What the fuck happened to Zac Effron?Dude looks like 50 wtffff

What the fuck happened to Zac Effron?Dude looks like 50 wtffff

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What the fuck

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>>396083399>>396083338he looks like some guy whos dream it was to look like zack effron through plastic surgery

Dude got the Bogdanoff hasselhoff treatment ?

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>>396083338>>396083399He went full bogdanoff

who? fuck off celeb faggots

>>396083338I uploaded myzelf to ze blockchain and I am ze first person to be decentralized

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>>396083530YepHe looked completely different only 10 years agoHow the fuck

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>>396083523looks like PS+steroids

>>396083338plastic surgery

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>>396083338Is that codreneau?

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>>396083658What is PS?>>396083597Shut the fuck yo you dumb redneck Zac isn’t an e celeb

>>396083523lmao people that get these jaw surgeries dont realize it throws off your entire face proportions and ruins what used to look good about you.

the consumed the bogpill, its over

He took the bog pill

>>396083739based guy

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>>396083530full Hasselhoff

>>396083743>Zac isn’t an e celebyeah he's a real hollywood celebrity and deserves respect!

>>396083747I beg to differ. Jaw surgery are great for people with overbite.What Zac did is something completely different

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>>396083338he seems like a narcissist who wasn't content with his already perfect face


>>396083865they are ugly to begin with. im talking about celebs or good looking people. they have a very specific formula that makes them good looking, and tinker with it - rendering them abominations. "dance with the one who brung you" as they say.

>>396083338Blasting steroids and HGH for the Baywatch movie ages the shit out of you

>>396083338> shocking relevation: incels on pol find out that men age too

there is no reason for men to get bogged unless youre a tranny

>>396084045You have no idea what you’re talking about People get jaw surgeries to correct overbites/overjet teeth part of orthodontic treatment where their mandibula(the laker jaw) are underdeveloped causing health issues

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>>396083338He shattered his jaw and nearly died.

>>396084244For real?But why did they botch him up like that

>>396083656He skipped his 30s and went straight to his 40s.

>>396083338>Normal answerPeople age, user.>Schitzo answerLack of adrenocrome.

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>>396084281S H A T T E R E D .(shadoobie)

>>396084343>>396084351Dude went from 25 to 55 in only a couple of years

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>>396084281jews user, its da jews.

>>396083338Some men age like total shit even with good health. His low hair line suggested middle-eastern, north african, or italian genetics, not really shocked that he's done by age 30.

Unironically HGH skull growth.(also probably bogged)

>>396083338Monke Efron

>>396083656Chin implant

>>396084477people were saying joe rogan's head grew from roiding too hard

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>>396083338Alcoholism happened. There is some botox for sure, but that swollen face screams i drink i fifth a day.


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>>396084711He shattered his jaw in a car crashBut why did his surgeons fuck up his face so badly ?He should sue them

>>396084714He got SLAV’D

>>396084780Pretty gnarly injury, maybe it was the best they could do>Zac Efron revealed that he had witnessed a face transformation last year due to an accident. The actor says that while running at his home, he accidentally tripped on a pair of socks, which caused him to smash his chin and jaw on a granite fountain and faint. After he had gained consciousness, he found his chin bone hanging off his face.


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>>396084963Holy shit

>>396084396he got vaxxed

>>396084979Ah, wrong picture

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>>396085086With deep fakes, they will just make them look like they did before

These are ftms that need to redo their chin/jaw implants from time to time.

>>396084589Its not the steroids many users combine it with human growth hormone and insulin in his case he only uses hgh

>>396083523tfw he ruined it by getting jaw treatmenthe looked so good before why did he do it

>>396085438I don’t get itUsually jaw surgery are done to improve appearance. I know it because I got one. I went from 3/10 to normal looking Why did they fuck him up?


