human beings. Everything else goes into the meatgrinder. Simply a question if we follow the rather inaccurate statistical approach here or hand pick them.

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>>427468773Yeah basedRace and nation isn't a societal conceptSociety is a racial and national concept

>>427469730>whose members were like those of donkeys and whose organs were like those of stallionsGreat find! In that case I won't drop my newfound identity.

>>427469368Based>>427469555Nice manI am thinking I'll wait a year or two before getting something new


>>427469880>everything else goes into the meatgrinderalways knew i was always just barely good enough for the wurst.

>>427470650Hör nicht auf den Genetiger, Wurstiger!>>427470276What's that?

>>427470650Not just barely. ^^

>>427471721If i knew you'd be passing out Ls to me today, i would've woken up good man, passive-aggressiveness is unfashionable and is feminine. just tell me to my face that you think i am a piece of shit.

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>>427470024don't even have a power supply good enough for it, but saw the fe in stock for the first time in weeks so it'll sit in a box for a few weeks prob.>>427471010Berndcel + Esel

>>427472026>don't even have a power supply good enough for itLumbong?????Why?

>>427472123current one is 650w. pc part picker says this system with the new card will draw 625w


>>427472309Use another calculator Sometimes pc part picker isn't that

Körst wuz riteThread is shit (as always)

>>427469555>£1500 gpuwhat kind of productive work are you into?

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>>427472920>Load Wattage:647 Wkek

>>427473470>what kind of productive work are you into?Asking a humble catposter on Kraut/pol/ if he's not actually Tigerchud in disguise.

>>427430605I hate niggers so much its unbelievable.

>>427473470blender physics simulations with anatomically correct pussymeat and mathematically correct dense vagoober.>US Officials Confirm Russian Strike On Patriot System In Ukraine: CNNdamn i completely missed that confirmation. guess i should consult the catalog more often.

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>>427473677what a time to be alive

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>>427473470none, I just want to run a local chatbot and have 3 second diffusion times. won't even gaymin onnit.>>427473677maybe this however.

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>>427474376i remember when games were we got games where the texture repository can alone suck 30gb out of your drive because its all uncompressed 4k stuff, so crisp you can taste the sand on the beach and the woodsplinters on wood.vtf

>>427474703what is today's crysis?if i remember correctly red dead redemption 2 and a monster hunter game were pretty demanding, but i have no idea which game is on top now.kinda surprised they can still demand these prices. i think the rtx 3xxx had the biggest increase and then it was pretty much the new normal. i still run a 3600 + rtx 2060 super.

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>>427474703>his gpu can't load tens of gbs of textures into vramyou are ngmi süttichen>>427475364>what is today's crysiswould probably be cyberpunk

>GaymingReal men post on Kraut/pol/. There, I said it.

>>427475364>what is today's crysis?Cyberpunk 2077


>>427476805you're a gaymong. there, I said it.

>>427476038i rarely buy new games to be quite honest.everything is online-only, everything needs the perfectly newest pc for a game that offers nothing new to me.

>>427471930Heh, Sütti ... I meant this in the exact opposite direction. As in more than good enough, not just barely. ;)

>>427477703i took that the complete other way.>"oh you are not just barely good enough for the wurst! you fit right in with the other sausages!"that's how i understood it.

>>427477901he was clearly complementing your wurst m8

>>427478055you'd love a wurst-case scenario with me, wouldn't you?


>>427478355you were the one to put that into a gay light, my dude, i just gave you what you asked for.

>>427477669>i rarely buy new games to be quite honest.sameThe only new game things I buy are just hoi4 dlcs

>>427479242you mentioned the wurst and how you were just good enough for it first

>it's another episode of Sütti talking about cocks all day longHe's just not heterosexual.

>>427479435its a german phrase, you just made it gay.>"... ist gerade mal gut genug für die wurst!">so and so is just barely good enough for the sausage!" as in that specific thing is so fucking useless and or a nuisance that putting it in a sausage peel is the only way for you to service humanity.

>>427479577>its a german phrase>y-you did this!could be that the german race is a gay race.

Was Sütti andauernd in den Mund nimmt würde ich nicht mal in die Hand nehmen!

