Kherson, LNR and DPR are joining RF

Seems like Putin wants to end this clown fiesta.Everything that's been liberated so far will become the part of RF, that means SMO rules won't apply anymore (as weak military response towards hohol agression).I expect to see more effort from our army to grab as much as they can in the next few weeks.Shits about to escalate.

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The question is, will the ukrainians accept this truce alongside the western financiers?

>>396082928>Shits about to escalate.That won't happen until guys like you are conscripted. Are you ready for that?

>>396083224Hohols have been shelling them for 8 years, what do you think?Imagine living 8 years and every day there is a random bomb drops down from the sky

>>396083352That's my suspicion as well. In the meantime, a lot of unnecessary blood will be shed. Which in turn sows the resentment for the next conflict to come.

>>396083224>The question is, will the ukrainians accept this truce alongside the western financiers?They are ukrainians. If ukraines current regime won't accept it, its very doubtful this reflects the will of the general populous of ukraine never wanted a puppet cowtowing to western oligarchs like Zelensky in power anyway.

>>396083601Most likely there will be less blood, not more.At least after referendums we will have the right for a full blown military response.This is of course all technicalities and politics but this is how the world works.

>>396083647>puppet cowtowing to western oligarchsi concur, that this is one glaring omission in how the conflict is usually phrased. In that we all supposed to pretend that Ukrainian officials just suddenly stopped being corrupt. Likewise, that this sporting event type coverage is a genuine reflection of our concern for the well-being of Ukrainian people, and not a manifestation of the geopolitical interests ofgrg4v western cooperation.

>>396082928This was already obvious a few months ago, they quickly introduced rubles in Kherson and all that. I don't think this changes much.

>>396083352>Hohols have been shelling them for 8 years, what do you think?Deae vodkanigger retarded ivan. You invaded ukraine and crimea 8 years ago. Ukrainians have been shelling your soldiers past 8 years. If u never invaded them, they wouldnt have shelled anyone.

>>396083888>Most likely there will be less blood, not more.That is difficult to predict. In the short term you might be correct, but in the long-term it is less uncertain. In a very real sense, the Crimea referendum can be seen as a precursor of this current vote ... and arguably the current conflict is a consequence of it (amongst other factors as well). Nevertheless, i do concur that whatever stops further bloodshed in the immediate future ought to be the correct course of action for the time being.

>cancel the martial law at LDPROR>introduce martial law in Russia>control the 100% territory of annexed regionsOR>validate the occupation of Russian territoriesChoose wisely, Mr. Monkey.

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>>396084174Can't invade a piece of country that continuously hosted your military for at least 75 years

>>396084187I don't think it will reduce or increase the amount of blood spilled, Ukraine will continue attacking exactly the same as if nothing happened. You can't win this with referendums, you have to push all the way to the Polish border to end this.

>>396084187not difficult to predict, it was said multiple times what the rules of SMO are.The only thing I wonder If after referendums we will continue to push further.You see, US and NATO showed that they're not stopping until enitre ukraine is being leveled to the ground. Well maybe it's easier to just speed up the process

>>396083352>Hohols have been shelling them for 8 yearsWhy there were no referendums for 8 years?

>>396084174kys kike

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>>396082928Fictional "referendums" wont change anything. Russia will be pushed out of de jure Ukraine, including Crimea. In time Sevastopol will be a NATO naval base.

Threadly reminder we will be wasting cheap gas while watching eurocuck economy collapse and eurocucks freeze to death this F for the dead eurocucks.

>>396084388>Why there were no referendums for 8 years?there have been referendums, for example in Mariupol, but the NATO sponsored ukrop gangs stormed the city few days after in

>>396084388there were minsk agreements.What you probably missing in your tiny brain are the consequences Russia had to face after the start of SMO (which was obviously provoked by glowniggers).Yes there are russians living in donbass, yes it is a land and some money there.But ultimately our business got absolutely rekked and we had to completely changed the way we look at things and where to look.You wouldn't want these changes willingly

As predicted. Hohols celebrated small victories yet southern parts went to russian federation.If russian army sucks so much how come you lost souther part?

>>396084388russia recognized LNR and DNR on 22 or 23th february this year. only once you are a state recognized by russia can you join russia

Imagine dying for Russia. Worse yet, imagine dying for Ukraine. Neither is a white refuge. Russia is overran with moslems. Ukraine is a full on gay pride zone. I really feel bad for those loyal christian fathers that are truly fighting for their children's lives. The rest can go to hell.

