The UK is essentially committing suicide in front of all the other nations. With zero effective trade deals garnered from brexit talks and a torpedoing of already established trade deals with other countries we heavily relied on, I’m starting to think the only “great reset” happening is the Tory party’s attempt to strip away our rights and return us to a Victorian age of working, at least every other country seems focused on self preservation, we”re literally killing ourselves on the world stage

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>>396084893>Mass immigration replacing the British population with knife wielding rape gangs. >Global Recession>Massive socialist entitlement programsBlames Brexit and Global Warming, >Also, Unvaccinated people.

>>396084893Which western country is focused on self preservation?

>>396084893>we”re literally killing ourselves on the world stageWe're being killed on the world stage*Everything is shit. Nobody wants to work their asses off for a dying society. Brexit would have been the most glorious palingenesis of the century, if only we weren't still mired in liberal-humanitarian falsehoods and dreams.

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>>396085061Brexit increased non European immigration. like the trade deal they begged for from pajeets that included increased immigration

>>396084893>UK ADMITS BREXIT ISNT WORKINGHave you looked at the EU lately? I'm betting on the pound.

>>396085473Nothing you can do because you're peasant slaves. Sucks you didn't ever have freedom. You're still under a Monarchy for fuck's sakes. You should be like the USA. >Freedom of Speech>Freedom of Arms>Privacy

>>396084893good Borris shouldn't have stopped Zelensky agreeing to peace we could have avoided this mess. At least all of Europe (not Norway or Switzerland) is in on the suicide pact.

>>396085473>. like the trade deal they begged for from pajeets that included increased immigrationWe don't beg for anything. Britain is one of the wealthiest countries. In a capitalist system, they NEED our business as much as vice versa.The EU is a monstrous giant on clay feet. It is a stale, effete, pathetic tribe of old boomers who believe muh integration is the absolute pinnacle of human achievement.Nationalism when coupled with an anti-usury and private property-affirming market economy, is the way forward for us all. Unironically

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>>396084893>Trump offers UK good deal post Brexit>they waffle until he's cheated out of office>illegitimate BOG has no ability to negotiate a treatyAll you retards had to do was actually leave the EU when you said and start sinking their fishing boats.

>>396084893Do you think you need a trade deal to have international trade?All that happens without a trade deal is you trade under WTO rules which have a max tariff rate and other protections.Some developing economies trade with the EU under WTO rules such as the USA and China.

>>396084893Trade deals take years to set up, there's nothing at all abnormal about that. Most of the old deals we had in place that were "torpedoed" are now on WTO rules or something similar.Everyone that voted for brexit knew that in the short term we'd have instability during the period where we were free to make new deals but that it would be better in the long run.

>>396085693You're delusional

>>396084893This is basically what would happen if a state left the US.At this point, it's like integrated organs trying to leave a body and go live on their own.Lol.Lmao even.

>>396085927I'm sure more non-European immigration was exactly just what every brexit voter wanted.

>>396085061I haven’t said anything about global warming you retard. I’m talking about how brexit has fucked up smooth trade deals and the Uk government isn’t fighting nearly hard enough to secure more of them at this time >>396085234Well I guess that’s not the best phrase. Be better to say “aren’t focused on killings themselves” cus even places like Germany are trying to stop themsevles freezing over winter >>396085566Check the currency devaluation against the dollar and then check it again for the pound. 12% Vs 15%. Pretty fucking abysmal >>396085693It doesn’t really matter what you tihnk of the EU. If they refuse to do proper trade with us when we unequivocally need them more than they need us, then I’m pretty sure it’s a massive loss for us>>396085852So then if it really means fuck all, why was it touted as a massive benefit of brexit? Surely if that’s the case, not having it is a massive blow dealt to us>>396085927Well how long until the end of that period? We’ve effectively been in that “unstable” period since brexit was announced in like, what? 2017? When the fuck are we actually going to start seeing benefits to it all?

>>396085966>You're delusionalYou're blind. Mass violence and civil wars will be the cause of this liberal-capitalist system. I would wage my limbs and organs on that.It is coming.

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>>396085688Borris wanted to be Churchill. He was a moron.All the bongs in government are morons. Truth is, you should have already handled your issues from Brexit and cut off all immigration and begun the repatriation of non-natives.You had your chance, now Charles is in charge and the globohomo must flow.