>>427479907don't you have a cuckthode raytard television set to restore and pour blood on/over?

best thread on pol right now>>427471092>Hannah Cornelius was a wh*Te South African WHORE. She got carjacked and kidnapped while going home. After watching her gay friend beaten to death in front of her eyes, she was gang raped by three BBC while begging for her life. After taking turns on her, BULLS stabbed her in the throat and crushed her skull with a rock.>>Her mother, a practicing lawyer commited suicide after hearing the incident via taking sleeping pills and walking into the ocean. Her father, a retired judge got cancer and died. Her only sibling and only surviving member of her family, a severly autistic boy sent to a group home where he will be abused for the rest of his life.>>BULLS who raped and murdered her showed no remorse and casually laughed at the court. They just laughed while getting life sentences like real niggas.>>The court heard how Hannah had pleaded with her kidnappers and bravely fought back ( :DDDDD) saying they could sexually assault her if they spared her life.>>The way her surviving relatives found out she's just a fucking wh*Te WHORE who offered her HOLES TO NIGGERS JUST TO SURVIVE.>>JUST TO GET KILLED IN THE END :DDDDDDDDD

>>427480160Sütti... I am the bong. I don't speak German. plus bernd never taught me how to do blood magik.

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>>427480473Seek help, Körst. Imagine posting this. Karma is not real but I wish it was.

>>427480644I can't tell the schizos apart.they are all dime and dozen to me.>erm don't you recognize the infamous guy that always capitalizes his Ls? and Rs?! wow, erm süttard like erm wow i cant even right now, the enigmatic most important namefag of all! the epic capitaliz0r and his archnemesis capituliz0r (he always gives up and surrenders).kraut/pol/ lore is wild, but its wild enough for me to not care.

Ok it's time to do something productive for once.How can we help Körst get a girlfriend?

>>427481305I will donate the 4090, then he can have ai gf

>>427481457Most depressing post in this entire thread.

>>427481305>>427481457>>427481956Give this a try, chuds!

>>427481956if only you knew how bad things really are

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>>427482272that's not even wrong or an exxageration.>Holla Forums: can you say nigger?>you: can you say you care about me?>me: can you say nigger?

>>427482272The Japanese live in this atomized depressing society but at least they have low crime rates and almost no foreigners.

>>427482728Yeah but imagine being around Boomer type leftoid males. That's just as bad. You either do things the right way, or don't do them at all.

>at least you grew up on a white neighborhoodYeah bit around leftists, they are breeding slowly into the gene pool self-destruction, male-hate (also from men). Idk who thought you could be NatSoc and far leftist dirt bags at the same time, but they need to evaluate themselves. Letting Germans be NatSoc even for a day was a big mistake for the movement. Kek.

Dear Germans,As founders of Nuremberg Laws (you didn't think you could come up with such an idea yourselves, did you?) We apologize for including you into the Master Race program, and hereby retract your invitation. Thank you, Danke.

>>427430350Would you accept an American poopoonookoo?

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mutthilda you cause me niggerfatigue.

>>427483800Also Our mistake! You see, when we crafted the original Nermberger Law, we simply never met a German before, we had truly tossed some shit up on the wall, and regretfully, it was a big mistake. Thank you for being flattered anyone would ever assume kreets like yourselves are apart of our race, but we have undoubtedly taken you out of the idea. Thanks.


>>427483892Maybe next time you try to batter and bruise from rape my ancestors ideology, you at least do it more than 5% right. Danke.

Körsticker an der Tür des italienischen Edelrestaurants anbringen um gegen die Unterdrückung der Körstinenser durch den Dago zu protestieren j/n?

>>427484035Jeden einzelnen.

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>>427484277How come you look like lizards in attack mode?

>listens to German-Hating Americans laughably confuse you in the US>Not listening to German-Loving Americans try to tell you the truthThe German is a menace.

Haha Kraut? More like Rot! Amirite SuttiCutti?

>>427469232>i want the truthThen listen only to me on matters of race purity, m'kay ?

anyway: i tested the thermal conductivity of my reichsmark and it appears to be silver.

>>427486013Germans won't even listen to German Americans, maybe they'll shove a dildo up their ass and listen to non Germans, i am actually sure of this.

The only Germans they will listen to are the Pennsylvania Perverts and the Tex-Mess. Naturally.

>>427486222>>427486422Ch...checked ?

>>427486935If only Germans knew...


>>427487809Why would a German have a jewish nose? It makes no sense...


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>>427487896we only lowered the percentage of jews in germany. they are still here.

>>427430350Fuck krauts

>>427487973Polecuck or Körst?

>>427488232With your sisters' butts.


>>427488206Plus the US sent tons of them back.


>>427482541>that "every week he does this" at the endBasiert.

Surprised doc isn't here whoring himself out.


Where's the pole?

>>427494351being a femboy somewhere else?

>>427494749Unacceptable. We require at least two Poles for a Poland general.

>>427495072Don't invite the Cuckpole tho!

>>427495319That's who I was referring to... no other Pole comes here.

>>427496032Cuckpole is honestly a very sick person!


>53 posts by this ID

Fröhlichen Himmelfahrtstag euch Memeflaggen

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>>427497664>celebrating a christian holiday>being a christcuckCouldn't be me!It's Vatertag not Himmelfahrtstag you cuck!>>427497524*54