>>396083338He's a dreamboat. MMMMM

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>>396084343>Schitzo answerNot r3eally user. vanityfair.com/news/2016/08/peter-thiel-wants-to-inject-himself-with-young-peoples-blood

>>396085438> *bzzzz bzzzz*

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Roids and hormones. I'm pretty sure the rock helped him overdo it with his WWF knowledge when they did Baywatch together. He's got that Barry Bonds head now.

>>396083338The bog's spirits possessed his body ( kind of like lucius the eternal ) and are now morphing him into their form

>>396083338That's what being passed like a bong does to a mf

>>396085629A male who had serious cosmetic surgery? My God, you are gay, sorry bro

>>396083338Who? What is this Daily Mail celeb watch shit, fuck off

What happened to jew?

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>>396083523notice the lip filler spilling out into his normal tissue. the lip lines completely blurred. nosejob too small

Im guessing that the only thing he did was take steroids for muscle growth and the bog jaw was unintended.Imagine if it was widely known that weak jaw chin could be fixed fast and non invasively from simple steroid treatment

>>396083338>>396083399>>396083523>>396083656>>396083743Why are you so gay for this guy?How is this political?Is you wanting to suck his dick political?

>>396084281>But why did they botch him up like thataccording to efron there was no plastic surgery, he had to chew a different way because of the broken chin jaw w0tevar and it accentuated "other facial muscles — namely the masseters, which are used for chewing"dude seems liek a srs actor, i dont mind him. the twink faggot from twilight actually turned out to be one of the most professional actors in hollywood as well. nice to see desu.

>>396083338He's turning into David Hasselhoff.

>>396083656He got a chin implant and that jaw surgery where they literally break your mandible and attach plates to it so it can fuse back in a new position and look bigger and squarer. Same surgeries looksmaxx incels get. >>396083865>>396084220Ah here they are. Although >>396083865 literally looks like he just got a tan and grew out his facial hair and the camera was just up closer to his face when the picture was taken.Probably the worst thing about all of this is how fucked up and deceptive it is. Imagine how cursed your children are going to be when they come out looking butt fucking ugly and weak and short even after you gained some mass in the jaw and a few extra inches of height after the femur lengthening surgery manlets get? I know we give women shit for wearing fakeup and catfishing but holy shit this is worse because with make up you can wash it off. Being short and ugly and a jaw and chinlet literally means you were marked as a lesser specimen and mother nature didn't want you to breed and pass off your genes but modern Jewish medicine allowed you to bypass the sexually dimorphic trait limitations that make one a viable sexual partner. Holy fuck. The whole thing is fucked up to think about. Goddamn

>>396086931He looks like Nick Fuentes in OP

>>396086966Idk user i think the weak chin and jaw stuff in euros today is non genetic and due to (((environmental))) factors

>>396086882chewing differently does not give u cheek implants (they were flat before) and lip filler. bro got the Tom Cruise 1999 surgery special but ended up with the Joan Rivers

>>396083338>>396083399>>396083523Way too much Botox, collagen injections, and maybe even a botched facelift.


>>396084589Fatty liver

>>396083338he took the call.

>>396083338how is this political?

>>396083656His mouth got smaller in middle picture, but then it got bigger again. That's what happens when McDonald's exists.

>>396087404/pol/ stands for politically incorrect, not politics

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>>396083338He answered the call...

>>396087363Pumped stocks, then asses.

>>396083338he has the best doctors money can buy.

>>396083865>>396084220I'm so fucking glad my jaw misallignment was fixed with bracers in my early teenage years. I would have been a chinlet otherwise.

>>396087619Or other way around.

>>396087537fuck you're an idiot. I hate your entire race so much.

>>396083338Whites age like shit, I'm sorry to break it to you

>>396083338Vanity. Manifested in steroid taking weight lifting and plastic surgery.

>>396085086I'm annoyed with his voice just by looking at this

>>396087619he bought?

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>>396083682It's evolution.

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>>396087968Of course he did. He just appeared and it was expected he would.


>>396083682didn't these guys die at the same time?


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