Right wing fashion thread

Which ones should I buy?

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>>396088555>Which ones should I buy?and ad

buy some boots you fucking bitch

>>396088555> RUssia> still buying western brandsKYS

>>396088555Dude... Your taste is shit.Fucking Russians, man.They all look like garbage, but my vote goes towards the bottom right.

Buy some bespoke shoes from a local cobbler

I wear these the entire year. Nevertheless I have a pair of new balance.

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>>396088827What shoes do you think aren’t shit?

>>396088555easily new balance

>>396088555All of them are shit, the kapa ones are the only ok ones

>>396088878I'm not loyal to any brand. Just anything that looks sleek, casual, and rugged.My boots look a bit like this. They look good with anything and can be used in any setting.

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>>396089058Post the ones that you think are decent

>>396088878Actually, now that I think of it, do you skateboard? All of the shoes you've listed have flat, grippy soles so they look like skateboarding shoes.

Since when is fashion political, you dumb fuck?

>>396089325People won't care about what you have to say (politically) if you look like a wigger. People will treat you how you present yourself, obviously.


>>396088555The Nigger one

>>396088555try them on and decide yourself. retard. if you are concerned if a company is kiked or not, it's safe to assume it is.


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>>396088555No adidas, no Nike..no Calvin Klein, no Ralph Lauren. There's your starter.

>>396088555Adidas definitely I tried a few pairs of New Balance and they quickly lose their shape and the soles wear down too easily.

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New Balance

>>396089325>he isn't schway

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>>396089137They look like your mom bought them

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>>396088555Imagine buying trainer plastic shoes made by little kids in china and sold by globohomo brands pushing feminism, fat and tranny acceptance. Sounds like what a nigger would do.Those pieces of shit won't last you more than a year anyway.Stop that overconsumerist bullshit, buy leather boots made by locals.>inb4 but I don't have anyone making shoes locallyYes you fucking do, you just never bothered to even check.Buy local, yes it is expensive, but it will last you years. And you can get your shoes maintained and resoled by the same guy who sold it to you.That's how real life works.

Currently rocking these

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>>396088555For me it's picrel they are comfy and you blend in with all the zoomers and niggers

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>>396088555Looking for these in a lighter colorWhatever is comfortable

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>>396088555Men should only wear steel toed boots. I have three pairs. Work and leaving the house boots, house steel roed boots, and dress steel toed boots.

>no columbia brandNGMI

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>>396088555These all suck ass, what is wrong with you

there was a boot thread on here a while ago, an user reccomended meindls. Im going to either buy some Bhutans, Islands or GPS.They supply UK special forces and many police forces.They can also be resouled once they wear out, so u dont have to keep feedin the apache tribe. made in germany.

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>>396088555Why does it matter?Stupid thread is stupid

>>396090740What about picrelated and >>396090663 ?

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>>396089058>>396089533The debt is strong in you

>>396088683>>396090702>only wear bootsI guess if you're a faggot who needs extra stability for when he gets fucked in the ass hundreds of times a day. But usually I would rather wear something comfortable because I'm not a good goy who dreams about work

Shoes are for degenerates.

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>>396088555We know yoire just going to get air jordans anyways nigger

this is the meindl GP. thoughts?Im going on a few month long hiking trip soon and want something that wont look too autistic to wear around in cities/restaurants when Im off the trail (and dont want to carry second pair of dress/casual shoes)

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>>396090707for me? its Helly Hansen.

>>396090911lol cope. keep dressing like a teenager and wearing heelies

>>396091062Look at this disshevelled retard wearing cargo shorts and combat boots everywhere he goes, you probably smell like a urinal

>>396090895New Balance gives off a better impression. Also they treat their workers with dignity. Made in America, no slave labour.

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>>396091094I don't wear cargo shorts, because that also makes you look like a spergy teenager. I never even wore them as a teenager because they just look cringe. keep projecting though

>>396091000Those make you look like a nazi or a commie tranny. No inbetween.

also have a fair of these that are great when not on road/concrete. I can do 20kms in them and now hVe sore feet at the end of the day.Look like a nut case, but who cares what vaxxies think.

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>>396091196>keep projecting thoughKeep coping though because I dress with T shirt and jeans unlike you needing to specialize your fucking "fit" with your 4chan peers

Leather boots, buy stuff and take care of them.

>>396091240my thoughts too.. but who gives a fuck what people think.


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>>396090911Yeah being nice and comfortable while I slam you down to the ground and bash your fucking skull in with steel caps.

>>396090702This.Also all my clothes are at least 350 g/m2 Proban impregnated canvas. Even my handkerchiefs

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>>396091179>no watchesbuddy...how tf you tell time? you take your gay little phone out every time you wonder if its lunch yet? you let a phone be your alarm clock every day?pathetic

testing to see, if I was banned

>>396091271What the fuck are you talking about? I've just said don't wear trainers wear boots instead because trainers look like shit and make you look like a teenager and your projecting all these gay ass assumptions on me. Are you on your period or something bitch?

>>396091332170 lb 20% bodyfat hands typed this post

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>>396091179>wear cargo pants>don't wear woolI don't understand, wool is kino and cargo pants are cringe

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>>396091381Exactly! Just get an apple watch like every other faggot!

>>396091000They look a little autistic desu also high boots are uncomfortable

>>396091179We all know a fat poor NEET made this guide. Don't take your advice from Holla Forums folks!

>>396089325Don't be retarded. Since when isn't fashion a political expression?

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>>396091300No Niggers

>>396088555Sneakers and other chink-made fast fashion shit is Nigger-Tier. You pay for a logo glued to plastic.There are still many brands producing their clothes and shoes in Europe. Sure they are often more expensive, but you pay for quality and get a long lasting product. You might wanna take the /suit/ pill as well, nothing triggers blue haired scum more than a /fit/ man who knows how to dress well and has his life together

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