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>>396084540>there have been referendums>NATO storms the city>referendums become a nothingburger>happy life in UkraineI see the pattern.>>396084549>But ultimately our business got absolutely rekked and we had to completely changed the way we look at things and where to look.That's not the first time russia changes its mind about the fate of the region. And not the last one.>>396084664Why hadn't it recognized the LDPR before?

>>396084989>Worse yet, imagine dying for Ukraine.This is exactly what eurocucks will do this winter. They will freeze to death for nazi

>>396085011we never had china as our main ally for years to come. It changes a lot

>>396085030That is part of the plan. Russians will die. Ukrainians will die. Israel will steal all of that land. Europe will crumble. And U.S. will build smart cities. I am NOT pleased that we are the ones who will come out on top. You may be the lucky ones. The brave new world does not sound exciting to me.

>>396082928so you will mobilise i was expecting that you know you arelosing the grindfest ivanthis is why there is ukrainian victories lately

>>396085030>nazi ukraine>>396085226>we never had china as our main allyThis thread glows red. Also, are you sure that china is really an ally and not a player who uses its advantage on you?

>>396084538Israel will own your land via China and this war. I would not be so pleased.

>>396085422china now is an overlord of russiathink US and britain

>>396085422Israel owns Russia. Israel owns China. They are the same but with chinky eyes.

>>396085447they become the number 2 in the china's world order so its not that bad of a deal

nothing will be over until the dams and the bridges across the Dnieper are destroyed and the river becomes the new border.

>>396085422There is a long history between Russia-USSR and china.You can look it up if you want.

>>396085422Russia just became another puppet state of China. Increasingly seems like China will be pitted against the U.S. in an East vs West competition of vassal states and economy.

>>396085533Most ethnic Russians will die.

>>396085447You mutts are next in line.

>>396085639how so?

>>396083888Checked. You're going to have referendums for sure. Putin is desperately trying to get out of his giant fuck up invading Ukraine. So the new russian rigged referendums will show that nobody wants independence from Ukraine or to join Russia. Putin will have solovyov and simonyan say "why are we sending troops to help these nazi sympathizers ". Then they will pull out of the territories. Screencap this.


>>396085626And that star flag above called the synagogue of Satan will be pulling both strings. If Ukrainians and Russians were smart, they'd turn their guns on every oligarch and jew in their land. This war would be over by noon tomorrow.

>>396085673CIA will turn the knob all the way up. That is their plan.

>>396085488Russia is goyim enough to exclude the intermediates from the ownership chain.>>396085570It's important to avoid mixing "long relationships history" with "long friendship". There are no friends in geopolitics.Also, how exactly will China help to unfuck the losses of the gained territories?

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>>396085645I am fully aware. Believe me. But unlike you, at least we know our true target. We have a very small and extremely bloody chance.

>>396085701personnaly i believe its the opposite russia will use the referendums to mobilise claiming ukraine atacks russia land >>396085860i doubt the CIA glowniggers are able to genocide an entire ethic group a coup sure but nothing more

>>396085931>Also, how exactly will China help to unfuck the losses of the gained territories?propably financial and equipment support

>>396085937They've been running the show in Ukraine since 2014. They shut down an entire planet overnight. Billions locked inside. You have no idea my friend.

>>396085937There will be no mobilization.Most likely zelensky and hohlonazis will be labeled as terrorists, that means we can target them directly. End of story.

>>396085931Oligarchs are jews. Putting knows very well who his master is.

>>396082928>get BTFO'd>population drastically reduced or enslaved>losing ground>"QUICK HOLD A FAKE REFERENDUM"lmfao the absolute state. more and more reasons every day why we need to expand our military.

>>396082928Has leader of LPR actually called for it, and has Russia actually agreed to do it? Last I saw it was just soldiers calling for it.

>>396086104doubt. putin needs him to sign a treaty. he cant whack him out in the open

>>396086236yeah its been confirmed.Hohols instantly started shelling civs even harder.

>>396086071i doubt the glow niggers are this advanced otherwise we wouldnt be here would we>>396086104anon look at the maps and the logistic situationyou cant hold at this rate the hohols overwhelm you,your dudes can kill so many before they go down themselves

>>396086104And then you will see an U.S. intervention like never before. I'm sorry bro. I really do not want this to happen. But thats the plan. I won't sign up for it however.

