>Will Europoors ever figure it out?The so called "Amerimutts" that they criticize so much are going to have a nice and cozy winter with cheaper energy prices while they get the life sucked from them for energy and probably freeze to death. They are also starting to understand that they don't have the demographics to go at it alone and will depend upon the Americans for everything in a de-globalized world detached from China and Russia, and that their currency will collapse due to hyperinflation while the USD will remain stable. Any Europoor who denies these facts has not heard of Peter Zeihan.>Inspired by the Europoor cope thread of them even suggesting that their bloated bureaucratic dogshit space programs operated by inbred retards can compete with the top tier ambitious American engineers at SpaceX who are 20 years ahead of everyone else.

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I'm accepting the incoming Europoor cope.

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At least they have less niggers than us

>>396085444European leaders always cause mass death and poverty for Europeans.

>>396085669>Please refrain from Gaychan NPC responses, thanks.

>>396085722The American youth is 30% white.

>>396085669Kek..... No.

>>396085444I for one can't wait until it gets colder and I can start lighting up the fireplace.Peak comfy desu

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>>396085444God, I hope. Also maybe all the Muslims will stop pouring into Europe as the result, since it will be ruined

>>396085669worth it.

>living rent free in amerisharts head I don’t even think about you

>>396085669their leaders are working on that.

>>396085768Norway is what? 90% white? 85%?Amerikwa was 56% white like 2 decades ago, we're probably reaching le 36 percent face at this point

>>396085911Atm yes. The rest of Europe not so much. They are importing them by the thousands daily. The globohomo is extremely strong here.

>>396085444Pretty weird the Europoor is a fatty and the American is skinny. Ameriburgers fantasy is fascinating.

>>396085669They have more percentage wise than we do in several nations.

>>396085444>not heard of Peter Zeihan.Hadn't heard of this dysgenic mutt. Turns out he believes in global warming and 10m sea level rise. Thanks for introducing me to another American intellectual of the same calibre as Al Gore. Two more weeks and Europe will collapse.

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try this one

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>>396085444>be me>still can heat my home play vidya 24

Attached: 270.jpg (1280x720, 124.7K)

Why did he make the euro a jucci bear this comic is a bit gay.

>>396085783they literally ban burning firewood in California.

>>396085444>thinks he's talking to europoors>literally all sandnigger iranian mutts and chinks shilling nonstop to psyop zoomersFucking hell OP, get it together.

>>396085669for now...

>>396086207After that many bush fires I think they going to just use charcoals

>>396086088They absolutely do not France is the most negrified country in Europe and still has way less as a percentage than we do (and in raw #s)

>>396085444My parents didn't slice off my foreskin for no reason and didn't make me addicted to Adderal. Also I can go out and just mind my own business without hordes of niggers chimping out and burning down my city.

>>396085768>>396086088Unfortunately true.Euro masonic marxist natsoc larp eugenicist degenerates are the worst of the globohomo.

>>3960861311) There is a near 100% chance you're uglier and more dysgenic than him 2) You're not European, you're an American vassal state. Continental Europe is Europe

>>396086207Who needs a fire in California? It's a desert made hospitable by imported water.

>>396086411Anglos are the worst

>>396086320You really underestimate how many euros are basically dysgenic mutts and look and act like a fucking gypsy-kike-moorish hybrids. Continental Europe especially had a long fucking history of continued threats to one's own family and tribe. Why do you think Brits pre-1695 AD take over were so hell bent against the continental interference in the affairs of the Isles?Some of the worst of the globohomo perversions and ideas come from EU based sources and their main HQs are all pretty much located in Europe. Groups in Scandinavia and France along with UK unfortunately control much of the poisonous media arm of the globohomo agendas. Look at the parent companies of many different supposedly local corporations world wide and you will see how many are in fact under the control of entities in Europe.BIS and City of London up until now remained true financial centers of the world, and the media/'soft power' fundamental agendas are established first in some perverted think tanks and script writer's associations in Europe. United States has been infiltrated by these elements and most of the things blames on US are simply eurokikes doing the usual blame deflection routine while manipulating their collaborators and hiding from behind the shadows.>>396086867>muh anglosWe see you, chang.

>>396085444Why do people still bring up that retard Zeihan here? He is a sensationalist trying to sell books and has been wrong on 90% of his predictions, also US demographics are far worse than in Europe, or in other words more diverse

>>396085669We have sandniggers and gypsies.

>>396086998Diversity is strength.

>>396085444>freeze to death so that smelter can burn enough gas for your lifetime in an hourThe state of the people


>>396085911>>396086009United States is about 55-56% one drop rule White European (obviously excluding admixed southern euros as well as jews, etc etc).187 million plus with lower vax rate overall than minorities. Opposite of Western Europe. Combined with 23.5 million from Canada, we legitimately have about 60% of the one-drop rule White European pop of Europe itself, excluding Russia.Today in this world there are more White European people outside of Europe vs. those who reside in Europe.There's the real perspective of what the world looks like now, maybe some people can get the right idea this time.

