Is corrective eye surgery based and redpilled? Or is it cringe and bluepilled?

I am myopic and I'm tired of wearing eyeglasses. My uncle says that getting rid of my glasses will make me appear more masculine. My problem is philisophical, AND THEREFORE POLITICAL (jannies): I am against cosmetic surgery and even makeup because I think of it as a false image of me presented to people. Wouldn't me getting this surgery be the same thing?Would I be hypocritical to get it and still criticize makeup and fake tits?

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>>396085085LASIK fucks your eyes bad. It's a jew trick and has several issues that can fuck your eyes worse than just being shortsighted. Learn to squint faggot. And if your vision is so bad squinting doesn't help, consider rope.

>>396085085When I have the money I am certainly getting it

>>396085085It's better than wearing glasses, that's for sure. You will also see better if you get your eyes corrected than how you see with glasses.

>>396085085In what way is surgery to repair your misshapen eye, cosmetic?

>>396085085it works and you don't have any other option, but it's high risk, if your doctor is incompetent or if you move it can blind you, I don't know what the % of accidents is >My uncle says that getting rid of my glasses will make me appear more don't do eye surgery for looks, why are americans so insanely shallow???I was thinking you had a blured cornea or a cataract, not glasses

>>396085085Getting your eyes fixed so you can see isn't cosmetic. It's practical.

>>396085229>LASIK fucks your eyes badyour eyes are already fucked when you get LASIK

>>396085235>It's better than wearing glasses, that's for, having any part of your body sliced is not better than wearing glassesI would only recommend it for people who are nearly blind and have cataracts disease, if you don't want to wear glasses because you're a faggot who thinks it's why women don't want to talk to you, just wear contacts, don't get your fucking eyes sliced over glasses wtf

>>396085085The surgery serves a legitimate and significant purpose, to manually correct the development of your tissue.While it's true it may make you look better, without the glasses, as long as that's not your intention, your integrity will be intact.Makeup and fake tits serve no purpose other than in social interactions. Good eyesight, however, is a survival tool.Philosophically speaking, it comes down to your true intentions.

Every ad:Just few minutes and you can see normally !!!!Reality: long months of recovery, fucks with your eye lubrication, potential risk of seriously fucking your eye

>>396085229Fake fag>>396085085Lasik fixes your eye, just use the latest tech and it takes 2 mins literally. I had it, worth every penny.

>>396085085Why is it always blue eyed cucks with glasses? Lack of melanin protection

>>396085282No it does not blind you nigga, if you move while it is being done your eye gets worse. They do not operate oj nerves lmao

I want to get it so I don't have to wear glasses while out climbing mountains. They always fog up, get covered in rain, cant see the stars when I get up to take a piss. Also annoying changing between them and prescription sunglasses

>>396085085imagine getting advice from Holla Forums kwab

>>396085085Your eye will never heal. The flap they cut off never reattaches properly (only the corner) and can always be moved off with a finger or external force. I am astonished it is allowed.

>>396085691confirmation bias, but yes blue eyes are more susceptible to ultraviolet damage

>>396085085Check the archives for “eyepill”

>>396085499Ridiculous misinformation, you can see perfectly when you wake up the next day.>>396085085I had mine done in 2018, amazing at the start, it's worn off some since then because apparently your cornea can regrow and re-distort.

>>396085723>No it does not blind you nigga, if you move while it is being done your eye gets worse.if your cornea gets sliced clean off you're the same as blind why are you so dishonest?

>>396085085I had PRK, same laser. Now I see halos around lights, the USNavy eye surgeons lied about the error rate right through the day I exited the Marine Corps - I did it for no glasses in combat and the chance to fly as a pilot - and later the head Navy eye surgeon told me they could fix it if I stay in, a lie, they also said, “wow, you’re 20/15” now, it’s years later and I need glasses. Food for thought.

>>396085085All medicine is a Jewish trick. Never take any drugs of any kind or have any surgeries. If you die at 30 of some basic easily curable shit, oh well.

>>39608508540% of people who get corrective eye surgery return to get another surgery within 12 months you can improve your eyesight without surgery

>>396085085nigger, it's clear you've never been in a single serious relationship with woman if you're tendering such ridiculous advice on "masculinity" from your uncle. get lasik so you don't have to wear glasses at all, which are, by your logic, a form of social pretense and fashion, not to look more manly jesus christ

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>>396085085I hear you end up with lifelong light sensitivity.