>>396085693Then why would you accept an immigration clause in a trade deal?Even New Zealand and Australia were able to get very good terms as much smaller economies

>>396086170>So then if it really means fuck all, why was it touted as a massive benefit of brexit? Surely if that’s the case, not having it is a massive blow dealt to usBecause you are not longer stuck with EU rules and regulations if you are willing to pay the WTO max rates (which don't have to be applied they are just the max that can be applied). Yes your products need to meet EU requirements but you don't need to follow EU regulations on everything thing else in your nation, nor are you being slowly absorbed into the EU which wants to set its self up as a Federal Government like the USA sitting over all the US states. In short before the UK had to follow every rule the EU made even if the business was local or for trade outside the EU.

>>396086324>Then why would you accept an immigration clause in a trade deal?Because we have xenophiles for a government. NZ and AUS are proof that Britain can pull it off. But of course Britain needs to once again become industrially independent. We need to produce everything we need ourselves, which will eliminate unemployment at a stroke

>>396085693>We don't beg for anything. Britain is one of the wealthiest countries. In a capitalist system, they NEED our business as much as vice versa.The problem is the UK Govt has actively fucked up trade deals that it could have gained after Brexit. When orange man was in office he said he'd do a deal immediately but the government of the UK decided to wait and wait because the EU were still dragging the 'transition' out. As a result no deal with the US was done and now yet another PM is saying there won't be one.Brexit is only as good as the government wants it to be and the UK under the tories is being run into the ground. Their record on every single issue is fucking abysmal.Look at the price of energy for proof of that, we don't even buy gas from Russia, we get it from the North Sea.

>>396086488Well the local production stuff does sound like a possible benefit but aren’t a lot of the issues surrounding the NI protocol stuff about products not reaching EU standards?

>>396085579>>Freedom of Speech>>Freedom of Arms>>PrivacyLet's not actually pretend any of that really exists here lol

>>396085579We are doing everything we can to not become like the usa.

>>396084893>at least every other country seems focused on self preservationuhm, sweety... your situations...is like....everywhere, brexit or not.look at us, we are going out of buisness, and we still have trade agreements with other countries. the only way is to reset this game violently.

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>>396084893Fuck off you silly wanker & fuck your slimey globalist overlords

>>396086643Well in fairness the gas prices going up is a combination of wholesale price increases over the planet. We don’t get it from Russia, but we do get it from Norway who’s prices have gone up in tandem because of higher demand as well as corporate profiteering. Plus Norway is threatening to cut us off and trade with the EU instead if things get muhc worse in which case we’ll really be in the fuckin dog house then

>>396086786This guy gets it

>>396085322>>396085566>>396085688>>396085966>>396086099Fucking digits in this thread already. Checked.The EU is a shit show for sure, but being outside of a major trading block isn’t so great either.If only there were a group of countries that the U.K. could work together with for their common wealth and build its own trading block without Brussels fucking everything up.Oh wait a minute…Unfortunately, Brexit / Commonwealth is the least of our concerns. Genuinely think this country is cooked. So many bad decisions by incompetent and malicious actors, acting in bad faith. I hope the tide turns towards brighter days.

>>396085061This. /thread

>>396085579>Freedom of Speechanti BDS laws>Freedom of Armsred flag laws>PrivacyNSA and patriot actIt's the same shit everywhere user

Your globalist leaders are intentionally fucking the the UK so that you have to come crawling back to the EU and beg for forgiveness.

>>396086099What we wanted was the ability for our country to be able to control our borders. That doesn't automatically mean lower immigration, how much immigration we have depends on who we vote into power and how they handle immigration laws going forward. We're actively working on a points based system right now which will cut down low skilled immigration and ideally the total amount of numbers, but if it doesn't then at least people voting can then start to vote for other parties who are willing to reform that to be even more strict. The point is that inside the EU we couldn't reform those laws and so leaving was an essential first step.>>396086170We left in Jan 31st 2020. The referendum was in 2016 and took some time before it was finally triggered. There was a fixed period before we left of 2 years which is why it didn't go into effect until 2+ years ago. Trade deals take years accomplish so it's no surprise that we don't have them in place everywhere yet, especially given the other distractions of the last 2 years. Change takes time.

>>396084893Your problem is that you have no industry. UK only does stock market parasiting.

>>396084893EU should allow reintegration only after the royal family has been expelled and disavowed and every legal right that was just specificall written to protect their stupid asses and wealth are taken back and removed from existing.

