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Prev: >>396079669▶Day: 209 - Daily battlefield assessment: iswresearch.org/▶Latest>ISW: UA forces remain likely to regain much if not all of western Kherson Oblast in the coming weeks if they continue to interdict RU GLOCs and press their advance>WSJ: Shahed-136 drones supplied to RU carried out several devastating strikes in Kharkiv region over past week, UA commanders say. UA is asking US help to counter Shahed-136.>Ukraine will receive the first NASAMS SAM within the next 60 days — Pentagon>Mass grave with 400+ bodies discovered in Izium>Germany will deliver 50 Dingo MRAPs, 2 MARS-2 MLRS to Ukraine>RU missile strike destroyed the Ingulets dam near Kryvyi Rih>Russian reporting on the AFU breaking through the Russian positions at Davydiv Brid in Kherson Oblast>Reports of UAF entering Sviatohirsk>Explosions heard in Rostov Oblast>Power grid in Kharkiv attacked once again>Power restored to affected areas in Ukraine>RU Missile strikes on power grid cause complete blackouts in Kharkiv & Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia, Dnipropetrovsk, Sumy and Belgorod (Russia) also affected>Reports of Russian forces leaving northern Kharkiv Oblast>ISW: UAF capture over 3,000km2 since September 6th, more territory than Russian forces have captured since April▶Telegram Channelsrentry.org/telosinthttps://t.me/ukr_pics/▶INTELLIGENCEhttps://www.understandingwar.org/publicationshttps://odin.tradoc.army.mil/WEG (equipment explorer)oryxspioenkop.com/2022/02/attack-on-europe-documenting-equipment.html (RU)oryxspioenkop.com/2022/02/attack-on-europe-documenting-ukrainian.html (UA)twitter.com/KofmanMichaelhttps://twitter.com/Osinttechnicalhttps://twitter.com/Militarylandnethttps://twitter.com/DefMon3▶/uhg/ OP Templaterentry.org/uhg2022

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t.me/ FGJTSFazhxg1NzIyAlso
archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/text/UKRAINIAN nazi swines were bombing civilians in Donbas since 2014 every fucking day, killing innocent civilians./page/1/how

Kill all ziggers

>>396085396TOO LATE RONALD!I am already hooked on Lviv Croissants and KFC

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Some weeks ago someone leaked that the real american embassy would reopen today on 20th september. And the rumor turned out to be true!

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yo mr white aren't we supposed to like make a pontoon bridge on the dnipro yo?

Good day everybody!Except russia.Fuck russia.

>africa has joined the battle its okay for russians to run from black people, but soon enough they're going to be running from their own army

>>396087414>Lviv CroissantsThat is honorable> and KFCThat is disonorable (towards your colon)


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>COSPLAYER MEGA UPDATEmega.nz/folder/8f8lhKrB#SyJ4qDf7gbbpYaC7UN7DVghttps://gofile.io/d/K9eHUK>Ukie Marichka Artistsfollow them for more Marichka\good art>Original creatortwitter.com/Limestone_block>Korzunka Persukivpixiv.net/en/users/28707701>Kavunyakhttps://t.me/kavunyak>Archiraihttps://twitter.com/archiraiii?t=Yh8XZtActCGQ3yCsy7drAw&s=09https://instagram.com/archiraii?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=https://t.me/archirai_art>TG channel for Marichka Art dump>t.me/ FGJTSFazhxg1NzIyAlso now with 2 Sticker packs:>t.me/addstickers/Mari4ka_Int>t.me/addstickers/Mari4ka_UHP>Marichka Megamega.nz/folder/I2AWUB4J#Cy34N8auTqjaAmMDqeDrUw>Cosplayer MEGA/torrent (will be updated into MEGA or bigger torrent by me later)gofile.io/d/K9eHUKhttps://mega.nz/folder/8f8lhKrB#SyJ4qDf7gbbpYaC7UN7DVg>Tomboy/Muscle girl Megamega.nz/folder/By4CjQAS#V9WzlyK8v6GKbuLzc2-FbQ>2D and 3D musclegirls and tomboys, around 1850 files, will add more later

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What is the status report?

