We're not even at 1% of clown world yet are we? it's going to get worse and worse

we're not even at 1% of clown world yet are we? it's going to get worse and worse

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>>396087277Its Idiot Hell nowNot clow world

>>396087277lol I love this trannyprobably my favorite tranny or second to the giant Australian dude who BTFOs women in handball and rugby

>>396087277"You keep saying He"They care about gender pronouns more than safety of the students. They are not human. Its like he goes right into a robotic response.youtube.com/watch?v=v93ZeUoxgNU

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It's what the offspring of the allies deserve

>>396087277I think we are very close to Weimar levels of horrors. Pedos are grooming childrens in public we just have to wait few months and they will abuse childrens in public then we wiil be at Weimar level except we have tons of shitskins in our countries.

What if the students started wearing big ol fake tiddies to school too? Or stuff their pants with a giant prosthetic cock?

>>396087277honestly, im not sure. starting to see more push back from normies, but also noticing increased clown world tactics.

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>>396087277>muh victimhoodWhy are cuckservatives such pontificating scum?

>>396087277It is going to get worse and worse. Everyone for all of time has had things they needed to fight. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.

>>396087277what we need is the People's Liberation Army of North America

>>396087277>wearing the proud slave mask>I trust the science

>>396087454"they" demand, nay, NEED you to affirm their weirdo vision of the world BEFORE they even consider going down to your level

since nobody has murdered him yet, I'm going to say it hasn't even begun. they are trying their hardest to spurt people to violence so they can claim casua belli for martial law. you can replace the established system without a huge revolt or civil war. it has happened many times in the past.

>>396087526good morning I hate women>the single mother in the front who forced her white kid to go to the march who is playing on his Ipadone word, Khazakstan.

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>>396087454Lol based tranny big boobs literally btfo rebel media cucks

>>396087750Canadians tend to be far more docile than us Americans. The Trucker Protest was a big surprise, but what happened? Trudeau subverted it, watered it down, and it ultimately fizzled out, after the government killed people and threatened to ruin their lives over a stupid vax that doesn't even work. I'm skeptical that Americans or Canadians have the balls to cause real civil unrest, unless it's over a dead criminal like George Floyd.

>>396087670who are we kidding? they never consider it. they will double down, use argument killers like call you a "-ist", paint a target on you so useful idiots and crazies go after you or memory hole ang gaslight when failure is unavoidable.

>If You Give A Gay Their Way (Enough Is Never Enough) by Joel F. Carberry archive.org/details/iygagtw-ebook-review-copy

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>>396087829when i saw this pic, i was surprised at just how much it shows the fall of the west.

I've started seeing this as less of a social corrosion, and more the natural extent of futurist, technological advancement. OF COURSE we're seeing the degeneration and social norms at a time where technology is more unique than ever and has contributed to the largest change of human living standards in our history. The internet is only 30 years old for most consumers but look how it's changed everything.We're just accelerating. The sci fi was right. Our transhumanist merging cyberpunk future is becoming a reality. This is just the start of it.

>>396087277if you can't handle a man with gigantic fake tits you're not going to handle the rest clown world very well. I mean come on, is it not funny as hell?

>>396088360>is it not funny as hell?no, it's tiresome

It's Hollow Men by TS Elliot now, followed by Brave New 1984 and ending in Oddworld but without the heroes, spirituality or funny designs.

>>396087876No, the school knows they are fucked. I am 8 minutes in and everyone refuses to even speak to him or answer any questions. They are full on "shut this down!!!" mode

whats the tiddymans address?

How does a man in Canada wearing fake tits affect you in any way OP?

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>>396088693zipcode 80085

>>396088436Not gonna make it. If this makes you clutch your pearl necklace you're gonna wanna kill yourself in the next few years


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Why are the leaf trannies the most brazen?

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Canadians are pussy faggots with no sense of humor. If this legend worked at one of our schools in Australia he would be considered at an absolute topcunt teacher.