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>>396084893If they say it isnt working then it is workingWhy the fuck would the brits pay gisb for polskis and hungarians and czechs?Its germanys job

>>396084893When Michael shoots Solozzo and McClusky, after dropping the pistol, an dramatic orchestra music is played. The music represents not just what had just occurred, but also the ramifications that an innocent college boy, who had not want to be part of anything illegal, had committed his first ever illegal actions in a swift and merciless stroke.


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>>396086701If a company before brexit had trade in the UK, then they are compliant with all EU rules up to the time the EU makes a change. I'm not sure Northern Ireland is having lots of issues. Why would they? Can you explain what issue popped up with businesses in NI?

>>396087133Someone finally fucking gets it >>396087050Well I suppose that explains why it’s taking so long. But you have to admit it feels silly now. We used to have an amazing currency but we’ve fallen further than everyone else in value apart form maybe Japan. It’s seeming like we’re not going to make it through everything going on

>>396084893Seriously. It was a cool idea and I was very excited for it but at this point it's clear that it was a mistake. Brexiters need to grow up and just work with others already.

>>396084893>The UK is essentially committing suicide in front of all the other nationsOn the plus side maybe when your economy collapses a lot of the shitskins will flee the sinking ship.

>>396084893the eu won't survive the decade

>leave EU>lose EU trade deals>HOW DID THIS HAPPEN??????are all bongs this retared?

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>>396084893You have to be an absolute idiot to believe a cunt PM is the solution to your problems.It's like expecting a random gypsie from the street to do a phenomenal job at doing something he's completely unqualified for.Yet, given the degenerate state of the west, there are many such people that really are that stupid.

>>396087372It’s less that NI is having issues and more that the UK’s decision to forego more thorough customs checks going in and out of NI somewhat undermines previous deals with the EU

>>396087553just look at your own PM.Yes, people are that retarded.

>>396084893>I’m starting to think the only “great reset” happening is the Tory party’s attempt to strip away our rights and return us to a Victorian age of workingThat's what the great reset is, the Capitalist class restructuring to gain more power and control. The number 1 control tool of Capitalism is work which occupies the majority of a persons time and energy and therefore lives. Right wingers have never considered any critiques of Capitalism so they can't put their finger on what's going on, this manifests itself in spastic Conspiracy theories.

>>396087618our pm hasn't done anything nearly as retarded as brexit

Who the fuck needs the US when we're about to get our own vassal state with an endless supply of food and gas? Boris Johnson was a genius.

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>>396087412Seriously? The UK has tried to get 4 countries to work together for centuries now and they have much more in common and a lot more experience. The EU has no chance. It was us that kept the EU together as long as it has lasted so far.

>>396084893Anti brexit demicunts in charge in USA hinder agreement on free trade deal.Big shock!Anti brexit truss says brexit isn't working. Big shock!Economy slow during a pandemic and economic slow down but anti brexit people blame brexit.Big shock!

>>396084893England is much better off than the EU right now.>>396085322The British Empire has not ended, because you are not a part of the anglosphere. You forgot that America is nothing more than the inheritor of the British Empire.

>>396087711thats...arguable but she is still an embarassing turbothot that wants finlanders for finish their land in a nuclear exchange...just for bragging rights and sticking it to the big bad man in moskau.

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>>396086972"Genuinely think this country is cooked"Cool, so go hang yourself then you pathetic faggot.

>>396087804Britain always back the horse, Germany the wrong one. History will reward the British people in the long run. Germany will be returned to its natural state of chaos and depression as a result of its abusive dealer cutting them off.

>>396087850Can you actually say why we’re better off than the EU atm? We have no frictionless trade with anyone, our currency has devalued more than the EUro against the dollar, we’re on the least self-sufficient countries in terms of food and we’re suffering the same energy woes as the EU is. How, exactly, is the EU worse off?

>>396087850No, you just got to take over control the seas. You're doing a shit job by the way.

>>396085473Blairite open borders policy increased migration. The migrant crisis increased non eu migration. France not keeping its borders secure despite us giving them money increased non eu migration. Leftie Ngo's shipping people over increased non eu migration. Brexit was backed by the "fuck off we're full" crowd who didnt care where you came from, eu or not.

>>396087986how does having another layer of faceless bureaucrats on top of your already massive state bureaucrats help at all?

>>396087986The EU is currently forcing member states into cutting back agriculture, nuclear energy and a bunch of other bullshit. The UK doesn't need to join in the EU's collective suicide. The UK isn't shutting down any coal power plants, and hasn't curbed agricultural production.The UK can always trade with the US and Canada for food, being just across the ocean from us. You no longer need to deal with the Netherlands which is now having farmer protests over some of the insane environmentalist EU policies.By 2030, you'll see what I mean. The UK will be ahead of the EU by every measure, and maybe even Ireland can join the Anglosphere.

