Man Gets Stabbed On LA Train For Rapping Out Loud And Annoying Passengers!

worldstarhiphop man-gets-stabbed-on-la-train-for-rapping-out-loud-and-annoying-passengers

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Pol won't let me post the worldstarhiphop link

>>396089009Post it without the dots in between

>>396088889Poor guy looks autistic. He was annoying but didn't deserve this.

>>396088965based nigger

and libshits wonder why absolutely NO ONE is interested in trading their cars for public transportation. you'd literally need to carry a firearm to have the odds of coming home in your favor.

It should be legal to hunt rappers for sport. It wouldn't shut them up - nothing will - but will make for a fun hobby.

>>396089112The racist was culturally appropriating.

>>396088889he lived and died, the nigger way

Sad thing is this happened 5 years ago and there is almost no news information on this

>>396089112nigger are impulsive creatures

Can't be annoying than the niggers one dry wall over every school night and if I didn't go that means no food, conveniently to only feed said niggers, bomb California first

Please let it be a white man who stabbed him...Please let it be a white man who stabbed him...Please let it be a white man who stabbed him...

>>396088889its from 2016>NIGGERS R FRAGILE

So was the retard killed?

>>396089115Imagine if you were justified in stabbing a nigger just because it was inconvenient. The niggers would disappear in less than a month.

>>396088889poor autismo

in la they would jump and rob you for 10 dollars

>>396089112Hey bud, leave autism out of this. He's not autistic, he's retarded.

>>396089447its possible, if you watch near the end you will notice he is going into shock and blood is pumping out his upper chest. His longs were probably filling with blood. Either way nigger should be killed on sight.

>>396088889kek the nigger stole his bag at the end

kek too funny. he definitely shit his pants when the nigger spoke to him.

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>>396089112The subsaharan literally did it because he was so weak

>>396089466a dream come true

>>396089550Nigger did everyone a favor.

>>396088889Yeah, what a good black supporter. Also give them your girlfriend. Good boy.

>>396088889It's the 'train of thought'. Silence is required.

>>396088889>just take public transport to work son like I did back in the day

>>396088889>listen to nigger music>get the nigger treatmentlol

>>396088889Definitely an autistic guy

>>396089610No subsaharans belong, guess where, in subsahara

>>396089610Nah, he is violent and can't control himself. The retard was just annoying, there is a big difference.

>>396089685No more future Eminems stealin' homies' cash.

>>396088889wiggers deserve to be killed

Previous thread already mentioned that violence is being cultivate as normal things this days and a sign of manhood and virtue.>People here straight jumped muh you don't deserve freedom, muh you are some anti violence onions boy .Imagining even getting up from your seat cause some obvious sperg with mental traits is singing on the train . Lmao hopefully you guys are trolling or making some reverse psychology to infuriate white sentiment or some lmao

>>396089610Extremely misanthropic but understandable.

>>396089685OK nigger

Violence is a universal language, I doubt that sperg will try that again.Even retards with 20 points of IQ will remain quiet when beaten.

>>396089715Don't you have to be acoustic, bonus points also on drugs, to be a good rapper?

>>396088889and wyte boys will still claim that they are the master race

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>>396089110hey Jack I'm boomer who can't open PDF, explain how to post external links in detail please and thanks.

>>396088889Kek this was the song he was listening

>>396089112Seriously, he obviously had some mental problems.

>>396088889Sad thing is the poor bastard probably thought he was really "getting down with the brothers" and really sharing some culture. All the nonsense he was taught in school. I feel so sorry for these people.

>>396089112Niggers sometimes behave like feds. It's common knowledge. He should have been more aware.

>>396089112>Poor guy looks autistic. He was annoying but didn't deserve this.Yes he did. And he acted like a pathetic little baby too. Good riddance.

>>396088889Another CHUD bites the dust.Take note Holla Forumsoids

Deserved it for being a wigger.

>>396088889So yeah this is fake


>>396088889Fake and gay. Filthy lying spic nigger.

>>396089974I don't feel sorry for white Uncle Tom's

>>396088889Imagine risking decades of prison time because you couldn't just laugh at the retard who's being annoying.