>>396086104>There will be no mobilization.screencapped because i know this is going to age well like every single other jewish lie spouted from mouths of muttsiansi even remember when jewtin claimed annexation of the fake "Peoples Republics" was not even an optionmy sides

>>396086325That is exactly WHY we are here my friend. The CIA will fight Russia down to the last Ukrainian. This is no mystery.

>>396086311Well fuck maybe the 24th is real schizos getting something

>>396086311well you see, the goal of special military operation was to free the people of donbass.Now after we will take the territory, there will be no special operation or donbass people, just terrorists attacking us, russians and our people.


>>396086399Not about thatlook user if the glowniggers where this advanced as you claim they wouldnt need to do all of this shit to begin with they do have their limitations and it shows

>>396086104>zelensky and hohlonazis will be labeled as terroristsBy whom? Why didn't you label them before and why do you think it's going to work now?>we can target them directlyWeren't you targeting the nazis from February? This is a "denazification" operation.

>>396084174>parasite is talking

>>396086335Why not fag. What else is there to do. Raping commie women is splendid after a victorious battle

>>396084327you can but you'll be bombed

>>396086420this is the same exact same shit the israelis do to palestine. russia really is run by jews

>>396086420It was not to free anyone. It was to prevent the U.S. from building nuclear bases for Ukraine. You know this. This is the only reason for this "sPeCiAl OpErrAtiOn ". Not that I can blame putin. I don't. At all. But he did fall for the trap.

>>396086589he was losing geopol wise no matter what he did tho he could be in a better situation if he softpower it more

>>396086494Look at what I am trying to say. THEY WANT SLAVS DEAD. DEAD. They are getting exactly what they want. They want Europe broke, slavs dead, and bases in Ukraine. It's all according to plan.

>>396086537Because we will be very busy at home. Believe me. They have plans for us as well if you can't see.

>>396082928>Everything that's been liberated so far will become the part of RF, that means SMO rules won't apply anymore Oh yeah, right, because we really gave a shit about hohols bombing Belgorod and our other lands in general.It's gonna be the same cuck warfare as before, they'll keep shelling those territories and we'll keep shaking our finger saying: "Oh no no no, you can't do that, that baaaaad!"

>>3960867342 out of 3 not bad they wont kill the slavs tho

the war with ukraine will only end after a good barrier is established. the Dnieper should be this barrier. if the russian blow up the dams and the bridges across the river they can clean everything east of it and set up good air defenses eventually the counter offensives will stop. nothing else will solve this problem. there wont be any coup in ukraine and zelesnky will not sign a deal. the only way for russia to stop the war is cutting Ukraine in two using the Dnieper as a natural barrier. this will involve a huge humanitarian disaster but it is what it is. Putin is waiting until Europe will give him Ukraine because energy is too costly and sanctions will be dropped. i dont think its gonna happen and if it will it can take years. i say blow up the dams and the bridges and take everything east of the river.

>>396082928>>396082928>Everything that's been liberated so far will become the part of RF, that means SMO rules won't apply anymore (as weak military response towards hohol agression).You mean like in Belgorod and Crimea? LMAOOOOO!!!

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>>396083224So long as the West accepts Ukraine can't do much of anything on its own. They seem to be dependent on an endless stream of weapons form the US.

>>396086698His best move if he wasn't controlled opposition would have been to nuke tel Aviv and London. Dirty bomb. Biological. Anything. That's what he should have done. You notice they never drop bombs on treasurys and major banks. Just schoolhouses. Putin is in the take. The U.S. CIA needs their little villain.

>>396082928before 2014>stop, or you'll lose Crimeaafter 2014>stop, or you'll lose Donbass and Luhaskafter 2022>stop, or you wont exist anymorelets see if Ukraine got the message after strike 2.

>>396086986sadly this isnt possible you do that and you die

So, I assume the plan is to declare these areas as Russian, and therefore Ukranian attacks on them will be considered an act of war against Russia, justifying fulll mobilization, with Russia claiming Ukriane declared war on them.I honestly doubt Russia has the morale to force full mobilization. It was will be a bloodbath. All the Ukranian fighters are veterans, and Russian concripts will be torn to shreds.