>>396085693>Kicks out all the polish truck drivers.>Replaces them with african truck drivers.>Country has major shipping issues since.kek the problem was never EU, the problem was always you. You get the opportunity to detach yourself from the globohomo and what do you do? You bring in record number of niggers to your country.

>>396087594I guess until it becomes a problem for smuggling the EU isn't going to care too much. Ireland needs to be kept happy, not the EU so the EU will be ignoring rule bending.

>>396087133UK has a larger manufacturing output than France.Tough tits ahmed

>>396085322When people get cold and hungry, there will be violence in England they haven't seen since teh last civil war.

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>>396087869>noooo you cannot party>noooo you cannot dislike russianot an argument

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>>396088207I've got to admit. It was surprising how quickly the Polish disappeared from where I live. Strange how quickly people fuck off when they realise they aren't welcome.

Their queen just died. Give them a break

>>396084893>Stupid woman says some stupid shit>AYAYAY UK ADMITS !! LITERALLY EVERY UK PERSON ADMITTED ! ITS OVER!

>>396088434>Strange how quickly people fuck off when they realise they aren't welcome.So this must mean the niggers and muslim rapists are welcomed by the people of UK, like you.

>>396088433I guess this is what happens to an e-celeb when they're no longer relevant to the intel agency that they work for.

>>396088596There's one thing a Paki and an Englishman have in common. They're both pedophiles and they both like fucking sheep.

>>396087711You are a very weak country that needs protection so leaving the EU would be suicide for you, but not for the UK.

>>396088596They haven't tried to force them to live with us yet. That's the next plan. They will soon realise that gang stalking is a real thing.

>>396084893Brexit went against the narrative, so now they're setting it up so Britain has to come crawling back to the EU. Drive it into the ground until they have no choice.

>>396088207>You bring in record number of niggers to your countryLoyal Commonwealth British subjects like Nigel promised actually!

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>>396088704kek, the only ones putting up any resistance are the soccer hooligans, all the rest of you will bend over and ask for more muslim dick once the grenades start flying and bomb vests exploding.

>>396084893I can't believe that retard boomers fucked the economy for decades for literally no reason

>>396088700>UK literally collapsing>strong country that doesn't need trade deals

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>>396084893didn't you know that king Charles is a fan of the idea of Great Reset? He talked about it frequently before the Queen died

>>396088792Really, so the black family who got moved into my town recently just up and left one night because of the rain?

>>396088372>When people get cold and hungry, there will be violence in England they haven't seen since teh last civil war.DESU the civil war was tame compared to what is coming. All the 'nothing ever happens' fags are going to be quite shocked when the world's wealth disappears overnight and the mass starvation begins. When millions of immigrant youths begin to break into your homes and attack your children. When crime increases exponentially such as we have never seen.When the police disappear at a stroke.When the army becomes unable to quash civil unrest.When no authority can quell the mass violence.When the grid stops.When you see sin in front of your eyes every single day.Yugoslavia was ethnic civil war. WW2 was ideological war. The reformation was religious war. Waterloo was national war.Put them altogether and you have the literal end of worlds.

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>>396087986"we’re on the least self-sufficient countries in terms of food"An outright lie. UK is a little higher than Italy in terms of food self sufficiency. Norway and Belgium are among the world's worst. "we’re suffering the same energy woes as the EU is"Wrong again.You clearly don't understand just how bad it is in Germany etc.

>>396088988>things that didn't happen.The reality is you invited them to your home and sucked the dick of the father of the family in front of everyone.

>>396089050UK does have the highest rise in inflation though. The inability to trade efficiently with neighbours is hitting their economy, theres no denying that. Thats why Brexit was a retarded move, because clearly it wasn't EU that was causing the immigration issues in UK, it was the brits themselves. Poland is still in EU and they put their immigrants into concentration camps.

>>396084893>Some globalist shill shills for globalismWOW much suprise, such unexpected

>>396087528>On the plus side maybe when your economy collapses a lot of the shitskins will flee the sinking ship.When the economy collapses, the niggers and Pakis aren't going to leave. Do you think they got all the way to the UK on their own cunning and merit? They receive massive support and are shipped in by NGOs. There isn't going to be anyone helping them go back.They won't leave they will just turn ferociously tribal and violent and start killing white people.