Ukrainians and russians are the same peopleNo, russians are offshot of Slavs that mixed with Finno-ugric natives and got Buck broken by Golden Horde>Are russians white?Yes those who are mutts of Slavs/Germans/Balts would be considered white if not for retarded culture>Russian cultureA meme made by Tsar and later commies for better melting pot, ask any russian what his culture is and you will hear>WE WUZAnd never hear about actual non bootlicker parts of their culture.

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>>396087494no, Jesse, we need to cooktwitter.com/hannaliubakova/status/1571639652154589184?s=46&t=mUMH5wARBas4fsHSYddv7g

>Thank, baker. I'm off now.I found this in old thread. 2 back digits decide of where you'll be.

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russian version of history>WE WUZ VIKANGS>WE WUZ KYIVAN RUS>WE WUZ HORDE>WE WUZ THIRD ROME>WE WUZ COMMIES>WE WUZ SUPERPOWAHrussian just LARP as the last guy who fucking conquered them, since they cant say they lost.Most white "russians" are just WW2 German/Slavs/Balts leftovers, USSR was original racemixing melting pot, they have more than 40 years ahead of US mutts, they are unironic Tolkien orcs.

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>>396087647Status: running away from NATO negroes

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>>396087315Cope General

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>BLM flagkek makes sense

>>396087696Rollan for Ukraine

>>396087696Why not

why does those people think that russia is the sole supplier of western european gas?

>>396087727Did Lakhta cut off VPN funds, or why are you all using meme flags now?

>>396087727>all memeflags support russia>all anons from other countries who support russia for some bizarre reason can read and understand cyrillicits trully over for us /uhg/ bros

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>>396087705dont forget>WE WUZ REL UKRAINIANS ALL ALONG



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>>396087696hmmmm aboba


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>>396087696Pls no 79

>>396087696Give me something with delicious brown girls, like Colombia

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>>396087696thank the baker

>>396087878Ayoo no more brotha wars

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Is monke chimping out again?

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>>396087696>inb4 44

Check this out

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>>396087315Seething Ukrop trannoids

>>396088018He's been chimping out for 7 months

>>396087696>Pls no 79.


>>396088022Fucking lol. Are they shooting a propaganda video for dedushki?

>>396087315>>396087515>>396087647LMAO LMAO BREAKING NEWS !!!!!!!!!!!!!Hohols are getting dry fucked by Russians and Coalition forces..... lmao LUGANSK, September 20. 2022 /TASS/. tass.com/politics/1510091The Ukrainian army is leaving positions south of the city of Artyomovsk (called Bakhmut in Ukraine) amid huge losses, Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) Militia officer Andrey Marochko said on Tuesday."Ukrainian troops are leaving frontline positions south of the city of Artyomovsk. The reason is that they have lost their combat capability and suffered huge losses, while our troops and allied forces have made achievements," he wrote on Telegram, citing LPR intelligence.Donetsk leader Denis Pushilin said on Monday that the allied forces were advancing towards Artyomovsk and Ugledar.

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>>396088022is that tompson?

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anything happen while i was comfy and asleep?

>>396087885I can't believe the Russians got LazerPig, I bet they lured him with photos of lustful Russian twinks posing on vintage tanks.

>>396088022did the retards not store any PPShs? america wins again

>>396088022Are these lend-lease remnanats from WW2?


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>>396088022Lend Lease like 1940s?

>>396088018Yep pretty stable level of chimpouts in the last 24 hours with an outlier of striking a NPP (missile missed by 300 meters, but then again we saw the kalibr vs tomahawk accuracy)

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He said itfiles.catbox.moe/uvtlvl.mp4


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The chinks have our ba...

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>>396088115^^^Demon possessed mentally ill Pedophile detected !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>396088022Jesus Christ how fucking old is the back stock east Europe

>>396088022fake shit. Deactivated thomspons shipped from Russia to Germany a while ago. Not related to the ongoing war

>>396087696I need my burgers

Medvedev said that they WILL annex Luganda after all, so what is it. Will they or won't they, and more importantly will they start sending Russian conscripts to die there?