>>396082928could we say thatthe gloves are coming offin the next 2 weeks?

>>396087064You are correct.

>>396084380You are being used to completely destroy the place, so that the new puppet/khazar state can come in and profit of off rebuilding it....unless you keep it :)

Each month there seems to be less and less russian shills. I wonder why?

>>396087099reports coming in that putin will "take the gloves off" in roughly 336 hours

>>396086880Shut the fuck up mossad. We all know you want Ukraine for yourselves.

>>396086589I'm talking about announced goals, it's not a secret to anyone.>>396086813It was a provocation you idiot.

>>396087126such is realityBecause the ones who trully lost ww2 wasnt the germans but us

>>396087143This man is paying attention.

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>>396082928LMAO Kys mongoloid rape baby.Nothing happened when military shit exploded and flamed in Crimea.

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>>396082928Retarded, they can't hold it. It would be too humiliating for Jewtin to annex territory he can't secure, lol. >SMO rules won't apply anymoreThey haven't changed after attacks of Crimea. Russia is simply not in a position to advance, they are struggling to source backfills to maintain current positions.

>>396086104>There will be no mobilization.Then how would Russia push? It's been a stalemate for months, with Ukranians countering recently. Russian soldiers have not had a break in months, morale is dogshit. How could they possibly push, and how would mobilization be truly effective either, since the conscripts would be fighting brutal battle-hardened ukranian veterans who are clearly willing to commit war crimes.>Most likely zelenskyOh please. H'es kosher. He's untouchable. They'll never harm him.

The only consequence of this is that those territories will be russian territories per russian law, which implies the use of nuclear force if the integrity of those territories is threatened. Basically Putin is all in.

>>39608642080% of Donbass population fled the war in 2014 already dumb moskall.Oh and Putin wanted to take all of Ukraine but did not expect any resistance. Cope about the Kyiv feint all you want this was his plan A.

>>396087367thank you my friend russia has to mobilise or they will die by lack of manpowerand putin truly lose

>>396087367They are not using Russian soldiers. Not the real ones. Not yet.

>>396087207>shelling russian territory such as Belgorod is provocation>shelling LNR that (let's asssume) is already a part of russia isn't, it's DIFFERENTЭтa дpyгoe!!Дoлбoeб, блять, чтoб нa твoй дoм хoхлы paкeты eбнyли и вceм в твoeй cтpaнe тaк жe пoхyй былo, cкaзaли бы чтo этo ПPOBOКAЦИЯ, блять и хyй зaбили нa тeбя, yeбищe

>>396082928>the ukrainians are suddenly going to stop fighting like rabid wolverines because the most corrupt regime in the world drew a line on a mapOkay vatnigger continue coping for my amusement please

>>396082928The clown fiesta ends when the clown is out of makeup. And we are not out of ammunition to destroy russian military equipement.

>>396087367Let me get this easier for youbefore>we need to help people of donbass and their army to take the territory from enemyafter declaring zelensky terrorist>we need to kill enemy

>>396087510they are starting to run out user

>>396087538>the death of two random civilians is how you start nuclear warvasya sidi blya tiho

>>396087510>1st guards tank army aren't real russian soldiers

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>>396087510These copes. These flaccid copes. I opposed this war from the start. I knew it was a ZOG vs ZOG war, and WHite people will suffer the result. I said the Ukranians should just surrender to avoid bloodshed, but the Russians seemed really keen on massacring all the Nazis in Ukraine, so guess what, the Nazis fought to the death, and now it's months later, Russia didn't end the war quickly, and there now LOSING to Ukranian counter-attacks.It's everything I feared. I just hope to God that the Ukranian Nazis really are Nazis, and are going to take the country after the possibly win. If not, this was a cruel shitshow and anyone that supported it is scum.

>>396087578and how will you do that bomb them?assault the ukranians with a weaker armyanon you dont have the men your planes cant reach zelensky he is in a banker surounded by top AA bateries

>>396087430hahah you stupid fuck, does that mean a nuclear country can do whatever it wants? How about doing a fake referendum in Kyushu too you Russian born of a stray dog and your mother?

>>396087088Putin dosn't want full mobilization because he knows how this shit plays out. in Chechnya he sent a bunch of snotty kids who dont know how to fight and dont want to be there, all he got in return was a bunch of angry moms. using conscripts is not an option for him. they cant fight and when they die he needs to deal with the angry mothers who ask him why my son is dead and shit. it bring more harm to him the good.