>>396087817Bongs btfo

>>396089059>"All de wyt peepo was mean to me">"What did they say to you, We will arrest them.""Dey dint say nuffin dey just looked"

>>396084893Get nationalists in power and all your problems will go away. They're the only good people around politics and the only ones that want what's best for the nation.

>>396089050You clearly don't know how fucked up the energy crisis in England is compared to Germany.

>>396084893*suprised pikachu face*

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how is being put at the back of the line for trade deals the fault of brexit? doesn't it just show that the international community is a bunch of bullshit if the act of reclaiming your own sovereignty is received by punitive actions like this? imagine if this was a domestic relationship.

>>396089356nice fantasy nigel

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>>396088684And they fight over that sheep

>>396088881Oh yeah, UK is totally collapsing lmao

>>396089509Worked on you guys, you either drank yourself to death, killed each other on a vodka binge or went home, with British shit all over your clothes to do it there.

>>396089379We have lots of coal if needed and we only impiorted 3% of our natural gas from Russia with the majority of the rest coming from the North SeaSeethe Euro fag

>>396089808Sure show your gasbill retare

>>396089186"UK does have the highest rise in inflation though"Wrong again.Netherlands is at 12%Spain is at 10.5%UK is at 9.9%The EU block average is 9.1%Stop making shit up lol

>>396084893Brexit could be a success if only the establishment implementing it wasn't comprised of sell outs and idiots who actively work against it.

>>396084893we got free trade with japan i can import anime figs without import fees lick my balls

>>396089379You clearly don't know.The UK supplies about 12% of all germanys oil.Did you forget the UK produces oil?UK is the 20th largest producer of oil on the planet. 3rd largest in Europe after Russia an Norway.

>>396089988checked and correct>>396089808I like your spirited defence of us, m8, but I fear you may be a little too optimistic regarding our energy situation. We've got all that coal down there, but it isn't like we can just turn on the coal tap - our coal extraction infrastructure has been hammered over the last few decades. Cynically speaking, could we not be better off with a horrifying time over the next few months, to shake people out of the bread and circuses mentality?

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>>396084893Fuck off back to Twitter shrill.

>>396090144Doesnt mean that gas is cheap, they have the 4th highest energyprices in the world.

>>396090532Oh no, nobody will want to move here. Tell them about our ugly women while you are at it.

>>396090532It's always interesting to see why you guys are so obsessed at how the UK is doing and trying to belittle it at every chance while they, the UK, literally don't even think about you.When was the last time any Anglo came on here mocking the Netherlands and their suicidal destruction of their farmers?

>>396090532It's a bit of a con. A lot of that money goes straight into the government coffers. That's why no windfall tax. The government's doing well out of it it's just the people who suffer. The green agenda and all that shit.

>>396090860Ah yeah, having knowledge means your obsessed.

>>396091061We all know who it is.

Attached: 1624294606604.gif (232x198, 191.51K)

Truss is a globopedo euronigger. She'd happily end Brexit, and go back to the comfy lair of the EU pedocrats. I'm astonished they elected this idiot, but there you go.

>>396084893>UK ADMITS BREXIT ISNT WORKINGDunno why they say that. More vibrant than ever.

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>>396084893as if EU is any better..

>>396084893Unironically why would anyone bother trading with that sad island filled with shitskins, a dying native population, with no place inside the EU market, with no industry, no natural resources, becoming more and more irrelevant with each passing day

Attached: 1645033158788.gif (498x404, 2.98M)

>>396091061And yet you don't have knowledge as everything you've said so far, along with your Finnish boyfriend, has been wrong.Going out of your way to reply 10+ times in a thread in hopes you'll convince people the UK is in a terrible state is, by definition, is obsessed.

>>396084893Crash and burn, it's too late now anyway.

>>396091413UK has a free trade agreement with the EU.

>>396087377We used to have a very strong pound, and that's been on the decline for a very long time, a lot longer than the brexit timescale. If you look at the global markets like America, China etc, the EU was actually the slowest growing by a very large margin and we were locked into that, globalization sucks but if you want a strong currency you need to be part of those global markets, and under EU law you basically have your hands tied in order to protect the EU common market. Odds are the EU common market will continue a slow decline over the next few decades and leave most of those EU countries fucked, where as we can start to pull out of that decline now.

>>396091451Meanwhile i've visited the uk more than once, if i didn't liked it i wouldn't would i? I'm pretty sure you never left your island so yeah. I know what i'm talking about and all you can talk about is stuff you read on here.

>>396084893why isn't Liz ridin with Biden? is she a fascist?