>>396087839it's the sole supplier of pipeline gas. LNG is 4-5x+ more expensive.

>>396087839Because it is literally the only thing they have of any value. They are bigger than my country geographically yet have an economy smaller than Italy. In short, they fucking suck.

>>396087696please, not belarus, please, not belarus

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>>396088176This one was posted in 2008 ALREADY! stop posting this shit. gtfo

>>396088176/k/ is going to have a field day with this

>>396088176Jesus Christ call a collector you could sell these and make more money for your war then using them



>>396088354Its nothing burger in the long run

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>>396088354Lol that catspaw said they were going to annex Kazakistan too then had to delete the tweet then claimed he was hacked like a retard.

So when are the "referendums" being held

>>396087696Please don't be a kike

>>396088354i doubt thry will do it, they mkved the date already

Good morning comrades, just a quick reminder that the ukraine is still a terrorist state, thus making my /uhg/ comrades terrorist supporters.

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>>396088283The world should send it’s top elite special forces to disable the nukes and take them out of the country



>>396088382worlds largest exporter of wheat and metals, top 5 for oil and NG....lol?


>>396088411Yeah i was thinking they arent that useful for war since ammo is non existant or does the mg3 that ukraine got use the same cartridge?

>>396087696second aboba cuz i got FUGGED

>>396088501in 2 weeks

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>>396088604BURGER :-DDddd AND FRY

>>396087533>NATO weaponry will be killing Africans soon

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>"Good morning comrades">morning>At 11.30 amLooks like communists and communism have one thing in common - neither of them work

>>396087696Please be Israel

>>396087696roll and please make it a real country

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>>396088559Based terrorism to defend your own country against a nigger(east) invader

>>396088498Oh yeah I forgot that he was cucked by the chad Patrushev and monke doesn't love him anymore

archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/text/UKRAINIAN nazi swines were bombing civilians in Donbas since 2014 every fucking day, killing innocent civilians./page/1/how many russians bots are there on pol

>>396088496Wtf is British empire, am I a nigger from Botswana?

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>>396088575Stay mad nigger.

>>396088393Oh? You got an archive link for that vatnik?

>>396088663I just laugh at communists they are not to be taken seriously

>>396088671Going have to lower your expectations

>>396088716I'm sorry user, but your country isn't the best

>>396088715Nah you are from some small island Now

>>396088559>10:30 in Italy>good morning Clearly running on commie time

>>396088710Its one of the low tier RTfags, he is here since Maidan.

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>>396088715Wake up philip, what you blithering on about, ww2? EU? napoleon has returned, grab that musket and march to waterloo

>>396088559BAKA COMMIE!

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>>396088715A parallel universe where it didn't fall apart, you're most likely Indian.

>>396088780At least it isn't Russia.

>>396088717Good try urpo, i'm no vatnik and here you go:warrelics.eu/forum/world-firearms/mg-34-russian-stocks-1801/

>>396088710Lmao, it's all the same fucking schizo. He has been spewing his bullshit here on Holla Forums for years.

>>396088717Its old pics from russian reserves, some russian TG's posted them.

>>396088833True>>396088803Admire the dedication


>>396088663nah you don't understandthat nigger works late or night shift like a total retard wagecuckat least he pretends to do it

>>396088857Its a job, they get paid.

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>>396088710It's less likely paid shills and far more likely actual schizos.

>>396088873Nah, he is a neet, he would be sleeping right now if he worked late night

>>396088710if they're spamming this hard without getting banned there's gotta be some FSB glowies in the site's mod team

>>396088835Much obliged

>>396088901Nah, just "patriotic"

>>396088901Every vpn is a russian until proven otherwise

>>396088283>Mfw the US annexes Chukotka>mfw Chukotka becomes the 52nd State.

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noo you cant bomb donb-ACK...

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Just bomb places, where the "referendums" gonna be held.

>>396088919correctbut late shift is still possible

>>396088710Skiztos and dementia patients are basically npcs they repeat the same thing over and over again

>>396088961>VPNMy sweet summer child.

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>>396088203Lying Ukrainian filthy swines.