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>>396089057>dude how does the cohesive sanity and wellbeing of society affect you in any way

>>396087454>>396087277only a matter of time until one of the operation paperclip germans in the USA go full ultra instinct adolf hitler.they tried this shit during the weimar era, and now the jews are doing it again.

>>396089498>Imagine being offended by giant tits in 2022brits arent people its confirmed

>>396089170>clutch your pearl necklacejew

>>396087453Hannah Mounceyyoutube.com/watch?v=2SJYdXj7Kac

>>396087277If we start seeing Equity officersin large corporations,then the screws will have tightened.Academia has already fallen prey to rainbow-haired oxygen-wasters

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>>396087277Nah we went past Clown World at the beginning of the Pandemic.We are in whacko Cult Land now.

>>396087526That’s just the feminists and lesbians realising that what they have done to men is now being done to them by slightly more insane activists. Fuck them, I’m going to laugh as they loose.

>>396089740Kek, this one's a kike hater too, imagine my shock. Listen buddy, you're gonna want to pour yourself a double shot of whiskey because shit's gonna get much worse and there isn't much your fat ass can do about it. Call me a hook nosed shekel grubbing dust person but you're still a rat in a cage


>>396087277No one will do anything because everyone is scared of the Tranny mafia on Twitter.

>>396089057It's not just fake tits its nipples protruding very disrespectful

>>396089790we're still in clown world, you just had the wrong clown in mind

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>>396090119you're a moron on a high horse with basic speaking points. keep laughing as the world turns to shit>drink upslave

>>396090299Who gives a fuck about twitter or the people on it?

>>396090299twitter can't do shit if you don't have a twitter account

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>>396087277Bible is way ahead of you here, we're not at Sodom and Gomorrah levels yet

>>396087277He was born that way. Stop being a bigot.

>>396087277>NOOOOOOOO are those nipples!?

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>>396090119a real jew wouldn't even be able to recognise that they looklike a rat. a real jew would look in a mirror and see a human being, the same way a cuckoo looks in the mirror and sees a starling or a blue jay. you aren't subersive on a concious level but I appreciate you listened to "us goys" enough to make an attempt at mockery.

>>396090471If you see me on a horse that speaks volumes about you, not me. Excuse me but I think that alcohol and failing ideologies are a good combo. At least I can look at a man with gigantic fake knockers and laugh. You? Must be a pretty fucking miserable existence.


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>>396087591Yeah I know it’s gonna get worse but is it going to get funnier too? Cuz honestly I can deal with societal decay if it’s this fucking funny.>a male shop teacher showing up to work every dag with gigantic prosthetic titsTELL ME that wouldn’t be the best part of your day in a boring ass high school.

>>396090922This guy gets it

>>396090821he's a fucking teacher, not some freak on the street. I see you have a pompous attitude while having nothing of value to say. jew

>>396090922>TELL ME that wouldn’t be the best part of your day in a boring ass high school.it's not funny having a deranged homosexual have power over you

>>396091040 Yeah and he's teaching those kids how to handle wood, it's really quite poeticWhen you say that it's almost like you're....projecting....nothing of value to say...but the word jew......hrm....

>>396091217>Yeah and he's teaching those kids how to handle wood, it's really quite poeticjew>When you say that it's almost like you're....projecting....nothing of value to say...but the word jew......hrm....projecting what? are you simple? inbreeding is bad

Dude, just build your own school lol

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>>396091361Let me put it to you in simple terms for your puny brain to comprehend. You are being humiliated. Not only by me but by society. And you are powerless to do anything about it. Do what you can to cope, chuddy.

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>>396091173>power over youOhh christ you guys are so fucking uptight.Just don’t take them seriously. Laugh at the stupid trannie. Lighten up. Shit IS fucking deranged and out of control, you can go around seething about it your whole life, but it doesn’t change anything and it just makes you miserable.Society is a joke. Take a joke.

>>396087277Some roman emperor cadyrated a boy and took him as replacement for diceased wife. We are just starting out

>>396091555mommy's boy jew

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