Wtf you're still not using this?

Why would you sit through ads on YouTube?

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YouTube has ads? I've never seen one.

>>396086476>goybrowserjust use adblock nigger

>>396086476i use Brave but only because I like lions

you can block ads with ublockunless you're a fucking phoneposting nigger

>>396086476What is youtube vanced?

>>396086476Opera has an adblocker built in. Even Apple faqs can download adblocker for safari

>>396086476I heard it's pozzed and I should use ungoogled chromium but they don't make it for Android so fuck it

Just use Vivaldi. It's like Brave with more features and no crypto wallet garbage

>>396086685Opera runs on the chrome engine, except it's owned by the Chinese which harvest your data.

>>396086651You can use Kiwi browser, it let's you install ublock origin on mobile.

>>396086476>Why aren't you using this browser that was solely designed to shill its own crypto currency?

>>396086476Bro one time I used a browser without Adblock and YouTube ads are like every fucking two minutes! That shit was wild, I don’t know how anyone can bear that shit.

>>396086817Brave is a fork (copy) of Google Chrome, basically the same speed without the ads. I sat through Chrome now and almost killed myself on YT, ads every 5 seconds

>>396086879>Opera runs on the chrome engineso does brave

>>396086651Manifest 3 is coming, so you might want to consider switching to fox or something.

>>396086879who won't rape me? i use Edge because its on my computer already and uses less ram and shit then Chrome. im fully aware Microsoft is reading me like a book, but don't really feal comfortable switching to some rando sketchy browser.

>>396087006I know but like, some user had an archive link about "bugs" in it that "leaks" data to the servers. Highly sus

How do you find in page?

>>396087236>A key security improvement in Manifest V3 is that extensions can't load remote code like JavaScript or Wasm files. This lets us more reliably and efficiently review the safe behavior of extensions when they're submitted to the Chrome Web Store. Specifically, all logic must be included in the extension's package.I hate kikes so god damn much

>>396087247>uses less ramHow is that still an issue? I have a mediocre laptop and it came with 16 GB of RAM.

>>396087288>>396087006archive dot ph/SPvvVAndarchive dot ph/SGZaT

Your ISP still knows everything.

>>396086476>cryptocuck browserno thanks, I don't need to waste my computing power mining cryptos for someone else

>>396086671Is there a version that still works? Mine just says problem with server[400].

>>396087799Mine still works.You can also try this even if the UI kinda sucks :

What’s wrong with just using firefox?

>>396086476I use it for basic web use, if i need something a bit more secure I use ungoogled chromium.

>>396086476do you not use Ublock you nigger

If you're too lazy to harden Firefox, then yeah maybe consider brave. Otherwise FF is still #1

>>396086476use adblock you fucking retard

>>396086476Theres already ublock and other ad blocks that you could use together. Sitting behind 3 adblocks as we speak. Never seen a youtube ad in my life.

>>396086476Based brave user, but you know adblockers can be used on any browser right?>>396086594NGMI>>396086685>Operaalso NGMI

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>>396086476I am using it though

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>>396088401>how to take a screenshot>not using dark modereeeeeeeeeeeeee get off my board faggot


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cant believe we are having this discussion again... its like i cant escape it i thought going off of /g/ was gonna solve this constant bitching about browsers

>>396086817ungoogled chromium is pozzed retard. all those little offshoot github hobby projects are unsecure as fuck. >>396087006you're so fucking dumb lol. it removes all of the google spyware modules you dumb fucking piece of shit. and somehow its faster than firefox too.>>396087456>>396087288niggas. u r so fucking dumb lol. that neocities webpage is outdated and hosted by a tranny. the domain callouts is the autoupdater. no data of yours is being sent unless you opt in. see

>>396087326ctrl f retard.>>396087599then disable it retard, and it doesn't mine, it hands out, big difference. it's not ethereum dumbass.>>396088076tranny software. pic rel.

