In 3 months time Russia will be BEGGING to accept this deal

In 3 months time Russia will be BEGGING to accept this deal

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>>396088953>our kidnapped childrenSorry this was meant for israel

russians would sell their daughters before giving crimea back, it's just never going to happen

>>396088953If they drop 50% of energy revenue claim - I know a lot of russians that will agree to those terms.

>>396088953I rather russia nuke ukraine instead

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>>396088953In 3 months this bitch will be dying in a ditch during russian shelling because she failed to dodge the draft

>>396088953>TWO MORE WEEKS!

>>396089064You really think regular Russians care about Crimea?

>>396089629no I don't think they do, I know they do

>>396089339in 3 months she will be on italian tv crying about le ebil russians while she shops at gucci in Milan's center

>>396088953Whats the story about kidnapped children? Fake?

>>396088953In 3 months eurocucks will stop supporting nazi ukraine and will beg for our cheap

>>396088953>here's your terms of surrender, invaderKek

>>396088953In 3 months time you won't have street lights, hot showers and food in grocery stores.

>>396089339In 3 months her city will be rubble because of brave nato bombing campaign to liberate them after Russia mobilizes after immediate referendums.

wow, they want MORE money

>>396089064>russians would sell their daughtersthey do that normally for some money

>>396089892Big talk for a country that won't exist in 2023.

>>396089892Based >>396089968Truly retarded

>>3960889533 more months lol

>>396088953The Ukrainians aren't interested in negotiations. That's why she's putting out terms she knows that the Russians will never accept.

>>396089629> their only warm water portyes of course they care. Though with all that energy Russia has I wonder why they can't just artificially heat a naval road to some northern port.

>>396089844Nah. Russian state media showed it themselves.

Everyone one of these demands will be met.

>>396090105Ukrainians have nothing to say at all, as a cannon fodder and whores, robbed of everything by (((nato)))

>>396088953Gotta love those random social media whores making demand from countries.The internet is a mistake, giving a platform to every single human being's retarded speech is a mistake

>>396090217When? After Ukraine's victory? LOL

>>396089206>>396089629> Implying 'regular russians' get any say at all. Putin would never lose face over this, he would rather glass the whole country to smithereens. He already is a laughing stock and sanctioned to the max, what else does he have to lose?

>>396090302>When? 2 more weeks

>>3960898922 more weeks until we all freeze and russia captures kyiv.

>>396088953>In 3 months timeHow far up your ass do you keep Globohomo's crystal ball of (((predictions)))?

>>396090302How many fronts haven't yet collapsed?

>>396088953literally who

>>396090416We control 20% of Ukraine and keep obliterating the Ukraine's army.

>>396088953nobody fucking carespost tits

>>396090581Only 20% of a third world shit hole on your front door step? You must be very proud.> inb4 muh nato supportWe did all that for Afghanistan and the towel heads still ass raped the puppets eventually.

>>396088953You are an idiot. Probably a sand nigger brought over to be a useful idiot for the elite. Russia has not been losing anything this entire war. It is as if I fucked your mother and came in her whilst making eye contact with you and then you make fun of my shoe being untied. You will be freezing to death in 3 months.

>>396089968>Big talk for a country that won't exist in 2023.america?

>>396089876We will need much less gas in the future as Russians going full retard, forced us to look everywhere we can make savings.We will buy gas from anyone that sells it except Russia.If Ukraine sells the Russian gas they get as reparations, that sounds like a good plan.

>>396090782>Only 20% of a third world shit hole on your front door step?Before the conflict Ukraine had the most powerful military in Europe after Turkey. It is supported by the whole NATO.Their ground forces is like 1 million men now. And we are fighting only with 200k professional paid soldiers. In a normal conflict Ukraine would just obliterate Britain's army.

>>396089934Why do you expect russians to mobilize after the referendums?

>>396088953>Maria Drutska>looks like a tranny>does nothing but stir up mischiefI can already see the beheading video

>>396090987>professional paid soldiersPeople randomly taken from Donbabwe and Wagner's convicts group are now professional paid soldiers? kek

>>396090581Kek you probably really believe this

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>>396090374Last week of September is forecast to be nice and warm here in Germany, average daily 20°C.Russia's elite tank division already got BTFO twice at Trostianets and Izium, and had to retreat in some stolen old Ladas. They are licking their wounds currently in Swatowe, 700 km away from Kyiv.

all we have to do is find out where the press tranny lives and get the information to gay russians.>enjoy

>>396090782almost every western country is blowing its entire defense budget to "support" Ukraineit would be funny if it wasn't so embarrassing>>396090908germany will indeed "need" much less gas in the future when all the industry has moved abroadthen you no longer have to worry about the gas you don't have as you neither have a job to afford it

>>396090782The ukranians have an army, a big one too, can you say the same?

>>396091127Are you retarded?The most significant part of the army is literally paid professional soldiers form Russia.Wagner mercs and DNR\LNR forces is a minor part.

>>396090581A weeks ago it was 25%

>>396088953>Russia wants to negoiate?negotiatesclassic

>>396091236And we had paratroopers next to Keeef at the start. So what? It's a war.

>>396091235I really hope for general mobilization from RussiaAre you going to fight in that case?

She doesn't look like Makima so I don't like her tone

>>396091154temperatures are already below 10°C at night and its not even winterbut fret not, you won't freeze to death your body will only "suspend" being alivet. Robert Habeck

>>396091235Why are all the missile systems in st.p getting taken away? I thought russia had lots of them.

>>396089629I care, actually i would care about anything which we will conquer, even if its some foreighn shit corner of the world

>>396088953>In 3 months time Russia will be BEGGING to accept this dealthey want this to go another 3 years lmao

>>396091320You have to admit you guys fucked up at Izyum tho, not necessarily because you failed to defend it, because you didn't fight there, but because your stupid leadership refuses to move in enough troops to hold the whole front properly.Izyum region was almost empty, you need to mobilize more men

>>396088953Putin will sooner nuke the world then turn himself in to globohomo.I recommend you all spend some quality time with your loved ones over the next 3 months.Also, Crimea is 90% ethnically Russian, so even if they regain de facto control over it, they will have a perpetually rebellious province on their hands.Also, Russia doesn't have $300B.

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>>396091073Ukraine keeps attacking

>>396091341We don't even use regular conscripts in Ukraine. Army serving is mandatory in Russia. We have an army of 2 million soldiers. We use ONLY 200k paid professionals yet.Why the fuck we need to have mobilization?

>>396091497You say you're fighting a million men armyYou lost 20% of what you were controlling a month agoIf everything's so good, why you don't send more men then?And again, would you go fight?

>>396091484>You have to admit you guys fucked up at Izyum thoKharkov region obviously is not the goal at the moment. We don't really need it at the moment. And we don't have forces to defend usless land.

>>396089844There're 3 million Ukranians plus 4,1 million refugees from Ukraine in RussiaIt's Ukraine bitching because that already is more valuable than any land Ukraine has lost

>>396091497You can't achieve demilitarization and conquer and hold much more land if you don't have enough troops, NATO will keep training and supplying the ukranians and drag the war for years, which is their plan, you must bring at least 300k more men in there