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Is Liman encircled? Man vatniggers just can't stop losing huh?

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>>396089004Dugin is a satanist so theres a good chance he sacrificed her for a new car.

>>396089020Isn’t that what the partisans have been doing

Uh oh putinsisters, is it not looking good right now?

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>>396089093lol no, but its being pressed from 2 sides if not 3

>>396089105Yeah, best solution unironically.

>>396089020>bomb referendums>n-no comrades w-we're n-not t-terroras>w-we're the g-good guysthe absolute state of hohol comrades

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none of this is organic discussion

>>396088928>there's gotta be some FSB glowies in the site's mod teamNo shit, you only figured that out now?GO FUCK YOURSELF, FSB JANNIE. BETTER RUN TO GEORGIA LIKE THE LITTLE PIDOR YOU ARE BEFORE YOU GET FORCIBLY CONSCRIPTED TO PRYGOZHIN PENAL BATALLION.

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>>396087414Based croissant enjoyer

>>396089093Most of the line collapsed in last week, its looks like this.

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>>396089178That's operational encirclement at least.

>>396089165why need for referendum while you can just claim it just like the old times?

>>396089165they are really desperate

>>396089067These are the same people crying about nord stream and sanctions



>>396089093BREAKING NEWS !!!!!!!!!!!!!Hohols are getting dry fucked by Russians and Coalition forces..... lmao LUGANSK, September 20. 2022 /TASS/. tass.com/politics/1510091The Ukrainian army is leaving positions south of the city of Artyomovsk (called Bakhmut in Ukraine) amid huge losses, Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) Militia officer Andrey Marochko said on Tuesday."Ukrainian troops are leaving frontline positions south of the city of Artyomovsk. The reason is that they have lost their combat capability and suffered huge losses, while our troops and allied forces have made achievements," he wrote on Telegram, citing LPR intelligence.Donetsk leader Denis Pushilin said on Monday that the allied forces were advancing towards Artyomovsk and Ugledar.

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>>396089200And we bomb (You), too.

>>396089208>PRYGOZHIN PENAL BATALLIONWho is prygozhin and is it really convicts fighting?

>>396088354>Medvedev said


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>>396089165Seriously what does immediate mean in this situation? Are they doing them tomorrow, 2 weeks, or a month.


>>396089093It's flanked on multiple sides, no idea why they haven't withdrawn, I guess that "no step back" order was real.

>>396089353For cacaps it mean "yesterday", and now provides the totally not fake results.

>>396089262¡ay caramba!

>>396089324Prigozhin is the head of wagner and is actively recruiting prisoners t.me/ukr_pics/6165

>>396089208I always thought so i just felt like sharing my mind cuz im bored

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>>396089208Post tits or GTFO

>>396089304Hello comrade, nice to see you around.>>396089316wouldn't it be easier to just own up your terrorism and stop pretending comrade? keeping up this good guys farce must be taxing, isn't it comrade?

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dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11230067/Assassins-try-kill-exiled-Russian-exposed-Putins-use-prisoners-fighters.htmlNaughty naughty KGB

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>>396087696can I haz greater slavia ?


>>396089475Why don't they just do like the chinks and blackmail people by threatening their families

>>396089475damn, they're shit at assassinating people

>>396089475I thought lasers are hollywood larp wtf


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>>396089236Commies have a boner for referendums and elections with 99,8 % turnout and 99,1 % being in favour.Don't ask me why, propably some parent issues.

>>396089208>Pidor vermin is everywhere, especially in burger landIt's not that hard to spot them either>Much fellow whites and shit

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/chug/gies never stop to amaze me. I jsut love talking to them and trigger them into being retard.

Attached: Chuggies being retard again.png (914x279, 53.52K)

>>396089419How dumb is the average con in russia?Surely you wouldn't risk dying when serving a 10 year sentence

>>396087885Lord of the Flies?

>>396089695are you the based pig poster btw?


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>>396089695>that second replythis war unironically has redpilled me on the internet right.