>>396087561fuck i'm stealing this one

>>396086880I believe this is the best hope for Russia as well. Even if they do a full mobilization. Zelensky will never fold and even if he dies somehow the West will just find a replacement and continue to send Ukranian poors to zerg rush the Russians. Russia will have to find a line and hold it. Evidently they are losing their ability to do that with SMO numbers. The Ukranians are beating the Russians at their own game sending thousands of cheap sacrifices to overwhelm their positions.

>>396083289I'm so tired with this war that yeah i am.

>>396087578YOU'RE FUCKING DREAMING.How blue pilled do you have to be to claim that Russia is going to assassinate a JEWISH PRESIDENT? Where the fuck do you think you are, Sergei? This is Holla Forums. We know how the world works and who runs it. Zelensky is untouchable.

>>396084989>North American niggermutt muttsplains Europe to Europeans

>>396087579They are running out of conscripts yes. 1/4 of their standing army was conscripts. They are just now sending in their actual military and not to the front lines.

>>396087807>I'm so tired with this war that yeah i am.That's the most Russian thing I've ever heard. I hope you make it, Brother.Fuck ZOG.

>>396087811he is propably in the russian army

>>396087782>Ukrainians are doing zerg rush but not russians...That amount of moskal projection LMAO. Donbabwean conscripts are sent with WW2 tier equipment as meatshields.

>>396087915You have no idea what our administration is planning for your country. They will collapse yours to prop ours up. That is the plan. And it is in progress already. If I were you, I'd stock up. The U..s has everything to do with this dummy. We are sending the most resources. This is our plan unfortunately. WE are fighting Russia right now with Ukrainian and global bodies.

>>396087718>howwell use your imagination user.>>396087811you're spending in retarded echo chambers way too much time, wake up nigger zelesnky absolutely nobody, an actor and a clown.

>>396087741The Ukraine is using conscripts though and unlike Russia they don't have mandatory one year training for all males turning 18 yo. Russia has immense manpower reserves, WW2 tier gorillions of people.

>>396087578What Putin wanted to do when he commanded offensive on Kyiv dumbass ?

>>396087916anon it was arleady a mix beforeplus the profecional core is needed to defend the actual russia>>396088054cia is like flies to shit for zelensky you wont pull an assasination also logic dictates wars not imaginationsotherwise women would make good generals

>>396087700It's not a cope. I completely agree with you you God dammed retard.

>>396087679>1st guards tank army aren't real russian soldiersIndeed. it's so insulting. Saying >>396087510 "They are not using Russian soldiers. Not the real ones" is also a disgusting thing to say. Men who died in the thousands, possibly tens of thousands (who the fuck knows?) aren't real Russian soldiers? A disgusting cowardly thing to say from someone who has never fought a day in their lives.The Russians SHOULD have swamped Ukraine and ended the war swiftly. The longer it goes on, the more I am disgusted at Russia, and impressed with the Ukranians. I suspect that is the aim of the Ukranian Nazis, if they are Nazis. Hopefully.

>>396088228Were you being sarcastic? Didn't sound like it.

>>396088217Ivan this man is correct. Zelensky is the CIA mossad hero in this goyem rumble. He will be hiding in other places until this is well and over with.

>>396088344They just wouldn't touch him. Eastern ZOG would never harm a Jewish President. Anyone even suggesting it in Russian government circles would be dumped in a deep dark hole and never see light again.

>>396088342No I'm telling you from our own DOD and forward observations, most of the Russian casualties are conscripts. Putin has reservations about sending main troops. Hence why it's a "special operation". Yes some but not the main force. Mostly old equipment and conscripts. Contractors etc. Foreign fighters and prisoners.

>>396088217I can't prove anything because I don't know anything, neither do you.I can give you updates If you want1. referendum will be online2. northern parts of army switched to offensive instead of position holding

>>396088512Well thank you. It was nice to have russian intel even before the main stream media. Please keep us posted.

>>396088054>you're spending in retarded echo chambers way too much time, wake up nigger zelesnky absolutely nobody, an actor and a clown.Russian civnats really are just naive neocons. You don't understand the JQ, you don't understand ZOG. Zelensky is a Jewish President, he is a representative of a large faction of global kosher politics. He is untouchable and no one in Russian government would ever even suggest doing anything to him.You are an idiot if you think anyone in russian government would suggest it.