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>>396088143ublock is embedded and works for us. i see no yt ads or anywher eelse.>>396088184tranny software see>>396089060

>>396086476Such a slow laggy piece of shit that not worth it

>>396086879They all do, the chinese can't at least arrest you for hate speech unless you know whom.>>396087247Ungoogled Chromium worksif you don't want extensions there are many other browsers that do not use chromium yet.

>>396086476clueless nigger

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>>396089060>then disable itI'll just stick to not using your shitty meme browser

>>396086476Fucking zoomers finding out about adblocking scripts/extensions for the first time. Lmao. I've been surfing the next ad free since like 2007 when I configured an ad blocking script on Mozilla Firefox. Haven't watched a YouTube ad ever.

>>396086476... there are ads on youtube?

>>396086476I use Brave, all the shit people don't like about it, like Brave ads and the Brave Wallet shit can be disabled in the settings

>>396086879The Chinese can't even make a ball bearing. Wtf are they gonna do with my data?

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>>396086476no voice search on desktop.

>>396089560works better than firefox. look up ram comparisons or compare it yourself. it's awesome.>>396089540ok tranny.

>>396087503That's what a VPN is for, you fucking nigger.t. posted from vpn

>>396090095what VPN works on here i've been looking can't find one everyone is blocked

>>396086476>AdsNever seen em

For whatever fucking reason the Brave browser becomes all blurry and the text gets fucked up. I've done reinstalls and it always is fucked up.

>>396090260Forgot pic

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>shilling on polfuck off retard we use text based browsers

>>396086886I use kiwi but not for youtube, that would be stupid, just get Vanced. Their current build works even with the C&D they got from youtube, plus it has sponserblock built in.

>>396086476I only play forsaken you alliance scum

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>>396087799Yes, mine. But occasionally it displays "your version of youtube is too old, update it to continue watching"... But when this happen, ads dont work on normal youtube xD. I watch 5 seconds ads with a black screen and no sound.

>>396086476I like Brave, how frens feel about Vivaldi?

>>396087236Man, this killed my Greek hunting 4chan plugin, that I was so proud

>>396090095>he doesn't't use VPNs. Host your own dumb retard.

>>3960902394chan pass lets you post from a vpn, you can purchase with washed crypto.

>>396086476Brave has a based homophobic CEO, will always support them

>>396090708brave is based. brendan eich the ceo is anti-vaxx, anti lgbt, he's /ourguy/

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>>396087247Brave is based, use it.

I've a PiHole connected to my network

>>396087926Newpipe is good, I use it all the time almost exclusively unlesss I want to leave a comment, yeah the interface for comments is really bad totally sucks but otherwise Newpipe is a great front end. Downloading is a snap and it has layers of options for the enthusiast. Much of it is beyond me. But if you're using Android (and you should be... actually you should be using a solid custom ROM), you can break out of the crappy stock software and Google Play store apps that serve you constant ads, look up F Droid.

>>396090421>thermostat simulatorEvery kid, poor, and elder person perfers the real thing. Fuckers cannot leave that thing along. I'm surprised it does not come with Air Conditioner DLC so they can run both.picnotrel

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>>396086476i use brave, but their search engine is the most jewish thing i have ever seen, worse than google. you try searching for stuff about history/educational stuff and all you get is>mindless celebrity stuffseriously, brave search needs to strictly educational/historical results. so sick of your shitty search engine. worse than googledont even bother replying. im closing the thread. your search engine IS TOTAL SHIT. browser is fine though

>>396091343>using a browser means using a search engine

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>>396087054I believe Brave is chromium, not sure, but this is the original open source predating Chrome, which was Google's tweaked and closed source abomination of Chromium, sorta like how android is a closed source abomination of a Linux system for mobile, well not much anymore but this is why you don't have too many issues with viruses and shit on mobile devices like we had 10+ years ago using Windows on desktops. It got so bad. I switched to Linux 15 years ago and never looked back