>>396085085I had it this winter, doing great and seeing well. You have to lubricate your eye for a few months but its fine after that. Not everybody can do it, you need thick enough skin on your eyes. The sad part is that people dont assume Im an intelectual anymore without the glasses, lmao.

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>>396085691That doesn't even make sense user

If I could go back I would get it. But at 35 it's good to have some myopia as it counterracts Presbyopia.Also fuck you mods, this is political because niggers and kikes and shiet

>>396085085it's a coin flip

>>396085085It lasts ~5 years and leaves you worse off than before and in need of another laser fix.Good luck for your career as a medical industry paypig.

>>396085229Depends on how bad your eyes are. If you’re a little nearsighted then deal with it. If you’re farsighted get some readers. It you need coke bottle glasses to see your own fucking hands then just get the eyeball laser flap.

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>>396085977>people dont assume Im an intelectual anymore“The HORROR!”

>>396085085i get what you're saying but you could just as easily wear contact lenses, you might not get the level of correction of glasses but enough to get by and you wont look like a fucking dork.

Surgeries scare me. I'll keep the Chud look.


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I got PRK surgery. The recovery sucked for a few days. I needed somebody to look after me, help me take my medicated eyedrops, and essentially hand me food. I wasn't blind for a couple of days, but I may as well been. Less than two weeks of recovery, with my vision fluctuating, my eyesight was near 20/20. After a couple of months, I was 20/20 in one eye and better than 20/20 in another. I basically paid for it with COVID relief Monopoly money. It was $4000 well spent and I don't regret it at all.

Corrective eye surgery is for fags and females.

>>396085282It's almost done entirely by robots now, it's actually extremely safe as far as surgery goes. But I still don't want to get it

>>396085736Contacts have come a long way now. You can even monthlies that stay in your eyes while you sleep. In the past they'd literally fuse to your eyes and you'd have to tear them off.

Had lasik, none of the anti-lasik shit people are saying here is true. Mine cost $6k and I'd gladly pay double that. Haven't needed glasses or contacts in 10 years and running, no side effects, enjoy your cuckglasses for the rest of your pathetic life while I am fucking fresh pussy left and right with my glassesless face like a fuckin chad

>>396085085just use contact lenses if you don't like glasses

>>396086135I had it done by a surgeon that performed it on about a dozen other colleagues, it is almost exclusively done by a machine now and takes about 30 minutes, the surgeon just does some very minor intervention between stages and supervises the process

>>396085085have in mind every dacade the technology for these surgeries becomes 2x better. So if you can hold off on it and don't get any version of the surgery that leaves you with a risk of the flap getting lose, which is often with earlier ones.Older surgeries will basically make you functionally infirm because every exertion will risk your shit detaching. IF you do anything go with the currently most advanced procedure, not the cheapest one.

>>396086046based medical advice

>>396085085>tfw probably wont need glasses until I'm in my late 50's

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>>396086232>Older surgeries will basically make you functionally infirm because every exertion will risk your shit detachingThis is absolutely ridiculous, the flap heals completely after a few months

>>396085880Not astigmatism sadly

>>396085085Fucking kek, fixing your shitty eyes isn't cosmetic. You don't see out of a titty. I got the old fashioned non-laser kind of eye surgery as a kid and can't complain.

>>396085085If youre a bad goy, you come out of our with even worse vision

>>396085085I mean, it corrected my eyes. I had -1.8 now I have +0.6. So, if you have money why not.

>>396086098That's what I'm saying

I've had bad eyes which I could remedy with contacts. But I'd want to laser my eyes as it's crucial to have good eyes when shit might go down. Can I still Box after having the surgeries or not? And I don't mean right after the surgery but after X amount of time?

>>396086157Youre blind user, I can feel the brail from here. Show walking stick or btfo

>>396085085I’m probably going to get LASIK soon. Collapse is coming so LASIK is top of my list.Another one I’m considering that is more substantial is have all my teeth replaced with permanent prosthetics. Worst case scenario I have a better smile and never have to go to the dentist again.