>>396086941amerikikes will never accept those conditions. It's the perfect opportunity for them to fuck with russia via proxy and weaken Europe in the process. They literally have nothing to lose by continuing

>>396088584Kherson wants referendum right now.

>>396088512>2. northern parts of army switched to offensive instead of position holdingi doubt if that will do anything >1. referendum will be onlineat least they try to be hightechtho given the propensity for online referendums to be rigged i dont know

>>396088512>2. northern parts of army switched to offensivewith what infantry?

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>>396088279If putin used his actual commissioned forces and modern equipment, and launched an actual offensive campaign, he would have KIEV. Yes. But he didn't. That would be pretty stupid considering we might engage him ourselves via false flag.

>>396088512>I can give you updates If you wantPlease do, but if you say crazy fantasical stuff, I'm going to shit on it. I can't help it. I have zero faith the Russians can end this war. Enough White people have died already.

>>396082928>as weak military response towards hohol agression post 1st guards tank army pidoraskha. Ukranians have already destroyed the best you have and all its left is cheap conscript meat bags like you to be sent in as arty/mortar bait. You know, so your C.O.s have more time to evac the looted washing machines and microwave ovens with the coffins meant for the rotting vatniks in the ditch.

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>>396083647It's simpler than that. Russia offers dirt-cheap energy to a population that has to spend most of its income on energy. Ukraine offers dying in the trenches for the imperial ambitions of failed colonial empires.

>>396088777>If putin used his actual commissioned forces and modern equipment, and launched an actual offensive campaign, he would have KIEV. Yes. But he didn't.Which is dumb, which is why I don't believe it.

>>396088679Our economy is taking flack, but by stealing from Europe and funneling trillions back here, our economy will be propped up. As planned.

>>396082928>Shits about to escalate.I hope so because I want to see plebbit cry

>>396088905and it started getting comfy here but such is the life of balkanfags

>>396084502How is that supposed to happen?

>>396088698>hitechwow you're a silly guy.Having a big concentration of civilian in one known area is like putting a red cross on a map for hohols to attack/bomb.

>>396088512>2. northern parts of army switched to offensive instead of position holdingThe only offensive action from Russia I can see is around Bakhmut.

>>396088864How are people supposed to vote online at all without electricity, homes or computers?

>>396088058>The Ukraine is using conscripts yeah and how that's working for them? it takes at least 8 months to make a person into a decent soldiers, here in israel basic training for a combat soldiers is 8 months and the person needs to want to become one, otherwise its simply a mass like here

>>396088488The Russian army isnt real we saw it and it was pathetic Usa army is probably the same. High iq people arent going to be defending their countries like in the past . only a retard would do that

>>396089052LOL. Fuck off. There's a reason you have the Anglosphere fight your wars, shill. Without US backing and assistance, Israel would not have won a single war.

>>396088985ah yes the civvies user please this war was full of optics cuckery both sides wont do shit large scale against civvies

>>396088920It already didHeads of all liberated territories announced that they want referendum immediately>>396089183yeah, you're silly

>>396089183I can actually imagine Ukranian radicals attacking voting booths to deter a vote they consider illegitimate. Russian radicals would do the same if the shoe was on the other foot.

>>396089052anon in greece its 40 dayseven in muttland it no more than 3 >>396089250you are being retarted please tell you CO to asign you to clean patatoes

>>396084174Dear fed, please die.

>>396089341You should try figure out why I'm calling you like that.

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>>396089286>>396089183I'm just saying, we've all seen the really horrible shit both sides are willing to do to win. Civilians getting gunned down isn't uncommon, and half the time we don't know who is doing it. I still don't which side did the video castrating a man. I'm 100% certain a voting booth would get attacked, and both sides would blame the other. It's probably best its done online, but it will be seen as illegitimate, but the Russians wont care.

>>396088875No body armor. Well know to see non Russians constantly captured or Kia on the front like. Even Chinese. Only 1 t-90 has been spotted. Only Su-24M, Su-25. No su-57s. No mig-29s. He is using equipment the DOD didn't even know still existed. WW2 rifles. He's not even sending food. This is not a modern russian military operation. This is a podunk (as we call it) liquidation of old assets.