>>396089823The comment section is why everybody hates, black people, ahem, niggers act exactly like the retard. Singing, blasting their music in public spaces and generally acting like they are the center of attention. Imagine if other races started treating you the way you treated that retard. That is why pretty much every fucking country other then European ones fucking hates niggers and wants you all gone.

>>396089821Duuno but that kid was dressed up as Harry Potter and rapping. He was definitely mildly retarded.

>>396088889Nature is healing

>>396090179much texto

>>396090017>lost island nigger

niggers are smelly and shit colored and belong in africa, not in civilization

>>396088889I know this guy his name is Peter Perez

>sitting there with blood pouring out of his neck>none of the niggers call an ambulance

>>396089307niggers culturally appropriate all the time, besides what culture was he talking from, American? the same subhuman "culture" he already belongs to?

>>396089823Isn't skittles nigga a snitch yo

>>396089818>Violence is a universal language,>retards with 20 points of IQ will remain quiet So you approve the ludovico treatment for violence impulses? Since you are IQ It would save a lot of bruises let me tell you or avoiding getting stabbed while trying to control some crazy guy in public trying to stab people

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>>396090138You have to understand these kids are fed a steady stream of lies about diversity and how we're all the same and the brotherhood of man bullshit. Its just sad to see that childlike foolishness lead to such a terrible end. These kids really believe blacks like them and they can be friends. Its just so damn tragic. Like those dumb white girls who get beaten to a pulp by some feral spook because they believe the crap they learned in "equity studies" or some shit.

shouldn't have said nigger


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>>396089409blessed lol

>>396088889Fake as fuck, if he actually was stabbed you would see A LOT more blood than that, and if he seriously only bled that little then no he did not die from this because that is not a fatal amount of blood loss

>>396089823you keep calling us that ?

>>396090211>Like white man Look at you white man your the annoying man child crying on the bus about nothingBetter shut up white man before daddy tyrone come give you the smack downAre you demoralized enough white man Bow down to your black owner now and die off whitey! And cut! Perfect thank you team great pr stunt for the black team!

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>>396089743Wait what would you do

>>396089685worship the nogs, get bogged. Its the US, if youre not on edge, sober and have your shit together when in contact with them then no one can help you, become hard to kill or get killed cracka.

Is he wearing a Harry Potter robe? What a faggot

>>396089785Fuck white sentiment punk. When you are in an environment without the rule of law (basically one with no access to policing) how is society supposed to function?Community rules and the Community enforcement of those rules. No other way. Why should that nigger accept to be abused by a nut in a Cape? No reason. Right now there are other worlds co-functioning in you very neighborhood. At night, in the dark for sure. Better learn it now. Your place is guaranteed. Hope you are man enough. Doubtful. Buy you rope now for that time. You will not survive. Faggot.


>>3960888891488 WPWW White guy here. I would never let anyone push me around. But darn, imagine all the women who saw that nigger put that pasty autistic fag in his place. They will be wet and lusting for true manly and vicious nigger cock for the rest of their lives. The swine squealing at the end just sealed the deal for them how pathetic we really are.

>>396090314In this modern world having empathy is a weakness, nobody gives a fuck, everyone is quick to make judgement of a action in this case the kid was acting retard yet not showing any sign of violence , all this could have been so easy avoided .I pretty sure you would have just move seta or try to say hey kid chill out im not in the mood to listen to your rap or some, if the kid continues just move sits whatever, now if the kids proceeds to follow you and start showing some weird body language or becoming a threat well in that case sure you need to defend yourself.But this is the opposite case the black fellow actually followed the kid when the kid was moving away and clear in shook from the knife threat .

>>396090504du kommst aus deutschland mein freud,Was ist Aktion T 4?

Saddest thing is the kid probably still thinks blacks need him as an ally and they are all good people and harmless little angels. They never learn.

>>396088889So I saw the original video and I still can't tell. Was his throat slit or was he stabbed in the shoulder? People said the shoulder in the comments but it looked more like it was his throat.

>>396090786you know, im not so sure you are actually a 1488 WPWW.

>>396090681this is pretty much the new age of violence commencing, and this user, niggerish he seems, although is very correct. >>396089785This is very 2016 like, analysing, oh you better be trollin bruh nu uh, it aint dat bad huh, etc etc bullshit, let the violence escalate, its the organic next step.