Quick factual check>Ukraine is winningWrong. Ukraine is on 4rd wave of mobilization, Russia is on 0. Ukraine is also forced to use bicycles due to crippling lack of fuel/trucks.>Russians commit war crimesHowever sad it is, we are not living in idealistic world and in reality war crimes are inevitable for both sides of any conflict. However, in this particular conflict, one side is willing to lynch its OWN CIVILIANS via the process of tying them to the road poles. Its solders also so undisciplined and dumb that they film themselves committing atrocities for further broad distribution. That side being an Ukraine.>Sanctions are workingWrong. On top of being self-sustainable Russia has resources which world is in dire need of.>War was unprovokedWrong, Ukraine has number on functional nuclear reactors and enough nuclear waste for the creation of large number of dirty bombs. Add to this nationalist anti-Russian militias running unchecked by their failed government and you have perfect casus beli of preemptive self defense based solely on those two facts.>Russians have heavier lossesWrong. Even Zelensky had to admit there are at the very least 50-100 losses on Ukraines side per day. 700 a week. 3000 per month of young men being sent to their slaughter by a illegal jewish government in Ukraine.Follow the facts and stay comfy.

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>>396087696Let's go

>>396089165like what's even the point lol, no one will recognize it

>>396089611What does it say? I see a Z so something to do with the war?>>396089802Thanks, I will watch it later when I have time.


>>396089709>when serving a 10 year sentenceThat's 10 years of beatings and broom rape

>>396087696Here we go

>>396089805Just do what you want, the "right" and "left" and politicians in general are fucking retards who just work for glowies.

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>>396088824Well it's either rubber pussies or their boypussies raped by churkasShit for luck being ruski

Attached: not even little bit gay.webm (320x240, 1.59M)

>>396089469dude, we will find (You).


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>>396088354Medvedev is a spastic retard desperately trying to get back in Putin's good graces by waxing apocalyptic. He has no real power.

>>396089888probably because in russian law they are only allowed to deploy conscripted soldiers to defend legally russian territorythis is them screaming for reinforcements

>>396089200So how does destroying enemy forces and defending your country from invaders make you a terrorist?


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>>396089900>For russia V>Za=For

>>396089948Here our cons get slushies and TV. Unironically decent to live in

Attached: slushies.png (994x1041, 1.24M)

>>396090053Yea I forget this sometimes because finnish media still treats him as if he's relevant

>>396089819>Ukraine is on 4rd wave of mobilizationWhat exactly do you think this means?

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>>396090025do you want to bomb me too comrade? see it's quite easy to get addicted to terrorism comrade, that's why you shouldn't engage in it not even once.

Attached: 1 may.jpg (717x1001, 109.33K)

>>396090054It would also make their citizens technically "Russian" so they could flee since DPR/LPR passports don't grant entry in Russia.


>>396089819>>Ukraine is winning>Wrong. Ukraine is on 4rd wave of mobilization, Russia is on 0.

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>>396089469>Hello comrade, nice to see you around.You too, comrade.

Attached: GLORY TO RUSSIA-SLAVA Z _.jpg (1026x651, 79.07K)

>>396090198oh yeah that's true, so the collaborator retards are screaming for evacuation lmao

>>396087414What is the new name of chefburger? I couldn't find it when I tried to order glovo. There is a hot cheesburger in the menu now but I don't recall chefburger ever having cheese in it?

>>396090198Do they have to get russian citizenship or is it optional

>>396090196Gauge your eyes our, rip your tongue, cur off the ears, remove your appendages, good ol Japanese way.

>>396090274"Пaнcький" aбo "Ceлянcький".Aлe я пopaджy "Гaлицький"

Attached: 1641051957033.jpg (1657x2344, 2.13M)

>>396087647Mostly calm with possibility of no panic


>>396088176Worth their weight in gold.

>>396088022>>396088176Google says its an old photo

>>396088176where could you outsource 7.92 Mauser? or will it be rebarreled to 7.62 NATO?

>>396088354Medvedev is the new Zhirinovskyi

>>396090024Don't leave out the broom!Russki mir will always find a way to rape your arsehole. Next step: HATO mulattos.

Attached: birth of a sovok man.jpg (600x347, 17.46K)

>>396089585They are.