>>396086232I thought most sports people get PRK as there's no flap once it heals. I also read that you can also get LASIK in the future once your eyesight gets bad again. PRK predates LASIK.

>>396085231Just get used to glasses its a 3d real life plug button of HDR HD 4K TRUCOLOR 8K HINDI on and offbasiclly u can censor the gay pride bars by removing your glasses fuck seein in 60k i m not gae

>>396086648Based 4 eyes

>>396086486Modern Lasik is probably no issue, but PRK is always the safe option, a doctor can probably tell for you sure. Smile is the most modern procedure and some clinics are now recommending it over any alternative, it has no flap and no post-operative pain - PRK pain can be quite bad.

>>396085739Is this true?I assume that this was actually good, at least compared to other procedures, as long as you had enough cornea to work with.

>>396085085Hey guys I've got bad teeth and I'm tired of dealing with my dental issues. Is going to the dentist and getting this corrected redpilled.Hey guys I've got a calcium deficiency and I'm really tired of all these broken bones. Would drinking more milk be redpilled? By the way this is totally political and I've totally not made multiple asinine threads tonight with this exact writing style. I'm totally not sliding (jannies)Go neck yourself.

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>>396086135>It's almost done entirely by robots now, it's actually extremely safe as far as surgery goes. But I still don't want to get itas I said I don't know what the accident risk is, but I would never get a part of my body sliced unless it was absolutely necessary, if I had a yellow cataract and couldn't see anything without replacing my cornea sure I would go for it, but for glasses prescription? jesus just get contacts or grow some hair on your dick and stop thinking that glasses make you less masculine, if you're a chad you can wear pink girl's clothes and still get laid, it's what the original chad mean was about, with the chad walk guy wearing bright pink yellow and green clothes without giving a shit, if you're hot it doesn't matter what you wear you're still hot, if you're not a chad getting rid of glasses isn't gonna change that

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>>396086773Thanks for info user. Will check out Smile

>>396085085LASIK is obsolete technology, use SMILE.

>>396086313sure, tell that to people who run around with their shit flappin about lmao I literally said older ones, didn't I??? You lasik patriot you>When modern flap-creations technologies are utilized, LASIK flap complications are incredibly rare. For instance, it is projected that flap dislocations happen in far less than 1% of cases. still happens. If he American OP goes to some cheap doctor in tihuana, asia or w/e he can end up getting a constantly detaching flap. That was initially pretty common, with many people being effectively barred from strenuous activities for life. So you can shove your>it worked on my machineup your ass, I am telling it how it is.

>>396085085I had it done a few months ago. My reasoning wasn't cosmetic, I know there's a good chance we will have collapse in the next 10 years and I didn't know how easily I'd be able to find an optometrist/afford a pair of glasses if mine got fucked up. Less shit to worry about, because seeing clearly is important.Surgery took less than 30 mins. It was uncomfortable and a little stressful but not painful at all and over quickly.I had 20/15 vision upon walking out of the operating room. No blindfold recovery bullshit.They said my eyes would feel like dogshit for days and then weeks possibly. Did not occur for me, I took the little antibiotic and steroid drops they gave me and kept my shit lubed up and they were healed in like 2 days, no pain just dry eye every once in a while.The only effects I've noticed:>Night driving is different because of fuzzy light halos around car headlights and streetlights. Not as annoying as I was expecting and I've gotten used to it already. If I look at a bright full moon, I still have a slight double projection of it and it is halo-d. Oh well.>My eyes have been fluctuating in strength/ability back and forth since the surgery as they recalibrate. First my right was still dominant, then I noticed lefty ascending in power after a few weeks, now it's shifting back. They say this is normal for the first few months.Tl;dr it's worth it in my opinion. If you can afford it, do it.

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>>396086847The flap is mostly healed after two weeks and fully after a few months, however there's permanent light scar where the flap was originally made.

>>396086956>still happens. If he American OP goes to some cheap doctor in tihuana, asia or w/e he can end up getting a constantly detaching flapOk cool, I wasn't talking about getting it in some shady backalley clinic. You'd have to be nuts to cheap out on someone messing with your eyes

>>396087043Ok. On a related note, why do people have bad eyesight? Is it a zinc deficiency?