>>396088488>Russia>mostly using conscripts how did you gain that impression? do you have ANY evidence whatsoever that you're not pulling this out of your rear?

>>396087741Putin didn’t even send in modernized forces besides some special forces, and this far has mostly used conscripts and nat guard tier soldiers. Russia will fight like steppe people always have. Use your shittiest troops in the beginning while you size up the enemy. Use your strongest men in your last wave when your enemy is weak.

>>396089474He thinks of drafties from independent republics of Donetsk and Luhansk. They called all men to arms and it's some shit show out there. None of the men had prior military training because they lived in Ukraine, and they had little training before going into attack.

>>396088279stfu shillyou fucking faggotyou stand out like a sore thumb

>>396089428anon small scale shit happensa large scale atack is suicide Ukranians need to keep up optics or they will have less support>>396089435yes i know the risks still it hasnt stoped people doing physical referendums before its not for the safety of civvies this is what im trying to say

>>396088962You are probably in the safest place in the world. You can pay off your police and globohomo will not bother you. It is perfect. We in the other hand will have to hunt down gowniggers daily to survive.

>>396089644ah, I thought he meant the RF

>>396086813Do you know why there is no response? The reason is there is nothing to respond with. Your military is a joke and it's 50 years behind everyone else. That is basically the reason.It's literally over for Russia if they do something even more stupid at this point.

>>396089697Anon, you're stupid as fuck and that's not my problem

>>396089716its why i like it here despite being poor you are free here i cant say that for the west

>>396089774you are being retarted and that not my problemyou cant see the big picture user or more accurate you refuse to see it

>>396089474Putins own defense ministry admitted to it. Our DOD published it. You should stop reading main stream news user. It will rot your brain. He is saving the best for last.

>>396082928So that means russia declare war after it?Is it just an excuse to use nuclear weapons as self defense?Xi jinping and putin meeting happened something therePatrushev went to china and met yang jiechiI think russia revealed plans of russia declaring war mobilization or maybe even using nuclear weaponsChina gave greenlight to it, it seemsReferendum announcement after putin-xi meeting is no coincidence

>>396088905Europe is stealing from us, what the fuck are you talking about retard. After that we are stealing from ourselves.


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>>396089474Also you need to prepare because the Biden administration is about to destroy your economy beyond repair in the name of propping ours up. I'm sorry for this but you must prepare. That is the plan. Germany will see the worst of it. Trillions extracted.

>>396089909Yeah and your reading comprehension is really bad. Russia uses no conscripts and should we use them they are already trained. Ukraine's breakaway republics however mobilized their subjects and they had no training. What you are referring to is them.

>>396089640they used conscripts only at the very beginning when they shoved the forces into ukraine, and the entry everybody who did the fighting are professionals - VDV, the Chechens, Wagner, the "O" group, the DPR units like Sparta and Somalia. they used conscripts only from the LNR and DPR territories.

>>396089942>nuclear defensedefense from what exactly? Hohols that are on 5th wave on mobilization, including women?Now after seeing how brainwashed you all are I'm getting more excited over this whole ordeal, thanks.

>>396089909the only conscripts used by the RF were some truck drivers and people they pressured into signing contratcs - by no means the majority of their forces. else, link to your source

>>396082928That's a badass hero statue, who is depicted there?

>>396089980I'm afraid not. We are blocking their energy in the name of this "war" and extracting their economic value. We are importing their intellectual wealth and sucking them dry. You will see. It has already started. Their energy bills will be in the thousands of euros.

>>396089682Men are talking. Go away, boy.

>>396084989>Ukraine is full of gay pride zonesLmao. Sometimes we must approach the peak retardation. American cornbrain edgy retard mixed with Russian low iq propaganda might be just the right mixture to achieve this peak retard status. Even the most rural wilderness in USA is more pro gay and liberal than most eastern europe let alone the most backwards shithole in whole Europe: Ukraine.

>>396090100You see? The Russian kgb shill says they used NO conscripts. Like Putin promised he wouldn't. And then did. As Russians do. It's 4am here fuck you Ivan. My punctuation will be lacking.

>>396090124Russia doctrine says you can only use nuclear weapons as self defenseSo you make referendum, "oh they attacking donetsk" and boom, you use nuclear weapon>Now after seeing how brainwashed you all are I'm getting more excited over this whole ordeal, thanks.Brainwashed on what? How do you plan on winning war?Destroy infrastructure and what? Do you think mobilization will happen?