>>396085444>europe is one country

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What's the problem with buying an air conditioner even if you're living in europe?Also, that's not how windows open in anywhere but usa

>>396087093Yeah for people like Zeihan and OP it is for some strange reason, I fail to see any strengths

>>396085444why are americans such subhuman retards who constantly have to project their bad 3rd world living standards and lifestyle onto others?no one need an AC unit in an actual house, build by humans for humans, because that building provides a good and easy to maintain room temperature... unlike these unisolated dog kennels armericans call their homes.i didnt need any kind of AC unit because room temp never exceeded 23°C this summer, i will not need an electric heater this winter, because temp wont fall under 17°C. thats simply how it is to live like a actual human being, thats quality of living, if you actually have a real house and not a mutt hut. but an american would never know, because at the end of the day, you are just negros will less melanin

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>>396087292He's talking about the electric bills, Rusfren.Whole of Western Europe is going to go bankrupt within 1-2 years tops just as the sick globalist sustainability crowd wanted since it has always been their dream to fuck over the middle class and impoverish people forever.

>>396085444What I recommend that you do, is go on Google Maps and enter street view in the country of your choosing. Then, just look for AC units on apartment balconies, outside of buildings, etc... We have plenty.

>>396085444>they criticize so much are going to have a nice and cozy winter with cheaper energy prices while they get the life sucked from them for energy and probably freeze to death.remind me agian who was behind the coup in ukraine? Remind me who contantly had warhawks like mccain pushing the ukrainians to war? Remind me who sent the orange jew to seethe at germany over NS2?I don't think it was Europeans>peter zeihnanok it's b8 nevermind

>>396086957Meh, I don't really think Europeans look particularly more dysgenic than all the fat mutts we've got running around this country

Just here to bask in the seething europeasant cope.

>>396087613Mexicans and others would have to be shipped over to Europe or something lmaoAlso, all the lol eurokike posts that are not extra-civilizational shilling are absolutely beta zoomer mophead euro kiddy faggots who just found out about 4chan in the last 4 years.Worthless.

>>396087268>"DURR AS A EUROPEAN DURRR">"Uhmmm why are you saying Europe? Do you think Europe is one country? Heh, got you there. Call out our individual irrelevant countries, heh"inb4 "DURR SWITZERLAND ISN'T IN THE EU I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY"

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>>396085444this image supposed to show how braindead the average american is?

>>396087415>Europoor brain>"UHM IT DOESN'T AFFECT ME SO IT DOESN'T EXIST"I knew Europoor education was bad, but this is very worrying.

>>396087941You are literally living in an autocracy.Nothing more cucked, actually nothing.You are a peasant.

>ruled by a pedo who regularly shits his pants >forced to worship niggers all through February>Uganda-tier elections>billions of foreign aid to Israel, yet no subsidized healthcare>children turned into trannies by public school teachers>MUH 1ST AMENDMENT yet sitting president gets deplatformed>only "1st world" nation with widespread genital mutilation>police can perform summary executions at will on citizens>feds regularly carry out terrorist attacks against citizens and groom future terrorists>offending niggers is a federal crime>genetically altered crops and livestock >non existent borders & border control>openly anti-white eliteChrist I'm so fucking jealous.

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>>396085444Yeah this comic sucks and doesn't make any sense.

>>396085444Here's the thing. The people calling you Amerimutt aren't necessarily European. They hide behind meme flags. They're really chinks and pajeets.

>>396087056Wow you have spainards and gypsies? Feel bad for you buddy

>>396086131I see no problem in this map.

>>396085444>they get the life sucked from them for energy and probably freeze to deathIf you're a pussy that is, a real man will power through the cold, it won't inconvenience him at all

>>396087941>>396090356I understand our enemies want to malign Hungary from us (read: biggest chinese golden visa gateway to Europe).Fucking chinksects and sandnigger mutts.

>>396086088No, not even the worst ones like Sweden are close to your diversity

lol yuro subhumans are going to freeze and starve to death and all they can do is kick their feet and screech NO U NIGGER. BAD!!!

>>396091417If this helps you actually do something in a different direction politically, go for it.

>>396091405hungarians are worthless gypsy turd people

>>396091553Look at this shit.Subtlety is not their strong suit.

>>396086009This. I came to this country for work. From Eastern Europe. I have never seen this many niggers in one place. Taking the bus feels like I am in some third world shithole

>>396091619Orban was warning about miscegenation for a reason.He's a great ally.