>>396086889Yea I don't really mind glasses or contacts. I got my first pair at like 24 because my parents never took me to an eye doctor. I just managed. I don't really care what people think about how I look. Most humans need eye correction anyways. Regardless, it's pretty safe but unless I couldn't see, I wouldn't get it

>>396086116are you me?

>>396086956My dad got lasik done over 15 yrs ago with the earliest tech when it was 10x as expensive. Hasnt had anything done since and never had any issues. My brother got it done maybe 5 years ago and brother in law 3 yrs ago. My current flat mate got it done last yr. No horror stories to share, just successful procedures.

>>396086855I hate anime faggors but user....I think I like Nazi waifus now

>>396087278Probably a combination of genetic predisposition and focusing too much on short-range objects like computer screens, but I'm not an optometry expert

>>396085085Most people need glasses because of lead deficiency, not because of any genetic defect. It seems it could be fixable after it happens, but I don't know for sure anfld how much yet.

>>396086313No it doesn't. That's the weakness of the procedure. The flap never heals and becomes a weak point that can fuck up your vision worse than whatever you had going in.

I got PRK surgery because I didn't want the flap.I'd recommend LasikMy eyes couldn't see before but I feel like my eyes are strange and vision doesn't seem normal.It's blurry and I'm very sensitive to the sun.Been about 8 months

>>396087090It's still fucking 1% chance and that's only by surgeon's own admissionThe fact is these surgeons have been dodging responsibility for long term complications for decades now and patients with grievences have been hanging from door knobs w/ nobody willing to stop the corporate gravy train. It's good that these procedures are available but don't expect miracles. avoid anything with the flap step in the surgery if you want to box or anything else. They will TELL you it's safe. They told that to people who are now fucked as well. So this guy >>396086486 shouldn't be doing normie lasik IMO.

>>396087544Yes it does

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>>396087278It's lead deficiency. There can be little doubt about it. If there are other factors they are very minor in comparison. The only question is how much it can be fixed once you already are nearsighted.

>>396085085>OP MENTALLY ILLimagine asking pol about a vision correction surgery lmfao just neck, if you want to stop giving a false image also stop wearing glasses while youre at it.

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>>396087567>Watch as Dr. Oz explainsAre you serious?

>>39608522925 year old advice that was inaccurate even back then.

>>396085085Based, glasses are for cucks and basedboys, and be careful when you chose your doctor, some of them are kikes

>>396085424HIs intentions are to see these fake tits better

>>396087685Onions boys*

>>396087651>there is a vid>ergo I will ignore everything elseconsole fan-tier retard. Go box then.

>>396087610>Lead deficiencySo you're implying shortsighted people deserve to be shot?

>>396085085i hear it might reverse in a few years anyway, back to how it was, as if you never had it.. what's the point?

>>396087745*S o y b o y s

>>396087278my eyes were fucked from birth cause I'm a mixed race mutt.

>>396085848It's not a continuous beam, retard. There's active optics in the device that needs to adjust to your breathing and stuff anyways.

>>396087790welcome newfag

i had it. doctor fucked up one of my eyes. fortunately nothing severe, but definitely not 20/20 in one of them. one eye's vision is much weaker than the other. minor annoyance but I feel it and think about it about once a day. It happened to my dominant eye also, so I felt my brain beginning to rely more on my other now better eye. kind of weird. wish I hadn't had it. I was near-sighted before and now I have a little trouble seeing the computer screen as well as I used to.fortunately, he said I have enough "meat" left on the curvature of my eye for them to burn off some more and correct the shape, but I never went back.

>>396085229It fixed my dad's eyes, faggot.

>>396085085>My uncle says that getting rid of my glasses will make me appear more masculine. Haha Americans are such mentally ill inseure twats.

>>396085256>In what way is surgery to repair your misshapen eye, cosmetic?Makes the rest of the world look better?

>>396085085no, you will have night blindness

>>396085085>hello i am the surgeon who will conduct the operation>he wears glasseseverything you need to know

>>396085085>>396086046>If you need coke bottle glasses to see your own fucking hands then just get the eyeball laser flap.This was the case for me, my myopic eyesight was that bad I couldn't see anything in focus beyond arms length away. Got lasik last year and have been able to see 20/15. I recommend anyone going for lasik to go to many lasik clinic that your optometrist recommends and get evaluations from them and only trust the ones that do more than one simple test to get a result if you are a good candidate or not, look up their history and ratings and how many patients they have done and for how long they have done the procedure.