>>396088354Medvedev said if Ukie bombs Crimea it will mean nucler war. I'm still waiting...

>>396090056>destroying enemy forces>defending your countryIn which of the two suggested categories would you put shelling and torturing civilians and bombing referendums comrade? >>396090357On one hand it's quite funny comrade: you're so affected by my commieposting that you are making actual powerless threats, like a small dog barking furiously from the other side of a fence. I hope this time even my /uhg/ comrades can agree I have buck broken you. On the other hand tho, it's legit SAD comrade. Try as hard as you want, this is not you being an educated european comrade.

Attached: ukr.jpg (500x375, 28.46K)

>>396090519MG-3s exist. No point going backwards.

>>396089236That is their code word for that

>>396090608No bombing, just retaking.

>>396090621yeah but this is MG 34, not MG 42.

>>396090357My how quickly your Jewish bloodlust makes an appearance. Z

>>396089585that is correct

>>396087696Lets roll

>>396090670Eh, I just read the headlines.

Attached: Bez názvu.png (1274x513, 41.09K)

>>396090690lollmao even

>>396090196A beating, maybe leave you crippled like your namesake. You've earned it.


>>396090196la mia camera e piena di lattine di birra

>>396090259Yeah, notice how a lot of this started not after the Ukrainians took clay back but when collaborators starting exploding 2 days ago.>>396090307No idea.

>>396090618What shelling and torture of civilians? Oh yeah it's exactly what Russia is doing all the time. Bombing enemy units which are the ones writing the referendums is okay and legal. They are in fact not civilians.

>>396087696Imagine me getting 94

Vatnigger sisters...

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>>396090842Infamous russian red lines are like "chinese last warning"

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>>396088710There are a lot. And they are not coordinated. There are low-tier copy/paste niggers, there are niggers that can retain conversation, and there are schizos that do it for free.

>>396090618>In which of the two suggested categories would you put shelling and torturing civilians and bombing referendums comrade?in both

>>396090842its literally 5th time i read"Medvedev: "Insert_action_name_here will cause nuclear responce"article

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>>396090690Post foreskin

>>396091020It's "nuclear response" because it's only noticeable on atomic level

>>396091005>and there are schizos that do it for freeawwww you miss me already

>>396090963Clean your room comrade, and don't engage in degeneracy.>>396090864You could probably call them reparations for the buck breaking you suffered comrade. >>396091018At least you're funny comrade lituaniabro.

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>>396090843>going to use internet lingo because I’ve been exposed as a jewSounds about right. Z

Post uhg-relevant women in their peak.

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>>396091288Why are you posting kids you fucking creep

death to all pedophiles

>>396091288All /chug/pedos get the rope.

>>396087696Hang all commies

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vaporize vatniks

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>>396090984Aren't these things already in military law stuff?

>>396091256lollmao even



>>396091288[spoiler] Gas all pedos. [/spoiler]

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>>396091461why do that


>>396089802I have some acquaintances who know this thot irl kek

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>>396091366Why is there a Russian on the muzzle?

>>396091428Is it starting to get a little cold?

>>39608769604 get

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>>396091640lollmao even

>>396088111>Donetsk leader Denis Pushilin said on Monday that the allied forces were advancing towards Artyomovsk and Ugledar.Is Penis Dushilin at the frontline together with the advancing allied forces?

>>396089819>7 months later, still coping this hardYou can blow smoke all you like, this is a fiasco of - dare I say it - Tsarist proportions. History doesn't repeat, but it often rhymes, and Russia-Ukraine rhymes with Russia-Japan in 1905. "Russia's incurrence of substantial casualties and losses for a cause that resulted in humiliating defeat contributed to a growing domestic unrest which culminated in the 1905 Russian Revolution, and severely damaged the prestige of the Russian autocracy. "

>>396091288Pls die as painfully as possible.

>>396091387>For regular armyYes most of them>For civies in MogilizationNo, it can be applied to civies user.>Ivan dodges draft notice>HOMO sends him to gulag>Wagner sends him to the front

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>>396091640he is a hohol trannythey arent known for their vocabulary