Sic semper retardusIf only every white who emulated nigger culture met the same result, America could be a livable nation

>>396088889>I'm hard shit, yo>oh, you're in my face? kek>i-is that a knife?>ok I'll stop rapping>just checking something on my phone real quick>here let me move, I'm clearly bothering youhis buttery face is of absolute fucking ignorance; the lowliest runt of the litter suddenly awakens to reality within a few passing momentsit's hard to watch weak men realise they're in hard times, but all the same, it's necessary

>>396090858>Le nigger is le violent>but I’d gassed the retardsDo not call me fren filthy trannyBe cringe some where else

>>396089685That's Epic rap battles of history, something made for white middle schooler nerds into history.

>>396090868>kid probably still thinksdefnitely not, to young for that, he on pol within this month.

>>396090885His chest, his upper left rib cage. The wall of his he is internally bleeding into his lung cavity.

thats why they want to end remote work.they want us to get stabbed and killed by criminals. no other reason.

>>396090973I am. You don't know the amount of nigger cock we have to take, stroke, and suck in county and prison just to stay alive. I'm a survivor, not a victim. I do whatever it takes to live another day. I saw men get ass raped by nigger cock. I saw men give hand jobs to niggers. I saw men give blow jobs to niggers. I saw men take every drop of nigger cum in their mouths or asses. It sticks with you forever. Nigger cock is a weapon to behold.

>>396090681You see you already jumping in conclusion.Now tell me you clear saw how the kid was already kind in shock after the black dude pulled a knife, it's clear that the kid got spooked and was very quick into move away and shut up .It's very clear that the like did not even open the mouth again after that, yet the black dude goes after him and stabs him .Would you act like this? I would not even move from my seat if the kid was being retard singing songs, who cares? are you a wet brain or some that gets emotional triggered at any little shitty detail .I dont even get the point of your post, you talk about lack of police and shit, what dont tell me the black needed the police to protect from this kid? what a joke

>>396089823>wytescared of saying White? See, you are making them the master race with your fear

>>396090995Germ, sadly this violence and these systems of community policing have always existed. Even in your country in generations past. Just now it is visible to all because of the proliferation of phones with cameras and security cameras and the incentives to publish the product. Simple as.

>>396090392>So you approve the ludovico treatment for violence impulsesNo Alex and his droogs deserved being hanged or electrocuted or gassed to death. They murdered innocent people for fun.

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>>396091099It'd be nice if he wised up but the programing in these people is so deep its terrifying. They will always find an excuse for their errant negros.

>>396090179Well, this is another problem I see.Blacks are always defending other blacks when they do something wrong against someone who is white. It's like they don't have a sense of society, it's a tribal mentality.

>>396091204>jumping in conclusionashkenazi high iq hard at work

>>396091065I was taking the piss mate. You fuckers still can't joke about the war LMFAO.For real though, I would never relax. As for the bloke that got stabbed, there is little I could do without an Ambulance. "what ifs" and speculation is usually a waste of time for when evaluating nigger crimes of passion. The best thing i have learned is to avoid them as much as possible. A few are good people but 90% of them are just garbage people.

>>396090314They wanted to, but none of them could remember the full phone number

>>396091512>garbage people>>people

>>396088965It sounds psychotic but I really enjoy listening to his childish, powerless screams at the end.

>>396088889hopefully this is the dude that shills "walkable cities"

>>396091204One of the rules of the street is about eye contact. Same as in the primate world. That kid is staring him in the eyes trying to take a dominant role all the time chanting some stupid demonic song. You will notice the kid lost his Cape. We did not see the rest of the altercation. Maybe the kid swung on him or spit on him. Maybe stabbing wasn't called for but just a serious beat down. A major part of the film was gone. How to know? If it was Colfax kid would of bern a stretcher case. White or black.

>>396091283>They murdered innocent people for fun.What are you saying, according to this thread violence is fine, and the autistic kid deserved it for singing in the train some nonsense cringe rap lol mind you that the rap was a real cringe nerd type of rap that is easy to spot that the kid had some mental traits.If people can't read that, something is not right with many IQ's out there