How do I get a trad wife like pic rel? Is it impossible nowadays?

How do I get a trad wife like pic rel? Is it impossible nowadays?

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>>396085259Trads don't talk to creepy perverts who can't bail hay.

>>396085259>naked photo op>tradHow far down the dumpster are you willing to scrounge?

>>396085259Find out the name of the woman in the picture and obsessively cyber stalk her until she agrees to marry you


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>>396085259Tramd wife is a meme user wake up

>>396085259>trad wife>walking around practically naked

>>396085330basedOP will resort to troonery

>>396085259thats a dude

>>396085259>How do I get a trad wife like pic rel? Is it impossible nowadays?Game.

>>396085419this you?

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>>396085259>how do I find an attractive woman who shares my valuesBy talking to women you find attractive. It might take a few million tries, but one of them will be willing to stoop to your level.

Trad wives don't hang out clothes butt ass naked while their cuck boyfriends take pics for their jewish overlords, faggot. Fix yourself first.

>>396085419>anonymity is le bad

>>396085259Met one the other day and now we're texting every night. She's a christian and a virgin. Wish me luck, girls like that are hard to come by.

The 19th and early 20th centuries were the golden age of Europe. There is no room for debate.

>>396085356The naked piktur was what made you click on the thread.. like me. Shes cute eh? You wanna fuck that ass too eh?Now pour your bile and disgustnintoba post and keep feeding the slide.Mmh I love herby meals.. put herbs all over this shit..

>>396085259Wives are a waste of time and energy.. Just fuck bitches

>>396085489Shes walking in our land, acres of land. No one will see her but me so its fine

>>396085259A literal nigger is behind this post

>>396085729Just fucking bitches drains your soul

>>396085259Here's your complementary jewish waifu courtesy of the ADL. Be thankful, goy

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If anyone knew, this question wouldn’t be asked 59 times a day you faggot. They’re rarer than Haley’s comet. You’re either lucky enough to stumble upon one, or you go through life as a cuck settling for whatever non-virgin Chad pumped and dumped. Or you just get drunk and play Xbox like me.

>>396085748Alright then, just make her cover up when you are near your children


>>396085259How can i get a tomboy wife like picrel?

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>>396085867No it doesn't. Being married and controlled by one does. Women are all narcissistic control freaks. I've been with a lot of them. I meet women every day, they're all the same. Manipulative Eve. Adam was a cuck and a simp. So were all the men who let women have rights to vote, read, or work. Female existence was a mistake

>>396086390Ok incel. Go shoot some school or something faggot

>>396085259a girl with a body like that, beautiful face like that, and trad at the same time means you're after the top 1% and have to be the top 1% yourself.

>>396086492I guarantee you im top .1%

Please, give me back the beautiful Europe in which my ancestors were incapacitated and longed so much for.We still long for it, but howevermuch we love it, Im fed up with the fantasise "ISEKAI" animes.

>>396086626You're posting on 4chan so likely not.

1. be man and struggle to get money and employment, a careerthis is probably the hardest but the most rewarding with hard work2. waste money on clothes hygene and food3. get a hobbie if you do this you will have every retard girl throwing themselves at you, then you realize these bitches are all fatt and ugly, so you need more money to get even hotter girls lol

>>396086241You need to have some big balls to achieve that

>>396085259yes but she won't look like that, not for you anyway. Don't aim too high. Best traffic wife doesn't look like this

>>396085356Is Burkha more traditional for you?

>>396085404This. Send her 10 facebook and insta DMs wishing her good morning butiful and she will fall in love. Works everytime

>>396086241she'd call you a faggot for fucking her while laughing at how out of shape you are

>>396085259They're literally everywhere. Step outside your house for once.

>>396087703I'm not out of shape, how would the first part even make sense though?

>>396086626show face, show body, show wealth, prove status.

>>396087775I mean out of shape compared to her and she knows she looks like a boy so she knows you're a closet homo

>>396087775Because you talk like one and your shits all retarded

>>396087826Yeah, no

>>396085259>picrel is a naked modelThat's a whore, user

>>396085259That's a full blown thot who probably has herpes. A trad would NEVER be naked outside or even show unnecessary skin.

>>396087875>ywn be called a faggot by your qt tomboy gfsucks to be you faggot

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>>396087950She seems sane is what i mean, i.e not the "bully you and call you a faggot" type you see in anime which you probably based your opinion on

>>396087907here's your trad wife bro

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They have embroidery on their bodies, piercings here and there, or obsession with K-pop...Wonder as to what their parents and guardians are doing? I just hope their 'measles' of Europe's youth will soon be cured.

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>>396087950Do you have the one with Romans? Needed for fren

>>396088079>he's never been bullied and called a fag by a tomboy qt>he doesn't want it to happencringe

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>>396088351All i'm saying is that she doesn't seem like the type

>>396085259Resisting the urges to coom. Fuck OP and his attempts, you'll never win over me

>>396088150I mean she could be the hottest woman alive. How to tell from outside

>>396088505im sure she would gladly oblige if you asked for it

>>396085992its ok I didn't need to sleep tonight anyway

>>396088635That's your fantasy mate. Personally i just want a german soccer tomboy gf

>>396085259>How do I get a trad wife like pic rel?Be a trad man. Despite what your animes tell you, beautiful women won't fall for awkward men who are out of shape, play video games all day, eat junk food, never bathe, hoard illegally downloaded media & extreme pornography & collect welfare. There's a reason why Chad gets the girl.

>>396085259you don't, it's "joe-ver"captcha: WNJ0P

>>396085259But she doesn't even have a tail.

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>>396088945>hoard illegally downloaded mediaKek, you're wrong on this one

>>396085259Why are all straight men such mentally ill porn addict incel coomers?What do you guys get out of coming to an internet page about politics to post porn and talk all day about women? Do you have no personality beyond jerking off to bleeding front holes?No wonder you guys admit to be suicidal, depressed and lonely.

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>>396087654how about a DRESS you fucking whore

I have no intention to insist women to following socalled patriarchal system or to follow the old-fashioned customs.But these women so detest the word 'tradition' as if they are in a never-ending state of rebellion.I hope to realize them those style are not cool or sexy, just damage to the honour of themselves.After all, it's not relevant to me, but I just think it's a waste of valuable stuff.

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