>>396087810>It's not a continuous beam,'re the retard here, lasers that have continuous beams are weaker, it's worse that it's by flashes, it just means it's stronger

>>396087899Yeah, plenty of eye doctors also don't recommend contact lenses.

>>396085085Look up Bates Method of strengthening eyes, and yes, the entire medical establishment thinks it is s dangerous method developed by a conspiracy theorist, which means it works for free.

>>396087364You're welcome, nazis are hotties real or drawn.

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>>396087489I've also heard mecury or arsenic deficiency can cause this as well

>>396086772You know why each nation is a single eye?Because you never can use your two eyes and get every bit of information. Scrape the world.

>>396085085>thinking that any surgeon is based and redpilledkys


>>396087771It's dependent on the person, lasts 10-20yrs for most people, 5yrs if you're unlucky.

What's the #1 eye center in Europe? I assume Ol' Deutschland has the premier tech like that.

>>396085085Get it done. It will change your life.

>>396085229Anything you can do to prepare your body to not rely on the jew is based. Please goyim buy our custom plastic frame every year for your upgraded prescription. Oh jeez goy your prescription got worse goyim shalom.

>>396085085Just search LASIK nightmares if you want to see how bad this shit can go. Only a naïve moron would trust these incompetent people with such a complex organ like the eye.

>>396085085It works and the surgery is quite safe. Only downside is, that you probably become far-sighted in your 50s.

>>396085085How do they keep the eyeballs straight while the laser does it's work?

>>396085389There are degrees of problems you retard. That's like saying a twisted ankle and a broken leg are the same thing because the leg is damaged either way. I don't know what happened to the average iq on Pol but it's completely shit the bed.

>>396088032Bates Method 1891. Everything was cured by 1900, and the elite needed to purge it in the last Great Reset around WW1 where they rolled out this Rockefeller scam. They had sound wave therapies for killing parasites, used violet ray wands and other electric devices to cure illness.

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>>396088417The laser tracks your eye at 25hz, and shuts off entirely if your eyes close

>>396088458>I don't know what happened to the average iq on Pol but it's completely shit the bed.It's been in steady decline since the_donald got banned

>>396087957Pulses means there's no cutting. It isn't capable of cutting. It's ablation. You're making up horror scenes in your head and getting excited about it for whatever reason. These are very safe procedures in the space of surgery.

>>396087766No, I'm saying that they are wrong about its toxicity, and it's an essential metal. The brain also works correctly with it, not without.

>>396085691Wrong. Percentage wise a lot more people wear glasses here in Spain despite everyone here being black eyed araboids

>>396085085That cornea flap never heals back together. It just stays like that.

>>396088247It's riskier than wearing glasses since it's a foreign object touching the eye. A little negligence or mishap puts the wearer at risk of an infection or injury.So I've heard. I'm not a doctor.

>>396088479There are natural ways of healing that are not used because the scientific paradigm cannot understand them. There Is no reason why the body would not heal itself provided certain conditions. Still lasek seems to be good as procedures go. A lot of benefit and little downside.

>My uncle says that getting rid of my glasses will make me appear more masculineTry not buying women's glasses.

>>396088603>Pulses means there's no cutting. It isn't capable of cutting. It's ablation.I'm not gonna argue with a retard, by the same logic knives don't cut, they just put atoms out of the way

>>396088479Wow, that is some interesting information. I wish it was legible.Is the trick to eyesight improvement squinting at text made for ants?

>>396088703People sleep in them overnight, that's where the problems arise. Conjunctivitis is also pretty common with contacts, t. wore them for years

>>396085085Its Jewish therefore its Bad.

Taupo kicking up a fuss now. Just in time for 24th

>>396088703I wore lenses for 5 years. Lenses are fine, but your eye dries out after 6-12 hours, depending on the lens and what you are doing. Now I wear glasses again, because it's easier in everyday use and they make good-looking glasses today.

>>396087278Lack of carrots in their diet.

>>396086313Just like troon wounds, right

>>396087278Genetics, time spent indoors, lacking nutrition. In this order probably.