>>396087732>hahah you stupid fuck, does that mean a nuclear country can do whatever it wants? How about doing a fake referendum in Kyushu too you Russian born of a stray dog and your mother?Talking about stupidity, the russian army is already there you idiot.

>>396090286I know. I was talking shit.

>>396090411that's not what it says, read again you dumb faggot

>>396090142From the embassy. This is common knowledge in the U.S. Russians will deny it until they are caught. Honestly I don't care. I would do the same.

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>>396090124>Now after seeing how brainwashed you all are I'm getting more excited over this whole ordeal, thanks.You will get shills here, and one-sided morons, but most of the questions asked of you are not 'brainwashed'. They're neutral pro-white questions asking you how the hell this war is supposed to finish? We don't tolerate the 'two weeks' mantra or the copes. How exactly is destroying more infrastructure going to win a war? The Ukranian fighters are veterans and committed.

>>396090647>russia is going to assassinate zelensky>russia is going to use nuclear weaponsRidiculous fantasies.

>>396086880I agree with Moshe and this may very well be the plan. After the Russians capture Donbas then it only makes sense to go to the Dniper.

>>396090687>source: the guardian interview

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>>396090828>After the Russians capture DonbasAnnnnnnd they are losing it.

>>396090687You're being a deflecting moron. Russia has not 100,000 conscripts but closer to 10 million. Do you see 10 million people fighting in Ukraine? When you do it then this is what we mean when talking about mobilization and using conscripts.

>>396086880>eventually the counter offensives will stop.NATO is almost out of artillery shells to send. This is Ukraines last hurrah before the russians resume their grind. But the war will not end with a ceasefire and peace treaty, NATO and EU will still cancel Russia and undermine it as much as they can.

>>396084989>I really feel bad for those loyal christian fathersTo be a christcuck is to be a race traitor by default. You worship a jewish god and hold a jew as your savior.You are a delusional manchild who literal believes in fairytales.

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Z trannies are in overdrive mode here, curious

>>396090850We have your dead ivan's cell phones nigger. You don't even use encrypted radios. It's not a secret.

>>396082928HahahaHave fun bleeding to death via partisan, your remaining troops morale will collapse long before that though

>>396090962They are really, really scared

>>396090647Russia military doctrine says they can use nuclear weapons if they threaten the existence of russian state itselfThats self defense. Referendums are excuse to use nuclear weaponsBut tell me, how do you plan on winning this without mobilization? Whats the plan?

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>>396090890>This is Ukraines last hurrah before the russians resume their grind.Russians haven't much much in 5 months.

>>396090948Hush. That's not a real Christian. Orthodoxy is Christian. Anything else is a judized perversion. Educate yourself before you speak on the matter. Now leave please.

>>396086289They are already at war. Of course Putin can whack him and even proudly claim it. Fucking sub 80 IQ kike

>>396091045>>396090890moved much*

>>396091072>Eastern ZOG>assassinating a Jewish PresidentWhy are newfags allowed to share opinions on this board?

>>396091041how a bunch of poorly trained hoholniggers exactly threaten the existence of russia you stupid guy?

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>>396091072What the jew is trying to say is putins jew handlers would not let him kill a fellow jew. Do you get it now? Or did holocaust class warp your mind?

>>396086335>muh us interventionYou have never attacked a country that is suicidal enough to nuke itself and the entire world. You're beyond retarded mutt

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>>396091162Because Russia is basically just Moscow and the western areas. Everything else is just wasteland basically.

>>396090888So you are not using THOSE conscripts, but you are using THESE conscripts. Got it. Yep. Makes sense. It's not a war, it's an "operation ". Got it. The jewspeak doesn't work her Ivan. This is Holla Forums. Not CNN or the world economic forum or Davos.

>>396091329wow another absolutely nigger take, are you bamboozling?

>>396088048Bullshit. This country hasn't been weaker and that trend is continuing for at least two more generations. We don't manufacturer shit, the dollar is turning to shit, youth destroyed and useless, corrupt as fuck politicians and a media nobody believes.


>>396091261Didn't I tell you to stock up on soups? I'm going to screenshot this when you are starving and post in 6 months. You will wish you listened and took your schnitzel eatn ass and went to the store, instead of posting dumb shit. Get to work heinz.