>>396085085I had it about 10 years ago. It took like two minutes, didn't hurt at all (under the influence of local anesthetics) and what you see while the laser is burning your eye is actually pretty cool - looks like some kind of Stanley Kubrick's 2001 Odyssey inspired visuals. Pretty cool if you ask me. Only the day after was pretty bad - it hurt like hell, had to take a lot of painkillers to get through that. But the feeling you get once you heal up and see clearly is totally worth it. I remember going to a hiking trip like a week after the procedure and while I was at the top of the mountain, I'll never forget how awesome it was to see the horizon so clearly for the first time, it was amazing.>I am against cosmetic surgery and even makeup because I think of it as a false image of me presented to people. Wouldn't me getting this surgery be the same thing?Would I be hypocritical to get it and still criticize makeup and fake tits?that's fucking retarded, m8. Are you against beards too? Beards are like makeup for men. Are you against clothes too? I agree that getting fake tits is kinda degenerate, but doing non-intrusive alterations of your appearance is completely natural.

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>>396085229Does fix them but if u have bad sight u should rope urself or cut ur dick off for the sake of eugenics

>>396089018>they make good-looking glasses todayLike what? Prescription aviators? They're the only type of frame I like (to wear as sunglasses).

>>396089480first and foremost lasik not a cosmetic surgery good god

>>396087278genetics is a lot of itpersonally the optometrist said its the shape of my eyeballits nothing you can visually see like quasimodo eyes lol - just the way eyes work and how they refract lighti barely need glasses though - i could squint if shit went down

>>396088315Next thing user you'll say wiping is a Jewish trick

>>396089670i have prescription aviator sunglasses in my car

>>396089700Yeah, I completely agree polebro. His argument doesn't make sense at all.

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>>396085085I had PRK done. It fixed my astigmatism, but I still see halos around bright lights even a year after I had it done, particularly at night.


>>396089923Based. I wish I was born in Southwest USA so I could be a traffic cop wearing prescription aviator sunglesses all day and sternly telling people to step out of the car please.

>>396085389nah people with lasik always end up with perma dry eyes and the flap never properly heals tonnes of cases of the flap coming off years after the procedure. People also get haloing when they look at lights. lasik is retarded i dont see why anyone would get this over just wearing glasses


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>>396085085Got lasik a couple years ago. It kicks ass. Just get it, user. Swimming in a river and being able to see the beauty of nature is worth it.

I know boomers who got it done and their eyes got much worse.

>>396090225This is myopia.

>>396090225Look for studies relating it to time spent in sunlight in childhood.

>>396085499I was able to go to work the next day. There weren’t “months of recovery”

>>396085085wear contact lenses if you don't want the aesthetic of wearing glasses, you can always wear the glasses in private

>>396086046t. medical professional

>>396090375But Asians, I assume, have spent less time in sunlight as children as they moved from the farms to the cities.

>>396085739This is the fakest and gayest shit I’ve read all week

>>396090546That is the implication, many hours per day in low light in the formative years cause/correlate with nearsightedness.

>>396085229Well, I chose PRK for that very reason and got fucked anyway.People who contemplate corrective surgery should be told that their eyes aren't getting magically fixed to how they were before they started wearing glasses, they're trading one evil for another.


>>396085235Ask yourself why most if not all doctors wear glasses. :) When you ask yourself this question you will know

>>396085229I got lasik when I was 19 from my first paycheck. Now 10 years later I still don't regret getting it at all

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>>396085085Has anyone here had success with the Bates method?

>>396090907>be offered options>take the most ancient one>regret

Just wear non nerdy looking glasses like Ray Ban Aviator Optics. Besides, based on my observations girls don't give a shit if you wear glasses.

>>396090688It's mostly focusing too much on near things with your eyes that does it. That's why in the past it was mostly nerdy people who read a lot in their childhood who got glasses (and why there is a correlation between intelligence and myopia). But now you have even dumb people being raised on computers and later phones/tablets and nobody goes outside anymore so you have this explosion of myopia.

>>396085085Your eyes are constantly changing up until your 50s, it doesn't make sense to laser them before you reach that age group

>>396087685Fuck you newfag

>>396091294LASIK can be done multiple times, unless your eye surface is very thin